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»V rtv 




Patron: His Majesty The King. 

List of 

Subscribing Members 


Together with 

Basis & Rules 

Headquarters : 








Royal Mail Service. 

Cape Colony. Natal. The Transvaal. 
Rhodesia, East African Ports, Mauritius, etc. 

union c^rtE|si 




Regular Sailings, subject to cancellation or any alteration- 
including deviation — without notice. 

For full information apply to the Head Office, 

3 and 4, Fenchurch St., London, E.C. 3. 






Jiafm&s iivo /ot/rt/t week.&efw&ertJ£mctn/vei 
atuf Ausfrti/ra \ 7a f/oitofuiu crrui < 


By the large, modern and powerful Steamers of the Union Steam Ship 
Company of New Zealand (under contract with the Governments of New 
Zealand, Fiji and Canada), first, second and third-class passengers and 
oargo are conveyed between Vancouver, Auckland and Sydney, via Hono- 
lulu and Huva. This service, in conjunction with the Liverpool- Van -rm v«r 
line* of the Canadian Paolflo Railway is known aa "The All-Had Mouto"l 
transit from Liverpool to Auckland 17 days ; to Rvdney SI days. 

The Paolflo Islands Embraced within the southern area of the Union 

Company's routes are the chief island groups of Polynesia, Travellers 
have, in the Company's local steamship and hotel services, a comfortable 
and pleasant means of visiting these little known but attractive and greatly 
varied scenes. •"! Local itineraries, whether for business or pleasure, or Doth, 
may be arranged in consultation with the Company's officials in N. Zealand. 

for further \n formation apply, in London, C.P.R. Ocean Service*, 14, Cock- 
tvur Street, 8.W. 1 ; in Canada at any Ofiee of the C.P.R. ; Pari* : C.P.H. 
jfleet, or Soeiitf Franeaiie P. et 0., 41, Boulevard de* Capucinee. 

Canadian Pacific 
Ocean Services, Ltd. 





For Sailings, Freights, or Passage, apply — 


Managers and Agents : 

14, Cockspur Street, LONDON, S.W. 1 ; 
103, Leadenhall Street, LONDON, E.C. 3 ; 
Royal Liver Building, LIVERPOOL ; 
18, St. Augustine's Parade, BRISTOL; 
25, Bothwell Street, GLASGOW ; 
88, Commercial Street, DUNDEE ; 
50, Foyle Street, LONDONDERRY ; 

Or Local Agents everywhere, 



Operating over 18,000 Miles of Railway, the Canadian Pacific has the most 
complete and far-reaching service, not only in Canada itself, but also for the United 
States of America and Alaska. 

Return Rail Tickets at Single Fare issued to Canadian Officers and Men 

returning to Canada on leave. 

Canadian Pacific Hotels are to be found in the chief commercial and tourist 

Lands in Western Canada and British Columbia for sale at moderate prices. 

Money Orders issued and Parcels forwarded by Dominion Express to Canada 
and U.SA. 

Through Tickets at Lowest Rates to all points in Canada, United States, 
Alaska, Japan, Manila, China, New Zealand, Australia, and Round the 
World. Apply— 


62-65, Charing Cross, S.W. 1 ; 
67=68, King William Street, LONDON, E.C. 4. 

6, Water Street, LIVERPOOL ; 
1, Mount Street, MANCHESTER ; 
4, Victoria Square, BIRMINGHAM ; 
18, St. Augustine's Parade, BRISTOL ; 
120, St. Vincent Street, GLASGOW ; 
41, Victoria Street, BELFAST. 

Or Local Agents everywhere. 


West Africa 

The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast 

and Southern and Northern Nigeria 

(including Lagos) 


(Carrying His Majesty's Mails) 

are maintained out and home, to and from Liverpool by 

The British & African Steam 

Navigation Co., Ltd,, & African 

Steam Ship Co. 



All particulars from 


Colonial House, Water Street, Liverpool, 

4, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. 3. 30, Mosley St., Manchester. 
Hull, Birmingham, Cardiff, &c, &c. 










used for Fuse 
Wires, Cables, 
and Wires of 




Ask for List. 


3" J. 

r 4 

Illustration half full size. 


As supplied. 


Ready for Attachment. 


Showing Wires in Position. 

Small accurate 
Turned or 
Parts for 
Aero Engines 

Aeroplane Work. 

Cocks, Unions, 
Petrol Filters, 
Filler Caps, 
Control Levers, 
Taps for 
Motorcar Work. 




Sacks— Bags 


of every description 
and for all purposes ; 


TWINES, &c. 

for all Markets. 

J. DE PAIVA & Co. 



11, Drury Lane, LIVERPOOL. 

Telegrams : " DEPAI VA. LIVERPOOL." Code. : A B C 5th Edition. 

Telephones: 1343 and 1363 Central. Liverpool. Lieber'i. Al. and Private. 


165, Mansion House Chambers, Queen Victoria 

Street, LONDON, E.C. 

Union Bank 
of Canada. 


|§ Paid-up Capital and Reserves - $8,600,000 

H TOTAL ASSETS EXCEED- $153,000,000 H 

== ^he {Bank has over 300 {Branches in =^ 

== Canada from Jltlanlic to Pacific, and = 

== Agents in all the principal cities in == 

^E Jimerica. := 

= General Banking and Exchange Business = 

EE - Transacted. EE 

= Letters of Credit and Travellers' Cheques issued =E 

== available in all parts of the world. EEE 


= from Canada and the United States by CABLE, 


f§ DEPOSITS RECEIVED at favourable g 

rates, which may be ascertained on application to : — EE 

== London Offices ^= 


B 26, HAYMARKET, S.W. 1. B 

= New York Agency : 49, WALL STREET. EE 








The Best in the World. 

♦-»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦»♦«-«-<? jr»*+»» «» lllin*n«> 

" The Rolls-Royce Aircraft Engine 
which to-day marks 

The Summit of Achievement 

in Aerial Engineering." 

THE SPHERE, 27th Oct., 1917 



Telegrams: Telephone : 


AN' I) AT 

Derby, Paris, New York, Madrid, Bombay, etc. 

i— ' ^ T -t—.- . 







Bowden Wire 

One of the most valuable of Twentieth Century inventions 
is the Bowden Wire Mechanism. It is known to millions 
of motorists and motor-cyclists the world over. It is seen 
now on thousands of cameras, and in a multitude of other 
applications. War has evolved many fresh uses for this 
remarkable invention. The original brands of the Wire 
are known under the Trade Names (registered as Trade 
Marks in most civilised countries) 

Bowdenite, Bowdenbrass, Bowdenoir, 
Bowdensolo, Bowdensilver. 

The Operating Levers and other parts made by us 
were formerly distinguished by a mark commonly 
known as the " Bowden Loop of Wire," but this 
mark has been abused in enemy countries, and we 
have decided to discard it. The discarded Mark GiF 

THE m 



Look for the New Trade Mark — THE BOW'DN— 
as shown above on all the Operating Parts for Bowden 
Wire Mechanism made by the Original 







English Newspapers, 
Magazines, Periodicals, 
and Books despatched to 
all parts of the Empire 

by the Earliest Mails. 

♦ ® 

Deposit Accounts opened. 
Remittances should accom- 
pany orders in every case. 

The placing of an order with 
us secures to you the great 
advantage of one account for 
any number of newspapers. 

Price Lists and Catalogues 
sent on receipt of a post card. 



186, Strand, London, England. 




Patrons and Officers .. .. .. .. .. 17 

Objects of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League, 

etc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 

Membership Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 

( alendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 

The Club Premises in London .. .. .. .. 25 

The Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League Magazine 26 

Some 'Achievements of the Over-Seas Club and 

Patriotic League . . . . . . . . . . 27 

The 0. S. Badge and Flag 29 

Hints on Branch Formation . . . . . . . . 31 

Model Rules and Constitution for Branches . . 34 

List of Members, Branches and Secretaries . . 39 

Analysis of the Geographical Distribution of Sub- 
scribing Members . . . . . . . . . . 485 

Index to List of Members 485 

Balance Sheet, December 31st, 1917 491 

Income and Expenditure Account for Year Ending 

December 31st, 1917 .. .. .. .. .. 492 

Over-Seas Club Funds — Statement of Receipts and 

Disbursements during 1917 . . 493 

Over-Seas Club Tobacco Fund — Statement of Receipts 
and Expenditure for Year Ending September 
30th, 1917 494 

Patriotic League of Britons Overseas— Receipts and 
Payments Account for Year Ended December 31st, 
1917 495 



of the earth bear testimony to Austin superiority. 
Britons in every quarter of our far-flung Empire 
recognise the Austin as pre-eminently the car for 
hard service — and the post-war "20" will yet 
further enhance the Austin reputation. Deliveries 
will be in strict rotation. Avoid disappointment 
by booking your order now. 


Depots at London, Manchester, Norwich and Paris. 





The Over-Seas Club and 
Patriotic League. 



• Patron : H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught, K.G. 
President : Viscount Northcllfl'e. 



Duke ol Devonshire, 

Earl of Liverpool, K.C.M.G. 
Rt. Hon. Earl Curzon of 

Kedleston, P.C., G.C.S.I., 

Earl of Meath, K.P. 
Earl Selborne, K.G., G.C.M.G. 
Viscount Gladstone, G.C. M.G. 
Viscount Bryce, O.M. 
Viscount Milner, G.C.B., 

Viscount Buxton, G.C.M.G. 
Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, 

G.C. B., G.C.M.G. 
Lord Islington, G.C.M.G., 

Lord Denman, G.C.M.G. 
The Lord Plunket, G.C.M.G. 
Lord Harcourt. 
Lord Aldenham. 
Rt. Hon. Walter Long, M.P. 
Rt. Hon. A. Bonar Law, M.P. 
Rt. Hon. Sir Robert L. 

Borden, G.C.M.G. 

Presidents : 

Rt. Hon. Andrew Fisher. 

Rt. Hon. W. F. Massey. 

Rt. Hon. Will Crooks, M.P. 

Rt. Hon. William Hughes. 

Rt. Hon. F. Wrench, P.C. 

Sir R. Munro Ferguson, 

Sir Owen Philipps, G.C.M.G. 

Lt. -General SirBevanEdwards 
K.C.B., K.C.M.G. 

Lt-General Sir Robert Baden- 
Powell, K.C.B. 

Sir T. Vansittart Bowater, 

Sir John Kirk. 

General Booth. 

Rev. & Hon. Edward Lyttelton . 

George R. Parkin.Esq., C.M.G 

Kennedy Jones, Esq., M.P. 

Maior-General J. M. Stewart, 

Richard Jebb, Esq. C.B. 

Admiral the Hon. Sir E. R. 
Fremantle, K.C.B., C.M.G. 

W. A. Bulkeley Evans, Esq. 

J. Evelyn Wrench, Es 

W. A. Bulkeley-Evans, Esq., 

V ice-Chairman 
Algernon E.Asplnall, Esq., C.M.G. 
Sir Ernest Birch, K.C.M.G. 
Ralph S. Bond, Esq. 
Charles Bright, Esq., F.R.S.E., 

Colonel G. C. Bryan. 
Sir Harry Brittain, K.B.E. 
Lt.-Col. Sir G. McL. Brown, 

Howard d'Egville, Esq., C.B. E. 

Central Council : 

Lady des Vceux. 

G. B. Dodwell, Esq. 

Alexander Finn, Esq. 

F. W. Hayne, Esq., O.B.E. 

W. Maxwell Lyte, Esq. 

E. R. Peacock, Esq. 

Sir Edward Rosllng. 

Sir Alexander Roger. 

The Hon. Earl Stanhope, 

Murray Stewart, Esq. 
Sir C. J. Tarring, J. P. 
Sirjohn Taverner, K.C.M.G. 
C. F. Truefitt, Esq. 
Robert Williams, Esq., J. P. 
J. Evelyn Wrench, Esq., Chairman ami Hon. Organise. 
Lady des Voeux, Chairman of Soldiers' ii>ul Sailors' Fund. 

C. F. Truefitt, Esq., Hon. Treasurer. 
Francis R. Jones, Esq., F.R.G.S., Travelling Commissioner. 
Miss H. Chesshire, Assistant Editor. 
F. E. Richards, Esq., Hon. Advertising Adviser. 
E. D. W. Chaplin, Esq., Advertising Manager. 
Bankers : Auditors : 

Messrs. Coutts & Co. Messrs. Layton Bennett & Co. 

Bank of England. 

Bankers to the Tobacco Fund : Union Bank of Canada. 

Headquarters: General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. 2. 
Cable Addrest : "OvaMceclub, London." 



A Pen for Life. 

Think what this means. When 
you get a " Swan ' ' you know that 
your pen need is permanently 
satisfied. Few things are so 
definite in their result. 

Writing with a " Swan " after using other pens 
is a new experience, and its charm never wears 
off. Once a " Swan " Pen user, always a 
" Swan " Pen user. No other pen has the same 
delightful touch, unfailing instantaneous action 
and thorough efficiency in every detail. Choose 
a " Swan " that suits your hand and have a 
pen for life. 




At pre-war prices from 10/6 

Illustrated Catalogue post free. 

MABIE TODD ft Co., Ltd., London, Manchester, Parii, 

Zurich, Sydney, Toronto, etc. 

Associate House — New York and Chicago. 








with the Rules and some 
Notes and Notices 

The following List of Subscribing 
Members of the Over-Seas Club 
and Patriotic League is provided 
for the use of Members only, and 
is not printed for general circula- 
tion. Subscribing Members are 
those who contribute an annual 
subscription towards the upkeep 
of the London Headquarters of 
the Society. 


Headquarters : 




W.G. 2 

TELEPHONE : CITY 7442 (3 lines) 




(Empire Unity) 
Patron: His Majesty The King. 

THE Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League is a non-party 
society of British subjects residing in all parts of the 
world. Its underlying motive is to promote the unity of 
British subjects. 

Its four chief objects are : 

1. To help one another. 

2. To render individual service to our Empire. 

3. To maintain our Empire's supremacy upon 

the seas and in the air. 

4. To draw together in the bond of comradeship 

British people the world over. 


"QELIEVING the British Empire to stand for justice, 
freedom, order and good government, we pledge 
ourselves, as citizens of the greatest Empire in the 
world, to maintain the heritage handed down to us by 
our fathers. 


We sailed wherever ship could sail, 

We founded many a mighty state, 
Pray God our greatness may not fail, 

Through craven fears of being great. 

— Tennyson. 

Date of Inception of the Over-Seas 

Club August 27th, 1910. 

Patriotic League of Britons Over- 
seas Founded August, 1914. 

Date of Amalgamation of the Two 

Societies March 31st, 1918. 

Associates Over 160,500. 

Subscribing Membership ,, 20,000. 



The cost of membership of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League is 
as follows :— RESIDENTS OVERSEAS. £ s. . 
First year's subscription, including Membership List 
and " Overseas." the official magazine of the Over- 
Seas Club and Patriotic League 10 

Annual Subscription (subsequent years) <> 7 6 

Life Membership Fee, including Entrance Fee, 

Magazine and Membership List 5 5 


First year's subscription, including Membership List 
and "Overseas," the orhVial magazine of the Over- 
Seas Club and Patriotic League 015 

Annual Subscription (subsequent years) 10 

Life Membership Fee, including Entrance Fee 

Magazine and Membership List 10 10 


First year's subscription, including Membership List 
and " Overseas," the official magazine of the Over- 
Seas Club and Patriotic League ... ... ... 2 2 

Annual- Subscription (subsequent years) 1 1 

Life Membership Fee, including Entrance Fee, 

Magazine and Annual List ... ... 10 10 

Every Member is expected to wear the O.S. badge, the cost of which is 
from 1#. Gd. upwards. 

Additional copies of this List can be purchased at 1*. each. All cor- 
rections and changes of address should be notified at once. 

Members desiring information concerning local conditions in other parts 
of the world are invited to write to fellow Members. 

Any misuse of the privileges of membership should be reported to Head- 
quarters, especially any attempts to use this List for circularising or other 
business purposes. 

The subscribing membership of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic 
League is 20,048. 

CALENDAR. 1919. 










* •- 



[6 2^ 











13 20 








M ... 












14 21 















1 1 





















































2 4 









: 4 












1 1 





: I 


- ; 


S 1 



22 .. 










' > 














22 zg * ... 






••• 3 

10 17 24 











23 30 

M ... 






... 4 








20 27 






IV 1 






••• 5 







21 28 






W 2 














22 29 






T" 3 












9 16 






F 4 

1 1 

1 8 




1 8 


22 29 



: : - 






S 5 

: _ 





2 9 


23 30 







21 28 ~ 

5 12 19 

26 5. 

... 2 


16 23 30 


7 M 

2 I 





[ 5 

2 2 29 M 




-~ M 

••• 3 



... M 1 









2330 T, 





zS n 

... 4 

1 1 

18 25 

... lb 



1 6 






l l 

24... w 





29 W 

••• 5 


19 26 

... w 








1 1 


25 .. Tk 





30 Hi 

... 6 


20 27 

... Tlr 


1 1 







26... F 


:oi 724 

31 F 


21 2S 

... F 5 


: - 




; - 


27- S 


11 1825 

... - 

1 8 

: 5 

22 29 ... S 6 






OUR 1918-1919 LIST. 

I HAVE just been paging through our first Membership 
Register, published in February, 1915, a very slender 
volume in comparison to our present List. Perhaps the greatest 
lesson we have learned during the past eight years is a realisa- 
tion of the wonderful possibilities of our movement, and the 
great part we can play in the days of reconstruction if we are 
true to our ideals. 

There is no limit to the influence which the Over-Seas Club 
and Patriotic League might exercise in the Councils of the 
Empire in the future. A great brotherhood and sisterhood, 
actuated by the highest motives, with no objects save those of 
service to the Common Welfare, recognising no distinction of 
sect, party or class, has a boundless opportunity of service ahead. 
The great success of our movement in the past has, undoubtedly, 
been due to the fact that there have been no selfish motives 
connected with the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League. 
So long as our only aim is "to render individual service to 
our Empire," we need have no worries about our future. 

As a body, we have much to be thankful for during the 
past year. First and foremost, there was the amalgamation of 
the Over-Seas Club with the Patriotic League of Britons 
Overseas into one great Society on March 31st last. It was 
an aim for which some of us had long been working, and, as a 
result, our joint Society finds itself in a position of exceptional 
strength, and much needless overlapping will be avoided in the 
future. Never was there a time when it was more necessary for 
us to close our ranks and present a united front to all the 
problems which confront us. 

Secondly, the wonderful progress of our magazine, " Over- 
seas," is a great encouragement. During the past twelve 


months its circulation has increased by sixty per cent., and 
more and more it is coming to be regarded as the Magazine 
of the whole Empire — the mouthpiece of the men and women 
Overseas who are running the British Commonwealth of Nations. 
" Overseas " is a magazine with a mission, not published for 
profit, and no stone will be left unturned to make it some- 
thing of which every reader can be proud. Our ambition for 
" Overseas" is a reader in every home throughout the Empire, 
and in every British home in foreign lands. 

Thirdly, there is the great sum of £900,000 subscribed by 
our Members around the seven seas for war purposes since the 
outbreak of war. It is a splendid tribute to the patriotism of 
our generous friends in all parts of the world. 

Finally, the Overseas War Memorial Fund in memory of 
the men from Overseas who have " gone west " has been 
established ; our aim being to erect in the heart of London a 
building dedicated to their memory which will serve as the 
" home " of every man and woman from Overseas who 
happens to be in the Old Country. But our War Memorial 
aims at something much more than being the headquarters of 
the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League. Our desire is 
that it should be the centre from which every movement 
having the welfare of our fellow-citizens as its aim shall draw 
its inspiration. To realise our vision, we shall require the 
help of every individual Member of the Society, and we are 
convinced that help will be forthcoming. 


Over-Seas Club Headquarters, 









I— I 











t— i 



In Aldwych, in General Buildings, just opposite Australia 
House, Club rooms have been set aside for the use of Members 
since Empire Day, 1914. 

The Club premises are entirely self-contained, and are on the 
ground floor of General Buildings, with a private entrance from 
the street. 

They include bureaux of welcome and information, lounge, 
smoking room, writing room, billiard room, ladies' room and 
other usual amenities. They are charmingly and iestfully 
furnished, and are supplied with papers from every part of the 
world, whilst the latest news is_constantly coming through on a 
tape machine. 

Plan Showing the Site of the Over. Seas Club and Patriotic League. 

These Club premises, however, are small for our present needs, 
and we are now engaged in raising money for our Overseas War 
Memorial, which is to take the form of an Empire Building— one 
object of which will be to ensure that no British man or woman 
from overseas will ever again feel lonely in the Mother City, by 
providing a suitable home for the Headquarters organisation of 
the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League— an Imperial rendezvous, 
where every Overseas Briton will be at home. 

The organisation of the social side of the Club is chiefly in the 
hands of "The Wayfarera," an elastic body of Members in 
London who are ready to act as hosts and hostesses when 
requited. Lectures on topical or Imperial subjects are given 
monthly, and musical afternoons and other social affairs are 
arranged from tim? to time. Apart from the interest of these 
gatherings, they afford an excellent opportunity for Members to 
get to know each other. 




EVERY Member of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League 
should read " Overseas," our official journal, which is published 

"Overseas " is illustrated with photographs of unique interest from 
every part of the world. Its Editorial scope comprises Club news and 
information ; a well-written many-sided letter from the Old Country ; 
trade openings and com- 
mercial information from 
every quarter of the 
globe (" Overseas " is the 
official journal of the Over- 
seas Trade Bureau, which 
exists to promote British 
Empire trade); literary 
notes ; pages devoted to 
women's interests ; vivid 
illustrated accounts of life 
overseas ; a Correspond- 
ence Club ; an Overseas 
Employment Bureau; 
articles by leading men on 
all the chief problems of 
the day, and an illustrated 
supplement devoted to 
a fresh subject each 

The magazine is a col- 
lective enterprise, and the 
help of each Member is 
needed to make "Over- 
seas " the best and greatest 
magazine in the whole 
British Empire. 

' he iJvloamuf Journal of tdr 


Special "Overseas" binding cases to contain six copies have 
now been designed. The covers are of stout durable quality and are 
covered in art linen of a dark red tone. The cost of a binding case 
is 2/6 post free to any address. Orders, which will be dealt with in 
strict rotation, should be sent to The Hon. Organiser, General 
Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. 2. 















Daring the War the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League has 
organised nine War Funds. Up to December 31st, 1918, the total 
sums collected were as follows : — 

Tobacco Fund 

Aircraft Fund... 

Red Cross Fund 

Belgian Soldiers' Fund 

Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund ... 

R. F. C. Hospital 

Hamper Fund 

War Memorial 
Babies of the Empire 

Grand Total £900,209 

One hundred and seventy-two Seaplanes and Aeroplanes have 
already been presented to the Royal Air Force by means of our 
Aircraft Fund. 

Through our Tobacco Fund over 6,500,000 packages of tobacco 
and cigarettes, containing more than 260,000,000 cigarettes and 
upwards of 7,000 tons of tobacco have been sent to the various 

Club Rooms have been opened in the heart of London, and 
honorary membership has been extended to Members of the 
Overseas Contingents who happen to be in London on their way 
to or from the Front, to Officers of the Mercantile Marine, and to 
members of the American Army and Navy. 

" Overseas," the Club's monthly magazine, which has now 
been published for nearly three years, forms a link of Empire 
between Members the world over. 

The Overseas War Memorial has been inaugurated as a tribute 
to the men from overseas who have given their lives in the 
Empire's service. It is hoped to raise sufficient money to erect 
an Overseas Building dedicated to the highest Imperial Service 
in the heart of London. 

The Overseas Trade Bureau has been established to develop 
British Empire Trade. 

An Overseas Employment Bureau has been established, and a 
section in " Overseas" devoted to putting prospective employers 
and employees in touch with one another. Several discharged 
Officers and men have already obtained interesting berths 
through this medium. 

The Overseas War Savings Association has been formed to 
enable residents overseas to purchase War Savings Certificates. 

Eleven hundred Honorary Correspondence Secretaries have 
been appointed throughout the world, who are always ready to 
act as a friend on the spot to Members. 


Some 3,000,000 pamphlets, printed in various languages, 
giving the British and Allied standpoint, have been distributed 
to offset German propaganda abroad. 

An Overseas Map and Guide to London has been printed, and 
nearly 200,000 copies circulated among members of the Overseas 
contingents visiting the capital. 

The Babies of the Empire Society has been founded under the 
auspices of the Club, and £1,800 has been subscribed towards 
the furthering of its aims. 

The Over-Seas Club attempts in general to create and foster 
an intelligent interest in the welfare and development of the 
British Empire, by placing before the individual a clear idea 
of the duties, responsibilities, and privileges of the Civis 

The 160,000 British subjects overseas, men and women, who 
have enrolled themselves as Members, have done so with a 
motive — not simply for the sake of joining a rapidly- growing 
movement, however laudable its aims, but because by so doing 
they have been able to testify their belief in the world-purpose 
of the British Empire. Theirs is that inner conviction which is 
so hard to put into words — an innate faith in this new union of 
free and self-governing peoples " that is so mysterious as to have 
in it something of the divine." 


I believe in our glorious Empire of Free Peoples, 
In the sacredness of our mission, 
In the unselfishness of our aims, 
In the ultimate triumph of our cause. 
I believe in our great past 
And in a greater future, 
In the emptiness of riches 
And the dignity of labour. 
I believe in right thinking and pure living 
And in the inspirational power of woman. 
I believe in national re-birth, 
In a new Empire and a new world. 
I believe in the need for humbleness, 
In the vision of the mountain tops. 
I believein God's guidance in the days ahead. 

I believe. 



Owing to the continually increasing r<>st of labour and materials w have been obliged 
to make :i sli^lit increase in tl s< of the < Hub Badge. 




Safety-Pin Brooch 
































Metal — Pendant, Brooch, Button or Pin 

Sterling Silver (British Government Hall Marked) 
Pendant, Brooch, Button or Pin 

Safety-Pin Brooch 

o=carat Gold (British Government Hall Marked) 
Pendant, Brooch or Pin 
Button, with solid gold shank and base 
Safety-Pin Brooch, with solid gold pin and catch 
l8=carat Gold (British Government Hall Marked) 
Pendant, Brooch or Pin 
Button, with solid gold shank and pin 
Safety-Pin Brooch, with solid gold pin and catch 
Above will be found illustrations of the official Over-Seas Club and 
Patriotic League Badge, supplied only by the Central Committee in London, 
in the form of a Pin, Pendant, Brooch, Safety-Pin Brooch and Button. 

Doubtless many of our Members will prefer to purchase the Club's 
Emblem in a more lasting form than in the ordinary metal badge supplied 
at one shilling and sixpence. 

The Badge is enamelled in two colours, red and white, forming the 
letters " O.S." 

An illustration of the original Badge of the Patriotic League 
of Britons Overseas is also included for the use of those Mem- 
bers who, living under a foreign flag, arc anxious to wear the 
Union Jack without ostentation. This Badge can be obtained 
in Brooch, Pendant or Button from i/6. 

Pendants and Brooches are also supplied in 9-ct. gold at 
£l I OS., and in 18-ct. gold, price £2. 
Members are particularly requested to wear the Badge on all occasions 
The O.S. Badge is the best known patriotic emblem in the British 
Empire. It is to be seen hanging from the watch-chain of the Governor- 
General and the railway guard, and in the coat of the business man and 
the miner. Many hundreds of friendships have been formed by means of 
this em I leni during the past few years. 

All remittances must be crossed " Coutts and Co.," and should be 
forwarded to Hon. Organiser, The Over-Seas Club, General Buildings, 
Aldwych, London, W.C. 2. 



The Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League Flag is made of the very 
best extra stout English bunting " quality AA1," of superior all-wool 
quality, and of first-class workmanship. The Club flags are manufactured 
in London by British labour throughout. All flags are supplied complete 
with stout canvas heading, and those of three yards and over are fitted 
with line and toggle for hoisting on flag-staff. The standard size, which 
will be found to suit ordinary requirements, is 3 yds. by 1£ yds. 

The Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League Flag can only be supplied 
to genuine Members. The weight of each flag packed ready for despatch 
is given, so that cost of postage can be added. 

Pattern dyed. 

1 yd. by 1£ ft 7/6 ... 10 ozs. 

2 yds. by lyd. 22/6 ... lib. 

Sewn, and designs inserted by hand. 

3 yds. by 1£ yds. (The Over-Seas Club 

Standard size) 45/- ••• 2} lbs. 

4 yds. by 2 yds 70/- ... 4 lbs. 

5 yds. by 1\ yds 90/- ... 6 lbs. 

Miniature Silk. 

For the benefit of Members who may require miniature Club flags 
for house or table decoration, or for use at public gatherings, we have arranged 
for the flag to be specially manufactured in English silk, size 6 inches by 
3 inches. The price of these flags is 1/6 each, postage paid to any address. 

So as to prevent unauthorised use, every flag supplied to a Member 
of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League will be accompanied by a 
permit authorising the purchaser to fly it. 

We hope that every Member of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic 
League will fly the Over-Seas Club Flag on all national festivals and holi- 
days. Orders are executed in strict rotation. 



Summon together the other Members of the Over-Seas Club 
and Patriotic League known to reside in your district, and 
any of your friends likely to be interested, with a view to the 
election of a committee and the framing of rules. If you have 
not a list of the local Members, write to the Hon. Organiser, 
at General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. 2, for same. 

The branch rules should be as simple as possible. The accom- 
panying model branch rules have been specially prepared by the 
Club's legal advisers in London in consultation with the Central 
Committee. You cannot do better than adopt these rules subject 
to any slight modification necessary to meet local conditions. 


Every branch of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League 
should meet at least twelve times a year, and a point should 
be made of holding a banquet, concert, or patriotic demon- 
stration on Empire Day (May 24th), Over-Seas Club Birthday 
(August 27th), Trafalgar Day (October 21st), and during the 
Christmas Season. 

Local National holidays are also celebrated by the branches 
of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League, such as Dominion 
Day in Canada, Wattle Day in Australia, Dominion Day in 
New Zealand, and Union Day in South Africa. Special 
emphasis is laid on celebrating these national holidays, as there 
is nothing incompatible between local patriotism or nationalism 
and the aims and objects of the Society. 

Every branch of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League 
should have its correspondent branch in some other section of 
the Empire. Many have been the links of Empire of this kind 
forged through the instrumentality of the Club during the past 
eight years. 



Branches should arrange patriotic drills, displays or sports 
for the children in their district on suitable occasions, one of the 
primary objects of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League 
being to instil patriotism into the minds of the young. Social 
reform should be studied as applied to local conditions and every 
movement aiming at the welfare of our peoples should be 

The monthly meetings may, of course, take the form of social 
gatherings, such as debating and literary clubs, lectures, whist 
drives, dances, etc. The aims and objects for which the Over-Seas 
Club was founded, however, should always be borne in mind, 
and the tendency to become a purely social institution should 
be fought against. 

All attempts to emphasise class distinction are absolutely 
contrary to the spirit of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League. 
It is first and foremost a democrative organisation, and for this 
reason all sections of the local membership should be represented 
at the meetings. 


Members are encouraged to cultivate the Sweet Pea, the floral 
emblem of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League. 

Where necessary Ladies' Committees are formed to help on 
the work of the branch. Much invaluable work has been per- 
formed by our lady Members in making the entertainments of 
our local branches successful. 

Other activities include : The formation of troops of Boy 
Scouts and rifle associations, the offering of prizes for essays on 
patriotic subjects to school children, the formation of St. John 
Ambulance Corps, etc. 

Every branch of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League is 
expected to do something for somebody else, and thus carry 
out Object One, " to help one another." At Christmas time 
gifts of frozen sheep, crates of apples, parcels of clothing and 
dolls, and money contributions, are received from all parts of 
the world for the very poor in the big cities of the Old Country. 


The general object of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic 
League is to bring into comradeship British subjects living in 
different parts of the Empire with a view to strengthening the 


unity of the Empire. Among the methods which branches may 
adopt in pursuance of this object are : — 

(1) Periodical social gatherings of their own Members. 

(2) Extending the hand of fellowship to visiting Members from other 


(3) Establishing Club promises which are useful for both the above 


(4) Providing information bureaux for acquainting strangers with 

the resources of the district. 

(5) Co-operating with other societies having patriotic objects, especially 

such as make a point of helping to maintain tho unity of the 

(6) Arranging debates, weekly or monthly, during the winter for 

discussing topics of the day (generally excluding party politics 
or religion). 

(7) Arranging entertainments, lectures, or demonstrations for young 

people, with a view to fostering an intelligent patriotism. 

(8) Providing Libraries of good literature bearing on the Empire 

and its problems. 

(9) Offering prizes for marksmanship to local forces and cadets. 

(10) Making use of the Members' Exchange in ■' Ovnscas" to gel into 

touch )>y correspondence wit 1 1 at least one other Memb r in 
another part of the Empire. 

(11) Organising local Boy Scout and Girl Guide Coin-. 

(12) Any course of action calculated to maintain the solidarity and 

prestige of the British Empire, according to local circumstances. 


The Central Committee does not recognise any local branch 
of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League which does not pay 
an Affiliation Fee to Headquarters at the minimum rate of 
2s. Qd. per Member per annum. It is suggested bhat the Branch 
subscriptions .should be fixed at such a sum as will provide fur 
the payment to Headquarters of the required Affiliation Fee. 
It is also desirable that each Branch Member should receive 
"Overseas," our official monthly magazine (l.v.), and our 
aual List of Members (Is.). Total paymenl required, 7.s\ 6<l. 
per Member. Affiliation lees, subscriptions for magazines and 
Lists of Members should be remitted to Headquarters monthly 
as received by the Bran h Secretary. 

In the case of new Members an entrance fee of 2s. 6d. should 
also be forwarded, but the Central Committee are prepared to 
waive this where a branch consists of more than 100 Members. 

Branches which conform to the above regulations receive an 
official Certificate of Affiliation. These certificates are beautifully 
engraved on Japanese vellum and are signed individually by the 
President, a Vice-President, the Hon. Treasurer, the Hon. 
Secretary and another Member of the Central Committee. They 
are renewable each year. 

o.l. 33 c 


The Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League is a non-party, non- 
commercial, non-sectarian and democratic Society of British subjects. 


Its objects are : — 

1. To help one another. 

2. To render individual service to our Empire. 

3. To maintain our Empire's supremacy up:m the seas and in the air. 

4. To draw together, in the bond of comradeship, British people the 
world over. 


These objects are being attained by the following methods : — 

(a) By extending the hand of fellowship to travelling Members. 

(b) By establishing Club premises which shall be available for the use 

of Members of the branch or visiting Members of any other 
recognised branch, or Headquarters Members. 

(c) By creating and fostering an intelligent interest in the welfare of 

the British Empire by placing before the individual a clear idea 

of the duties, responsibilities and privileges involved in British 

{d) By supporting any kindred societies or movements working on 

patriotic lines for the welfare of the British Empire, 
(e) By such particular methods as may be suitable locally. 



The Association is known as The 

Branch of " The Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League." 


Each branch of the Club is self-governing, and there is no interference 
from the Central Committee in London so long as a branch carries on 
practical work tending to promote the unity of British subjects. 

A branch is not empowered to make the Central Committee of the 
Over-Seas Club and Patriotic League liable for any transaction, financial 
or otherwise, effected locally. 

The Central Committee has power to withhold recognition from a 
branch not definitely carrying out the aims and objects of the Club. Branch 
certificates of affiliation will be granted by Headquarters to approved 
branches and are renewable from year to year. 


The Badge for Members is enamelled in two colours, red and white, 
forming the letters " O.S." denoting the Over-Seas Club, and can only be 
purchased from the Central Committee in London. 

The Floral Emblem of the Club is the Sweet Pea. 

Members of the Club are expected to wear the Club Badge at all public 
functions and Club gatherings. 

The Badge of the Patriotic League is the Union Jack surrounded 
by the. title of the organization. Illustrations and prices will be found on 
page 29. 



for Branches of the Over-Seas Club 

and Patriotic League 

(N.B. — Any Branch of the Over-Seas Club and Patriotic Leagw is at liberty to 
frame its own Rules to suit its own circumstances, provided that, in the 
opinion of the Central Committee, such Rules are calculated to serve the 
objects of the Club and do not infringe its democratic cliaracter. The 
following set of rules is a model only, prepared by the Central Committee in 
response to requests from Branches for advice and assistance in this regard.) 


(1) The Officers of the Club shall consist of Patrons, a President, Vice- 

President, Honorary Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Auditors. 
They shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election. 


(2) Subject to the rights of General Meeting, Annual or Special, as 

hereinafter provided for, the Management of the Branch shall 
be in the hands of an Executive Committee of not less than six 
elected .Members, in addition to the President, Vice-Presidents, 
Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, who shall be ex-ofjicio mem- 
bers. The Executive Committee shall have power to add to their 
number when special circumstances require. 

Three of the Committee shall retire in rotation each year 
and shall be eligible for re-election. 

(3) The Executive Committee thus formed shall elect from its own 

body the sub-committees necessary for carrying out the details 
of the work required, e.g. : — 

(a) A Finance Committee of three Members who shall deal with 

the finances of the Branch generally. 

(b) A Social Committee of seven Members who shall carry 

out details of all social meetings, lectures, etc., to be held 
during the year. 

The Chairman of each Sub-Committee shall be a mem- 
ber of the Executive Committee, appointed by the Com- 
mittee. Three shall constitute a quorum for a sub- 


(4) The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies 

which occur in their body during the year. 


(.">) The Committee shall meet not less than once a month. At least 
one week's notice shall be given of each meeting, which shall be 
called by circular, stating the business to be transacted. Five 
Members shall form a quorum. 


(6) If any member of the Committee shall be absent from three con- 

secutive meetings without reasonable excuse, the seat shall be 
declared vacant. 


(7) In the absence of the President and Vice-President, a Chairman 

shall be elected by the Members present for the purpose of con- 
ducting any Committee or General Meeting. 

35 c 2 


(8) The Auditors shall examine and report on the Annual Accounts. 


(9) The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all sums of money on account 

of the Club ; and all such sums shall be lodged in a bank as shall 
be determined upon by the Committee. 


(10) It shall be the duty of the Honorary Secretary to conduct the 

correspondence of the Club ; to attend all meetings and take 
minutes of the proceedings ; to keep a register of the names 
and addresses of all Members, also an account of each Member's 
subscription ; to convene all meetings. of the Club, and otherwise 
perform usual secretarial duties. 



(11) Any British subject who approves the Objects may be nominated 

for election, 


(12) Each candidate for election shall be proposed by one Member 

and seconded by another in writing in the Candidates' Book 
and shall be elected at the meeting of the Club Committee by 
a majority of those present. All candidates for admission shall 
be not less than 18 years of age. 


(13) On the admission of each new Member, the Secretary shall notify 

him or her and shall furnish him or her with a printed copy of 
the Constitution and Rules, and request him or her to remit the 
amount of the entrance fee and annual subscription to the 


(14) The Committee may cancel the election of any Member within 

twelve months of the day he or she paid the entrance fee, and 
such ex-Member shall not have the right to make any appeal 
whatever, nor to demand the reason of such cancelling, but the 
entrance fee must be returned to him or her. 


(15) Any Member wilfully infringing the Constitution, or any of the 

regulations of the Club, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion 
by a vote of two-thirds of the Committee present at any meeting 
especially called for the purpose, reasonable notice of such meetings 
being previously given to such Member. If any Member be guilty 
of conduct, either in the Club or elsewhere, which, in the opinion 
of the Committee or of any ten Members so certifying in writing, 
is detrimental to the character or interest of the Club, the Com- 
mittee shall summon such Member to appear before them to 
explain his or her conduct ; and if he or she neglect to appear 
before the Committee, or, having appeared, should fail to satisfy 
the Committee, the Committee may suspend such Member from 


the privileges of the Club for a period not exceeding two months, 
or the Committee may call an extraordinary meeting of the 
Branch to consider the matter, and it shall be competent to such 
meeting by vote of two-thirds of the Members present thereat to 
suspend or expel such Member from the Club. 


(16) The Annual Subscription of the Branch shall be deb rmined at the 

Annual Meeting, and shall be duo and payable on January 1st 
in every year, after which day no notice of withdrawal shall 
exempt" the retiring Member from payment of the current year's 


(17) No Member in arrears of subscription shall he permitted to speak 

. or vote on any question. Members in arrears for six months 
shall be deemed to have forfeited their membership, but the 
Committee may reinstate them on payment of the amount due. 


(18) The Financial Year of the Club shall begin on January 1st in each 

year, and end on the 31st December following. 



(19) The Annual General Meeting of Members shall bo held in May, 

or on such date as tho Committee shall direct, for the Election 
of Officers and the Committee. Fourteen days' written notice 
of the meeting shall be given. 


(20) At the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall present a 

yearly report showing the position and progress of the Branch, 
and a Financial Statement, duly audited, up to the 31st December 


(21) Any member desiring to submit any business for consideration at 

the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof, in writing, 
not less than seven days previous to the meeting. 


(22) A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary (i i the 

manner for calling the Annual General Meeting) at the request 
of the President or Committee, or on the receipt of a requisition 
signed by 25 Members, and the reasons for calling such meeting 
shall be set out in the notice convening the same. 


(23) Xo amendment or alteration of the foregoing Rules .shall be made, 

except by a two-thirds vote at a General Meeting ol Mem fa 
and after fourteen days 1 notice has been given <>f the intended 
change, such alteration to be specific 1 in the notice convening the 






"'Greater love hath no man than this 

— that a man lay down his life for his friends" 

And what of the Friends? 

Is their part only to sit at home and weigh the measure of love's 
sacrifice ? 

Is it enough to read the^Roll of Honour with wet eyes ? 

Is it even enough to thank and pray ? 

In our midst is the ever-swelling army of those whom these lovers 
leave behind- the widows and the fatherless. Can we, who accept 
the sacrifice, repudiate the accompanying debt ? 

In four years of war DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES have admitted 
6,544 children, a large proportion being the children of SOLDIERS 

and SAILORS, and each day's casualty 
list brings more children needing a 
home, care and training. 

HONOUR by helping the Homes to let 
them in and so support the little ones of 
these men who give their lives for US. 


Cheques, etc., payable " DR. 
FUND," and crossed (Treasury Notes 
should be Registered), may be sent to 
the Honorary Director, 


at Head Offices, 


LONDON, E. 1. 

When remitting; please mention " Over- 
Seas Club." 

Overseas Gifts 

DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES heartily thank the many kind friends 
Overseas who have thought of the children of the Homeland in this 
time of stress and strain. Gifts have come from almost all the out- 
posts of the British Empire. Hongkong and Shanghai perhaps stand 
out as the most generous in comparison with their size. The Hong- 
kong War Charities Committee have sent £2,300 in three gifts, 
Hongkong St. George's Society £1,000, and several gifts also from 
individuals ; one donor at Shanghai sending £1,000. 

There are many stewards of wealth in this great Empire of ours ; 
numerous War Charities Committees at Home and Overseas ; and 
Committees formed for financially assisting the nation in various 
ways. Can there be a greater and more important national object 
than the rescue and training of the nation's destitute children? 
Britain's greatest need is the Child. We must have healthy and 
patriotic citizens to take the places of those who have fallen in the 
War, and to safeguard our Empire in the years to come. 

DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES have provided the Forces with 10,595 
men; that is to say, 10,595 Barnardo Boys are fighting for you on 
land and sea : 6.348 are in the Overseas Contingents. 


Sergt. Hickey, a Barnardo Boy, 
recommended for the V.C. 





* Signifies Life Member. 

H.C.S. Signifies Honorary Corresponding Secretary. 

Branch Secretary. Signifies Hon. Secretary of Loc<<! Branch. 

U.S.A. Section signifies those of British birth in the United States who have 

joined the U.S.A. Section for those who have taken out American 

naturalisation papers. 



Aqnew, 2nd Lieutenant I. C, 36, Agerton 

Gardens, Kensington, S.W. 
Alderson, Captain J. T., 20, Elmhurst 

Road, Forest Gate, London, E. 
Allen, C. F., c/o T. Cook & Sons, Ludgate 

Circus, E.C. 
Allison, Miss D., c/o W. B. Mabley, Esq., 
16, Eldon Road, Lower Edmonton. N. 
Allison, G., c/o W. B. Mabley, Esq., 16, 

Eldon Road, Lower Edmonton, N 
Allom, J. N., c/o J. G. Elliott, Queensland 

Office, 409 and 410, Strand, W.C. 
Alwyn. M. P., 25, Colvffle Road, Bays- 

wati r, W. 
Anderson, Mrs. A., 43, Harley Street, W. 
Anderson, T., Fleetway House, Farringdon 

Street, E.C. 
Andoe, A. C. 32, Ludeley Street, Kemp 

Town. Brighton. 
Andrews, F. E., c/o Over-Seas Club, Ald- 

wych, W.C. 
Andrews, H. L., c/o Credit Lyonnais, Lom- 
bard Street, E.C. 
Andrews, H., 3, Thomas Street, Wool wi oh, 

Andrews, M. S., Esq., 72, Berne Hill. 

S.E. 24. 
Anqarth, G., c/o O.S. Club. Aldwyoh. 
Antrobus, G., 22, Nassau Street, Mortimer 

Road, W. 
♦Apcar, Mrs. A. E. M., 16, Frognal Lane, 

Hampstead, N.W. 
Urgent, A., 39, Princes Avenue. Alexandra 

Park, N. 
Ark ell, H., 30. Gracedale Road, S.W. 6. 

♦Armitstead, B. A., Hudson Bay Co., 34, 

Bishopsgate Street, E.C 
Armstrong, Miss E., 44, Canonbury Park 

South, N. 
Armstrong, Captain G. W., Union Castle 

Co., Fenchurch Street, E.C. 
Arnell, A. H. C, Mornington Lodge, Bridge 

Lane, Golders Green. N.W 
Arnold, D., " Woodend," Peckham Rye, 

Arnold, Miss R. G.. c/o Over-Seaa Club, 

General Buildings. 
Arthur, Mrs. J., c/o E. A. Burnie, Esq., 60, 

Gracechurch Street, E.C. 
Arthur, Lieutenant W., e/o Hank of NVw 

South Walis. London, E.C. 
Arts del, B. A., \ enl I leneraL Wesl 

Australia, Savoj Bouse, Strand. 
Asiifold, G. H., 225, Shakespeare Crescent, 

Manor Park, E. 
Asiimead, II., 87, Victoria Street, Westmin- 
ster, S.W. 
Ashwell, .Miss L., iiT. St. Gabriel Road, 

Ashworth, Rev. Canon, c o Standard Bank 

of South Africa, Clements Lane, E.C. 
Aspinall, A. E. (C.M..GV, B.A., 15, Seething 

Lane, E.C. 3. 
Aasti, G., c/o Vickere, Ltd. (Naval Depart- 
ment), Broadway, Westminster. 
Atterbury, Mrs. S. M. W., 32, Comeragh 

Road. Wesi K' nsington. 
iAuLD, Captain J., e/o Commonwealth and 
Dominion Line, Ltd., 9 and 11, Fen- 
church Street, London, E.C. 



LONDON— co dinned. 

Austfn, 2nd Lieutenant A. V., 33, Esmond ' Berry, Miss G. L., 295, Crystal Palace Road, 

Road, Bedford Park. E. i 

Ayliso, A. W., 7, Stodart Road, Anerley, 
S.E. 20. 

Bagge, Henry, 56, Barons' Court Road, 
West Kensington, W. 14. 

Bagnall, Miss V., 35, Tivoli Road, Crouch 
End, N. 

Bailey, W. L., c/o H. W. Bailey, 63, Brix- 
ton Hill, S.W. 

Balciiix, J. W., 14,. Ribblesdale Road, 
Hornsey, X. 

♦Ball, D. S., Alooca, Victoria Road, Mill 
Hill, N.W. 7. 

Ballard, H. F., 12. Cowley Road. Mortlake 
S.W. 14. 

Ballard, J. C, " Cathay House," Wood- 
borough Road, Putney, S.W 

Bambridge, E 24, Sun Street, Finsbury 
Square, E.C. 

Bancroft, Mrs. N., 61, Sandringham Road, 
N.W. 4. 

Barber, Mrs. G. W., 02, Thornlaw Road. 
West Norwood, S.E. 27. 

Barker, Captain P. O., Badminton Club, 
Piccadilly. W. 

Barker, R., 30. Cumberland Road, Wood- 
side, South Norwood, S.E. 

Barn es. Miss M.,55, Bryanston Strefet, W. 1. 

Barnett, J., c/o Over-Seas Club, Aldwyoh, 

Bartlett, J. R. Q., 26-27, Bush Lane, 
Cannon Street, E.C. 

Baxter. J., 213, Yalding Road, Soutbwark 
Park, Bermondsey, S.E. 16. 

Baxtf;r. Mis< M., 7r. Grove End House. 
St. John's Wood, X.W. 

Beach, A. F., c/o Over-Seas Club. 

Bbadon, Miss M. L., Ladies' County Chili. 
21. Hanover Square, W. 1. 

Beasley, Mrs., 36, Bedford Square, W.C 
Beasley, F. W., 36, Bedford Square, W.C, 

r-i 'i ■ ,. A., ll.M.T. Bcnalla, c/o P.O. Coy. 
32. Lime Street. London, E.C. 

Bedford, James P., 41, Howitt Road, 
Belsizi Park, X.W. 3. 

Begg, Miss, 10, Hammersmith Terrace, 
i la mmersmii h; W. 6. 

1 l.i m. i).. Mi. Belgrave Square, S.W. 1. 

Bell. .1. P.. Australian Flying Corps, 
c/o W. If. Cox, Esq., Hornsey Lane, 
Highga ti . 
*Benn, E. A.. 7. Tokenhouse Yard, London, 

Bennett, Mrs. E. C, 17, Leaside Mansionp, 

Fortisgreen Road, Muswell Hill, N. 

Bennett, Mrs. G., 17, Leaside Mansions, 

Fortisgreen Road, Muswell Hill, N. 

Bennihg, 'I'.. T'.t. Charlwood Street, Vic- 
toria. S.W. 1. 
Bensusan. Mis. 8. Lansdowne Road, Hol- 
land Park, \V. 
Bereone, W. War Refugees' Committee. 

Genera' Buildings Aldwych, W C. 
Berger, J. A., Whyteleafe, Mill Hill, 

Berger, J. A.. Whteyleafe, Mill Hill, 
WW. I 

East Dulwich, S.E. 22. 
Berry, Mrs. M., 29, Holland Park Avenue, 

W. 11. 
Berry, Mrs. M. B., 29, Holland Park 

Avenue, W. 11. 
Betteley, C, 38, North End Road. Hamp- 

stead, N.W. 
Bevan, A. G. M., 259, Barcombe Avenue, 

Streatham Hill, S. W. 2. 
Bevysher, J. P. H., Rydal Lodge, 61, The 

Avenue, Kcw Gardens. 
Bidwell, Miss P. A., Kengar Hotel, Ken- 
sington Gardens Square, W. 2. 
Bindley, Miss R., 4. St. Stephen's Man- 
sions. Bayswstter, W. 
*Birch, Sir E., K.C.M.G., 30, Harrington 

Gardens, S.W. 
Bissing, Miss B. L., 45, Warrington Crescent, 

Maida Vale, W 
Black. Miss E. S., c/o The American Express 

Company, 5-6 ; Hay market, S.W 
Black, Miss M. M., c/o The American Ex- 
press Company, 5-6, Haymarket, 
Blackwood, R. C, c/o Messrs. S. Pearson & 
Son, Foreign Dept., 7, Richmond Ter- 
race, Whitehall, S.W. 
Blair, Miss E. M., 35, Moore Street, 

Cadogan Gardens, S.W. 3. 
Blandy, Mrs. M., c/o Messrs. Blandy Bros., 

16. Mark Lane, E.C. 
Bodycoat, W., c/o London JointStock Bank, 

5, Princes Street. E.C. 
Bond, Miss K. A. R., 4, Oxford Terrace 
Kingston Road, Merton Park, S.W\ 
Booth, F., 80, Overkill Road, East Dulwich, 

Booth, Mrs. F.. 80, Overhill Road, East 

Dulwich, S.E. 
Booth, J. B., 3, Cotleigh Road, West Hamp- 

stead, N.W. 
Boothby, B. T. C, c/o Messrs. Grindlay & 

Co., 54, Parliament Street, S.W. 
Borrodaile, H., 52, Graceehureh Street, 

E.C. 3. 
Bos well. Alec F., Hired Transport, 

B. 2806. c/o G.P.O., London. 
Bowden, B. C, 3, Portsdown Avenue, 

Golders Green, N.W. 
Bower. A. de C, 33, St. George's Square, 

Bower, A., 79, Belsize Park Gardens, N.W. 
Bown, Miss M., 47, Bedford Court Mansions, 

Boyd, Mrs. F. M. C, 37, Great Ormond 

Si net, W.C 1. 
Boyd. Miss M. M. K., 37, Great Ormond 

Street, W.C. 1. 
Boyd, Rev. T. Hunter, 54, Balcombe 

Street, Dorset Square, N.W. 1. 
Boyle, P. G., c/o Mr. Dalton, 5, Heath 
Close, Hampstead Way, Golders Green, 
Braithwaite, J. W., 396, Kennirigton Road, 

Brand, J., 22, Florian Road, Putney, S.W, 



LONDON— c.o. tinned. 

Branwiute, Miss E. M., 9, Park Road, 

W mdsworth Common, S.W. 
Brest, A., 17, Amburat Avenue, Ealing, W. 
Bbioqs, Miss E. M., 129, Lewisham B 

S.E. 13. 
Brittain, Sir H. (K.B.E., M.P.), Carlton 

Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 
♦Brooke, Captain L. A. \V., o/o Mesars. Cox 

& Co., 10. Charing Croaa Road, S.W. 
•Brookes, W., -M.I'.. 8, Hamilton Place, 

Park Lane, W. I. 
Brouoh, W., 4, Temple Gardens, Goldera 

Green, N.W. 
Brown, Mrs. L., Lancaster Gate Court 

Hotel, Lancaster Gate, W. 
Brown , C. 42, Abinger Road, Bedford Park, 

Brown, C. F., 12, Larrimore Square, Wal- 
worth, S.E. 
Brown, G. MoL., Canadian Pacific Railway 
Company, 62-65, Cbaring Croaa Road, 
Brow mi mr. II, A. 23, Gainsborough Road, 

X. 12. 
Bbyce, Ernest, " Elmsleo," Southwood 

Road, X-u Kit bam. S.E. 
Bt-iiiAN an. D., G, Grenvill Street, W.C. 
Buokland, Younoson-, C, 89, Croxted 

Road, Weat Dulwich, S.E. 
I'.riKi.iiw, W.. 9, Crescent Mansions, Elgin 

Crescent, Notting Hill Gate, W. II. 
Bi li. Mrs. -M.. 9, Chelsea Gardens, S.W. I. 
Bull, W. P., K.C., 38, Kingsway, W.C. 
Bui. i. Miii. Mrs. I!.. Ladies' Army and Navy 

i lnii. Burlington Gardens, W. 1 . 
Bunyard, B., 4, Park Crescent.Church End, 

Finchley, N. 
Burke, Mrs. H. L., 2, Verulam Buildings, 

Gray's Inn, W.C. 
Burke, J., M.A., 2, Verulam Buildings, 

Gray's Inn, W.C. 
BURNETT, J. A., c ii Bank of An 

Threadneedle Street, E.C. 
Burrell, B., Eskdale Lodge, Vanbrugh 

Park Road West, Blackheath. 
BUB9LEM, Miss L.,20, The Circua, Greenwich, 

Butler, Captain Dr. A. G., c/o Mra. H. 
Addison, 24, Marlborough Place, Hamil- 
ton Terrace, N.W. 
Butler, Captain C. H., 2, Nightingale Man- 
sions, Nightingale Lane, Clapbam Com- 
mon, S.W. 
Butler, Scrgeaut D. 0., c/o Mrs. Addison, 
24, Marlborough Place, Hamilton Ter- 
raco, N W. 
lii ri.i'.u. Miss K. !•:. M., 
Registry, Somerset 
W.C. 2. 
I'.i kton, Mrs. Mabel, i. Irving Mansions, 
Queen's Club Gardens, Wesl Kensing- 
By'ebs, Miss M., c/o Mrs. L. A. Byers, 4, 

Hadley Gardens, Cbiswick. 
Caddick, I). W.. Bloomsbury House Club, 

Cart writ: lit Gardens, W.C. I. 
Caibd, Sir Andrew (K.B.E.), 90, New Park 
Road, Clapham Park, S.W. 

Principal Probate 
House, Strand, 

Calderwood, A., 47, Windsor Ro a d, Hol- 
lo way, \ . 
Cameron, Miss A.. 17, Woburn Place, 

Russell Square, W.C. 1. 
Campbell, II.. -'.». Klmuood Road, Chis- 

♦Campion, Migs K. H., o/o Messrs. Cook & 

Son, Ludgate Circus, E.C. 
Camflin, Miss E. A., 132, High Street, 

Sydenham, S.E. 
Cabmichael, Captain T., c/o Brown Jenkins 

& Co., 4, Lloyds Avenue, E.C. 
Carrado, Mrs. !•'.. Secretary's Office, King's 

College, Strain!. W.C. 
Cabberas, A., 48, Glenloch Road, Belsize 

Park, London, N.W. 
Carson, Mrs. J., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

9, Waterloo Place, S. W. 
Cabter, Captain G. W., 3, Newton Road, 

Bayswater, W. 
Carter, L., Red Lion Buildings, Giltspur 

Street, E.C. 1. 

9, Princes Square, Bays- 

38, Harrington Gardens, 
38, Harrington Gardens, 
Office Court, Fleet 

Cater, Mrs. V 

water, W. 2. 
♦Cashmoee, M., 

S.W. 7. 

CasHMOre, .Mrs. R. 

S.W. 7. 
Catlino, F., 8, Wine 

Street, E.C. 
Cay, II. H., c o R. J. Cay, Esq., Bank of 

Victoria, Ltd., King William Street, 

Chandler, Mrs. A.. 95, Sarsfield Road, 

Balham, S.W. 12. 
Chandler, Rev. B. G., "The Choir House," 

Dean's Court, E.C. 
Chapman, Rev. H. B., Savoy Chantry, 

7. Savoy Hill, W.C. 2. 
Chapman, N. M., " Sorrento," 6 and 7, 

Tavistock Place, W.C. 
Chittenden, C. C, 93, East Dulwich 

Grove, S.E. 
Claridge, .Miss A., The Royal Club, for 

Ladies from beyond the Seas, Norfolk 

House. St. .la iin ,ni re, S. W. I . 

Clarke, B., The Second House, Dulwich 

Village, London, S. E. 
♦Clarke, Sir E. M., 2, St. Helen's Place, 


burns, Mrs. A. K.. 34, Torrington 

Square, London. W.<^. 1. 
Clei \m>. Mrs. I.. A. I».. e o Mrs. day. 28, 

South Keluett Road, Hammersmith, 


i, Rev. Dr. W. I'.. 10, I athcarl Road. 

Soul b Kensington, S. W. I". 
Codling, Edward. .'17. Elmdale Road, 

Palmer's Green. London, X. 13. 
Cob, Miss K.. :{7. Hamilton Terrace, St. 

John's Wood. N.W. 8. 
Cohn, II. Hay, c/o 0\ lub, General 

Buildings, Aidwych. 
Cok B, Aki in i: J., 79 \. Elizabeth SI i 

Eaton Square. S.W* 
I'm B9, 2nd Lieutenant J. s.. :',:). Linthorpe 

Road. Stamford" Rill. X. 16. 
Collett, C. R., 19, New Bridge Street, E r C. 



LONDON — continued. 

Collett, Mr. F. G., Bedford Hotel, South- 1 Cumpston, Miss E. E., Warrender Hotel, 

ampton Row, W.C. 1. Bloomsbury Place. 

Collie, Mrs. B., 8, Gresley Road, Hornsey *Curle, J. H., c/o United Workers, 175, 

Lane, N. 
Collier, E. A., 5, Clarendon Gardens, 

Maida Vale, W. 
Collingwood, Mrs. J., Leinster Court 

Hotel, Leinster Gardens. 
Collins, H. M., c/o Sir C McGrigor Bart & 

Co., 39, Panton St., Haymarket, S.W. 
Colville, J. B., Esq., 12, Nottingham 

Terrace, N.W. 1. 
Colville, Miss J. B., 75, Hallam Street, 

W. 1. 
Conder, E. R., 4, East India Avenue, E.C. 
Conder, Miss F., 35, Lauderdale Mansions, 


Piccadilly, W. 
Curnow, J. J. P., Trelvyan, Shalden, 

Teign mouth, Devon. 
Curry, R. R., Milton Hotel, Featherstone 

Buildings, W.C. 
Cutts, Miss M. A., King Geoi%e Hospital, 

Stamford Street, S.E. 
Dagge, Miss A. M., 23, Oxford Terrace, Hyde 

Park, W. 2. 
Daniels, I. C, c/o Institution of Mining and 

Metallurgy, Finsbury Circus, E.C. 
Daxn. Miss M., 27, Ampthill Square, N.W. 1. 
Davies, F. E., S.S. Luceric, c/o Andrew 

Weir & Co., 21, Bury Street, W.C. 

Condy, A., 25, Pagoda Avenue, Richmond, Davis. A., 17, Fowley Road. West Hamp- 

S.W. stead, X.W. 

Conyers, E. A., A.I.F. Headquarters, Dawson, G., Sudan United Mission, 16, 

Horseferry Road, Westminster, S.W. New Bridge Street, E.C. 

Cook, E., 18, Nelson Road, Stroud Green, N. , De Carteret, Mrs. K., 17, Palliser Road, 

Cook, Miss I. E., 7, Carmalt Gardens, 

Putney, S.W. 
Cook, Miss L. E., Norway House, 67, Gower 

Street, W.C. 
Cooke, J., Grenville House, Brunswick 

Square, W.C. 
Copeland, H. G., 164, Shaftesburv Avenue, 

W.C. 2. 
Copnall, B. E., c/o J. Bromley Williams, 
Solicitor, 12, Muswell Rise, Muswell 
Hill, N. 
t'oRBETT, A. R. W., Albany Chambers, 

Regent Street, W. 1. 
Corcos, M., c/o Cos, McEwan & Co., 27, 

Leadenhall Street, E.C. 
Corney, Mrs. E.,Coutts Bank, Strand, W.C. 
Coryn, B., c/o Bank of Montreal, Thread- 
needle Street, E.C. 
Cottier, .Miss il, I., Church Imperial Ladies' 

Club, 115, Victoria Street, S.W. 1. 
Court, C. F., c/o Mappin and Webb. 158, 

Oxford Street, W. 
Courtney, E., I, Ladbroke Gardens, W. 11. 
Cox, Miss W. A., 24, Warner Road, Priory 

Road, Hornsey, X. 8. 
Craize, G. H., 22, Florence Road, Stroud 

Green, N. 4. 
CrandallC. F., Savoy Hotel, Strand. W.C. 
Cranstoun, Mrs. F. A.. 21, Royal Mansions, 

W. Croydonx 
Crasnaw, B. A., 140. Sutherland Avenue, 

Maida Vale. W. 9. 
Creasy, A. W.. 60, Stcrnhold Avenue, 

Streatham Hill. S.W. 2. 
Crisp, 2nd Lieutenant (;. W., 12. Colnbrook 

Street, St. George's Road, S.E. 1. 
Crommelin, Miss N. W., Bank of New South 

Wales, 29, Threadneedle Street. E.C. 
Croneen, S., 455, Lordship Lane, Dulwich, 

S.E. 22. 
*Cronix, .Miss N. K., 95, West End Lane, 

West Hampstead, X.W. 6. 
Crowder, B. N., 57, Whitworth Road, 

Plu instead, S.E. 18. 
Cubitt, R. W., 10, Stockwell Park Walk, 
j^ Brixton, S.W. 

West Kensington, W. 
de Cruz, J. A., The London Central 

Y.M.C.A., Tottenham Court Road, 

Denny, P. C. E., 22, Marlboro' Crescent, 

Bedford Park, N. 
Dexnys. Mrs. L. M., 22, Marlboro' Crescent, 

Bedford Park, W. 
Des Voeux, Lady A., 18, Stafford Place, 

S.W. 1. 
Dewey, C. H., The Re-Hands, Wimbledon, 

Digby, E., c/o Bank of New Zealand, 1 

Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 
Digby, J. L., Bank of New Zealand, 1 

Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. 
Discombe, Miss A., 4, Darivel Road, Stoke 

Newington, N. 
Dobie, A. D., 48, Hornsey Lane, London, 

Docker, A., 9, Grays Inn Square, W.C. 
Docker, Private P. W., The Vicarage, 

Grantham, Lincolnshire. 
*Dodweli„ G. B., 24, St. Mary Axe, E.C. 
Donald, Mrs. W. H., 45, Overstrand Man- 
sions, Chelsea, S.W. 
Donaldson, Mrs. E., 28, Dunster Gardens, 

N.W. 6. 
Doubleday, A. H., 52, Christchurch Road, 

Streatham Hill, S.W. 
Doubleday, H. A., 27, The Terrace, Barnes, 

Doudney, R. P., 92, Prince of Wales Man- 
sions, Battersea Park, S.W. 
Dousset, T. H., French Commission des 

Munitions, India House, Kingsway, 
D'Oyly, J. R. S., Albemarle Court Hotel, 

Leinster Gardens, W. 
Drage, R. E., 35, Norfolk Street, Strand, 

•Deummond, Lady, Canadian Red Cross 
Society, 16, Cockspur Street, London, 
Du-Chatelet, B., c/o Over-Seas Club, 
General Buildings, Aldwych, W.C. 2. 



LONDON— continued . 

Duggan, Miss C. D., Bencrley Villa, Edgell 

Road, Staines. 
Dunbar, Miss L., 34, Doughty Street, 

\V.<\ 1. 
Dusk, Mrs. C. M., 15, Downs Road, Clapton, 

Dymond, P. T., c/o Henderson, Lane & Co., 

Salisbury House, Finsbury Circus, 

E.C. 2. ' 
Eagleden, H. M., 57, Great Ormond Street, 

Eales, Miss A. F., c/o Over-Seas Club, 

General Buildings, Aldwvch, W.C. 
Earl, Captain R. 0., Argyll House, 246, 

Regent Street, W. 1. 
Easton, R. P., Richmond Mansions, Denton 

Road, East" Twickenham. 
Eccleston, Captain F. G. P., S.S. Mon- 
mouthshire, c/o Royal Mail Steam 

Packet Co., 18. Moorgate Street, E.C. 
Edds, S., 6, Larpent Avenue, Putney, 

S.W. 15. 
Edwards, Miss A. G., 135, Shooter's Bill 

Road, Blackheath, S.E. 3. 
Edwards, G. G., 18, Lawrence Road, Upton 

Manor, Plaistow. 
Edwards, Lieut.-General Sir J. B. ( 9, 

Wilbrahani Place, S.W. 
Edwards, Miss M. G., 20th Century Club, 

29, Stanley Gardens, Netting Hill. 

W. II. 
Edwards, W. G. M., 5. Giltspur Street, 

London. E.C. 
D'Eovn i .1:, Private G., 33. Colville Gardens, 

W. 11. 
Eirvtn, I;.. Ashbourne, Lowrie Park Gar- 
dens Sydenham, S.E. 26. 
Elder. Mrs. L. V.. 128, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
•Elliot, Miss G. A., 19, Victoria Street, 

London, S.W. 
Ellison, E. M., 20, Doughty Street, Russell 

Square, W.C. 

OH, Mrs. L. 5, Grove Road, Brixton, 

S.W. '.'. 
Elswood, Miss A. M., 6, King's Avenue, 

Clapham Park, S.W. 
English, P. G., 6, Priory Gardens, High- 
gate, N. 
Erskine, Mrs. A., 69, Chester Square, 

Bulkei ky- I'.v '. ss, Mrs., 12, King's P.enrh 

Walk, Temple K.<'. 4. 
Evans, Mi-s II. <;., 30, Brodwiok Road, 

Wandsworth Common, S.W, 18. 
Evans, W. J., Carmelite House, E.C. 
EVAH8, W. L„ 287, Regent Street, W. 
Evans, W. T., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Buildings, Aldwvch, W.C. 
Faibweathbr, II. E., 2. Upper Addison 

lens. W. 
Falk, E. M., Junior Army and Navy Club, 

Horse Guards Avenue, S.W. 
Farmeri, Mis3 F.. c/o Mrs. C. M. Robineon, 

13, Leinster Square. Hyde Park, W. 
Farrall. J. F., 16, Oakley Square, London, 

Farrtes, R. Spearman, 9, Lyncroft < Jar- 
dens, North Hampstead, N.W. 6. 

Fenton, Miss S. C, 8, Adam Street, Adelphi, 

Fenwick, P. C, The Clock House, Chelsea 

Embankment, S.W. 
Ferns, T. V., S.S. Kariba, c/o C. W. Gordon 

& Sons, 36, Lime Street, E.C. 
Finlason, B. A., 3, Chichester Street St., 

George's Square, S.W. 
Fisher, H. K. C, c/o C. W. Williams, Esq.. 

9, Norbury Court Road, Norbury, 

Fisher, I. M., 1, Trevadoe Road, Clapham, 

Fisher, Mrs. V.. 49, College Road, Haver- 

ock Hill. N. 
FitzGerald, Mrs. C. L., 150, Albert Palace 

.Mansions, Battersea Park, S.W. 
FLETCHER, Mrs., 7 Craven Road, Lancaster 

Gate, W. 
Foaker, Miss Grace, 12, Elm Place, Onslow 

Gardens, S.W. 
* Forbes, R. L., Blagdon, The Chine, Grange 

Park, Winch more Hill, N. 
FORBES S. Lestock, Albany Chambers, 

Regent Street, London, W. 
♦FoRSTER, The Hon. Mrs. 41, Hans Place, 

Forte, J. H., 58. Etheldene Avenue, Mus- 

well Hill, N. 
Fountain, A. C, 0/0 H. J. Dixon, Esq., 

Broad Street House, E.C. 
Fount une, E. 9 Clarindon Court, Maida 

Vale W. 

Fowler, T. B. D., Holborn Viaduct Hotel, 

Fox, Chester, 5, St. Stephen's Square, 

W. 2. 
*Fox, F. D. (J.P., M.I.C.E.), 56, Moorgate 

Street. EC. 2. 
Fox, Hon. Mrs. Wilson, 20, Lowndes 

Square, S.W. 
Francis, J. A., 108, Fortress Road, 

Fredericks, Mrs. M., 22, Blandford Man- 
sions, Baker Street, W. 
♦Freeman, W. F., 70, Kennington Park 

Road, S.E. 
FRERE, P. B., 49, Oakle\ Crescent, Chelsea, 

Frien, W. M., National Bank of South 
Africa, London Wall. E.C. 

F. W.. 48, Netherbury Road, 

Ealing, W. 5, 

I'i 1 roH, Miss l>.. Messrs, Fulton- Manders' 

Publishing Co., Brownlow House, 51, 

Eigh Holborn, W.C. I. 

Fynmore, N. N. L., c/o Mr. Simmonds, 

U.S.S. Co., London. 
Gair, J., Pendennis, Lynton Read, ActoD, 

Gale, < '. V.. Collingwood Avenue, Musveli 

GAMMON, S„ 15, Pembroke Road, Wal- 

Gardner, H. L.. 26, Horbury Crescent, 

Notting Hill Gate, W. 11. 
Garland, F. W.. Belgrave Hotel, Mon- 
tague Street, Russell Square, W.C. 1. 



LONDON — conthi in d. 

Garle, Lieutenant P>. V., Prince of Wales's 

Hospital, Marylebone Road, N.W. 
Garner, J. W. B.. c/o W. T. Treadwav, 

Esq., F. H. Faulding & Co., 54, Great 

Town Street. E.C. 3. 
Garnett, Dr. <'.. M.A., Eastdene, Bow 

Lane, Finchley, N. 12. 
♦Garwood, A. B., Com. Pen. & Oriental S.N. 

Co., 122, Leadenhall Street, E C. 
Garwood, F„ S.S. Crane, 13, Trinity 

Square, E.C. 
Gaspard, Mrs. R., 163, Lauderdale Man- 
sions, Lauderdale Road, W. 9 
Caster, E., 10, Woburn Place, Russell 

Square, W.C. 
Gayer, K. F. .57, Clarendon Road, Holland 

Park, W. 11. 
Geary, S. Warleigh, 131, Palace Road, 

Tulse Hill. S.W. 
♦Oemmell. Miss F. S., SO, Merton Hall 

Road, Wimbledon. S.W. 19. 
Gemmei.l, Miss I., 80, Merton Hall Road, 

Gerny, H. A., 13, Platts Lane, Hampstead, 

Gibbes, F. W., 46, Stanhope Gardens, S.W. 
Gibbes, Miss M., 46, Stanhope Gardens, 

Gibbs. K. Y., 10, Carlton Mansions, Holland 

Park Garden, W. 
Gibson, Orderly W. D., Queen Mary's 

Hospital, Roehampton. S.W. 
Gillies, Miss E. L., c/o Nat. Bank of N.Z., 

15, Moorgate, S.W. 
Gilling, W., c/o Commonwealth and 

Dominion Line, 9 and 11, Fenchurch 

Avenue, E.C. 
Gtngell, C. K. A., c/o Messrs. Tozer, 

Kemsley ami Millburn Sta, 7S. Fen- 
church Street, E.C. 
♦Girvin, Robert, Exchange Chambers, 24, 

St. Mary Axe, E.C ::. 
Goddard, J. Alan, Eastings House, Nor- 
folk Stret, Strand, W.C. 2. 
Goddard, S. J., Western Union House,.22, 

Great Winchester Street, E.C. 
Godel, De Graff, 1... c/o Rev. -T. Freeman 

Darrell, 108a, Edith. Grove, Chelsea, 

London, W. 
Godel, Martim Henry, c/o Rev. J. I 

man Darrell, L08a, Edith Grove, 

sea, London. W. 
Goldthorp, Miss E. M., 23, Mechlenburgh 

Square, W.C. 
♦Goode, Sir W. A. M. (K.B.E.), 4'.t. West- 

bourne Gardens, W. 
Glodwin, .Miss !'... 7 1, Redcliffe Square, S. 

Gordon, A. A., c/o Mrs. Coote, 9, Goldere 

Gardens, Golders Green. 
Graham-Murray, Hon'. Mrs., Peel House, 

Regency Street, S.W. 
Greaves, B. W., 64a, Ormiston Road, 

Shepherd's Bush, W. 
Green, H. E. 0.,c/o Standard Bank of South 

Africa, 10, Clements Lane, E.C. 
Greenaway, .Miss K., 4, Kildare Ten 


enaway, Miss I. F., c/o Messrs. H. S. 

King & Co., 9, Pall Mall. S.W. 
Greenaway. Miss I., 10, Leinster Square, 

Bayswater. W. 
Greenwood, Miss K., 92,Queen'sGate,S. W. 
Grew, E. G.. 77, Maury Road. Stoke New- 

ington. N. 16. 
Griffith, C. I., c/o Bank of British West 

Africa, Leadenhall Street, E.C. 
Griffiths. E. M.. 47, Nicoll Road, Harles- 

den, X.W. 10. 
Grigsby, C. E., 1, Arundel Street. Strand, 

W.C. 2. 

dm, Captain H. R. Lester, 36, Airdale 

Road. Chiswick, W. 
Groves, Miss M. M., 1, Chester Gate, 

Regent's Park, N.W. 
i 'i dson, Mrs. K., 21. Briardale Gardens. 

Piatt Lane. Hampstead. N.W. 3. 

uey, S. H., 109, Barrv Road, East 

Dulwich, S.E. 
Hadfield, Sir Robert, Bart.. 22. Carlton 

House Terrace, London, S.W. 1. 
Haes, D., 19, Langham St net. Portland 

Place, W. 1. 
Hales, A. G., 3, Pemberton House, 3, 

Doughty Street, W.C. 
Hall, Miss E., 19, Queen's Crescent, Haver- 
stock Hill. X.W. 
Hall, F. W., c/o P. & O. Branch Service, 

32, Lime Street. E.C. 
Halliwell, Mrs. V. A. E., 16, Granville 

Place, Portman Square, W. 1. 
♦Hambleden, Viscount, 3, Grosvenor Place, 

S. W. 
Hamilton-. Miss A.. 22. Kami Street, E.( . 
♦Hamilton, Miss B. D., c/o Mrs. Rane, 2, 

Paulton'6 Square, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 
Hamilton, Lord Claud, 28, Cambridge 

Square. London, W. 2. 
Hamilton, Mrs. R., 36, Bloomsbury Street, 

W.C 1. 
Hammersley, Mrs.. 62, Cadogan Place, S.W. 
Hammerton, J. A., Kenmore, Shepherds 

Hill, Highgate. N. 
Handcock, Miss J. M., 174, Bedford Hill, 

Balham, S.W 
HANNON, P. J. H.. Carlton Club, S.W. 
Hansom, V. J. R., 110, Palace Gardens 

Terrace, Kensington, W. 
Harding. J. R.. 83. Pall Mall. S.W. 1. 
Harding, W. A., Isthmian Club, Piccadilly, 

London, W. 
Harman, C. J.. 65, Sinclair Road, Kensing- 
ton, W. 
♦Harmsworth, St. J., Messrs. Perrier, Ltd., 

41, Wigmore Street, W. 
Harris, B., 1, Faraday Mansions, Queen's 

Club Gardens, W. 14. 
HARRIS, Lieutenant G., c/o Over-Seas Club, 

Genera] Buildings. Aldwyeh. 
Hart, B. J. W.. 16, Nelson Road, Stroud 

1 Ireen, X. 
II w;r. 11. T., 49, Old Bond Street. W. 
HARWOOD, Mrs., c o Lady Superintendent's 

Room, Woolwich Dockyard, S.E. 
Haveri.kv. G. C. W.. c/o Over-Seas Club, 

W.c. i>. 



LONDON— continued. 

Hawkins, 2nd Lieutenant T. \\ . R., Carlyle 

Club, Piccadilly, W. 
Hawthorn, II.. 31, Upper Bedford PI 


•Hayne, F. W. (O.B.E.), 1G, Elm I 

Gardens, < 'helsea, S. W . 
Hayward, J. H., c/o Licut.-Colum 1 Hay 

ward. Bank of Adelaide, Leadenh.ill 

Street, London, E.C. 
Hbasman. Mrs. F. W .. 36, Newark Sti 

i'lnv. E. I. 

dbbson Mrs. B. G Flat " C " 50, 
Guildford Street, W.C. 
Henderson, I. G,, Grosvenor Hotel, Bel- 

(ft i\ i i, S. W. 

• Henderson, AV. 1».. 59 and GO, Old Bailey, 

Henderson, Lady, 82, Eaton Square, 

S.W. 1. 
Hepburn, Gale and Ross. Ltd.. Grange 

Mills. l.!ermondsey, S.E. 
Hersek, Li"utenautC. P. A.. 12, Digby Man 

sions. Hammersmith Bridge, W. 
liiGQiE Mrs. A., c/o Messrs. Thomas Cook 

& Son, Ludsate Circus. E.C. 
II u.(.>. Miss A.. 27, Wellesby Road, Gunners 

bury, W. 4. 

♦ Hime, Dr. E. M., s. Handel Mansions, 

Handel Strei t. W.C. 1. 
HlNSON, E. S., 32, Lordship Lane. Wood 

Green, N. 22. 
Hitchcock, W. J., c/o Miss Williamson, 

18, Kilmorie Road, Forest Hill. 
Hobbs, S. «'.. ISO, Strand, London, W.C. 
Hoddikott, Mi89. I. I., 64, Princes Square, 

Bayswater, W. 
Hoddinott, M. E., 64, Princes Square, 

Bayswater, W. 
Hoddinott, Miss M. M.,64, Princes Square, 

Bayswater, W. 
Hodges, Miss 1'., 34, Portland Road, Fins 

bury Park, X. 1. 
Houues, Miss 11., 34, Portland Road. 

Finsbury Park, X. l. 
Hooe, J., 34a, Furness Road, Harlesden, 

Holdsworth. if. M., 10, Montague Street, 

Russell Square, W.C. 1. 
Hoi.liday, Mrs., West View, The Bank, 

Highgate. X. 
Hoi.lway, Signaller C. A., Xo. 53926, 

Pay 1, M.. Canadian Pay Offic -, .Mill- 
bank, S.W. 1. 
HOLMES, H. X., 7G, St. George's Road, 

8.W, l. 
Hope, Mrs. B., Falcon House, 34, Lombard 

Road, Battersea, S.W. 
Hopkins, Mrs. F. I., 37. The Chino, Winch- 
more Hill, Grange Park, X. 21, 
Hornby, A., c/o B.S.A. Co., London Wall, 

•Hornby, St. J., Messrs. W. H. Smith & 

Son. 176, Strand, W.C. 
Horne. Robert, 22, Hodford I: 

Golders Green, N.W. 2, 
Horsfall, A. H. , D.S.O., Union Bank of 

Australia, 71 .Cornhill, E.C. 
Hoskinos, E., 7, Xorthbrook Road, S.E. 

Hoskj '-. Mrs. H. P., 31, Finlaj Str< et, 

s.U. 6. 
Howard, C. E., c/o Messrs. Cook <fe Son 

Ludgate Circus, E.< '. 
Howard, II. G., 23, Leabourne Road, 

Stamford Hill, X. 16. 
Ih bbabd, Major G. II.. The Drive, 10, 

Roi nanl oi Road, S. < Iroydori, 

Hi DLESTON, Mrs. X., I, Si. l'illau's Road, 

Catford, London, S.E. 
Hudson, . s n Robert, The British Red 

Cross Society, 83, Pall Mall, S.W. 1. 
Hulme, Mrs. C. 116, Pall Mall, S.W. 
HOLTOH, D. N..P. & 0. Branch Service, 32, 

hime Street, E.C. 
Hint, E. E.. 2. Leathwaite, Clapham. S.W. 
Bdnter, Miss ,)., 10. Durand Gardens, 

i lapham Road, S.W. 'J. 
KB, J. S., 10, Northanger Road, Streat- 

ham, S.W. 
Ih , i i;u. William, 39, Tavistock Square, 

W.C. l. 
Hyman, M., c/o Thomas Cook & Sons, Lud- 

gate Circus, E.C. 
Hymans, I.., 50, Charlotti Road, W. 1. 
Impey, C, 25, Dundonald Road, Brondes- 

bury Park, N. 

im, G., 1 depart ment of General Auditor, 

London, E.C. 7. 
I sglis, *;.. Oak Knoll, Esher. 

, I-'., 27, Essendine Road, Maida Vale. 
Jackson, Miss S., 169, Plumstead Common 

Road, S.E. 
James. G., c/o Western Telegraph Co.. Ltd., 

Electra House, Moorgate Street, E.C. 
Jay, S. C. (Second Lieutenant), 35, Sloane 

Street, S.W. 
•Jbffgock, Lieutenant W. P., 14, Hans 

Court, S.W. 3. 
Jeffrey, L. J., 26. Stanhope Gardens, 

Highgate, X. 
Jenkins, Miss M.. 11, Avonmore Mansions, 

Kensington, W. 14. 
Jenkinson, W., 147, Albion Road, Stoke 

Newington, N. 
♦Johnson, C. 15. Conduit Street, W. 
♦JOHNSON, Miss 1. B., 14, Old Court Man- 
sion-, High Street, Kensington. 
Johnston, D. H., Royal Colonial Institute, 

Northumberland Avenue, E.C. 
Johnston, Miss S. M.,c/o Messrs. J. Carmalt 

& Co., Dunsted House, Mincing Lane, 

♦Johnston, Mrs. S., 38, Hyde Park Gate 

S.W. 7. 
Johnston. S. P., 51 Coram Street, W.C. 

- Aii in, W., 61, Torrington Square, 

W. C. 
j, E. II., Central Prisoners of War 

Committee, 7, Thurloe Place, S.W. 7. 
F., 18, Han. Id Road, Upper 

Norwood, S.E. l'J. 
♦Jones, Francis R. 8, Grove Avenue, 

Mnswell Hill, X. 10. 
Jonbs, Mrs. Fbani is P., 8, Grove Avenue, 

Muswell Hill, X. 10. 
Jonb . Mi E. Wimiked (B.A.), 8, Grove 

Avenue, Muswell Hill, X. 10. 



LONDON— contin ut d . 

♦Jones, F. W. S., 5, Da vies Street, Berkeley 

Square, W. 
♦Jones, Kennedy, 8, King's Bench Walk. 

Temple, E.C. 
Jordan, R. G., 135, Wandsworth Road, 

Vauxhall, S.W. 
Journeaux, Miss I. M., 14, Levern Road, 

Earl's Court, S.W. 5. 
Judson, N., c/o The National Bank of 

South Africa, Circus Place, London 

Wall, E.C. 
Keast, Second Lieutenant W. R., R.F.C., 

Hendon, N.W. 
♦Kell, Miss L. G., 32, York Street, Baker 

Street, W. 
Kellett, R. E., 81, Lansdowne Road, 

Tottenham, N. 
Kelly, D. S., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Buildings, Aldwych, W.C. 
Kelly, Mrs. A., 26, Cleveland Ave., Chis- 

wick, W. 4. 
Kenderdine, C. H., 12,. Little College 

Street, Westminster. S.W. 1. 
Kendrick, H. F., c/o British Bank of South 

Australia, 4, Moorgate Street, E.C. 
Kent, H. G., Friars House, New Broad 

Street, E.C. 
Kettle, Miss E. E., Cranmore, 125, Glenel- 

don Road, Streatham, S.W. 
Kidd, W. J., 312, Fulham Palace Road, S.W. 
Kino, E. O., 14, Oxford Terrace, W. 
King, P. H., 26, Old Queen's Street, West- 
minster, S.W. 1. 
Kingdon, H. S., 36, New Broad Street, 

E.C. 2. 
Kikgsmill, S., 37, Winchester Street, Lon- 
don, S.W. 1. 
Kirk, Sir John, J.P., 32, John Street, Theo- 
bald's Road, W.C. 
Kneebone, H., 72, Viotoria Street, S.W. 
Knowles, W. H., "Oakdale Arms," Hermit- 
age Road, Finsbury Park, N. 
*Knox, Miss M. S., 20, Norbury Crescent. 

Norbury, S.W. 
Knox, Lady, 23, Cadogan Gardens, S.W. 3. 
Koeppern, Miss W., 14, Tavistock Square, 

W.C. 1. 
LAHEr, Miss F. V., 3, Carlisle Road, Bron- 

desbury, N.W. 
Laidlaw, R. J., c/o Colonial Bank, 33, 

Bishopsgate, E.C. 
Lake, Miss F. M., St. George's Court, 26, 

Hanover Square, W. 1. 
Lake, Miss G. S., St. George's Court, 26, 

Hanover Square, W. 1. 
Lamberton, Mrs. I. W., 24, Paulton's, 

Square, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 
♦Lampard, Mrs. A. M., 52, Guilford Street, 

Russell Square, W.C. 
Lander, Rev. R. B., Christ Church, Ted- 

Langston, H. C, c/o S. H. King & Co., 9 

Pall Mall, S.W. 
♦Lansdowne, The Marchioness of, Lans- 
downe House, Berkeley Square, W. 
♦Lawley, The Hon. Sir Arthur (G.C.S.I), 

(K.C.M.G.), 9, Seymour Street, Portman 

Square, W. 

Lawrance, Miss M. V., c/o Bank of Austral- 
asia, 4, Threadneedle Street, E.C. 
Lawrie, Miss A., 30, Hogarth Road, Lon- 
don, S.W. 5. 
Laurie, Mrs. J. W. B. (R.A.F.), National 

Provincial Bank, Oxford Street, W. 
Lawson, Miss E. M., 12, Polworth Road, 

Streatham, S.W. 
Lawson, Miss M. W., Principal Probate 

Registry, Somerset House, Strand, 

W.C. 2. 
Layard, Arthur Raymond, C.M.G., 20, 

Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 
Layard, Mrs. Arthur Raymond, 20, 

Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 
Layard, Mrs. R. de B., 42, Palace Gardens, 

Terrace, W. 5. 
Laycock, R. E., 74, East Road, West Ham, 

Leader, Miss N. E. f 13, Draycott Place, 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Leech, A. J., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Buildings, Aldwych, W.C. 
Leeming, J. A., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Buildings, W.C. 2. 
Lefroy, W., Editor, Canada, Kingsway 

House, Kingsway, W.C. 
Leonard, H., 7, Great Newport Street, 

Lewis, Mrs. H., 23, Oxford Terrace, W. 2. 
Lewis, W. M., 135, Woodgrange Road, 

Forest Gate, E. 7. 
Lidgett, A., 4, Broad Street Place, E.C. 
♦Lima, Sir B. (K.B.E.), Daily Mirror, 

Bouverie Street, E.C. 
Brawne-Lindon, L. L., 33, Inverness 

Terrace, W. 2. 
♦Linforth, A. E., "The Fleetway House," 

Farringdon Street, E.C. 
Ling, Mrs. C. M., 15, Down's Road, Clapton. 

E. 5. 
Little, Mrs. E. C, 86, Hereford Road, 

Bayswater, W. 2. 
Little, Mrs. E. C, c/o Hong Kong and 

Shanghai Bank. 
Little, E. S., Jun., c/o Hong Kong and 

Shanghai Bank, London. 
Littlejohn, Lieutenant D., 185, Bedford 

Hill, Balham, S.W. 12. 
Liversedge, A. J., 20, Essex Street, Strand, 

Lobban, A. H., 55, Cromwell Avenue, High- 
gate, N. 
Lock, C. J., 20, Tudor Street, E.C. 
Lofgrew, E. A., c/o Miss Gillard, 54, Dul- 

wich Road, Heme Hill, S.E. 24. 
Lomas, W. J. W., " Ingleside," Wimbledon 

Park, S.W. 
Lowen, S. B.,26, Bryanstone Road, Crouch 

End, N. 8. 
Lubbock, Hon. Mrs. H. L., 41, Hans Place, 

S.W. 1. 
Lyle, S., 110, Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's 

Lynham, Mrs. J. E., The Chine, Grange 

Park, N. 
Lynton, Miss Bunty, c/o Over-Seas Club, 

Aldwych, W.C. 



ONDON- continued 
Macartney. Sir George (K.C.I.E.), 92 

Cromwell A\ enue, 1 1 N. 

Macdonald, Miss A., Bank of Australasia, 

4, Threadneedle Street, E.C. 2. 
.M ,. Donald, Mrs. J. M.. c o Over-Seas Clnb, 

Aldwyoh, W.C. 2. 
Macdonald, J., 22, Endsleigh Street, End- 
sleigh Gardens, N.W. 
Macfarlane, T. M. M., c/o Institute of 
Mining and Metallurgy, Salisbury 
House, E.C. 
Mackay, K. C, 6, Castletown Road, West 

Kensington, W. 14. 
MacKay, It. «'.. 38, Dennington Park Road,' 

West Hampstead, N.W. 6. 
Mackenzie, F.' A., 11a, Torrington PlacJe, 

London, W.C. 
McKenzie, Dire. F. A., 11a, Torrington 

Place, W.C. 
Mackenzie, Miss K., 30, Woburn Place, 

Mackenzie. Mrs. M., 2, Carlton Mansions, 

Bedford Place, W.C. 
♦Mackenzie, Sir T.. 415, Strand, W.< . 
BIaokbssack, G. I '.. 101, Lambeth Palace 

Road, Westminster, S. W. I. 
Maclean, J. H., 85, Chelsea Bridge Road, 

Westminster, S.W. 
MaoLennan, D., River Plate House, 13, 

South Place, E.C. 
MaoMtllan, R. W. M., " Knapdale," Fern- 

leigh Road, Winchmore Hill, X. 
Macmuxan, Mrs. R. W. M., "Knapdale," 
Fernleigb Road, Winchmore Hill, N. 21. 
MacPuail, W. L., 04, Anson Road, Criekle- 

wood, N.W. 
Macpherson. R.. c/o MiasD. M.Williamson, 

48. Kilmorie Road, Forest Hill. S.E. 
McCall, Miss .\I.. 84, Morshead Mansions, 

W. 9. 

McC.w s.. Messrs. Kirk, Kerr & Co., Ltd., 

Abchurch Yard, Cannon Strict, K.C. 4. 

Mi [ntosh, Miss S., 10, Bideford Mansions, 

Rose I H rv Avenue, Farringdon Road, 

E.C. 1. " 

MgKim, J. Mebedith, 8, Thayer Street, 

W. 1. 
Maddock, Miss E., Llanarthney, Hornsev 

Rise, N. 
Maddock, L., Llanarthney, Hornsey Rise, 

Maouire, H., " The Arches," Ludgate Hill, 

♦MwTBv, Lionel, Welbeck House, 1, 

Wigmort W. 

Mandebs, A. S., Messrs. Fulton -Manders 
Publishing Co., Brownlow Housi 
High Holborn, W.C. 1. 
Mann, Captain E. L., 8, Mount Pleasant 

Road, W. 5. 
Mann, W., 7, St. Michael's Allev, Cornhill, 

E.C. 3. 
Mabohbnt, W. H. V., 40, Muswell Road, 

N. 10. 
Market, G. E., H.M.T. Bennllu, c/o P. & 
O. Co., 32, Lime Street, London. E.C. 
♦Markham, Admiral Sir Albert (K.C.B.), 
19, Queen's Gate Place, S.W. 

Marlowe, T., Daily Mail, Carmelite House, 

Mars den, J. II., The Royal Club for Ladies 
in. m beyond the Seas, Norfolk House, 
st. Ja muss Squa re, S, W. 1. 
Martin, A. le Gros, 69, Southeby Road, 

Highbury Park, N. 5. 
Martin. Miss C. Habqbave, 38, Hamilton 

Gardens, N.W. 8. 
Martin, Miss F., 18. Walevand Road, 

Lewisham Hill, .S.E. 13. 
Martin, H. E., Shaftesbury Hotel, Great 

St. Andrew's Street, W.C. 
Martin-dale, Miss E., 11, Cedars Road, 

Clapham Common. S.W. 4. 
Massey, H. A., Lyceum Club, 128, Picca- 
dilly, W. 
Massey, Mrs. M. J., Lyceum Club, 128, 

Piccadilly, W. 
Massey, Miss M. I., Lyceum Club, 128, 

Piccadilly, W. 
Mastebson, Sirs. E., 56, Whitcomb Street, 

Mathews, Miss W. M., 35, Bennett Park. 

Blackheath. S.E. 3. 
Matthews, J. (>., 11, St. Peter's Square, 

Hammersmith, W. 
May, H. F., Royal Colonial Institute, 

Northumberland Avenue. 
McDowell, B. J., 36, Upper Bedford Place, 

McKay, Miss E., 32, Bernard Street, Russell 

Square, W.C. 
Mead, Mrs. E. S., 22, Larpent Avenue, 

Putney, S.W. 
Mead, Leslie G., 33, Sackville Street, 

Piccadillj . 
MeDCETT, F., 125. Strand, W.C. 
Mi.i.iirisii. GEO. .1., 17, St. Mary Abbotts 

Terrace, Kensington, W. 14. 
Meredith, Mrs. M., 105,Bolingbroke Grove, 

Wandsworth Common, S.W. 
Meuncer, Mrs. E., 14, Leesido Crescent, 

Golders Green, N.W. 
MicifEi.L, R. L. X., 22. Lansdowne Crescent, 

\Y. 1 I. 
Miokdal, II. II., 65, All. rton Road, Stoke 

Xiu ington. 
Middi.eton. Miss J., 39a, Matin son Road, 

West Kensington, W. 14. 
Miller, D, Eldeb, Fairsbead, Arthur Road, 

Wimbledon, S. W . 
Miller, W. D., 129, Culverley Road, Cat- 
ford, S.E. 
Milison, A. D., Forster House, Agar Street, 

Strand, W.C. 
Minns, II., Flat 2, 32, Linden Gardens; 

W. 2. 
Mitchell, A., 112, Elgin Crescent, Bays- 
water, W. 
Mitchell, E. A., 110, Cannon Street, 

Mitchell, Harry Cecil, 18, Coram Street, 

Bloomsbury, W.C. 
Mitchell, Mrs. H. <'., 18, Coram Street, 

Bloomsbury, W.C. 
Mohun, Miss E. R., 43, Upper Gloucester 
Place, N.W. 




Monro, J.,34, Flanders Road, Bedford Park, 

•Montagu, Captain F. J. 0., 40, Charles 

Street, Berkeley Square, W. 1. 
Montana, Sergeant J., Records Branch, 
Adm. Headquarters, A.I.F., 130, 
Horseferry Road. Westminster. 
Morgan, B.H., 15, Dartmouth Street, Queen 

Anne's Gate, S.W. 
Morison, R., 125, Half Moon Lane, Heme 

Hill, S.E. 24. 
Morris, M. W., c/o Burma Corporation, 
Ltd., No. 1, London Wall Building, E.C. 
Morrison, W., 178, Kensington Park 

Road, W. 
Morton, B. K., " Rayo del Sol," Wimbledon 

Road, Wimbledon. 
Morton, J. H., Room 35, 100, Cromwell 

Road, South Kensington, S.W. 
Moses, C. A., 78, Great Tower Street, E.C. 
Mowbray- \Vaite, A., 52, Derwent Road, 

Palmer's Green, N. 13. 
Muirhead, N. C, e/o National Bank 
of S. Africa, Circus Place, London Wall, 
Muirhead-Collins, Captain R., C.M.G., 

. 49, Oakley Street, Chelae x, S.W. 
Mullord, Alexander, 1 — 3, Penn Street, 

N. 1. 
Mctndeley, A., 34, Park Mansions, Knights- 
bridge, S.W. 
Muhro, Mrs. J., 7, Craven Road, Lan- 
caster Gate, W. 
Murray, Hon. Mrs. O.. 19 and 20, Craven 

•Street. Strand, W.C. 2. 
Mcssett, A. A., 9, Great Turnstile, Holborn, 

Myers, Victor, 15—18, Tower Hill, E.C. 3. 
Nash, X., 33, St. George's Square, W. 
Neal, G. J., 19, Belgrave Road, Wanstead, 

Nelson, J. N.. 29, Queen's Square, Blooms- 
bury, W.C. 
Newcomb, Miss H. C, 13, Temple Fortune 

Ct., Golders Green, N.W 
Newman, Captain G. B.. c o Bank of New 
South Wales, 29, Threadneedh- Strict, 
Nicholson, G. L., 428, New Cross Road, 

S.E. 14. 
Nicholls, Frederk k, 12, Xew Court, 

Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Nicholson, B. S., Copthorne, Village Road, 

Enfield, X. 
Nicol, W. A., 18, St. Albans Avenue, 

Bedford Park, W. 
Nielsen, Miss M.A., 198, Ashley Gardens, 

Westminster, S.W. 
Noble, A., 94, Pretoria Road, Streatham, 

Norie, Miss K. E., 16, Park Road, Wands- 
worth Common, S.W. 
Norman, The Right Hon. Sir Henry. Bart, 
(M.P.), .The Corner House, Cowley 
Street, S.W. 1. 
Norris, H. C, Gazette, West Ealing, W. 
North, Captain, 13, Palace Mansions, 
Kensington, W. 

Brighton Road. S. 
Cranworth Gar- 

Norton, Frank. 21, 

Norton, Miss M., 6—8, 

dens, W. 
Norton, Miss M., 25, Madeira Road, Streat- 
Nunns, L. C. W., 27, Herongate Road, 

Wanstead Park, N.E. 
O'Connor, J. M., 136-, Castellain Mansions, 

Maida Vale, W. 
O'Connor, P., 21, Great Western Road, 

Ormes, R. P., s.s. Polerie, c/o Messrs. 

Andrew, Weir & Co., 21, Bury Street. 
Orton, F. Webster, 49, Trentham Street, 

Soutkfield, S.W. 
Osborne, E., 43, York Street, Baker Street, 

W. 1. 
Owden, Miss A. B., Sunnybrae, Prout 

Grove, Neasden, N.W. 
Owen, H., Principal Probate Registry, 

Somerset House, W.C. 2. 
Owen, Miss H., 77, Biddulph Mansions, 

Elgin Avenue, W. 9. 
Owen, H. J., 57, Southwell Grove Road, 

♦Paget, A., 39, Berkeley Square, W. 
Paget, C. W., 10, Hazlewood Crescent, 

North Kensington. 
Palmer, H., c/o Miss Palmer, Nurses' 

Home, London Hospital, E. 
Parker, Mrs. F., 27, Greencroft Gardens, 

South Hampstead, N.W. 
Parker, H. F., c/o Bank of New South 

Wales, London. 
Parton, E. J., Esq., 8, Alma Road, High- 
bury, N. 
Parvin. S., 20, Mount Street, Grosvenor 

Square, W. 
Paterson, Mrs. J., Gower Hotel, Euston 

Square, London, N.W. 1. 
Peaoook, E. R., 3, London Wall Buildings, 

London Wall, E.C. 
♦Pearson, Sir A., Bart., 15, Devonshire 

Street, W. 1. 
Pease, J. B., 13, Stratton Street, W. 
Peddell, Lieutenant T. A., R.F.C., 5, 
Sunningdale Gardens, Kensington, W. 4 
Peel, Lieutenant J. Clifford, c/o The 
National Bank of Australia, 5, Bishops- 
gate, E.C. 
Penny, C. A., 415, Mare Street. Hackney. 
Penny, Sergeant J. P., 415, Mare Street, 

Hackney, N.E. 
Pepper. Miss Kathleen, 44, Harlick Road, 

Southgate, N. 14. 
Perrin, E. L., Lincoln Hall Hotel, Upper 

Bedford Place, W.C. 1. 
Perry, S. W., " Guildford Arms," Guild- 
ford Road, Greenwich. 
Peters, Private A. F., c/o 18, Altenbury 

Gardens, Clapham Common. S.W. 11. 
Pheysey, C. H., Carlyle Club, Piccadilly. 
Phillimore, C. A., 16a, Oxford Square, 

♦Phillimore, Rear Admiral Sir R. F. 
(K.C.M.G.), H.M.S. Rennlie, c/o G.P.O., 


LONDON — continue d. 

Philipps, Miss Honor ft, Chelsea House, 

Cadogan Place, S.W. 1. 
Philipps, Miss X. D., Chelsea House, 

Cadogan Place, S.W. 1. 
Philipps, Lady Owen, Chelsea House, 

Cadogan Place, S.W. 1. 
Philipps, Miss 0. G., Chelsea House, 

Cadogan Place, S.W. 1. 
Phillips. H. C, 196, Strand, London, W.C. 
Phillips, Mrs. N., 85, The Vale, Golders 

Green, N.W. 
•Phillips, R. It, 22, Conduit Street, 

Regent Street, W. 
Phipps, W. M., 69, South Croxted Road, 

West Dulwich, S.E. 
Pilley, .Miss M.. St. Andrew's House Club, 

31a, Mortimer Street, W. 1. 
Pillinger, G. ft, 47, Victoria Street, West- 

minster, S.W. 
♦Pltjnket, Lord, 6, Ormonde Gate, Chelsea, 

S.W. 3. 
Podgeb, W., c/o H. C. Phillips, Esq., 196, 

Strand. WC. 2. 
Pollitt, Miss M. ft, 73, Warwick Avenue, 

M-.uda Vale, W. 
Pollock, W. T. ft, 93, Kennington Park 

Road, S.E. 
Porter, E. E. R., National Bank of Aus- 
tralia, Bishopsgate Street, E.C. 
Forterfield, Miss H. E., 7, St. Lawrence 

Road, N. Kensington, W. 
Porterfield, J. J., 7, St. Lawrence Road, 

North Kensington, W. 
Porterfield. Miss M. E., 7, St. Lawrence 

Road, N. Kensington, W. 
Portway, S. W., 77, King Henry's Road, 

Pott, Mrs. M. F., 69, Victoria Road, Ken- 
sington, W. 8., 
Powell, E. W.. o/o General Accident, Fire 
and Life Association Corporation, 
General Buildings, Aldwych, W.C. 
Powell, Miss F. G., 91, Gower Street, W.C. 
♦Power, Miss L. 0., 24, Brunswick Gar- 
dens, Kensington, W. 8. 
♦Power, N. D., 24, Brunswick Gardens, 

Kensington, W. 
Powley. Mrs. M., 1a, Redcliffe Gardens, 

London, S.W. 
Preston, W., 26, Madeira Road, S.W. 
Prevot, F. ft, 13, Woburn Plaoe, Russell 

Square, W.C. 
Prideaux, Mrs. E. P., c/o Miss Taylor, 14, 
Coliseum Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Pridhaji, C. F., 7, Jessel Mansions, Queen's 

Club Gardens, W. 
Pridham, Miss A. ft, 31, Daleham Gardens, 

Hampstead, N.W. 
Prince, J. ft, 303, Seven Sisters Road, 

X. i. 
Pritchard, Miss E. M., 44, Canonbury Park, 

South London. N. 
Ppnnell, N. A., 24, Acacia Grove, West 

Dulwich, S.E. 
Pym, H. M. T., 36, Craven Street, Strand, 

Pryor, E. T., 23, Fore Street, London, 
E.C. 2. 


Prytz, Miss A., 1, North Road, Clapham 

Park, S.W. 4. 
Qcetel, G. W., 103, Hallam Street, Portland 

Place, W. 
Ramsay, W. J. Gray, 29, Croxted Road, 

West Dulwich, S.E. 21. 
Rankinq, Miss F., 73, Charlwood Street 

S.W. 1. 
Raphael, AS. 3-4, Bevis Marks, E.C. 

. Mrs., Milton Court, Dorking. 
Ray, Miss E. M„ 23, Gertrude Street, 

Chelsea S.W. 10. 
Rayfield W. 128 Warwick Street, 

Pimlico, S.W. 
Rawlins, Mr. and Mrs. E. ft Donaldson, 

73, Basinghall Street, E.C. 2. 
Rawson, S., 94, Barrowgate Road, Chis- 

wick, W. 
Rees Davies, Mrs. J., 27, Pond Street, 

Hampstead, N.W. 3. 
Reid, L. E., c/o Geo. Wills & Sons, Ltd., 

3, Chapel Street, Whitecross Street, 

Remsen, 9. T., Savoy Hotel, Strand, 

Reynolds, A. C. J., c/o Over-Seas Club, 

General Buildings, Aldwych, W.C 
Rich, A., 3, Throgmorton Avenue, E.C. 
♦Richards, F. E., 7, Park House, Highbury 

Park, N. 
Richardson, A., Research Department, 

15, Great George Street, S.W. 1. 
♦Richardson, H., 131, Victoria Street, 

S.W. 1. 
Richardson, Frederick, 24, Queen Victoria 

Street, London, K.<'. 
Richardson, W. E., River Plate House, 13 

South Place, E.C. 
Riches, E., 29, Chester Square, Eaton 

Square, N.W. 
Richmond, I. M., c/o Agent General for 

New South Wales, Cockspur Str< 
♦Ridley, Misa J. T., 31, Daleham Gardens, 

Hampstead, N.W. 
Riley, Miss A., North-Eastern Hospital, 

Tottenham, N. 15. 
Rimington, Lieutenant M. B., c/o Cox & 

Co., Charing Cross. 
Roberts, Mrs. A. 0. Dp.pmmond, 57, Dray- 
ton Gardens, South Kensington. 
Roberts, C. R., 9, Southwold Mansions, 

W. 9. 
RoBERTS.Miss G., Haileybury, 26, St. John's 

Road, Putney, S.W. 5. 
Roberts, Mine H. R., c/o 53, Morshead 

Mansions, W. 
Robertson, L. J., Hampden Club, Hamp- 
den Street. N.W. 1. 
Robinson, Sir Thomas R., Agent-General 

for Queensland, 409-410, Strand, 

Robinson, Miss E. B., " Killarney, 1 ' Park 

Avenue, Palmers Green, N. 
Rocks, C. W. 0., Marconi House, Strand. 
Rogers, Rev. E., Aldwych House, Cathe- 
rine Street, W.C. 2. 
Rook, Miss R. M. L., Grantham House, 

Putney Heath, S.W. 



LONDON <ied. 

Rolling G. [., 11, Gladwell Road. 

Crouch End, N. 8. 
Rosenbaum, A. W., c/o Messrs. S. W. 

Smith & Co., 8, New Crompton Street, 

London, S.W. 

C. G.. Faulkner's Hotel, Villiera 

Street, Strand, V 
K »ss, J. A.. " Verdun," Holly Park. Crouch 

Il.ll. X. 4. 
Ross. J. T.. 25, Windsor Road, Hollo way 

Road. Holloway, X. 
Ross, J. W., 31, Old Bond Street, W. 
Rostlinq, Sir E., 20, Eastcheap, E.C. 
Rothschild, Lieutenant L. V., 12, -Regent 

Stnct. S.W. 1. 
Rowell, R. H., 8, The Sanctuary, S.W. 
Rfdd, H. E.. 21, (Gladstone Road, Wimble- 
don, S.W. 19. 
Russell, W. J., c/o Miss Russell, 172, 

i >: i i i;, Highbury. 

♦Rutherford, W., Abchurch Yard, Lon- 

don, E.C. 1. 
I;-, in, Si rgeanl I'. S.. No. 648789, c/o Over- 
Seas Club, General Buildings, AMwveh. 

W.C. 2. 
Sadleir, J. R., 8-10, Grenville Street, W.C. 
Saul, G. M., 183, Cornwall Road. S.W. 5. 
Saunders, Miss F., 68, Elm Park Mansions, 

West Brompton, S.W. 
Saunders, G. E., Bonnington Hotel, South- 
ampton Row, W.C. 
Scammell, E. T., 6, Hawke Road, Upper 

Norwood, S.E. 
Scollard, J., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Buildings, Aldwych, W.<\ 2. 
Scotland, L., Friar's House, New Broad 

Street, E.C. 
Scott, Mrs. E. H., 42, Belsize Park Gar- 
dens. Hampstead. N.W. 
Scott, Miss M., 42, Belsize Park Gardens, 

Hampstead, N.W. 

OTT, Colonel W., 3, Down. Street, May- 
fair, W. 1. 

•■■is. II. !•;. B., Arsenal Branch, Aus- 
Eouse, Strand, W.C. 2. 

ivener, .Mrs. B. A.. 03, Victoria Road, 

Stroud Green, X. 4. 
Mrs. N. «'., ,s, Woodborough Road, 

Putney, S.W. in. 
Sendall, Corporal H. L., c/o S. H. Scndall, 

91, Cornwall Gardens. S.W. 
Sewell, W. G. D., Dorset Square, London, 


Bush Lane House, 
h Lane, E.C. 4. 

bp, A. G., Hi, Elmbourne Road, Tooting 
immon, S.W. 17. 
Sharpe, Herbert, 3, Grosvenor 1' 

London, S.W. 1. 
Sharpe, J., 1 and 2, Gracechurch Street, 

E.C. 3. 
♦Shattock, Mis. L., 1, Addison Crescent, 

Kensington, W. 
Shaw, A. C, c/o Lord Shaw of Dunfi 

line, 1, Palace Gate, Kensington, 

W. 8. 
Shephard, G. W., 10, Brambledown, Crouch 

Hill, X. 

Sheppard, S. C, c/o Island Trading Com- 
pany, 17, Devonshire Square, Bishops- 
gate, E.C. 
Shotten, W. V., " Ismir," 33, Elfindale 

Road, Heme Hill, S.W. 
*Silley, A.. 28, Fortismere Avenue, A! un- 
well Hill. X. 10. 
Silley, C. ('., 81, Oakhill Road, Putney 

S.W. 15. 
Sillev, H. H.. 28, Fortismere Avenue, 

Muswell Hill, X. 10. 
Skinner, Miss E. L., 50, Stevenage Road, 

Slaughter, Miss CD., 57, Addison Man- 
sions. K i. W. 14. 
♦Sloan, L. G., The Den Corner, Kingsway, 

Smith, Mrs. A. F., 22, Ashford Avenue, 
Hornsey. X. 

A. J.. 60, Burrard Road, 
Finchley Road, Hampstead. 
Smith, C. 27. Ritherdon Road, S.W. 17. 
Smith, Miss E., 26, Trebover Road, Earl's 

Court, S.W. 5. 
Smith. Miss E. H., 6, Ladbrooke Road, 

W. 11. 
Smith, E. W.. " Berkely," Brockley View, 

Forest Hill. S.E. 23. 
Smith, G. L.. c/o London City and Midland 

Bank, 30, King's Road. Chelsea S.W. 
Smith, Captain G. N., S.S. Crane, 13, 
Trinity Square, E.C. 

Mrs. I. T., Hi, Finchlev Road, 
X.W. 8. 
Smith, Grace J. P.. 76, Chetwvnd Road, 

Kentish Town, X.W. 5. 
Smith, Mrs. W. H., 3/61, Streatham Hill, 

London, S.W. 2. ' 
Smith, V., W T hitley House, 215, Anerley 

Road, Anerley, S.E. 
Smith, Miss L. C, 309, Oxford Street, W. 
Smith, Miss N. H., 30, Westcombe Park 

Road, Blackheath, S.E. 
Smell, H. J., Bampton, Etchingham Park, 

Finchley, X. 
SOUTHCOMBE, W. J. 167, Strand, W.C. 2. 
Snmv, W. II.. 25 7, Bishopsgate, E.C. 2. 
Solomon, Miss V., 21, Hamilton Terrace, 

♦Sooter, Mr3. S., 1a, Redcliffe Gardens, 

South Kensington, S.W. 
Speeding, H., 198, Ribblesdale Road, 

Streatham, S.W. 
Speni b, A. G. 1!., 3, Hampstead Hill Gar- 
dens, X.W. 
Spender, J. A., 45, Sloane Street, S.W. 
Spitzhv, Mi-^s P., Kengar Hotel, Kensington 

den Square, Bayswater, W. 2. 
Sprent. Miss M. 5. Tavistock Place, Tavis- 

Square, W.C. I. 
STAINSBY, if.. 45, West Heath Drive, Hamp- 

id, X.W. 3. 
Stek . 65, Mitch am Lam-, Streatham, 

s. w. 

Stein, Sir A., c/o Stein Collection, British 

Museum, W.C. 
Stephens, Lieutenant F. 0., c/o Standard 

Bank, 11, Clement's Inn, W.C 


Clarendon Road, 
Radford Villas, 

LONDON continued. 

Frank, 21, Rutland 

Mansii . i ! reen. 

♦Stephenson, G. W\. 26, Old Queen Street, 

Westminster, S.W. 
Stevenson. C. C inett, 50, 

Tivoli Road, Knights Hill, West Nor- 
wood, S.I'. 
Stevenson, Mrs. C. ('., c'o W. S. Bennett, 

50, Tivoli Road, Knights Hill, Wesl 

Norwood, S.E. 

••art. A. I>.. 50, ' I. Stroud 

.:. N. I. 
•Stewart, M., Coi ■■ Club, St. 

James's Street, S.W. 
Stokes, Mrs. M. G., Bank of Australasia, '4, 

Stones, S.E.. o/o M - rs. Grindlay & Co., 

London, S.W. 
■ lbm \s. Mrs. R., 39, 

Holland Park, X. 
Sulliva.v. A. 11.. 101, 

Hi' :i, S.E. 

Sru.iN \n W. II. 63, Overtoil Road, Dul- 

wich, S.E. 
Sili.v, .Mrs. M., 115, Ashley I 

Summers, H. R., The British Engin 

ociation, 32, Victoria Street. 

S.W. 1. 

hers, < lap.tain J. S., 24, Maddo 

Summers, Miss L. M., 73, Rosslyn Avenue, 

♦Sutton, G. A., "The Fleetway House," 

Farringdon Street, E.C. 
i ■>.. K. E., Pm - i. 1 Line, 

3. Fenchurch S 
Swanson, Miss M. E., G.P.O., Putney, 

Su r burs e, Miss L., !>7. S Road, 

dewood, X.W. 2. 

b, Mrs. C. 23 Acacia Road. St. John's 

Woo 1. X.W, Miss I.. (G.B.E.), 34, G 

Road, St. John's vt I. X.W. 8. 

Tankin, B. R., Guy's Hospital. 
Tr irporal R. T., Non 

Branch, Canadian P 7. Mill- 

♦Tab - • Vrkwrighi 

N.W. 3. 
Tate, Miss B.. 117, Worple Road, Wim- 

bledon, S.W. 
Taverner, Hon. Sir John, K.C.M.G., 

General Buildings, Aldwych, \ 
Taylor, B. (;.. Highfield, 9, Baiham Park 

Road. S.W. 
Taylor, Mrs. C. • •.. ! I . Hal 

Lewisham, S.E. 13. 
T \\ lor, ' ■. 11.. II. Haleswortl I 

Lev 5. E. I ■!. 

♦Terry, Miss T. E., 10, West Bolton 

Gardens. ton. 

Tbiem, Mi~. ' '., 36, I W. 

Thomas, Miss A., 12, Castleton Mansions, 

Riverview Gardens, Barnes, S.W. 
♦Thomas, Mrs. R. H., Hyde Park Chambers, 

Knightsbridge, S.W. 

1 ieut. A.. : i. . I in 

■ . K.C.M.G., C.B., 39, L 
. W. 8. 
Thompson, D. E. A. i o J. A. Thompson, 
Esq., 15, Earlsfield Road) Wandsworth. 
Thompson, E. C. 130, Clarence Gate Gdns., 
Regent's Park, N.W. 

. A. R., c o P. L. Denmark, 1 8, 
X.W. 4. 
Thomson, Miss. 29, Aynhoe Road, W. Ken- 
sington, S.W. 
Thomson, J. A., c/o Eastern Extension, 

Electra House, Finsbury Pavement. 
Thorne. P. M.. 347, Lordship Lane, 

Duhvich. S.E. 
Thorpe, J., 15, Prince of Wales Mansions, 
Buttcisea. S.W. 
pe, 1.. I.. G., Major, R.A.M.C, c/o 
Messrs. Holt ,v Co., 3, Whitehall Place, 
S.W. 1. 
Thorpe, Miss i». M. G., o/o Messrs. Grindlay 
& Co., 54, Parliament Street, V 
minster, S.W. 
Thow, Miss A. (;.. 1 1. Endsleigh Strei :. W.C. 
Thoth .Mi- i:.. 1 1. Endsleigh Strei :. W.C. I. 

♦ThWAITES, II. W.. e o R. E. Lehman & 

Co., Peninsula House Monument 
Tims. Mis M. E., 104 . Tooting 

Common, S.W. 
Tomsett, 2nd Lieutenant A. D., R.F.C., 
117. St. c Square, London, 

S.W. I. 
Tow i A. I-:.. 77. Hanger Hill. Ealing. 

Mist E. P., 57, Hanger Hill 
ling, W. 5. 
Towers, J., .77. Hanger Hill, Ealing, W. 
Townsend .Miss A. E., 63, Prince Regent's 

Lane, Plaistow, E. 
Towse. Miss E. M. W., 20, Pathfield Road, 

Streatham, S.W. 
Traill, Miss J. 0. S., Bank of New South 
Wales. 29, Threadneedle Street, ! . 

• < Lionel Sir Hi.-. 
Trounce, H. D., 10, Gough Square, Fleet 
Street, I 

| . I'.. Carmelite llou- , E.C. 
Truman. -Miss M.. 41, Dorset Street, W. 1. 
♦Truslove, G., 262, Shirland Road, Maida 

iiiii, w. 

i.'.. H. K.. l'ii. Charleville Mansions, 
W( -i Kensington, W. I I. 
♦Tuebbe.v. Mrs. A., 9. Wardour Street, W. 
Twinam, T. A., 56, Oakley Road, Canon- 
bury, N. 
I kmv: o\. .1.. ::. \ . 1 1,, ,n ( 'Im i: rath- 

ipton Row, W.c. l. 

E. M.. :::;. Coiling 

Place. S.W. 

Van Waterschoodt. C. E., 27, Albert 
Palace Mansions, S.W. 

A. II.. 24, Spring Park 
-. X.W. 
VAUOnAN, E. G.. c/o C. Seal, 12, Western 
Gardenn. Ealing. .S.W. 

• . A., 31, Elgin Crescent, Net- 
ting Hill, W. 11. 

u -' 



LONDON — continued . 

Vennee, A., c/o F. & A. Swanzay, Ltd., 
Kingsway, W.C. 

Vickers, Mrs. C. E., 7, Endsleigh Street, 
Tavistock Square W. 

Vickers Sergeant D. K. S.. c/o The National 
Bank, 276, Oxford Street, W. 

Vince, Harey. 8. Baker Street, W. 

Vasux. Lady des, C.B.E., 50, Gillingham 
Street, Eccleston Square, S.W. 

Vyvyan. F. A.. 56, Cranhurst Boad, Crickle- 
wood, N..W 

*Walford. G. Paget, 50, Courtfield Gar- 
dens, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Walker, Mrs. C, 24a, Cleveland Gardens, 
Hyde Park, S.W. 

Wall, X. H. V., Primrose Club, Park Place, 

Wallace, Mrs. E. C, 57, Bodney Court, 
Maida Vale, London, W. 

Wallace. Miss E. E., 44, Carden Boad, 
Peckham, S.E. 15. 

Wallace, S. A., 57, Bodney Court, Maida 
Vale, London. 

Wallis. Mrs. G. T., 20, Glebe Place, 
S.W. 3. 

Waran, T., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 

Ward, A. H.. 32, John Street, Theobald's 
Boad, W.C. 

Ward, Miss A. M., c/o H. S. King, 65, Corn- 
hill, E.C. 

Ward, Sir E., Bart. (K.C.B., K.C.V.O.). 
Scotland House, New Scotland Yard. 

Ward, Miss 0. I., 36, Elm Park Mansions, 
S.W. 10. 

Wardron, Captain A. T., 46, College Court, 
Hammersmith, W. 

Watson. E., 10. Hammersmith Terrace, 
Hammersmith, W. 6. 

Watson, L., Trinidad Vile Transport Co., 
48, Cannon Street, E.C. 

Watts, J. N., " Domus," Ashurst Boad, 
North Finchley, N. 

Waugh, G. R., c/o Electra House, Moor- 
gate, E.C. 

Webbe, Mrs. A. J., 35, Eaton Square, 

Webster, P. J., 110, Milton Road, W. 7. 

Weir, Brigadier- General Haeey, J It, Wilton 
set, S.W. 

Welch, W. A., 102, Cranleigh Road, Ley- 
tonstone, E. 

Wells, Mrs. M. A., 19, Ladbroke Boad, 
W. 11. 

West, Mrs. S. C, 54, Vincent Square, Lon- 
don, S.W. 1. 

*Grahame- White, C. The London Aero- 
drome, Hendon. N.W. 9. 

White, T. F., 2, Durrell Boad, Fulham, 

Wightman, W. R., 8, Baldry Gardens, 
Streatham, S.W. 

Wilkinson, Miss M., 2, The Wilderness, 
Holly Hill, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

WlLLCOCKS, K. W., ('apt, R.A.M.C., 9, Rod- 
way Boad, Boehampton, S.W. 

Williams, C. T., c/o Sudan United Mission, 
16, New Bridge Street, E.C, 

Williams, G., Sailors' Home, Well Street. 

Williams, James, 19, Parkhill Boad, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. 3. 

Williams, Miss L. 0., 95, Sydenham Boad, 
Sydenham, S.E. 26. 

* Williams, Mrs. M. E., 18, Warwick 

Crescent, Upper Westbourne Terrace, 

* Williams, 0. G., 61, High Holborn, Lon- 

don, W.C. 1. 

•Williams. R., J. P., Friar's House, New 
Broad Street, E.C. 

Williams, W. P., c/o W. H. Williams. Esq., 
455, Mansion House Chambers, Queen 
Victoria Street, E.C. 

Williamson. Miss D. M., 48, Kilmorie 
Road, Forest Hill, S.E. 

Williamson, MissL., c/o Commercial Bank- 
ing Co. of Sydney, Birchin Lane, 

Willis, C. E., c/o Messrs. Edward Young 
& Co., Ltd., 10a, Mark Lane, E.C. 

Willison, T. H., 11, Leppoe Boad, Clap- 
ham Park, S.W. 

Wilmer, W., 22, Doughty Street, W.C. 

Wilmot, Miss N., 1, St. Fillans Boad, Cat- 
ford, S.E. 

Wilson-Charge, Miss G. W., 3, Carmalt 
Gardens, Putney, S.W. 

Wilson, H., Junior Constitutional Club, W. 

Wilson, Sir Harry, K.C.M.G., Royal 
Colonial Institute, Northumberland 
Avenue, W.C. 

Wilson, John, 25, Waterlow Road, N. 19. 

Wilton, G. W., c/o Over-Seas Club, General 
Buildings, Aldwych, W.C. 

Wood. Miss A. B, 40, Linden Gardens Hvde 
Park, W. 

Wood, D. W., 6, Cecil Boad, Muswell Hill, 
N. 10. 

Wood, Mrs. H. F. (O.B.E.), 36, Cumberland 
Mansions, Bryanston Square, W. 1. 

Wood, R. H., 3 and 4, Lime Street Square, 

*Woodbukn, T. S., Australian Comforts 
Funds, 66, Victoria Street, S.W. 

♦Woodcock, Miss G. E., 9, Lancaster Gate, 
Hyde Park, W. 

Woodward, L. A., c/o Over-Seas Club, 
London, W.C. 

Wookey, E., 2, Charlton Boad, Blackheath, 

Wobtabet, T. R., c/o G. C. Needes, Esq., 
1. Adam Street, W.C. 

Weay, Rev. C, M.A., The Rectory, Crick- 
lade, Wilts. 

Weight. Miss A. M., 58, Torrington Square, 

Wright, G. M., 63, High Road, Stamford 
Hill, N. 15. 

Wright, Miss L. A., 7, Dijott Street, Blooms- 
bury, W.C. 

Witcley, J. H., Arsenal Branch, Australia 
House, Strand, W.C. 2. 

Wj \ i t. M., Probate Begistry, Somerset 
House, W. C. 2. 

Wyatt, B., 48, Kingsdown Avenue, West 



Y.n.i OP, G. V . • iniquc M • -. Bi 


Yates, Mrs. L. B., c/o Over-Seas Club, 

General Bldgs., W.C. 

Youill, T., 37, Ranelagh Road, Ealing, 


\| . A. M.. IT. i' : i M 
Knightabridge, S.W. 
;a, B. W., Constitutional Club, 
Embankment, W.C. 
Young, B. W., Constitutional Club, 
toria Embankment, W.C. 


Aldershot, Surrey. H.C.S., A. II. Smith, Manager, Junior Army" and Navy Store, 

Qnion : 
Bray-on-Thames, Berks. -H.C.S., Mrs. Lamplough, The Old Tan House. 
Coventry.— H.C.S., W. Seal, 175, Munitions Cottages. 
Enfield.— H.C.S. Mrs, N» kolson, Copthorne Village Hoad. 
Feltham, Middlesex. —H.C.S. , F. Limplough, Highfield Works, Feltham. 
Garstane, Lanes. H.C.S.. iklands. 

Hawkstone, Salop. H.C.S.. A. A. Thom, The Citadal. 
Ipswich. —H.C.S. , W. G. Johnson, Crosslea Eouse, Henley Road, 
Liverpool. —H.C.S. and Branch Sec, Miss Ceutrtjde Tur.nley, 34, Buckingham Ave, 

Park, Liverpool. 
Newark, Notts. -H.C.S., Miss II. M. Rkvvabd, Hillside. 
Ruislip, Uxbridge. —H.C.S., W. Habbobd, " Melrose," Sharpe'a Lane. 
Southampton. — H.C.S . idennis, Athelston Road, Bitten Park. 

Sheffield. —H.C.S,, S. E. Skbltox. I Irand Sotel, Sheffield. 
Tunbridge Wells. -H.C.S., G. T. Tedqeb, Capital and Counties Bank, Ltd. 

Adams, Mrs. E., c/o R. E. Murray," Naga- 
saki," Station Road, Belmont, Sutton, 

Ada M., 7. Ferry End, Bray-on- 

Thames, Bel 

Ainslie, E. J., 35, Barton Road, Dover, 

OK, It. P., 83, C,,lling\vood Ten 
S, Shields. 

Alexander, .Mrs., 26, Cromwell Road, 

•Alexander, .Major C. J., Marina, Yar- 
mouth. Isle of Wight. 

Anda. A. H. B., Messrs. The National Bank, 
Ltd., 301 and ."{<>:{, Chap 
ford, Manchesl 

Asi D.L., The Woodlands, Wolding- 

ham, Sum 

Anlaby Road, Hull. 

Andrews, V. L., 47, Westbourne Villas, 

Antill, T. T., 117, Small Street, Bradford, 

Appleby, J., S.S., London House, East 
Street, Middlesboro', Yorks. 

Applbby, J. K., New Cleveland Si 
Chambers. North Brdige, Hull. 

Armstrong, H., 33, High Street, Olney, 

Arnold. Mi.-s E. < '., Burton I >ornc 

l; ip. 

Arnold, 1\, c/o Mrs. J. A. Arnold, The 
Lime3, Whittlesford, Cambs. 

Ashton, J. T., Kingthorpe, Pickering, 

Astles, Miss M., 5u, Avondale Road, Sefton 
Park, Liverpool. 

Aubertin, A. W., Woodstock, Dudley Park 
Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham." ace-Corporal N. M. (.".."Wl 

•■ I. at. 6th Res. Bu. H.L.I., 

HipsweU Camp, Catterick, Yorkshire. 

Bailey, W. J., 5, Horley Street, Tunstall, 

Bailes, J. J., 145, St. Leonard Street, Sun- 
derland, Durham. 

Bainbridge. W., 23, Moor Place, Gosforth, 

Babes, Miss A. «;., St. 1-Mmunds, Stoke-on- 

Bakes, F. 1... " Langton," Alexandra Road, 
Epsom, Surrey. 

Babes, Mr.-. ■!., The White House, Nether- 
bury, Beaminster, S.<>.. Dorset. 

Baker, K. \\ '.. Pennsylvania Railroad 
Colonial House, Liverpool. 

Bases, William John, 17, Walpole Road, 
i rbiton. 

Balfour, H. T., Pilrig, Argyll Road, GIou- 

Ball. Q. !•'., :>7. Stanley Road, Folkestone. 

Babdwell, T.. No. i ' amp, I'.u-khouse, 
ibury, V. 

de C, 4, Chepstow 1! 

Babkbb, J. L., Bowden, Cheshire. 

Barlow, J. T., Bathampton, Bath. 

Babnabd Mi-s L., 26, Bundoran 1: 
l.i . • rpi ol, S. 

Babnett, J., 24, Russell Square, Brighton. 

Bak . Elkaley Road, Warsop, Mans- 

field, Nol 

Barron, Sir Ha BEY, K.( .M.G., i 
Cottage, Weybridge, Surrey. 

Barter, Mrs. M., The Priory Annexe, V. 
Molesey, Su; I 

Babtlett, H. A., " Savernake," Sidcup, 




Barton, F. M.. Mayfield, Horley, 

Bassham, 2n«l Lieutenant R. 0., York 
Avenue, Hunstanton, Norfolk. 

Bateman, F. W., Railway Hotel, Feather- 
stone, Yorks. 

Baxter, A., 52, Wordsworth Street, Bootle, 

Beattie. Miss J. M., 33, Thomaston Stn 

Beayon. .Mis- M.. L2, I "ll<t Road, Liverpool. 

♦Beckett, 1). H.. c/o De Jersey & Co., 
Cotton Exchange, Liverpool. 

Beckett, Miss R. L., The School House, 
Merstham, Surrey. 

Begge. Mrs. E., Foreland. The Park, 

Bell, D. F., Chale Green, Isle of Wight. 
Bell. Miss <;. ]■'., I'm; shall H 

Towcester, Northamptonshire. 
Bell, J. W., 37, Alfred Street, Redcar, Yorks. 
♦Bell, Miss Morrison A., Manor Heath. 

Bennison, C. B. (No. 1273+). Middlesex 

Regt., Camp .Mill Auxiliary Hospital; 

Wooll on. Liverpool. 
Benson, Miss M. D., Merlwood, Farn- 

borough, Orpington, Kent. 
♦Beswk'k, F., OS, Tartal Drive. Weaste, 

Birchai.l. ('. H.. " In . New Brighton 

Birdwood, General W. S., HilUifL-. Plymp- 

ton, Devon. 
Birkett-Barker, F. R., Exchange Build- 
ings, Birmingham. 
Black, H., 12, Willesby Road, Ilford. 
Black, H. V.. " Maresfield," South Hill 

Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex. 
BlacklOCK, F., ■' Jet a d," Selborne Roan. 

Sidcup, Kent. 
Blackwood, E. D., 18, Richmond Gardens, 

Portswood. Southampton. 
B] kev, J., Thorneliffe House, Higher 

I'.i oi nchester. 

key, J. J.. 61, King's Road, Sedgley 
, I'nst with. Manchester. 
I w, E. W., The Hollies, Highfield Lane, 

Bloomfield, W. H.. " Riversdelle," Beccles, 

Blount, Mrs. E. S., Four Winds. Cootham, 

Blumfield, Hi: '.it. Friendship, 

Popular Restaurant, Bideford. 
Bogg, F. i:.. Special Brigade Depot, R.E., 

S. Raglan Barracks, Devonpo 
Bond. Miss G., o/o Mrs. Pulman, Edwalton, 

Bond, V. J., 14, Trinity Street, Barnstaple, 

North Devon. 
Booth, Sir Alfred, Bart., Cunard Si 

ship ( lompanj . Live] pool. 
n. I b \hi.ks. " Elmshurst," Aigburl h 

Ri iad, Liverpi 
Booth. II. W., " Bonnicott," Harpi 


Booth, J. B., 19, Etna Road, St. Albans, 

i. W. H., Mew Militarj Trans] 

I > pot, Slough, Bue' 

\n. A., Ruston, Proctor & Co., 

Ltd. Lincoln. 
Bourdillon, E., Holroyds, Barcombe, 

Bowden, John H., 34, Hartington Stn 

Bowerman, — ., 36, Manor Way, Ruislip, 

Bowking, Lady I., 20, Beeehwood Road, 

Aigburth, Liverpool. 
Boyes. C. E. C, Gorse Cottage, Hosle- 

Boynton, M., c/o Over-Seas Club, Aldwych, 

C, The Grove. Shepperton. 
Bradbury, J., 93. Lincoln Road, Peter- 

fwhite, II.. L5, Waldergrave, Straw- 
berry Hill. Middlesex. 
Brawne-Lindon. L. L., 72, Bouverie Road 

West. Folkestone. 
Brawne-Lindon, Mrs. L., 72, Bouverie 

Road West, Folkestone. 
Brenton, Miss M. E., Pagoda Avenue, 

Richmond, Surrey. 
Brett, F. J., " Bernard," 29, Copers Cope 

Road, Beckenham, Kent. 
♦Bridge, Robert, Castleton, Manchester. 
Bright, Mrs. A. H., Ashfield, Knotty Ash, 

Liverpool . 
Bright. ('.. F.R.S.E., Leigh Grange. Kent. 
Bboadbent, l>r. B., Gatesgarty, Findley, 

Hudde: - 
Brodii:. < : . H., Tigaca, College Road, East- 
Brodie, N., Tigara, 9, Marsden Square. 

Brogden, O., Union Bank Chambers, 

Leigh, Lanes. 
♦Brook, Miss K., 151, Lowfield Street, 


Mrs. Butler, 21. Terlingham 

( [ardens, Folkestone. 
Brookes. F. T.. " Melrose," 51, Whitehall 

I, Handsworth, Birmingham. 
Brown. C. Rudston, Lingmoor, Gratwicke 

Road. Worthing. 
Brown, E. A., Devonshire Park, I 

Brown. E. M., Rostellan, May Place Road, 

Bexley Heath. 
Brown, Miss F., Fair Lawn, Beaconsfield, 

Brown, H. W., Abbey Lawn, Tewkesbury, 

Brown. J., 23, Eastfield Street. Sunderland. 
Br< wn, -i . !•'.. 6, Toward Terrace, Sunder- 
Brown, J. i".. <i. Toward Terrace, Toward 

Road, Sunderland. 
St LNSF] El D- Bkown, L., Turleigh, Bradford- 

on-Avon, Wilts. 
Bruck, W. P., Boyton, D.A.C. Camp, 

Bryts, Miss G., The Haven, Upper Dunton 

Green, Kent. 


PRO\ [NCIAL continued. 
Buchell, Alfred, / 

I I. 

Buck, Miss M. I >.. i 

sham, Su 3s< \. 
Buissbrbt, L. J., 38, Norfolk Road, S( ren 

Bi rk. Bombardii i I '. I'.. No. 20 Hut, 

loth Reserve Batti ry, R.F.A., Bi Iford. 
Bi BR] dge. Miss I:., c/o \ ■■ Zealand 

Y.M.i '.A.. Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, 

Burton, F., Cam Friars, St. Mary's Isle, 

Scilly Isles, Cornwall. 
Butcher, Miss M., 12, Forest Road, Not- 
Butler, Miss H. E., The Lodge, Croston, 

near Preston, Lanes. 
Butlbb, .1. !'.. H.M.S. ' G.P.O. 

Buttin. W. II.. Spanish \ 

Norl ha mpton. 
Btno, Hon. Lady M. E., 'I aorpi Hall, 

Thorpe- le-Sohen. 
Cairncross, A. C, c/o Mrs. Burchcll, 3. 

Bloomfield Crescent, Bath. 
Cameron, A. 1).. University Club, L 

♦Cameron, I!. Gordon, Cosmo Lamp 

Works, Ltd., Br< nsdown, Enfield. 
Cameron, J., " Kelvin," Bridgefield Road, 

Sutton, Surrey. 
Campbell, Miss B. >».. 2 Havelock Sti 

Spalding, Lines. 
i lmpbe] i . Nobw \ - -. B I ! itel, St. John's 

Lane. Liverpool. 
Campbell, R. J., Shornbrook, Fleet, Hants. 
Canepa, J., 18, Moorfield Road. West 

Didsbury, Manchester. 
Pole-Carew, Lt.-Gen. Sir R] 

Anthony II I'orpoint, R.S.O., 

( nniu all. 
Carger, Captain A. E., 27, Greta Terrace, 

Carman, M. C, 25, Wickham Way, Park 

Langley, Beckenham, Kent. 
Carter, I'. I... Clifton College, Bristol. 

be, Sii G bi ieg ■ . K. B. E., ' ■ tnmell, 

Laird & < lo., Ltd., Birkenhi ad. 
Carter, R. E., 55, \\ inbi i ui Road, B m 

Carter, T., " Wcnsleydale," Mulgrave 

Road, Sutton, Surrey. 
Case, Captain II. I., "Moorfield, 1 Milton 

Road, H esl on-supei -Ma n . 
Cassels, J., " Romney," Shortlands, Kent. 

■- i ; . A. B., " Melford," ' Clarence Road, 

Wallasey, * Iheshire. 
Cawctttt. Captain I'.. - 

I 1 " ■ r n- ' . \ - 

Cawood, li.. The Holli -. Victoria Road, 

Broomhall Pa i k, Sheffii Id. 
Chamberlain, Lieutenant A. I,. I-.. Hook 

Hall, Goole, Ym-k>l. 
Chamberlain, Sapper R. (161221), Bright- 

iingsea, Ese 
Cheales, J. A. Carnegie, Millcroft, Hore- 

ham Road, Sussex. 
Cheshire, J. R.. 10, Queen's Road, Rock 

Ferry, Cheshire. 

Christmas, Mrs. J., "Windermei 

Brighton Road, Worthing. 
CLARK, Mrs. L. P., .Suffolk Lodge, Se . 
oaks, Kent. 

'I tin P. ('.. it. I\ il iidi . I 
CLARKE, P. 11., Thoro'fare, Woodbridge, 

Clarke, Mrs. L., 23, Victoria Park, Dover. 
Clarke, W., " Muirficld," Lamplugh Road, 

Bridlington, Yorks. 
Clarke, Mrs. W., St. Michael's, Burgess 
Hill, Sussex. 
(at W. G, 32, Victory Road, Beeston, 
i'ii. is, Captain J. T., 30, Balmoral Terr., 

Coates, I. E„ Priest Hill, Wetherby, Yorks. 
i '"hi:. A. V., 30, Hamilton Road, Southville, 

Brisl i il. 
Cobham Miss A., Oakington Avenue, 

Wembley Park Middlesex. 
Coldicott, Miss, " Seaforth," Barton-on- 
Humber, Lines. 
Mi IE - 1 - I'.i i i, Flower Lodgi , Wal] 
Coleman, Captain E. H., The Inglenook, 

Kingston Hill, Surrey. 
Colli roiON, B. A., 13, I unningham Park, 

I. II.. O.B.E., V.D., Beei hside, 
Allerton, Liverpool. 
Cook. W. E., II, May Place Road, Bexlej 

Heath, Kent. 
Coombs, A. E., 15, Princes Street, Bed- 

i.k. Miss A. F., 40, (Jnthantk I; 
Cooper, F., Jubilee Villas, Pinchbeck Road, 

Corah, William. I I: I. Sheps 

I. ii ■est'.-rshirc. 
Corbet, Hon. Mrs. R., Adderlcy, Market 

Drayton, Salop. 
Costeker, G, The Willows, Lytham, 

Courtenay, Mr.-;. M. E., Wan' ham. Dorse! . 
Cox, H. II.. 93, Me. fair Avenue. Hford, 

I. \.. Esq., 27, Station Avenue. Pritte- 
well, Southend. 
CBAWSHAW, E., 195, Dickinson Road, 
Rusbolme, Manchester. 

w. R., 96, Victoria Street, S. W'.l . 
K.. 213, I'i. ston I ' I . Bi 

W. li.. Command 
Off , Netley. 

-. . K., 11, St. Catherii 
Road, C] Road, Southborne-i n-Sea . 
Cross, Rev. A., Tallarn Green, Malpas, 

\l., RadweU House, Baldock, 
Ceoi ■ ui. Job s T., Navigation 

School, II. M. Dockyard, Portsmouth. 
ii-. Mi<s M. S.. II ml e. Long- 

field, Kent. 



PROVINCIAL— continued. 

Cunningham, Mis» L. L. E., The Hall, The 

Cliffs, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk. 
Cushing, A. J., " Eversley," Thicket Road, 

Sutton, Surrey. 
Cutbill, Miss J. E., Ruxley, North Cray, 

Cutts V. 0., 5, Castlewood Road, Fulwood, 

Dagnall, Miss H., 158, Norbury Crescent, 

Norbury, Surrey. 
Dagnall, W., 158, Norbury Crescent, 

Norbury, Surrey. 
Daino, M., 49, Stanmore Road, Edgbaston, 

Dale, Sir Alfred, Kt., M.A., The Univer- 
sity, Liverpool. 
Dale, F., 115, London Road, Croydon. 
Dale, Mrs. G., 50, South Street, Dor- 
*Daly, J. A., 109, Bromham Road, Bed- 
Dalziel, G. W., Chingford, Tunstall 

Avenue, West Hartlepool. 
Darby, Miss E. B., Royal Oak, Black- 
Heath, Birmingham. 
Davenport, F. R., Dunchurch, Rugby. 
Davison, H. R., Cotteswold, Kewstoke 

Road, Weston-super-Mare. 
Dawson, J. E., Desford, Leicester. 
Day, Charles, c/o Mrs. F. Primett, 198, 

Henley Road, Ilford, Essex. 
Denny, Mrs. G. H., Northfield, Chelmsford, 

*Dermott, Mrs. E. E., 2, Bumham Road, 

St. Albans, Herts. 
Dibben, Mrs. N., Northfield, Chelmsford, 

Dickinson, Mrs. M. M. G., 30, Westcombe 

Park Road, Blackheath, Kent. 
Dickson, Miss A. D. (Driver C.A.S.C). 

Convalescent Hospital, Bromley, Kent. 
Dookerry, R., Buckwell Farm, Bilting, 

Dodd, Miss B., 5, Skerries Road, Anfield, 

Dominy, R. IT., The Lawns, Shillingstowe, 

Doughty, S. H., c/o William Cook & Son, 

Tinsley Works, Sheffield. 
Doulas, W. J., 28, Clifton Terrace, Brigh- 
Downes, W., Thornleigh, Queen Street, 

Redcar, Yorkshire. 
Downing, Miss 0. M.,Broadfield, Gomshall, 

Dowthwaite, A. C, c/o W. F. Poole, Esq., 

"The Gables," Farnham, Surrey. 
Drew, W. H., 14, North Parade, Derby. 
Drury, T., Bowden Farm, Crown Hill, 

Dunbar, Miss L., Off well House, Honiton, 

Duncan, Captain W., 15, Brompton 

Avenue, Great Crosby, Liverpool. 
Dunderdalb, C, "The Naze House," 

Chinley, Derbyshire. 
Eagle, Mrs. R. N., Mede Cottage, Egham, 


Earle, Miss K. M., Kiogsgate, Sudbury 

Hill, Harrow-ou-the-Hill, Middlesex. 
Ebbetts, F. T., 5, Tilbury Place, Brighton. 
Edgley, J. E., " Redlands," Vicarage Road, 

Chelmsford, Essex. 
Edmonds, F. T., 83, Jalland Street, Hull. 
Edwards, J. P., 67, Lord Street. Liverpool. 
Edwards, Brig.-Gen. R. F., C.M.G., 33, 

Rodney Street, Liverpool. 
Edwards, Miss V., Pond Farm, Worcester 

Park, Surrey. 
Eldred, J., 55, London Road, St. Albans, 

Ellis, Mrs., 14, Can. Gen. Hospital, East- 
Ellis, Miss A. K., The Beeches, Bognor, 

Ellis, J., 26, Hamilton Terrace, Leaming- 
ton Spa, Warwickshire. 
Ellis, Miss M. S. P., Moore Barracks, 

Canadians' Hospital, Shornecliffe. 
Ellis, Mrs. W. B., 9, Chantry Road, 

Maidenhead, Berks. 
Else, H. C, 79, Osborne Road, Sheffield. 
Elworthy, R. P., Westhorpe, Hendon, 

Enright, F., 7, Washington Terrace, 

♦Evans, Captain, Queen's Hotel, Brighton. 
Evans, Mrs. C. F., 6, Britannia Terrace, 

Queen Street, Gainsborough, Lincoln. 
Evans, E. T., 68, Margaret Grove, Har- 

borne, Birmingham. 
Evans, F., 30, Westfield Street, St. Helens, 

Evans, St. N. S., " Chardmore," Emerson 

Road, Homechurch, Essex. 
Evans, W. C, 128, Masay Road, Plumstead, 

Evans, W. T., 6, Britannia Terrace, Queen 

Street, Gainsborough, Lincoln. 
Ewing, W., Rockhaven, St. Names, nr. 

Falmouth, Cornwall. 
Fagelund, Miss V. H., The Poplars, Kew 

Gardens, Surrey. 
Fane, G„ 146, St. Saviour's Road, E., 

Fentiman, C. A. W., 114, Springfield Road, 

Moseley, Birmingham. 
Fernihough, S„ c/o A. Provand, Esq., 

Lloyds House, Manchester. 
Ferrell, Captain C. H., 14, North Road, 

Birkenhead, Cheshire. 
Field, A. C, Wivenhoe, Heme Bay. 
* Field, W. S., Hillcrest, Sutton, Surrey. 
Finch, T., Walter Street, Nottingham. 
Findlay, A. A., c/o Mercantile Marine 

Service Association, Members' Rooms, 

Tower Building, 22, Water Street, 

Fisher, E. C, 27, Lawn Crescent, Kew 

Fisher, John, 65, Windsor Road, Leyton, 

Fitzjohn, F., 6, Shamford Avenue, Brigh- 
Fitzjones, B. W., P.W.D., Sierra Leone, 
21 De la Warr Road, Bexhill-on-Sea. 


PROVINCIAL continued. 

.mm kick, Mrs. K., 33, Hatherley Road, 
Sidoap, Kent. 

mino K. T., 66, Victoria Road, Stret- 

ford, Manchester. 
Fletcher, W.. 54 Cranmcr Street, Not- 
Foemah, Mrs. V.. The Mill House, Si 

oaks, Kent. 
Forrest, T., 6, Cherryburn Gardens, Fen- 
ham, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Forte, N., 8, York Gardens, Clifton, 

Forwood, S. " Bendrose Grange," Amcrs- 

ham, Bucks. 
Foster, Lanee-Corporal F. C. I '21 A. — 

X.Z. Engineer Depot, Christchurch, 

Foster, RicnARD, Barrack Lane, Notting- 
Fowler, Miss M., c/o Mrs. Lawrence, 52, 

Pulteney Street, Bath. 
Fox. H. W. B.. 85, Wellington Road, Ni « 

Brighton, Cheshire. 
Freeman, F. R., Tewin Water, Wclwyn, 

French, Miss E., " School House," River- 

in-Dovcr, Kent. 
Fryer, F. W., 17, Avenue Road, Leaming- 

toD Spa. 
Gane, Private G. B. M., c/o Miss Oates. 

" Lucerne," Salisbury Road, Fording- 

bridge, Hants. 
Gane, Rev. H. T., The Vicarage, Coleford, 

near Bath. 
Gardner. 2nd Lieutenant C. C, R.F.I .. 

il Homestead," St. Peter's Road, 

Gardner, H. X., 168, Wellington Road 

South, Hounslow, Middlesex, 
♦Garnett, E., Tonachrae, Neston, 

Garnett. W. J., Brampton En Le Morthen, 

via Rotherham, Yorks. 
Garside, S., 30, Hightown Road, Luton, 

Gayer, A. E., c/o Mrs. H. Dunton, 

" Heilo," Denmark Road, Gnildfoid, 

Gee, E. "E., 444, Liverpool Street, W. 

Seedley, near Manchseter. 
Geere, Arthur, " Betshanger," Mnlgrave 

Road, Sutton, Surrey. 
Gentles, C. A., 60, Vespasian Avenue, 

South Shields. 
Gillbrook, J. E., Grassmead, Eaton Road, 

Sutton, Surrey. 
Godbold, P. R., 35, Waddon Park Avenue, 

Goldthorp, Miss E. M., Bn don Housi . 

Goodfeli.ow. G. T.. 2. Vivian Hardens. 

Wembley Hill, Harrow, Middlesex. 
Goodwin, A. J., 68, Queen's Road, Bristol. 
Goodwin, T. W. W., Clawton Bridge, near 

Holsworthy, N. Devon. 
Gordon, H. S., Victoria Wharf, Dartford., C. C. R., Horley Cottage, Fern 

down, X. Winborne. 

Gotjdey, R. A., c/o Messrs. G. Windram & 

Co., 17, Brunswick St., Liverpool. 
Goudey, Mrs. W. j;., c/o Messrs. G. 

Windram & Co., 17, Brunswick Street, 

Gouou, E. E., 50, Millward Crescent, 

Gould, H. F... Holly Cottage, Bury Lane, 

Borsi 11. Woking. 
Grafton-Hawson, \\ .. 75, CherrytreeRoad, 

Graham, J., 32, Manor Road, Stecht 


bam, Mrs. M., c/o Mr. Edwards, 12, 
Nightingale Vale, Woolwich. 
Geavks, II. R. I .. 11, Coventry Road, llford. 
Gray. E. T.. 38, Bead cor I, Road, Thornton 

Heath, Sin 
Geeen, A. 0., Vernatts, Park Road, Cam- 

Grew, H.. 1, Alcester Road, Moseley, 

Griffiths, E\ L., 146, Colony Cottages, 

Bolbrook I iventry. 

qgs, H. J.. Duke Villa, Summer Grove, 

Elstree. Herts. 
Grist, Miss C, 4, Hawthorn Road, Bexley 

Heath, Kent. 
Gro\ X.. 46, Duchess Road, Edg- 

bon, Birmingham. 
Gwynne, Rev. R. L., Little Easton 

Rectory, Dunmow, Essex. 
Hague, A. Hinchliffe, 937, Millhouses, 

Ball, Mrs. B. M„ London House, Radlett, 


. I'.. M.. ' Montrose," Brayton Road, 
II mi. J. 1!.. 8, Thornburn Street, Fnlwell, 

♦Hall-Hall, H., Rossmore House, 'Park- 
minster, Partridge Green, Subscx. 
♦Hall-Hall, Miss M., Rossmore House, 

Parkminster Partridge Green. Sussex 
Hall, T. H.. 130, Washington Road, 

\\ orcester Park, Surrey. 
Hall, W., 43, Oxford Avenue, South 

Halstead, B., c/o W. Halstead, Esq.. 3 

Melli . Wicdhill, Shipley, Yorks. 

Hamilton, G. H., 54, Kensington Gardens, 

♦Hamond-Grobmb, D., Norlands, Xorton, 

Haeboed, W. Mblbose, Shars Lane, Ruis- 

lip, Middlesex. 
•Haedy, Captain C, Argos Hill Lodge, 

Rotherfield Sussex. 

I raves, Miss C, 8 Park Hill Rise, 

\\\ ay, II. 0., Beaumont College, Old 

Windsor, England. 
Harris, A. J., "Stamford House," Beech 

Grove, Middlesbrough. 
Harris, Miss E. M., 39, Staines Road, 

Baeeison, Misa A. A., 57, Dee Banks, 




PROVINCIAL— contin ued. 

Harrison, C. G., " Riverslea," Dee Banks, 

Harrison, Miss I'., Mill House, Bray-on- 

Thames, links. 
Harrison, J. 1!.. c/o The Misses Harrison, 

J )(■!• Hanks, ( 'hester. 
Harrison, Miss M.. 57, Dee Banks, Chester. 
Harrison, T., " Riverslea," Dee Banks, 

Harrison, T. M., Offwell House, Honiton, 

Hart. B. J. W., " Glenside," Grand Parade, 

Hart, H. R., Hope Farm, Stock Ingate- 

stone, Essex. 
Hawey, Miss A. M., Eathstan, .Sherborne. 

Hawson, Mrs D. T., 75, Cherry Tree Road, 

Hayes, Enoch, 64, Edith Street, Skerton, 

Hayes. Mrs, Enoch, G4, Edith Street. 

Skerton, Lancaster, 
Hayes, Miss M., The Beeches, Poplar Road, 

Oxton, Birkenhead. 
Hayne, Mrs. M. L.. Layhouse, Worth, 

Heath, Corporal S. H., No. 1952, 4, Park 

Terrace, St. John's Park. Ryde. 
Helsham, C. A. P., c/o C. C. Wallace, Esq., 

Baker Street, Weybridge. Surrey. 
Helsham, Mrs. S., c/o C. C. Wallace, Esq., 

Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey. 
Hembry, 1). A. W. Tetherdown, Boreham, 

Henderson, B. G., Government Inspection 

Bond, Belsize Motor Works, Clayton, 

Henry, Miss B., No. 5 Northern Base 

Hospital. Victoria Road, Leicester. 
Herbert, F. C, c/o Lloyd's Bank, Ludlow, 

Herrod-Hempsall, W. (F.E.S.). "The 

W.B.C. Apiary," Old Bedford Road, 

Luton, Bedfordshire. 
Hewitt, Mrs. A. R., Sunnycote, Burling- 
ton, South Dsvon. 
Hewson, Arthur, 10, Seaview Road, 

Heybourn, X. EL, 2. Lloyd's Bank Cham- 

lling, Sussex. 

Hill, W. J., c/o P. Wolf, 34, St. Albans 

Road, Watford. 
Hinde, C. A.. 13, Riversdale Road, Wesl 

Kirby, Cheshire. 
Hixson, F. F., c/o Mrs. J. 0. Hodder, 

" Ostara," Christchurch Road, Win- 
chester, Hants. 
Hodges, Selous-, Sub-Lieutenant E.. c/o 

J. H. Jones, Elston Chambers, 

Hooben, H. 0., 3. Manor Road, Rusthall 

Newtown, Tunbridge Wells. 
Holden, Lieutenant W. C, 14, Radnor 

Park Road, Folkestone. 
Holford, Thos., Esq.. Cotton Exchange, 


HOLME, J. W., c/o ."50, Preston New Road, 

Hoole, S. W., St. Chad, Doods Park Road, 

Reigate, Surrey. 
Hope, Mrs. B. B., The Lodge, North Road, 

Retford, Notts. 
Hope, E. W., M.D., Grove Park, Liverpool. 
Hope, H. D., 55. Lionel Street, Birmingham. 
Hope, T. H. (R.S.S.), c/o Mrs. Barre Hope, 

Hingham, nr. Attenborough, Norfolk. 
Horton. R.. 121a, King's Road, Kingston- 
Howard, Miss G. M., 83, Queen Street, 

Howard, Major W. (D.S.O.), Kenilworth, 

Kenley, Surrey. 
Howell, Mrs. R. B., c/o Miss H. Morgan, 

10, Butchery Lane, Canterbury. 
Howell, Lieutenant R. B., c/o G. H. 

Shuttleworth, Engelburg, Alpine Road, 

Ventnor. Isle of Wight. 
Hoyland, Miss D., 6, Birdhurst Road, 

South Croydon, Surrey. 
Hudson, F. B.., 43, Britannia Square, 

Hughes, F., Finsbury House, 104, Alma 

Road, Bournemouth. 
Hughes, J. A., Chudleigh, Westcliff, Heme 

Hughes, Mrs. M.. 47, Waverley Road, 

Southsea, Hants. 
Humphrey, Mrs. M. V., 1, Bouberic Road 

West, Folkestone, Kent. 
Hunter, Mrs. Charles, Hill Hall, Epping, 


Hunter, D. R., North Shields, North- 

Hyslop, Mrs. E., 11, Humbert Street, 

Hyslop, J., 11, Humbert Street, Jarrow- 

Hyson, H., " Ashdene," Crown Lane, 
Bromley Common, Kent. 

*Illingworth, D. H., Hanlith Hall, Bell 
Busk, Yorkshire. 

Ingram, G., 17, Ross Way, Well Hall, 
Eltham, Kent, 

Irving. Mrs. A., 14, Church Road, Calne, 

Irving, Mrs. Alice, c/o Mr. Clench, Shep- 
shed, near Loughborough. 

Irving, Henry N., 14. Church Road, Calne. 

Irving, N. H., 133, Millbank Road, South- 

Isherwood, H. S., 14, Portland Road, 

Ixer, S. H. H., Esq., " St. Romans," College 
Road, Ringwood, Hants. 

Jackson, G., c/o A. H. Jackson, Esq. 
(Solicitor), Ringwood. Hants. 

Jackson, Miss J., Clay Cross Hall, Chester- 
field, Derbyshire. 

Jackson, Mrs. J. C. C, Clay Cross Hall, 

Jackson, T. H. J., The Manor House, 
Birkenhead, Chester. 

Jackson, Mrs., 11. St. Catherine's Road, 
Cross Road, Southbourne, Hants. 


PROVINC1 \l -continued. 

T .l Aii'iis, E. < ;.. II. La nsdow im I 

East bourne. 
Jacobsen, 0. S., 10, i !rau brook !•'■ 

Rcdland, I'm, 
Jacques, Miss K., Orlingbury Ball, Willing- 
I lmbs, <■'. Dudley, CJ et, St. Paul's, 

Jami s, II. I:., [vj Garth, Sedl 
•Iayse, H. B., Stanmore, Middlesex. 
*Jebb, Captain Richard, School of Mus- 

U< i ry. 1 1 ightow ii. nee t Liverpool. 
Jefferson, T. N., 15, Edward Avenue, 

Weaste, Manchester. 
Jenkins, S. I-'.. Ward E, War Hospital, 

Huddcrsfi ild. 
■ I i.n nings, I-'.. i '.. iii Shi ep I'm m-. Lam- 

bi turne, Bei ks. 
Jennings, l'. B.. 3rd Engincci i> 

1 1. M.S. - C. 281, Newb 


sings, !•'. I'... I". Clive Road, Birkdale, 

Southport, Lancashire. 
Johns, Miss A. M., 13, Longton Grove, 

Johnson, A. A . Fair Some, St. Pi 

Road, South Croydon. 
Johnson, Mrs. D. H., St. Margaret's, Ash- 

burnham Gardens, Eastbourne. 
Job nsok, ' ■. W., ■'!, Beechw ood < • 

Enoch's B dford, York- 


hson, II.. St. Botolph's, The Park, Hull. 

. -1 >N. W. ( '<.. I IrOSsl ':, Hi mse, 1 1 

Road, [pswich. 

Johnstone. Miss A. C, " Somerville 

House," St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Johnstone, Dr. C. H. F., 11, Percy Place, 

Bath. Somerset. 
Jones, Miss E. E., Girton College, Cam- 
Jones, G. M., 6, Wellington Square, 

♦Jones. J. W.. 2, Portland Street. Welford 

Road, Leicester. 
Jones, S. C, c/o F. Jones, Esq., Langherne, 

Albemarle Road. Beckenham, Kent. 
.1 us E3, T. II.. Whit more, Ea( on < ■ ■ 

S» a 1 
JOKES, W. E., 15, Palmerston Road, 

Jones, W. H., c/o J. Edgar & Co., Ltd., 

14, Water Street. Liverpool. 
Jo's nt, Lit 11,. 11. mi < lolonel II. W.. 63, 

Wellington Road, Boi mou( h. 

K 1 kd ml, T. L., Stoon, 1 1 ■ ■ 1 ton, 1 

K ens] ngton, Hi R. I maris! Sa ndi 1 

si rail. Sum ) . 
Kee, F. I., 31, Westridge Road, St. Deny's, 

Kerbyson, A., 19, Nelson Street, C-on-M., 

Kershaw, E., 220, Manchester Street, 

Oldham, Lanes. 
Kershaw, J., 220, Manchester Street, Old- 
ham, Lanes. 
Kewley, J., M.A., Ardgowan, 3, St. Paul's 

Road, Weston-super Ma 1 . 
Kidson, Captain J. R., S.S. Rhydwen, 

Sleights S.O., Yorks. 
Kill. Miss L. G., The Chantry, Priest's 

Lane, Brentwood. 
King, C. II.. I, Russi 11 Hill Road, Purley, 

Knight, C. II.. L9, Grove Road, Surbiton. 
Knife, R. K., 28, Grafton Road, Bedford, 

m\\. W. T., K~,(.. Forging ind Inspec- 
tion Bond, 1206, Stuart's Wharf, 

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. 
McCormick-Lamb, Miss M., " Holmfield," 

Barrack Road, Bexhill. 
Lamming, E., 161, Overton Road, West 

Humberstone, Leicester. 
Lamplough, l\. Highfield Works, Feltham, 

Middli se \. 
Lamflot/gh, Mrs. II.. Old Tan I!"', p, Bray- 

on-Thames, Berks. 
Lamplough, Mrs. Hettie, The <>m Tan 

lions* Bray- 1 m Tha mi 3, Berks. 
Lamplough, Lieutenant L., Mill Honse, 

Braj -on-Tha mes, Berks. 
Laniu.i:. A. I'.. 7, 'I'll'- Broadway, Slu-rrnrss. 
Lane, Miss A. C, Matscope Castle, V.A.D. 

Hospil al, ( 'oleshill. 
Langston, A. ('.. 38, Hova Villas, Mom, 


*Lawr ance, Mrs. A. M. M., 52, Pulteney 

Street, Bath, Somerset. 
Lawi 1 ■ ' F. iv. 70, Woodhouse Street, 

Carlton Ri lad, Nol 1 3. 
Lawrie, Mrs. .1. T., 24, Pa k End Road, 

Prenton, Birkenhead. 
LaWSON, II. P., 1, Florence Park, Rcdland, 

Lawson, T. E. M., Tofl Lodge, Broxl rne, 

Lawton, Captain W. H., 34, Harringford 

Road, Aigburth, Hull. 

Kay. A., 00, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme, Leaman, R. VV., c/o Mrs. G. H. Perkins, The 


Is bef, A. A.. 36, I '•;, m 1 I Church- 

town, Southport. 

Keely, Mrs. \. W., Orlingbury Rectory, 
WelUngl ugh. 

Keightley, A. P., Orwell Works [pswich. 

Keie, C. M., 52, Bouverie Road, \V., 

Kell, Miss L. G., The Chantry, Priest's 
Lane, Brentwood. 

Kelly, W. W., Theatn Royal, Birken- 

Chalet, St. James Road, Shirley, South- 

Lecky, Miss H.,BrentTor, Highfii Id Road, 

Ledger, G. J., Capital and Counties Bank, 
Ltd., Tunbridge Wells. 

Lee, E. G., Rocklands, Brixham, Devon. 

Lee, J., 391, Halliwell Road, Bolton, 

Leeck, A., is. Blenheim Road St. Albans, 
. .1. G., Gro\ 1 I' irk, Liverpool. 



PROVINCIAL— continued. 

Le Gallas, G., Can. Con. Camp, Woodcote 
Park, Epsom. 

Leverhulme, Rt. Hon. Lord, Thornton 
Manor, Cheshire. 

Levinson Mrs. T., Newfield, Green Lane, 
Northwood, Middlesex. 

Lewis, M. E., Eoydon Hall, Diss, Nor- 

Lichfield, G. F., 93, Pall Mall, Leigh-on- 

Lillie, A. W. H., " Strathroy," Mayfield 
Road, Whitby. 

Lillie, D. G., Tyncote, Bushey, Herts. 

Linck, Mrs. F. W., 46, Grove Road, East- 

Lindley, Miss E. M., Godstone Place, 
Godstone, Surrey. 

Lisle, R., 5, Dove Street, Cullercoats, New- 

Lister, S. J., " Sandycroft," Freshfields, nr. 

Little, Mrs. E. S., Larnaca, Argyle Road, 

Lloyd, J. W., Shaftesbury Temperance 
Hotel, 30, Mount Pleasant, Liver- 

Lockyer, Miss E., Oldbury Hall, Ather- 
stone, Warwickshire. 

Lodwick, G., Aspley Lodge, Cheltenham, 

Lodwick, R. W., Ashley Lodge, Chelten- 

Loker, W. J., 25, Athol Road, Erith, 

Long, Captain E., Rood Ashton, Trow- 
bridge, Wilts. 

Long, W. H. (M.P.), Rood Ashton, Trow- 
bridge, Wilts. 

Lovering, A. E., " Armadale," Hayne 
Road, Beckenham, Kent. 

Lowe, Mrs., Cran Hill, Bath. 

Lowe, Albert, 388, Manchester Road, 
Droylsden, Manchester. 

Lowe, C. H., 4, Barrowby Road, Grantham, 

Lowry, Mrs. F. E., The Beeches, Poplar 
Road, Oxton, Birkenhead. 

Lowry, F. W., The Beeches, Oxton, Birken- 

Lowther-Crofton, Miss, Hazel Mount, 
Ryde, Isle of Wight. 

Loxley, P. G., Fern Villa, Leatherhead, 

Lucas, Miss E. A. .No. 37981, Q.M.A.A.C, 
" A " Coy., Cookhouse, R.F.C., H. Lines 
Brocton Camp, nr. Stafford. 

Lunn, Miss P., "The Firs," Horncastle, 

Luntley, Captain J., R.F.C., Farnborough, 
Common Mess, South Farnborough. 

Ltjxton, F. C, Fovant, near Salisbury. 

Lusby, A., 431, Shoreham Street, Sheffield. 

Lyons, W., Oakwell, Bury Old Road, Man- 

Lyttleton, Miss E. I., The Whare, Hanger 
Hill, Ealing. 

Macandrew, A. E., " Mount Hall," Great 
Horkesley, Colchester. 

Macandrew, Mrs. M. E., Dug Out, Bray, 

Macdonald, J., " Benbecuta," Queen's 

Road, Halifax, Yorkshire. 
Macgillivray, H. D., Mess Section 2, 

" A " Company, Berkhampstead. 
Mackenzie, Miss B. M. T., Maldon Court, 

Maldon, Essex. 
♦Mackenzie, Miss E. A., " Throstle Nest," 

Gargrave, Leeds. 
Macleod, S. I., 221, St. Margaret's Road, 

St. Margaret : s-on -Thames, Middlesex. 
McAdam, Miss E. K., Kingsgate, Harrow- 

*McCall, W. G., 10, Veronica Road, Dids- 

bury, Lanes. 
McCreery, Mrs. E., Greenhill House, 

Sherborne, Dorset. 
McDorGALL, Miss K. M., Dunally, Millford- 

on-Sea, Hants. 
McGhee, Private J. E., 16, Discard Road, 

Sefton Park, Liverpool. 
McKean, Major A. E., 50, Stourcliffe 

Avenue. Southbourne, Boseombo, 

McKiernan, 0. H., c/o Capt. Boardman, 

"The Ferns," Hatfield Road, Hands- 
worth, Birmingham. 
McMullin, A. J. F., 62, Searle Road, 

Wembly, Middlesex. 
Maddock, "W., "Fryth," Berkhamsted, 

Maidlow, Miss S. F., Grove Lodge, Lower 

Green, Esher, Surrey. 
* Major, A. L„ 95, Shrewsbury Road North, 

Male, Mrs. J., Sankhurst Oak, Blackboys, 

Malet, Henry, 20, Waterloo Road, 

Malet, Helen K. 
Maqttoy, G. A., Stoner Camp, Sandwich, 

March, F. C, Highdown, Dy e Road Ave., 

Marriot, Mrs. H., c/o C. Marriot, Lark Hill, 

Marsay, G. J., " Abyssuna," Prospect Hill, 

Marshall, Mrs. C. T., 19, Exeter Road, 

Marshall, Miss E. W., 703, Manchester 

Road, Linthwaite, Huddersfield. 
Mason, J., Links Chalet, Cooden, Sussex. 
Master, Major C. F. Onslow, Flax Bowton, 

Masters, C. E., 101, St. James's Road, 

♦Masters, W. R., 6, Crowstone Road S., 

Mather, O. M., Wentworth House, Went- 

worth Place, Bolton, Lanes. 
Mathews, A., 35, Lord Street, S. Broughton, 

Mathews, S. W., Maiden Castle, Water- 

millock, Cumberland. 
Matthews, Miss C, Marshland House, 

Hornsea, East Yorks. 



PROVINCIAL— contimu d. 
Matthews, Mm. J. P., 11, St. Catherine's 

Road, Cross Roads, Southborne-on- 

Maxwell, J. P., c/o D. Maxwell, 31, Ham- 
uli lton Road, Bromley, Cent. 
Mwwki.i.. Mrs. J. P., c/o D. Maxwell, 31, 

Hamuielton Road, Bromley, Kent. 
Maxwell, Miss M. Q., c/o D. Maxwell, 31, 

Hammelton Road, Bromley, Kent. 
BIai . Horncleigh, Downend, K 

Meakns, A. D., Upland, Burbo Park Road, 

N. Blundlesands. 
Mears, P. R., " Dudley," Milton Road, 

Portsmouth, Hants. 
Mee, Akthue, Eynsford Hill, Kent. 
Mei.\ ii.i.e, Miss E. T., 19, Clarendon Gar- 
dens, Dford, Essex. 
♦Memory, 2nd Lieutenant F. W., R.F.C., 

Milton, Abingdon, Berkshire. 

i . M. Tod-, Clarence House, 


CBE, J. L. Tod-, The Red House, Bedale, 

Meredith, Llewellyn, Clonard, Blyth 

Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 
MeRMAGBN, C. F., Canon, c/o W. E. Gray, 

Uplands House. Falmouth. 
Merry, P. B., c/o Mrs. Pullinger, 4, Clarence 

Road, Egham, Surrey. 
Metcalfe, F. E. B., 91, Highgate, Kendal, 

Wesl moreland. 
Middleton, C. D., The Manor, Adel, 

Midgley, H. E., Raydon Lodge, Erith, 

Millar, H. L., " Cuguilla," Station Avenue, 


' ixger, O. H., 3, Queen's Road, Erith, 

Mills. J. Saxon, Appleyards, Oxhey, 

Watford, Herts. 
Mitch, :u.. A., Eayes, Middlesex. 
Mitchell, T. J., Bank House, Holbeach, 

Mitchell, Sapper W.. 4/1 13a., X' w Zealand 

English Depot, Christchurch, Hants. 
Moger, .Miss F. G. " Coverdale," Radcliffe 

Road, Addiscombe, Croydon. 
Mohun, Miss M., Lawn Villa, Heme Bay. 
Molesworth, W. J., "Holywell," Wemb- 

don, near Bridgwater, Somerset. 
Moody, R. H., Cross Lane, Farnley, 

Moore, Miss E. M., " Rayne," W. Brain- 

Moorb, T. W. linn. St. (M.B.E.), R.N.R., 

Imperial Merchants' Service Guild. 
MORDAH, Mrs. M. E., " La Tourne," 

Orpington Kent. 
Mordaunt, Miss 11. E., Horsted House, 

Sharpthorn. ^rinstead, Sussex. 

*MoiU)EX, Lieutenant-Colonel W. <;.. 

Heatherden Hall, fver Heath, Bucks. 
Morley, Miss M., '" Knoll," Beech Alton, 

Morrison, A. C. L., Culham House, Laburn- 

ham^Road, Maidenhead. 

Moseley, A. E., St. Mary's Hill, Aber- 
gavenny, Monmouth. 

3, James, 259, Walkden Road, Worsley, 
i M iuntfort, C. G, Uppingham School, 

But land. 
Mountfort, Mrs. S. A., Troodos, Great 

Shelford, Cambs. 
Mowat, A. B. M., 313, Warbreck More, 

Aintree, Liverpool. 
Moynihan, Colonel Sir B. (C.B.), Carr 

.Manor, Leeds. 
Moynihan, Lady, Carr Manor, Leeds. 
Mozzetto, F., 37, St. Martin's Road, 

Norwich, Norfolk. 
Mulliner, Mrs., Bell House, Taunton, 

Molliner, Mrs. M., c/o A. W. Fawkes, 

Esq., Bell House, Taunton, Somerset. 
Mundy, W. E., 40, Haddon Avenue, 

Aintree, Liverpool. 
Murray, Miss M., 8, Chandos Road, Buck- 
ingham, Bill 
Mtjspatt, Mas. .M,, "The Grange," Fulwood 

Road, Liverpool. 
Nash, F. W., Kingswood Grange, Hockley 

Heath, near Birmingham. 
Nash, S., 71, Parkwood Road, Boscombe, 

Xeedham, F. J., 34, Montgomery Road, 


'Utaine, Mrs. M. E., Bemerton Lodge, 

Newbold, Miss M., "The Mill House," 

Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire. 
NrWOOMB, Miss E. E., Lyndhurst, Long- 
field, Kent. 
Newcomb, W. R., Lyndhurst, Longfield, 

•Nicholson, J. A., 63, Prince Regent's 

Lane, Plaistow. 
X n n olson, Mrs. R., Copthorne, Village 

Road, Enfield. 
Nicholson, R., Lee Farm House, Hurley 

♦Elliott-Xisii, Mrs., Parkside, Princes 

Park, Liverpool. 
Nixon, L.. 29, Crossoak Road, Berkham- 

sted, Herts. 
Nobbs, Miss S. G., Nethercourt Hospital, 

I; i msgate. 
Noble, W., " Surbiton," Stowmarket, 

Norfolk, A. E., 6, Suburban Road, Anfield, 

Norris, Miss G. G., Hatherley, 48, London 

Road, Reading. 
North, F. J., 117, Rectory Road, Burnley, 

Odam, M. R., Werrington Manor, Peter- 
Oke, A. W., 32, Denmark Villas, Hove. 

irroll, P., 98, Laurence Road, South- 
sea. Hants. 
O'Neill, J. F. B., 37, Westridge Road, 

1 Oppenheimer, B., Brighton Diamond 

Works, Lewes Road, Brighton. 



PROVINCIAL— co/, tin \u d. 

Orchard, W. J., Salt End, Hedon, Hull. 
Orford, J. F. W., c/o Mrs. Armstrong. 

Bank House, Boston, Lines. 
Orr, Rev. G. Fleming, The Vicai 

Great Glen, near Leicester. 
Orton, .Miss E. J., ■■ The Chase," 157, New- 

bridge Hill, Weston, Bath. 
Osborne, .Miss ('., 33, Park Square, Leeds. 
Osmond, Miss E. M., Royal Female 

Orphanage, Beddington, Surrey. 
Ould, S. S., Stanbrook Hall, Callow End. 

Owes, A. E.. Darlaston, South Shields. 
Oxenbixe. Mrs. I. F., Rochester, Barnet 

Wood Lane, Ashstead, Surrey. 
Padget, F. W.. 2. Tennis Street, Old Traf- 

ford. Manchester. 
Paine, H. V., Super-marine Aviation Works, 

Ltd., .Southampton. 
Scott-Paine, H., Super-marine Aviation 

Works, Ltd., Southampton. 
Pank, H., H.M.M.L. 532, Naval Mail Office, 

Papworth, B. L., 76, Serby Lane, Stoney- 

croft, Limeport. 
Parish, C. B., c/o Miss D. Cottle, " Rede 

Hall Lodge," Burstow, Horhy. Surrey. 
Parkin, W., Balworth, Retford, Notts. 
Parrington, J. W., 33, Plattsville Road, 

Mossley Hill, Liverpool. 
Partner, Lieutenant A. H., R.A.F., H.M. 

Seaplane Station, Cattewater, Ply- 
Partner, A. H.. 352, Ewell Road, Surbi- 

Partridge, Miss M. H.. The Laurels, Ring- 

mer, rr. Lewes. 
Paterson, C. E., " Mayfield," Lensfield 

Road, Cambridge. 
Paterson, Miss F. B., Orchard House, 

Petworth, Sussex. 
Pattison. .1. II., H.M.T. Lemot'ienes, 

Canada D. K., Liverpool. 
Peacock, A.. Beaufort Buildings, I lifton, 

Pearl, George, Hist on. Sidcup. 
Pease, Captain !.. W.. Headquarters, "The 

Cyclist Division," Canterbury, Kent. 
Pemberton, )'. S., 50, Avondale Road, 

Sylton Park, Liverpool. 
Penney, J. C, 15, Gloucester Place, Edin- 
Perrin, Miss A.. :,:>,. Kingsley Road. Balsall 

Heath, Birmingham. 
Perrin, Miss L., 17, Henleaze Road, Bristol. 
Perry, A. T., c/o Mrs. Cooper, Seaholme, 

Heene Road, W. Worthing. 
Pert, Lieutenant W.. 17, Northampton 

Street, Bath, Somerset. 
Peryer. Sapper C. X.. 6/3428 New Zealand 

English Depot, Christchurch, Hants. 
Peters, Charles, II. Dartnell Road, \ddis- 

combe, Croydon, Surrey. 
I'i i ii'i'T, Miss II. ('.. Leigh, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Phillips, G. H., Flotterton, Rothbury, 

Phillips, Thomas Benbow, 4, Raby Street, 

ilose Side, Manchester. 

Phillips. S. J. ; Myrtle Villa, Highclere, 

Knaphill, near Woking. 
Pitman, Mrs ! M , Woodbury Lodge Exton, 

Pitman. Mrs. J. M., Aveton Gifford Rectory 

Pitot. M. P., The Hay, Wokingham, Berks. 
Platt, F. L., Varden House, Wilmslow, 

Pocklington, Miss E., 11, Priory Road, 

Keynsham, near Bristol. 
Pollard, Mrs. F. H., Madingley, Park 

Road, East Twickenham, Middlesex. 
Poole. Miss B., 4. Southfield Villas, South- 
field Road. Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. 
Pope, W. W., 22. Lumsden Avenue, South- 
Porter, Mrs. J. Tindal, " Corowa," Leck- 

hampton Road, Cheltenham, Glos. 
Potter, Rev. E. C, 26, Bristol Road, South- 
Pottinger. J. C, 14, Grange Avenue, Har- 

ton Village, South Shields. 
Potjntain, W. T.. Ecclestone Lane End, 

Prescot, Lancashire. 
Powell, U., Shenley Grange, Bletchley, 

Preater, C. J., 11, Primes Street, Queen's 

Square. Bath. 
Pkextis. B. P.. "Ardeer," Buckland Hill, 

Price, G. R., Field View, Stoke Prior, 

Bromsgrove, Worcester. 
Primrose, Miss A., St. George's Lodge, 

Wey bridge. 
Proudmax, Mrs. X.. 15. Barbican Terrace, 

Barnstaple, North Devon. 
Prynn. Captain F. J.. " Restholme " 13, 

Carlton Gardens, Herne Lay. Kent. 
Pulbrook. M., Alma House, Chudleigh, 

South Devon. 
Pullman J. The Knollsea Lilliput-Park- 

stone Dorset. 
Pyman. Miss May, Westhouse, W. Hartle- 
Rae, Mrs. B. E., c/o Messrs. J. & J. Rae 

& Co., Liverpool. 
Rae, J. H., c/o Messrs. J. & J. Rae & Co., 

Randle, Captain C, 30, Harthill Avenue, 

Mossley Hill, Liverpool. 
Rankin, J. (J.P.), 67, South John Street, 

*Ravenscroft. L. r S., Lensden, 15. Denbigh 

Gardens, Richmond Dill. S.W. 
1! \wle, F. J., Swinley Birches, South Ascot, 

Donaldson- Rawlins, E. G, White Wal- 

tham Grove, near .Maidenhead, Berks. 
Donaldson-Rawtjns, .Mrs. E. C, White 

Walt ham Grove, near Maidenhead, 

■ K n .1. B., 30, Belvedere Load, Wal- 
lasey, < Iheshirc. 
Rayner, J. H., 12, Kinnaird Road, Liscard, 

*Rea. A. L., 48, diet Load, Sefton Park. 


LISI <<l MEMBERS GKf VI 11KI'! \l\ 


ri<<)\ INCIAL continued. 

*Rea. Mrs. A. L., -is, Ulld Road, SeftOD 

:, Liverpool. 
I: i ■.. \! i < ... ti. Knell Stroet, Cleethi 


d, <:. i'.. Belvedere, E. Bolden, New- 

( s, Edw led, 55, I slington Row . Bir- 

mingha m. 
K i:i\ i:. Mrs. E. M., 55 l lington Row,, 

Reeve, Miss J., IT, Victoria Sunt, Lough- 
borough, Leicestershire. 
Remington, J. S., Aynsome House, West 

Grange-over-Sands, Lanes. 
•Rkvnakh, Miss H. E., i Iill^i»I>-. Newark, 

Reynard, H. I... Hillside, Newark, V 
♦.Reynard, Miss II. M.. Hillside, Newark, 

\ itts. 
!: id] s, E. A.. 185 Soho Road, Hands- 
worth, Birmingham. 
Rial, C. H., Esq., c/o Hornsby & Co., 

( rrantham. 
Richards, T. R., The Rectory, Kirby 

Underdale. Stamford Bridge, Yorks. 
Richardson, II. . 2i), Westlands. Sunderland. 
Ru a lbdsi in, Miss K., 98, Higl 

< Sroydon. 
Richardson, Mrs. M. J., c/o Rev. J. Jolly, 

The Rectory, Flixton. Lanes. 
Riddell, James 0. i o W. Sprowell, Esq., 
bard Farm, ' rleton, Poulton-le- 

Fylde, Lam 
l'.iMi\i;in\, <;. L., T> nefield, Penrith, Cum- 
Rlpon, Charles, .". Hanover Terrace. 

Whitby, Yorks. 
Rippon, Chas., 5, Hanover Terrace, Whitby, 


, Lieutenant •!. W., Si udlej 1 1 

King's Bench Street, Hull. 
Roberts, D. J., 6, Galloway Road, 

Roberts, H. D., Montrose, King's Road, 

Roberts, J. X., 37, Esk Terrace, Whitby, 

Roberts, W., Westward Ho, Talbot Road, 

Oxtou, Cheshire. 

ERTSON, A. •'.. C -1' uni C Hi 

St. ■ heltenho m. 

Robin, G. A., " Langhurst," Horsham, 

I; 1BIN8ON, A. I.., Grey CI ■ 

Robinson, C. A., Creston, St. Catherine's, 


rNSON, I'. J., 01, Holyhead B 

' \ entry. 
Robin>"--. Miss L. W., <■ o W. Gray l 

Qpland Honsi Falmouth. 
Robinson, R., 26, Cleveland Street, South 

Rog i.k. Sir A., R tdlett, II 
♦Rollo, David, The Li m< Tre< 'I • mpi < 

Hotel, 33, High Street, Watford 
Rooke, Rev. J., Balliol College, Oxford. 
Ross, C. M., c, o Mrs. Hockey, 4S, Harting- 

Ujo Street, Derby. 

* Rotherb j.m, Hi en, Kercslcy I 
. •■hi ry. 

Row B, A. \\ '.. Richm I. W< sford. 

Rowley, W., Alder Hill, Meanwood, Leeds. 
Row se, W., 39, Albei I Road I »evonport. 

Roy, Mrs. Jea s, V. oolmer Hotel, Black] , 

\i<*\ stun. \\'. Stew m t. Sum 
dington, near Warrington. 
Ri sh, Eb i ,57, High Si,, et, Whitstable- 

sell, Sapper E., 3/2483, New Zealand 
glish Depot, Christchurch, Hants. 
Russei i.. Sir E., " The Gables," Croxteth 

Road, Liver] 1. 

Russn i.. Hon. Miss M.. Kirkby Mai] 
Hinckley, Leicestershire 

I 3., I -i ii< In in House, Lin 
■ >rd, K., Fairholme, Millbury, 

Ryan, W. J. B. Dk. i o Edglej Road, 

Stockpoi i . 
Ryland. E. 'J'.. 39, Salisbury Road Glou- 

St. Qdintin, E. H., Gordon Hotel, South 

bourne, Bournemouth. 
Salvidge, Sir A. .). i-l.l'.i. 24, The K. 

Gap, Hoylake, < Ihesh 
Samuel, L., Harston, near Cambridge. 
♦Lyle-Samuel, A.. M.P.. Dower House, 

Sizew ell-cum- Leiston, Suit. .Ik. 
Sanders, Miss M. B., 68, Marlborough 

Road, East Kirkby, Notts. 
Sai mm:::-. I'. H., 38, Bathwich Street, Hath. 
Saunders, Stanley, Cresswell Cotta 

Osborne Road, V ■. ... 3tle-on-Tj 
Schmitz, T. J. H„ " Thornciiffe," Niton, 

Isle of Wight. 
Scott, !•'. F.. Warren Grove, Warren Drive, 

Scott. Miss [., No. 2, New Zealand Ho - 

pit 1 1. Walton-on-Tha i 

- W., 157, Munition Cotl Hol- 

brooke I iventry. 

Seed, F. H., c/o " Arclid," Hcarsall, 

in, P. O., 14, I rlai Road, Stenley, 

Settle, Miss I. C, The Hill, Alsagcr. 

Shah . Wm. Rusk. 61, Ash;.': 

Shaw, Charles, -'•"">. Thompson K<»ad, 

Sheel, II. B., 5, Rectory Terrace, Sunder- 
Sheldon, <'., 75, King Richard's Street, 

1'iinnt ry. 

pheabd, <;. H. ' : The Roade, 

Shjlton, J. R., 8, Aubrej Road, Wilkington, 

Ma nchi 

T. W. S., No. 2, Trcmelling Villa, 

Mount Ambrose, Redruth. 
♦Simpson, A. M., Hurst, Gayton 

Heswell, < I 
Sinclair, Mrs. E. I... Chi Mill House, Seven- 
oaks, Kent. 



PRO VINCI AL— continued . 
Singleton, Captain J. A., 110, Bedford 

Street, Liverpool. 
Skelton, Mrs. F. E., Grand Hotel, Sheffield. 
Skelton, S. E., Grand Hotel, Sheffield. 
Slade, Mrs. I., Mallards Court, Stoken- 

church, Oxon. 
Sladen, Lieut. H. E., Forest Edge, Sway, 

Slater Gilbert 42 Somerset Road Bol- 
ton Lanes. 
Slater, H. (M.A.), Brook House, Canning- 
ton, Bridgwater, Somerset. 
Smith, Rev. A. H., The Vicarage, Ogbourne, 

St. George, Wilts. 
Smith, Lieutenant B.. Keightley, 5, 

Borrage Terrace, Ripon. 
Smith. C. A., Woburn, Radlett, Herts. 
Smith, J. A., 17, High Street Harrow-on- 

Smith, Gunner J. R., No. 26782, No. 4, 

Command Depot, Hurdcott, Salisbury. 
Smith, 2nd Lieutenant R. Maynard, 8, 

Alloa Road, Goodmays, Essex. 
Smith, Mrs. M. C. A., Woburn, Radlett, 

Smith, W. G., The College, Storrington, 

Smith, W. W., c/o J. Smith & Sons, Ciren- 
cester, Gloucestershire. 
Smith, Kirby-, Captain A., South African 

Club, 23, Langley Road, Eastbourne. 
Smithers, J. B., c/o A. J. Morton, Esq., 

3, Middleborough Road, Coventry. 
Smithes, Miss H. M., " Fircroft," Wey- 

bridge, Surrey. 
Smythe, J. H. R., 22, Cavendish Road, 

Shelling, H. A., " Crowthorne." Old 

Shoreham Road, Hove. 
♦Snowden, Mrs. L., The Soyche, Maiden, 

♦Snowden, F., The Soyche, Maiden, Essex. 
Somerville, Rev. F. H., 62, Forest Road, 

Sorsbie, A. D. C, London County and 

Westminster Bank, Richmond, Surrey. 
Sowdf.n. Sapper W., N. Z. Engrs. Depot, 

Boscombe, Hants. 
Sparks, Lieutenant-Colonel, R.H.A., Win- 

cham Gables, Caterham, Surrey. 
Speak, J., The Grange, Kirton, near Bos- 
Spencer, Company Sergeant-Major D., 

The Croft, Holywell, St. Ives, Hunts. 
Spruggett, J. V., 5, Avenue Crescent, 

Paignton, S. Devon. 
Spurgin, Miss J., " Meon," Titchfield, 

Fareham, Hampshire. 
Guthrie-Scuair, John W., 63, Cavendish 

Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Stanworth, James (J.P.), Fern Bank, 

Stapleton, Fred, 106, Raleigh Street, 

Stark, A. W., " Blenheim," Chinnor Road, 

Thame, Oxon. 
Starr, E. H. 44, Chorley Road, Boais Head, 


Stephens, G. W., Princess Street Council 

School, South Bank, S.O., Yorkshire. 
Stevenson, F., 3. Queen's Road, Erith, 

Stewart, Charles, 1, Colten Exchanges, 

Stewart, Captain G. D., Tenby Lodge, 

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. 
Stewart, J. J., Cloudshill, St. George 

Stileman, Admiral H. H., 18, Devonshire 

Road, Liverpool. 
Still, A. M., 68. Glen Terrace Hebburn- 

Still, Mrs. E. S., 68, Glen Terrace, Heb- 

Stokes J. S. 155. Newport, Lincoln. 
Stokes, W., c/o Miss C. G. Stokes, "The 

Manor House," Aldbourne, Wiltshire. 
Story, Mrs. W., Ashley Manor, Box, Wilt- 
Stott, C. H., Lime House. 14, Park Avenue, 

Slade Lane, Levenshulme., Manchester, 
Stott, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. (C.B.). 

17, Fen wick Street, Liverpool. 
Steacey, Mrs. E. E.. The Gardens, Cockshut, 

Reigate. Surrey. 
Strachan. H., 34, Marine Avenue, Monte- 

sertin Northumberland. 
Stranger, J. H., Burstead House Billeri- 

cay, Essex. 
Stranger, Mrs. J. H., Burstead House, 

Billericay, Essex. 
Streatfield, W. E., Mosedale, Troutbeck 

Penrith, Cumberland. 
Strike, E. C., Porthleven. Cornwall. 
Stuart F., 69 Clifton Road, Weston- 

Stuart, F.. 69, Clifton Road, Weston- 
Sutcliffe, Sub-Lieutenant A., R.N.R., 

H.M.S. Seahorse, Portsmouth. 
Sutro, Alfred, Redlands Witley, Surrey. 
Sutton, V. R., " Hillside," Reading, Berk- 

Sweeney, S. S. G., " Lunesdale," Prenton, 

Symons, Mrs. N. E., 118, Landsbourne Plaoe, 

Hove, Sussex. 
Taneres, Mrs. A. M., Whyte Larges, 

Letchworth, Herts. 
Tanner, Miss K. E., Girls' Grammar 

School, Market Drayton. 
Tarver, Miss E. S., 7, Alexander Road, 

Addiscombe, Croydon. 
Tate, Miss B., 17, Wackle Road, Wimble- 
Tate, J. A., 113, Carlton Terrace, Heaton. 
Taverner, Lady E., Grangehurst, Boxley, 

Wallis-Tayler, A. J., " Oaklands," Tats- 

field, Westerham, Surrey. 
Taylor, Lieutenant A. T., c/o Oakleigh, 

Morton Road, Worcester Park, Surrey. 
Taylor, W., 41, Alderley Road, Hoylake, 

Taylor, Mrs. W., 41, Alderley Road, 
Hoylake, Cheshire. 


PROVINCIAL—. lontin 

Y\. lee J. S., Qgj ■ s, l.i'!.. i torn wall 

Works. B un. 

Temple i:.. " Casailli i, St. M 

Tll.i : 

Theaker, R. ,M.. Salvt ge A n iation. 

Exchange Buildings, Liverpool. 
Thom, A. A.. The i itadel, II a n kstoue, 


Thompson, J. \V.. King Strei b, Duffield, 
Thorn e, H. H., Trinity College, i 

Thorne, S. W.. Winchruore, 22, Brightwell 

Ave.. Westcliffe. 
Thorpe, A. J., 15, Trafalgai Road, Pendle- 
ton, ii'-. w Manchesti r. 
Thyhe, T. P.. The Elms, Tonbridge, 

Tii.i.kv. J. T., 15, BighfieM Road, Edg- 

bastou, Birmingham 
Timewell, E. A.. 15, Lisburn Lane, Liver- 
Timmis, H. G. A., 8, Cambridgi Road, I 

Crosby, Liverpool. 
Tippikge, L. <;.. Glenberis, Wellii 

R ia i. Bournemouth. 
Tong, W. II.. 20, Foxcomb Road, Batb, 

Topham.F.D., 12 Badlov. Road, Tonbri 

Topham, S., 12, Badlow Road, Tonbridge. 
Teethowan, W. A., 13, Heaton Ten 

R druth. 
Teicker, R. E., 58, St. Michael's R 

•Tbichett, 1-'k \m is, l a i ndish R 

BrinclifFe, Sheffield. 
Tsioos, G. W., 53, Mereway Road, Twii 

Tbinnk k. E„ 99, South Road, W aterloo, 

•Tripp, l it \ I ■'.. \ - 

• lorn wall. 
Teott, J., ii. lli'. |. •> SI it. Longsight, 

Manchesti r. 
Tit'" tman, .1. I-:.. 361, Moss I. in' East, 

Whit worth Park, Manch 
TtrOKBR, Nurse Mum. Bareston, Tan 

Tugbv. P. G., Frampton Cotti nil. Bristol. 
Tukeb, Miss I.. Butts Gre< n, S mdon 

( ihelmsford. 
Ttjkee, W. J. S., Butl ■ . ii. H Hi. Ims- 

ford, Ess 

i J . Miss 1... 9, The Lawe, Smith 

kk. .Mrs. M.. Tempc, Woodbrige, 

T cbn ley, Miss Gertrude, 34, Buckingham 

■ Avi Park, Li\ erp ioI. 

Tornor, i '.. Stoke Rochi ntham. 

Twitchbll, II.. " Hillcroft," Farnborough, 

K ■ • 1 1 1 . 
Ti is, I. A., 1 5, King Edward Street, 

Leeds, Yorks. 
Tvk. Miss S., Bighfield, Adderley E 

Tyler, Miss T., Somerville Schools, ' 

Brighton, i hi -hire. 

T\ bee, Miss II.. The Lai 

planade, W Ambleside, Win- 

dei mere. 
Qrmston, J., e/o Mrs. Chancellor, River 

Deep, Twickenham, Middlesex. 
Van-Millingen, C. B., 3, Queen's Road, 

Erith, Kent 
V \ !'. F. I.. 9G, BLgh Strei i. Erith, 

K. ni. 
Vant, II. I).. 96, Bigh Street, Erith 

Varnish, E. A. A., Cowley Bill Lodge, St. 

Belens, Lanes. 
Vauohan, D. J., 21, Warwick Street, 

Vaughan, P., Ryton Lodge, Burstpier- 

point, Sussex. 
Vaughan, Miss F. E., Ryton Lodge, Burst- 

pierpoint, Sussex., Lieutenant A. G., R.N., Oak- 
hurst. Oswestry, Shropshire. 
*Veno, W. II.. Racehill, Bowdon, Cheshire. 
Venning, Captain W. H., 9S, Coronation 

Road. Bristol. 
Vn i in is. Miss R., Rock I i Thursby, 

Waddinoton, T., The Pasture. Repton, 

Wadd T., Court Lodge, Sutton, 

Wade, A." R , 21, Wood Street, Baley Hill, 

W\iii„ Mrs. <■.. ' Mayleigb," Petersham, 

Wade, Mrs. M. M., ."i. St. Andrew's Square, 

Surbiton, Surrey. 
♦Wade, Osmond 1'... " Mayleigh," Pel 

: rey. 
Wake, l».. Middleton-, Wallas Bouse, 

Flushing, Cornwi 
Walker, A. !•:.. 34, Woolwich Road, Bel- 
vedere, Kent. 
W mi be, A. P., i o Mrs. Spencer, 12 1, 
iok Square, Nortl iberland Beath, 

Erith, Kent. 
W ilkeb, E., 67, Parj '- Avenui . Bi dford. 
•Cabb-Walkeb, B., Tyrie, ....11110801 

Road, \\ • .1 Park, Leeds. 
•Walkee, J., c/o Manchester Guardian, 

Walker, Miss L., 49, Er?.kinc Street, 

Walker, Miss M. A.. 11. 1 U Ri id, 

rshalton Surrey. 
W illai 1 drew, 32, \\ a mpool Strei 1 . 

s 1 1 1 • 1 1 1 1 . Cum 
Wallace, C. W., c/o Mrs. Threadkell, 38, 

Woodman Road, near Brentwood 
MY w.i. is. William Ldmb, " Thi Wi h, 

♦Walsh, Miss C. A. Netley Lodge South 

I ' ide, Smit hsea, Hints. 
Walsh, W. J., Post Office, Lime Street, 

Walton, G. R., Avon Botel, 9, Bigh Street, 

Leamington Spa. 
•Wantage, Lady. " Lcckinge," Wantage, 





PRO VINCIAL— co n tinued . 

Ward, Miss M., Capthorne, Waddon Park [ Wills, H. (L.L.O., F.E.I.S.), 51, Hastings 

Avenue, Croydon. Road, Millhouses, Sheffield. 

Ward, R, J., Elm Dene, St. Mark's Hill, Wilmer, W., 64, Church Street, Brigh- 

Surbiton, Surrey. ton. 

Waters, H. E. 45, Princes Street, Ipswich, Wilson, Captain C. W. Bryee, Lucknow 

Suffolk. Barracks, Tidworth, Hants. 

Watkin, Harold, 2, Laurel Terrace, Wilson, James, c/o Vickers Maxim, 

Armley, Leeds. Erith. 

Watkinson, T., c/o J. A. Bentley, Roper- Wilson, J. W., 20, Hooton Road, Aintree, 

gate, Pontefract. 


Watson, T. H., Robin Hood's Bay, R.S.O., Wilson. Miss M. L. C, Ahakistha, Ley- 


Weatherlev, L. H., 18, The Avenue 
Beckenham, Kent. 

bourne Road, Dover. 
l'»Y( e-Wilson, Miss W., Riveimead, 
Maidenhead. Berks. 

Webb, A. H., 4, Park Terrace, Grange Road, Wilson. William Smith, Anlaby Lodge, 
Darlington, Durham. Teddington. 

Webb A. R. 4 Park Terrace, Grange Road, 

Darlington, Durham. 
Webb, H. C., 4, Park Terrace, Grange Road, 

Darlington, Durham. 

Wiltshire, W. L. G.. 10, Leigh Park Road, 

Winch, J. Miller, 19, Wellerby Road, 


Webb, Mrs. K. A., 4, Park Terrace, Grange Windass, G. W., 8, Perry Street, Hull. 

Road, Darlington, Durham. Winfield, G. A., 11, Earl Street, Watford, 
W t ebber, Miss E., 12, Alexandra Terrace, Herts. 

Exruouth, Devon. Winterhalder. Mrs.. 8. Queensland Road, 
Webber, G. G., R.N., 57, York Road, Boscombe Park, Bournemouth, Hants. 

Soathend-on-Sea. Wise, H. G., 37, Cross Street, Manchester. 

Wenban, H. G., Caterham Valley. Sur- Wood, Sir E. (F.M.), Millhurst, Harlow, 



Wendland, W., c/o E. Dawson, Esq., The Wood, J. D., 4, Pownall Gardens, Houns- 

Chestnuts, Hayes End. Middx. low. 

Westhead, Mrs A., "Avenue Lodge," Woodhall. J.. New Zealand Engineers, 

Dyke Road Avenue, Brighton. >.'. Z. E. Reserve Depot, Christchurch, 

Westhead, W B., " Avenue Lodge," Dyke Hants. 

Road Avenue. Brighton. 

Wharam. E., " Brooklands," Fulwood 
Road, Sheffield. 

U iieatley, C. E., 49, Culverden Park Road, 
Tunbridge Wells. 

Wueldox, G. A. B., 17, Greenway, Ux- 
bridge, Middlesex. 

Wiiiuham. James H.. " Ratho," Dury Road, 
Ha now- on -the -Hill. 

Whitoombe, M., Clarence House, Marl- 
borough Road, St. Albans. 

White, J. R 86, Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon, 

Whitehead, Mrs. E., Waltham Hall, 
Grimbsy, Lincolnshire 

Whittaker Mrs. D. c/o London and South- 
western Bank, Brighton. 

Whittakeb, J. A., 20, School Street, South- 

Whittle, Hubert E., 580, Chorley Oed 
Road. Bolton-le- Moors. 

Wilcox, Captain. A.G.C., 66, Kimbolton 
Road, Bedford. 

Wilkins, MrB. A. E., The Royston, Wallis- 
cote Road, Weston-super-Mare. 

Willcocks. .Miss M. E., Greenway Court, 
Hollingbourne, Knit. 

Williams, Rev. P., 12, .Mirador Crescent, 

Williams. R. W., 10, Ophei Road, Ports- 

Woodhouse, Lieutenant L. J., Nordon, 
Blandford, Dorset. 

Woodington, Thicknesse-, Miss F., 61, 
West Allington, Bridport, Dorset. 

Woods, Captain S., " Inverary," 7, Inga 
Road, Hull. 

Woods, W.. 69, Aubrey Street, Liver- 

Woodward, G., 170, Chester Road, 

Wright, C, 22. Watergate Street, Ches- 

Wright, Miss E.. c/o 15, Essex Street, 
Winchester, Hants. 

Wright, H., Eirene, Banstead. Surrey. 

Wright, H. G. L.D.S., Victoria Square, St. 
Helens Lancashire. 

Weight, J. W., 6, Brompton Avenue, 
Blundellsands, Liverpool. 

Wright, P. E., 26, Holland Street, Hull. 

Wright, W. T. 5a, Spencer Road, East- 

Wyatt, G., Willougbby. Cheltenham. 

Wyatt, G. M., Hill Cottage, Caterham, 

*Wynter, Dr. A. E., 17, Eastfield Road, 
Westbury, Bristol. 

♦Yeats-Brown, Mrs. Twyford, near 
Winchester, Hants. 

•Yeats-Brown, M., C.M.G., Twyford, near 
Winchester, Hants 

Williams, T. W., Kildare, Basingstoke, Yonoe. Miss I. M., Boreham Vicarage, 

Hant°. Chelmsford. 

Willis, J., " Miramer," Royal Crescent ; Young, Rev. W. E., " Nenagh," Thames 

Avenue, Whitby. [ Ditton, Surrey. 




H.M.A.S. Australia. — H.S.C., Chablms H. Nkwei l, 1 

H.M.A.S. New Zealand. - H.C.S.. Thomas A. East, Wri .0. 

Abbey, F. A., Second Lieutenant, North- 
umberland Fusiliers, E. Boldon. 

Ahimlla, Pte. J.. 3 057707, A. v .' . 

Abington, L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

Adams, Bombardi'-r A. J., 22nd Batl 
K.I - . A.. .M.l 

Adams, • 1. K.. S.S.M Is - Squad. 

Anzac M. Div., Egypt. 

•Adamson, Quartermaal - _ a\ II. . 
1 Coy., R.E., B.E.F. 

Adamson, J. F. A.. N.Z.E.F., N 

Fob, E 
Western Front, Egypt. 


Wellington Barrack- 3 imp, 

Salisbury Plain. 
Aiken. Trooper K.. No. 13/2289, Machine 
. Squadron, N. Z. i Brigade, 

. pt. 
AIKEN, Private \\\. No. 11 1288, Machine 
Gun Company, N.Z.E.F. 

Alcorn, R.M., M.0.,In iian Expeditionary 

Force, c/o India Office, S.W. 
Allen, Captain K. A. S., Canadian Bat- 
talion, Canadian Contingent, British 

Expeditionary Force. 
Alle.v, J. T. "(C.S.M.), Leicestershire 

Regiment. I _ 
Alley, E. G., ATb., H.M.S. Leviathan, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Anderson', A. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 

Lieutenant 11. X.. 1- 1 

.Scot- - lonika A: 

A-.: 2nd Lieutenant W., 1 Ith North- 

umberland Fusiliers, B.K.I'., i 
Abdbews, Rifleman A. E., No. 50 

Platoon, l*th King 

B.E.F., i 
Andrew s, « . I',.. ■ - 

Flying Coi : 
Ahja, J., — Battalion, Canadian Expe- 
ditionary Force, Caesar s Camp North, 

Annadale, Lieut. B., Royal Scots, Stobo 

Camp, Hawick, Scotland. 

Squadron, R.A.F.. " R " 

ton, Blandiord. 
Armstrong, G. (somewhere in Flanders). 
ABNOLD, 2nd Lieutenant F.. & Can. 

Div.. M.T. Coy., B.E.F., France. 
Arnold, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Arthur. 2nd Lieutenant G. B., r'raiglock- 

hart War Hospital, Edinh 
Arthur, Hugh, Officers' Mesa, Training 

Reserve Batt., Newcastle. 
Azzopardi, Private E.. No. J77 B, E. 

Supply Company, A.S B. E.F.. 

Salonika, Greece. 

70BD, F. J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

Edgar, '. , 1012916, 

C.F.l .. .'7: 
Aspinall. G. S., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Atkinson, Sergeant F. C, 11269, "C" 

Company, — Battalion, Shropshire 

Light Infantry. 
A v B line. 1' i .■ EL E.. 

D.A.D.K.T.A.r.".l..l . I.E.F. 
Avery, Lance-Corpl. L. \V., 55, R. Engi- 
neers, Australian Div., A.I.F. 
Ayee. S. II., St. No. 2 S., R.A.M.C. Army 

P.O., London. 
Backucrst, II., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Badger, Lance-Corporal R. M.. 351221, 
y.. 4th Batt. P. The 

Edinbui _ 
Bailey, Private W. J., No. 18025, 

R.A.M.C, West Mudros, Isle of 

Lemnos, c/o War Office. 
Parke. I". « .. H.M.s. Diamond, 

Admiralty. London. 
Baker, P. C," H.M.S. Grafton, c/o G.P.O., 

Baldwin, W. 1... H.M.S. New Zealand, 

G.P.O., London. 
Balfour, Lance-Corporal C, 2107, "D" 

Company, A.I.F. 
Ball, Second Lieutenant A., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Ballard, P., Veterinary Hospital, Sling 

Camp, Salisbury Plain. 
Bam brick. Lieutenant E. V., London Regt., 

Dartmouth, S. Devon. 


. !'. II.. 25th Ini intry P. it.. A.I.F., 

Barnes, Gunner F. S., 15994, R.A., No. 15 
Hut, No. 4, Park House Camp, 

!>.. 2nd . Royal 

Babson, Private G. F., 1505, Machine Gun 
Corps, A.I.F. 

I.. P.. H.M.A.S. 
G.P.O., l. 
Mr.. H.M.S., A Z ' nvl, 

'. .!'.«».. London. 
Bartlett, P., War Dept. Inspector, c/o 

R.E. Stores, Birmingham. 
Bai - J. II.. 107th Field Ainbu 

lance, B. K. I-'.. Fi i 
Bassham, Corporal R. H., 2680, A.A.S.C, 
Australian Division, Egypt. 

B. ' ».. 47th I.B.D 
Base Cam]'. 
Batchelob, Corporal A. L., N.Z. Mounted 
Rifles, N.Z.E. Force, Bornchurch, N.Z. 
Military Camp. 



Batt, W. H., No. 6342, South African 

Royal Engineers, c/o G.P.O. Lon- 
Batten, C, R.N.R.T., H.M. Motor Launch 

509, c o G.P.O. London. 
Batterburo, J., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Baxter Lieutenant • '. \V. I.M.S., Aden. 
Beamish, Captain R. L., 3/4 K.A.R. Lindi 

Column. < i. E. Africa. 
Beardall, J., X". 5 .Miss, H.M.S. Sirius, 

v ii <;. P.( ).. London. 
Beasley, W. H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Beatson, Captain B. F., I.S.M.D., Aden. 
Beaton, Sapper J., 16120, Field Engineers, 

Beattie, Private W. S., A.I.F. Head- 
quarters, Eorseferry Road, London. 
Bell, Sergeant F. F., "D" Coy., 116th 

Batt., Can. Infy.. Witley, Surrey. 
Bell, Lieutenant J. R., 69th Squadron, 

R.F.C., France. 
Bell, Lieutenant T. M., 25 Canadian Inf. 

Batt., B.E.F., France, 
Bellia, H. A., 11th M.M.G. By., B.E.F. 

Belsey, E. J., Royal Sussex Regiment, 

BENNETT, Trooper J. H.. 1st King Edward's 

Horse, Labour Corps Station. G.H.A., 

3rd Echelon, B.E.F. 
Bennett, .Miss R., 57, General Hospital, 

B.E.F., France. 
Bensley, Corporal E., No. 2699, Camp 21, 

Lark Hill, Salisbury. 
Bent, Lieutenant H. V., 8th Middlesex 

Regt., Ivat Lines, Chatham. 
Berland, R. P., Canadian Expeditionary 

Bernard, Lieutenant V. D., " A " Coy., 

Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 
Berry, Private G. E., 718463, " C " Coy. 

L07th Batt., C.E.F., Witley ('amp. 

Berwick, R. C, Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Bessey, A., Mess 6, H.M.S. Rattlesnake, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Betteridge, Corporal F. H., 02934, 55th 

Coy.. A.O.C., Basrah, Mesopotamia 

Expeditionary Force. 
Biles, Private S. D., 282148, "C." Coy., 

R.H.C., B.E.F.. France. 
Bingle, Captain T., Canadian Infantry, 

Canadian A. P.O. 
Birchard, E. R., Machine Gun Battery, 

C.E. Forces, Shorncliffe, Kent. 
Blackett, Private J. E., 83615, R.A.M.C, 

L. G. Hospital, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Blackford. F. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O.. London. 
Blackmobe, A.. E.M.S. New Zealand 

c o G.P.O.. London. 
Blackwood, Captain R. E., 3rd, attd. 12th 

Batt.. Royal Scots, B.E.F. 
Blakiston, Rev. B. R., H.M.S. Maidstone, 

Submarine Depot, e/o G.P.O. 

Blease, Corporal W., No. 06048, A.O.C., 

c/o D.O.S., G.H.Q., M.E.F., Bagh- 
Block, J. S., c/o C. Gallop, H.M.A.S. 

Melbourne, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Blumson, J., 22 Mess, H.M.S. Leviathan, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Blundex, Sapper J. W., W.R., 60217H, R. ]•;., 

Stonar < 'amp. Sandwich. 
BoaRdman, Cadet P. M., No. 82. 130 Room, 

8 A Billet, No. 8. R.A.F., Hamp- 

Bond, C. S., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Bousfield, Arthur, H.M.T. Valhalla 1796, 

c/o G.P.O,. London. 
Borrowes, H., Canadian Expeditionary 

Bo v, ell, A. F., Hired Transport B2806, 

c/o G.P.O,, London. 
Botes, A. B., No. 64, R.A.M.C, S.A.N.L.C, 

A.P.O., London. 
Bower, A. de C, Jnr., H.M.S. Moldavia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Bowles, Lieutenant J. H., 2r>th Roj'al 

Fusiliers, att. 5th Batt.. Dover. 
Bows, Private \V., No. 1625, 3rd L. H. 

Regt., 1st L. H. Brigade, Egypt. 
Boxall, C, H.M.S. Undenting, c/o G.P.O., 

Brabyn V. A. (L.S.) H.M.S. Inflexible, 

c o G.P.O., London. 
Brackenidoe, H. M., Canadian Expedi- 
tionary Force. 
Bradford. H. C. P.. 3rd, att. 4th, Royal 

Sussex Regt., E.E.F. 
Brandt, A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Bkaxwhite, Lieutenant H.. No. 1. Horsi 

Transport Depot, Park Royal, N.YV. 
Breadun, Gnr. L. H. M., No. 342818, 1st 

C.D.A.C, C.F.A., France. 
Bresdon, Gunner L. H., No. 342818, 

C.D.A.C, C.F.A., France. 
Brennan, T. E., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Brennock, W. T.. c/o D.A.D.O.S., Aust. 

I lorps Troops, Fiance. 
BREWSTER, 2nd Lieutenant R. G., 7th 

South Irish Horse Battalion, Royal 

Irish Regt., B.E.F. 
Bricker, I., "C" Section, No. — Field 
Ambulance Division, Canadian Expe- 
ditionary Force. 
Bridger, Private, 62105, 6th (F.S.) Corn 

Batt., W.F. Citadel, Cairo. Egypt. 

Bridle, Alfred, H.M.S. New ken/anil, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
BRIGGS, Sapper D. B., No. 507846, W 

i: D.W.T., R.E., A. P.O. 2, British 

E.F., France. 
Bright. Hugh M., H.M.S. Underwing, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Brisland, Miss N.. W.A.A.C, Unit I., 

att. A.P.C. Branch Clearing House, 

A.P.O., Section 38, B.E.F., France. 
Broad, S., H.M-A.B. Lama, c/o G.P.O., 

London. . 




Brooke, Major Alan, D.S.O., Staff Officer, 

R.A., Ca nadian ( torps, Headquarl era, 
Brooke, Clai d C, I', wr, Mo. 2 Wing, 

K.X.A.S.. G. Squadron, British .1 

Squadron, >■ ■> '■.!'.<>.. London. 
Brooki r, Sapper II.. N.Z. Enginei rs' I 1 ' pot, 

Bosi ombe, Hants. 
♦Broome, Commander, R.N., H.M.S. 

Fori' is, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Broome, Private J. \V. E., 10 list Hutu. 

A.I.F. I',m 
Bros rEi at A. C. " B > loj . l-i 

l: .1.. Lsl S. A. Infantry, Army P.O., 

I. Ion. 

.. 2nd Lieutenant T. D. !'•.. :'. I 

Coy., C.L.C., LP.O., 3, B.E.F., France-. 
Brown, A. F. C, Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Bi WN, - ipper C, X... 13062, 58th A. W. 

Toy.. R.E., A.P.O. I. B.E.F., France. 
Brown, Lieut. I'. 1... II.. MS. Mauretania, 

c/o G.P.< >.. London. 
Brown, G. II.. 825 P.P.C.L.I., Canadian 

Expeditionary Force, i'i it 
Browne, A. E., Clearing Hospital, Indian 

Expeditionary I'urcc. 
Browne, Drivi r B.W., 268, Aust. M.T. I oy., 

A. I. 1'.. I 
Brownhill, 1'. \\, 14, Lansdown Square, 

Rosherville, ( Iravesend. 
Brom mm.. ! II.. No. 9206, Pioi 

., 2nd E. Yorks, 83rd Brigade, 
I (ivision, Salonica Forces, E. E. 
Bruce, R., N.Z. Signalling Corps, Sling 

('amp, Salisbury Plains. 
Hruce, Second Lieutenant R, L., Halton 

Camp. Trinjr. 
Bri • i . Gunner W. 1'., 35200, XV.. I Batl 

i look I. 'ii- . H' > tesbury, Wilts. 
Bri m:v. i [/.. I.. II. E., Mess i' K.. R.A. 

Barracks, ' hal ham. 
Bryan, W. A., 5787, Austialian Infantry, 

No. 4 Camp, Fovant, Salisbury. 
Bryant, R. E.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
B mi w vn, R. M., H.M.S. Sit 

G I'.".. London. 
Buckingham, Frederick, Private, No. 

sf,ii:.T. X... .'!, Ambulance Train. 

Admiraltj Pier, I'" 

Lance-Corporal A.. 2 i "I.. 

J6 iforth MM -.. 18th LB.D., 

attd. lltli Entrenching Batt., B.E.F., 

Fra i 
•Buddlb, Captain C. B., O.I . No. 2 I 

A.S.C., B.E.F. 
Bunk all, A., c/o Sergt.-Major Carpenter, 

Canadian Contic I sbury Plain. 

BURDICK, J. M.. R.G. V \! 

Island \\ ■ t, Co. Cork, Ireland. 
Buroe, R. L., Royal Engineer Signal Depot, 
Advanci British Ea peditionary 

Burgess, F. D., Canadian Victoria Hospital 

Corps, ShorncliftV. 
Burr, C. I'.. No. It; Hut, l"th Reserve 

Battery, R.F.A., Bulford. 

Borrows, J. T., — Hussars, c/o Mr. Ring- 
rose, .Social Club, Grangetown, York- 
Burt, C, JI.M.A.S. Australia; c/o G.P.O., 

l'.i ii er, G. B., H.M.S. Opher, c o G.P.O., 

Butler, G. E., "C'Coy., — Batt., Witley 

Camp, Surrey. 
Butler, Private R. G. H., 204-184, — 

Battalion, East Sandling, Kent, 
hi ri!.!:. PrivateT. E. No. 272678,615 Coy. 

A.S.C., M.T., B. Block, No. I I. Cut 

i !a in p, K ilda re, 1 n la rid. 
Byers, Douglas, H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Cadig pper J. F., 3rd Field Coy., N.Z. 

Engini ei Fi rice. 
Cafpyn. F., H.M.T. Mashobra, 47, c/o 

G.P.O., Loudon. 
Cahusac, 2nd Lieutt nanl B. \\'.. 2ml Batt. 

i H i -mi Regl .. Salonica Armv. 

C urncross, A. ('.. i o Mrs. Bun hell, .'{. 

Bloom field i lr< aci nt, Km h. 
CAIRAS, Rev. F., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Callow, F. i:.. 16th Coy., A.S.C., 2nd 

Australian Division. 
Cameron, Lance-Corporal (!. X., No. 117, 

"D" Company; Austialian Pioneer 

Bait.. A.I.F. 
Cannisgton, H. W.. Infantry Battalion, 

New Zealand Expeditionary Force, o/o 

Rest Camp, Mudros, E. Lemnos. ( ; n 
Capenkk, II. W., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Capon, E. T.. "D" Squadron, Cavalry, 

Kildare, Ireland. 
Cari ess, Si rgeant, 3 3452, X.Z. Medical 

Corps, School of Army Sanitation, 

Alders ho t. 
Carmichael, Second Lieutenant E., 50 

Squadron R.A.F., Bekesl rne, Canter- 
bury, Kent. 
Carruthers, R.. 2141 Division, Cyclists 

Compan}', Canadian Expeditionary 

Case, Midshipman M. J., R.N., II. M. 

Trawlei oG.P.l >.. London. 

Casey, Gunner M. ■'.. 2557 185, I5| h Canadian 

Fi Id Artillery, A.P.O., London. 
'^azalet. Second Lieutenant P., lsl Sher- 
id Rangers Yeomanry, 3rd Reemnt. 
Cedervau., Private C. R.. 7279, A.P.C.. 5f>, 

Abbev Foregate, Shrewsbury. Salop. 
Challis, L. J., Canadian Expeditionary 

Chamberlain, Sapper I!., lltli Field Coy., 

t. Engineers, France. 
i', \V. K., No. 4.'5 Mess, H.M.S. 

Leviathan, c/o G.P.O., London. 
►Chambers, Captain B. M., R.N., H.M.S. 

Imperieuse, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Chandler, T. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

Chapman, Private H., 28316, West Yorks, 

— Company, 14th Platoon, B.E.F., 




ON ACTIVE SERVICE— confij; wed. 
Charge, Wilson-, Major J. A., D.S.O., 

Command Depot, Sutton Coldfield. 
Chenoweth, Captain F., 249th Batt., 

C.E. F., Army Post Office, London. 
Cheshire, Captain H. S., Xo. 9, Can. 

Stationary Hospital, France. 
Chester. R. V., H.M.S. New Zealand, 

o/o G.P.O., London. 
Chibnall, A. B., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Christensen, C, H.M.A.S. Swan, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Christie, 2nd Lieutenant W. O., c/o D. 

Ogg, Esq, 7, Graham Place, Carnoustie. 
Clapton, E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Clark, P. J., "C." Company, S.A. Infantry, 

Clarke, X. A.. S. and T. Corps. Aden. 
Clear, Lance-Corporal B., Xo. 07241, 

c/o D.O.S., G.H.Q., .Mesopotamia 

Expeditionary Force, A. 0. Corps. 
Cliff, Private X. D., A.D.M.S., Substaff, 

Bramshott Camp, Hants. 
Clow, V., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Cluoas, L. W., S.A. Infantry, Borden, 

Cockey Lieutenant C. E. E., 2nd Batt. 

Gloucestershire Regt.. Salonica Forces. 
Coldwell, C. W., 2nd Air Mech., R.F.C., 

B.E.F., France. 
Cole. Private F. S., No. 4071, M.T.A.S. 

Corps, British Expeditionary Force. 
♦Colgate, Lient.-Col. If., R.A.M.C, Hemp- 
stead, -. Seaside Road, Eastbourne. 
Collier, Wm., H.M.S. Dido, 3rd Flotilla, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Colling, Flighl Cadet J., 40546, R.A.F., 

Roehamriton, S.W. 15. 
Collinge, Cadet B., No. 14232, A.V.I ., 

e/o 43, Stationary Hospital, Kantara, 

Collins, 2nd Lieutenant H. J., 1st Batt. 

Royal Warwickshire Regt., att. 2nd 

Gloucesters, Salonica Army. 
Collins, W. G., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Collyer, 2nd Lieutenant H. J., 2nd Batt. 

Gloucestershire Regt., Salonica Army. 
Colwell, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Comins, P. R., V.D., Officers' Mess, Austra- 
lian Imperial Expeditionary Force. 
Comptou, Seaman \V. I-'.. Mess 4, Fort 

Charlotte, Lerwick. 
Connell, R. P., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Conton, Private W. M., 207, Australian 

Field Artillery. 
Cook, Sub-Lieutenant A. M., Royal Naval 

Division, Crvstal Palace, S.E. 
Cook, Flight-Sergeant, R. C, 2106, No. 1. 

A.S.D., Repair Park, Royal Air Force, 

B.E.F., France. 
Cook, W. H., 16th Platoon Rhodesians, 

" D " Company, King's Royal Rifles, 

British Expeditionary Force, France. 

♦Coombes, N. G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Cooper, G., Mess 8, H.M.S. Philomel, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Cooper, H.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Cooper, Gunner F. H., 2150, Headquarters 

Staff, 1st S.A.F.A. Brigade, A.P.O., 

Alexandria, Egypt. 
Cooper, Sergeant W. J., 1509, " C " Coy., 

Pioneer Batt., Australian Division, 

Copeland, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Copnall, Sapper B. E„ 458063, c/o D.L.R., 

A.P.O., S. 33, B.E.F., France. 
*Coppock, Lieutenant R, G, H.M.T. 

Micado, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Copsey, W. C, Officers' Std. II., H.M.S. 

New Zealand, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Corder, Miss G., c/o 81st General Hospital, 

Cordery, Private W. H., M.T., A.S.C., 

B.E.F., France. 
Corlett, D. S.. S. and T. Corps. Aden. 
Cornford, Private H. G., 901, Pioneer 

Batt., Australian Div., France. 
Cosham, A., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Cosham, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., Loudon. 
Cottreel, Commander W. H., R.N.V.R., 

H.M.S. Europu, c/o G.P.O. London. 
Covington, C. K., Inns of Court O.T.C., 

c/o Y.M.C.A. O.T.C. Club, Berk- 

hamsted, Herts. 
Coward, R. J., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Cowdray, Cunner C. F.. Xo. 154880, D68 

Brigade, R.F.A., Salonica Field, Force. 
Cowey, R. O., St. Gabriel's Hospital 

Camberwell, S.E. 
Cowper, W. H. G., No. 45 Mess, H.M.S. 

Leviathan, c/o G.P.O., London. 
CRABB, Cunner ('. F., H.M.A.S. Australia, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Craig, Second Lieutenant A. D. Knott, 

R.F.C., B.E.F., France. 
Craig, Second Lieutenant R. C, Royal 

Naval Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Craske, E. R., S. and T." Corps, Aden. 
Crawford, Private A. J. W., Xo. 536, 

Second Squadron. Australian Flying 

Corps, Australian Imperial Forces. 

utov. A. C. Torpedo Boat Xo. 4, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Critchley, J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O. London. 
Croll, Cadet E. P. (28265), " A " Flight, 

"B" Squadron, No. G, S.M.A., Royal 

Air Force. Bristol. 
Crompton, Gunner J. B. C, No. 98385, 

R.G.A., Malta. 
Cronyn, Lieutenant R. H., R.F.C., c/o Bank 

of Montreal, 9, Waterloo Place, 

Croom. J., Mess 34, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 



ON ACTIVE SERVICE-conr*i«e<*. 
Croi ptain X. II.. No. LO, Ordnance 

Depot, B.E.F., France. 
Cbooch, G. T., II. M. Submarine El. 

G.P.O., London. 

Cudmokk. Private F. A.. o Union Bank 

of Australia, Ltd.. 71, Cornhill, E.C. 3. 

Cumminq, Private I!.. No. 04218, c o D.O.S., 

<i.HA,».. Mesopotamia Expeditionary 

Force, A.O. 

Cublbtt, Privj J. \\\, .".ili Austr. Light 

Borse Field Ambulanc . Palesl ine. 
Currie, \V. \Y.. Canadian Army Pay Corps, 

Millbank, Westminster. 
Curtis, J. H.M. A.S. Australia, o/o G.P.O. 

Curtis. Private L., 184010, D. Coy., L9th, C.E.P. 
Dady, Corpora] F.. 12th Coy., A.O.C., 

3 .loniea Forces, Salonica. 
Da on all. Corporal H. W., Can. Division, 

Dale, T. W., King Edward's Horse, Win ton 

Garage, Watford. Herts. 
Dalrvmple, Sapper W. X., 89248, R.E., 

Dai/ton, Sergeanl A., S i. No. 061225, 
2_' Long Communication Supply Co. 
Egyptian Expeditionary Force. 
Daltom.M., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Dansie, R. W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/c 

G.P.O., London. 
Dahvebs, Private C. H. D., 2nd Arl 

Bifles O.T.C., " C" Coy.. Hut 5, Hare 
Hall Camp, Romford, Es 
Dashwood, I.. H.M.S. Spinet, S.N.O., 

Davenport, D. A., Royal Sussex Regi- 
ment, Swan Hotel, Southwold, Suf- 
Davey, L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o O.P.O. 
Davidsou, Sapper R. T„ No. 272838, Main- 
tenance Department, R.O.D., R.E., 
E. E. F. 
Davibs, D., 28th Coy., R. VM.f.. Military 

Hospital, Gibral 
•Davibs, II. E., S.P.O., H.M.A.S. A itralia, 

G.P.O., L Ion. 

Davis, G. E., Sect. 1, Coy. 5, Pennington 

Camp, Lee. 
Davis, 11. A.. 8.A. Horse, c/o Field P.O., 

Kilindine, B.E.F. 
\>\-.\ es, Lieutenant II. B., R.N.V.R., R.N, 

Ban -. Shotley, Ham ich. 
Dawson, W. S., Canadian Expeditionary 

Dw Sapper E. C. 211 19, N.Z. Eng. U 

Christchurch, Hants. 
Dennet, Private B., " B '' Companv, 

89th Ban:. C.E.F. 
Denson. F., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Dewar, F. J., Headquarters Staff, South 
African Infantry, Army P.O., London. 
Dillon, \\\, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Dimwoodie. S. u No. 1 Coy., 16th R, 
Rifles, B. F.F., France. 

Melbourne, c/o 

B., 38th Field Co., 

<:., U.N.R., H.M.T. 

36252, X.Z. Base 

Diprosb, A., H.M.A.S. 

G.P.O., London. 
Dobbin, C. P., 33 Mess, H.M.A.S. 

o/o G.P.O., London. 
Dobbin, Captain G. L.. Gn aade Company, 

14th Battalion R.M.R., Canadian 

Expeditionary Force. 
Docker, Private P. W.. 4986, c/o Miss 

Docker, 9, Oak Villas, Church Lane, 

Merton Park, S.W. 19. 
• Dodds, Lieutenant T. 

R.E., B.S.F. 
Dodman, Lieutenant A. 

Retako, c/o G.P.O. 
Dodson, Gunner W., No. 

Depot, London. 
Doe, Sergt. II. J., 2685, Halstead, Essex. 
Donaldson, Lance-Corporal J., 955, " C " 

Coy., Pioneer Batt., Australian 

Dohnely, Private J., 02825, 30th Coy., 

A.O.C., 0. \. Depot, Bagdad. 
Doneley, W. H., 53558, "D" Coy., 14th 

Platoon. 89th I'-att., C.E.F. 
Donnell, Corporal E. 0., No. 2, N.Z. 
ral Hospital, Walton-on-Thames, 

Dowdles, E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Downes, Major II. M.. Royal Colonial 

Institute, Northampton Avenue, 

Downes, S., H.M.A.S. Australia, Mess 30, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Dbady, J., l'.iln. 23rd Ordinance Workshop, 

i ' 
B, W. ('.. II. M.S. » ,,,!. c/o 

(i. I'.< >.. London. 
Drake, Captain E. S., Master b.b. Norman- 
die, IT:>. Habershon Street,. Cardiff. 
Dbaytok, Captain !■'.. :>lst Batt., A.l.F. 

Dbew, W. II.. H.M-S. Devonehire.c oG.P.O., 

Hi •< KWOBTH A. R., T. S.M.I).. Ad. n. 

Dudley, I. V., It. F. A., Lille Barrack, North 

Camp, Aldershot. 
Duiooan, Gunnei C. •'.. S.A.H.A., Stow- 

langtoft, Bury St. Edmunds, 
Doners. Lieutenant C. G. N., R.E., British 

Expeditionary Force. 
Dunlop, Lieut. -Coloni I R. W. L., Com 

mand — R.F.A., British Expeditionary 

Dunn, S., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Dunstaf, II. A.. 6th Batt. A.I.I"., France. 
Dttpbasi A., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

('..P.O., London. 
Duthie, H. E., Bramshott Camp, Liphook, 

Dyoe, Captain A G., E \ T. i o Staff- 
Captain, No. 5, Section, Aden. 
Dyer. Lieutenant S. H., Cavalry, West 

Barracks, Aldershot. 
Dyson. G. H., Of ' 'imp, 

A.P.O., 1. B.E.F., 



ON ACTIVE SERVICE— continued. 
Eachus, 2nd Lieutenant S. II. ('.. 28, 
G orges Street, Hemel Hempstead, 

Earls, F., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

East, Thomas A.. H.M.S. New '/.■■• 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Eastgate, H. S., c/o Medical Headquarters, 

11. Southampton Row, W.C. 1. 
Eastman. Private I-:. No. 348 " B" Coy. 

1st Batt. B.W.I.R., E.E.F. 
Easton, Captain E. C, H.L.I., B.E.F., 

Easton, W. B. (Trooper), 7/1459, Mounted 

Reinforcements, N.Z. Brigade. 
Edge, Private J., 1st N7Z Div., M.T. Coy., 

*Edgell, J. F., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Edwards, A. E., Royal Austr. Navj 

Mechanical Training School, R.N. 
Barracks. ( 'hat ham. 
Eggar Captain J. X. 1/5 East Surrey 

Regt., M.E.F. 
Elliott, Private J. B., 4/153 Batt. Sig- 
nallers,3rdC.I.B.,4th Brigade, N.Z. E.F. 
Ellis, 0., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Ellis, W. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
*Elwes, Captain L. B., Hants Carabineers 
292, Ana Employment Coy.. B.E.F., 
Emerson, J. H., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Emley, Private E. D., M.T.A.S.C, o/o Mrs. 
Horrocks, Salkeld Hall, Langwathby, 
R.S.O. Cumberland. 
Emley, Sub-Lieutenant F. G., R.N., c/o 
Mis. Horrocks, Salkeld Hall, Lang- 
wathiiy. R.S.O., Cumberland. 
Emley, Captain -II. I'... R.E., c/o i Mrs. 
Horrocks, Salkeld Hall, Langwathby, 
R.S.t '.. < to mberl i 
English, F. S., "C" Company, R.H. 

Regt., C.E.F. 
*F.v\-.s. ( apt. H. II.. co R.F.. ].">tli A.M. 

Coy., R.E., A.P.O. 3. B.F.F. 
Evans, Private H., P.P.C.L.I., c/o Officers' 

Mess, E. Sandling, Kent. 
Evans, Cadet W. F., Cadet Squadron, The 

Barracks, Kildare, Ireland. 
Everett, A. J., -No. 279798, 111th Coy., 
8th Batt. Cat;. Ry. Troops Engineers, 
Army P.O., London. 
Ewan, Lieutenant D. 0., 24th Canadians, 

Fairley, J. W., Office of Chief Political 

Officer, Basra, Indian F. F. " D." 
Farmer, Private A., Sig. Sec, 71st Batt. 

C.E.F.. c/o Army P.O., London.- 
Farmer, Private E., Signalling Section, 
71st Batt., Canadian Expeditionary 
Force, c/o A. P.O., London. 
Farmer, Lieutenant \V. O, 16th (Yeo.) 

Batt., Devon Regt., E.E.F. 
Fasiiam. Lieutenant J. W., R.E., 3rd Corps 
Headquarters, B.E.F., France. 

Fasham, Second Lieutenant L. J., Royal 

Inniskilling Fusiliers. Salonica. 
Fauvel, B. E., McGill Hospital Corps, 

Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
Featherby, H. W„ H.M.S. A T < »■ Zealand, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Featherstone, G. M., H.M.A.S. Mel- 
bourne, Mess 25, c/o G.P.O., Lon- 
Fegan, Sergeant-Major D., King Edward's 

Horse, Duke of York's Headquarters. 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Fen wick. P. ('., R.A. Mess, Sheerm 
Ferguson, W. D., Y.M.C.A Hut, Grenwalk, 

Fewings, L. St. C, 14th East Surreys, 

Shattenden Farm Camp, Kent. 
Field, Private W., R.A.M.C. (T.), attd. 

Headquarters Staff, A.!). M.S., 48th 

S.M. Div., Italy. 
Finlayson, Sapper J., Railway Troops 

Dept., R.E., Salonica, M.E.F. 
i iMoiiE. Staff- Sergeant G., c/o Field 

P.O. 45, M.E.F. 
Firth, E. H., Oxford & Bucks. Light In- 
fantry, Fort Purbrook, Cosham, Hants. 
Fisher, Private H. F. B.. 52895, " C " Coy., 

1st Reserve Garr. Batt.. K.O.Y.L.I., 

Bere Island. Ireland. 
Fiske, Captain R. W., "H" Company, 

— Battalion, Canadian Contingent, 

Salisbury Plain. 
FitzGerald, Sergt. G., 3295, " A " Coy., 

47th Batt.. A.I.F., France. 
Fitzgerald, H. E.. W.R., Mess, H.M.S. 

Sirius, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Fitz-Gerald, Private T. L., 42nd Batt.. 

B.F.F.. Frahce. 
Fleming, D. B. L., H.M.A.S., Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Fletcher, Private C. A., 13834, No. 6 

Platoon. " B " Coy.. 4th S.A.I., B.E.F., 

Fletcher, L. J., 35 Mess, H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Flinn, D. P., 9 Mess, H.M.S. Sirius, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Flitton, A. W., 9598, R.F.C., B.E.F. 
Foddy, Sergeant J.. No. 6938, 8th Co v.. 

A.O.C., Le Havre. B.E.F., Franc 
Folkard, W., R.N.A.S., Recreation 

Ground, Sheerness. 
Follis, H. C, Canadian Expeditionary 

Forbes, 2nd Lieut. W.C, 2nd London 

• ■cneral Hospital. 

Foster, D. R., 39th Batt., Canadian 
, Expeditionary Force, Caesar's Camp, 

North Shorncliffe, Kent. 
Foster, F. ('.. Lance-Corporal, 4/27a, N.Z. 

Engineers' Depot, Christchurch, Hants. 
Foster, Sergeant F. G., 220, 3rd L. H. 

Regt., 1st Aust. L. H! Brigade, Anzac 

Mounted Division, E.E.F. 
Fox, F. L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Frames, Lieutenant J., 15th Batt. A.I.F., 



ON ACTIVE SER\ ICE eo tinned. 
Fbasbb, Gunner A. M., Ii'th Aiim, F.A.B., 

A. 1. 1"., Fran 
Frost, H. W., S.A. Scottish. B.E.F. 
Futers, 2nd Lieutenant S. II.. Labour 

Coy., Basi l>. pot, A.P.O. 3, B.E.F. 
Fullerton, A., Roval Nival Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Gabriel, A. R., Mess 4. B.M.A.S. Aus- 
tralia, o/o (I. P.O., London. 
Gadd, P. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Gaetz, Private J. R., 183711. " B " Coy., 

h Batt., C.E.F. 
G ILBBAITH, Second Lieutenant P. F., I Itli 

Blaok Watch l I lumn, 

\ isaland Field I n E, 

GALBBAITH, Private F. P.,476854, 4th Coy., 

Canadian Ex. Force, Prance. 
Gallop, C, H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Ganb, Private G. B. .M.. No. 931371 
Lucerne, Salisbury r 

Fording Hants. 

Garbutt, J. A., S.A. Infantry, Bordon 

Garner, G. R. W., 96345, Hut 347, Wbrgret 

• 'amp. Wareham, Dorset. 
Gabbod, Rifleman F. W.. Chesnej Cotl 

Setch, King's Lynn. 
Gartrell, C, No. 33 Mess, H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o O.P.O., London. 
Gatbs, B. de B., Airship Station, Walney 

Island, Barrow-in-Furness. 
Gatbs, P.. Rifleman, No. l">. r >.",7. 1-t 

K.R.R.C., attd. 170 Tunnelling Co., 

B.E.F., Frai 
Geddes, J. G., 176th Coy., R.E., 

Gbmmbll, Private J., 20th Batt., C.E.F., 

Fi ance. 
Germain, Trooper C, 1249, " A " Squadron, 

Australian Light Horse. 
Gibbs, R. E., No. 8 Hut, " B" Company, 

No. — Officer Cadet Batt,, Cur- 

ragh. Ireland. 
Gibson, Major M., New Zealand General 

Hospital, Brockenhurst, Hants. 
Gibson, Stanton, Kith Corps Cyclist Batt., 

Salonica Foi 
Gibson, Majoi T., Headqu tth 

idian Labour Batt., Belgium. 
Gidi Sub-Condr. D., No. 5818, L2th 

* i '"\ .. A.i U '.. British Salonic I 

Gill, 1!.. 98, Battery, P. PA.. 1-t F.A.B., 

Gii.more, A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/oG. i' J K 
•Gilmoub, Corporal W.. No. 10 3886, 

so. Mertotj Hall Road, Wimbledon, 

S.W. 19. 
Gimson, L. B !. Loughborough, 

Gingbll, Gunner J. A.. No. 161, 74tli S 

Battery, South African Heavy Artillery, 

B.E.F., France. 
Glover, 2nd Lieutenant A. E., Goth Rifles, 

12, Witton Road, Muswell Hill. 

E. \.. H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
• . Private E. P.. No. 2330, 2nd S.A. I.. 

B. E.F., France. 
*( loDLBi . Lieutenant I ... I Sir Ai i\ - 

\ n dee (i . B., I\.i I.M.G. i. i lommanding 

2nd V Corp md New Zealand 

Ex pedil ii na rj Fi irci . Headq ua rtei s, 

2nd A i. rps. 

Godson, Major, O.C. 60th Batt., M. G. 

Corps, B.E.F. 
Goliohtly, W„ No. -, R.G.A., Cadet 

School, Maresfield Park, Uck- 

♦Goodall, Private 1)., 23137, "E" Coy., 

Hut 33, Cameron Highlanders, Inver- 

gardon, Ross-shire. 
Gobdon, C. N. (S.W.), H.M.A.S. Australia, 

c " G.P.t >.. London, 
Gordon, Driver W. W., 5191, Field Post 

Office, Australian Light Horse. 
Gow, Sergeant W. S. P., Headquarters 

Co., Canadian Reserves Bate- Seaford, 

Gowen, Lieutenant !.., Presideo of San 

Francisco, California, U.S.A., 63rd 

U.S. Enfantry. 
Gbabham, Private A. L., "A" Coy., 1st 

Batt., A.I.I'.. France. 
Geaci - ; ' A. R., 20830, 1st Canter- 

bury Coy., 1st llait.. 2nd Brigade, 

N.Z.E.F., France. 
!mniM, F. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

: P.O., London. 
Graham, Sub-Lieutenant R., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, S.E 

in II. <>.. Headquarters, 

ttli Canadian Labour Batt., Belgium. 
Grant. A., South African Overseas Con- 
tingent, Bordon Camp, Hants. 
•Gbant, O., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

t. Private W., 183519, " D " Coy., 

89th Batt., C.E.F. 
Geatham, H., " I " Block, Buller Barracks, 

Aldershot, Hants. 
Gray. C. W., I-i Canadian Division, 8th 

Batt. Wpg. 90th Rifles, Headquarters, 

Gebaves, Private B. W., 29323, No. I I 

I6$h Can. Scottish, B.E.F., France. 
Green. A.. H.M.A.S. Australia, o/o G.P.O., 

Green. H. S., 3id Pione irs, Canadians, 

Qeeen, P., No. 46 Mesa, KM. A.S.Australia, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 

IOD, Private A. S.. 152342. M.A.C., 
' . F. 
Gbbenwood, T., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

(J. P.m., London. 
Babbow-Geebn, E., Royal Naval Division, 
-til Palace, S.E. 
, A. < Iooper, I"' Mi •-. H.M.A.S. 

\ . u • Itli . C G.P.O., London. 

. Chiel I 5. C. A., H.M.T. 

Port Victor, l-':i, Carlton Road, Kirkby, 
Lowestoft . 



ON ACTIVE SERVICE -co >tinued. 
Griggs, Lieutenant T. J., R.A.M.C, 21st 

Field Ambulance, Italian Expedi- 
tionary Force. 
Griffiths, C, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Grisken, Cadet C, Artists Rifles O.T.C., 

Hare Hall Camp," Romford, Essex. 
Groth, L. R., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Gruitt, J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Gudgeon, S. C, R.Q.M.S. Canadians, 

Lower St. Martin's Plain, Sliorncliffe, 
*Hackett, C. E., H.M.A.S. Intrepid, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Hadida, Lieutenant P. H., 2nd Batt. 

Gloucester Regt., Salonica Forces. 
Hadley, C. H.. H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Haines. V. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G P.O., London. 
Hale, G., Ward 34b, Surgical 

Royal Victoria Hospital, 

Hall. Private C. H. M., 225374. 5th Coy., 
c/o Headquarters, Bromley, 




M.T.A.S C 
Hall, 2nd Air Mechanic H. J., 

21s ",T" Squadron, R.A.F., 

*Hall, Colonel R. H. Clark, 

Furious, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Hall, R. J., 2519 O.N., c/o Admiralty, 

Hall, 2nd Lieutenant T. H., 66 Coy., C.L.C., 

B.E.F., France. 
Hall, Corporal W. H., B. 263 Bde., R.F.A., 

Halliwell, Private B., Xo. 011779, c/o 

D.O.S., G.H.Q., Mesopotamia Expedi- 
tionary Force, A.O. Corps. 
Hamilton, F. S., Training Depot, C.A.S.C. 

Hamilton. Major J., Australian Divisional 

Ammunition, Sub Park, B.E.F., France. 
Hamilton, Lieutenant J. I., 2nd Batt. 

Gloucestershire Regt., Salonica Army. 
Hancock. Sub-Lieutenant S. P., Royal 

Naval Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Hand. Conductor J. S., 5957, A.O.C., c/o 

D.O.S., G.H.Q., Bagdad. 
Hanley. N. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Hannan, S. R., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Harbord, R. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O.. London.e. 
Harding, W. M., " A " Company, Cana- 
dians, Salisbury Plain 
Hardwicke, G. B., S. and T. Corps, Aden. 
Harland, H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Harper, P. R., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Harris, C, H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o G.P.O., 

Harris, Lieutenant H. W., R.G.A., 221, 
Siege Battery, B.E.F. 

Harris. Second Lieutenant R. H., Royal 

Munster Fusiliers, B.E.F. 
Harris. Second Lieutenant E. W., Duke of 

Wellington's Regiment, West Riding, 

Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 
Harris, T. N , Elswick Ordnance Dept. 

Equipment Yard, Walker-on-Tyne. 
Harrison, 2nd Lieutenant C. G., 1/4 

York & Lancashire Regt., B.E.F., 

Harrison, Gunner I. K.. 18676, Australian 

Div., Lark Hill, Salisbury Plain. 
Harrison, Lieutenant R., 2nd Batt., R.M.F, 

B.E.F., France. 
Harrison, Sapper W. E., Det. R.E., 

Salonica Forces. 
Harrower, Lieutenant R. H., Lord Strath- 

eona's Horse, Royal Canadians, B.E.F., 

Hart, H. E. M., R.A.F. (A.S.C.), A.C.S. 

Depot, Airship Station, Pulham-St.- 

Mary, Norfolk. 
Hartley, Private W. R., 385. Head- 
quarters, Australian Division, Egypt. 
Harvey, Gunner C. G., No. 50849, New 

Zealand Field Artillery, Reserve Depot, 

Ewshott Camp, Hants. 
Harvey. Sergeant J. H., 59435, M.G.S., 

Canadians, — Brigade, Canadian Con- 
tingent, c/o War Office. 
Harvey, Lance-Corporal K. B., " A " Coy. 

Inns of Court O.T.C., Berkham- 

*Hatherly, Captain L. O., Naval Base , 

♦Havers. Lieutenant P., Mess B., 15, Har-, 

rowby, Craneham. 
Hawke. Captain W. B., I.A.R., 3rd Sappers 

& Miners, 6th Engineers, Field Pk., 

Isthmus, Aden. 
Hawkins, Saxby-, J. F. B., Legion of 

Frontiersmen, 25 Batt., R.F., East 

African Ex. Force, G. E. Africa. 
Hawkins, W. J., 12 Coy., C.L.C., A.P.O., 

4 Sec, B.E.F., France. 
Hayden, CaDtain the Rev. H. A., Chaplain 

to H.M.' Forces, 12th Batt., A.I.T., 

Hayden, W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Haves, Gunner E. V., 29th Battery, 

8th Field Artillery Brigade, A.I.F., 

Hayes. R.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.Pi)., 

Hayman S. H. C. 6281, H.M.T. Orhogbo, 

Newhaven, Sussex. 
Hayward, W., 3rd Army Headquarters 

Signals, British Expeditionary Force, 

Headdey, Sergeant L. H., No. 3/1033, 

N.Z. Dental Corps, N.Z. Division, 

Heatley, Lance-Corporal R., No. 1458, 

2nd King Edward's Horse, B.E.F., 

Heeney, Captain T., Headquarters, 4th 
Canadian Labour Batt., Belgium. 


ON ACTIVE SERVICE— continued. 

M i bps, W.. H. M.I. Johannesburg, 1796, 

c/o II.M.T. YaU,;ll„ II.. G.P.O. 


i| i - - tain A. L.. 19th i ffos- 

l.l i I. AI"V1'l 

Ebmbes, J., H.M.A.S. Australia, cfo G.P.O. , 

Hemming, Lieutenant S. C. .R.G.A., R.A. 

Lea E.F. 
Henderson, J. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, o/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Hendrickson, F., H.M.A.S. Australia, o/o 

C.V.O., London. 
Henley. L ince-Corporal C. J., 23/778, New 

Zealand (R.) B.. &.E.F. 
Hewitt. Lieutenant C. E., Machine Gun 

Centre, Harrowloy Camp. Grantham. 
Hewitt, G. H., Royal Naval Division. 

Crystal Palai e, S. E. 
HlOKNOTT. IX. 1st Battalion Roval Irish, 

British Expeditionary Force, Fran 
iln i.m \ iral II.. " B " Squa 

Ith Regt., S.A.M.R., Albrechts, South- 
W'csr Africa. 
Bills, Major A. E., 1 5 Batt. R.W.K. I 

Hind, I. F., No. 10 - iu Iron; R.F.C., 

B.E.F., France. 
II ink. R. A.. 3030405, • B ' I h Res. 

Batt., Hut 3/30, C.E.F., \V. Sandling, 
Ki iit. 
Hipkiss, Private A.. No. 137084, l 2 S.M. 
Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C., B.E.F., 

Hodge. Driver S. G., M2 113689, A.S.C., 
M.T., 5th Light '. d Motoi 

tery, B.E.A.E. Force. 
HODOINS, II. A., "C" Company, Light 

Infantry, Bordon, Hants. 
Hodgson, K., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O. , London. 
• Hodson, Rev. R. \'., H.M.S. V Zealand, 

c/o ( '. P.I >.. London. 
Iloi.y. \\'.. Driver, I I Warwickshire Heavy 

tery, R.G.A., I.E.F.- 
Hoqbbi , £ it H. 0„ ith Divl, Signal 

. R.E.., B.E.F., France. 
Hooe. J. C, Infantry Brigade, Australian 

Div. Brigade, France. 
Hooe, Private J. EL, Australian Light Horse 
Field Ambulance, Australian .Military 
Office, S.W. 
Hooe. Corporal P. A.. 3579, "C" Coy., 8th 
,ning Batt.. Hardest Camp, Salis- 
Holdsworth, If. S., c/o E. African Med. 

rici . A.B.O., B. E. Aft 
Holland, Sub-Lieutenant L. J., Royal 

Naval Division, Crystal Palace, S.K. 
Holland, F. A., Petrol Section, M.T.A.S.C, 

Hollowav, Signaller C. A.. 53926, R g. 
Quartermaster, Can. Pay Office, Mil- 
bank. S.W. 1. 
Holman, \\\, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O.. London'. 
Holmes. \V.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

Holt, Sapper J., No. I -17a, 1st Field Coy., 
New Zealand Engineers N.Z.E, Depot, 
Christchurch, Hani . 
Homes, Sapper C. II.. 1964, 2nd Aust. 
Light Railway Operating Division, 
HONEYBTJNN, \V., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Honnbysett, H., No. 4 Platoon, "A" 
Company, South African Infantry, c/o 
Director of Records, 32, Victoria Street, 
II ml II. II., att. New Zea- 

land Engineers' Depot, Christchurch, 
Hopkins, W. F., C.M.B. Base, 37 Mess, 

c/o Mail Officer, Dover. 
Hopkinson, II.. H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

2nd Lieutenant H. P., c/o Mrs. 
R. F. Hoskyn, 48, Westwood Road, 
Si aithampton. 
Howarth, Walton, 7 Mess, H.M.S. Marl- 
borough, c/o G.P.O., London. 
HuBBAED, Lieutenant A. G., Napier Bar- 
racks, Canadian Training School, 
Hudd, Lieutenant F., 198th Battn., C.E.F. 
Hughes, Private A. B. A., No. 696603, 
•■ E "' Coy., 21st Alberta R serve Batt., 

i Dap. 

[Es, Gunner W. J., i o 5T.MX!.A. Hut, 

Bovington Caj .1 Dorset . 

Trooper A. C, " C Squadron, 

• Shar] ■ ' Ion, Norwich. 

Humphrey, C, II. M.S. Philomel, e/o G.P.O., 

Hunt, Private A.. 956 Co., M..S.A.S.C. 

E.E.F., Palestine. 
Hunt, Private W., 183623, 89th Battn.. 
I . E. F. 

uant D., R.N.R., II. M. Ex- 
amination Officer, Calafrona Bay, 
Hunter, Corporal A.. London Regt., 
gbridge Deverill, Warminster, 
Hunter, A. (!., "B" Company, Hut 17, 
Camp 12, Longbridgo Deverill War- 
minster, Wilts. 
II. ■ E. C, y.M.C.A., Base P.O. 

ra, M.E.F. 
HUTOHENS, 11. ('., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
IIutchins, Sergeant F. C, 887, " C" Coy., 
Pioneer Batt., Australian Division, 

Captain T. *'•., c/o Mee 
Co., Li '• erpool. 
Hutton, A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

ID de, G. W. W. R., 287854. R.O.D., R.E., 

E. E. F. 
Hyde. Lieutenant II. T., Horsesand Fort, 

Spithead Defences, Portsmouth. H. W., 70160, C.C., B.E.F., Army 

P.O., London. 
Ingram, <!. E., S. and T. Corps, Aden. 



ON ACTIVE SERVICE -continued. 
Inman, E. H.. Cadet, R.H.A., Ordnance 

Road, St. John's Wood. 
♦Iremonger, E. V., Woodcote Park Camp, 

Epsom, Surrey. 
Irving, L. C, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

Jack, W. C, Canadian Expeditionary 

Jackson, C. S.. No. 2, M. T. Cov.. A.I.F. 
Jackson, Private F. L., No. M.2/267062, 

A.S.C. (M.T.), Osterley Park, Middle- 
James. Sergeant F. L., No. 3 Coy., 1st Div. 

Train. A.S.C. 3 A.A.S.C. 
James, Sergeant, " D " Company, Training 

Batt., Perham Downs. 
Jarrett, W. J.. Canteen Manager, H.M.S. 

New Zealand, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Jay, 2nd Lieutenant S. ('.. 19th London 

Regt., 8th I.B.D.. France. 
Jebb, Major A., Overton, Bournemouth, 

Jeffery, Corporal Fred, X392. B. K.F.. 

S.A.N.L.C, France. 
Jenkins. Lance- Corporal H. G. E., No. 

023848. A.O.C.. c/o D.O.S., G.H.Q., 

M.E.F., Baghdad. ' 
Jenkins. Captain I). 1.. Master s.s. Bertrand, 

Brooklands, Llanon, Aberystwyth, 

Jennings, Captain S.. Headquarters, 4th 

Canatlian Labour Batt., Belgium. 
Jewell. L. H., Canadian Expeditionary 

Johnson, Private A. O. P., No. 19106, 

Itli Regt. (Scottish) 1st Brigade. 

S.A. Infantrv. 
Johnson, C, 319577. W.R., 60 Coy., Traffic 

Section. Saltpans. Sandwich. Kent. 
Johnson, CompanySergt. -Major P., Pioneer 

Batt., A.I.F., France. 
Johnson, Sergeant E. E., Res. Batt., 

Johnson. Major P. ('., 1st Pioneer Batt., 

A.I.F., France. 
Johnson. S. H., c/o H.M.A.S. Melhcurne, 

c/o G.P.O , London. 
Johnson, Sergeant T., l/3rd H.F. Amb., 

M.T., A.S.C, B.E.F., France 
Johnson, W. R., 319517 C, I.W., D.R.E., 

Xo. s. Works Coy., Saltpans, Sandwich, 

Johnston, Sergeant F., 2679, A.A.S.C, 

Australian Division. Egypt. 
Jolliiie. C. J. K.. 15197, " D" Coy., 3rd 

S.A. Infantry. B.E.F. 
Johnston. Private G., Inns of Court O.T.C 
Jones, Captain A. E., Headquarters, 4th 

Canadian Labour Batt.. Belgium. 
Jones, F. D., Lancashire Fusiliprs, Wim- 

borne, Dorset. 
Tones, H., Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
Jones, J. L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O.. London. 
♦Jones. Lieutenant J. W., 11th Hants. 

Pioneers, B.E.F. 
Jord\m, Miss R. ('., 32, Stationary Hos- 
pital, B.E.F., France. 

Josephs, Private R. J., 16/617 X.Z. 

Pioneers N.Z. E. F.. Frani i . 
Josland, Private S. C, 102876, 235 M.G.C., 

B.E.F., France. 
Julius, Corporal W. •!.. loth Batt., A.I.F. 
Jump, H, W. 
K \ney. Albert, H.M.S. New Zealand. 

e i G.P.O., London. 
Kay, Corporal A., 940, 4th London Field 

Cov.. R.E.. A. P.O.. S21, B.E.F. 
Kaye-Booth, A., No. 6 Mess, H.M.S. 

Rattlesnake, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Keck. Corporal W. R,, "M "Section, R.E., 

B.E.F., France. 
Keeling, Lieutenant G., R.F.A.. c/o Messrs, 

Cox X- Co., Charing Cross, W. C. 
Keen, L. G. W., Command Headquarters, 

Indian Expeditionary Force '' B," c/o 

War Office, London. 
Kempis, Lieutenant C H., c/o Rolls Royce, 

Ltd. Derbv. 
Kempthorne, Sergeant, Canadian Expedi- 
tionary Force, Caesar's Camp, Shorn- 

Kendall, Lieutenant T. L.. 2720. Hut 30. 

24 L. Rait.. R.F., Gidea Park ('imp. 

Kendrick, Lieutenant H. T.. R.E.. Mess, 

Rickborough Hall, Sandwich. Kent. 
Kendrick. F., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Kennelly, Private R. V., Royal Fusiliers, 

British Expeditionary Force. 
Kepert. Private V. R., 21 7 t. Ii'th Ratt. 

A.T.F.. Hut A, 32nd R. Co., Worgret 

I !a m p, Wareham, \'">i 
Kerr, W. R.. Xo. ".27881, 73rd Sanitary 

Section, Italian Expeditionary Force, 

Kerworth, E. C. 221 Ratt.. Shorncliffe 

( !a mp, Kent. 
Key. Sapper H. P., New Zealand Field 

Engineers N.Z.E.F. 

KlDSON, O. I... 79270, 10 Platoon, "C" 

Coy., 40, Reinforcement, X.Z. K.F. 
♦King, A. S!, H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

Kirby, E. H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O.. London. 
Kirby. Gunner W. A. R., X... 963, 75th 

Ratt. R.G.A., 3rd Corps Siege Park, 

B.E.F., Frame. 
Kleeberger, 0., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Knight, Lance-Corporal L., c/o Can. 

Stationery Service. 33, Or. Pulteney 

Street, W. 1. 
Knight, Private .S M.. 1856, 2nd Rhodesia 

Regt., Inkerman Barracks, Woking, 

Lai ey, T. II. Chaves-, iS12. " F" Coy., 

2nd Batt.. The Rifles Brigade, Fort 

William. Calcutta, India. ' 
Lagrow, Private P., 184228, " C " Com- 
pany, Canadian Machine Gun Depot, 

Crowborough Camp, Sussex. 
Lall, S., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 




Lamb, A. J. H., S.A.H.A., I'm 5, Summer- 
down Camp, A. l>i\.. Eastbourne. 
Lamont, E., 37 Mess. H.M.A.S. Australia, 

Lam PERT, 2nd Lieutenant J. H., 76th 

Coy. ' ''.hi ■-•■ Labour Corps, B.E.F., 
Landsberg, Major li. V.. O.C. Berks. 

Lani . Private II. I-'.. No. 3168, 17th 

LiNQDON, !'. II.. Ofl >k I.. B.M.S. 

New Z "i ■. I'.< '.. London. 

Lvsgham, H., 39th Battalion, Canadian 

Expeditionary Force. 
Lanktree, Sub-Lieutenant T. F., H.M.S. 

lolande, 0/0 6.P.O., Loudon. 
Larter, U. J.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

PBB, H. W., ii.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Laugiilin", F. A., Canadian Expeditionary 

Laughton, B., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Lawbt, Dr. J. L., General Hospital, B.E.F., 

Lawson, Captain, Strand Imperial Hotel, 
British Expeditionary 

Lawson, \V. Pv., No. 15 Mess, H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Levcock, Sergeant-Major H. W., Canadian 

Contingent, Div. Artillery, Artillery 

Brigade, Ammunition Column, B.E.F. 
Leater, Sergeant W. G., No. 46475, R.A. 

Records, G.H.Q., British Salonica 

Lee, Corporal F. R , Aus. Div. M.T. I 

Lee, Lieut. J. G., R.A.M.C, c/o. Messrs. 

Holt & Co., 3, Whitehall Place, ; 

London, S. W. 
Lee. J. H., R.N.A.S., Baxton, Norfolk. 
Lick. I'm ite L. F. D., No. 12829, " R I 

2nd l!"L't.. Smith African 

B. E.F., Fran 
Lee, Driver S. S.. 23rd Howitzer Battery, 

C.F.A., B.E.F., Fran 
Leech, Driver A. J . 223870, R.H.A. Amu 

Artillery, B.E.F. 
Lego, A. \V.. Cadets' Mess, 256th Course, 

R.F.A., School of Gunnery, Shoebury- 

ni - 
Leet. L'nd Lieutenant A. G., H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o GA'. ( )., London. 
Leg ;i:rr, E. \V., Canadian Expeditionary 

Lewis, Lieutenant H. O., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, s. K. 
Lewis, Seoond Lieutenant W. A., R.F.A., 

Liddle, E. H., Canadian Expeditionary 

Liddicote, A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Liqhtheart, G., Canadian Expeditionary 

Force, West Sandling, Kent. 

l.iMM 1 . I'm i kte T. M., 291 I. 52nd Batt., 

A.I.F., n. A. Ser-ice. 
Lin do, Sei gi an! A. E., 1 5, Hi adquarters, 

3rd Ti aining Brigade, A. I . I'.. 1 lodford . 

Lindsay, Lieutenanl J. \V., R.A.M.C, 2, 

Windsor Road, < Ihorlej . Lanes. 
I.i 11 1 .!;. 2nd Lieutenanl E. S., 12th Batt. 

Rifle Brigade, France. 
Littlewood, J. W., H.M.S. Philomel, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
d, Corpora] S. W., 860034, 44th Batt., 

Can. Infantry, B.E.F., France. 
Lockie, Private A. A.. 16134, " W " Coy., 

X.Z. Command, Codford, Wilts. 
11.. Sapper X. ■!.. R.E., Signal Dumpt, 

5th Armj . B. E. F., Franci . 
Loder, I'., Royal Flying Corps, Railway 

Tavern, Sidcup, Knit. 
Lodge, J., Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
Logan, Private W. E., 3943, " A " Coy., 

16th Batt., 4th Brigade, Egypt. 
. Lieutenant A. J., 11th Batt. A.I.F., 

Long, S., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Long, W. F., H.M.S. Philomel, c/o G.P.O., 

Longbottom, Major W., I li'th Loyal North 

-. Regt., B. E. Force. 
Lonsdale, Sergeant II. E. ,5th K gt., S.A.M. 

Riflemen, Keemoes, Gordonia, B.B., 

Lord, A. E., Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
Lo\ eband, Trooper II. !'>.. 36637, 2 Batl 

K.I'.. A. A.. Heytesbury Camp, Wilts. 
Lovell, L. V., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Lowe, II.. H.M.S. New Zealand 1 '.'.P.O., 

Lowe, Private H. J., No. 2584, Railway 
Supply Detachment, Australian A.S.C., 

A.I.F., France. 
Lowen, Sapper S. B., W.K., 12075, K.K.. 

C.L.R.O., 22nd Corps, B.E.F., France. 

Lowbt, L'irl Lieutenanl II. W.m.. 78th Coy., 

Chinese Labi . B.E.F., France, 

Lowry, Gunner O. C, No. 29309, D.A.C., 

A.I.F., France. 

i, Lieutenant J., 17th, K.I'"., B.E.F., 

Lucas, L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

" I.i ■ is, I.i. utenanl \\'., C.T.C., Solium, 

E. E. F. 

OMBE, I... F.C., Haiti 'ii I 

mp, Bucl 
Luxton, 2nd Lieutenant F. C, London 

Regt., Sutton Mandeville Camp, near 

Lynn. Captain II. R„ Headquarters, 1th 

idian Labour r>:itt., Belgium. 
Lyon, V. F., H.M.S. Dartmouth, c/o G.P.O., 

M icdonald, F. A., Canadian Expeditionary 

Maokaih, Lieutenaut H. F., R.F.C., 




ON ACTIVE SERVICE— continued. 
Mackenzie, Staff Sergeant-Major C. P., 
Headquarters, Anzac Mounted Division, 
Egyptian Ex. Force. 
Mackenzie, Sergeant M. L., No. 14660, 

Australian Field Artillery, 1st A.A.S.P.. 

Macklin, D., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Mact.arty, Private A.. No. 4327.".. R.A.M.C., 

31st British Stationary Hospital, 

I.E.F.D., c/o G.P.O., London. 
MacLeod, Lieutenant D., 1st King's 

African Rifles, Zomba, Nyasaland, 

MacNetll. J. A., Telegraphist, H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Macpherson, R., A.I.F., P.O., Horseferry 

Road, London, S.W. 
Macrae, Major I. M., I.M.S.. Aden. 
Magee, G. J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Malcolm Lieutenant K. N, 1st C.M.M.I., 

Brigade, B.E.F.. France. 
*Malet, 2nd Lieutenant H. R., R.G.A., 

Siege Battery, B.E.F., France. 
Maloney Bandsman D. H., H.M.S. New 

Zealand, c/o G.P.O.. London. 
Man-ague, M. J., A.B., Royal Navy, H.M.S. 

Vnd"rwin(t, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Mandell, A. J., A.B., H.M.S. Gazelle, c/o 

G.P.O., London 
Manning, W. K., H.M.S. Seaplane. Dover. 
Manson, D. A. R., No. 22175, Canadian 

Expeditionary Force. 
Manville, A. D.; 183577, "C" Coy., 31st 

Batt., C.E.F., France. 
Marca. V. C, c/o D.A.D.R.T., A.P.O., L.I., 

Markey, C. D., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Markey, G. E.., H.M.T. Benalla, c/o P. & O. 

Coy.. 32, Lime Street, London, E.C. 
Marriott, C, Lark Hill Camp, 16, Darring- 

ton, Salisbury Plain. 
Marshall, Lieutenant C. W., 40th Batt. 

Martin, Private A., No. 437194, l/2nd 

Soth. Mid. field Ambulance, 

R A.M.C.T., "B" Section. I.E.F. 
Martin, Private C. W., No. 28596. 870th 

A.S.C, 3rd Australian Divisional Train, 

Imperial Force. 
Martin, Captain C. W., D.S.O., c/o Elliott 

tSolicitor), East Parade. Leeds. 
Martin, H., " B " Coy., N.Z. Rein- 
Martin, R. C, Canadian Expeditionary 

Massey, Private H., No. 4833, 24th A.M.C. 

Coy., A.I.F., c/o Miss Massey, 21, Leith 

Mansions. Elgin Avenue, W.C. 
Matherel, M. C, Canadian Expeditionary 

Matheson, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Matson S., H.M.S. Defiance, c/o G.P.O., 


Matthews, F., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

Matthews, Private H. W., Royal Fusiliers, 

Salonica Forces, c/o G.P.O. 
Maynard, Rapper W. C. No. 202039, 

295th Railway Coy., R.F., B.E.F., 

May, Captain Len, 1st Aust. Gen. Hospital, 

A.I.F., France. 
Mayne, Sub- Lieutenant F., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
McAffee, W., c/o Headquarters "Syren," 

North Russian Ex. Force, c/o G.P.O., 

McAULirrE, Private D., 18th Canadian 

Res. Batt,, No. 6 Coy., Dibgate Camp, 

Shorn cliff e, Kent. 
McCulloch. Signaller S. G., A.F.A. Brigade, 

B.A.C., 15 Camp, Larkhill, Salisbury 

McDonnell, E. J., 14th Mess, H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
McDuff, Sergeant E. W., 3876, 6th Batt. 

A.I.F., France. 
Mi (Jarry, Gunner F., No. G. 1367, Lewis 

Gunners, "B" Coy., 1st Garr. Batt. 

Ro3'al Munster Fusiliers, Q.S. Rail- 
head, Italian Expeditionary Force 

MuGhee, Private J. E., 16, Liscard Road, 

Sefton Park, Liverpool. 
McGrath, J. P., Canadian Expeditionary 

McIlwraith, Private G., 184135, " C " 

Coy., Canadian E.F., Crowborough 

Camp, Sussex. 
McKenery, Lieutenant-Colonel J. \V. H., 

Headquarters, 4th Canadian Labour 

Batt., Belgium. 
McKenzie, Lieutenant C. P., New Zealand 

Records, Sub-Section, 3rd Echelon, 

E.E.F., Alexandria. 
McKernan, Private J., C.E.F. 
McLean, R., Australian Imperial Expedi- 
tionary Force, Monte Video Camp, 

Weymouth, Dorset. 
McLeod, Lieutenant E. F., Royal Naval 

College, Greenwich, S.E. 
McLeod, H., No. 9/447, Mounted Rifles, 

New Zealand Main Expeditionary 

Force, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Mc Math, Private J. F., 7776. 20th Rein- 
forcements, 16th Batt., 4th Brigade, 

McLeod, Sergeant T. J., 8260, S.A.S., 

B.E.F., France. 
McManus, Lieutenant D. T., Canadian Ex- 
peditionary Force. 
McNabb, R., Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
McQueen. Sergeant <^. M. P.., Sergeants' 

Mess, 2nd King Edware's Horse , 

Kilkenny, rleland. 
McPherson,' Gunner J., 158 M.G.C., E.E.F. , 

Mears, Corporal C. H., " B " Battery, 

302nd Brigade, R.F.A., E.E.F. 
Meath, C. W. E., Canadian Expeditionary 




ON ACTIVE SERVICE -continued. 

Meredith, E. \V.. H.M.A.S. Australia, o/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Meredith, W. H., E.R.A.. H.M.S. Electro, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Mermagen, Lieutenant H., c/o Mr. L. H. 
# Mermaeen, Cross House, Ilminster, 

Merrifeild, J. M., A.I.F.. France. 
Miss. Driver P. B., Canadian R.A., B.E.F, 
Metcalfe, R., Canadian Expeditionary 

Millar, E. A.. 10th B dian Railway 

Troop, B.E.F., Fran 
Millar, Staff Sergeant F. W., 2678, 

A.A.S.C, Australian Division, Egypt. 
Millar, Private J. i:.. U595, 8th Coy., 

1st Otago Battalion, G.P.O. 
Miller, Gunner Dave, 61st Battery, • . I'. A.. 

B. E. 1''.. Fran 
Miller, Private J. : Camerons, Attached 

Headquarters. Infantry Brigade, — 

Division, British Expeditionary Force. 
Miller, 2nd Lieutenant L.. A.C.C., Att. 

1". F.C., Brasenose College, Oxford. 
Mii.lward. A., ll.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Milne, J., "A" Company, South African 

Infantry, c/o Army P.O. 
Mills, Second Lieutenant F. J., 7, Spencer 

Road, Coventry. 
Minchinton, Private R. A., Xo. 474, 

Canadian Infantry Brigade Head 

quarters, Canadian Division, B.E.F., 

Mitchell. A. D., 8646, S.A. Inf., Army 

Post Office, London. 
Mitchell, Private J. B., Canadian R.A., 

Mitchell, R. II.. 464, 1st A.M.. Xo. 2 

Squadron. A.F.C., Fiance. 
Mitchell, Sapper \Y.. N.Z.E.. Depot.. 

Christchurch, Hants. 
♦MONTAGUE, Captain F. J. ().. 40, diaries 

Strict, Berkeley Square, \V. 1. 
Montana, Sergeant J., o/o Over-Seas Club, 

General Buildings, Aldwych. 
Montague, H., Blandford Camp, Dorset. 
Montfort, D. S., Wireless Telegraphist, 

ll.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Moore, Arthur, Halton Camp, Wendover, 

Moore, C. E., British Expeditionary Force. 
Moore, Gunner, 27242, 4th I! -inforcements, 

7<h F.A.D.. A.I.F. \l 
Moore, Thomas, H.M.s. \ 

G.P.O., London. 
Morgan, Captain B. E., Burma Infantry, 

I.E.F., " E," o/o India Office. London, 

Morgan, C, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O. , 

Morgan. J. W.. H.M.T. Johannesbura 

Valhalla II., c/o G.P.O., London. 
Mornement, Corporal C. W., Australian 

Hospital, Harefield, Middlesex. 
Mobbis, G. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 

M on, Sapper G. E. H., 320521, R.E., 

Inland Water Transport, Stonar Camp, 

Moss, Private G. H., "B" Coy.. Suffolk 

Rcgt., Holmes Schools, Doncastcr, 

MOSSOP, Private FRANK, 736792, C.C.T.O., 

I 'i ance. 
Mugglesworth, H.. King Edward's Horse, 

Cavalry Base, Rouen. France. 
Mugot.eton Private C. F. G.. 1SI72 

■• 1) " Gov. 2 22 London Regt.. E.E.F. 
Mm:. J. M., A.B., 3789, It. X.( '. V.R., 

R.N. Barracks, Devonport. 
Muik, M.. H.M.T. Bromelia, c/o G.P.O., 

Muir. W. T. M., H.M.S. Monarch, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
MULLINS, Private J., X... 10l'">. 3rd L.H. 

R gt., 1st L.H. Brigade, Egypt. 
MULLINS, Private R.. 20th Matt.. Canadians, 

•MuNDEY, Captain S. C. B., 1st Oxfordshire 

and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 

(Prisoner of War). 
Mi Mi". J. F.. S. and T. Corps. Aden. 
Murch, T. B., c/o American V.M.C.A.. 12, 

Rue Agossean, Paris, France. 
Murec, Sister, No. 2, X.Z. General Hos- 
pital, Walt"n -on -Thames. 
Murphy, M., H.M.S. Lord Nelson, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Murray, Captain G. F., Y.M.c.A.. Totten- 

ha in < louri Road, London. 
Murray, R. II., s. and T. Corps, Aden. 
Murray, Captain J. F. S.. No. l. Aust, 

Eospital, Harefiel.l Park, Harefield. 

Mil I dies J, 

Murrey- Walsh, Lieutenant-Colonel W., 
Jin! General Hat t. Royal Welsh Fusi- 
liers, Western Frontier Force Egypt. 

Musson, Sergeant <;. I'.. 3rd A. L.H. Regt., 
1st Light Horse Brigade, Egypt. 

Neel, Lieutenant F. E., Canadian Expedi- 
S. Martin's Plain, 

, c/o London City and 
Bennett's Hill, Bir- 


tionary Force, 

Neigh, Captain D. H 

Midland Bank, 

Nelsi in, Lane Coi poral C. G., 1117. 

Coy., 3rd Div., A.I.F. 

2nd Lit atenani S., 17i>th Tun- 
nelling Coy., R.E., B.E.F., France. 
Newbury, Quartermaster-Sergeant G.. 

Divisional Cyclist Company, Foxhall 

Heath, Ipswich. 
•Newell, C. H. (Ship's Steward), H.M.A.S. 

Australia, c/o G P.O., London. 
NeWHOUSE, Private W. A., A.S.C., M.T.. 

Ith Cavalry Division Supply Column, 

No. 2 Section, B.E.F., Fran,-. 
Newman, Captain G 

Employment ' !oy., 
X'lBLOCK, Lieutenant 

B.E.F.. France. 
Nicholls, Rifleman J. R., 54386, 1st Batt 

"B" Coy., 5th R. Batt., N.Z.R.B 

27th Reinforcements, N.Z.E. F. 

B., c o x 1 i Area 

S21, B.E.F., France. 

J., B.W.I. Regt., 




♦Nicholson, 2nd Lieutenant J. A., 1/5 

King's Li erpool Regt., B.E.F., France. 
Nightingale, A., Mess 2, H.M.A.S. Mel- 
bourne, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Xuruf.v. Cadel R. W., 2, Cavalry Cad 

Squad., Kildare, Ireland. 
Noethey, R. D., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London., Sapper A. J., R.E., B.E.F. 
O'Flynn, Captain E. D., Canadian E.F., 

Army Post Office. London. 
O'Keeffe, Private T.. att. C.R.E., N.Z. 

Division, B.E.F. 
Oram, Sapper C. W., No. 964, R.E., E.E.F., 

Orford, Corporal J. F. \\., S.A. Military 

Eospital, Richmond, Surrey. 
Osborne, Lieutenant ('., 1st Australian 

Pioneer Batt. A.I.F., France. 
O'Toole, H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Ovesen, Private A. J., 703373, Canadian 

Owen, H. J., H.M.A.S. Australia, e/o 

G.P.O., London. 
*0wen, W. H., Commander R.N.R.,H.M.S. 

Ombra, c/o G.P.O. 
Valentine-Owen, H. J., H.M.A.S. Aus- 
tralia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Painter, E. W., Canadian Expeditionary 

Palmer, H. V., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Palmer, J. C, Canadian Mounted Rifles, 

Royal Canadian G.M.S., c/o War Office. 
Palmer, J. L., Bramshott Camp, Liphook, 

Palmer, Lieutenant YV. A., 2nd Batt. 

Gloucestershire Regt., Salonica Army. 
Pamely, Corporal F., "A" Coy., 57th 

Batt.', C.E.F., Witley Camp, Surrey. 
Pantox, Lieutenant H. S. ('., 127th Field 

Coy.,, Salonica Forces. 
Parker, Lieut. T. H., Canadian E.F., 

Parki-s-, Private W.. No. !. C.V.H., B.E.F., 

Parry, Rifleman il. C, iM_!s22, 57th Div. 

Salvage Coy., B.E.F., France. 
Pari n er, Lii ul nanf A. II.. R.A.F., II. M. 

Seaplane Station. Cattewater, Ply- 

moul h. 

PASSAUHA, Lieutenant \V. li., I.S.M.D., 

Paterson, Sapper G., " D " Company, 

I.W.T., R.E., Sandwich Kent. 
Patfull, Sergeant G. F., Australian A.M.C. 
Patterson, Sergeant F. S., 2583Q, No. 2 
. Sih Can. Railway Transport, 

l'\s nk. Lieut' nanl L. .1. W .. 25th Batt. 

A.I. F., France. 
Peab b ant .1.. No. 0634 I. T'.». Sutt<m 

( 'unit, ( !hiswick. 
Pearse, A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Pearson, E. W„ 481, " B " Coy., A.I.F., 


Pellettier, L. E., Canadian Expeditionary 

Force, Caesar's Camp North, Shorn- 

Peppard, Private C, 183556, C.E.F. 
Perkam, Sub-Lieutenant 0. X.. R.X.O.R., 

Osborne, 38. Leicester Square, \Y. 

:y, Lance-Corporal T.. L>4(i. 14 Mess, 

R. Marines, H.M.S. Cormorant, e/o 

G. P.O:, London. 
Peryer, Sapper C. N., N.Z.E. Depdt, Christ- 
church, Hants. 
Peters, 2nd Lieut. A. B., R.F.C., co Cox 

& ( !o., < lharing ( Iross, W. 
Petterson, L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Phelps, Private C. J. M., c/o 6, Victoria 

Terrace, Leabrook. Kent. 
Philip, Rifleman H. A., K.R.R., Sheer- 

Philip, Rifleman J. W., 17552, K.R.R., 

Philipson, Gunner P., N.Z. Army Pay 

I'orps. 31, Bloomsbury Square, London. 
*I , iiji.i.i.\ior . Rear- Admiral Sir R. F, 

(K.C.M.G.), H.M.S. Rennlie, c/o G.P.O., 

Phillips, H. M., " C " Company, New 

Zealand Rifle Brigade. 
Pickering, Corporal W., S/3. No. 030820, 

19th Field Bakery. E.E.F. 
Pinkney. Second Lieutenant K. T., Durham 

Platt, F. I... 1st K.S.L.I., B.E.F., France. 
Pollard, Captain G. E. F., Anti-Gas School 

Pollard, W. A.. _' Rase Depot, A.S.c. 

(H. T. ,V S.). A.P.O., L.I.. I.E.F. 
Polxett. F. S. A... Royal Marine light 

Infantry. No 3*6 Mess, H.M &. Leviathan, 

c/o G.P.O. .London. 
Pollock, G. A., Royal Marine Artillery, 

Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth, Hants. 
Ponder, Lieutenant R. P., H.M. Drifter 

Guide on, c/o G.P.O. 
Poole, Miss A. R.. Base Hospital No. 19, 

Amer. Ex. Force, Vichy, France. 
Porter. J. William, 3rd Writer, R N. Bar- 
racks, Devonport. 
Potter Lieutenant S. H. 249th Overseas 

Batt. Army Post Office, London. 
Powell, E. C, King Edward's Horse, 

Curragh Camp, co. Kildare. 
Powell, Private N., Australian Infantry, 

Powell, Lieutenant Eric, Falgarth, Farrel] 
iioidy, Llandonenny, Carmarthen- 
shire, S. Wales. 
Powell, Mechanician W. R., H.M.S. Sirius, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Prevot, Lance-Corporal V. E., 535596, Red 
Hospital, Field Coy., R.I-:.. 

Pringle R. D. E. Xo. 3283, E.M. Section 

R.E., Kut Mesopotamia. 
Proi dlock, Lieutenant K. V., Oil. Pun- 
jabis, Aden. 
Puddicombe, Private F. G., 19/26th Batt., 

Rollestonc Camp, Salisbury Plain. 






I'ii brook, M \i.' olm, 51 7tli i Loudon) Fii Id 

c,.. i: i ■ . i..i;.i 
lman, * ':• ptain G. C, I 
Surrcj Regt., Aden. 
PoROELL, A.. .Mess 31, H.M.S. Cochrane, 

c/o G.P.t I., London. 
I'i reins, Captain F. C, H.M.T. //< n 

,■ o 1'.. I.S.N. Co., Bombay. 
Puttock, G., S. and T. i 
l; lkkik, Si i- i'u A . II.. Mile End Mil 

(I < • - j i i t a I . Banci I, S. 

B lnsos Lieuti aant E. \.. :'.. Older- 
fleet < our, Ire- 
Rawley, Lieutenant L. W.,R.F.A.,Salonica 

Rawlins, Lt.-Col. A. K. 

E.E.F., Egypt. 
1! v ■ D. C. 

Imli Coy., A.A.S.C., 
l)i\iMcn Train, A.I.F. 
Read, N. F., Private Xo. 5749, Reinforce- 
ments, A.I.F. 
deng, 2nd Lieutenant C, i' 
3 < tub. 
Reed, Corporal F., 122, Pioneer Batt., Aus- 
tralian Div., France. 
Reid, Second Lieutenant, Royal Naval 
Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 

pper J., No. Ird Fii Id 

Coy.. X.Z. E . B. E. I'. 

*1U< k. 2ml Lieutenant A. II.. 

Swithin's Lane, E.( '. 4. 
Richards, H. E., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Richards, • I Field 

New '/.> aland En 
Richardson, J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Richardson, N„ " D " Company, Nelson 
Battalion, Royal Naval Division, 
British Mediterranean Expeditionary 
Riddell, W. G., C.E.F., c/o Army Pay 

Office, Bramshott Camp, Hants. 
Riddick, Private L. C, Royal En{ 
Riddle, If. A., 6th Fii 1 I 
Ridley, L A. I... 

182, !. Coy., A.S.C., M.I . 
!'■. E. I'".. I 
RiGO, T., Section 3, Royal Engineers, British 

Expeditionary Force. 
Himington, Second Lieutenant G. L., 

Rinder, Private R. T., King Edward's 

Horse, Cavalry Base, Rouen, France. 
Rippingille, C, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Ritchie, J. D., Canadian Expeditionary 

Roberts, A. W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Roberts, Private H., King's Own Liverpool 

Roberts, L. M., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 
■ i. i.. 



I. in 





- /■ I'l ' in , 

■>l. (..I'.ll . 

ill I*' 

Depot . 



Robertson, D. H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 
G.P.O., London. 

Robj rtson, 2nd Lii uti na Qt T. A.. 1 7:! . 
Tunnelling Coy., R.E., B.E.F. 

Robertson, Lieutenant J. A. L.. c/o Thos. 
Cook & Son, Ludgate Circus, E.C. 

. Lieutenant I Trench 

Mortar Bal tery, Salonii a I 

I' - .. 1 17992, l.'.ili I 
Canadian Contingent, Fran 

Robinson, Sergeant P., R.G.A., B.E.F., 

Robinson, R. C. R., "A" Squad., Yeo- 
manry, E.E.F. 

Robson, Private A. E., 6082, Reinforce- 
ments, Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 

Rock. Gunner <>.. 27245, tth Reinforce- 
ments, 7th F.A.B., A.I.F.. Abroad. 

itain J. I>. II.. Locks Farm, Bick- 
noller, Taunton, Somerset. 

Roe, T. J., 9th A.I.F., Australian Auxiliary 
Hospital, Harefield, Middlesex. 

Rogers, Second Lieutenant R. J., North- 
umberland Fusiliers, Salonica Force. 

I: ussi ':. Lieutenant II. R., R.( ;.A.. Ofi 

aant A.. An cr ift Aci eptance 

I' mi. R.A.F., Norwi 

Ross, A. C, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 

Canadian Expeditionary Force, France. 

Ross, H. J., Royal Naval Division, Crystal 

Palace, S.E. 
Ross, Captain T. A.. R.E., G.H.Q., R.A.F., 
. F. 

ROUKKK, l.ii u(. nant Jl., 26th 

7th Field ArtUlerj Brigade, 
Im>\\ i-, Captain E., " F " 

I'.. I 
Rows, Rev. F. Pring, C.C.S., 

Rowe, J., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o G.P.O., 

Roweohapple, Lieutenant (on Active Ser- 

Esq., I I'll Batt. Buffs, 


1 1'-, l-t ( anadian 

M.R., B.E.F., I 
Rowley, -J. \\.. Private No. 73692, I 

M.G.C., B.E.F., France. 
Ruddoi E., No. 1226, . ., Mrs. 

An up. 

•Rule, E. 1'.. H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Rdmball, R. L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., Loudon. 
Russell, Private M., Scots Guards, Room 

17, H. Block, Wellington Barracks. 

I I: . No. 81992, 

II.': n, l .'.".ill Coy., M.G.C. 


M.G.I .. 




ON ACTIVE SERVICE— cowtfwwed. 
Russell, Leading Seaman W. H., 51 Mess, 

H.M.S. Maidstone, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Rust, G. R„ — 6286, H.M.S. Hannibal, 

31 Mess, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Rust, S. P., 11th T.D.S., R.A.F., Old 

Sarum, Salisbury, Wilts. 
Salmon, Sapper G., 6656, S.A. R.E., Sig. 

Coy., c/o Army P.O., London. 
Salsbury. H. E., — Battalion, Canadian 

Expeditionary Force. 
Sandall, 2nd Lieutenant C. G., Tank 

Corps, c/o Messrs. Holt & Co., Bankers, 

3, Whitehall Place, S.W. 
Sandall, Private J., 7. Stationary Hospital, 

Canadian Expeditionary Force, Army 

Sandoe, J., of 3rd Fid. Coy. R.E., B.E.F., 

Saul, Lieutenant E., 10th Regt., 3rd Light 

Horse, Aust. E.F. 
Saunders, Mark, Private, No. 25323, 

Ruahim Coy., 2nd Wellington Infantry, 

14 Reinforcements, N.Z.E.F. 
Saunders, R. 0., No. 5284, "B" Company, 

South African E.F., c/o Army P.O. 
Savill, R., 31st Mess, H.M.A.S. Australia, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Saxby-Hawkins, J. F. B., Royal Fusiliers, 

Sayer, Second Lieutenant C. M., R.F.C., 

Scampton, Lines. 
Schumman, Lance-Corporal L. C. W., 

S.A. Sharp Shooters, att. 1st North- 
Scott, Lieut.-Col. E. B., 11th Brigade 

R.G.A., B.E.F., France. 
Scott, Gunner J. B., 2163433, Can. Siege 

Artillery, Witley Camp, Surrey. 
Sorivens, J. R., Canadian Expeditionary 

Soulley, E. J. A., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Seabrook, Sapper S. B., R.E., B.E.F., 

Searle, A., Canadian Expeditionary Force. 
Secord, M. D., Canadian Expeditionary 

Force, West Sandling, Kent. 
Seel, Arthur, 3rd Can. Batt., 1st Div. 

Wing C.C.R.C, B.E.F., France- 
Sellars, Thomas.. 18th Army Corps, Head- 
quarters, B.E.F., France. 
Sendall, S. N., 1701, "B" Coy., A.I.E. 

Forces, France. 
Setchell, J., Pioneer, Camp Hughes, 

Seymour-Jones, Second Lieutenant F. L., 

Royal Welsh Fusiliers, E.E.F. 
Shackleton, E. F., London Regiment. 
Shackleton, Signaller L., No. 3682, High 

Hazel, Tooronga Road, East Malvern, 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Shalo, J., Royal Naval Division, Crystal 

Palace, S.E. 
Shardlow, Company Sergeant-Major J., 

1st Royal I., Salonica Forces. 
Sharland, 2nd Lieutenant H. N., 6th Batt., 

The Buffs, B.E.F., France. 


Lewis, Beech 

Cox's Shipping 




, Australia, c/o 
23rd, L. of C. 

I Sharpe, Corporal R. A., No. 172324, R.E 

Signal Dep6t, Egypt. 
Sharpe, A. C., Canadian 

Sharpe, R. W., c/o Mrs, 

Grove, Otley, Yorks. 
Shaw, Captain W. H., R.E. 
Shaw, 2nd Lieutenant V. G. 

Agency, Grand Convumental 

Buildings, Cairo, Egypt 
Shearson, Pioneer O, No. 

R.T.E., c/o R.T.O., 

Sheedy, P. J., H.M.A.S. 

G.P.O., London. 
Sheldon, Corporal H. J 

Supply Coy., A.S.C., E.E.F. 
Shield, J, E.R.A., R.N.R., Mess 48, 

H.M.S. Apollo, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Shinnick, J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Shopland, Sergeant A. G., 13th Can. F. 

Ambulance, B.E.F. 
Shove, W. H., British New Zealand Forces, 

Bulford Camp, Salisbury, Wiltshire. 
Shurland, 2nd Lieutenant H. N„ 6th Batt. 

The Buffs, B.E.F., France. 
Sidebottom, H., A.M. II., R.N., Balloon 

Base, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Simmon ds, Sapper L., 3rd Field Coy., New 

Zealand Engineers, France. 
Simpson, A. M., Officers' Mess, R.F.C., Tern 

Hill, Market Drayton. 
Simpson, Private H., No. 39547, Head- 
quarters Section, 125th Coy., M.G.C., 

Simpson, S. F., Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Sincock, J..H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Sirrell, Sergeant E., Indian Tel. Dept., 

Skerett, Private W. J., 235 Batt., B.E.F., 

2nd Coy., O.A.S. 
Skinner, Sergeant A. A., 12th Batt., 3rd 

Brigade, A.I.F. 
Skinner, T. H., Canadian Expeditionary 

Slater, Sergeant G., No. 2/239, N.Z.F.A., 

Ewshot Barracks, Fleet, Hants. 
Smart, A. W., 59th Art., C.A.C. Supply Co., 

Smith, Gunner J. R., 2678, No. 4, Command 

Depot, Hurdcott, Salisbury. 
Smith, J. W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Smith, R., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o G.P.O., 

Smith, Leading Seaman T. R., 21 Mess, 

H.M.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Smith, Lieutenant W., c/o Intelligence 

Department, 198th Batt. Canadian 

Buffs, Witley Camp, Surrey. 
Spelling, Lance-Sergeant G., No. 07005, 

A.O.C., c/o D.O.S., G.H.Q., M.E.F., 

Solly, Robert P., 2/101st Grenadiers, 

I.E.F., Egypt. 




SOMKRVILLE, 1\. C.F., o7tb 


Somerville, H. C, Royal Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Somerville, J. W., Koval Naval Division, 

Crystal Palace, S. E. 
Souter, Alfred E... Dep6t Battery, South 
African Heavy Artillerv, CoodenCamp, 
Southby, C. C, No. 6 Platoon, N.Z. Cyclists 

Company, N.Z.E. Force. 
Southey, Lieutenant W. I., Royal Army 
iical Corps, c/o Hong Kong and 
" Shanghai Bank, 9, Gracechurch Street, 

W., No. 38761, X. X. 
: I 
Spai ■ R. J., 31s< Batt., A.I.I-'., 

Sl-i:- Lttd. 1st 

Div. Headquarters, B.E.F., l-'i a- 
Stagey, Trooper R. A., No. 1648, King 

Edward's Horse, B.E.F., France. 
Stacy, Sergeant E. F., " D " Coy., Officers 

Cadet Training Corps, Bristol. 
Stafford, A. I., Hut 25, Canterbury Bat., 

Grey Towers, Hornchurch. 
Stafford, P 1... R.M.L.I. IF. M.S. 

Stallard, Rev. H. K., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Stansell, L. C, South African Infantry, 

c/o Director of Records, 32, Victoria 

Street, 8.W. 
Stansfield, A., H.M.A.S. Melbourne, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Stark, Lance-Corporal A. J.. "A " < 

Steele, F., Army Ordnance Department, 

British Expeditionary Force, Base P.O. 
Steele. M. I. .*A., I.S.M.D.. & 
Stephens, Lieutenant F. O., West Yorks. 

Regt., B.E.F., France. 
Stephens, Sub- Lieutenant J., Royal Naval 

Division, Crystal Palace, S.E. 
Stephenson, 2nd ait G. P., Inland 

Water Transport, R.E., B.M.E.F. 

Stevens, C. E., 37, Rue Montigny, Antv- 

Stewart, R., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 

tad , R.A.F., B.E.F., 

Still, Lieutenant F. G., R.X.R., H.M.T. 

Presidency, c/o (I.P.O., London. 

orporal E.. M.M. Police, 1st Cavalry 

Brigade, B.E.F., Frai 
Stone. P D.A.D.R.T., A.P.O., L.I., 

Stoseham, A. P., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Storey, Second Lieutenant G., c/o Royal 

Fusiliers, Hounslow Barracks. 
Strachan, 2nd Lieut. J., Gor :on High- 
landers, The South C imp, Ripon, Yorks. 
Strachan Lieutenant J., 3/4th Gordon 

Highlanders, B.E.F., France. 

Strong, Lieutenant M. W., China Labour 

Battalion, France. 
Strongman, R. C, H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Stroud, 2nd Lieutenant G. J., R.A.F., 

No. 62 Wing, Segean Group, R.A.F. 
it, J., Men., No. 3246, L.A.S.C.M.T., 

A nay Field Post Office, East Africa. 
r.T, Privat. I'., 67553, R.A.M.C., 59th 

General Hospital, A. P.O., 38, Boulogne 

Base, France. 
Stuckland, A. E. Canadian Expeditionary 

Studd, W. J., Canteen, H.M.S. Sirius, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 

, Gunner A. R., 34078, 63 Trench 

Mortar Battery, R.F.A., R.N. Division, 

Suckling, F. A., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Sciiiiers, J., 31 Mess, H.M.A.S. Australia, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 

i iir ti:, Sub-Lieutenant A., P..X., H.M.S. 

Seahorse, Portsmouth. 
Sutherland, Private W., 17th B 
.1-.. Victoria Seaman's Rest, 

miah Street, Poplar. 
Sutten, Captain D., London Regt., Thrale 

Hall. Streatham, S.W. 

ok, 2nd Lieutenant Rev. F. J„ R.i 

Tamclin. Sapper M. J., 500260, G.E.T.D., 

Cr< -!i. 

Symington, Private W. B., 6101, R.A.M.C., 

R.E., Div. on Service, c/o G.P.O., 

Tate. Private X.. "A" Coy., Bleakho 

.Mablehouse, Lines. 
Tattersall, Corporal H. E., Coldstream 
toria Barracks, Windsor, 
5 Coy., Coldstream Guards, 

Tavki.i.i, L.. co D.A.P.R.T., A.P.O.L.I., 

LE.F., Italy. 
Tavi A. T., " Oakleigh," 

Morton Road, Woi i ■ k. 

Taylor, Lance-Corporal A. J., South African 

Medical Corps, South African Contin- 
gent, Army Pay Office. 
Taylor, Lance-Corporal A. L., " A " 

Section, South African Medical Corps, 

South African Overseas Contingent, 

Army P.O., London. 
Taylor, H., H.M.S. Sirius, c/o G.P.O., 

Taylor. Lieutenant J. C. !>., 217 Siege 

Battery, R.G.A., I.K.I'. 
Teare, Second Lieutenant J. S., Royal 

Field Artillery, British Expeditionary 

Force, France. 
Tennyson, J. D. F... 5346, 3 \ 

Port Traffic, Bus 
Theed, Sapper A. M., Headquarters Staff, 

X.Z. Engineer Tunnelling Co., France. 
Thomas, A. E., Canteen Manager, H.M.S. 

Sirius, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Thomas, E. G., I «-~>5, 3rd Field Coy., 

X.Z.E., X.Z.E.F., France. 

I 2 




Thomas, S., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Tho . Lieutenant II.. 82nd Mai 

Gun Coy.. Salonica 
Thompson, Lieutenant A., Indian R.A., 

Sir Everandin Thurn. E.C.M.G., G.I :B. 

39, Lexhain Gardens, W. 8. 
Thompson, H. W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Thomson, 2nd Lieutenant J., 83rd Coy.. 

Chinese Labour Corps, B.E.F., France. 
Thwaite, De. A. Hopkins, Australian 

Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield, Middle- 
Tiqhe, Colour-Sergeant J. P., Royal Irish 

Regiment, Winchester, Hants. 
Timmis, Commander H. G. A., R.N.R., 8, 

Cambridge Rd.. Gt. Crosby, Liverpool. 
Tomlinson, Driver T.. M.T., R.M.A., Fort 

Cumberland. Eastney, Portsmouth. 
Tomsett, Lieutenant A. D.. R.P.C., 19th 

Squadron, R.A.F., Ourragh, Ireland. 
Toogood, W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Toop, T. W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Tozee- Mitchell, J., c/o Commanding 

Officer, Royal Naval Air Service, East 

TEiiLL, Miss Jessie C. S., No. 8, General 

Hospital, B.E.F.. Fra 
Travees, 2nd Lieutenant D. H.. Officers' 

Au . Hospital, Moor Hill, Hindhead, 

Tbim, Lieutenant J. P., Aust. Infantry, 

Teipp, R., A.B., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

Teuscott, W., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Tudhope, J. H., B.E.F., Frai 
TuRNBrLL. Captain, 13th Corps, H.A., 

B.E.F., France. 
Tuenee, J. V., Canadian Expeditionary 

Tyner, Private C, 184131, C.E.F. 
Tytheeleigh, Captain I., Tsumeb, South 

West African Protectorate. 
Ugg, F. C, Royal Naval Division, Crystal 

Palace, S.E. 

iehaun, Lieutenant C. H.. R.A.F., I 14th 

Squadron, Egypt. 
Underwood, Gunner A. J., 22041, R.G.A., 

B.E.F., France. 
Vamplough, H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Van Renen, 2r.<l Lieutenant V. S., 5th 
;.. E.R.R.C., Attached Lsl Brigade, 
R.A.M.C., No. 2. Camp, Sqin 
Blackpool, Lanes. 
Vanstone, L., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O. , London. 
Vaughan, Private A., 153236, R.O.D.R.E., 

I.C.E. Section, B.E.F. 
V tiT.iiAX. 2nd Lienl E. C. 

Tunnelling Coy., R.E., B.E.F., France. 
Vbnables, L R.N., " 

hurst, " : Oswestry, Shropshire. 

ees Pri No. 247517. R.O.D., 

R.E., A. P.O., S. 77. B.E.F., France. 
Vincent, Driver W. R., " E " Battery, 

No. 8 School, Bulford. 
Vostee, C. J., No. 1308, Canadian Infantry 

Batt., " G " Company, Salisbury Plain. 
Voyzey. P. J.. H.M.A.S. New Zealand, 

c o ( ;. P.O.. London. 
Wade, A. R., West India " A " Company, 

North Camp, Seaford, Sussex. 
Wade, Sergeant P., 9th Coy., British West 

Indian Regt., Egyptian Exp. Force, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Wahx, 2nd Lieutenant B., c/o Mrs. .1. S. 

Mills, 57, Kingsfield Road, Oxl' y, 

Walker. Captain G. (lark. New Zealand 

Exeditionary Force. France. 
Walker, II. P., H.M.S. ( hanguincla, c/o 

G.P.O.. London. 
Walker, Private J. K.. No. 103930. Royal 

Flving Corps, c/o G.P.O., London. 
Walmsley, Private D. E., 63827, R.E.C., 

Can. Res. Batt., France. 
Walsh, C. J., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Walton, F. H.. District Headquarti 

Forestry Corps, Runnemede Hous ■, 

Ward, G., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o G.P.O., 

Ward, Lieutenant E. J., c/o 4, Elm Grove, 

Ranelagh, Dublin. 
Waed, Second Lieutenant K., Indian Ex. 

Force, "D," Mesopotamia. 
Waed, W. H., H.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
Waed, Lieutenant Egeeton J., Royal Irish 

Regiment, B.E.F. 
Ward. Private E. L.. 6S7421. 54th Cans, 

11th Brigade, Wiring Section, B.E.F. 
Ward, Lieutenant V., c/o Over-Seas Club, 

Aldwych, W.C. 
WAED, Lieutenant W. R., T.F., co Royal 
onial Institute, Northumberland 

Avenue. London. 
Watkins, Private C. D'Oyly, R.A.M.C.T., 

B. Sec., S.M.F.A., B.E.F. 
Watts, Major E. M., Ass. Inspector of 

Laundries. B.E.F., France. 
Way, Private P., 412735, Royal High- 
landers, C.E.F., c/o War Office. 
Weathep.ston, Private W. S., No. 250:. 

" H ' : Coy., 3rd Canadian Reserve 

Batt., Witlry Camp, Surrey. 
Webb, A., Elswick Ordnance Department, 

Naval Equipment Yard, Walker- on- 

Webb, G., S. and T. Corps, Aden. 
Webeee, Lieutenant W. J.. 5th CanadiaD 

Engineers, France. 
Weeks, Captain G. A., — Batt., C.I., c/o 

C.A.S.C, Officers' Mess, Bramshctt 

Weekes, Private W. 0.. No. 028716, e/o 
D.O.S., G.H.Q., Mesopotamia Expedi- 
tionary Force, A.O. Corps. 


ON ACTIVE si R\ [< i 

Welch, C. K., Moss 11, B.M.A.S. Australia, 

c/o G.P.O., London. 
Weldon, H. A. C, Lancashire Fu- 

Codford, Wilts. 

Wnir>:. Li 

Wells, F. F., 2a, St. John's Street, Plum 

ul Common. S.E. 
W'ELsn, T. P., II.M.A.S. Australia, c/o 

G.P.O., London. 
West, \ 
1 I 
Wheldon, G. A. B., " A " Company, 

Officer Cadet Battalion, Gailes Camp, 

White, Corporal H. J., Army Si-rvice Corps, 

Division Train, British Expeditionary 


II. -T. I).. I :i i . 

Ti i p. 

White, B.M G.P.O., 

White, 2nd Lieutenant J. B., Sherwood 

Foresters, B.E.F. 

White, Sub- Lieutenant J. C. S.. R.N. V.S., 

H.M.S. Excellent, Portsmouth. 
U'iiiteley, Private L. W.. Cavalry Division, 

A.S.C., British Expeditionary Fo: 
Whiteman, H. E., R.F.C., Netheravon, 

Wilce. Corporal W. H., " C ' 

But., A.I.F., France. 
Wilki is, I. I!. T. 

Troc pply 

Williams, 2nd Lieutenant A. 
Irish Fusiliers, Salonica. 

Wll.l [AMS, I'riv.i 

Aust. E [.P. 

Wn ! i IMS, Ca pt mi R. I'.. C.L.R.t i.. 
A.O.L.R I F. 

Williams, W., 19th Mess, H.M.A.S. Aus- 
tralia, c/o G.P.O., London. 

*Wu -. II. I'.. 113th i .F.C, 

Woi ■ r 1 1 -i . 

WlLLMOTT, I. c/0 Will- 

it's. Ltd., E i 
Wilson, Lieut.-Coluncl, L. C. Light Horse 

Regt., Australian Imperial Forces. 

Coy., Pioneer 

\ I 

B E.F., 

J., Royal 

Wilson, Sergeant N. F., " B " Coy., King's 
Liverpool Regiment, 13th Camp, 
Woodley, near Romsey, Hants. 

Willis, Sapper T. W. P., No. 

N.Z.E. Depot Bi 

WlLLOUGHBl !'. I'.. No. 

i, " D ' Coy., - B.W.I. 

.. B.M.E.F., Egypt. 
Winfield, Sergeant A., S 1370240, Supply 
Is, A.S.C., 78th Infantry Brif 
261 h l>i v. Bat t.. Salonica 
Winspear, Gunner W. D., A.I.F. 
WlNSPEAR, Private R., A.I.F. 
Winters, Lam i : '"■ poral S . I... 1 2 W 

No. I. New Zealand I Hospital, 

. Hants. 
Wise, W. J., O.N. 239,542, c/o Admiralty. 
Wood. II. II.. II. M. M.S. Michael Mai 
H.M.S. ' c o G.P.O., London. 

», J L, V. 305, Mis ] 

.. S.A. Expedit iona •;. Force, Army 
Post Office, Li udon. 
Woodall, V., 31 Mess, H.M.A.S. Australia, 
c/o G.P.O., London. 

W i ock, i runner J. F., 75th i X " 

. S.A.B 
Woo i A. M., 78th I 

C.L.C., B.E.F., I 
Woo \ II. A.. 71 

1 . I ' 

Woods, •(. I)., ttl II..M.T. 

No. I, B.I. J ■ .ii < .... Bomb 

\. Hut, A.P.O., 

jt, G. M., Canadian Expeditionary 


Wright, J. E., South African Infantry 

(from Transvaal). 

iit. Lieutenant '!. idio <if 

Calif., U.S.A., 62nd 

■ ■ W M . . 

i In ay 'I 
LP.O., Lond 
Yate. Sub-Lieutenant G. A., Royal Naval 
Division, Or] ice, S.E. 

S. W. 


♦Arthur, P. N., La Falaize, St. Mary's. Massey, II. A 

Jersey. M issei . Mrs. M. J., I 

Harden, Miss M. If., St. Breladc's Hotel, Massey, Miss M.J. , I 

Jersey. Wn 

Maxson, C. H., 3, George Place, Guernsey. 


Bailey, G. H .3, Earlsfort Terrace, 

Bos ii. Miss E. !" 

I" i mi i . 

ivsteb, W.T., " Audenvilli - 

GJaanevin, Dublin. 

ii h. 

.. W., Bay Vi Hoti ' 
co. Kerry. 



IRELAND — continued . 

Carbuthers, Miss, Killacoona, Ballybraok, 

co. Dublin. 
Chambre, Mrs. M., Strathmore, Rostrevor, 

co. Down. 
Charters, A. W., 65, Morehampton Road, 

Coxyxgham. W. B., 9, Belgrave Road, 

Monkstown, co. Dublin. 
Croft, W. N., c/o Miss Mcllseavy, Port- 

Chmmins, Miss E. M., Rosemary Square, 

Davis, G. Waide, Tandragee, co. Armagh. 
Edmund, Leslie, The Crescent, Galway 

Elliott, J. B., Myrthe Cottage, Collon, 

Emerson, H., Tandragee, co. Armagh. 
Freeman, W., No. 1, Remount Depot, 

Island Bridge, Dublin. 
GrLMOUR, .Miss M. D., 40, Ulsterville Avenue, 

Give en. .Miss, Dromore House, Coleraine, 

co. Derrv. 
Good, Second Officer M. W., S.S. Valdura, 
• Fair Hill Villas, Fair Hill, Cork. 
Graves, R. J., c/o East and West Twin 

Islands, Belfast Harbour. 
Hinde, W. H., Selston, Grej^stones, co. 

Johnston, Miss T. M., " Kinlough," Glena- 

geary Road, Kingstown, co. Dublin. 
Johnston Mrs. M. E. " Kinlough " Glena- 

geary Road Kingstown Co. Dublin. 
Joynt, Captain X. L., Doneraile, co. 

Kennedy, Sir Robert J., Cultra Manor, 

Craigavad, co. Down. 
Kinley, G. B., Mullantaen, Stewartstown, 

co. Tyrone. 
King. T. E., e/o Mrs. J. Redmond, Bally- 

creph. Staannour, co. Antrim. 
Knight, Captain W. M., Lidnaskea, co. 

McBride, W., 14, Park Avenue, Sydenham, 

Magdire, Miss A. B., 7, Harcourt Terrace, 

Mairhead, G. A., Tullamore, King's County. 

Martin, Arnold, 4, Mulgrave Street, 

Kingstown, co. Dublin. 
Martin, L., 15, Pembroke Park, Dublin. 
Mason, C. W., Temple Hill Hospital, Black- 
rock, Dublin. 
McKay, H. K., 5, Elgin Road, Dublin. 
Mitchell, Captain A. S., Ardlai, Blackrock, 

co. Dublin. 
Moirhead, G. A., Tullamore, King's Co. 
Morton, Mrs. E. F., 32, Fritzwilliam Square, 

O'Brien, S. R., 9, Morehampton Road, 

Owen, H., Marlborough Barracks, Dublin, 

Peacock, Mrs. E. H., Lisbreen, Fortwilliam 

Park, Belfast. 
Pemberton, Lieutenant S. P., 3rd Batt., 

The King's Regt., Blackrock Castle, 

Porter, Mrs., 1, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin. 
Porter, Miss E., Cloghen Park, co. Tyrone. 
Ransom, Lieutenant E. A., 3, Olderfleet 

Cottages, Larne Harbour, Ireland. 
RowE; Arthur W., Richmond, Wexford. 
Russell, J. S., Hazelhurst, Ailesbury Road, 

co. Dublin. 
Saunders, Mrs. H., Charleville Park, 

Charleville, co. Cork. 
Sowter, Canon F., Manor House, Lough- 
gall, co. Armagh. 
Spear, G., c/o The Royal Bank of Ireland, 

Foster Place, Dublin. 
Sterling, S., Tandragee, co. Armagh. 
Tempter, Colonel W. F., c/o M. S. Sowter, 

Esq., Manor House, Loughgall, co. 

Toone, W. P., Castle Park, Dalkey, co. 

Tottenham, Miss L. E., Vevey, Ballybrack, 

co. Dublin. 
Ussher, C. B., c/o Jas. Ussher, Esq., Ulster 

Bank House, Enniskillen, co. Fer- 
Whiteside, S., Tandragee, co. Armagh. 
Wise, Sergeant H. R., 1st King Edward's 

Horse, Marlborough Barracks, Dublin. 
* Wrench, Mrs. F., Killacoona, Ballybrack, 

co. Dublin. 


Spence, J., c/o Mrs. E. J. Spence, 4, Poplar Road, Douglas. 


Allan, J., 9, Garturk Street, Glasgow. 

Allen, G. S., 38, Charlotte Street, Aber- 

Anderson, J. W., 10, Cornnna Street, 
Sandyford, Glasgow. 

Arbuckle, W. S., 96, Buchanan Street, 

Arthur, 2nd Lieutenant G. R., Craig- 
lockhart War Hospital, Edinburgh. 

Auld, T. W., Ailsa Cottage, Stewarton, 

Avery-, Lance-Corporal L. W., 13, Charles 

Street, Kilmarnock. 
Badger, Lance-Corporal N. M., Xo. 351221. 

"C" Coy., 4th (Res.) Batt. Royal 

Scots, The Castle. Edinburgh. 
Beaven, W., c/o Mrs. McCormack, 35, 

Lawrence Street, Partick, Glasgow. 



Bbll, Allan, 8, Newington Terrace, 

Broughty Ferry. 
Bell, Mj9s Lilian, 2, Prince Albert Road, 

Dowanhill Gardens, Glasgow. 
Bethell, S. W., Blackford, Rothienor- 

man, Aberdeenshire. 
Blackwood, R. C, "Southwood," Peebles. 
Boao, Lieutenant J., Kirstona, Melfort 

Avenue, Clydebank, near Glasgow. 
Boyd, D. H., Master S.S. Valdura, of 

Glasgow, Evanton, Ross-shire. 
Brooke, Captain H. V., Fairley, Countess 

Wells, Aberdeenshire. 
Beooke, Mrs. P. B., Fairley, Countess Wells, 

Brown, S. H., Royal Starch Works, Paisley. 
i'oipbell, G. D., 5, Linden Grove, Dock- 
path, Dumfries. 
Cabmichakl, Miss Grace H., Tay Mount, 

Broughty Ferry. 
Christie, Miss A., Braham Castle, Canon 

Bridge, Ross-shire. 
Clark, J. B., 3, Beansburn, Kilmarnock, 

Cooper, Miss II. M., The Parsonage, Largo, 

Cot, J. S., jun., 390, Paisley Road, Glasgow. 
Craig, P. L., 47, Queen's Square, Regent 

Park, Glasgow. 
Cumming, R., 50, Mercer Street, Kincardine 

on Forth, Fifeshire. 
Dalrymple, Mrs. M., 1e, Claremont Street, 

Dalziel, W., 1, Westbourne Terrace, Ibrox, 

Dewar, L., Lome Park, Lochgilphead. 
Donald, J. B., 52, Mann Place, Edinburgh. 
Duncan, G. W., 22, Gillespie Crescent, 

Eden, W. R., 722, Argyle Street, Glasgow. 
Edwards, R., 15, Scone Gardens, Edinburgh. 
Edwards. Mrs. V., 15, Scone Gardens, 

Emerson. J., 30, Renfield Street, Renfrew. 
Fearnside, Mrs. E., Ballachulish Hotel, 

Argyleshire, N.B. 
FlSHKR, Lieutenant F. S., The Manse, 

Ringford, Kirkcudbrightshire. 
Foggie, J. H., 4, Airlie Place, Dundee, N.B. 
Forrest, George, Broomh ; l! House, Lass- 
wade, Midlothian. 
Fraseb, Gunner G., No. 237402, R.F.A.. 

94, Suford Road, Inverr> 
Fdllerton, J. G., 25, Brent Road, Montrose. 
Fyke, II. A. (M.A.), 69, S. Portland Street, 

Gardner, J. E. R., Stonehaven. 
Glen, L., 153, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 
Goldie, G. N., 66, Neilston Road, Pailey. 
Gordon, A. \V., 41, Margaret S< 

nock, N. B. 
Gray, G. M., Roeberry, St. Margaret's Hope, 

Orkii' y. 
Gray, Mrs. C. ANSTRi her-, Kilmany, Fife, 

Gray, Lien t. -Col. W. Anstruther- (M.P.), 

Kilmany, Fife, N. B. 
Griffiths, E., c/o Munition Works, Gretna 

Gbigob, Miss C, Bridaig Villa, Dingwall, 

Grosser, R., Buxton, Shawlands, Glasgow, 
Hamilton, Robert Burns, c/o Gardner. 
440, Paisley Road West, Ibrox, 

Harding, G. L., G.P.O., Surveyor's Office, 

Wellington Street, Glasgow. 
Heilbron, A. N., 7, Claremont Terrace, 

Heilbron, Lieutenant-Colonel E. J., 72, 

Bath Street, Glasgow. 
Henderson, A. C. F., Anchor Lino Office, 

14, St. Vincent's Place, Glasgow. 
♦Henderson, A. J. P., Anchor Ijne Build- 
ings, St. Vincent Place, Glasgow. 
♦Henderson, Miss E. McLeod, Fagerheim, 

Findhorn, Elginshire. 
Henderson, Miss J. A., Fagerheim, Find- 
horn, Elginshire. 
Henderson, 0. H., 18, Derby Crescent, 

Glasgow, W. 
Hunter, T. D., 11, Gloucester Place, Edin- 
Jackson, Sir R. M., Inspector of Guns, 50, 

Wellington Street, Glasgow. 
Johnston, A., Castle Mills, Edinburgh. 
Johnston, N. H., No. 23349.. R.N.A.S.. 

Luce Bay, .Stranraer. 
Kemp, S., 237, Springburn Road, Glasgow. 
Kerb, John, Asst. Paymaster, R.N.V.R., 

c/o Naval Institute, Rosyth. 
Kerr, C. J., o/o Jas. Thompson, Esq., 

" Wideford, Corstorphine, near Edin- 
Knight, D. A., 97, Warrcnden Park Road, 

MacDonald, Miss A., Springfield, Largs, 

Mackay, William. 33, Hanover Street, 

MacKinnon, N. A., 96, Buchanan Street, 

♦Mvcleod, Mrs. I. A., c/o A. Gray Muir, 

Esq., W.S., 19, York Place, Edinburgh. 
Maoluckib, R. W., c/o Mathie, Macluckie 

and Lupton, 22, King Street, Stirling. 
McColm, Mrs. A., c/o W. Rose, Esq., 42, 

Garden Place, Aberdeen. 
M< I ilm, W. E., 42, Carden Place, Aberdeen 
McDougall, A. P., 231, Saracen Street, 

Possilpark, Glasgow. 

ill, W., 24, Kirkgate, Irvine. 
MolKTOSH, C. P., c/o H. Lyall, Esq., Old 

Montrose, Scotland. 
M< Leak, J. P., Fernbank, East Kilbride. 
McLeod, F. A., 24, Richmond Terrace, 

MoNaught, Miss R., 15, Victory Avenue, 

Gretna. Dumfriesshire. 
Mi Phee, \., c/o Mrs. Miller, 68, Dundunnan 

Road, Langs! 
Martin, C. O., 6, Kirklee Road, Kelvinside, 

Matthews, F. W., c/o II. A. Fyne, 69 South 

Portland I Glasgow. 

Mwor, S., 47, Broad Street, Mile End, 


SCOTLAND— rnntin ned . 

Miller, J., c/o F. G. Robertson, 26, Castle 

Mitchell, H. J., 195, West George Street, 

• dasgow. 
Morton, J. Albany, 3, Crompton Avenue, 

Cathcart, Glasgow. 
Ah [rhead, .].. Glenlui, Helensburgh. 
Murray, A. \V. 8, Albion Crescent, Dowan- 

hill, Glasgow. 
.Murray, Fitzroy, H.M.T. Romeo, St. 

Catherines, Brechin. 
Neilson, Miss B., 13, Catherine's Sti 

Nicholson, J., 9, We3tfield Avenue, Cnpar, 

Xi< iiolson. J., G. WeBtfield Avenue, Cupar. 

Nicolson, L. T. G., c/o Mrs. Aitchison, 21, 

Woodburn Terrace, Edinburgh. 
Norie-Miller. F. (J. P.), General Buildings. 

Pasifull, E. J., Roseneath, Dumbarton- 
Paterson-Purdie, T. (J.P.), Craigends. 

Bothwell. Lanarkshire, Glasgow. 
Penney, J. C, 15, Gloucester Place, Edin- 
Petrie, J. X.. Pitailie. Elgin. 
Porteous, G. A., Dundas Street, Strom- 

ness. Orkney. 
Prideaux, Mrs. E. P., c/o .Miss Carter. 

6, Howi Strei t. Edinbui 
Rankin. Mis. H. F., 30, Moston Terrace 

Rankin, H. F., 30, Moston Terrace, Edin- 
Main-Reade, A., 76, Hawthornvale, Leigh. 
Redding, D. 0., S.S. Highbury, Mardale, 

Morven Drive, Troon. 
Reid, Mis. A. E.. 39, Lochleven Road. 

Langside, I rlasgow. 
Reid, A. M.. 39, Lochleven Road, Langside 


line hie, A. S., 6, India Street, Edinbi 
Robb, W. K., Greenview, Carnwath, 

Robertson, T. A., Elleric, Fasnacloich. 

Rose, Miss B., 42, Canden Place, Aberdeen. 
Ros i:. Miss E. P., Moat Brae Nursing Home, 

Dumfries, N.B. 

■'. I'.. Moatbrae Nursing Home, 

Rose, W.. 42, Canden Place, Aberdeen. 
Ross, C. L. S., 14, Wes( Township. Gretna. 
\{i,\\ ei ii \ i i ■: i Lieutenant \\'., c/o M rs. 

Rowechapple. J-.'i. Abbey Road, Aber- 


Roy, Mrs. J., 12, Arden Street, Edinburgh. 

Russell, R. R., Markland, Lennox Row, 

Trinity, Edinburgh. 
Hist A. P.., 17. James Place. Leith. 
Rust, Dr. M„"Boyndie," W. Newport, Fife. 
Scott, Dr. W. W., Woodside, Cambersland. 
Shaw, R. A. Fife-, 57. Que< n Street, Edin- 
Sinclair, Captain John, H.M.T. Farns- 

worth, White House, Stromness, Oil 
Sloane, T. R., Lismore Castle Park, Farlie, 

Smith. Miss L. M.. Strichen, Aberdeenshire. 
*Smith-Park, Colonel J., M.V.O., 200, Park 

Terrace, Glasgow. 
Speedie, Mrs. R. M., c/o Ross and Sautar, 

1 1, Whitehall Street, Dundee. 
Stafford, Private <:. L.. R.M.L.I., 55, 

Sprinbgurn Road, (dasgow. 
Stavert, D. R., 4, Rutland Square, West 

Steele, C. S.. in. Thistle Place. Aberdeen. 
Stevenson, D. R., 24, Sandyford Place, 

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. 

I inc. John, 42, Dumbarton Road, 

Clyde znk. 
Stuart, A., 1, Belgrane Crescent, Edin- 
Sturrock. J. L.. Woodmuir, Newport. Fife, 

Symonds, G. Samrst-, 62, Airle Gardens. 

Hyndland, Glasgow. 
Tasker, Captain J., 38, Roxburgh Circus, 

Cardonald, Glasgow. 
Thompson, Miss S., Roseburgh Hotel, Edin- 
Turner," C. V. G., c/o Mrs. MacNaught, 38, 

Brougham Street, Greenock. 
Tyas, John A.. Esq., c/o Blooms, Ltd., 

356. Sauchiehall Street Glasgow. 
\ "\ i i:\tixk. R. Keith. 359, Reserve Coy., 

Laboui - Blangowrie. 

ker, Mrs. J., Woodlands, Moffat. 
Walker, W., Millersneuk, Lenzie, Lanark- 
Weymouth, X. W., 47. Bcllwood Street, 

Landside. Glasgow. 
Wheedon, Lieut. H. N., Ingliston, Ratho 

Station, Midlothian. 
♦Whitehouse, G. E., 76, Hanover Street, 

Williamson, A., Aberargie, Muirend 

Cathcart, Glasgow. 
Wilson, J. A., c/o Miss Wilson, 52, Barton 

Street. Still 

Wood, James, 2<>, Beechgrove Place, Aber- 
di in. 

hi'. A. B., 42, Albany Terrace, Dundee. 
Young, J., c/o R. Young. 66, Causeyside 

Street, Paisley. 


Beeston, C. S., Tan-y-coed, Ysceifiog, near 

Holywell, North Wales. 
lee. tii. K. St. Ewens, Clepston, Mon. 
Bostock, Miss M. G., Plas Euryn, Colwyn 

Bay, N. Wales. 

Bowen, D. I., Aberdovey, N. Wales. 

Boyd, Captain E. Buchanan, Maesy- 
Bryner, Dolgelly. 

Bradford, F., J. P., Lillcshall, Swan- 



WW I I S d. 

Kreckon, G., c/o Messrs. W. H. Taylor, 

Ship Agents, CardilL 
Cadman, II.. Cloverlej Orme, Little 

Cloddesley, Mrs. E., 37, Colum Road, 

♦Coppock, R. C, Heolyforlan, Whitchuroh, 

Cbosthwait, Lieut.-Commandor C. H. E., 

Plas. Isaf, Ruthin. 
Davies, W. J.. "The Verlands, : ' Pencoed. 

near Bridgend, S. Wales. 
Dwif.s, W. T., St, Nicholas Road, Barrv. 
Donovan, W. C, 30, Kinc's Road. Cardiff. 
Db \ki:. < laptain S. T.. M 

mandit r, 1 73, Sabershon E i rdiff. 

Evans, J., Ramleh, Cardigan. 
Evans, Captain J. E., Swan Hotel, Llanon, 

Evans, O. C, Glenroy, X n Q nay, Cardigan - 

Fake, F. W., Afon House, Newport, Pem- 
Francis, II. I;.. Wynnes Pare, Denbigh. 
Griffith. H., 38, Hugh Street, Criccieth, 

North Wales. 
Griffiths, G. P., Cbefnen Sa li. 

Hamp, H. P., 134, King's Road, Canton, 

Harding, J., 79, Dock View Road, Barry 

Dock, S. Wales. 
II \i:uis, W. S., 22, J: dbri nt, Barry 

HhKKv. Miss K.. 10, Stallcourl Avenue, 

Waterloo ' I irdi □ . Penj Ian, I i rdiff. 
Hinckly, C. W., 6, St. Augustine's Place, 

Penarth, Cardiff. 
Hint. Lieutenant D., 8, Claude i 

l: i th Park, Cardiff. 
Jenkins, Captain I). [., Master S.S. 

'"" Brooklands," Llanon wyth. 

Jones, D., c/o Owen & Co., Blaenau- 

Festiniog, N. Wales. 
•J' is bs, T. II.. Whit mor . i 

Jones, W., Missions to Seamen Institute, 

Bute Docks, Cardiff, 
s, W., Pontj ei hi. < fodi - >faii 

■ Valley. 
Lewis, W., 13, Adamsdown Square, Cardiff. 
Liohtfoot, J. EL, 28, Bangor Street, Roath 

Park, Cardiff. 
Lloyd-Barrow, A. G., "The Plas," 

Llangattock, Crickhowell, Breconshire, 

South Wales. 
McGarva, I. 

Miller, Miss A., 37, Colum Road, Cardiff. 
Morg ln, I > . 5, Edward Si ! him, 

i I'll we, nr. S 
Moselby, L I-:.. St. Mary's Hill, Abei 

venny, .Mem. 
Oborn, H.. 9, Charles Street, Milford 

Haven, South Wales. 
Owen, Captain H., Dolwen, Nevin, Carnar- 
Owens, W. D., May House, Cardigan. 
Parry, E. H., Pengwern, Carrig, near 

>. R., I» Hi 'ii. 

Penninqton, M. M., 2, Victoria Avenue. 
Phipps, A. C, c/o The Capital and Counties 

Bank, Ltd., Pontypridd, South Wales. 
Rees, T. L., Bridgend House, Llanarth, 

♦Richards, R., 4, Parkville, Tredegar, Mon. 
Richards, R. G.. Queen Victoria Road, 

Llanelly, South Wales. 
Rogers. W. H.. 8. Queen Street, Brynmawr, 

Brecon, South Wales. 
Rdsholme, W. H., " Woodley," 53, 

Alexandra Road, Llandudno. 
. !■'. I'.. : court Avenue, \Y 

loo . I'i nyl diff. 

2nd Lieutenant, " Pen- 

dover," Wrexham. 

i. ■ ., ii. m r. /. 

I 6, Sand ringham Ri iiff. 

I). I. R„ in, Brynmill Crescent, 
Stephens, J., Glenview House, Jersey 
Marine, near Briton Ferry. 

Redbri I ent, 

Wal - . I ;wyn 

I!" . Monmout h. 

Ward, R., 50, Station Road, Llandaff 

North. Cardiff. 
Wellison, A., Ruswarp, Baron Road, 

Penarth, S. Wales. 
Widdess, Captain A., Killyran, 16, Morlais 

Street, Roath Park, Cardiff. 
Williams, Mrs. K.. 5, Smithfield Road, 

Wii i v. Pedr, 12, Miradoi I 

S .-. 

Win W. •!.. I I 
Do iilT. 

Woodward W. II.. 17. Wellfield I' 
ht. E V., 20 Bui 
nth Wal 


Gray, Miss G. M.. Roi b rry, St. Margaret's | Mann P.. Cu'ewick, Rcawick, Shetland. 
Hope, Orkney. 



Copenhagen. — H.C.S., C. A. Ha'hh, No. 9, Xordbane Alle, Gentofte. 

*Abrahamson, M. A., 6, Krausesvej, I Hepworth, George, Vejle. 

Copenhagen. Howitz, Mrs. D., Fredensborg, Copenhagen. 

Anderson, W., Cottage vej 11, Hellerup, Karberg, A. A., Ooldbadgade 18t., Copen- 

Copenhagen. hagen. 

Bock, Miss H. A., 84, Gl. Kongevej, Copen- "Lockley, W. H., Sofievej 10, 1 "Sal," 

hagen. Copenhagen. 

Cassells, H. H., H.B.M. Consulate-General *Mathews, H. 0. N., 128, Kongovey, 

Elsinore. Haverliust, Copenhagen. 

Christengen, H. H. S., 3, Grenagade, Prior, Mrs. A., Bredgade 331, Copen- 

Copenhagen. hagen. 

Christensen, 0. T. J., Villa " Rosa," Punchaed, Mrs. H. L., 29, Norresogade, 

Gjevtofte. Copenhagen. 

Christf/fin, H. H. S., Grenagade 3, Copen- Rubin, Mrs. E., Forhaabningsholms Alle 24, 

hagen. Copenhagen. 

Dale, Miss L., Christianiagade 7, Copen- Smart, Miss N. N., Nasset, Holte. 

hagen. Smith, Mr., 2, Vessels Gade, Copenhagen. 

Dilworth, W., St. Annaplads, 24, Copen- Stjsyenins, Miss K., 2a, Lillestrandvej, 3, 


Greenwood, C. H. M. St. Vincent, Westend 
3, " Sal," Copenhagen. 

Hellerup, Copenhagen. 
Taylor, L. B. A. Countess, 15, Classensgade 
Osterbro, Copenhagen. 

Hamm, C. A., H.C.S., No. 9, Nordbane Alle, Tyrer, Miss H., Christianiagade 12, Copen- 

Gentofte, Copenhagen. hagen. 

Hansen, \V. C. K., c/o C. K. Hansen, 15, * Vincent, J., Palaisade 7, Copenhagen. 

Toldbodvej, Copenhagen. Wilkinson, Miss E., Dr Tvergade, Copen- 

Helms, A., Gersonsey, Hellerup. hagen. 


Biarritz. — H.C.S., E. J. Down, Les Bergerettes, Avenue Sarasate. 

Bordeaux.— Branch Sec, Rev. H. Lindsay, c/o British Consulate. 

Brest. — H.C.S., Edward Bex, c/o British Consulate. 

Cannes.— H.C.S., J. Moore, 57, Rue d'Antibes. 

Cotte. — H.C.S., P. Sabatier, British Vice-Consul. 

Loire Inierieure. — H.C.S., Miss A. Philip, Nantes, Loire Inferieure. 

Marseilles, — H.C.S., Rev. Basil Moutray, All Saints' Parsonage, 16, Boulevard Rivet. 

A. 0. Fenton, 203, Cheruin de la Corniche. 
Menton and Roquebrune. — Branch Sec, Comte R. de Bourbel, Westbay, Menton. 
Paris.— H.C.S., Mrs. X. Sims Bailey, Over-Seas Club, Hotel Moderne, Place de la 

Pau, B.P.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, A. Clayton Thompson, 6, Place Grammont, Pau. B.P. 
Riviera and Monaco. Branch Sec, F. Page Randall, Villa 1c Nid, Monte Carlo. 
Var. -H.C.S., -Miss 0. G. Blackwood, English Club, St. Raphael. 

Abbott, Miss 0. F., The Hut, He des Anglais I Arnold, H. L., 4, Rue Hector Malot, Paris. 

Neuilly-sur-Seine, Pari.-. Ash, J. R. S., Nice. 

Abdy, Misb, St. Maur, Pau. Ayre, C. A., 39, Chaussee d'Autin, Paris. 

Acland, Rev. Troyle R., Presbytere Ayrton, Mrs. A., 3, Rue Notre Dame, 

St. Andre, Pau. 
Allcroft, Miss C, Hotel Bristol, Place 

Vendome, Paris. 
Allin, Miss F., Villa Victoria, Vence, Alpes 

Mari times, 

Trouville sur-mer, Calvados, France. 
Bailey, Mrs. X. E. D. S., H.C.S., c/o U.S. 
War Trade Board, American Embassy, 
Bailey, Miss B. A., La Pescade, St. 

Andrews, Rev. J. F., Hotel Bean Sijour Raphael, Var. 

Pau. !'• un-bridge, Wm., Hotel de Londres, Pau. 

Andrews, Mr., Maison Colbert, Pau. Ballantyne, J., 5, Rue Jeanne d'Arc, 
Andrews, Mrs.. Maison Colbert, Pau. Biarritz. 

Angob, A. C, 57, Avenue Kleber, Paris. Baner, Miss M., 49, Rue Littre, Bourges. 

Annesley, Mrs., Orthez, B.P., Pan. Barker, E., Crais du Prince, Pau. 

Arnold, G. F., 4. Rue Hector Malot, Paris. Bakron, Joseph, Bichere, Pau. 



PRANCE — conthi ued. 

Barton. Egerton. Biarritz, B.P., Pan. 
Barton. E., British Vice-Consul, Lloyds 

Bank, Biarr 
Begg. Burns. Rue Henri IV., Pan. 
Bauer, Miss M . -49, Rae Littre, Boarges. 
Begg. P.. B , 2, Rae Henri IV.. Pau, B.P. 
Ben. E., H.C.S., '. Rue Jacques Rousseau, 

Brest, Finistere. 
Bendall, Arnold, Montmareau, Charente. 
Ben Mis., Anglo-American Club, 

Blackwood. Mi-- English Clu! 

Bligh, Miss, 31. Rue de Liege, Pau. 

ilia des Pius. 

La ir). 

Bottomly, Mrs. H.. Villa Bell'Aria, Cap 

Bradstreet, Th Rue Pasteur. Pan. 

Brooke, Ladv, Villa Baillenia, St. Jean de 

Luz, B.P'. 
Brooker, M133E., Queen Victoria Memorial 

Hospital, Mont Boron, Nice. 

wx. Dr. Leonard, Rue d'Orleans, Pan. 
Brown, Mrs. Leonard, Rue d'Orleans, 

P . 
Bryant, Miss E. G. M., Queen Victoria 

Memorial Hospital, Nice, A.M. 
Bryant, Ro: rn Telegraph Co., 

Buckley, Miss F. M., 25, Grand Rue, Mont- 

Burley, W. T., 6, Square de 1' Opera, Paris. 
Buerixgtok. A. A., Chalet les Neves, 

Burton, Miss F., 10, Rue de l'Universite 

3cttchart, Miss H. M.. Beit Rahat, Trespoy, 

Butler, W., 19, Allees de Chartres, Bor- 

t, Miaa B- it Rahat, Pau. 

n'BELL. the Hon. Mrs. A., Saint Jean de 

i'vmfkfi 1.. J IB B.P., Pau. 

Carter, Captain, British Vice-Consulate, 

ster, E. V. L., 2, Place Royale, Pan. 

:ter. Hiss M.. I". t Pierre, 


rs?.. V.". .land," Pau. 

PMAN, \V. P.. 'ark Palace, Monte 

Chauyot, A., 93, Quai de Chartroix, Bor- 
Clark, C. H., 83, Rne de Laseppe, Bor- 
Cochp.a- -on Colbert. Pan. 

Cockey. Miss E. M., 3, Rne de St. Cloud 

Clamart, Seine. 

. Villa Madr 
Cook, W. H., Lloyds Bank. Bordeaux. 

H.P., 1 

^.rie, W. M., Golf Club, Biarritz. 


Davis, M nte, Bureau 8, 


DijfARiST, G., 6, Rue Flandres, Nantes, 

Loire Inferienre. 
Dickson, F., c o The Central Agency, Ltd, 

12, Rae St. Anne, Paris. 
Disney, C, Chateau Green, Calais. 
Dobson, C. J., Ill, Rue de la Cou 

Doswell, Miss B. M., " La Verrerie du 
Hellet," par Londinieres, Sein In- 
Down, E. J., Biarritz, B.P.. Pan. 
Down, E. J., Villa Les Bergerettes, Biarritz. 

t, Miaa, Maison Dudov, Pan. 
Drew. Miss G. D. R., Cher Mde. Neville, 
.- ;au de Combas, par Vicq., Haute, 
Drew, Miss T., Hotel de Londres, Pau. 
Duckering, Miss, c o Dr. Meunier, Pan. 
Dudley, Miss E., 6, Rne Denis Poisson, 

Dunand, Mme., 2, Place Duplex, Pan. 
Duncan, Mrs., Hotel Royal, Menton. 
Eden, J.. Royal Hotel, Menton. 
Eden, Mr-.. Royal Hotel. Menton. 
Edwards, Dr., Rue Latapie, Pan. 
Edwards, H. O., Maison Discazaux, Place 

de la Mairie, Biarritz. 
Edwards. Mrs.. Rue Latapie, Pau. 
Fagan. Mrs. L., Riva Fioaita Roque- 

ita. Cap Martin. 
Fardell, E. C, 6, Rue Montaigne, Paris. 
Farley, E., 19, Rue Jean-Jacques Rous- 
seau, Bordeaux. 
♦Fenton, A. V., 205, Chemin de la Comiche, 

Fenton, Mrs. V. It, 205, Chemin de la 

Corniche, Marseilles. 
Finch, Miss, Maison Colbert, Pau. 
Finch, Miss C. Maison Colbert, Pan. 
Finch. Tl Colbert. 

Fixr A. B. Taylor, Esq, 

19, Quai des Chartrous, Bordeaux. 
Foden, Wm., 25, Rue Lonnand, Bayonne. 

. Inst tution St. Jacques, Pau. 
Frazer. Miss I. J., 30 Avenue du Troledero, 

Freeman, H. W., 7. Square St. Amour, 

Gibbons. Miss. Chalet Chevenine. Pau. 
Gibbs- E. O.. Hotel Alexandra Juan- 

le'-Pin, A.M., Pau. 
Gibson, A. V.. 3. Qnai D' Alger, Cette. 
Gibson, Arthur V., 3 Quai D'Alger, Cette. 

: lmore, Rev. H., Maison Colbert, Pau. 
Giovetti, A., 108. Rue du Jardin Public, 

•Goring, Miss M., 126, Avenue de Paris, 

St. Denis Plaine, prea, Paris. 
Girdlestone. J. H., Villi Madrid, Pau. 
Goudie, P.. 36, Rue du Sentier, Paris. 

lHAK, Miss M., Pension Massenet, Rue 

t, Nice. 
••"ezian. F. A., Gi -ic-f t-Vise. 

Haig, P. de Haga, Villa Le Calme, Villa- 

franche, s/mer. Sur. 
Halbers, E. F., Villa Titania, Biarritz, 



FRANCE— continued. 
Hamilton, Colonel, Cumloden, Bourne- 
mouth (formerly Menton). 
II \\x \, Mrs., Place flu Forail, Pau, B.P. 
Hanna, .Mis.. 1 2, Place thi Forail, Fan. 
Harden, Miss M. M.,2, Place Possoz, Passy, 

Harriott, C. N., Rue Monfcpensier, Pau. 
Harter, Mrs., Monte Carlo. 
HARVEY, Mrs. Emily, Westminster Until. 

11 \ttersi.ey. The Misses, Villa Mirador, 

Hay. Six Drummond, Hotel Gassion, Pau. 
Hecht, P., St. Claude, Jura, S. France. 
Hewetsox, H. T. H., Les Hartensias, 

Bagnieres de Bigore Htes., Pyrenees. 
IIixscliff, Rev. C, 56, Rua Carnot, Bi 

Pyrenees, Pau. 
Hinscliff, Mrs., 56, Rua Carnot, B;> 

Pyrenees, Pau. 
Hiirxoe, Mrs.. Rue d'Orleans, Pau. 
Horner, T. R.. 53, Avenue de Coyebevoie 

Asnieres (Seine). 
Hornor, Mrs. C. B., 9, Rue d'Orleans, Pau, 

Hoyles, Miss B. E., 29, Rue de Vaugirard, 

Hudson, J., 17, Quai Louis XVIII. , Bor- 
Hughes, A., 3, Rue de Caillaux, Clichy, 

Hutchison, S., 5, Rue Foy, Bordeaux. 
[rwin, -Miss. M; ison Colbert, Fan. 
Issaurat, Madame, Sea Gulls, La Croisette 

Jackson, E. Ph. Villa Emmita, Pau. 
Johnston, L. A., Hotel Gassion, Pau, B.P. 
Johnstone, Miss M. J. C, 29, Rue de 

Vaugirard, Paris. 
Jones, Miss M. L., 4, Rue Meyerbeer. Paris. 
Resting, Rev. A. J., 37, Rue de la Tour, 

Ketchee, Kirs., 13. Rue Serviez, Pan. 
Keyl, R., 23, Rue Borie, Bordeaux. 
Kirk, T. E., A.G.B.D., Via Le Harve. 
Knowles, A. T, Chateau Montjoly, G 

H.F., Pan. 
Knowles, Alexio, Tolau, Can, H.P., 

La Caille, Miss E., Hotel de Londres, 

Lang, Miss, Le Boue, Jurancon, Pau. 
Lawton, Mrs. M. E., 1, Rue Daval, Mont- 
morency, Seine et Oise. 
Lay, R., Eastern Telegraph Co., Marseilles. 
\::i._ Mrs. Spencer, Rue du L 

Levey, Sister K. G., 18, Rue de Milan, 

LEWIS, .Mrs. Travels, 18 Rue de Milan, 

Leyshon, C. J., 5, Rue Dugommier, Nantes, 

Loire Inferieure. 
I.i- deord, J., 29, Boulevard de Si rasbourg, 

Nogent s o Mi lie. St inc. 
Livesey, Miss, Hotel Westminster, Cai 

Lloyd, Mr., Golf Club, Fan. 

[Lloyd, Lady Mary, 63, Rue Montpen 

Lochore, Miss J. P., 26, Avenue du Bois de 

Boulogne. Paris. 
Love, Miss B., 8, Avenue Gambetta, Mon- 

tauban, Sarnet Garonne. 
Lowe, T., Villa Rhoda, Cannes. 
Luxton, Miss K. M., La Croix (Indre et 

Lyon, Mrs. E. I., 3, Rue Chauvin, Place St. 

Pierre, Nantes. 
McNary, Miss, Villa Leonore, St. Jean-de- 

Luz, B.P., Pau. 
McNaily - , Miss M., 35, Bd. Delorme, 

Nantes, Loire Inferieure. 
M \ ddock, Miss F. A., 8, Villa Said, Paris. 
Malan, E. de M., Serbian Bureau, 20, Rua 

Troyon, Paris. 
Mansel, Miss. La Maddalena, Pau. 
Mapfin and Webb, Messrs., Biarritz, B.P., 

Mather. Mrs., Villa Cyrano, Pau. 
Maxwell, Mr., Pan. 
Maxwell, Mrs., Pau. 
Maxwell, Miss. Fan. 
M on crieff, Miss, I ou,Pau. 

Moore, C, 57, Rue d"Antibes, Cannes. 
Morice, Miss A., 19, Rue Francois Ter, 

Morrison, T. E., 20, Avenue Carnot. 

Morrissy, Miss M.. e/o .Miss Philip, 9 Rue 

Dugommier. Nantes, Loire Inferieure. 
Moutray, B., All Saints Parsonage, 16, 

Bouleverd Rivet, Marseilles. 
Mi !;i:sv Miss, 21, Rue Montpensier, Pau. 
Mrsi ratt. S. K., Villa Nazareth, Monte des 

Dunes, St. Jean de Lny. 
Naish, F. E., Rue de Nantes, Lagny. 
Nash, C. E., 253, Chemen v Eysines, 

Nash, C. E., 87, Rue Fonvanrege, Bordeaux 
Neville, Rev. B., Holy Trinity Church, 

Pau. B.P. 
Neville, Mis.. Holy Trinity Church; Pau, 

Nield, G., 24, Boulevard Riondet, Hyeres 

Ogarman, Comte, Avenue do Bareges. 


\HK!\ii;i;. S. i).. Villa Magali, 13, Rue 

Gounod (Alpes-Maritimes), Nice. 
• l'Sri.i.T\ V., 5, Rue de Bassano, 

Parry', W. J., Pension Massenet, Rue, 

Massenet, >> i 
Perham, O. N., Hotel des Voyageurs, St. 

Jean d'Angelv. 
Pellew, Dr., Chateau Bellevue, Pau. 

PELLEW, .Mis.. I ii Bellevue, Fail. 

Philip, Miss A., 9, Rue Dugommier, Nantes, 

Loire Inferieure. 
Pierce, G. II. (Ft. Comdr. F.X.F.). Villa 

Si- 1 id. Si . Jea ii 'le Luz. 
Platt, Mrs., Chateau les Neves, Menton. 
Pont, \'., La Caraussane, Cette, Herault. 
Pottlain, Madame L. M., 3, Avenue de 

Madrid, Neuilly, Seine. 



FR A\( i 

. ii. G. ' 

Bordcau \. 
I'i.,- ris. 

R \ di (rew, Miss G. I>.. Chej M. de 

Neville, Chatoau de Co mbas par \' un, 

Hante Vienne. 
K \ii in. Mr., Hotel !'.< i 

Loire [nferieure. 

PRAY, Miss ('.. 1 1. Rui 
Rattray, Miss I.., 14, Ru 

R v rri; v\ The Misses, Rue d'( >rli 
Re u>. Mrs., Villa Aice- Ed 

lkick, A. I... Lloyds Bank 
i ., Biarritz. 
Rich, E., 23, Rue da Lycee, Pau, B.P. 

. A.. 17. Conrs du Chapeau 

Rouge, Bordeaux. 

. Mrs. A. J., 58, Rue ' arnot, < 
Roberts. U.. 34, Quai de Bacalan, Bor- 
Roi-.i Mrs. I. I I' publique, 

Ross, Miss G. S„ Villa du Palmier, Rue 

Frejus, Cannes. 
Rowley, A. L., British Consulate, Bor- 
Rowse. \V. J., Les Buttes, Parame, Ille et 

R i kv. Miss, Hotel Royal, Menton. 
Rr/SSENBERQBR, Victor, Lagnieu (Ain). 
St. John, Miss O., 21, rue Montpensier, Pan, 

Saondbrs, E. G., 4. Place Vaudin 

Schwabe, A. J., Place Royale, Pau. 
\. J.. Place Royale, Pau. 
iScott, Miss A. K., 1, Rut- Abbe've la Salle, 


:. W.,o/o Monsieur ('. George, 15, Rue 

Permentier, Maison Reforx, 5Tres, Paris. 
Seward, B. H., it. Rue Verginand, 


Sbwell, G. M.. Hotel Britannia, Mentone, 

Alpes Maritimes. 
Shabpin, Rev. G., Chalet St. Pierre, Pau, 

•Skefpeu, Mrs. M., 8, Avenue Bonaparte, 

Rueil (S. et O.). 
Slbe, Mise E. A.. II"'' 1 Royal, Mei 
Slee, Miss E. K.. Hotel Royal, Menton. 

. Menton. 
•smi i ii. E. ' '., Juan-Les-Pins. 
Smyth, Madam ]•;.. Villa Martle Marie, 

Biarritz, B.P. 
SoUTHAJf, A. E., "Old England," Place 
Royal, Pau. 
hi k . Miss, 50. Avenue d'llna. Paris, 

Lady Emily, Chalet ' in vi 
Stanton, T., Villa Lavis, Beauliou-sur-Mei . 
Alpes MaritimeB. 
irlky, Alfred, If'>tv I Mentou. 

E. J., Villa E I areil, 

M r.ton. 
Stephenson, Mrs. Villa i Menton. 

St. John, Mis-. 21, Rue Montpi nsier, Pau. 

Plante, Pau. 

i u i . < .. \\ . B., \ ilia Miranda, 


or, A. I!.. 19, Quai des Chartrons, 

Taylor, G. A., 25, Avenue Floury, 

Colombes. Seine. 

rHBOPHILUS, Miss X., Ibis, T • 1'iMlUS, 

Nantes, Loire Inferieure. 
PSON, A. »'.. H.CS-, (i . Plai '• < ; au- 

mont, Pau, B.P. 
Thompson, Clayton, Placi du Gremont, 


Mrs. M. M., Hot©! de Londres, 

Pau, B.P. 
Thomson, II. H., 19, Alleis de Chartres, 

Thorpe, A. C, o/o Messrs. Martell & Co., 

. Charente. 
Tracey, Miss, Hotel Britannia, Menton. 

..well, Rev. he R., Rue Henri 1\'., 


e, Mme. I.-. Villa Lara, Pi 
er, Miss, \ ilia d'Assas, Pau. 
Twintng, II.. 22, A v. Ileum Marten, Paris. 
T\ nm.\. Miss A. K.. 22, Avenue de Gigant, 

Ullmann, H. II., 42, Rue Le Peletier, 

Walbeoffe-Wilson, Mrs., Villa Mon 

Loisir, Cap d'Antibes. 
Warburton, Stovin, Dona Maria. Cambo- 

les- Bains., D., 36, Rue du Sentier, Paris. 
Watsos Mrs., Maison Colbert, Pau. 
Watebfield, 1'., Clos du Peyronnet, 

Waterfield, Mrs., Clos du Peyronnel 

\\" w n ! ; Herman, Chemin Montardon, Pau. 
i i:i'.. P. E., Villa Ducout, Rue Jeanne 

d'Arc, Biarritz, B.P 
H, W. i )'!)., Ill, Alleis de Chartres. 

\\ eston, Rev. I 1 ' D St. .ban de Luz, B.P., 

White, E. S., 83, Hue de Las. ppe, Bor- 

Wii.hy, (;., 59, I'romenade-des-Anglais, 

Wilkinson, Mis. E. A., Villa Delavaud, 

Wilkinson, Mrs., Rue Raymond Plante, 

Wilkin-, ,N, Miss, Rue Raymond Plante, 

Wili i w -on Colbi 

Whliamson, sir Archibald, Villa Monl 

Agel, Menton. 

Williamson, Lady. Villa Moi 

Willis. Miss, i Rue de Neux, Sentis. 
Wintebhaldbb, W. P., Bon Abri, Jamaris- 

sur-Mer, Vi . 
Woods. Miss M., Chateau de Calsiac, per 

Lasalle, < lard. 



FRANCE — continued. 

Woon, Miss M. A., Chateau de Gaja per, 

Carcaisonne Aude. 
♦Yoeke, H. W„ 26, Rue de Turin, Paris. 

Young, Miss L., Chateau de Sandoux, 
Sandoux, Puy de Dome. 


Gibraltar.— H.C.S., W. H. Hoaee, 13, Naval Hospital Road. 

Aboab, S., Georges Lane. 

Abeines, J. V., 18, Prince Edward's Road. 

Abudaeham, D. J., Secretary's Lane. 

Achenbach, W. J., c/o American Consul. 

Adambeey, E., Crutchetts Ramp, No. 5. 

Aldana, J., Parody's Passage, No. 6. 

Alsino, A., Central Police Station. 

Amae, J., 4, Chicardos Passage. 

Andlow, W. F. J., 3, North Pavilion Road. 

Aonso, A. B., Governor's Street. 

Abthub, J. P., S.S. Calabria, c/o Anchor 

Line (Henderson Bros.). 
Attias, J. B., 17, Cornwalls Lane. 
Avellano, E., Devil's Gap Steps. 
*Azaguby, J. L., 244, Main Street. 
Azzopaedi, C, Horse Barrack Lane. 
Bado, J., 3, Bado's Passage. 
Bado, L., Crutchetts Ramp, No. 8. 
Bagee, C. H., c/o Crusoe Mackintosh. 
Baglietto, A., No. 24, Crutohett's Ramp. 
Baglietto, J., 263, Main Street. 
Baglietto, L., 263, Main Street. 
Baglietto, L., No. 1, Main Street. 
Bakes, H. J., 11, Bell Lane. 
Baldorino, A. J., Lower Castle Road, 

Nos. 8 and 12. 
Ballestee, A., Engineers Lane No. 40. 
Balloqui, H., c/o A. H. Falero, Shipping 

Bassadone, A., 115, Main Street. 
Bazaedo, L., Chicardes Passage, No. 4. 
Belensi, Miss L. L., Irish Town. 
Belilo, M. S., Cafe Victoria. 
Belilo, S., Cafe Continental. 
Bellotti, A. C, 12, Prince Edward's Road. 
Bellotti, A. L., 9, Cooperage Lane. 
Bellotti, F., Lynch's Lane. 
Benady, D. M., Serfatys Passage. 
Benady, M. H., 8, Horse Barrack Lane. 
Benady, S. M. S., 41-43, Engineer's Lane. 
Benady, Miss S. S. D., 41, 43, Engineers 

Benabu, J. D., 2, Georges Lane. 
Benaenoe, D., Cafe Victoria. 
Bendelak, M. S., Main Street. 
Beneldz, J., Cafe Victoria. 
Benggio, R. M., Royal Bar. 
Benggio, R. M., P.O. Box 110. 
Benhayon, M. A., Main Street. 
Benhman, I., Main Street. 
Beniso, Miss E., 163, Main Street. 
Beniso, J., Main Street, 148. 
Beneos, J. A., 12, Commercial Square. 
Bensazon, J., Line Wall Synagogue. 
Benshimol, J. S., Cornwalls Lane 19. 
Bensusan, D. A., Town Range No. 26. 
Bensusan, M. M., Main Street No. 95. 
Bensusan, S. E., 52, Irish Town. 
Bentubo, M. L., North Front. 
Benumes, B. M., Main Street, 269. 

Benzaken, S. L., c/o The Gibraltar Coal 

Poole Co mm. 
Benzaquen, I. J., 123, Main Street. 
Beeieo, J. R., Hotel Grande. 
Beentich, H. L., 6, King Street. 
Bitton, M., 263, Main Street. 
Bonifacio, F., Pitman's Alley. 
Bonifacio, F. E., c/o Messrs. A. Mateos & 

Boeda, H., Crutchetts Ramp. 
Boege, F., Bland's Factory. 
Boege, V., Crutchetts Ramp. 
Boege, V., Prince Edward's Road. 
Bossano, R., 58, Engineer's Lane. 
Boulton, J. I., c/o Anchor Line. 
Beidgee, S. A., 26, Tower Buildings. 
*Beittain, J., Cumberland Road. 
Beittenden, J., Port Department. 
Browne, Miss G., Loreto Convent. 
Browne, S. J., Bringhurst. 
Beuzon, J., The Exchange. 
Buzaglo, M. S., Calpe Street. 
Cabedo, C. J., 19, Cannon Lane. 
Caetano, P., Governor's Street. 
Campello, J., No. 20, Crutchett's Ramp. 
Canefa, J. B., No. 8, Ansaldo's Passage. 
Canessa, A. L., P.O. Box 67. 
Canessa, J. H., Castle Street. 
Capueeo, A. H. S., Main Street. 
Caedona. H., P.O. Box 100. 
Caetweight, J., Dayrayes Parade. 
Cassaglia, J. P., Irish Town. 
Cassaglia, L., Bland's Factory. 
Cassano, A., Cine Photographic Studio, 

Gunners Parade No. 13. 
Cazes, J. L., 143, Main Street. 
Cazes, S. L., 143, Main Street. 
Chambeeland, We, 20, Green Market. 
Chicon, L., Cannon Lane. 
Cohen, A., White Flag Stores, Governor's 

Cohen, A. D., 48, Engineers Lane. 
Cohen, David A., 270, Main Street. 
Cohen, S. H., The White Flag Stores. 
Coll, A. A., Cornwalls Parade. 
Coll, J. A., Benzim Cra's Alley No. 5. 
♦Cortes, Captain N. P., 13, Cornwalls Lane. 
Cosquieei, J., Castle Steps. 
Ceaxton, Capt. T. W. H., (A.S.C.), Trans- 

port Office, Rosia. 
Ceisistelli, R., Road to the Lines No. 8. 
Cuby, J. S., 223, Main Street. 
Culatto, J. B. M., 150, Main Street. 
♦Cunningham, J., 34, Town Range. 
Dagiuno, Mr. 54, Engineers Lane. 
*Dai.zell, the Rev.H. (M.A.), Bristol Hotel. 
Danan, A. M., 11, Governors Parade. 
Danino, H., Danino Ramp H. 4. 
Danimo, A. M., 288, Main Street. 
Da vies, P., Flat Bastion Road. 



GIBRALTAR— co ntinued. 
Defferary, A. F., 74, Main Street. 
de la Paz, A. M., Tho Stationary Depot. 
de i.a Paz, E. Pv. C, 1, Demayas Ramp. 

\ Paz, H. C, Harirravrs Court. 
de los Santos, A., College Lane No. 5. 
Desona, E. L., Cornwalls Lane. 
de Torres, E., 53, Irish Town. 
Diaz, L., 1, Main Street. 
Dodero, J. J., 170 and 172, Main Street. 
Dotto, J. L., 56, Governor's Street. 
Dotto, L. C, 12, Civil Hospital Hill. 
Dotto, L. M., 56, Governor's Street. 
Drahned, J., Sanitary Commissioners. 
Dugo, J., c/o S. M. S. Benady, Esq., 41 

43, Engineers Lane., A. L., 50, City Mill Lane. 
Duncan, A. R., S.S. Calabria, c/o Anchor 

Line (Henderson Bros.). 
Elmaleh, I. S., 14, Town Range. 
Fa, G., Royal Tobacconist Shop, Main 

Fabre, F., 181, Main Street. 
Fabre, L. J., 34, Police Barracks. 
Falero, L. P., c/o Messrs. Smith, Imossi & 

Falero, P. W., c/o Messrs. Smith, Imossi & 

Felipes, A. N., 1, Lynch Lane. 
Fernandez, E., Main Street. 
Ferrary, A., Willis's Road. 
Ferro, A., North Front. 
Ferro, C. A., Police Barracks. 
Ferro, J., Police Barracks. 
Fervaby, A., El Anunciador. 
Francis, E. A., 69, Governor's Street. 
Fbederico, C, Irish Town. 
Fromow, A., Engineers Lane No. 40. 
Gabay, J., 121, Main Street. 
Gache, Miss P., 42, City Mill Lane. 
Gagoero, G., Cloister Building. 
Galliano, V., Cannon Lane. 
Garcia, J., New Street No. 3. 
Garcia, J., No. 10, Castle Road. 
Garcia, M., Pitman's Alley. 
Gabcio, P., Main Street, Pitmans Alley 

No. 10. 
Gardener, Frederick, New Mole House. 
Gareze, A., Fountain Ramp. 
Garson, I. R. D., 16, Commercial Square. 
Gauchy, F., Mascelos Ramp. 
Gill, J. C. L., " El Anunciadar." 
Gomez, A., Castle Ramp No. 33. 
Gomez, E. J., Sanitary Commissioners 

Gomez, J. N., 217-219, Main Street. 
Gomez, L. J., 19, Engineer's Lane. 
Gonzalez, M., Road to the Lines, 2-4. 
Grant, Baron A., New Mole House. 
Gray, W., Rock View, 7, Rodgers Road. 
Gbech, J., c/o M. H. Bland & Co. 
Gregory, A., Customs. 
Guerrero, J. M., No. 30, Prince Edward's 

Guillem, F. J., 19, Main Street. 
Guillermo, J., c/o Messrs. Bland & Co., 

Hanglin, A., Main Street. 
Harries, William, New Mole House. 

Harris, S. G., 89, Tower Buildings. 

Hassan, A., 140, Main Street. 

IF iss \ \, A. M.. I In, Main m reet. 

Hay, J. C, S.S. Calabria, c/o Anchor Line 

(Henderson Bros.). 
Haynes, T. J., Calpe Foundry and Forge. 
Hermida, A., Road to the Lines No. 19. 
Hernandez, A., Marcelos Ram]). 
Hetherington, N., S.S. Calabria, c/o 

Anchor Line (Henderson Bros.). 
HiPKiNs, H. F., 8, Hospital Hill, Police 

Hipkins, L. E., 120, Police Station. 
, Hoare, Mrs. A. V., 13, Naval Hospital 

Hoabe, G. W., 18, George's Lane. 
: Hoare, W. 11., 13, Naval Hospital Road. 
Holliday, A., Main Street. 
Homkdes, E., 15, Willis Passage, Willis 

Hume, R., Inspectors Quarters. 
: Hutchinson, H., c/o Anchor Line. 
jIsherwood, R., 38, F.O. Qrs., Rosia. 
Isola, A., Irish Town. 
Jimener, J., Road to the Line No. 10. 
Johnson, J., Crutchett's Ramp. 
Jones, E., General Post Office, 
Labrador, A., 31, Main Street. 
Lagares, J. M., City Mill Lane. 
Labos, A., Main Street. 
Lardeaux, E., Royal Naval Hospital. 
Latin, A., Crutchett's Ramp 10. 
Latin, A. V., Crutchett's Ramp 16. 
Shipping Clerk, 
c/o A. H. Falero, Shipping 

Lavagna, A., 
Lavagna, C. 

Lavagna, H. 
Lequich, W. 

A., Main Street. 
L., 2, George's Lane. 
Levrero, A. A., 11 Flat Bastion Road. 
Levy, B., 34, City Mill Lane. 
Levy, H. I., 34, City Mill Lane. 
Levy, J. (Junr.), 9, Commercial Square. 
Levy, M. I., 34, City Mill Lane, Gibraltar. 
Lin-ares, F., No. 19, Rogers' Road. 

BS, M., 61, Prince Edward's Road. 
*Littlewood, J. B., 3, Convent Place. 
Littlewood, V. A., 289, Main Street. 
Llambias, R., 4, Chicardos Passage. 
Lopez, J., 180, Main Street. 
Lugarg, J., Governor's Street. 
Maoedo, Adolphus, 142, Mam Street. 
Machias, J., No. 77, Governor's Street. 
Macias, J., Lower Castle Road, No. 11. 
Mm ias, M., c/o Messrs. A. Mateos & Sons. 
MacPhee, Miss G. L., 32, Flat Bastion 

Manito, A., 9, Cannon Lane. 
Mansfield, T., c/o Lewis Stagnetto, Esq., 

Main Street. 
Marin, R., c/o Marin and Podesta, Irish 

Marin, R. C, Paradise Ramp No. 1. 
Marrache, A. S., 163, Main Street. 
Martin, E., Bringhurst, Cumberland Place. 
Martinez, F., Bland's Factory. 
Martinez, G. J., Chicardos Passage No. 4. 
Massias, I. R., 117, Main Road. 
Massias S., J., Horse Barrack Lane. 



GIBRALTAR continued. 

Mjfsdd, B. E., c/o A. II. Falero, (Shipping 

Molinary, A., College Lane. 
MOLINARY; F., Irish Town. 
Molinary, J., Parliament Lane. 
Molinary, J., Tin- Market. 
Mollnaby, J., 13, Cornwall's Lane. 
Montegriffo, A. C, c/o Messrs. Benady 

Bros., 41-43, Engineers Lnr t 
Montegriffo, A. F., " The Esmeralda." 
Morgan, A., 7, Gowlands Ramp. 
Muir, T., S.S. Calabria, c/o Henderson 

Murto, A., Governors Street. 
Muscat, A.. Naval Officers P vilion. 
Xavas, J.. Church Street. 
Xeilson, R. Gunner), 6th Company, B.G.A., 

Devil's Gap. 
Norton, F. J. B., Flat Bastion Boad. 
Norton, H. J., Flat Bastion Road. 
Nunez, J., 197, Main Street. 
Olivera, Alberto, Hotel Victoria. 
Oliveea, Antonio, Hotel Victoria. 
Olivero, J., Crutchett's Ramp. 
Olivero, H., Serfaty's Passage. 
Onos, R. J., Church Street. 
O'Reilly, L., 8-10, Engineer's Lane. 
Orfila, A., Main Street. 
Pardo, J., Xo. 8, Crutchetts Ramp. 
Parody, J., Cumberland Steps (South). 
Parody, J. A., 33, Cumberland Road. 
Pau, J. G., Crutchett's Ramp, 28. 
Pearce, J., 19, Prince Edward Road. 
Perea, J. M., 8, City Mill Lane. 
Perez, A., Xo. 5, Rcsia Steps. 
Perez, Miss O., Prince Edward Road. 

No. 8. 

D., Bristol Hotel. 

A., Main Street. 

" Electricity Works," King's 

Piccone, W. 

PlNCHO, A., 



V., 6, Framow's Building, 
Ansaldos Passage 
Pizzarella, A., City Mill Lane, 23. 
Pizarri. A. A., No. 10, Damayas Ramp. 
I'uxei.i.o, F. !>., (i. King Street. 
Podesta. H., Gavino's Buildings. 

Pobgio, A., Xo. 24, t'aunon Lane. 
1'oggio, E., 40, Engineer's Lane. 
Pobgio, S. A., 15, Flat Bastion Road. 
PoGUE, R. H., Commercial Library. 
Povedano, C. R., 12, Bell Lane. 
Ramagge, A. A., Giro's Passage. 
Hand, S. H., 22, Governor's Street. 
Rafalle, E., Church Royal. 
Rapallo, J. E., 8, Crutchett's Ramp. 
Restano, F., 33, Main Street. 
Restano, J., The Market. 
Restano, M., The Market. 
Reyes, Joseph A., 32, Cornwall's Lane. 
Ross, C. S., Oddfellows' Buildings, Queen 

Rich, R. W., 2, Convent Place. 
Risso, L., Lime Kiln Road, No. 23. 
Rovegno, L., No. 4, 4th Willis Road. 
Rugeroni, C. A., 10, Irish Town. 
Rugeroni, J. A., 10, Irish Town. 
Rugeroni. J. V., 29, City Mill Lane. 
Ruiz. A., " El Anunciadar." 
Rumbo, E. P., No. 10, Cornwall's Lane 
Russo, E., 1, Bomb House Lane. 
Russo, J. I., City Mill Lane No. 23. 
Russo, W., Railway Office. 
Santos, L., 7, Crutchett's Ramp. 
Savignon, 1)., Gunner's Lane. 
Serfaty, A. B. M., 16, Parliament Lane. 
Serruya, S., Main Street No. 144. 
Seruya, S. S., 19, Commercial Square. 
Sita, M., Main Street. 
Sodi, E., No. 19, Castle Street. 
Stagnetto, J., Main Street. 
Stagnetto, L. (Junr.), Main Street. 
Stevenson, D., S.S. Calabria, c/o Anchor 

Line (Henderson Bros.). 
Tenma, E. F., No. 2, Benzimras Alley., M. de, 53, Irish Town. 
Trenekry, J. H., Cannon Lane. 
Trico, J., Upper Castle Road. 
Victory, John. 271, Main Strei fc. 
Viotto, J., Hospital Ramp, No. 8. 
Vyvyan, F. A., Poste Restante. 
Wahnon, M. J., Xo. 95, Main Strei t. 
Zammit, E., Colonial Slaughter House, 

North Front. 


Athens. — H.C.S., W. G. i'ottreli,, 51, Odos Acidemias. 

Branch Sec, J. EL E. Walter, Esq., 51, Odos Academias 
Salonika.— H.C.S., »t, Salonika. 

Abbey, W. E., Anglo-Greek Magnesite Co. 

Ltd., Limni Eubcea. 
Bowie, L., c/o British Consul-General 

Cauchi, F., S.S. Agent, Salonika. 
Chasseaud, H., 4-6 Passage, Benrubi, 

Chasseaud, W., 4-6 Passage Benrubi, 


Dayies, J., c/o British Consul-General, 

Dewsnap, Miss Q., Kydathenion 6, Athens 
Fix, Miss F., Philanthropic Institute. 

Argosloli, Cephalonia. 

Dlexjian, Miss M., c/o Standard Oil Co. of 

New York, Piraaus. 
Foley, V., c/o British Consul-General, 

Grech, R., c/o British Consul-General, 

Hill, E. A., Athens. 
Hill, R. J., Athens. 
Jamieson. A., Limni Eubcea. 
Kassiiiatio G. P.,Karvounader Ceerigo. 
La Fontaine, W., 34a, Homer Street, 

Liddki,, C., c/o British Consul-General, 




GREECE— continv 

Maltass, Miss A. 1)., 1, Rue de Lyeee, Sellab, A. W., H.M.'e Consulate Genera!, 

Maltass, A. E., Maison Kokinaki, Rue 

Kokinaki, Kephissia. 
Maltass, .Mrs. M. C, Maison Kokinaki, 

Rue Kokinaki, Kephissia. 
Maltass, T. J., 7, Xenocrates Street, 

Mashaw, I'. II., c/o Standard Oil Co. of 

New York, Piraeus. 
Oudney, J., c/o British Consul-General, 

Paekek, Miss A., 72, Odog Rolokotrout, 

Reed. J. V., c/o British Consul-General, 

Robeets, Miss E. J., Royal Hotel, 

Robebtson, J., c/o Grecian Marbles Mar- 

mon, Ltd., Athens. 

Skinnee, Miss E. W., Kydathenaion 6, 

Smith, Miss J. Fitzpateick, 5th Can. 

GeneralHospital, B.E. Unit. Salonika. 
Smith, W., c/o Grecian Marble Marmon, 

Ltd., Athens. 
Stocks, Miss D. M., c/o Monsieur L. 

Anastassiade, Evidrion, Pharsala. 
Tayloe, T. C, c/o British Consul-General, 

Walker, A. W., 14, Lycabetas Street, 

Walkee, Mrs. E. M., 14, Lycabetas Street, 

Wood, H., Royal Hotel, Athens. 
Wood, Miss W. H., British Consulate, 

Woodley, H. J., Rua Patissia 21, Athens. 


The Hague. — H.C.S. Hermah M. March, Kranenburgweg. 

The Netherlands.— Branch Sec, -Miss Van Putten, 69, Laan Copes van Cattenburgh, The 

1 1 ! g ue. 
Utrecht — H C.S., Rev. A. Blakiston, Holy Trinity Parsonage, 26, Van Hogendorpstraat. 

Baetuam, Miss, c/o Miss Wyche, 51, Van Kooykee, C. E.,L. Laan and Meerdervoort, 

_'henstraat, Amsterdam. The Hague. 

Blakeiston, Mrs. A., Holy Trinity Parson- Labaeee, E. J., British Vice-Consul, Am- 

age, Van Hogendorpstraat, Utrecht. 
Blakiston, Rev. A., H.C.S., Holy Trinity 

Parsonage, Van Hogendorpstraat, 

Brown, Rev. J. Irwin. M.A., P.D., 110, 

Schoonebergerweg, Rotterdam. 
Chambers, Miss J. H., Groeneburgwal 42, 

Cooper, Miss E. M. M., c/o Mrs. Gouda, 

Prinsengracht 727, Amsterdam. 
Criohtow, J., Math'laau 283, I im. 

Crotch, Mrs. C. A., Rokin 83, Amsterdam. 
Cbotch, J. H., Rokin 83, Amsterdam. 
Fishee, Miss, co Mr. Walker, bij Haar- 
Gbant, W. A., Loan Van, Meerdervoort 

. The Hague. 
Gunner, A. G., 83 Damrak, Amsterdam. 
Hawkins, Miss C, c/o Countess Vase, Liin- 

berg. Stierum, Nordwyk-on-Sea. 
Hawkins, Miss, 27, Daendel Straat, The 

Hesselisk, Mrs. J. H., 8, Tenierstraat, 

Hiscock, L. H., Vredelorve, Aerdenhout bij 

Hisi"\, Miss I., Vredehorve Aerdeuhout, 

by Haarlem. 
Hollis, E. B., Damrak 74, Amsterdam. 
Hollis, Mrs. E. B., Damrak 74, Amsterdam. 
Keee, Mrs. Robert, 71, Valeriusstraat 


Leveemoee, Miss V. C, c/o Mrs. Fancken, 

Heerongracht 499, Amsterdam. 
Leveet, Mr. E. L., Kenaustraat 3, Haarlem. 
Maaldronk, Mrs. J., Deventereveg 28, 

Maech, H. M., H.C.S., Kranenburgweg, 11, 

The Hague. 
McKenzie, Miss, c/o Mrs. Suringar, Valerin- 

splcin 22, Amsterdam. 
Neilson, Miss B., Van Baerlestraat 18, 

Neilson, Miss A., Willemsparkenegg, 


II.. 12, Cornelis Schu; 

♦Rodgees, Miss E. G. I., e o Mrs. L. Van 

Putten, 69, I ue. 

Steee, J. ! . 1 . \o ^'TStraat, Roth r- 

Tebbitt, F., 41, Celebesstraat, The Hague. 
Teves, Mrs. Ad\, llinnenkant 46, Amster- 
Thornbee, Miss I., Bezuidenhout 62, De 

Walkee, F. B., 28, Paul Krugerslraat, 

Walsh, F. S., 9, Van Sheijkstraat, Utrecht. 
Wellbubn, Miss B., c/o Mrs. Moltze, Villa 

de Heerd, Bloemendaal. 
Wyciie, Miss A. E. 11., 51, Van Eeghen 

Straat, Amsterdam. 




-H.C.S. Geoeoe C. Copland. 




Bordighera.— Branch Sec, Dr. J. Linton-Bogle, Villa Vaniglia. 

Carrara.— H.C.S., George A. Olding. 

Dronero.— H C.S., Mrs. Flora Stark, Dronero, Cameo. 

Florence.— Branch Sec, Dr. Alexander R. Coldstream, 1 Via, G. C. Vanini. 

Genoa. —Branch Sec, A Gordon Bruce, Union Club. 
H.OS., J. Bernard, Box 530. 

Leghorn.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, George Bush, Secretary British Chamber of Com- 
merce for Italy, 3, Scali d'Azeglio. 

Messina.— Branch Sec, W. G. Motton, Gai,zi, Catania (Sicily). 

H.C.S., W. C. Slater, Palazzo Savvio, via Nicola Fabrizi. 

Milan.— H.C.S., and Branch Sec, E. P. Stevenson, via Tamburini No. 4. 

Naples.— Branch Sec, T. C. Ellis, c/o Messrs. T. Cook & Son, Galleria Vittoria. 

Palermo. — H.C.S. and Branch Sec, T. Donald Smith, c/o Ingham and Whitaker, 
Palermo, Sicily. 

Portoierraio.— H.C.S., J. C. Airey, British Vice-Consulate, Portoferraio, Elba. 

Pozzuoli.— Branch Sec, T. A. Jovlino, Slabilimento Armstrong. 

Rome.— Branch Sec, J. H. Loughnan, Union Club, 23, Piazza di Spagna. 

Turin.— H.C.S., Sir Walter F. Becker, K.B.E., Villa Becker, Val Salice. 

Acton, A. M., Villa Acton, La Pietra, 

Adorni, C.ssa, 1, Via Rondinelli, Florence. 
Agar, J. W., Via San Giacomo No. 18-4, 

Carignano, Genoa. 
Airey, J. C, H.C.S., etc., Portoferraro, 

Alban, Miss, Pension Sinai, Florence. 
Albro Miss Martha Ritchie, Pension 

Chiasarelli, Siena, Florence. 
Alexander, Miss K. C, Pension Jaselli 

Owen, 12, Piazza Barberini, Rome. 
Alimonda, A., Hotel de Genes, Genoa. 

Alison, Miss, 49, Via Francesco Crispi, 

Allen Mrs. Eva .Castel Ruggiero, Grassina, 

Allen, Miss Geraldixe, 80, Via di Ripoli, 

Allen, G. E., 28, Via Vigna Nuova, 

Allen, T. W., Stabilimento Armstrong, 

Amodeo, V. A., c/o Union Club, Genoa. 
Arceri-Sharp, Mrs., Corso Calatafimi 77, 

Archer Miss, 10, Pia/.za S. Spirito, Florence. 
Arnold, F. S., Via Babuino 72, Rome. 
Arnold, Mrs. Seymour, Villa Gaia, Bordi- 

Arthur, Miss C, Via Guerrazzi No. 1, 

Ashby, Dr. Thos., British School, Valle 

Giulia, Rome. 
Ashby, Mrs., British School, Valle Giulia, 

Ashtox, Miss Eva, 253, Via Nomentana, 

Atkinson, Miss, 87, Via della Croce, Rome. 
Atkinson, Dr. \V. E., (51, Via Medina, 

♦Aveline, A. B., 353, Via Etnea, Catania. 
Axworthy, Miss E. G., 25, Viale Giulio 

Cesare, Rome. 
Axworthy, Mrs., 54, Via Marcantonio 

Colonna, Rome. 
Azavey, S., Via Zabedia No. 5, Milan. 

Babington, Miss, 23, Piazza di Spagna, 

Backhouse, S. W., Villa Dionisis, Via 

Mattia Preti, Vomero,' Naples. 
Bagnani, Mrs. F., 4, Via San Martino al 

Macao, Rome. 
Bai.danzi, Mrs., 5, Via Rondinelli, Flor- 
Baldock, Miss, Palazzo Del Drago, Rome. 
Bale, J. Melvin, 10, Via Alf.eri, Florence. 
Bale, Mrs. Mei.yin, 10, Via Alfieri, 

Ball, W. B., 142, Corso Vittorio, Emanuele, 

Banks, Mrs. G. K., Linotyhe, Via Princ. 

Umberto 36, Milan. 
Banks, J. N., Linotyhe, Via Princ. 

Umberto 36, Milan. 
Barbeau, Mr., Hotel Regina, Via Veneto, 

Barbeau, Mrs., Hotel Regina, Via Veneto. 

Barrett, Miss Eva, 53b, Via Margutta, . 

Barrett, N. W., 6, Via Duilio, Rome. 
Barry, Miss, Via Lazzaro Palazzi 24, Milan. 
Barry, L., Saleti Piana di Rocco, Genoa. 
Barry, Miss D., Satita Piana di Rocco 48, 

Baskerville, Miss B., Sala della Stampa, 

San Silvestro, Rome. 
Baxter, A. H., Villa il Meigrano 18, 

Via S. Leonardo. Florence. 
Baxter, Miss Edith, Villa il Meigrano, 18, 

Via S. Leonardo Florence. 
Baxter, Miss Isabel G., Villa il Meigrano 

18, Via S. Leonardo, Florence 
Beaumont, A., Hotel du Nord, Milan. 
Beaumont, D., 5, Piazza Cavour, Anchor 

Line Office, Leghorn. 
♦Becker, W., Sir, k.b.e., H.C.S., Villa 

Becker, Val Salice, Turin. 
Bedford, Mrs., Via Creseenzio 62, Rome. 
! Beek, C, Maniace, Catania, Sicily. 
! Begg, E. B., Villa Bagnolo, Rofredo, 
Begg, George B., 83, Via S. Reparata, 



ITALY- contin 

Bgeg, M ge B., 83. Via S. Separata, 


Bn. lAROHEKiTa Bartlet, Bagnolo, 

!", Flounce. 
Bell. G. A. Via Park' 6-32, 


.. Mrs., Via 1'aride Salvago, 6-32, 

Bell, Ninian, British Stores, Bordighera. 
Bell, Mrs, Ninian, British - Bordi- 

Benfbatello, Baronessa, Villa Benfratello, 

Via Buonriposo, .Milan. 
Benn, Mrs. E. M., 11 Ciliegio, Via del Pal- 
merino, Florence. 
Benson, Mi-., Via Marchese Ugo 40, 

Benton, La Mortila Wntirnigha, Bordi- 

Benton, Mrs., La Mortila Ventimi 

Benzie, C. 1)., Cunard-Anchor Line, Piazz 

Marina 94, Palermo. 
Bernard, J. \V., H.C. S., Casello Postale 

530, Genoa. 
Bernard, Miss H. F., Montallegro 40, S. 

Lorenzo 4, Genoa. 
Berriman, J. H., Piazza Castello No. 10, 

Berry, Edward E., 12, Via Gregonana, 

Berry, Mrs. E. E., 12, Via Gregonana, 

Biamonte, Madame, Hotel Bristol, Bordi- 
Bickley, H. R., Villa Gentile, Cornigliano 

Bicknell, Clarence, Villa Rosa, Bordi- 
Bingham, S., Via Lazzaro Palazzi 24, 

Bibbeck, Mr., 40, Via Babuino, Rome. 
Birbeck, Mrs., -10, Via Babuino, Home. 
Birch, Miss D., 31, Viale Milton, Elorence. 
Bissett, Miss M. E., 33, Via dei Pontefici, 

Blake, Mrs., Via .San Sabastiano 30, 

Blake, Rev. .1. M.. 11, Lung'Arno Guic- 

ciardini, Florence. 
Blake. Mrs., II Lung'Arno Guicciardini, 

Blount Miss Constance, La Carraia 11,. 

Via San Leonardo, Florence. 
Boeker, Miss B., 71, Via Paolo Emilio, 

Bogle, Mrs. Agnes E. i '.. Villa Vaniglia, 

Bogle, Dr. I. Linton, Villa Vaniglia, Bor- 

Bogle, Dr. L. J., Villa Vaniglia, Bordighera. 
Bompian a. Mis. Mary Eyre, 1, Via Pompeo 

^'no, Roi 
Bond, W. B., 11. Via Maggio, Florence. 
Bown, Miss Annie, Villa Elvira. Via Andrea 

\ n caro, \ i imero, Na 
Bradley, John, 14, \'iale R. Mar- 

gherita, Elorence. 

Bradley, \V. A., II. Viale K. Mai 

gherita, Florence 
Bragg, A. Wisely, c/o Thos. Cook & 

Son, Rome. 
Bragg, The Misses, 36, Via Collina, 

Brammelly, Miss, 12, Via Boncompagni, 

Brazier, Mis 'dame Ducrot, Piazza 

Olivuzza 55, Palermo. 
Brettingham, Miss, Via Montebello 2f, 

Breuillot, Madame, Via Dante 16, 

Briscoe-Ironside, Mr., 6, Via Veeobietti, 

Briscoe-Ironside, Mrs., 0, Via Vecchietti, 

Broadwood, Mrs., 7, Piazza Indipendenza, 

Broadwood, The Misses, 7, Piazza Indi| 

denza, Ron 
Brock, Dr. I d'ltalia, Rome. 

Brock, Mrs., 0, torso d'ltalia, Rome. 
Brockelh ink, Miss M.,c/o Creditoltaliano, 

Via Vecchiette, Florence. 
Brocklebank, T.. ... \ ia S. Leonardo, 

Brocklebank, Mis., 5, Via Leonardo, 

♦Brown, A. P.,VillaPax, Ragusa, Syracuse, 

Brown, .Miss Lizzie, 2, Via .Maria Cristina, 

Brown, Professor J. T., Via Nardones 23, 

Browne, Miss, Pensione Pagnini, 12, Via 

Gregoriana, Rome. 
Beowne, Mrs. F. J., Via San Stefano 

Rotondo 6. 
Browne, Mrs. Kinworthy, Casa di Boc- 
caccio, Settignano, Florence. 
Browne, Miss Louisa < ., 12, Via Gre- 
goriana. Rome l 
Brown e, \\ . V . Via Laviuia 30, Genoa. 
Browne, Mis., Via Lavinia 30, (ii noa. 
Browning, Professor Oscab, 12, Via Pietro, 

.llini, Rome. 
Brownluw, Mis., 25, Via Monserrato, 

Brucato, Mrs., \"ia Liberi mo. 

Bruce, A. G., Genoa. 

i.i.v, A. Boston, Via Puggia 7, 

S. Martin, (iinoa. 
Bull. Rev. '■. \ ., 50, Via drllc Ruote, 

Bitlwee, Miss, ('". d, Uokfield, 

Burgess, Mis, Kail, 7, Via I'ontano, 

Na i 
Bui<(. .. W., 96, Via Xomentana, 

Burgess, Mrs. W., 00, Via Xomentana. 

Bdeke, E., Pia 

Buri I... 77. Via ' avour, Florence. 
. Miss Mtjb !. \ ilia I 

\ i i Le Campora, Florence. 



ITALY — continued • 

Burns, A. L., Singer Sewing Machine Co., 

Corso Italia No. 1, Milan. 
Burrell Miss, Le Palazzine, S. Domenico, 

Burroughes, Miss, 13, Via Clitunno, Rome, 
Burrows, Stephen, Sailors' Rest. 2, 

Vico Piliero, Naples. 
Burton, H., 45, Costa S. Giorgio, Florence. 
Burton, Mrs., Villa Pendice, Bordighera. 
Burtschell, Mrs. S., 5, Via Gregoriana, 

Burtt, Rev. E. H., Via Curtatone 1, Genoa. 
Bush, G., H.C.S.. c/o British Chamber of 

Commerce, 3, Scali D'Azeglio, Leghorn 

Byam, Deaconess, 7. Via Antonio Musa, 

Cabrera, J., Via Canova 13, Milan. 
Caithness, J. B., 1, Via Maggi, Leghorn. 
Caithness, Mrs. M. M., 1, Via Maggi, Leg- 
Calderon, Lieutenant-Colonel C. M., 17, 

Via ddi Bardi, Florence. 
C'allos, H., Pension Pinto Storey, Piazza 

Amedeo, Naples. 
Campbell, A. C, Union Club, 2, Salita S. 

Gianbattista, Genoa. 
Campbell, A. G., Via Assarotti 42-5, 

Campbell, Mrs., Via Assarotti, 42-5, Genoa. 
Campbell. Miss Kathleen, Via Assarotti 

42-5, Genoa. 
Campbell, Miss Lorna, Via Assarotti 42-5, 

Candia, A. de, 21, Arco Mirelli, Naples. 
Capel, Mrs., 6, Via delle Caldaie, Florence. 
Caracciolo di Forino, Countess Lilian, 

38, Via Romagna, Rome. 
Cardinale. Mrs, Via Po-9, Rome. 
Cardinale-Crawford, Mrs., 25, Via Aure- 

liana, Rome. 
Carlyle, E. W., Crown Spetter Ca Ponte 

di Nossa (Bergamo), Milan. 
Carmichael, Gordon, 13, Viale Milton, 7, 

Via Faentina, Florence. 
Carmichael, Mrs.. 13, Viale Milton, 7, Via 

Faentina, Florence 
Carmichael, M., H.M. Consul, Leghorn. 
Caro, F. H. X. de, Via Sant' Antonio 

No. 9, Milan. 
Carr, Thomas L., Corso Magenta 61, Genoa. 
Carr Walter, Via Montallegro, Albaro, 

Castel Thomond, Marchese, 47, Via Tos- 

cana, Rome. 
Castronovo, Mrs., Via delle Giostra 1, 

Cavanna, Miss, 8G, Via Babuino, Rome. 
Cavendish, Mr., 71, Via Cavour, Rome. 
Cavendish, Mrs., 71, Via Cavour, Rome. 
Chadwick, R. W., Pensione Riccioli, 

Chadwick, Miss ,PensioneRiccioli,Florence. 
Chandler, Mrs., Florence, Italy. 
Chapman, Mrs. M. A., Villa Figaro, Via 

V. Capellini S. Frano, Genoa. 
Charlton, John M., 314, Palazzo. Guag- 

liulo, Naple. 

Chiappella- Bruce, Mrs., Cardiff Villa 

Porta San Marco, Pistoja, Florence. 
Chichgar, F. R., Palazzo Nuova Borsa 96, 

Chignell, H. S., Via Mazzini, Carrara. 
Christmas, Mrs., 11, Via Lucullo, Rome. 
Churchward, W. P., Lombardy Rail- 
road Co., Via Farini No. 8, Milan. 
Ciccolini, Marchesa, 25, Via Monserrato, 

Claisse, V. H., c/o Dent, Alleroft & Co., 

Clapperton, Rev. W. K. t Collegio Scozzese, 

Via Quattro .Fontane, Rome. 
Clark, Miss E.M.Palazzo Chigi, Via Ricasoli, 

Clark, Gladys, Baglio Ingham, Marsala, 

Clark, H. H., Baglio Ingham, Marsala, 

Clark, Mrs., Baglio Ingham, Marsala. 

Clarke, Miss Nelson Esther J., Pension 

Baker 10, Via Caraccioto, Naples. 
Clarke, Miss Nelson Alice, Pension 

Baker 10, Via Caraccioto, Naples. 
Clarke, W. W., Villa dil Cusha, Sestri 

Levante, Genoa. 
Clayton, Miss Every, 5, Viale Torricelli, 

Poggio Imperiale, Florence. 
Close,. Mrs. E. Prevost, 24, Lung'Arno, 

Acciaiuoli, Florence. 
Coates, Miss L., La Grayiella San Remo, 

Coats, Mrs. c/o G. Bush, Esq., Office of the 

British Chamber of Commerce, Scali 

d'Azeglio 3, Leghorn. 
Codrington, W., Chiaia 24, Napoli, Italy. 
Cohen, L., Via Rodi 3-10, Genoa. 
Coldstream, Dr. A. R., 1, Via G. C. Vanini, 

Coldstream. Mrs., 1, Via G. C. Vanini, 

Colucci, Mrs. {nee Southwell), Villa Belve 

dere, 1, Via Dante da Castiglione, 

Compere, T. A., 9, Vittoria Colonna, 

Conway. Miss, 4, Via San Martino al Macao, 

Cook, B. H. J., c/o British Vice-Consulate, 

Cook, W. G., 138, Corso Umberto, Rome. 

i bs, Miss, Palazzo Cremonesi, Via 

Cimarosa, Vomero, Naples. 
Cooper, G. H., Via Settembrini 45, Milan. 
Coot, Miss, San Girolamo, Fiesole, Florence. 
CoriNGER, Mrs. Jeannie, 22, Via Domenico 

Buonvicini; Florence. 
Copinger, Dr. W. F., 22, Via Domenico 

Buonvicini, Florence. 
Cormier, Mr., 65, Via Flaminia, Rome. 
Cormier, Mrs., 65 Via Flaminia, Rome. 
Cory, Colin, Via Sturia 46, Genoa. 
Cory, Miss Molly, Via Sturia 46, Genoa. 

Mrs., Via Sturia 46, Genoa. 
Cossins, L. R., Baglio Ingham, Marsala, 




ITALY — continw d. 

Cossiss. Mrs., Baglio Ingham, Marsala, 

! mo. 
Cosulicm, K., Palazzo della Meridiana, 

Cottrau, Mrs., 9 -ia, Rome. 

Courtenw, Rev. C, 22, Via Guattani, 

Courtexay. Mrs. C, 22, Via Guattani. 

i: '.'in-. 
Courtman. W. M. Via Cairoli 8 2, Genoa. 
Cox, Miss P., 12, Via Foscote, Florence. 
Cox, Miss Florv, 12, Via Ugo Foacolo, 

Porta Romana, Florence. 
Cbabbb, Miss E., 40, Viale R. Margherita, 

LIO, Mrs., t. Via Porta Pinciana, Rome. 
Craves, R. 11.. Sestri Levante, Genoa. 
Cripps, R. Noel, Viareggio. 
Crowe, F. E., Via Gaetano Negri No. 1 1, 

Cruickshank, J. W., 32, Via Erta 

Canina, Florence. 
Cruickshank, Mrs. J. \V., 32, Via Erta 

Canina, Florence. 
Cuffley, T. E., c/o G. Bush, Esq., c/o 

British Chamber of Commerce, 3, Scali 

d'Azeglio Leghorn. 
Cugivn:, Ni^nora Jane MACLEOD, 7, Via 

Manzoni, Florence. 

. - ate Fe, Bordighera. 

[NO, Mr-.. Santa Fe, Bordighera. 
i'lmmini: 1. Millar, 1 Piazza degli 

Zaavi Florence. 
Cunningham, Y. D., Via Torino, 62, Milan. 
I' AlbebtiS, Contessa, Via Peschiera l 7 . 

Daly, Mrs. Dora M., Casa Rustica, Bordi- 
I> wherry, Miss, Grand Hotel, Rome. 
Daubeny, Miss, c/o Signora Florio, Villa 

[giea, Palermo. 
Davern, Miss, Viale Gambaro 8, 8. Fran- 
cesco, < li'noa. 
Davidson, (.!. M , Via Maragliano 23-12, 

Davidson. Geo., Via Assarotti 42, Genoa. 
Davidson, Miss Georotna, Via Assarotti 42, 

Davidson, Mrs., Via Assarotti 12. '■• noa. 
Davidsi irotti 42, 

• >i noa. 
Davib, J. !•:.. Via Elba No. 6, Milan. 
Davibs, J. W., \'ia Giovanni Canton i 

7. Milan. 
Davibs, Miss K., 89, Via Babuino, Ron. 
Davies, Miss, Salita S. Leonardo 11—4, 

Dawes, Miss, Viale Calascion>- 12, Monte 

de Dio, Naples. 
Dawson. Miss Vesev, 9, Lnng'Arno Guic-, 

ciardini, Florence. 
Day, R .. i ectl Pensione Crocini 7, Lung' 

Arno ( Juicciardini, Florence. 
Sells de Grave, C, 5, Via Ponte Calvi 

Delafons, Walter, c/o Societa Venegiana, 

de Navigazione a Vapore, Rome. 
De MaRtino, L. J., 83, Via Lincoln-Palermo 

De Martino, L., Excelsior Palace Hotel, 

De Nancrede, Messrs. R. and F., 12, Via 

della Mercede, Rome. 
Denham, L., Via Lunense No. 27, Carrara. 

itt, Geo., Genoa. 
De Rossi, Mrs., 53, Via Aureliana, Rome. 
De Salis, Count, Palazzo Borghese, Romo. 
Dickinson, Miss M., 12, Via Calabria, 

Dii.BEROonuE. Miss M. S., Pension Castri, 

Doio, R., .Grand Hotel, Rome. 
DoNOHOE, Mrs., Via Labicana 196. Rome 
Douglas, Miss Ikvino, 51, Viale Giulio 

Cesare, Rome. 
Dove. Miss M \ry. Via Savoia 44, Rome. 
Doyle, Miss Air. ken, Casa di Cura, Via 

Bolognese, Florence. 
Dreiier. W. '■., Via Boccaccio No. 4, 

Du Cane, Miss Olivia, Palazzo Borghese, 

Duncan, A., Linificioe CanapificioNazioali, 

Oficia di Fara d'Adda. 
Duncan, H. T. A., Fara d'Adda, Prov. 

Dunn Miss Ailf.f.n M. Villa Alinari Pian 

dei Giullari, Florence. 
Dunn Charles W. Redmond, Villa 

Alinari Pian dei Giullari, Florence. 
Dunn, Dr. Edward, 9, Via Tornabuoni, 

Dunn, Mrs. Edward, 9, Via Tornabuoni, 

Florenc . 
Dunn, Dr. William, 9, Via Tornaluoui, 

■.. Mrs. William, 9, Via Tornabuoni, 

EAMES, Miss Clara, 22, Via Gregoriana, 

Easton, J \mi s. Via Amedeo 63, Naples. 
Eaton, Mrs., 38, Via Romagna, Rome. 
Kay ineb, Mrs. M. E. A., Via 

Aranci Cnrsaal-Rapallo, Genoa. 
Eddy, J., Stabilimento Armstrong, Poz- 

. Mrs. J., Stabilimento Armstrong, 

Poz "i' ili. 
Edwardes, Miss Edgecombe, 116, Via 

Ma ' - ili. Rome. 
Edwards Mrs. Ashwobth, Villa Belvedi 
be da Castiglione, Florence. 
Edwards. Leslie, [stituto Int. Agri- 
col;' . I' 

■v. Comm. Alfredo, 28, Via XX. 

Settembre, Roi 
Elliot, H. C, 13, Via Zenale, Milan. 
Elliott, Miss A. A., 53, Viale Milton, 

Elliott Miss Ethel, 31, Via 8. Spirito, 

Elliott, Mi-- Gi idys, 31, Via S. Spirito, 

Elliott, Mrs., 31, Via S. Snirito, Flor- 
Elliott Stuart, Park Hotel, Via S'al- 

lustiana, Rome. 



ITALY — contimu d • 

Elliott, S., Fi3cher's Park Hotel, 39, Via 

Sallustiana, Rome. 
Ellis, Miss M. L., Hotel Grande Bretagne, 

Ellis, Mrs. Rowland, Hotel Grande Bre- 
tagne, Florence. 
Ellis, T. C, 10, Via Luca Giordano, 

Vomero, Naples. 
Elsdale, Miss F., 20, Lung'Arno Acciaioli, 

Ei.sdalf, Miss M., 20, Lung'Arno Acciaioli, 

Kmbletox, Miss A., Villa Haas, Vomero, 

Embleton, Arthur, Villa Haas Vomero, 

Embletox, Mrs. Arthur, Villa Haas, 

Vomero, Naples. 
Embleton, A. M., c/o Messrs. Holme & Co., 

24, Via Guglielmo Sanfelice, Naples. 
Embleton, Miss B., Villa Haas, Vomero, 

Embleton, M. S., Villa Haas, Vomero, 

Exglefield, Mr. T., Hotel Laurati, Rome. 
E.vsor, A. I., Via Loronzo Stallo 6-3,. 

Ensor, Mis^ Naxc'v-, Via Loronzo Stallo 6-3, 

Ensor, Mrs. F. L„ c/o Soc. Britannico Ital. 

Gueret, Via Ponte Reale, No. 2-54, 

Exsor, F. L., c/o Soc. Britannico Ital. 

Gueret, Via Ponte Reale, No. 2-54, 

Erskixe, W., British Embassy, Rome. 
Erskine, Mrs. W., British Embassy, Rome. 
Esclapon, Mrs., Corso Regina Elena F. 

Evans, H. E., Corso Vittorio Emanuele 

142, Nap!,-. 

Mis. If. E., Corso Vittorio Emanuele 

142, Naples. 
Evans, Herbert H., Villa Apriea, Bordi- 

Evans, Mis. H. II., Villa Apriea, Bordi- 

Evans, James, 64, Via Condotti, Rome. 
erett, Miss Kins. Villa Belvedere, 

II, Borghetto, Settignano, Florence. 
EVERS, Mrs. < '. M., 25, Via Colletta,Florence. 

ji.l . Florence. 
Eyton, Mrs., Cass Francisca, Bordighera. 
Fabbricotti, G., Carrara. 
Falcetti, Signora Ved., Via Tomacelli 134, 

KNBB, Miss, 271, Via Nomentana. 

Fenwiok, <:., Soc. Gas, Via Bossi No. 1, 

Feswiok, Mi'.. \'i'i Mario de Fiori, No. 3, 


i ; iq, Mis. Arthur, Piazza Trinita de 

Monte 13, Rome. 
FlGURELLI, Madame, I, Lung' Arno Accia- 

joli, Florence. 
Fincham, W.J., c/o Anchor Line, 5, Piazza 

Cavour, Leghorn. 

Firth, Mrs. Edith M., 1 Cedri, Bandino, 

Firenze, Florence. 
Firth, Lewis, 1 Cedri, Bandino Firenze, 

Fisher, Miss E., Hotel Pension Fichera, 

Taarmina, Sicily. 
Fitch, W. J., 9, Vittoria Colonna, Naples. 
Fitch, Mrs. W. J., 9, Vittoria Colonna, 

FitzGerald. Mrs., 6, Via S. Stefano Ro- 

tondo, Rome. 
FitzMaurice, Miss Elsie, 33, Via Magenta, 

Flattely, F. W., Hotel Laurati, Rome. 
Fletcher.H C, Vico Mele 2, Genoa. 
Flindt, E. J., c/o G. Bush, Esq., c/o British 

Chamber of Commerce, 3, Scab d'Azeg- 

lio, Leghorn. 
Folkes, Mrs., Palazza Cremonesi, Vomero, 

Forbes, Dr. Russell, 74, Via della Groce, 

Forbes, Mrs. Russell, 74, Via della Groee, 

Forcheri, B'rs. Ada, Via Assarotti 18a, 

Forloxg, Miss, Hotel Bristol, Bordighera. 
Forster, Dr. H., Via Zanata No. 1, Monza, 

Forster, H., Via Omenoni No. 2, Milan. 
Foster, Augustus Hammoxd, 9, Corso 

de Tintori, Florence. 
France, C, c/o Anchor Line Agent, 5, 

Piazza Cavonr, Leghorn. 
Franks, C. A., Naples. 
Fraser, Mrs. E. Langlands, Villa Ada, 

Capri Island, Naples. 
French, Miss Blanche, 77, Via Cavour, 

Frere, Miss Constance, Villa Belvedere, 

Via Dante Castiglione, Florence. 
Frere, Miss Ethel. Villa Belvedere, Via 

Dante Castiglione, Florence. 
Frere, Miss H., Villa Belvedere, Via Dante 

Castiglione, Florence. 
Friend, A. Florenc . 
Frtlli. Mrs., 40, Viale Mille, Florence. 
Ft'iiSE, F., Via Pace 5, Naples. 
Gaffiers, Walter, Vicolo Marotta 33, 

Gagiiardi, ^ignora H. Davidson, Via 

A. M. Marajdiano 21, Genoa. 
Gaisberg, F. W., Presso Signora C. Vallc, 

Via Serbelloni No. 11, Milan. 
Gaisford, Mr., Palazzo Borghese, Rome. 
Gaisford, Mrs., Palazzo Borthese, Rome. 
Galantinl, Signora E., Poggio Giovine 

Italia 8, Genoa. 
de Galleani, Contessa, Via Pesehiera, 

de Galleani, Contessa E., Via Alghero 1-6, 

Galleanni, Contessa L., 32, Piazza ili 

Spagna, Rome. 
Galleano, Mrs. Money, Cm-.. Firenze 37, 

< lenoa. 
Garibaldi, Donn Via Pompeo 

Magno, Rome. 



ii uiitATT, MLss M \ i Ma hesa Alimena, 

1"), Vial e Gi alio G '.Vine 

GaRBAWAY, Q. H., 13, Viale Milton, 

Gates. Mrs. E., S, Corso Rogina Elena, 

Gaosdkn'. Mrs. K. A. 1?., Hotel do la 

Rerao, Bordighera. 
Gee, Colunqwood, 26, Viale Regina, 

Margherita. Florence. 
Gellati .v, Misa Rose Edward, 13, Via 

de'Conti, Florence. 
Germon, P. H., Baglio Ingham, Marsala, 

GiAMPtBTBL, Mis. Amy, 1, Via Carlo Botta, 

Gibbs, F. S., Consolato Britannico, Genoa. 
Gibson*. J., c/o Spanier & Co., Piazza 

della Bona, Napl 
Gilbertson, C, Via Bologne9e 181, Firenze. 
Gill, J. K., Baglio Woodhouse, Marsala, 

Gill, Mrs., Baglio Woodhouse, Marsala, 

ran, \V. B.. Hotel Bristol.. Genoa. 
Ginsbcrgh, Mrs. E., Villa Cragara, Capri 

[aland, Naples. 
Gibi Wm.. Via Pagani Doria 9-11, Genoa 
(!iri, Mrs. Via Pagani Doria 9-11, Genoa 
Glaxcy, Mrs., Hotel Belvedere San Remo, 

Glein, IF, Vico Sant Anna dei Lombardi 

14, Naples. 
Godward, T. W., 2. Villa Strohlfern, 

Porta dei Popolo, Rome. 
Goff, Colonel, Villa l'Ombrellino, 65, Via 

della Piazzola, Florence. 
Goff, Mrs., Villa l'Ombrellino, 65, Via della 

I'i izzola, Florence. 
Gordon-, Mrs. M. C, 40, Via S. Reparata, 

Gordon. P.. Consolato Britannico, Genoa. 
Gouldin'cj. Miss Ada, Viadella Paneteria 27, 

Goulihv ,. SI Svdvev, c/o M. S. A. 

Berlingiere, Via Pinciana 40, Rome. 
Graii\m. Miss Florence, 13, Piazza S. 

to Florence. 
Grahvm, J. L., Via Sherardini No. 8, 

Grant, Miss F. A., 353, Via Etuea, Cata- 
Gray, Dr. J. Gordon, 7, Via XX. Sot- 

tembre, Rome. 
Green, Mr., 58. Via Napoli, Rome. 
Green, Miss, 58, Via Napoli, Rome. 
Green - . Mrs., 58, Via Napoli, Rome. 
Grierson, Mrs., Casa Bibliot3ka, Bordi- 
Grioor, Miss C, Mondovi, Piemonte. 
Grint, J. 0. M., Via Principe Granatelli 

40, Palermo. 
Grooan, Misa Mercy, c/o French Lemon 

& Co., Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Grounsell, Mrs., Villa Quagluiolo, Posil- 
lipo, Naples. 
Grove, J., Villa Hippolyto, Posillipo. 


Grove, Miss K., Villa II ippolj to, P 

Grove, Miss V., Villa Hippolyto, Posillipo, 


Grove, Mrs., Villa Hippolyto, Posillipo, 

Guanziroli, W., Via Lazzaro Palazzi 

No. in, Milan, 
Guarmaxi, Signora E., Via Montevideo 

4-5, Gen 
Gully.C. J., 4, Via G. C. Vanini, Florence. 
Gonn, Miss Janet, Via Genova 38, Napli s. 
Gustavus, Mrs. Hamilton-, Villa San 

Patrigio, Bordighera. 
If \\n, R. de. Via Union'. No. 1. Milan. 
Haio, Miss Elisabeth, 6, Piazza d'Azeglio, 

Haimovitch, L., Spianata Castelletto 20-6, 

Haimovitch, Misa Rachel. Spianata Caa- 

telletto 20-6 Genoa. 
Haimovitch, Miss Theresa, Spianata 

Castelletto 20-6, Genoa. 
Haldon, Lady, Palazzo Capomazzo, Arco 

Mirelli, Naples. 
Hall, Miss, Hotel Hassler, Rome. 
Hall, Miss Ada, c/o Jesurum, Piazza di 

Spagna, Rome. 
Hall. Miss Alice, 6, Piazza d'Azeglio, 

Hamilton, Z., Via Aurelio Saffi No. 20, 

Hancock, Miss, Viale P Amedeo 5, i, 

Hansford, S. L., Piazza del Seminario 5-7, 

Harris, Miss Amy, 10, Via Umberto 1, 

Brescia, Florence. 
Harrison-, Mrs., Sailors' Rest, Via Fran- 
cesco, Crispi 160, Palermo. 
Harrison, Ida, Sailora' Rest, Via Fran- 
cesco, Crispi 160, Palermo. 
Hartley, H., Villa S. Cristina, Careggi, 

Hartley. Mrs., Villa S. Cristina, Careggi, 

Hartrick, Miss Dorothy, Villa Gioconda, 

165, Via Ponte alle Mosse, Florence. 
Harvey, Mrs., San Girolama, Fiesolc, 

Harvey, Miss A. M., 80, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Harvey, Misa B. F., 80, Corao Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples, 
Harvey, Misa E. V., 80, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Na pi 
Haskard, Mrs., Villino Haskard, 3, Via 

Leone X., Florence. 
Haskard, William, Villino Haakard. 3, 

Via Leone X., Florence. 
Hassan. S., Piazza S. Mat noa. 

Hawkslhy. Mr., Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Hawksl Piazza d , Rome. 

Hay. Mr. J. R., Figliano, Scarperia (Firenze), 

Hat, Mi-s Mary Bel Gioiello, Quarto, 

Casl ello, 1 o nee. 
HaTDEN, Miss, 66, Via Veneto, Rome. 



ITALY — continued . 

iln'DN, A. W., Via Monterosa No. 18, 

Head, Gerald, Via A. Manzoni No 19, 

Hemingway. F. P., Union Club, 2, Salita S. 

Gianbattista, Genoa. 
Henderson, G., 44, Via Roma, Leghorn. 
Henderson, Mrs. C. M„ 44, Via Roma, 

Henderson, J., Via XX. Settembre 

No. 26, Milan. 
Henderson, Mrs., Via XX. Settembre 

Xo. 26, Milan. 
Henderson, Mrs., W. A.. 41, Via Romana, 

Henderson, W. P., 9, Borgo Sant 

Apostoli, Florence. 
Henderson, Mrs. W. P., 9, Borgo Sant 

Apostoli, Florence. 
Henry, Mrs. C, Via Caradosso No. 11, 

Henry, E., Via Caradosso No. 11, Milan. 
Henry', H. J., Via Petrarca No. 22a, 

Henslow, Mrs., San Girolamo, Fiesole, 

Herbert, Mrs. E. A., Pensione Riccioli, 

Herbert, Miss J. M., Pensione, Riccioli, 

Hick, Miss, Rione Sirignano 8, Naples. 
Hick, Miss Spencer, Rione Sirignano 8, 

Hicks, Miss, 5, Via Condotti, Rome. 
Higgs, Andrew, 10, Via dei Pecori, 

Higgs, Mrs. Andrew, 10, Via dei Pecori, 

Higgs, Arthur, 10, Via dei Pecori, 

Higgs, Mrs. Arthur, 10, Via dei Pecori, 

Hill, T. L., c/o Messrs. Cory Bros., Ltd., 

Casella Postale 266, Genoa, 
Hinsley, Mgr. A., Via Monserrato 45, 

Hiorns, Miss, 67, Via Palermo, Rome. 
Hoare, Miss, Villa Fioravanti, Bellosguardo, 

Holden, Miss, 54, Piazza di Spagna, 

Holden, F. H., Via Legnano No. 28, 

Holland, F., c/o Mariano Moresca, 

Holme, E. M., 7, Via Pontano, Naples. 
I! mi. mi-, Mrs. F. M.. 7, Via Pontano, Naples. 
Holme, Mrs. E. V., Palazza Scarpa Rione 

Amedeo, Naples. 
Holme, F. W., 80, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 

Holme, Mrs. F. W., 80, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Holme, H. E., I.C.S., India. 
Holme, Miss M. H., Palazza Scarpa Rione 

Amedeo, Naples. 
Holme, R. H., Palazza de Guira Parco 

Marcolinis, Vomcro, Naples. 

Holme, Mrs. R. H., Palazza de Guira Parco 

Marcolinis, Vomero, Naples. 
Hope, The Misses, 35, Piazza in Lucina, 

Houghton, Edmund, 32, Via dei Bardi, 

Houghton, Mrs. Edmund, 32, Via dei 

Bardi, Florence. 
Houston, James, 9, Viale G. Mazzini, 

Piazza d'Armi, Rome. 
Houston, Mrs. James, 9, Viale G. Mazzini, 

Piazza d'Armi Rome. 
Howell, Mr. J. H. W., 211, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Howes, Rev. P. G., Villa Inglese, Livorno 

Hubback, I., Istituto Int. Agricoltura. 

Villa Umberto, Rome. 
Hubbard, Mr., Villino Hubbard, 56, Via 

Nomentana, Rome. 
Hubbard, Mrs., Villinc Hubbard, 56, Via 

Nomentana, Rome. 
Hubbard, Dr. D. L., Casa Sta Monica, 

Hubbard, Mrs. D. L., Casa Sta Monica, 

Hughes, E. L., Genzano, Rome. 
Hughes, Miss, Protestant Hospital, 

Hulton, Mrs. W., 29, Viale Vittoria Regina, 

Hunting, Miss Anna, Villa Amari, Tres- 

piano, Florence. 
Hunting, Miss Martha, Villa Amari, 

Trespiano, Florence. 
Huntroyds, F. 0., Baglio Woodhouse, 

Marsala, Palermo. 
Hutchinson, C. H., 82, Via Mazzini Via- 

Hutchinson, Miss, Pension Jaselli-Owen, 

12, Piazza Barberini, Rome. 
Hutton, Miss, Villa Duretti, Via Tasso, 

Hutton, Miss Ada, 11, Lung'Arno Guic- 

ciardini, Florence. 
Hutton, Mrs., Villa Duretti, Via Tasso, 

Illing worth, Miss, Villa Belvedere, Fiesole, 

Ingle, James B., Civitavecchia, Rome. 
Irving, Miss R., The Manse, Cappella 

Vecchia, Naples. 
Irving, Rev. T. Johnstone, The Manse, 

Cappella Vecchia, Naples. 
Isherwood, Miss, Via Assarotti 18a, 

Israel, Daniel, 147. Via L'rbana, 

Jacobs, The Misses, Pension Jaselli Owen, 

Piazza Barberini, Rome. 
Jadzowska, Miss, 7, Via XX. Settembre, 

Jamieson, Mrs., c/o French Lemon & Co., 

Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Jeaffreson, Mrs. H. H„ Villa degli Angeli, 

Fiesole, Florence. 
Jefford, P. B., Crown Spetter Co., 

Ponte di Nossa (Bergamo), Milan. 



ITALY —continued . 

r.F.v, Mies Elizabeth, Hotel d'ltalie, 

Johns, Mrs. B. D., Pension Jaselli Owen, 

12, Piazza Barbcrini, Rome. 
JOHNSON, Cabnegt, c/o Baronessa Nolli, 

Ari, Abrazzi, Napl a. 
Johnson, H. d'A., 20, Via Calabria, 

Johnson, Mrs. Knox, 5, Via Gregoriana 

Johnston, H. P., Via Monterosa No. U. 

Johnston, Mrs., Via Monterosa No. 14, 

Johnston, J., 6, Piazza Cavour, Livorno. 
Johnston, Mrs. E. C, Hotel Giappone, 

Jolt., Kenneth, Palazzo Nuova Borsa 5, 

Piano. Genoa. 
Joly, J., Stabilimento Armstrong, Foz- 


I s, Miaa Nina, 7, Via Gustavo Modena, 


Lade. Miss Margaret, 1, Costa Scarpuccia. 

Lung, Rev D. J., Scotch Church, Genoa. 
I.m E., 1, Via Silvio Pellico, 

Lamb, !•'. !'».. Viale <:iorioso, Rome. 
Lampobt, Miss, Casa S. Crose, Allassio, 

Landels, Rev. \V. K., 11, Via Sforza Pal- 

lavicini, Rome. 
Landels, Mrs. VV. K., 11, Via Sforza Pal- 

lavicini, Rome. 
Landels, Miss, 11, Via Sforza Pallavicini, 

Langdon, Rev. Philip, O.S.B., Palazzo 

S. Calisto, S.M. in Traetevere, Rome. 
Lauder, Sir Thomas Dick, Villa Lauder, 

Via S. Leonardo, Florence. 
Laugieri, E. R., Union Club, Genoa. 
Lavis, Dr. Johnston, Hotel du Nord, 

Lawrie, Deaconess Annie, Hotel Boston, 

Via Lombardia, Rome. 

Jopling, T. A., 5, Villa Cicerone, Pozzuoli. Lawrie, II., American Academy, Gianicolo, 
.Iopling, Mrs. T. A., Stabilimento Arm- Rome. 

strong, Pozzuoli. Lawrie, Mrs., American Academy, Giani- 
Kanb, Edward A., Piarra, S. Maria,, colo Rome. 


Karslake, Miss Constance, Casa Italia, 

Kattendtke, Baroness di, La Loggia, 

K\y. Mrs. X. Shiell, Via Nomentana 271, 

Keen", Miss, 12, Via Pasqualini, Rome. 
Keen, Bernard, Messrs. Roberts & Co., 


Lew m;. X.. Villa Figari, Via V. Cappellini 

S. Francesco, Genoa. 
Lee, Miss Dollie, 34, Via Fra Giovanni, 

Angelico, Florence. 
Lee, Miss Marsh, 167, Via Babuino, 

Lbhane, Mrs., G. Via San Stefano Rotondo, 

Leitenitz, Signora Patricia, Hotel Ber- 

chielli, Florence. 

Keen. Miss Lily, Messrs. Roberts & Co., Le Mesup.ier, Captain A. G., Piazza San- 
Florence, sone 9, Genoa. 

Keens, \\\, Villa Erin, S. Remo, Genoa. Le Mes \. G., Piazza Sansone 9, 

i.ov. Mi--, c/o British Vice-Consul, 10a. 

Portoferraio, Isola di Elba, Palermo. Le Mesubieb, Miss, Piazza Sansone 9, 

Kennedv, Miss Rose, 7, Via 9, Febbraio, noa. 

Florence. Le ■' I'., 13, Salita S. Filippo 

Kent, Miss, Hotel Londres, Via Collina, a Chiaia, Naples. 

Kent, Miss, Pension Riccioli, Corso dei 

T ntor , Floren 
Kiessltng, B., Via Edmondo de Amicis 

No. 50. Milan. 
Kinoston. A , Via S. Lorenzo 4, Genoa. 

Lemon, Alfred, 17, Via Ponte alle Asse, 

Lemon, rich Lemon & Co., 

Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Le I John, Corso Firenze 39-10, 


Kingston, A. M., Vi i S. Lorenzo 4, Genoa. Leveroni, J., Presso Cook & Sons, Via. 

Kingston, G. M.. Via S. Lorenzo 4, Genoa- A. Manzoni, .Milan. 

Kingston, G. W.. Via S. Lorenzo 4, Genoa. Lbwellin, Mi-s Maby, 82, Borgo Pint i, 

Kiruy. Miss If., (Jcnoa. Florence. 

Kibkman , Miss, if itel Imperial, Via Veneto, Lewis, Miss M„ 22, \'ia Gregoriana, Rome. 

Rome. Lewis MissS. 78 Via della Groce, Rome. 

K>0(Ker. L., .^taliilimento Armstnn Lindsa*, I)., c/o O. Bush, Esq., Offic 

Pozzuoli. the British Chamberof Commerce,! 

Knocker. Mrs. L., i Armstrong, d'Azcglio. Leghorn. 

Pozzuoli. Little. J. .1. E., 7:;. Via Tasso, Naples. 

i.lys. Rev. Canon, 1"., ' I gina Little, Miss M. J., 73, Via Tasso, Naples. 

Vittoria. Fl Little, Miss, 110, Piazza Porta Pia, 
Knollys, Miss, 15, Vialo Regina Vittoria, Rome. 

Florence. Lockhart, Miss Maodonald, Villa Teresa, 
Knollys, Miss E., 15, V in a Vittoria, San Remo, Bordighera. 

Florence. Lombabdi, A., S. Matteo, Quisisana, Castel- 
Knox, Miss, Hotel Berchielli, Florence. lamare di Stabia. 



ITALY- — continued . 

Lombaedi, Baroness \, 3, Via Ara Cocli, 

Longhnan, I. H., 33, Viale Ginlio Cesare, 

Loyesey, Miss Beatrice M., 21, Lung'Arno 

Serristori, Florence. 
Lowe, C. H., 5, Via Tornabuoni, Florence. 
Lowe, Miss Edith, 35, Viale Milton, 

Lowe, Miss Mildred, Villa S. Giorgio, 

Viale Machiavelli Florence. 
Lowe, T. H., Villa S. Giorgio, Viale 

Machiavelli, Florence. 
Lowe, Miss Violet, Villa S. Giorgio, Viale 

Machiavelli, Florence. 
Lucas, Joseph, Villa 1, Pratellini, S. 

Domenico. Florence. 
Ltjcas, Mrs., Villa 1, Pratellini, S. Domenico, 

Lucidi, Coutessa, 66, Via Nazionale, Rome. 
Lucy, Sister, 105, Via dei Serragli, Flor- 
Di Luggo, Denis, Via Piliero 2, Naples. 
Luzzi, Mrs. (nee Henderson), 51, Via dei 

Serragli, Florence. 
Macafee, Miss Ellinor, Villa 11. Pino. 

205, Via Bolognese, Florence. 
Macafee, Miss Mary, Villa 11, Pino, 205, 

Via Bolognese, Florence. 
MacBean, 80, Via Napo.'i, Rome. 
Macbean, Mr. R. G., M.V.O., British Consul 

for Sicily, Via Francesco Crispi (Hon. 

President), Palermo. 
MacCugan, A., Piazza Fossatello 8-3, 

Macdonnell, Colonel,47,Via Castelfidardo. 

Macdonneet. Mrs., 47, Via Castelfidardo, 

MacDougall .Miss. 115, Via dei Serragli, 

Macfie, Miss, Palazzo Borghese, Rome. 
Mm kev, Rev. P. P., Collegio Angelko, 

Via San Vitale, Rome. 
M \ < k i : z;e, Evan, Via G. Cabello, Genoa. 
Mackenzie, Philip, 18, Corso Umberto, 

M LCKIntosh, Miss, Villa Silvana, Bordi- 

Mackintosh, Rev. Monsicrnore R., Coll. 

Scozzese, Via Quattrc Fontane, Rome. 
Maclarex, Mis. M. A., li), Via Dino Com- 

pagni, Florence. 
McCaskill. .Miss. Pension Crocini, 9 

Lung'Arno Guicciardini, Florence. 
Madge, Dennis, Piazza 5 Lamps di 14-77, 

Major, Dr. Forsyth, F.R.S., 10, Via 

Venezia, Florence. 
Malcolm, A., Anchor Line Office, 3, Piazza 

Cavour, Leghorn. 
Malcolm, George, 33. Via dei Ponte- 

fici, Rome. 
Manassei, Contessa, Via Varese 16b, Rome. 
Makley, G. 1., Via Moscova No. 10. 


mng, Miss A. R., 10, Lun«o Tevere 

Mellini, Rome. 

Manxixi, Contessa (Ashworth Edwards), 

Villa Belvedere, Via Dante da Castig- 

lione, Florence. 
Mansfield, Miss M. M. B., 5, Piazza 

Madonna, Florence. 
Maquay, Miss Marjory, Hotel Savoia, 

Maquay Miss Maude Hotel Savoia, 

Maquay Miss Nellie, Hotel Savoia, 

Marini, Mrs. C, 25, Corso d'ltalia, 

Marsden, Professor Harry, 33, Via Rica- 
soli, Florence. 
Marshall, Mrs., 25, Via Gregorian a, 

Mason, Miss, c/o Marchesa Malvezzi, 25, 

Corso d'ltalia, Rome. 
Mason, Miss J., Via Filodrammatici No. 10, 

Massuccone, J. N., Ship Store Merchant, 

Savona. Genoa. 
♦Martin, G. E., Scafa (Prov. di Chieti). 
Martindale, Miss, 9, Villa Strohlfern, 

Porta del Popolo, Rome. 
Matheson, Miss, 21, Lung'Arno Serristori, 

Matthew, Captain W., Viale Regina 

Margherita, 63, Ardinza, Leghorn 
Matthews, Arthur, 39, Viale Milton, 

Matthews, Mrs. Arthur, 39, Viale Milton, 

Matthews, Miss Filomena, 39, Viale Mil- 
ton, Florence. 
Matthews, Miss Iris, 39, Viale Milton, 

Matranga, Mrs., 30, Via dei Millc. 

Maudesley, Miss, c/o French Lemon & Co., 

Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Maudsley, The Misses, 12, Via Gregoriana, 

Mazloum, Mrs. J., Corso Venezia No. 66, 

McArthur, N., c/o Anchor Line, 5, Piazza 

Cavour. Leghorn. 
McCiure, W. K., 18, Piazza Trinita, dei 

Monti, Rome. 
McCrindle, W., Anchor Line Office, 5, 

Piazza Cavour, Leghorn. 
Mead, Miss L., Hotel Britannique, Naples. 
Meadows, S* F., Corso Vercelli No. 1, 

Meadows, Mrs. S., Corso Vercelli No. 1, 

Meason, Miss Laing, 10, Via S. Spirito, 

Meehan, A., Via Pergolasi No. 22, Milan. 
Melisurgo, Nobile Signora,. Hotel Boston, 

Via Lombardia, Rome. 
Mendes, Misses, 40, Via San Giovanni in 

Latcrano. Rome. 
Mennie, Mr., 63, Via Aurrliana, Rome. 
Men. me, .Mrs., 63, Via Aureliana, Rome. 
Mergon, Casa Mergon, Bordighera. 
Mergon, Mrs., Casa Mergon, Bordighera. 



ITALY- eontin 

MessbbvY, K., 16, Via Vitter Pisani, 

Mbx borough, Countess Anne of, \ 'ill.'. 

Montalto, Florenoe. 
Michell, Chvrles, IS, Via Maggio, 

Michell. .Mrs. Charles, 18, Via Maggio, 

Mildmay, Mrs. Maet, Via S. Paolo No. 14, 

Miller, Rev, 1)i>n \i.d, Casa Gragia, Bordi- 


. Casa Gragia, Bordighera. 
Miller, Miss E. de S., Casa Grazia, Bor- 
Miller, Miss de 'P., Casa Grazia, Bordi- 
Miller, \\\, 3d. Via Palestro, Rome. 
Miller, Mrs. \\\. 30. Via Palestro, Rome. 
Mills, C. A.. Union Club, 23, Piazza di 

Spagoa, Rome. 
Millwood, Miss, 509, Corso Umberto, 

Mm hener, Mrs., Pension Jennings Ric- 

cioli, Florence. 
MOLELLA, Mrs. Anita, Villa Pescatore, 

Prascati, Rome. 
Moll, Mrs. A.. Via Solferino No. 15, 

Moll, Mr;. II., Via Solferino No. 11. 

Money, Edward, Casella Postale 11-65. 

Money, F. E., Via Bernardo Strozzi 4-8, 

■ ey. G. R., Via Bernardo Strozzi 4-8. 

Money. Victor, Piazza S. Matteo, Genoa. 

by, Wm, Fbancis, Via Casaregis 13-10, 
MoKTAQLIABL Marchesa E. di, 30, Via 

Montebello, Florence. 

vi-ENNV, Mr<., Via Dante 148, Palermo. 
Mont pes s v. Mi<-. Via Dante 1 t >. Pa ! rmo. 
Moon. Miss, c/o Mr. A. E. Turton, Bordi- 


\ Liguria 20 (48 P.), Rome. 
Moore, G., Occhioppo Snperiare, Biella 

Moobe, J. H.. 12, Via San Basilio. Rome. 
Morgan, < '. •'.. tT. Via Toscana, Rome. 
MoBGAN, Mrs. ('. C, !T. Vi.i Toscana, 

Morgan, Miss P., 7. Via Antonio Musa, 

Morgan*. J. O., Via Cavallini 38, 

Mobbis, \\\, Parker's Hotel, Corso, V.E. 

Morris, Mrs. W., Parker's Hotel, Corso, 

V.I-;.. Naples. 

irison, Miss, Piai noa. 

Morrison, Miss F., ' >spedale Internazionale, 

Via Tasso, Naples. 
Morrison, G., Anchor Line Office, 5, Piazza 

Cavonr, Leghorn. 
.Morrison, W. A., British Vii 


Morton, P., Via XX. Settembro 31 I, 

< irnoa. 
Moulton-Barrett, Miss, 7, Via Belisario, 

Mounsey, <;., British Kmbassy, Via XX. 

Settembre, Rome. 
Muhlberg, C. Salita S. Rochino 33-31, 

Mtjib, K., Via Gioherti No. 3, Milan. 
Munday, Miss, Presso Contessa Scheibler, 

Piazza Brera 19, Milan. 
\fi nkd, Mrs., Palazzo Cini, 26, Piazza di 

Pietro, Rome. 
Muriel, Rev. H. C, Villa San Giorgio, 

Muriel, Mrs. H. C, Villa San Giorgio, 

Mubvhy, Miss, c/o Thos. Cook & Son, Rome. 
Musson, Mrs. S., Villino Verse, Settignano, 

Mvatt, Mrs., 23, Via degli Appennini, 

Myatt, James, 23, Via degli Appennini, 

Mylius, Mrs. C, La Bargesa Menaggio 

(Lago di Como), Milan. 
Napier, A., Palazza di Guira, Parco 

Marcoline, Vomero, Naples. 
Xatier, Mrs. A., Palazza di Guira, Parco 

Marcoline, Vomero. Naples. 
X\s;:r.L-BiSHOP, Mrs., Via Divisi 110, 

Neil, Mrs., Piazza Z. Siro 10, Genoa. 
Xeil, Arthur, Piazza S. Siro 10, Genoa. 
Neil, Robert, Piazza S. Siro 10, Genoa. 
Nell, D.. Piazza S. Siro 10, Genoa. 

BITT, Louis, 8, Via Viminale, Rome. 
N'i.'.vdy. The Misses, 12, Via Gregoriana, 

♦Xewett, Miss M., San Vio 584, Fonda- 

menta Brogadin, Venice. 
mm. Marchesa Ginevra, 16, Via de 

Fossi, Florence. 
Nicholls, A. B., Via S.Groce, 16-18, Milan. 
Nl( i'tine, Miss Florence, Villa Beau Site, 

Nixon, T., Anchor Line Office, 5, Piazza 

Cavonr, Leghorn. 
NoAB M 30, Via Liguria (Seala II., 

int. 4). Rome. 
Xorisii Mrs. Salita S. Gerolamo 15-14, 

Nott, Ralph. 22. \ io, Florence. 

Nott. Mrs. Katherine, 22, Via Maggio, 

Oakley, Miss, Via Giosue Carducci 3, 

Oates, G., Union Club, 23, Piazza 'li 

Spagna, Rome. 
0\te<. H.. 251, Via Nazionale, Rome. 
O'Bryen-. Miss, 13t, Via dei Gracchi, 

O'Connor, Miss C. H., 7, Via IX. Febbraio, 

O'Donnell, Miss E., San Simeone Piccolo 

553, Venice. 
O'Hagan, J. \V., Via A. M. Maragliano, 23- 

18, Genoa. 



ITALY — continued . 

O'H agan, Mrs., Via A. M. Maragliano 23-18, 

Olding, G. A., H.C.S., Carrara. 
Olsen, Mrs., Via Girgenti 5, Palermo. 
O'Neill, S. W., Via Pompeo Magno, 

Orb, E. G., Corso Paganini 79-8, Genoa. 
Orr, Mrs., Corso Paganini 79-8, Genoa. 

Packe, Mrs. E. M., Villa Valentine, Bordi- 

Palmer, Miss, 5, Via Condotti, Rome. 
Palmer, F. J., Presso Mangili, Via Pont- 

accio 13 Milan. 
Pammer, Miss, 152, Via Nazionale, Rome. 
Panetty, D. J., 114, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Passadoro, Miss, Via Paride Salvago 2, 

Passadoro, Mrs., Via Paride Salvago 2, 

Passadoro, F., Piazza Castello No. 16, 

Passadoro, Howard, Via Privata Piaggio 8, 

Passadoro, Mrs. H., Via Privata Piaggio 8, 

Paterson, Mrs. R., 25, Via Colletta, 

Pattison, H. J. E., 137, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Pattison, Mrs. H. J. E,, 137, Corso. 

Vittorio, Emanuele, Naples. 
Pattison", J. A., Viale Calascione, Monte 

di Dio, Naples. 
Pattison, Mrs. J. A., Viale Calascione 

Monte di Dio, Naples. 
Pattison, Mrs. T. T., 632, Corso Vittorio, 

Emanuele, Naples. 
Payne, E., Cunard-Anchor Line, Piazza 

Marina 94, Palermo (Hon. Treasurer). 
Payne, Mi3S, 9, Via Gustavo Modena, 

Payne, Miss Nora, c/o Sir E. Thackeray, 

Pizzi-Axworthy, Signora, 54, Via Marcan- 

tonio Colonna, Rome. 
Pkacock, G., Hotel Excelsior, Milan. 
Pbaoockb, Mrs., 2bis, Via S. Margherita 

Montici, Florence. 
Pearce, Mrs., 31, Via Po, Rome. 
Penrose, Miss, 11, Via Domenico Buon- 

vicini, Florence. 
Perkins, Mrs,, 14, Via Porta Pinciana, 

Phillips, Miss, 159, Viale Alessandro Volta, 

Pinnock, Miss, Salita Fieschini 7-5, Genoa. 
Plowden, C, 26, Via de Lucchesi, Rome. 
Poitet, Mrs. Stella, 24, Via Calabria. 

Polkinghorne, Mrs., 65, Via Quintino 

Sella, Rome. 
Polkinghorne, The Misses, 65, Via Quin- 
tino Sella, Rome. 
Pollock, Miss Douglas, 10, Strada S. 

Teresa a Chiaia, Naples. 

Pollock, Miss M. D., 10, Strada S. Teresa 

a Chiuja, Naples. 
Potts, W., Palazza di Guira Parco Mar- 

coline, Vomero, Naples. 
Potts, Mrs. W., Palazza di Guira Parco 

Marcoline, Vomero, Naples. 
Praetorius, E., Via Abbondio, Sangiorgio 

11, Milan. 
Praetorius, Mrs., Via Abbondio Sangi- 
orgio No. 11, Milan. 
Pratt, A., San Filippo a Chaia 20, Naples. 
Pratt, Mis. A., San Filippo a Chaia 20, 

Prior, R. Rev. Mgr. J., 45, Via Monserrato, 

Pritchard, Miss, Hotel Windsor, Via 

Veneto, Rome. 
Procter, J. G., 28, Via Vigna Nuova, 

Prout, J., Viale Umberto 3, Spezia, Genoa. 
Pury, H. de, F.R.G.S., 28a, Via Mat- 

tonaia, Florence. 
Pury, Mrs. H. de, 28a, Via Mattonaia, 

Purves, Mrs., 44, Via Savoia, Rome. 
Rae, A. C, c/o Messrs. S. Rae & Co., Leg. 

Bae, Mrs. A. C, 42, Via Montebello 

(Livarno), Leghorn. 
Rae, C. J., Villino Ada, Via Cimarosa, 

Vomero, Naples. 
Rae, Mrs. C. J., Villino Ada, Via Cimarosa, 

Vomero, Naples. 
Rae, Herbert J., 116a, Corso Vittorio 

Emanuele, Naples. 
j Raffael, V., Hotel Continental, Milan, 
Ramadge, Miss Constance, 51, Viale P. 

Amedo, Florence. 
Ramadge, Miss Leonora, 27, Piazza 

d'Azeglio, Florence. 
Rappaport, Mrs., Villa Josephine, Bordi- 
Rathe, Miss, 28, Via Paolo Emilio (Int. 3), 

Read, Rev. Arthur C, St. Mark's Church 

House, 18, Via Maggio, Florence. 
Read, Mrs. Arthur C, St. 'Mark's Church 

House, 18, Via Maggio, Florence. 
Redmond, W., c/o Anchor Line, 5, Piazza 

Cavour, Leghorn. 
Reid, Miss Idelso, Hotel Bristol, Bordi- 
Renzi, Madame Eleanor, Via Umbria 27, 

Rhode, H, Via Corsica 10-3, Genoa. 
Rhode, Mrs., Via Corsica 10-3, Genoa. 
Rhode, Miss. Via Corsica 10-3, Genoa. 
Rhodes, Miss G. M., Villa Carrara, Quarto. 

Richards, Miss, Washington House, Parco 

Margherita, Naples. 
Richards, R. E., Union Club, 2, Salita S. 

Gianbattista, Genoa. 
Richards, R. E., Piazza S. Matteo, Genoa. 
Richards, T. A., Corso Garibaldi 6-3, 

S. Remo, Genoa. 
Rippon, Mrs., Via Pastrengo 8-3, Genoa. 
Rippon, Miss, Via Pastrengo 8-3, Genoa. 



ITALY — con t in ncd. 

RlPPON, \V. K., Via i ,-i. 

Rippon, W'., Jan., Via 
Ritson, M., Salita di oa. 

Rttson, Mrs., Salita dei Sassi 3-1, Gen 
Roa< ii, D. A., Hot 1 Bristol, Genoa. 
. Mrs., Hotel Bristol, Genoa. 
Roach, D. A., 24, Piazza Sallustit . B 
Roberts, .Miss, 21, Via S. Leonardo, 

Roberts. U i b M., Villino 11, Bar- 

ducci, Via S. Leonardo, Plop 
Robertson. ton, Florence. 

Robertson-, i;, v . R. M., Scotch church, 

Robinson Dr. Edmond, Hotel Bristol, 

Robinson, Mrs. E-v <. Hotel Bristol, Bordi- 

Robertson, -Miss 1'. 1!., Villa RoccaRomana 

Posillipo, Naples. 
Robertson. Miss J., 2, Via Maria Cristina, 

Robson, R. H., Carrara. 
Robson, \V. T., Carrara. 
*Rodd, Francis, British Embassy. 
Rodd, Sir Renneli, H. E., British Embassy, 

Rodewald, Y., Washington House, Parco 

Margherita, Naples. 
Rodewald, Mrs. I'.. Washington House, 

Parco Margherita, Napli 
Rogan. Mi<s, Pension Simi, 12, Piazza 

Donatellu, Florence. 
Rosa, Madame, 20, Via Vittoria, Rome. 
Rose, J. F., Viale Lodovica Xo. 36, 

Rosefield, A., Stabilimento Armstrong, 

Rossi. Miss, '■'■'>. Via Anreliana, Rome. 
Rowat, Mrs., 1'c nsion Flora, La Lizza, 

Siena, Rome. 
Rowat-Smtth, 9, Via G. Mazzini, Piazza 

d'Arrai, Rome. 
Rowat-Smith, Mrs., 0, Via G. Mazzini, 

Piazza d'Armi, Rome. 
Rows, Miss Mary E., Corso Magenta No. 62, 

Rowntree, Miss D., Via Pratolungo 16, 

S, Martino, Genoa. 
Rowntree, Miss M., Via Pratolungo 16, 

Martino, < ienoa. 
Rowntree, R. S., Via Pratolungo 16, 

S. -Martino, Genoa. 
l'o>. Mrs., Via Pratolungo 16, 

S. Martino, Genoa. 
Russell, Mi.-s. IS, Via Fontanella di Bor- 

ghese, Rome. 
Russell, Miss, c/o Principessa Trabia, Via 

Butera, Palermo. 
Ryan, J. R., Via Papaeino 8, Lorino. 
Sabattini, Signora Costanza, 5, Viale 

Torricelli, Florence. 
St. Legep., R. T., e/o American Con- 
sulate, Via Partenope, Xaples. 
Saltmabshe, Mrs. A., Piazzetta Mondra- 

gone 13, Na p 
Saltmabshe, A. M. (Master), Piazzetta 

Mondragone 13, Xaples. 

Saltmabshe, ll.. ,■ o Messrs. Dent All. 

& Co., Via Annibala, do Gasparis 11, 

Saltmarshe, II., Piazzetta Mondragone 13, 


Mis. If., Piazzetta Mondra- 
gone 13, Xaples. 

i el, Miss, c/o Baronessa Pajno, Via 

Lib rta, Palei mo. 
Sandebs, Mis. -Marion, Castelgandolfo, 

Saunders, Miss, 134, Via dei Gracchi, 

Sawj BR, W. H.. Via Vittor Pisani Xo. 6, 

Sawyer, Mis., Via Vittor Pisani Xo. 6, 

Schalck, H. C. W., 36, Corso Vinzaglio, 

Schebsman, .1. W., Piazza Grinialdi 1, 

Scholey, Miss Gertrude, 1, Via Giacomo 

Medici, Rom* . 
Schuberth, Miss Ada, 40 Salita Petraio, 

Scho berth, Alfred, 40, Salita Petraio, 

Schuberth, Mrs. Alfred , 40, Salita Petraio, 

Scifoni-Grattan, Mrs., 107, Via Torino, 

Sciortino, Prof. Antonio, 22, Via M 

gutta, Rome. 
Soolari-FitzMaurice, Mrs., 63, Via Pier- 

luigi da Palestrina (Int. 19), Home. 
Scott, J., Linificio Canapificio, Faro 

Scott-Barber, Mrs., La Casa Xuova 

ggi, Florence. 
Sellon, Mme. May Fantoni, Villino May, 

43, Via Bolognese, Florence. 
Serjeant, Miss B., Via Galeazzo Alessi 6-7, 

Seton, Lady, Hotel Bean Sejonr, Rome. 
Shaw. 1m,, I'. J., Via Duchessa Jolanda, 17, 

'I orino, Milan. 

. Mrs. A., Via A. Manzoni No. 39, 

Sheldon, H., Via A. Manzoni No. 39, 

Shbpley, J. A., Corso Magnenta No. 10, 

Shields, Miss E. J., Pensione Riccioli, 

Shore, Miss A. K., c/o Mrs. Buttafaver, 

Bellagio Lago di Como. 
SlONORA, Mrs. Jennet, Corso Calatafimi 863, 

nm. Mrs. Beatrice, 5, Viale Principe 

Engenio, Florence. 
Simpson, Mi>. Miriam, Hotel d'lta li>-, Via 

Qu,-n itane, Rome. 

Simpson, T. II., Villino Mercia, 8. Siro di 

Strn noa. 

Sissons, Ven. Arc! Hotel de Russic, 

Via Babnino, Rome. 

Mrs., Hotel de Ruesie, Via Babuino 




ITALY — continued • 

Skeggs, Rev. Canon T. C, The Parsonage, 

Via Carella 62, Palermo (Vice-Chair- 
Skeggs, Mrs., The Parsonage, Via Carella 62, 

Slater, W. C, H.C.S., Palazzo Savvio Via 

Nicola Fabrizi, Messina. 
Smallwood, Miss, 11, Via Nizza, Rome. 
Smart, Miss, 28, Via Gino Capponi, Florence. 
Smith, Miss A., Via Monte di Pieta 11, 

Smith, Miss Agnes, Spanish Embassy, 

Piazza di Spagna, Rome. 
Smith, Alex., Via Boscogrande 1, Palermo. 
Smith, Miss Bessie Westenra, 32, Viale 

Regina Vittoria, Florence. 
Smith, Car, W. J., 90, Via Parco Mar- 

gherita, Naples. 
Smith, Miss Daisy, Via A. M. Maragliano 

23-12, Genoa. 
Smith, Donald Gordon, Via Dante 155, 

Smith, Edward, Via A. M. Maragliano 23- 

12, Genoa. 
Smith, Rev. E. W., 22, Via Guattani, Rome. 
Smith, Mrs. E. W., 22, Via Guttaani, Rome. 
Smith, Mrs. F., 5, Viale Torricelli, Poggio 

Imperiale, Florence. 
Smith, George R., c/o Buchy and Strang- 

rnan, Sarno, Naples. 
Smith, J. Donald, Via Dante 155, Palermo 

(Branch Sec. andH.C.S.). 
Smith, J. W., Vico Mele, No. 15, Genoa. 
Smith, Mrs. Maude, Via Dante 155, 

Smith, Margaret M. E., Via Dante 155, 

Smith, Miss Rhoda Westenra, 32, Viale 

Regina, Vittoria, Florence. 
Smith, W., Quirinale, Casamicciola, Isola 

Smith, W. D' Alton, 90, Via Parco Mar- 

gherita, Naples. 
Soans, R. N., Palazzo Nuova Borsa 91, 

Soans, Mrs., Palazzo Nuova Borsa 91, 

Soddy, S., Dinamite Nobel, Avigliana.Turin. 
Southwell, Mrs., 24, Via Ugo Foscolo, 

Sparke, G. W., Via Canova No. 2, Milan. 
Spedding, J. W., Villa Scoppa, Capri 

Island, Naples. 
Spence, W., 72, Via Bofognese, Camp- 
bell, Florence. 
Spencer, Miss, Via Divisi 110, Palermo. 
Spranger, R. V., 4, Via Micheli, Florence. 
Spranger, Mrs. C., 4, Via Micheli, Florence. 
Stafford, — , S. Guattari Consolato Britan- 

nico, Spezia, Genoa. 
Stafford, Robert, S. Guattari Consolato 

Biitannico, Spezia, Genoa. 
Stanford, George, Via Piliero 18, Naples. 
Stanley, C. G„ Via Galeazzo Alessi 8-2, 

Stanley, The Hon. and R. Rev. Bishop, 

Palazzo Falconieri, Via Giulia, Rome. 
Stark, Mrs. F., H.C.S., Dronero, Cameo. 

Steele, W. H., Via Castelfidardo No. 6, 

Steinman, Mrs. L., 103, Via Tasso, Naples. 
Stephenson, Miss, c/o Mrs. Benson, Via 

Marchese Ugo 40, Palermo. 
Stevens, L., c/o Aurerny & Co., 5, Medina, 

Stevenson, E. P., H.C.S., Via Tamburini 

No. 4, Milan. 
Stevenson, Mrs., Via Tamburini No. 4, 

Stewart, Mrs. C. G., Piazza Borghese 91, 

Stewart, Miss, Piazza Borghese 91, Rome, 
Stewart, Mrs. F. M., Fiesole, Florence. 
Story, Mrs. Waldo, 142, Via Quattro 

Fontane, Rome. 
Strong, Mrs., British School, Vaile Giulia, 

Strina, A. M. G., Villa Giordana, Via Belve- 
dere, Vomero, Naples. 
Sutherland, Miss M. H., Hotel de Russie, 

Via Babuino, Rome. 
Swan, H. C, H.C.S., British Vice-Consulate, 

3836, Calledigli, Awoca, S. Angelo, 

Swin bourne, The Misses, 4, Via Porta 

Pinciana, Rome. 
Swynnerton, Mrs., 2, Via Montebello, 

Synge, Miss F., 22, Via Margutta (Int. 4), 

Tagliavia, Mrs., Via Sampolo 35, Palermo. 
Tasker, Miss, 12, Via Lorenzo il Mangihco, 

*Tasker, Miss S., 60, Via S. Brigida, 

Tasker, Miss Sophia, c/o Ditta Varriale, 

60, Via Sta Brigida, Naples. 
Teague, Herbert, 2, Lung'Arno Acciaiuoli, 

Teague, Mrs. Augusta, 2, Lung'Arno 

Acciauoli, Florence. 
Tench, Miss, 33, Piazza in Lucina, Rome. 
Thackeray, Sir Edward, President, Villa 

Stratta, Bordighera. 
Thackeray, Lady, President Villa Stratta, 

Thierry, A. E. de, Via Lorenza Stallo 8-3, 

Thierry, Mrs. de, Via Lorenza Stallo, 8-3, 

Thierry, F. de, Pallazzo della Meridiana, 

Thompson, Mrs. Wilfred, Villa II Tondo, 

38, Via della Piazzola, Florence. 
Thorn e, Miss, Pension Riccioli, Florence. 
Tighe, Walter, Casa Francisca, Bordi- 
Tompsett, Miss Cordelia Winton, Pension 

Champendaal, 10, Via Nazionale, 

Tompsett, Miss Louisa Mary, Pension 

Champendaal 10, Via Nazionale, 

Tomers-Cocks, P. S., H.M. Consul General, 

Via dei Mills (British Consulate), 



1 I 

ITALY — contin ued. 

Topl\s, Q, \\ ., Washington House, Parco 

Margherita, Naples. 
Towsey, J. H., British Consul, Via Rasori . 

N . 1, Milan. 
Towsey, W. F., Stabiliniento Armstrong, j 

Towsey. Mrs. W. F., Stabilimento Arm- 
strong, Pozzuoli. 
Trem ii. II i.kbert, Villa Yivinni.Settignano, 

Trench, -Mrs. Herbert, Villa Viviani, 

S< ttignano, Florence. 
Trev n 1:1.1.1, J., 65, Via Quintino Sella 

Trewiiella, .Miss, 65, Via Quintino Sella, 

Tribe, Mrs., Pension Simi, Florence. 
Trow, Mm. Edith, Casa Semeria, Bordi- 

in. Miss Alice, Pension Lottini, 6, 
Lung'Arno Coreini, Florence. 
Turn bull, Miss Ethel, National City Bank 

of New York, Genoa. 
Turnbull, Miss Muriel, National City 

Bank of New York. Genoa. 
Turner, Miss, Via Giosue Carducci 3, 

Turner, II., c/o Holme & Co., Via Gugli- 

elmo, .San Felice, Naples. 
Turner, Mrs. John, 4, Via Scialoja, 

Turner, Reginald, 35, Viale Milton, 

Turton, Arthur, English Bank, Bordi- 

Tubton, Mrs. E. A., English Bank, Bordi- 

Turton, Miss H., 6, Piazza Pitti, Florence. 
Turton, Mi-;- M.. 6, Piazza Pitti, Florence. 
Twist, Alec, Palazzo Donn Anna, Posil- 

lipo, Naples. 
Underwood, Miss, 26, Piazza di Pietra, 

Urouhart. Miss, 7 Via Belisario (Int. 9), 

Urquhart, Rome. 
Valdata, Miss L., Villa Figari, Arenzano, 

Van Buren, Mrs. E. Douglas, 36, Via 

Palestro, Rome. 
Yansi, Marches*, 23, Via Isonzo, Rome. 
V.mohax Miss Laura, 12, Piazza Esqui- 

lino, Rome. 
Verschoyle, Miss G. L., 6, Via Abruzzi, 

Yitellesciii, Marchesa, 275, Via Scipioni, 

W w.l, Miss E. i '.. •')•".. Piazzain Lueina, Rome. 
Wall, W. A.. 12 ia, Rome. 

Wallace, Miss, c/o Fratelli Jung, Via 

Alloro 3, Palermo. 
Wallmah, E. J., 'J'J, Viale Giulio Cesare, 

Wallman, Mrs., 99, Viale Giulio Cesare, 

Wallman. Mi-? \\. 'J'J, Viale Giulio Cesare, 

Walsingham, i'. G., La Casella, Via Ciazzo, 
S. Martino, Genoa. 

Walton, Miss Hum., Fratte di Salerno, 

Waltoh, M.. Fratte >li Salerno, Naples. 
Walworth, C, Via Nicolai2, I noa. 

Ward, Miss C. M., Casa Roma, Bordighera. 
Ward, Miss II. I'.. ( asa Roma, Bordighera. 
Ward, S. 1>.. Via Borghetto No 6, .Milan. 
Wabnepord, Miss C. E.. c/o Contcssa 

Piccolomini, 5, Via Princ. Clotilde, 

Rome., Charles, Villino Montebello, 

... Via delle Piazzole, Poggio Imperial*-, 


Palazzina Miramare, 
Palazzina Miramare, 

Wabre, Miss F., 

Quarto. < Senoa 
Warre. .Miss M., 

Quarto, Geni 
Warren, A., Via S. Vincenzino No. 16, 

Warren, Miss Alice, Via Corsico 7-." : 

Warren, Mrs. M.. Via S. Vincenzino No. 16, 

Warren, The Misses, Villa Minima, Bordi- 
Waibins, A. E. A. Alhergo Colombo, P. 

Watklns, Miss Lydia, Villa S. Antonino 

le, Florence. 
Watson, Mr., c/o Roberts & Co., Chemists, 

Via Vittoria, Na p 
Watson, E. E., Via Farini 9, Milan. 
W itson. •' V., Via S. Lorenzo 8-8, Genoa. 
Watts, Miss, Hotel Bel Sito San Remo, 

Watts. Mrs., 115, Via dei Serragli, Florence. 
Wearn, L. C. c/o Mappin and Webb, 

Corso Umberto I. Rome. 
Weatherhead, E. P., Via Fuggia 28, 

\\ BATHEBHEAD, Mis. Via Pujrjria 28 Genoa. 
Webster, R. R., Via Raffaello Sanzio 

No. 22, Milan. 

Weld, Miss A.. \ I , Lome. 

Wei.i s, Miss E., Pension Alexandra Ala 


l-Wise be, A, Florence. 
\\ blsby, J. W., Sailors' Rest, Via Milano, 

Welsby, Mrs. Sailors' Rest, Via Milano, 

Wheeler, Miss G., 47, Via Castelfidardo, 

Wheeler, R. W., 15, B via Pietro Tacco, 

Whitakbb, ltbice, Villa Sofia, 

Hi, Palermo. 
Whitaker, Miss Delia, Villa Malfitano, 

Via Dante, Palermo. 
Whitakbb, Mrs., Eubhbosyne Via Cavour 

6, Palermo. 
Whitaker, Miss Gladys, Via Cavour 6, 

i mo. 
Whitaker, J. I. S., Villa Malfitano, Via 

Dante, Palermo. 
Whitaker, Joshua, Via Cavour 6, Palermo 




ITALY — continued. 

Whitaker, Mrs. Maude, Villa Sofia, Wilson, Mrs., 3, Via Francesco Rtdi, 

Resuttana, Colli, Palermo. 
Whitaker. Miss Norina, Villa Malfitano, 

Via Dante, Palermo. 
Whitaker, R. S., Villa Sofia, Resuttana, 

Colli, Palermo. 
Whitaker, Mrs. Tina, Villa Malfitano, 

Via Dante, Palermo. 

Wilson, Miss Talbot, 3, Via Francesco 

Redi, Rome. 
Wilson, Miss, 22, Piazza di Spagna 

Winter, Miss Mary, Hotel d'ltalie, Via 

Quattro Fontane, Rome. 

White, A. M., Via Privata Piaggio 34, , Wiskard, R., Via Rasori 1 (British Consul), 

Genoa. Milan. 

White, Edward, Via Privata Piaggio 34, Wolfson, Mrs., 129, Via Luca Giordano, 

Vomero, Naples. 
Wolfson, Th., 129, Via Luca Giordano, 

Vomero, Xaples. 
Wood, L. J. S., 159, Via Quattro Fontane, 

Wood, Mrs., 159, Via Quattro Fontane, 

Wood, Miss S., 18, Via Flavio Gioia, Naples. 
Wood, Miss Shakespeare, La Topaia alle 
Quercie, Florence. 

White, Miss E. C, 9, Villa Strohlfern, Porta 

del Popolo, Rome. 
White, Miss J. F., Via Guiseppe Ferrari 3, 

White, Captain L., Via Guiseppe Ferrari 3, 

White, Miss Lilian D., Palazzo Capaccini, 

19, Porta Cavalleggeri, Rome. 
White, Rev, P., San Silvestro in Capite, 

Rome. *Woodfin McMurray, Via S. Lorenzo 19, 

White, W., 39, Via Cadore, Milan. Genoa. 

White, Mrs. W., 11, Via Vittoria Colonna, Woodfin, W., Via S. Lorenzo 19, Genoa. 

Rome. [ Woodhouse, Claud, Villa Centallo, Bordi- 

Whiteford, Miss, Piazza Nunziata 19, ghera. 

Presso Sig. Palduino, Genoa, 
Whittuck, Miss Amy, 6, Piazza d'Azeglio, 

Wiggins, W., c/o Famiglia Gatti, Via XX. 

Settembre 118 (Int. 9), Rome. 
Wilberforce, Robert, Palazzo Borghese, 

Wilberforce, Mrs. Robert, Palazzo Bor- 
ghese, Rome. 
Wild, Miss Hagen, Hotel de Russie, Rome. 
Williams, B. C. Leader, Piazza Marina 

41. Palermo. 
Williams, Mrs. B. C. Leader, Piazza 

Marina 41, Palermo. 
Williams, Miss Dora, 2, Piazza Torino, 

Williams, Miss Eva, 2, Piazza Torino, 

Williams, Foster, c/o Societa Miueraria 

Libiola, £estri Lev., Genoa. 
Williams, Miss G., 51, Viale Giulio Cesare, 

Williams, Miss Juliet, 2, Piazza Torino, 


Woodhouse, Mrs. Claud, Villa Centallo, 

Woodrow, Percy, Via Porto, Salvo 3, 

Woodward, Miss B. E., 40, Monte di Dio, 

Woollen-Smith, Miss C, 15, Via Clitunno, 

Worthington, Mrs. Lilian May, 9, Borgo 

Sant Apostoli, Florence. 
Worthington, R. E., 9, Borgo Sant Apos- 
toli, Florence. 
Wray, R. B., Spianata Castelletto 20-3, 

Weight, Miss Helen, 12, Via Gregoriana, 

Wright. Miss Peggy, 1st Int. Agricoltura, 

Wyatt, F., Villa Lugarna Menaggio (Lago 

di Como), Milan. 
Wylie, Mrs., Casa Gragia, Bordighera. 
Young, R. C. R., Grand Hotel, Rome. 
Young, Miss G, 89, Via S. Niccolo, Flor- 

Williams, Mrs. L., 6, Via degli Abruzzi, Young, Miss Frances, 89, Via S. Niccolo, 
Rome. Florence. 

Williams, Miss Zoe, 2, Piazza Torino, 

Zimmern, Miss Helen, 1, Piazza S. Trinita, 


Valletta.— H.C.S., Augustine Borg, 264, Str. Sant' Ursola. 

Apap, G., 19, Sda. Cospicua, Casal 

Arcicovich Antonio, A. A. Archers & Co., 

Bonnici J., 47, Simmons Avenue, Casal Borg, J., Sdo. Gevante 156, Valletta 

Tarxiem. Borg, J., 33, .Sda. Mercanti, Valletta. 

Borda Lawrence, 17, Molo Marina. Borg, V., The British Engineering Co., A. A 

Borg, A., 264, Str. St., Ursola, Valetta. Archers & Co., Marsa. 

Borg Angelo, c/o Messrs. A. A. Archers & 
Co., British Engineering Corporation, 
Manka Marsa. 

Borg, J., 261, Str. Reale 261, Valletta. 


I 13 

MALTA •■ / ■ ■ • /. 

Brown, E., Royal Naval I mteen.Corradino. 

Butler, A. C.,133o, Strada Marsainuscetto, 

Callus, J., 32, Strada Ifereante, Valletta. 

Carlton-Croucu, H., Royal Naval Canteen, 

Chetcuti, T., British Engineering Corpora- 
tion, A. A. Arch' 

Chiecop, A.B., l'>, .Sdi. L'orta Marina 

Cofpebstone, Rev. A., 64, S. Franeco, 

Corder, Miss G., Manoel Hospital. 

Debmott, Dr. E. J., St. Paul's Military 

DC Conti, M. II.. 67, Sda. Vittoria, Tenglea. 

Ellis, J., 278, Mrada Reale, Valletta. 

Fe.nech, F. S., 234, Strada Reale, Ham- 

Gasan, Joseph, 188, Strada Stutta, Valletta. 
'UD, J. G., Messrs, Geech & Co., Valletta. 

Holyhead, A., H.M. Dockyard. 

Hunt, P., 311, Strada Reale. Valletta. 

Lanzon, A. P., L26, Strodo Zecco, Valletta. 

Micki.i Carlo, The British Engineering 
Corporation, A. A. Archers & Co., 

Middle-ion, J. H., c/o A. Borg., Esq., 264, 

Strada Santa Ursola, Valletta. 
Mortimore, J. H., Schoolmaster's Quarters, 

Verdala Barracks. 
Page, G. A., .",7, Strada Mezzodi, Valletta. 
Pratt, F. W. H., R.G.A., Tigne. 
Prince, Mrs. G., 5, Piazza Maggiore, Flo- 

Robinson, \V. S., B.A., Collegiate School, 

300, Strada Reale, Valetta 
Scolaro, Francis, B.A., M.D., Senglea, 

147, Sda S. Giuseppe. 
Soler, Wm., L.L.D., 48, Duo Porte, Sen- 

Starkey, J. W., 300, Strada Reale, Valetta. 
Sullivan, C. E., Strada Saluto No. 65, 

Sullivan, Francis E., 2nd Flat, 264, St 

Ursola, Valetta. 
Sullivan, J. E., 64, Strada Saluto, Valletta 
Sullivan, J. E., Strada Saluto, No. 65, 

Vella, Joseph, 84k, ViaCurmi, Hanirun. 
Vincento, Joseph, 30, Strada Marina, 

Woods, Captain John Robert, e/'o De 

Mattos and Sullivamy. s.s. Fro^t- n. 


Christiacia.— H.C.S., T. B. Chalmer, 8, Uranienborg Terrasae. 

Aston, Hubert, Bud Prestegaard, Ronis- D'Shepherd Scott, Skovveien 5, Chris- 

dalen. tiania. 

♦Chalmer, T. B., Uranienborg Terrasse 8, Gjertsen S. L., Mesnalien Sanatorium, 

Christiania near Lillehammer. 

Lampe, C. F. N., 129, Ibsensgate, Kronstad, 
Chappell, A., Borregaard, Sarps - Bergen. 

borg. Theodobsen, H. A.,_Kirkey 43, Trondhjem. 


Lisbon. H.C.S., and Branch Sec, Edward I. Summers, Rua Victor Cordon 4. 
Oporto. -H.C.S., A de M. Tubnkb, Costeiras 4, Villa Nova de Gaya. 

Branch Sec, A. G. C. Blake, c/o London and Brazilian Bank, Ltd. 

Abecassie, P., Lisbon. 
Abecassie, M., Lisbon. 
Adamson, Miss C. M., Carcavelloa. 
Adcock, G. C, 47, Rua do Corpo Santo 1°, 

Almeida, A. E., Villa Adriano, Fonte da 

Moura, Oporto. 
Almeida, Mis3 W. P., Villa Adriano, Fonte 

da Moura, Oporto. 
Amos, W., Carcavellos. 
Arnsby, E. H., 346, Rua Pinheiro Manso, 

Ash worth. Miss A. E., 75, Rua da Breyner, 

Atkinson, Mrs. E. A., Leixocs. 

Barley, D., 1, Rua de S. Francisco de 

Paula, Lisbon. 
Barley, Mrs. E. R., Lisbon. 
Barley, Guy, Lisbon. 
Babley, L. G., Rua da Conceicas 130-1", 

Barley, Mrs. L. G., Rua da Conceicas 

130-P, Lisbon. 
Babwick, E. R. H., Empraza Nacional do 

Navegacao, Lisbon. 
Basto, A. J. G., 40, Rua d» Emend a, 

Beardmore, Miss L. K., Chez Nime Van 

Zrllcr Guedes, Quinta d'Avelleda, 


♦Atkinson, E. L., 52, Serpa Pinto, Villa Bell, M. A., Compo Carria do Ferro Sto 

Xova de Gaya. Amaro, Lisbon. 

♦Atkinson, R., Villa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. Berry, H. L., Lisbon. 

Bailey, J., Lisbon. Berry, Herbert L., c/o Messrs. Robinson 
Bailey, J. T., Estacao Geradora, a Santos, Bros., Portalegre. 

Lisbon. Billings, C. J., Quinta, Nova Carca- 
Baines, Mrs. A., Carcavellos. velios. 

o.l. h 



PORTUGAL— cow///, ued . 

Black, H. Macdonald, Rua Jose Estevam, 

Bleck, C. E., Lisbon. 
Bleck, < '. II.. Lisbon. 
Bleck, G. H. Lisbon. 
*Borges, Dr. N. S. A., 65, Graca Restaura- 

dores, Lisbon. 
Brown, A., Estacao Geradora Cacs da Vis- 

condessa, Lisbon. 
Bosanquet, A. P., Rua aa Lapa, KiJ, 

Brindle, Mrs. J., Rua Fante Arcada 75, 

Bkouguti in. R. E., Lisbon. 

Bryant, C. P. T., Western Telegraph Co., 

Ltd., Carcavellos Station. 
Bryant, Miss M., Carcavellos. 
Bryant, Mrs. A.,c/o Eastern Telegraph. Co., 

Ltd., Carcavellos. 
Bucknall, D. S., 100 R. do Arsensal 1°. 
Bucknall, H. W., 10, Travessa do Corpo 

.Santo 1°, Lisbon. 
BrjtKNAi.L.rMrs. D., 160, Rua do Arsenal 1°, 

Bull, H. A. N., c/o Eastern Telegraph Co., 

Ltd., Carcavellos. 
Bull, Mrs. N., Carcavellos. 
Burnett, A. H. S., Rua Rei Ramiro 32, 

Villa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. 
Bi ! \gi.o. A., Lisbon. 
Candler, G., Vacuum Oil Company, Rua da 

Horta Seeca. Lisbon. 
Candler, G., 1, Travessa de S. Bartolomcu 

1 °, Lisbon. 
Cans ell, M iss, Lisbon. 
( ' innell, Miss ' ■.. Lisbon. 

. ii.i, .1. H.. Lisbon. 
Cannell, Mrs. J. H.. Lisbon. 
Carnall, S. H., 23, Rua da Artilharia 1, 


& \ i i . S. J. H., 9, Rua Nova da Trindade 

2°, Lisbon. 
Cassels, II.. Lisbon. 
Chambers, C. P., Villa dc Barreiros Maia, 

Chambers. W. I'.. R. Serralves 1450, Oporto. 
Chaster, J. W., Lisbon. 

. Mrs. J. W., Lisbon. 
Chisholm, Miss E. M„ Rua da Liberdade 15, 

*Cobb, W. M., Quinta do Esperanea, Rue do 

■ lolgotha, Oporto. 

I 'u( KS, P. A. SOW ERS-, Lisbon. 

Collins. W. ('., Rua S. Pedro d'Alcantara 

89, Lisbon. 

1 ell, W. G., Trevessa do Ferreira 5-30, 

Correja, E. Nunes, Rua da Boa Vista 162, 

Correja, J. Nunes, Rua D. Pedro V. 29, 

♦Coverley, II. W., 55, Rua da Reboleira, 

Coverley, 0. R.. Oporto. 
Cranbrook, I. B., Pension Hotel, Rue da 

Gloria, Lisbon. 
Crawford, D,, Lisbon, 

Creswell, C. G.. 7, Rua Rubieva Sanches, 

2 , Lisbon. 
Cuthill, B.. Rua Viviata 15. Lisbon. 
Dagge, Miss A. M., 747, Campo Alegre, 

Dagge, A., Caudal, Villa Nova de Gaya, 

D'Albertson, Canon H., Rua de Cerca 

190, Foz de Douro. Oporto. 
D'Albertson, Miss K. V., Rua de Cerca 190, 

Foz de Douro, Oporto. 
D'Albertson, N. J., Rua de Cerca 190, 

Foz de Douro, Oporto. 
D'Albertson, Mrs. S. M., Rua de Cerca 190, 

Foz de Douro, Oporto. 
d'Arriaga, Dr. G. 0., 61, Rua da Innquirra, 

Danvers, C. H. D., 10, Rua Dos Queimadas, 

Villa Nova de Gaya. 
Dartford, H. W., 19, Ruados Fanqueiros, 

3°, Lisbon. 
Darteord, P. F., 7, Ruados Fanqueiros, 

Dartford, Miss L. A., 4, Travessa do 

Patrocinio, Lisbon. 
Davis, F. J., Calcada do Rio do Porto, c/o 

Sr. Joaquim Cunha, Centra. 
Dawson, Errington, Lisbon. 

on, ilis. Ef.rington. Lisbon. 
Dawson, F. E., 25, Rue de S. Francisco, 

Dawson, J., jun.. Lisbon. 
Delafarce, R., Villa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. 
I) i:\ii; in, (astro P., Largo Conde Porri- 

beiro 12, Lisbon. 
Doddrell, Mrs. E., 23, Rua Vasco da Gama 

3, Lisbon. 
Dowse, Miss E. A., c/o E. J. Summers, Rua 

Victor Gordon 4, Lisbon. 
Dupius, H., Eastern Telegraph Co., Carca- 
Dupius, Mrs. H. K., Carcavellos. 
Edwards, J. A., Rua do Commercio, Lisbon. 
Ehlinger, A. C, Rua dos Corrceiros 65, 

Ellis, P., 7, Rua da Praia da Junquelra. 
Ennor, Mrs. N. L., 10, Travessa do Corpo 

Santo 2°, Lisbon. 
Ennor, N. L., 10, Travessa do Corpo Santo 

2°, Lisbon. 

en, II. W., 1-20. Rua do S. Bernado, r c 

E., Lisbon. 
Feuerheerd, A., 32, Ramiro, Villa Nova 

de Gaya. 
Fimister, ( L C, Oporto British Club, Oporto. 
Flower, F. W.. \illa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. 
Flower, R. J., Villa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. 
Frazer, R. W., 9, Rua Nova da Trindade 

2°, Lisbon. 
Frazer, W. H., 9, Rua Nova da Trindade, 

Frick. F. D., 9, Rua Nova da Trindade 2°, 


bee, A. H., 9, Rua Nova da Trindade 
2°, Lisbon. 

o, H. G., Lisbon. 
Galsworthy, J. R.. Carcavellos. 
Gartner, Mrs. K. E., Carcavellos. 




land, Mrs. J. Et., I, 


1 10, 

3 . Lisbon. 
( ; i \s.-.. i ;.. Rua da Eoi ta Sei i a, 39, Li 
Glasspoole, F. i'.., Rua de S. Felix 64.2 . 


! 157, 

Rue di ". ' >porto. 

otsq, A., Ltisl 
Gordon. 1". B., J l, Queimados, Villa 

de Gava. 
Gobdox, Miss J., Rua Particular 9, Boa- 
vista. Porto. 

i rORDON, Mrs. M., ' i: ca '. IIOS. 

Gordon, Mrs. M. A., I I. Queimados, Villa 

X. iva d< I i.\ a. 

don, Mr-. V. P., I an avellos. 

i. in. Donald, R. Noi 

.ST, D., Rua X"\ i d i Trind i Li 0-2°, 

ly, J., jun., Lisl 
Gi [mababns, G. P., 28, Rua do Rei Ramiro, 

Villa Nova « 1< - • laya. 
II \ .'! [eld, S. S., Lisbon. 
Had field, Mrs., Lisbon. 
II w:k be, J., Lisbon. 
ETarkeb, Mrs.. Lisbon. 
Harris, R., 2, The Bungalow, Leca da 

Hay-Coghlan, C. M.. Carcavellos. 
Hay-Coghlan, Master B., Carcavellos. 
Hay-Coghlan, Mrs. B., Travessa da Pal- 
meira, < 
Hbnriques, J. C, H, Rua de S. Juliao 2°, 

Hi' kie, E. A.. Lisbon. 
ilh kik. P. \\\. Lisbon. 
Holdek E. I:.. Lisbon. 
Jackson, Mr . !'... I arcavellos. 
.1 \r n. ey, J< hi v I'... Lisbon. 
JaYNB, R. G., 10, T: do Corpo Santo 2, 

♦Jennings, II. W., 251, Campo Alegre, 


3, A. H., i (porto. 

•Jones, J. B., 2, General Torres, Villa 

de < Ira 

dall, A. C, 801, Campo Alegre, Oporto. 
Kendall, A. ' .. 55, Reboleira, Opi 
Kendall, E. X., 71'., Una Infant' I >. Hen- 

rique, Oporto. 
Kerb, X., Quint a Nova, Carcavi Uos, Lisbon. 
Kir.nv, A. A.. Carcavellos. 

K' ILKH' IRST, A . 0., I. - ' "II. 

•Lane, I>. M., 31, Rua da [ndusti 

♦Lank, l>. S., Rua Miguel Lupi, 10, Li 
•Lane, V.. 22, Rua ■!" Alecrim, Lisbon. 
L lzarus, •!.. 53, Rua Crai ' 
Lazarus, M., 53, Rua Trans, Lisbon. 
Le Rougetel, Mrs. K., Carcavellos. 
Lewes, A. I 1 ., da Hoi 

Lewis. II. i. IT Rua di - to 1°, 

Lewis, Mrs. R., Lisbon. 

Li w !-. R., Lisbon. 
Lewis, S., Lisbon. 
Limbebt, II. C, Lisbon. 

* Li \ d, i ;. J., Quint a di Baixa, R ua d 1- 

got hi 121, Oporto. 
M m kie, Ceci] . Lisbon. 
M icdoj \ i.i'. Mis-: A. M., Coriche, 

In. n. 
M m Hon \i.D. Miss Molly, !> 'I 

Macdonnell, Miss M., 8, Ruados Remedios 
a Lapo, Lisbon. 

Mai Do ■■mi. Miss M., 4, Rua Victor Cor- 
don s ■■ 1 . Lisbon. 

Machado, Gen. Sir I., 11, Largo do Quint a da. 

Mandrell, E. I... Carcavellos. 

Marsden, J. X. 7 Rua da Princeza, Lisbon. 
i R. J. W., Lisl.i. ii. 

Mascarenhas, A., In Tt '.. Corpo 

Sa i 

Mascarenhas, P. E., 43, Rua do Sacramento 

a La pa. Lisbon. 
Mawston, T. R., 20a, Rua do Alecrim r/c, 


• SIMON D, V... Lisl 

V. J., Carcavellos. 
McLeod, Mrs. A. E., Carcavellos. 
Mellis, Mrs. (J., Carcavellos. 
Midwinter, H. T.. Telephone Co., 9, I 

Nova da Kirdale, Lisbon. 
Mit< ii i.i. i , Miss K... Lisbon. 

M is. ' ; . I!., Lisbon. 
Mitchell, II., Largo do Corpo Santo 21-1°, 

Mitchell, Mrs. EL, c/o II. Mitchell, Esq., 

Royal I !ub, Lisbon. 

Morgan, A., 142, Campo Alegre, Oporto. 

, \ I )«.i . I ii m. 

M( irg in, Jack, Lisbon. 
Morgan, S. A., 96, Rua do Commercio, 

M i i rn \ . Mrs. E., ■ lies. 

Murphy, Carcavellos. 

Murray Miss II.. I"', Avenida dae Cortes 

1 D Lisl 

Nevili i.. W., Mm deS. Domingos, Merti 

X e, C. M.. Carcavellos. 

Noble, X. I'.. 7. Rua Ribeiro, 

Lisl. mi. 
Nodi - . II. M., I. Rua da Estrdla, 

Noddee, Mrs. II. M.. 4, Rua da Estrella, 

North, C, Rua dos Q los J.">, \'illa 

-Xova de Gaya, Oporto. 
X"i: i "\. M iss A .. Li-lion. 
Norton, Mi .. Lisbon. 
X"Ki : ivo, 

I "ii. 
Norton, G. F., , i° ! 



ii". Lisbon. 
Nugent, I'. J., 952, Avenida Bona Vista, 

h 2 



PORTUGAL— continued. 

O'Grady, Miss N., 86, Rue da Junguevia, 

Oliveira, Mrs. Cannell de, LisboD. 
Oram, \V. L., Hotel Lawrence, Clinta, 

Oram, W., Quinta de SaDto Antonio 

Galamares, ( intra. 
Orchard, W. J., 32, Rua do Ouro 1°, 

Orchard, N. F., Rua do Coniercio 84, 86, 

Paterson, Mrs. A., Lisbon. 
Paterson, A. W., Lisbon. 
Payne, George, Lisbon. 
Pearson, L. A., Estrada da Luz H., Lisbon. 
Perkins, Mrs. D., Carcavellos. 
Peryra, Mrs. E. dos Santor, Rua Filipe 

Folque, A. P., Lisbon. 
Pheysey, Mrs. D. H., 1644, Avenida da Boa 

Vista, Oporto. 
Pheysey, H. W., 1664, Avenida da Boa 

Vista, Oporto. 
Pheysey, C. H., 1644, Avenida Bona Vista, 

Phillimore, Miss C., 12, Travessa de 

Carmo, Lisbon. 
Pidwell, F E., S. Thiago de Cacem. 
Rackby, George, Fabrica de Papel, Abel- 

heira, Tojal. 
Rankin, C, Lisbon. 
*Rankin, J. N., Caramujo, Lisbon. 
Rapson, H. B.j Carcavellos. 
*Rawes, G., 3, Rua de S., Francisco-Oporto. 
Rawes, H., 47, Rua do Corpo Santo 1°, 

♦Rawes, P., Rua Felezardo de Lima, 

Ramalde, Oporto. 
*Rawes, S., 60, Rua de Sae Domingos, 

Readman, R., Lisbon. 
Reid, R. L. W., Villa Nova de Gaya, 

Robertson, J. B., Vacuum Oil Company, 

Rua da Horta Sccca 39, Lisbon. 
Robertson, J. M., 44, Rua de Serpa Pinto, 

Villa Nova de Gaya. 
Robertson, R. D., 44, Rue de Serp i Pinto, 

Villa Nova de Gaya. 
♦Robinson, G. M., Quinta Formosa. 
♦Robinson, G. \V., Portalegre, Lisbon. 
Rowe, A. S., 166, Rua das Anioreiras, 

Rowe, Mrs. K., 51, Caloradc do Marqucz dc 

Abrantes 4°, Lisbon. 
Rumsey, A., Quinta do Terrierinhu, Rua do 

Chaupello, Villa Nova de Gaya. 
Rush, E., Rua Nova da Trindade 9-2°, 

Rcssell, Dr. D., Lisbon. 
Russell, Mrs. D., Lisbon. 
Russell, George, Lisbon. 
Russell, Mrs. Mary, Lisbon. 
Ryder, C., jun., Lisbon. 
Scarlett, J. H., 18, Rua do Comercia, 

Schroder, J. A., Carcavelios. 
Seouerra Haim, 49, Rua Rodrigo da 

Fanseca, Lisbon. 

I Sellers, Fred, Lisbon. 
Shepherd, H. J., 95, Rua Nova do Almada 

s/1 D., Lisbon. 
Shore, R. A., Lisbon. 
Shore, W. G., Lisbon. 
Sleigh, Miss Ida, Lisbon. 
Smart, J. D., Rua do Monte 22, Foz do 

Douro, Oporto. 
Standring, A. H., 314, Rua de Golgotha, 

Stilwell, W. M., 35, Rua dos Retrozeiros, 

20, Lisbon. 
Street, P.M., Quinta Quaimada Ramalde, 

Studer, A., 84, R. dos Capelistas, Lis- 
Summers, E. J„ H.C.S., Rua Victor Cordon 

45/1, Lisbon. 
Sumner, A. E., Vacuum Oil Company, Rua 

Horta Secca, Lisbon. 
Symington, E. D., 1283, Avenida de Boa- 
vista, Oporto. 
Tait, C. C, 202, Rua de India, Carreiree. 

♦Tait, W. A., 64, Bom. Succcm, Oporto. 
Taylor, A. N., 1, Rua do Abbade, Leca da 

Taylor, Coll, Lisbon. 
♦Teage, J. L., Fonte Da Moura, Oporto. 
Thorne, M. H., Minas Du Gallinheiro, 

Thomson, Miss L., c/o Madame F. Van- 

Zeller, Rua da Villar, Oporto. 
Tirner, C, Rua dos Douradores, Lisbon. 
Tooley, R. C, 109, Rua Nova do Almada, 

Towton, T. H., Broomfields, English 

Bakeries, 7, Largo do Conde Barao, 

♦Trindade, A., 178, Avernda da Liberdade 

2 — E, Lisbon. 
Tugman, A. B., 21, Travessa do Corpo 

Santo, Lisbon. 
Turner, A. de Mierre, H.C.S., 4, Costeiras, 

Villa Nova de Gaya, Oporto. 
Truner, Mrs. C. E., " Villa Aurora," Cam- 

pinas, Ramalde, Oporto. 
Turner, F. de M., 11, Rua das Taypas, 

Turner, Mis. G., 6, Rua Dos Douradores, 

Turner, Miss V. G, "Villa Aurora," 108, 

Campinas, Ramalde-Oporto. 
Vigne, L. St. B., Chonpello 84, Villa Nova 

de Gaya, Oporto. 
Waite, E. M., 1, Calcada de Santos, Lisbon. 
Walford, A. R., 39, Rua da Horto Seca, 

Walker, J., 113, Rua da Madalena 1°, 

Walker, Robert, 30, Travessa do Cotovelo 

1°, Lisbon. 
Wall, S. G., Retoleira 47, Oporto. 
♦Wallace, E. C, 88, Rua S. Nicolau 4, 

Wanstall, W. A., Vacuum Oil Company, 

Rua Horta Secca 39, Lisbon. 
Watson, A. F., Portalegre. 




Watson, E., Travessa do Corpo Santo Wn r, W., Li 

10-2°, Lisbon. 
Webb, J., Chalet Sophia, Dofundo, Lisbon 

'., Fayal Acores, Lisbon. 
Whits, II. \Y. Q., Carcavellos. 
White, Mrs. K. X., Carcavellos. 
Wilkinson, H. H., Mont' Estoril, Lisbon. 

i ims, S. R., Lisbon. 
Williamson, T., 10, Travessa do Corpo 

Santo 1°, Lisbon. 
Wi-.i, S., Rua Nova da Trindadc 

Wright, H., Carcavellos. 

n jlivi.>?u.\, 11. Ai., .'lull l umujii, ijisuuu, »»rwvj»ni, ii.. waivaiwiwo. 

Wilkinson, Mrs. H. H., Mont' Estoril, ♦Wyllie, L. R., Rua do Alecrim 22, Lisbon 
Lisbon. Zaguby, M., Lisbon. 


Sulina. - H.C.S., C. B. Marshall, Sulina. 

Aspin, H., Colentina 84, Bucarest. 
Atherton, 6., Colentina 84, Bucarest. 
Belbin. Miss E. M. Griffiths, 9a, Strada 

Surorilor, Bucarest. 
Bolton, T. A., o/o Watson and Youell, 

Bchaoier, P. A., Biroul Britanic, Bucarest. 
Cabslakb, B. B., c/o J. Catterall, Esq., 

Biroul Britanie, B-d Lascar Catag 37, 

Catterall, J., Banco, Romano-Americana, 

Clive, J. R. P., Strada Popa Soare 17, 

Clive. Mrs. D., Strada Popa Soare 17, 

Davies, J. G., Romano-Americana, Buca- 
Dewuurst, T., Colentina 84, Bucarest. 

Greenhalgh, A. N., Romano-Americano, 

Hartley, A., Biroul Britanic, Bucarest. 
Hilt. \r. n, 1!., 53 Maria Rosetti, Bucarest. 

. K. G., Strada Albenit\ - ". 
Laber, P. C, Colentina 84, Bucarest. 
Masterson, F., 60, Bulvard Pache, Buea- 

Mattuews, A., Colentina 84, Bucarest. 

Pellatt, O. W., Palace Botel, Bucai 

Pollack, D. S., Buchast Str, Trinitati 13. 

Thomson, M. S., Colentina 84, Buca- 

WaltUOK, Henry, P.O. Box 351, Bucha- 

W ateins, C. L., c/o Uwe Goethals, Pasagino 
Villacras, Sc. B. Etag 2, Bucarest. 

Watson, W. M., Galatz. 

Young, J. M., 18, Strada Arculin, Bucn> 

RUSSIA (AND FINLAND). (Before Bolshevist regime.) 

*Bagge, J. P., British Consulate- General, Brawley, W. T., c/o Atbassa Copper Mines, 

Baillie, Miss A., 56, Fortsladsky, Petro- 

Bains, Mrs. C, St. Andrew's House, 9, 

. Pereoolik, Moscow. 
Baird, R., c/o Messrs. Bronoff Bogorodok, 

Moscow Government. 
Bvrber. E. (M.D.), Nevsky 80, Petrograd. 
Bvrbee, Mrs. E. X., Nevsky SO, Petroj 
Baxter. 8. H., Union Cold Storage Co., 

B els haw, T., Tverskia Manufactory, Tver. 
Binns, W., c/o Baron L. Knoop, Moscow. 
Blackburn, J. P., c/o New Russia I 

Hugh sovka. 
Bla\' Mrs., Koshevennaja, Line 33 

Wassillo-OBl !"'■". Petrograd 

t Xo. 2, Syr Darinsky, Oblast. 
Brei Miss L., St. Andrew's House, 

9, Spedoniefskj Pereoulik, Moscow. 
Brooks, J., Danilovka Manufact 

Danilovka, Moscow. 
Brown, Joe, c o North • 

Ltd., i rrosm 3.R. 

Brown, Mrs. J., c/o Norl >ian Oil- 

fileds, Ltd., I -. S.R. 

Brydon, Miss, c/o Mrs. Marshall, 14, 

Millianaica, Log 19, l'< irograd. 
Bcrg, H., c/o Atbassa Copper Mines, Fort 

Xo. 2, Syr Darinsky, OUast. 
Burstow, M. J., c/o I Copper 

Mine, Ltd., !' 1 9, Mosi 

Botterworth, A., 69, Pokrovskia, Ouletza, 

Lodge 1, Moscow. 

Bund, A., c/o Messrs. Plcnder, Griffiths, BuTTERWORTn, B., 69, Pokrovskia Ouletza, 

Wyatt & Co., 28, Xevsky Prospect, 

Bland, \\ ., Neva Stearine Works, Scblee- 

aebburg Road, Xo. 68, Petrograd. 
Bodger, Miss, Station Saguity, Livonia. 
Bodger, Miss E., Pension Hygienia, Merin- 

govita 4, Kieff. 
*Booth, F. B., Xeame and Booth, Odessa. 
Bootle, J., c/o Trading and Industrial Co., 

Volokno, Moscow. 
Brawley, Mrs. A. M., c.'o Atbassa Copper 

Mines, Fort Xo 


Lodge 1, Moscow. 
Butterworth, Mrs. E. A., 69, Pokrovskia 

Ouletza, Moscow. 
Campbell, Lt. J. P., Hotel Sport, Petro 

gradskv Shosse, Moscow. 
♦Cak W. 'J'.. I'uslikinskaia 23. 

♦Carr, T., Messrs. Jacobs, Kinnach & Co., 

P.O. Box 416, Odessa. 
Cattley, C. R., The United Shipping Co., 

Ltd., Petrograd. 
2, Syr Darinsky, Cave, A., c/o Union Cold Storage I 




RUSSIA co United. 
Charnock, E. I'.. c/o X. N. Konshins, 
pouchkoflf, Moscow, Gov. 

ESEMAN, \V. I''.. P.O. Bos 49, Ast raehall. 

1 shire, I).. Koshewennaja Ldne :!." 34, 

\ :~sili Ostrov, Petrograd. 
Christie, Miss, 57, Galernaya, Petrograd. 
*Clively, Edward, British Vice-Consul, 

Cockcroft, H., Serpouchkoff, Moscow Gov. 
Coggan, Miss D., c <i Princess Gagarine, 

Trocorenepg 15-1, Petrograd. 
*Cook, H. W., British Club, British 

Naturial, Moscow. 
Cook. J. H., British and American Chili, 
( )ii. - 

( ^. \V. F... Hotel Sport, Petrogradski 

Shosee, Moscow. 
Crawsimw, L.. c/o Mr. A. Holmes, c/o 

" Volokno," Moscow. 
Crush. I'. •'., British and American Club, 

( Odessa. 
1 i [Mings, Thomas, c/o Spassky Zavod 

Akinoluisk, Siberia. 
Dawson, Mrs. E., c/o E. Reddaway & Co., 

Dawson, R., c/o F. Reddaway & Co., 

Deacon, A., co Messrs. B. & T. Elwortby, 

Ltd.. Elisabethgrad. 
Diggle, J., Messrs. Gorboonoff Bros.. Sereda 

Kostronia Government. 
Dowi.ixg. Miss M. F., Grosmy. 
Duncan, W. J., Pokrovsky, Vorot, Deg- 

tianny Per. D8 K b.68, Moscow. 
Dunderdale, Richard, Nicolaieff, South 

Dunlop, J. C, Jukovskaya, 12 2, Odessa. 
Edwards, Miss P., Brunsparken 5, Helsing- 

♦Elce, James, c/o New Russia Co., Hughe- 

Farmer, C. S., c o Spassky Zavod Akino- 

linsk, Sibi i 
Farmer, Mrs. M., c/o Spassky Zavod 

Akinolinsk, Siberia. 
Fabrelt., Miss <:.. St. Andrew's House, 9, 

Sped lik, Moscow. 

FitzSimons, Mi'ss E. A.. Chez Madame 
Pochvisneff, Potchtamskaia 17, Petro- 

15. Havton. Orsk Goldfield, Ltd., 

Nicolaicosk on Amer, East Siberia. 

Ford, Sergt. <'.. c o British Consul. Mos< ow. 

Frank. A. V"., Miasnitskaya No. 10, Moscow. 

iisle. Miss. 24, Sarqueifskaia, Chez 

Madame Temashotf, Petrograd. 

Gilby-, A. J., c/o Eiddler Mining Co.. 

Nevsky Prospect 1, Petrograd. 
Gilby. Mrs. A. J., c/o Riddler Mining Co., 

Nevsky Prospect 1, Petrograd. 
Gillibrand, C, c/o Messrs. J. M. Summer 

& Co., Varvarka, Moscow. 
Gixsb im, .1. II.. e o Spies Pel ml' um < o. 

Ltd., Grosnj ' aui asus. 
Gitsham, Lewis, c/o Sme^ Petroleum i o., 

Ltd. Grosny. 
i: rsn \m. Mrs. M. S., i o Spit a Petri 
i !<>., Ltd., < Irosny, < laucasus. 

. W. T., The Russian Cj bli Works, 

and Pulling Mills. Ltd., Moscow. 
O rcndy. J., Zundels Print Works, Moscow, 
li \i.MES, A., c/o The Trading and Industrial 

Co., Volonko, Moscow. 
Harrison, W., Indo-European Telegraph 

Co., Odessa. 
*Helyer, A. J., Bellins Fendriek & Co., 

Hewelcke, T. W., Russian Asiatic Bank, 

H by, E., c/o The Thornton Woollen Mill Co., 

Wvnne-Hird, J., Indo-European Telegraph 

i .i.. Odi 
Hoare, C. A., Zoological Laboratory, 

Imperial University, Petrograd. 
Holdcroft, J. R., Preschistenske Boulevard 

17, Moscow. 
Holdcroft, R., c/o N. X. Konshins, Ser- 
Horrocks, ■!.. Mekialovsky Ulitza Dom. 

Xo. 33, Kv. 4. Blaquahq, Moscow. 
Howcroft, J., c/o Bolshoi Yarostavsky 

Manufactory, Yarostav. 
Howe, A. W., Union Club Stores, Astrachan. 
Hi x -j km. !•". E.. c/o L. Plant, Miasnitskaia 

I 7, Moscow. 

•Hutchinson, T., Indo-European 'i 

graph Co., Odessa. 
Ingram, A., " Volokno," Moscow. 
Jacobs, Miss, 18, Kouzuetchney, K.C. 3, 

Jacobs, W. F., c/o Messrs. W. Jacobs Owen 

& Co., Odessa. 
James, David, Hughesovka. 
James, W., Metallic Works, Moscow. 
J large. Mrs. 50a, Selo Smolenskoe, Schlus- 

selburg Road, Petrograd. 
Jenner, 8. A., c/o J. Schmidt, Esq., 

Jeitnow, A. G., c/o J. Schmidt, Esq., 

Jones, F. A., Krahnholm, Man., Marva. 
Jones, .!., Metallic Works, Moscow. 
Jones, Mrs. W., c/o " Volokno," Moscow. 
JONES, W., c/o The Volokno Trading'".. 

Job i s, W., Moscow Metallic Works, Moscow. 
Jord i x. c.. c/o Xew Russia Co., Ltd., 

I I ughesovka. 

Joseph, H., c o Matiler Jackienily, Bankov- 
sky Pereulok Xo. 2, Moscow. 

Kent, Miss A.. British Consulate, Petro- 
K.ENQ 11. R., P.O. Box 1093, Odessa. 

♦Kinnach, H.. Messrs. Jacobs. Kinnach & 
Co., P.O. Box 416, Odessa. 

Kinnach, J., Messrs. Jacobs. Kinnach & 
Co., P.O. Box 416, Odessa. 

Ki.f.ini'eter, W., Ploosheeka, D 32 K30, 
l.\i:n, A.l'.. Messrs. J. Webster & Co., 

♦Lander, J., c/o Spies Petroleum Co., 
Ltd., Grosny. 

Larsen, Theo., c o Spassky Zavod Arino- 
Linsk, Siberia. 

i isi i : \u MBERS I t ROPE. 

1 10 


Leak y, 

Labtei W. 1 M . l;. a T. i 

Ltd., Elisai 
Lee, s.. '" Voloki ow. 

Levess, W., Station Y> loschkino, Govo de 

Nijni Novgorod 
Lowe, F., c/o F. Rcddaway & Co., Mos- 
Lowe, Mrs. S. A., c'o F. Rcddaway & Co., 


i" i v, J., British ( i 

M u i \ ro8H, C u;i con M fori 

ii in ( HI < 'o., Grosi 
M Li . i... * 50 i, - 

iuss Ibui .id. 

MacGarvby, a 
Mi A i i i:. W., c o I'. A. I 

Batourn, S. B. 
M less \i.i . •!.. ' I" v . rshoi Manufactory, Tver. 
•Mabtin, -1. H., c/o <>. M. Osberg, Esq., 

M i:\NWKI.T.. ' ,...,. \ 

Pi trogi 
Monk. A. 1>.. c o British Consul, Moscow. 

BE, I G., Kolomenskv Zavod, Galut- 

win. Moscow < 'ii'". 
MOBOAX, D., Ml bailie Works, Moscow. 
Mobbis, -Miss I. M., The English Church, 

Muhob, A., c o White, Child and Beney, 

Ml scow. 

MuSOHAMP, A., H.C.S., Nikola Yamskaya 

50, Lodging 47. Moscow. 

CHAMP, Mrs. E., Nikola Yamskaya 50, 

Lodging 4". .Moscow. 
Mt/sohahf, Mrs. W., c/o " Volokna," 

M i sohahp, W., c/o '" Volokna," Moscow. 
Nash, G. N.. c/o R. T. Elworthy, Esq., 

♦Nbamb, <;. A.. Mess ae and Booth, 

( (di 
New, Miss M. I-:., c i Counti as < h.-remeteff, 

Villi Lutsko 1st Prodolnaya, Eupa- 

toria. < ' 
Parker, A. G I railing and Indu 

Co., Volokno, Moscow 
Pabkeb, R. F., Baku (Kahkaze), I 

iKBB, W. EL, British Club, Hot, I 

National. .Moscow . 
Firkin sos. J. EL, 50a, Si blusselburg Koad, 

Pabkman, H.. Gildstubei 
P \ r.k u \ •-. M.. < iildstubi n-i r .'i. Rij 
Pabton, E. J., I 8 Mo.. ..... i \ 

Pi trog rad. 
Peabse, Edmund, Ki 

PEABCE, H. S T. Elworthy, 

Ltd., El i ad. 

Pearse, Mrs. M., K 

Dom 77. K.i 13 ad. 

Pea bse, B. G 
Penisten, W. >!.. British A Ami 'lean Club, 

♦Pebktns, II. !».. P.O. Bos 1093, Odessa. 

Phh A. B., Gorocho^ 


I I. E., c/o K Bros. 

ii . Moscow ( lov. 
♦Pitts, J. J., 
I 'i \tt. C. F., c/o N. N. Konshins, 

- rpouchkoff, Moscow Gov. 
Platt, F. J., c/o N. N. Konshins. 
Serponchkoff, .Moscow, Gov. 
■ K. I . E., i o I-". A. Mai tieuch & ■ 
Poeteb, M. W., Union Cold Storage ' 
i akhan. 
deb, Ai beet, Ploosheika Dom, 12 Kb. 
1 4. Moscow. 
Proctor, J., c/o F. Reddeway & Co., 

Procter. T.. Fabric Redda-.. ly, Moscow. 
K, Hi MPHEEi , c/o '/.-.< \ od 

Ari « ria. 

Banking Miss G., Flat 8, 44. Bolshoie Pros- 

Storona, Pi trograd. 
*Reid, .1. A.. P.O. Bos 1260, Od 
♦ .1. W., Bughesovka. 
Richardson, C. E., c o Wm. Miller & Co., 

Box 65, Moscow. 
Richardson. Mrs. C, c/o Wm. Miller & Co., 
Box 65, Moscow. 

BTS, <'. \\'.. oo: i Tel 

graph I ea. 

. M -. A. i !., Bolshcia Konushin- 
nia 25 Ko. 4. Petrograd. 
Scott, H., c/o Baron A. A. Knoop, Moscow. 
Searle, B., 8, Yasnay Odessa. 

Siew be i. Mrs. M. E., Poti C tucasus 

Sie'wert' Oscar, Pi I us. 

Slattbbt, Miss, c/o British Consul 
Thcatr. . Petrograd. 

! ■ . i .J. K.. Bi itish i on-nl. Archangel, 
5methi bst, G. II.. Baku Win Ropi Co.. 

Ltd., Baku. 
►Smith, Miss A. E., c/o Mr. Boris Kamenka, 

Kamenoostrovski 1/3, Petrograd. 
Smith, C, Messrs. Endo-European 'I 
gra ph Co., ' >i 

I i.. W.. c/o R. T. F. Klworthy, 
zabi t !r_ 
a, Arthur T., 55, Nicholo *! n skaya, 

.. P., British I lonsula um. 

Stinckcombb, I)., Bolshaya Yakimanska 
No. in. Moscow. 

• I., ('hark .. M. Eelfferick- 

i. Ltd., 

ibge D., Tchiatouri Can 

George J>.. Tchiatouri, 



Troutmax, E 

C, 13, Great Andron 

Pcrculah 12, Flat 3, 1st 
konsky, Moscow. 
Teodtman, Mis. k., Perculah i I, 1st 

Volkonsky, Mi 

H, Mis. F. (;., Bolshaya Nikitskaya 31, 
Kb. 19, Moscow. 



RUSSIA — continued- 

Uech, R. 0. G., Bolshaya Nikitskaya 31, 
Kb. 19, Moscow. 

Waite, J. A., British Consulate General, 

Wallen, Charles E., Grosny, Caucasus. 

Wallen, Mrs. Charles E., Grosny, Cau- 

Warner, R., 30, Gr. Dmitrowka, Mos- 

Waterhouse, C, c/o F. Reddaway, Dep., 

Waterhouse, Mrs. F., c/o F. Reddaway, 

Waterhouse, Mrs. H., c/o Fabric Redda- 
way, Moscow, 

Waterhouse, L., c/o Fabric Reddaway, 

Watt, W., White Child and Beney, P.O. 
Box 405, Moscow . 

Webb, G. W., c/o New Caucasus Oilfields, 
Ltd., Grosny, Caucasus. 

Webb, Mis. Lilian, c/o New Caucasus Oil- 
fileds, Ltd., Grosny. 

Webb, Miss M., 52, English Quay, Petro- 

Webster, F., Daneelofsky Manufactory, 
Dancelofka, Moscow. 

* Webster, J., Messrs. J. Webster & Co., 

Webster, Miss M., Daneelovsky Manufac- 
tory, Moscow. 
Weir, Sydney, c/o New Russia Co., Hughe- 

Weld, Miss D. E., 3, Evgeuevoski, Ismar- 

lowskaja, Tiflis, Caucasus. 
White, J., c/o L. Knoop, Esq., Moscow. 
Whittle, R., H.C.S.. 50a, Schlusselburg 

Road, Selo, Smolenskoye, Petrograd. 
Wild, J. J., Tverskaia Manufactory, Tver. 
Williams, T. J., Metallic Works, Moscow. 
Wilson, J., Lappeenranta, Finland. 
Wilson, Miss M., 66, Boulvarnaia, Tsarskoe 

Selo, Petrograd. 
Wiskin, A. G., c/o New Russia Co., Hugke- 

Wiskin, F. W., c/o New Russia Co., Hughe- 

♦Wiskin, W. C, Hughesovka. 
Woodliffe, A. C, 11th Lene, House 20, 

Lod 27, Vas Oct, Petrograd. 
Yardley, T., c/o Atbassa Copper Mines, 

Fort No. 2, Syr Darinsky, Oblast. 
♦Youngman, A. J., Elisabethgrad, South 



Algeciras.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, J. Thomson, Hotel Reina Cristina. 
Bilbao. — Branch Sec, G. W, Meyler, Calle Buenos Aires 15. 

H.C.S. Edward Sandon, Apartado, 42. 
Carthagena.— H.C.S. C. Stevenson, British Vice-Consul. 

Thomas Watkins, Sociedad Espanola de Construccion Naval. 
Branch Sec, F. T. Berkley, Calle del Principe de Vergara 9 — 4°. 
Covadonga. — H.C.S., C. A. Burne, Astnriana Mines, Ltd., Covadonga, Asturias. 
Ferrol. H.C.S., P. Sutton, c/o Sociedad Espanola de Construccion Naval. 
Huelva.— H.C.S., Daniel Aird, Plaza de las Monjas 

Branch Sec, T. Bright, c/o Zafra Railway Co. 
Madrid.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, H. S. Gaeratt, Factor 7. 

Malaga. — H.C.S., Charles W. Gatrell, Fabricade Colores, La Victoria Carcino de 
Branch Sees., Lancelot E. Colvile and Cecil M. Harris, Alameda 22. 
Puerto, de Mazarron. — H.C.S., Edward C Pease, Puerto de Mazarron, Prov. Murcia. 
Santander. — H.C.S., J. B. Williamson, Minas de Camargo, Estacion de Guarnizo. 
SevillB.-H.C.S., A. Marks, c/o MacAndrews & Co. 
Valencia.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, B. M. Payne, Calle Felix Pizcueta 3. 

Adam, John, Huelva. 
Adam, R. W., Huelva. 
Adam, Mrs. R. W., Huelva. 
Adam, \V. H., Huelva. 
Aird, D., H.C.S., Agencia 

de Tharsis, 

Aird, Mrs. A., 
Alcock, Miss 

Alcock, W. J. 

Agencia de Tharsis, Huelva. 
B. M., Carretera Odiel 43, 

Calle Odiel, Huelva. 
Alexander. R. H., Ginebra 40, Barcelona. 
♦Allison, Helena H., Mrs., 30, Muselle, 

Nuevo, Postugalete, Bilbao. 
Anderson, J. B., Minas de Centenillo Prov. 

La Carolina, Province de Jaen. 
Anderson, Mrs. L., Minas del Centenillo 

Prov. La Carolina, Province de Jaen. 
Anderson, \V. J., Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 

Andrew, John, Minas de Arnalcollar, 
Province de Sevilla. 

Ashton, C, Algeciras. 

Atkinson, H., c/o Sociedad Espanola Con- 
struccion Naval Ferrol. 

Atkinson, R., Sociedad Espanola de Con- 
struccion Naval, Carthagena. 

Attwood, Mrs. A. R., Casa Colon, Huelva. 

Attwood, A., Casa Colon, Huelva. 

♦Attwood, A. L., Minas Pena del Hierro. 

Baines, A., Cuenca V.F., Valencia. 

Barclay, Rev. Thomas, E.P. Mission, 
Tanion, Formoso. 

Barrington, Mrs. A., Plaza del 

L. G., Plaza del 

Barrington, G. 

Barrington, R. 


J. C, Plaza del 




SPAIN— co dinned. 
Barrington. R. \V., Cartagena. 
Bassadone, E. A., Duque de la Victoria 

25, Huelva. 
Bastow, \V. S., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Bates, T., Astillero, Prov. Santander. 
♦Beatty, W. J., Astillero, Prov. Santan- 
Belaunde, J. A., Fronton, Portugalete, 

Bellew, V. E., 19, Calle de la Careel, 

Bennett, A. E , Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

Bennie, Miss- C, Agencia de Tharsis, 

Bennie, P., Agencia de Tharsis, Huelva. 
Benson, I". \V., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

-truccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Bsnsus w, ■!., Algecu 
Beringer, F. J., Huelva. 
Berkley, Mrs. C, Principe de Vergara, 

'.• i, < i rthagena. 
Berkley, F. T., Principe de Virgara 9-4, 

Birciiall, Mrs. I. M., Huelva. 
mi, I.lew. B., Huelva. 
hiil, Mrs. Li.ew. B.. Huelva. 
♦Bithell, J. J., 17, San Vicente, Seville. 
Bizzey, A. J., c/o Messrs. Mac Andrew & Co., 

Barcelonia, P.O. Box 441. 
Black, J. L., Bella Vista 29, Rio Tinto. 
Black, Miss NoEAH, Huelva. 
Black, R. A., Sociedad Espanola de Con- 

struccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Blake, Miss M., J. Martinez Campos 20, 

BLANCHARD, .Mr. P., Algeciras. 
Boag, G. L., Aguilas, Murcia. 
Bodenuam, F. J., Huelva. 
Bodenham, .Mrs. F. .1., Huelva. 
Bonsor, G. E., " El CaBtillo," Maircna del 

Alcor, Prov. of Seville. 
Bowes, F., Gobernador Viejo 14, Valencia. 
Bowes, J. E., Gandia, Valencia. 
♦Bowie, J. P., Calle Mendez Nunez, Alosno, 

Bowie, W. Guthrie, Huelva. 
♦Bowie, \V. S.. Calle Nueva No. 24. Alosno. 

Provincia de Huelva. 
♦Bowie, \V. P., Calle Canaleja, Alosno, P. 

de Huelva. 
Bowler, Major T. F. G., Casa Colon, 

Bray, R., Villa Castilla, Valle dc Los 

Galancs, Malaga. 
Bright, Trrvor, Zafra Huelva Rly. Co., 

Bright. Mrs. Trkvor, Huelva. 
Brist<av, R. (.'.. Hnelvu. 

BRISTOW, Mrs. I,'. <'., Hi, 

Brockbank, C. A., c/o Si Espanola 

de Construccion Naval. Carthagena. 
Brooking, C, 32, Calle de Alcala, Madrid. 
Brown, YV. J., Ferrol, Canton 7-3. 
Browne, Mrs. C, Aquilas. 
Browne, Miss E. K.. Apartado 82, Bilbao. 
Browne. J., Apartado, 82, Bilbao, Spain. 
Browne, Miss R. E., Apartado 82, Bilbao. 

Browne, S. , Ferro-carril de Lorca a 

Baza, Aguilas. 
♦Browning, M. J., Rio Tinto Co., Ltd., 

Browning, \V. J.. Hue! 
Browning, Mis. \V. ,J., Hueh 
Bruce, F., Lauria 5, Valencia. 
Bruce, R. C, Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Bruckshaw, <;. I'., Huelva. 
Bbunton, B. H., Cii za, Province of Mercia. 
Bryce, 'i'ii<>s.. Huelva. 
Brtce, Mrs. Thos., Huelva. 
Buchanan, J., c/o Sociedad I >la de 

Construi i ion Na i a I, <na. 

i v.. .Mi<s Kate, 40, Pares d 

Buss, A. G., Calle Barroso, 4, Malaga. 
Burgoyne, Sr. D. P., Calle Suis Vivres 1, 

BURN, A. K.. Huelva. 
Burn, .Mrs. A. K.. Huelva. 
Burne, C. A.. H.C.S., Asturias Mines, Ltd., 

Covadongo, Asturias. 
Calvert, R. A., British Vice-Consulate, 

Campbell, John, Huelva. 

ick. A., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Casola, Adolfo, Algeciras. 
Casola, Aylunu, Algeciras. 
Casola, Luis. Algeciras. 
Cerisola, 0., Calle Odiel 47, Huelva. 
Chandler, E., 9, Calle Siete, Revueltas, 

CnATLiN, L., 9, Calle Siete, Revueltas. 
Cheshire, 1!., Alj 

shire, .Mrs. 1:., Algeciras. 
Chesney, J. A., Calle Colon 72, Valencia. 
Clark, H. E., 39, Calle Dolores, Ferrol. 
Clark, R., Sorni 10, Valencia. 
Clarkson, J., Calle Ciscar 40, Valencia. 
Clarkson, Miss P. M. M., Calle Ciscar 40, 

( i iyton, T., Bella Vista 4, Rio Tinto. 

Naval, t .1 1 1 hag 
I Ilew ents, I-:., e <■ Sociedad l 

Coates, A., S.E. <!■ C.N., Ferrol. 
\ Cochran, <;. P., Calle Don Manuel 3, Portu- 
gal bao. 
Cole, J. A., No. 2-1°, Travasia de San 

Amaro, Ferrol. 
Colvile, L. E., H.C.S., Alameda 22, Malaga. 
i. M., Alg i 
i. J., Algeci 
! Cooper, F. \V., Bella Vista 10, Minas de 
Rio Tinto, Huelva. 

COOPKK. .Mi 3. !'. \\ '., Bui I 

Cotton, J. ('., Minas de Esperanza, Zalamea 

Real, Huelva. 
•Cowlrii i., I'. G., Calle Fontanella, 8, Pral. 

Craig, W. J., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Crawford, G., Paseo del Principe, Al- 

ii.. i ia. 
Crawford, Rev. J., Seamen's Institute, 

Erandio, Bilbao. 



O'Donnell 30, 

SPAIN —continued. 

Cbawfoed, R. Jl., Paseo del Prim 

1 swell, J. il.. Huelva. 

Crow, Mrs.. Minus de Rio Tintc Huelva. 
Ceoxfoed, .Miss Lucy, cio M is de 

Jarnada, Pasco derecbo de] Hipodrome 

No. 10, Madrid. 
Cruz, F., Victoria No. 81, Malaga. 

stingham, .Miss K.. 59, Calle Serrano, 

Curry, \V. T. C, Huelva. 
Cuthell, E. A., Bella Vista, Eio Tinto 

Mines, Huelva. 
Dagnino, J. A.. Algeciras 
Dalebrook, J. (M.D.), 

Daniels, B. 'I'.. Huelva. 
♦Dawson, A. E., Chalet Dotesio, Deusto 

par Bilbao. 
Ddarneley, T., Industria Malaguena, 

Dixon, J., Calle Sagasta 56°, Ferrol. 
Dobbie. II.. c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Dodd, Jesse, Huelva. 
Douglas, G., Minas de Bio Tinto, Huelva. 
Dowie, A. D., 6, Plasa del Callas, Ferrol. 
Drewitt, H. W., Huelva. 
Deewitt, Mrs. 1!. W., Huelva. 
Deewitt, .Miss, Huelva. 
Dunlop, J. R. H., .Minus del Aznalcollar, 

Prov. del. Sevilla. 
Dunseath, R. J. R., Construccion Naval, 

Dutton, Miss M., Glorieta de San Bernardo 

F., Madrid. 
Eke. W. F., Huelva. 
Elliott, P., Call de Sun I arlos No. 29.1° 

I < rrol. 
1 Miss, [nstituto International, Miguel 

Angel 8, Madrid. 

;"\ i. .. I ei il. Orchardson and En- 
t ho\ en. Cartl 
Enthoven, Mis. M., Muralla del Mar 85, 
('art hagena 



Muralla del Mar 85, 
Muralla del Mar 85, 

E • i HOI I .. Miss 


no\ en, Miss 

( la rt liu g( n,i. 
♦Evans, il. 11., Calle Marquesse de Viana 

46, Posados, Provincia de Cordoba. 
EwiNG, <). A., c/o La Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Faulconbridge, A., Calle Colon 80, 

Feeeiee, Miss, ! I in Iva. 
Field, A.. Castelar, 30i, Huelva. 

I'lM It. I'l. CEE, I! m 

Flem] .'-. A;: i hue, Huelva. 
Fleming, Geo., jun., Huelva. 
Fleming, Rafael, Hue va. 
Fleming, Wm., Ben., II uel 

I i : MING, Wm., jun.. Hu. I 

Fleming, J. P., c/o .1. S. 

. Tiles.. I 1 II 
LETCHEE, Mi-. T:k>s.. Huelva 

\l.'( dougall, 

, . , Hubeei Huelva. 
*Fol] . . \V.. Alcala 30, Madrid. 
Fostee, Sidney, Huelva. 

ee, l>.. Huelva. 
Gaggeeo, Mrs. E. A., Algeciras. 
GAGGEEO, G., Algeciras. 

G EEO, Mrs. G., Algeciras. 
Gaggeeo, Miss M.. Villa San Jose, Algeciras. 
GAGGEEO, Miss M. L., Algeciras. 

GEEO, Miss Magdalexa. Algeciras. 

qero, .Miss Mary. Algeciras. 
Garbarixo, J., Algeciras. 
Gaeeett, Mi — . Algeciras. 
Gatrell, C. W., H.C.S., Calle Barroso 4, 

Ghigliotto, P., Algeciras. 
Gillies, J. S., c/o Sociedad Espanola Con- 
struccion Naval, Ferrol. 
GlLLMAN, J. R.. Muralla del Mar 87, Car- 

t hagena. 
Gilbey, T. E. Minas de Bio Tinto, Huelva. 
Gilbey, Mrs. T. E., Minas de Bio Tinto, 

Gimson, L. H., Minas de Esperanza, Huelva. 
Glovee, W., 27, Calle Albareda, Seville. 

sr, G. J. Algeciras. 
GODDAED, H. C, c/o British Vice-Consul, 

Gomez, M. S., Boulevard 81, Almeria. 

, ilez, M., Algecit 
Gooch, Mrs.. Algi 
Good, Miss E. S., Agenda de Tharsis, 

Good, J., Agenda de Tharsis, Huelva. 
Gooding, T. O., Astillero, Prov. Santander. 
Gordon, G. C, Agencia de Tharsis, Huelva. 
i. -H n. S. 1).. Canalejos 3, Ferrol. 
Geant, C. I., Victoria Club, Ferrol. 
Gray, G., Tharsis Mines, Huelva. 
Gray, <■. A.. Messrs. Orchardson and 

Enthoven, Carl hagena. 
GEAY, Mrs. M.. ' Orchardson and 

Knt hoven, I I na. 

sr, Mis. M. E., Tharsis Mines, Huelva. 
Gray, T.. Agencia de Tharsis, Huelva. 
( . i: \ 5 . Miss, II in iva. 
Gray, Miss lv. Hui Iva. 

lnway, T., Cerro Muriano,' Cordoba, 

Si \ille. 

LNWAY, Mrs., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

S, ville. 

.1. L!, co Messrs. Hatton & 
-on. Ltd., P>at;t, Via Cadiz, 

Spanish Guim a. 
i A.. Huelva. 
Hall, Mrs. A.. Hie 

Hall. G., Calle Canalejas, 19-2°, Ferrol. 
Ham [ton, .Miss E., 26, Calle de Mon, 

Harding. W. A, D., Rio Tinto Co., Ltd., 

Hardy, Wm. J., Huelva. 
Harker, E., H.M. Consulate, Valencia. 
Harrison, C. D., El Cable Ingles, Vigo. 

M w;m s I;.. Calle de Angel 

Bruna, Cai I 
II \i:ii i Miss, Algeciras. 
Haet, 'I'., Agencia de Tharsis, Huelva. 



SPAIN ml. 

II irt, Mrs. I.. Tharsis, Kueh i. 

Has] i Di \. A.. Ci no Muriano, 

II \ -i i in \. Mi nillii. 

La < iarolin >. Prov. de Ja< n. 

blden, I.. Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 
II lsblden, Mrs, I'., « 'c 1 t<.> Mm iano, Cordoba, 


II ISELDEN, J, •>.. Minus d ttillo, pOI 

la Carolina. 
II n bs, Edwin, Huelva. 
Heatun, v.. Villa Cristina. Kl Palo, Malaga. 
Heaton, II. M.. Villa Cristina, El Palo, 

Hebb, W. IF.. Calle Pardo Bajo, 23 D 2 C , 

HSMPSON, B. G., British Vice-Consulate, 

< ladiz, 
Hkxderson, A., Fernan Caballero, 14, 

Hebbert, H. S., c/o Garage Intrrnacional, 

II ebiot, K. M \« k n . Huelva. 
Heslop, W. H., Posti Ri St. S< bas- 

t ia ii. 
He's wood, J. i'... Plaza de San F 


if inks. Miss R., \ 

Hinshalwood, A. N., Minus de Esperanza, 

Hinton, S. T., El. Guadal 

de La Mata, Prov. de < aser< -. Es] onala, 
Hocking, Mrs. E. P., Cerro Muriano, 

Cordoba. Si\ die, 
Hocking. Miss E. \V., Cerro Muriano, 

Cordoba, .Seville. 
Hockixg, J., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

. ille. 
HOCKIBG, Miss 1'. C, Cerro Muriano, 

Cordoba, Seville. 
Hoi KINi . S., 21, I' lla \7ista, Min 

Tinto, Provincia de Hm I 

Hoi KINCi. Ml-. S.. II lii 1 

Hoi kim.. Miss, Huelva. 
Hogg, * . J., Huelva. 

Holbf.e con, C. Mina de Centenillo, I 
ilin i. Provi ncia di raen. 

II ILBEBTON, Mrs. K. E., Minis del • 

nillo. La Ca rolina. Provincia di 
Holt, F. II. I... 12, Plaza del Rey, I 

H i [J.. ■!. A.. 5, I illi ille. 

II r m i-.ii . i ,.. A.I.M. E., c/o 

nola, Construed' irol. 

II; r, M. G., Casa < 'olon, Hui ' 

II i n kikson, Mrs. M. < '■.. tin 
1 1 < i i s . .1. S., I I 38 I. Fi rrol. 

[mossi, Mi. 
Iiiossi, Miss T. M.. Am i. ;ii Consulate, 

Ikgbam, E. II.. Hui Iva. 
• I \m;.s. \\ m.. II uel 
■I m bsi in, I: r. -i ii Iva. 
.1 \ m bsi in, Miss. Huelva. 
.1 \ Feed, Huelva. 

Jahieson, Mrs. I '.. 

a Huelva, II nel 


i A 

JAMI ESI IN, -I .. I' ' I 


i i- 1 n. W. A.. Huelva. 

is. Mrs. \V. A.. Hui Iva. 
■•. C. E. II.. Huelva. 
Jimenez, J., Grabador Esteve 16, Valencia. 
Jones, H. R., 15, Calle Sta. Maria de Gracia, 


es, •Ion \. j ii 1 1 . . Huelva. 
.In', bs, T.. c/o Si " i dad Espanola de < Ii id 

struccion X.i \ a I. ( 'art hagena. 
Jones, Mrs. T.. c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Con ' Naval, Cart hagena. 

on-Jos bs, Misa J. E., < lalle Espanol I 

25, Mini rid. 
Kelley, W. M., Hotel Reina Cristina, 

K i oi.ii. Miss Kate, Calle Ancha 2, Ban elona, 
Kikkwood, A.. Frances 69, Seville. 
K • uiiiT, S. D., c/o Sociedad Espanola Con- 

struccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Lajeunesse, Miss X., Principe de Vergara 

9, Madrid. 
Land a ide, I-'.. Plaza t. Portugalete, 

\ i 
Law, Mi-. M., llgei iras. 
L\ whence, B. 11.. Hotel Reina Cristina, 

Lawson, W., Calle Real 38 I. Ferrol. 
Layton, II. I'-.. Apartado 82, Bilbao. 
LaYXON, Mrs. M. A., Apartado 82, Bilbao. 
Lbathebdai b, C, Casa Del Molino, Pozue- 

lode Alarciin, Madrid. 
Leveejds, \V. E. C. F., Carthagena Mining 

and Water < !o., Ltd., I arl hagena . 
I.indox, A. X., 10, Rabida, Huelva. 
Lopez, A., Alameda Colon 24. Malaga. 
MacAndi bw, W. J., Post Bos 141, B 

Mai Bean, Miss A. M., Hospital In 

Hm Iva. 
MacClube, D. N., Agenda de Th 

1 1 ui.'lva. 
MaoDonald, I., Huelva. 
M u dos \ in. M rs., II uel \ a. 
MacDoui im. C. A., l. Patio de Bandras. 

Si \ ille. 

Ma< K li , \V. A.. Hui Iva. 

Maclean, Andrew, Casa Colon, Huelva . 

Ma< i.k w. X.. Aginla - Mnrci 
Maonadgi ■ -, J., Llano di I Remi dii 


ii C. II.. Plaza < a.-ii llini. c.- ir 

t hagi 
Mr I. r \.. c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Coi - na. 

MoLintock, R. Ii., c/o J. S. Macdougall, 

Si \ille. 
McPherson, A la de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
MoWilliam, Miss. Calle di Serrano 9, 

Mi William, Miss I... Calle de Serrai 

Mad i id. 
Maidment, lly. D., Huelva. 
M m dment, Mrs. II h. I >.. 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 \ a. 
Malcolm, J., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 



SPAIN — continued. 

Manito, J. F., Huelva. 

Manito, Wm. H., Huelva. 

Manito, Richaed, Huelva. 

•Marks, A. J., H.C.S., c/o MacAndrews & 

Co., Seville. 
Marks, Mrs. I., Llano del Remedio, 

Marks, Miss K. M., c/o MacAndrews & Co., 

Isabel la Catolic, Cadez. 
•Marks, R., Alameda 21, Valencia. 
Marshall, A., Mina Campanario, Valverde 

del Camino, Huelva. 
Marshall, Mrs. A., Huelva. 
May, C, Huelva. 
May, Mrs. C, Huelva. 

May, F. K., Llano del Remedio 2, Valencia. 
Mesdoza, Alfred, Turnbull's Lane (Masias 

Building), Se villa. 
Menzies, Guy R. S., c/o Messrs. Muselle 

and Menzies, Calle Medieras, Cartha- 

♦Meyler, G., Gran Via 18-1°, Bilbao. 
Millar, A. D., c/o J. S. Macdougall, Seville. 
Millar, Mrs. E., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Millar, W. J., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Cartbagena. 
Miller, Miss A., Muralla del Mar 45, Car- 

H.B.M's Vice-Consul, Car- 


Santa Maria La Blanca 13 

1.LER, P., 

Moore, E. P 

Moore, W., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Morgan, A. H., Huelva. 
Morris, B. M., Casa Colon, Huelva 
Morrison, T., Minas de Rio Tinto, Prov. de 

Morro, A., Calle Alba, La Linea, Cadiz. 
Morton, A. E., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Moughton, J. H., Plaza del Callas 18, 

Muir, John H., Huelva. 
Munro, W., c/o Sociedad Espanola Con- 
struccion Naval. Ferrol. 
Nairn, A. G., 84, Mendez Nunez, Minas de 

Rio Tinto, Huelva. 
Nayloe, Thos. L., Huelva. 
Nelson, C. W., Casa Purta, Rio Santa. 
Xevitt, Geo., Huelva. 
Nevitt, Mrs. Geo., Huelva. 
Newell, F., Llano del Remedio 2, Valencia. 
Noble, G. St., junr., Pelayo 12, Diagonal 

482, Barcelona. 
Noble, R. St., Pelayo 12, Barcelona. 
Nuttall, Fred, Huelva. 
O'Connor, Miss, Alfonso XII. 15, Seville. 
Ore, J., Construccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Osborne, Jos. D., Huelva. 
Owen, Miss 0., Sociedad Angelica, Cuesta 

de Sta Domingo 5, Ido, Madrid. 
Parish, L., Circus & Variety Agency, 

8, Colmenares, Madrid. 
Paton, W., c/o Messrs. Stevenson & 

Dominguez, Huelva. 
Payne, B. M., Felix Lezcueta 3, Valencia. 
Peach, F. Keighly, Huelva. 

Peach, Mrs. F. Keighly", Huelva. 
Pearce, Mrs., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba. 

Pearce, W. P., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

Peaese, E. G., H.C.S., Puerto De Mazarron, 

P. Murcia. 
Phillips, J., Huelva. 
Pilkington, H., Huelva. 
Pitcairn, G., Fabrica de Loza, San Juan de 

Aznalfarach, Seville. 
Pitman, R. I., Puerto Santa Maria, 

Playa, M. R., Alameda 22, Malaga. 
Poole, Antonio, Huelva. 
Poole, Diego, Huelva. 
Poole, G., Huelva. 
Poole, Robt., N., Huelva. 
Poeteods, G. W., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Porteous, Mrs. G. W., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Peatt, B., 132, Calle de la Inglesia, Ferrol. 
Peice, W. E., Construccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Prichard, Miss, Huelva. 
Priestly', Dr., Huelva. 
*Pyman, A., Seville. 
Rankin, John, Huelva. 
Rankin, Mrs. John, Huelva. 
Reeves, H. E., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Reid, Robt., Huelva. 
Reid, T., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Reid, Mrs. T., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Remington, Mrs. F., Calle de Carmen, No. 

6-3 piro, Ferrol. 
Remington, R., Calle del Carmen No. 6-3°, 

El. Ferrol. 
Reynolds, J., Huelva. 
Rhodes, R. E. Colon 82, Valencia. 
Richard, Mrs. H. E., Mazarron, Provincia 

de Murcia. 
Richard, S. W., Mazarron, Provincia de 

Richaedson, Mrs. G, c/o Messrs. Wm. 

Miller & Co., Box 65, Moscow. 
Ridgwav, Mrs. G., Muralla del Mar 15, 

Ridgway, H. G., Muralla del Mar 15, Car- 
Rieea, F., Hotel Reina Cristina, Algeciras. 
Robert, Miss Ena. 

Robeet, J. F., Minas de Rio Tinto, Huelva. 
Robin, G. A. ; Hotel Madrid, Huelva. 
♦Robson, G. S., 38, Calle Dolores, Ferrol. 
Rock, H. B., El Cable Ingles, Vigo. 
Rodgee, Ales., Huelva. 
Rogees, G. I., Huelva. 
Rogers, Mrs. C. I., Huelva. 
♦Rollo, D., Munoz Leon 7, Seville. 
Roofe, P. E., Zorilla 6 x 8, 2° Cadiz. 
Ross, Dr. R. R., Huelva. 
Ross, Mrs. R. R., Huelva. 
Rowe, Edwin, Huelva. 
Rowell, A. P., Huelva. 
Rowlatt, H., 15, Calle Odiel, Huelva. 
Rowlatt, R. L., Calle Odiel 15, Huelva. 
♦Rugeroni, A. E., Villa Leonor, Algeciras. 
Russo, J. P. Hotel Reina Cristina, 




SPAIN — contin m d. 

<kv.\*. <:., Calle Clavel No. 23, La Linca. b, \ E„ Buel 

Salmon. C. H., Casa Colon, Buelva. 
Sanderson, H. \V., Alameda 12, Cadiz. 
Sanderson, J., Alameda 12, Cadiz. 
*Sandon, E. G., H.C.S., Apartado 12, 

Sands, A., Minas del Aznalcollar, Se villa. 
♦Shallcross, R. L., Astillero, Prov. 

Santandt r. 
Sharp, R., S.E. de C.N., Ferrol. 
Shields, J., Minas de Rio Tinto, Prov. de 

•Shields, T. f Calle Gerona 22, Pral, Barce- 

♦Simpson, Miss F. P., Aguilas, Murcia. 
Simpson, R. P., Aguilas, Murcia. 
Simpson. \\'.. Minas de Camargo, Estacion 

de Guarnizo, Provincia de Santander. 
Sinclair, Mrs. M., Agencia De Tharsis, 

Sinclair, \V. J., Agencia De Tharsis, 

Skerrett, Mrs. M. E. f c/o Sefior R. 

Roberts, Abascal 47-49, Madrid. 
Slater, G. F. K., Sociedad Ballenera, 

Smith, C. B., San Pedro Martin 9, Seville. 
Smith, C. G., Adriana 36, Seville. 
Smith, D. Drake, Algeciras. 
Smith, Miss E., Algeciras. 
Smith, E. B., San Pedro Martin 9, Seville. 
Smith, G., Naval Construction Works, 

Smith, .Mis-; 1'., Algeciras. 
'Smith, \\". H., Vill Vieja. Algeciras. 
Smith, W. J.. Algeci 
Smith. Mis. \V. .)., Algeciras. 
♦Smither, D. A., I Alcala, Madrid. 
Smitiier, E. F., c'o Messrs. MacAndrews & 

Co., Placentin 8-20, Seville. 
South, G. S. T., Casa Colon, Hueiva. 

him:, W'm.. Buelva. 
Speed, J. A., Plaza Arriola 20, Malaga. 
Spencer, T. E., c'o Messrs. Williams, 

Hambert & Co., Jerez-de-la-Fra. 
Spiers, H. J., 181, Magdalcna Cajo, Ferrol. 
Spri i Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Stamp, F., c/o Sociedad Espanola Con- 
struccion Naval, Ferrol. 
Stela., G.,c/o Cafe Anglo Hispana, La Linca. 

ii i .. T.. Al . 
Stephen. T. E., Algecii 
Stewart, A., Sociedad Espanola de Con- 
struccion Naval. Ferrol. 
LET, I'.. Casa Colon, Huelva. 

wart, Fred II. W., Buelva. 
Stiles, F. C, 6a, Plaza de Cnllas, Ferrol. 
Stiles, \V., Plaza del Callas 6 A 1st, Ferrol. 

bey, John. Buelva.. 
Strachan, A., Calle de las Capuchinas 6, 

Strickland, W.. S. E. de C.N., Ferrol. 
Sturgess, W. J., Fermin Salvocheax I, 

Sdttds, P., H.C.S., c/o Sociedad Espanola 

Construccion Naval, Ferrol. 

*Svvan, A. B., Denia. 

Sword, P. Taylor, Minas de Aznalcollar 

m misgton, A. E., Algeciras. 
Targett, J. J I. 1 1 u. I 
Tate, N., Casa Colon, Huelva. 
Taylor, J. H., Minas de Rio Tinto, Pro- 
vincia de Sevilla. 

OB, W., 88 Calle Jesus del, Gran Poder, 
Taylor, W. E., Victoria Club, Ferrol. 
Thomas, W. S., Huelva 
THOMSON, A., Algeciras. 
Thompson, A. P., Colon 74, Valencia. 
Thompson, E., Construccion Naval E. L. 

Arsenal, Ferrol. 
Thomson, D., 2, Calle Pajaritos, Seville. 
♦Thomson, J.. H.C.S., Hotel ReinaCristina, 

Thornton, C. J., Bella Vista 37, Rio Tinto. 
Tipping, W. J., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Tolman, John A., Huelva. 
Trenerry, Miss M. L., English Hospital, 

Troughton, A. S., Calle Samera 5, Malaga. 
Turk, T., Victoria Club, Ferrol. 
Turnbull, A., Huelva. 
T\ us all, J., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Unwin, P. I., Rio Tinto. 
♦Vallis, A. S., Suehana-Baracaldo, Bilbno. 
kr, Miss A., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Vim er, Mrs., c/o Sociedad Espanola do 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
eb, F. G., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
eb, Miss M., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Vivian, Jos., <'.. Iluelva. 
Walsh, J., 31, Acco Calle Alfonso XII., 

Brooks-Warner, W. W., 20, Alameda 

Apodaca, Cadiz. 
Warren, Mrs., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

Wabren, R. M., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 


. Stephen, Muralla del Mar 11, 

Watkins, O., British School, Ferrol. 
Watson, Donald ('., Huelva. 
Watson, T., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

-tniccion Naval, Carthagena. 
Webb, J. H. 8., Huelva. 
Webster, R., c/o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construccion Naval. 
Welford, Miss E., Canton de Molins 410, 

Welford, R. D., Construccion Naval, El 

Arsenal, Ferrol. 
♦Welton, C, San Vicente 6, Seville. 
♦Welton, W. H., 21, Marguee de Paradas, 

. ille. 
Wetherell, C. W. .-'.,' Perro Muriano, 

Cordoba, Seville. 
Whleler, K. H., Huelva. 



SPAIN — conti m> <!■ 

Whishaw, Mrs. E. M., Angeles 5, Seville. 
White, H.,Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, Seville. 
White, Mrs., Cerro Muriano, Cordoba, 

Whiting, C, Pueblo Vallbona, Valencia. 
Williams, Mrs. A., c/o Sociedad Espanola 

de Construceion Naval, Carthagena. 
Williams, W., c o Sociedad Espanola de 

Construceion Naval, Carthagena. 
Williams, W. H.. c/o Sociedad Espanola 

de Construceion Xaval Carthagena. 
Williamson, J. B., H.C.S., Minas de 

Camargo, Guarnizo, Santander. 

Welkins, John, Huelva. 
\\ ilson, A., Arsenal, Ferrol. 
Wilson, R. W., Huelva. 
Wilson, Robt. X.. Huelva. 
Windass, W. H.. Huelva. 
Winstanley, P. G., El Arsenal, Ferrol. 
Winstanley, T., Calle Sorni 10, Valen- 
Wisiiakt, H. F., Minas Montede, Hierro San 

Nicholas de Puerto, Provincia de Sc villa, 

- pain. 

lcock, A., Huelva. 
Wykes, L. ('., Huelva. 


Lilliecroxa, T. G., Karlskrona. 
Sundbebg, B., Kopmansgatan 47, Oster- 
sund, Jamtland. 

Suxdbebq, Mrs. B., Kopmansgatan 47. 
Ostersund, Jamtland. 

Old England. 


Davos,— Branch Sec, C. Healey-, Temporary Local Secretary, Queen Alexandra 

Geneva. -H.C.S., V. Coate, 
La Chaux de Fonds. H.C.S., H. E. Whitley. 
Lausanre. — H.C.S., J. J. Brown, Villa Eureka, La Rosiaz, Lausanne. 

Branch Sec, M. Galland, British Vice-Consul, British Consulate. 
Montreux. — Branca Sac, Captain 0. R. Brush, c/o Bank William Cuenod & Co. 
St. Gall (Sub-Branch of Zurich;.— J. M. Ciark, 128, Rorchacherstr, St. Fiden. 
Zurich. H.C.S., Miss Margaret Overton, Hochstrasse 91, Zurich VII. 
Alexander, I... 14, Quai \ i reyse Vevey. Brock, Miss J., Pension V. Victoria, 
Allen, E. C, Hotel L'Europe Mon- Clarens. 

Brodie, S., Postfaeh. 
Pilete, Veytaux, Brown. .Mrs. F. Alice, Villa Chanteraine, 

La Rosiaz, S / Lausanne. 
Pilete, Veytaux, Brown, J. J., H.C.S., Chankeraina, La 
Rosiazare, Lausanne. 


Alston. E.. Marson 

Alston, Mrs., .Marson 

Anderson. Miss Eiliath, Chateau de Mont- 

Choisi, La Rosiaz. S Lausanne. 
Andrew, H. W., 2, Corso Evezia, Lugano. 
Andrew, Mrs. H. W., 2, Corso Evezia, 


Ai;on. Wellesley, c/o Galland, Co. 

Ai r.::'. . Mrs. M H., Ch. de la Gare, Li 

C, Palace Eotel, 

Baddeley, Colonel 

I)i. Barends, Rev. A. M., Belaria La Taur, 

De Barends, Mrs., Belaria La Tain. Vevey. 
Bell A., Esq., I.'- Verger, I 
Benham, Mi ' garet, 

I. a usanni . 
Benham. Henry James, Ollon, Lausanne. 
Beyts, G. I''.. Hotel National, Montreux. 
BEYTS, Mis.. Mote] National, Montreux. 
Blundell, Miss M. C, 

James-Fazy, Pension 


Brown, James J., Villa Chanteraine, La 

Rosiaz, S La as i nne. 
Brown, J. H., Villa Riviera, Av. Mont- 

Loisir, Lausanne. 
Beown, R. M., La Mesarge, La Rosiaz, 

Brush, O. R., Hotel National, Montreux. 
Burke, Miss Yvonne L., Riant-Site B. 

Montbenon, Lausa nne. 
I'.i tarens. 

Buser, M.. c/o Buser and Keiser & Co., 

Bit i ptain P. J. H., Rouvenaz 

' ■<!. Rue). Montreux. 
Hi its, Miss Marie, 8, Boulevard de Grancy, 

Carden, Rev. Vandaleur, Vevey. 

i ER, Mis. (.;.. Villa Lussy, .Montreux. 
Cattley, Miss X. F., Pension Stamm, 

■_\ Boulevard, Cazalar, A., V. Elena, Bon Port. Mon- 
des Tourells, treux. 

Charles, S.. Gilamont, S/Vevey. 

Bovard-Roy, Mrs. Maid, 41, Sonnegg- Chaflyn, Miss E., 22, Thunstrake; Berne. 

strasse, Zurich. Chester, Mrs. Elsie, 3, Rue Richard, 
Brady, Terence, Villa Orient, Av. d'Ouchy, Lausanne. 

Lausanne. Le (lair, c/o Maison Bornard, Gd. Rue, 
♦Briggs, Miss M. G., Hotel de Zcrmatt. Montreux. 




Clark, .1. .M.. R 5t, Fiden 

■ . E., Old Enf 
Coats, Sirs. E., Melrose, Clos de Bi ') 

Coai i . F., . o Old Engli nd, 

Cohen, .\. 

Cohen, X. M., Villa Bella, Monl n ux. 
Cohen, Mrs., Villa B( lla, Monl n ax. 

I \l;n. Mrs. |).. IT. \ . 1 1 « • 1 1 1 i i i , I. 
' ONOBEVE, Miss A.. !l. I'. X i; y. 

le Mrs., Hi ': rens. 

A., :'. Rue des 

niiuuui \. Ve . 
ike-Collis, Mi.-.- E. •!., :;. Rue d< - Com- 

munaux, Vevey. 

[SWOeth, Rev. i... ' Ter- 

ribet-Monl r< ax. 

[SWObth, Mis- M. ('.. Chat-Riante 

Terribei -Montreux. 

swoeth, Miss I-'., Chal -Riante, Terribet- 


< U \< Fb \Ni i.s M. E., Villa lies 

.Min.. \\. de I'Eglia anglaise 

i i: ink. Mi.-- E., Gri si ■ I « aid. 

i B iweobd, Mrs. E., La Veraye, Ten 

Cbawshaw, II., Hi. tel Miralecau, Lausanne. 
Cuenod, Marcel, Esq., Villa Lussy, Mo*n- 

i reux. 
Cuenod, Mrs. Muneo, Villa Lussy, Mon- 


Dalgaims, Miss I.., Obi i ofen, Lai 

Davis, (.;., 12, Rue de Leruan, Clareas, 

de Chazal, Dr. L., Lausanne. 

1 bazal, P., Paris Bote] Robin, Xo. 7, 

Rua <la Cali 
de B. Dai.qaii " I.., Hotel Moy, 

Oberhofi Thowne. 

De G L G., Hotel du ( i, ( luchy, 

I > i Gleh, Mrs. I... Hotel tin 

Ouchy. Lausam 
D] Severy Baibd, Mrs., M 

La asanne. 

X.. Schulstr 13, Ri 

St. Gall. 
I>.. in i . D. I'. I-:. I'.. 7. Rui Collet 
l» \ ;: i i . Miss, < In / M. 50, A\. 

Rumine, La 
*I»i ( ivrt, Mi— M. I . . c/o M, I 

A\ enue de Burninej Lausa :. 

Hab ais.J. '! ones, Vevey 

Dcgois', Mi-- A.. Hotel 

\\ ■ 
Dlucin, Miss A., Hotel d'Ai 

Mrs. A. X.. Maison Roux, Veytaux- 

Dunne, Miss Alice, Clinique du Chanet, 

Vauseyon, S Neucha tel. 
Dcraxd. Miss, lir.i-- lelwold. 

Dvett. Miss Qi-ita, Monsquines-B llevu . 


i>\ ett, '■■■ VIousquines- Belli 

Elliot, Miss E. M.. Hotel Windsor, Lau- 
:i ae. 

R. M., Hotel M03 , ' iberhofen, 
i . .<■ ol" Tho\ 
Evans, E. A., 3, Boulevard de Grancy, 

Evi M. <'., Hotel Noy, Ober- 

Ki>\\ v ■•' ■■ ... .1. if.. 57, Rue [tali< . \ ■ 
E\\ en, Miss Joan, La » lasita, 
Fawi i s, i ■. Le Cottage Tusinge, S ( Blonay- 

is. Mrs. G., Le < lottage, Tusinge, 
S Blonay-Va 
' Chaeles, ( Iberer Graham, 


' ■: V. Belles ae, Veylaux- 

Mo i ' reux. 
: es, Mrs. Archibald, Hotel d'Angle- 
tei y. 

I». S., Ma i I. Gd. 

Rue, Mi 

'.rii. Mrs., Maison Sechand, Gd. Rue, 

Pauline, Vevey. 
I E., Hotel Windsor, Bon Port, 
Monl reux. 

- i. I . G.j 10, Av. Dickens, Lau- 
•.\ d, Alfb ed, II. B. M. < lonsul, British 

ulati . Lausanne. 
i.nd, Mrs. A., British Consulate 
Galland, M., British Vice - Consul, 

; ilnd-de-Chazal, Mrs. K., 2, Placi 
la Navigation, Ouchy, Lausanne. 

• : i . II \r.ii\w \ X., II. B.M. Consul, 
British Consulate, St. Gall. 

1 >.. Monl < lervin, Termatt. 
in, Miss, Villa Bella, Mi 

I Hotel de Pai Sdon- 
'i \. 
Gilchbist, Mrs. A m. i. Mm:. Montolivet, 

Gili bbist, Mrs. Emily II.. Montoli 

l.. i ii .. one. 
Gili hbis i - : 

Gillespie, Lieutenant-Colonel A., 8, 
des \ 

. S. R. II.. English Library, 
♦Goi dneb, J., 29a, Cheniin de Werssenbuehl, 

■ i E. A.. Hoti ' Monney, 

Goodwin. Miss Ai.vs. :!, S 

• i »win, Miss Edith, 3 Avenue Solange, 

La usa one. 
a. Miss !•'.. Hi u-Rivage, Ouchy, 

r, Colonel D. A., Belaria, La Tour, 
Ve\ • 
Gbant, G., Trois C'ouronncs, Vevey 



SWITZERLAND— continued. 
Hallett, J. G., Avenue d'Ouchy, 6, 

Harford, .Miss Anns O., Villa Blanche 1, 

Chailly, S/Lausanne. 
Harford, Colonel H. C, Villa Blanche 1, 

Chailly, S/Lausanne. 
Harford. Miss Maraquita, Villa Blanche 1, 

Chailly, S/Lausanne. 
Harford, Mrs. Rosa M., Villa Blanche 1, 

Chailly, S/Lausanne. 
Harford, Miss Violet, Villa Blanche 1, 

Chailly, S/Lausanne. 
Hart-er, Miss A. M., 68, Fanbourg de 

PHospital, Neuehatel. 
Hartshorn, — , Hotel Monney, Montreux. 
Hartshorn, Mrs., Hotel Monney, Mon- 
Harvey, Mis3 E., Chalet du Musee, Cham- 

Hecbi-Alexaxder, Mrs. Vera, Villa Ley- 

sette, Av. Ch. Secretan, E.V., Lau- 
Heymahn, Mrs., Cbampell, Geneva. 
Hind, Robert J., Leonhardstr 65 St. 

Hoar, Dr. Robert, Bodanstr, St. Gall. 
Hockix, Miss R., 22 ar Prairie, Vevey. 
Hoge, F., Wirkfuhrer Incandescent Lamp, 

Horridge, Miss Anita, Mon Choix, Chailly, 

Horridge, Frank, Mon Choix, Chailly, 

Horridge, Mis. F. M., Mon Choix, Chailly, 

Howoex, Miss Agnes D., 5, Avenue Juste 

Olivier, Lausanne. 
Hutchinson, Miss M., H. P. Xuss, Vevey. 
HuxTAiiLE, Mrs. S. A., Hotel Windsor, Bon 

Port, Montreux. 
Jackson, Miss F., 86, Grand Rue, Mon- 
James, — , Montreux Club, Montreux. 
James, Miss M., Pent. V. Victoria, Clarens. 
Jaques, Miss E. M., c/o Melles Dumur, 

Jaubeb, Sam, Jellstr 2-11, St. Gall. 
Johnson, Lady E. H., Pension Anglaise, 

Johnsox. Miss F. A. C, St. Nicholas, Valais. 
Johnson, G. H., Esq., Villa Elizabeth 

Jomini-Fordium, Mrs. K., La Combe, 

Kellman, Leon, Poststr, St. Gall. 
Kent, Miss M., Villa Rollin, La Tour, 

Ketchell, Miss E., Bean Rivage, Ouchy 

King, E. Q., Les Lilas, Leysin, Vaud. 
Kieby, R. F., Villa Rolan, 43 bis Pontaise, 

Knight, Fred H, c/o Galland & Co., 

Knusli-Maisey, Mrs. A., Adlisevil, near 

La Fontaine, Chs., 20, Avenue Leman, 


La Fontaine, Mrs. Chs., 20, Avenue Leman, 

Langdon, Frederick A., Les Lauriers, 

La Sallaz, S/Lausanne. 
Langdon Mrs. Florence, Les Lauriers, 

La Sallaz, S/Lausanne. 
Law, Lady Katherine, Palace Hotel, 

Lawford, Miss F., 1, Avenue Maj Daudier 

Lawfobd, Miss H., 1, Avenue Maj. Daudier 

Lewin, Miss S., Villa Violette, Bon Port, 

Lewin, Miss B., Villa Violette, Bon Port, 

Liddell, Mrs., Villa Violette, Bon Port, 

Lightburne, Rev. H., Pension Herter, 5 

Kramgasse, Berne. 
Liver, C, Chiasso. 
Loftie, Miss G. B., 8, Rue des Chenevieres, 

Lomas, J., Esq., Villa St. Jean, Territit. 
Lomas, Mrs., Villa St. Jean, Territit. 
Lowenthal, F., c/o English and American 

Club, Lausanne. 
Lyons, Em., Les Mouettes, Avenue Leman, 

Macdonell, R. G., Chateau des Apennis,, 

McCallum, Miss Alice, Chantermerle, 69 

Avenue d'Ouchy, Lausanne. 
McCallum, Miss Ellen M., Chantermerle, 

69, Avenue d'Ouchy, Lausanne. 
McCallum, William, Chantermerle, 69, 

Avenue d'Ouchy, Lausanne. 
McEwan, Miss A. B., Beau-Rivage Palace, 

Ouchy, Lausanne. 
McIntosh, Miss J. V., Hotel des Alpes, 

McIntosh, Miss M., Hotel des Alpes, Vevey. 
Maisey, Miss M., Le Chalet, Veytaux- 

♦Manders, Mrs. N., Villa Concordia, 

Mousquinos, Lausanne. 
Manning, Mrs. E., Le Verger, Clarens. 
M ISSON, W. E., Legion Estranjers France. 
Matthews. Mrs. E. C, Villa Rcllin, La 

Tour, Vevey. 
Maxwell, Miss F.. Les Maronniers, Ter- 

Meaden, C, Bean Rivage, Montreux. 

u, Miss Annie, 17, Avenue de Villa- 

mont, Lausanne. 
Mili.ington, Frederick, Poststr, St. 

Misson, Rev., La Chapelle, Aigle, Waud. 
Monney, Mis. E. M., La Chalet, Veytaux- 

Moore, Miss Ida M., c/o Melle Roy, Clo 

Cecillia, La Rosiaz, S/Lausanne. 
Moore, 0., Arcade Grand Hotel, Terretit. 
Morris, Miss Anna, c/o Mme. Isaac Fail- 

lettaz. 20, Montagibert, Bethusy, 

Morton de Palezieux, Mrs. H,, Genevry, 




SWITZERLAND —continued. 

Mot »8BY, Misa i ». L., Villa Mounsey, Mou- 

Mubbay, Mij., La Calombe, La Tour, 

Myltus, Mrs. Emily Maey, Villa Solyme, 

Avcnuo Grammont. Lausanne. 
NATHAN, S., Postfaeli, St. GalL 
Xscm.vnx, Misa F., Hotel de l'Europe. 

:IOlas, Mies Kate, La Bergeronnette, 

Xeiss, .Mrs. Julia, Costa Rica 25, A venae 

du Leman, Lausanne. 
Parker, H., Hotel National, Montreux. 
Parker, Mrs., Hotel National, Montreux. 
Parsons, W., 10, Rm m Leman, Clarens. 
Peake, A. (Bey), Hotel Bean Sej'our, 

Vr . 

Pe\R30n, Joseph, Hope Villa, Ncyrin, near 

PfET. Mrs. M. C. S., Arlesbeim 464, near 

Phillips, A. H., Hotel Bonivard, Vey- 

taux, Montreax. 
Pierce, II. 6., Hotel des Alfses, Vevey. 
Piercy, Mrs. Florence, Hotel Royal, 

Ouchy, Lausan: 
Piffard, Hamilton, Chateau Riant, 

Pile, J. M., Leysin. 
PiNcniNQ, .Sir Horace, K.C.M.G., Chateau 

La Tour de Peilz, V< :■•. 
Plowdes, Miss Chiciiele, Hotel Windsor, 

Pollock, Miss J. A., Hotel Windsor, Mon- 

Powel, Miss Irene, Chateau de Mont- 

Choisi, La Rosiaz, S/Lausanne. 
Preston, Miss E., France. 
I'uckle, Lieutenant-Colonel W., Grindle- 

Quincke, Mrs. Florence, Chateau de Vidy, 

Redford, Miss M., Hotel d'Angloterre, 

• ey. 
Reid, Mrs., Valmont, S/Terretit. 
Renkewitz, P. J., 5, Kue du Marchie, 

Renkewitz, H., 9, Rue du Marchie, 

Richard-Imer, F. B., 90, Avenue d'Ouchy, 

Rickwood, Misa C. E., Vilia L'Aurore, 

Rickwood, Misa C. M., c/o Melles Roy, Clos 

Cecilia La Rosiaz, is/Lausanne. 
Richardson, Misa B. M., 7, Avenue de la 

Gare, Lausanne. 
Ritchie, James, Caatellnau, 23 Ch. Vinet. 

Rivett-Carnac, Colonel J. H., C.J.E., 

Irvia Cauronncs. 
Rivett-Carnac, Mrs., Irvis Cauronnea, 

Roberts, Miss M., Hotel Windsor, Mon- 
Robinson, Misa, Hoheweg 104 Hi., Inter- 



i: . Miss, o/o Mellei Roy, 

Cecilia, La Rosiaz, S/Lauaanne 
Rolo, Robert, Beau-Rivage Pal I luchy, 

Rosenblatt, Reuben, Postfa Gall. 

Ross, Miaa G. P., Martha Herise 17, Rue la 

Hoapital, Berne. 
Rosser, Misa E., Chez Madame Berney, 

Rolle, Vaud. 
lnd, Mrs. R. B., Hotel Royal, 

Roy, Mrs. B., 41, Sonningigsbrnss, Zurich. 
Roy, Misa M., Chateau Mont Choisi, La 

Rosiaz, Lausanne. 
Sanders, Henry W.. 34, Avenue de 

Leman, Lausanne. 
Sankev, Major ('. ('., Villa Mir a mar, Avenue 

Alpes, E.V. 
Sankey, .Mrs., Villa Miramar. Avenue d( - 

Alpes E.V. Lausanne. 
Shields, F. G., Hotel Chatelard, Clarens. 
Shields, Misa J. (.'., Hotel Chatelard, 

• ns. 
Silberbauer, F. C, Hotel St. James, I. 

Planches, Montreux. 
Since wr, \V. II., Hotel Excelsior, Mon- 
Slattery, C. W,. Hotel National, Mon- 
Slee, Miss C. M., France. 
Slee, Miss E. A., 
Slee, Miss E. E., France. 
Staqoll, G. E., Old England, Geneva. 
Stevens, Miss Florence, Beau-R 

Palace, Ouchy, Lausanne. 
Stewart, Miss Maey, 08, Avenue de 

Rumine, Lausanne. 
Stewart, Miss Violet A., 68, Avenue de 

RUMINE, Lausanne. 
Stewart, Miss Violet A., 68, Avenue de 

Rumine, Lausanne. 
Stronge, Mrs. V. A., British Consulate, 

*Stronce, W. C, British Consulate, 


i erland, Miss Dorothy*, La Casita 

Sutheeland, Rev. Alex. M., 68, Avenue 

de Rumine, l.iuaanne. 
Sutheeland, -Mrs. Catherine S., 68, 

Avenue de Rumine, Lausanne. 
Symons, Mra. N. E., Hotel National, 

iale, Rev. II. \\\, Grand Hotel, 

Lk , sin. 

res, Miss J. E., Hotel Monney, U 

Theobald, A. J., Aigle. 
Thomas, Mrs. E. 0. I.. Castel Villard, 45, 

Avenue da Mont d'Or, Lausanne, 
Thomson, J. P., 46, Avenue de la E 

Touchon- Douglas Atkinson. .Mrs., Villa 

Balsille, La Rosiaz, Lausanne. 
Toynbee, Mrs., India. 
Tullock, Mis*, Hoteld' Ai . Vevey. 

Turn bull, Misa L., " La Montagne," 

Lausanne Chailly. 




SWITZERLAND— continued. 
Vatjghan, Frank A., 18, Rue Bcau-Sejour, 

Veitch, W., Berne. 
Vijjhuis, Miss L., Chateau la Violetle, 

Champery, Valais. 
Virgin, Miss Clara, Villa Beau-Sejour 4, 

Virgin, Harry, Villa Beau-Sejour, 4, 

Virgin, Miss Kate C, Villa Beau-Sejour, 4, 

Walsh, R. P., H. P. Comte, Vevey. 
Wabnee, E., 53, Avenue d'Ouchy, Lau- 
Watson, A., 1, Avenue Tissat, Lausanne. 
Watson, Mrs. M. G., 4, Avenue Tissat, 

Weber, Mrs. Florence, 40, Boulevard de 

i rrancy, Lausanne. 
\\'i.i!\ i i:. H., Palace Hotel, Montreux. 
Weinman, J., Hotel Suisse, Montreux. 

Weintrand, F. G., Vert, Bex. 
Weintrand, Mrs., Vert, Bex. 
White, Miss C. E., La Veraye, Tcrietit. 
White, W. B., Corsa Bijan, Avenue, 

Dukursaal, Montreux. 
White, Mrs., Corsa Bijan, Avenue Dukur- 
saal, Montreux. 
Whitley, H. E., H.C.S., 9, Rue Neuve, La 

Chaux de Fonds. 
Whitley, W., Villa les Dragnires, Les 

Planches, Montreux. 
Whitley, Mrs., Villa les Dragnires, Les 

Planches, Montreux. 
Wicht, Miss C., Hotel de Russie, Geneva. 
Williams- Wynn, Miss, Hotel Victoria 

Wright, H., Hotel Monney, Montreux. 
Wright, Mrs., Hotel Monney, Montreux. 
Yeates, Miss M. R„ La Colline, Bex, Vaud. 
Young, Miss Ethel, Rochemont, Chailly, 

S'L sanne. 




Bankhead. — H.C.S., J. £ Bankhead. 

Bassano.- H.C.S., R. 11. - 111. 

Eattenburg.— H.C.S., •>■ >si i -fl Id 

Calgary.— H.C. 5.. R. B Herald PuWiski 

Carstairs. H.C.S., E. M. I 

Castor. H.C.S., \\ . A. 

Clareshoirn. H.C.S.. W. R. Shak 

Cochrane.— H.C.S., J. C. Pai 

Consort. -H.C.S., Abthi . I . K 

■ W. i 

Fort Murray.- H.C.S., F. L. ■ 

Gleichen.— H.C.S.. I > ieboit, TJ B 

Hanna.— H.C.S., A*bt uadiua B 

Macleod.— H.C.S., D. M. Proud. 

Magrath.— H.C.S., W . Royal Bank of Canada. 

Maycroft. — H.C.S.. George Hi 

Medicine Hat.— H.C.S.. !■'. M.Olivi.. 

Nanton.-H.C.S., D. M< Lean, 

Red Deer. — H.C.S., M 642. 

Sedgewick.— H.C.S., A I. Millar. 

Stettler. - H.C.S.. A. Belcher, ' Bank of - 

Sturgeonville.— H.C.S., Xlvii.: ville, P.O. 

Swalwell.— H.C.S., E. Nelson, Manager, Union Bank of I 

Actok . \Y. A . H.C.S., Castor. 

Affleck. G., 184148, " B " Cov., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Alexander, \Y. M., Evergreen. 
Anderson, A., 183731, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Anderson, J., Bankhead" 
Anderson, J., Keephilh. 
Austin, Frank, Lafond. 
Avey, Brookes-, W. G., H.C.S., Union 

Bank of Canada, Empress. 
Batnes, G., Brocket. 
Baker, G., 183790 " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Ball, F. P., Irvine. 
Barrigan, A., Irvine. 
Barrioan, J., Irvine. 
Baugh, Private E. A., 187th Batt., Sarcee 

Camp, Calgary. 
Beach, T. H., Gleichen. 
Beairsto, F. P., Sedgewick. 
Beck, A. G., 183551, "D" Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Becker, A., Fort Saskatchewan. 

her, A., H.C.S., ate Bk.. 

Canada, Stettler. 
Bell, Miss M., Millerfield. 
Bell, Mrs. T. G., Millerfield. 
Bennett, A. E., c/o Bank of Montreal, Red 

Berry, F. H., Box 143, Bassano. 
Biband, E., Battenburg. 
Bibean, L., Battenbnrg. 
Bingham, H., Battenbnrg. 
Black, W., Brocket. 
Bottomley, Miss, Fedorah. 
Bottomley, W. S., Fedorah. 
Boyce, J. F., B.A., School of Technology, 


Boyd, G. W., H.C.S., Union Bank of 

Canada, Bassano. 
Bra M. V., The All 

College, Alhabasca Hal! 

Dale-Breach, G., Atlee. 
Beittin, C. 'I'., ( b P.O. 

Brown, A., Entwistle. 

. Edmonton. 
Brown, Mrs. L. M., Entwistle. 
Brownrigg, D. J., Box 24, Bankhead. 
Brumfit, C, Battenburg. 
Bf.cmfit, Mrs. C, Battenburg. 
Burne, F. H., Box 114, Langdon. 
Bctler, C. D., Grifiin Creek, P.O. Peace 

Rivt r. 
Cairns, J., The Herald, Calgary. 
< Air | 

BOH, A. i;.. Box 819, Lethbri 

ron, J., H.C.S., Tin- Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, Gleichen. 
Cameron, Miss L., New Lunnon. 

! ev, Mrs. R. W., 523, 6th 

Carscadden, A. M., Fort Saskatchewan. 

-iberlain, Mi mville. 

Chamberlain, N., H.C.S., Si 

mnw, Miss E., l: 

K inionton. 
Cheeseman, P. \\\, Nevis. 
Clark, C. H., Brocket. 
Clarke, A. \\\, 138, R. Battn., " A " Coy., 

Clarke, W. L., 400, 1, MacLean Block, 

Clarke, Corpl. S., Irvine. 
Clemson, W., P.O. Box 1786, Calgary. 
Clephan, Rev. A. E., The Parsonaga 




ALB ERTA— continued. 

Close, Mrs. D., New Lunnon. 

Cluett, Mrs. J. H., c/o A. B. Macdonuld 

(Sheriff), Macleod, Alta. 
Cole, Miss M., Red Deer. 
Colley, F. T., Stettler. 
Collet, 0. W., Castor. 
Collomb, C, Battenburg. 
Cook, J. H., Irvine. 
Corbet, H. L. S., Lake McGregor, via 

Corbet, Mrs. K. M., Lake McGregor, via 

Cottam, T. F., 603, 22nd Avenue, Calgary. 
Cowan, Private C, No. 895207, " A " Com- 

pany, 191st Batt., C.E.F. 
Cox, A. E., Poncher Creek. 
Cox, II. F., c/o Imperial Bank of Canada, 

341 Red Deer. 
*Cox, Mrs. L. M., Sundbrick. 
Cox, T., Battenburg. 
Crawford, V. E., Irvine. 
Crewe, F. J., Irvine., J. W., Irvine. 
Cross, L., c/o Herald Publishing Co., Ltd., 

Cummer, H. E., 183328, " D " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Cunliffe, H., Irvine. 
Currie, A., 183565, " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Currie, D. N., Fort Saskatchewan. 
Davidson, Miss H., Red Deer. 
Da vies, A. H. C, Priddia P. 0., Calgarv. 
!) LVIBS, Mrs. C. H., Priddia P.O., Calgprv. 
Day, Rev. N. H., P.O. Westlock. 
De Long, Mrs. E., Red Deer. 
Demerse, 0., Sturgeonville. 
Denson, A. R., P.O. Bos 626, Bankhead. 
Deverell, J. S., Heather Brae. 
Dickie, D. J., Normal School, Camrose. 
Dickson, A. R., Wetaskiwin. 
Diplook, T., c/o Herald Publishing Co., 

Ltd., Calgary. 
Donaldson, W., c/o The Herald Publishing 

Co., Calgary. 
Donegan, G. W., 183555, " D " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Down, A., Sturgeonville. 
Drinnan, R. M., 183639, " D " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Dunlop. W., Stettler. 
Dynes, Miss G., Red Deer. 
Edwards, E. E., Crossfield. 
Edwards, Rev. H. A., The Rectory, 

Edwards, Miss M. J., Banff. 
Edwardson, H., Battenburg. 
Farndale, M., Curlew. 
Fearnley, G. C. W. , Sturgeonville P.O. 
Fearnley, H. F., Sturgeonville P.O. 
Field, A. M., 60, White Block, 82nd Avenue, 

Strathcona, Alta. 
Fisher, Dr. E. B., Irvine. 
Fitzsimmons, N. S., Irvine. 
Forbes, D. J., Battenburg. 
Fraser, J. H., Sedgewick. 
Fulton, W. B., Irvine. 
Gaetz, Mrs. R. L., Red Deer. 

Garland, A. F., H.C.S., Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, Hanna. 
Gaskell, C. C. T., 183559, "D " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
George, H. A., Peace River Crossing. 
Gibbons, H. W., Battenburg. 
Gibbons, R., Battenburg. 
Gibbs, H., c/o Local Freight Office, 

C.P.R., Calgary. 
Gibson, E. G., "A" Coy., 187th Batt., 

C.E.F., Sarcee Camp, Calgary. 
Gilchrist, W., 183651, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Gillett, Miss 31., c/o Herald Publishing Co., 

Glaze, Mrs. R. C, 53, 4th Street N.E.. 

Red Deer. 
Goddard, R., Battenburg. 
Gordon, P. D., Fort Saskatchewan. 
Goss, Mr. Cluny. 
*Goudie, Miss M. J. H.C.S., Box 642, Red 

Green, Miss D., Claremont. 
Greeney, W. J., c/o Herald Publishing Co., 

Ltd., Calgary. 
Griffith, J. B., Stettler. 
Griffiths, E. C, Edgerton. 
Gudmundson, Private S., 883015, Box 667, 

Red Deer. 
Gully, F., c/o Herald Publishing Co., Ltd., 

Hagerud, G., 183684, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Hall, Miss E., H.C.S., Box 11, Banff. 
Hamilton, R. D., Box 352, Empress. 
Hamley, Miss Lottie, Red Deer. 
Harbinson, J., Stettler. 
Hardwick, E. D., Gleichen. 
Harrison, C. V. H„ Battenburg. 
Harvey, G., Hudson's Bay Co., Lesser 

Slave Lake. 
Harvie, J. F., Fort Saskatchewan. 
Hatherley, S. A., 183576, "B" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Heard, E. J., Edgerton. 
*Heaton, G. W., H.C.S., Maycroft, Cowley. 
*Heaton, Mrs. A. A.. Park Ranche, May- 
Henderson, T., Gleichen. 
Henry, H., 184161, " B " Coy., 89th Batt,, 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Hetherington, A. J., P.O. Box 135, Calgary. 
Hilliker, A. J., c/o The Herald Publishing 

Co., Calgary. 
Hipple, F., 183794, " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Hiscocks, Miss L., 334, Beaver Street, 

Holland, C, 183813, "B" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Holland, D. W„ Edgerton. 
Holmes, J., Sturgeonville P.O. 
Holmes, Miss B., Sturgeonville. 
Hooley, Mrs. N. C, Millarville. 
Horner, Mrs. T., Banff. 
Howard, Anthony R. R„ No. 3, Arm- 
Howard, B. E., c/o Imperial Bank, Redcliff. 

I is i OF mkmiu KS -NORTH AMERICA. 

i i: 

ALBERTA —contiti 

Howard, Miss P. L., P.O. Box 26, Bankhead. 

Howes, W. A., H.C.S., Vulcan. 

Hoy, C. T., 183571, " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Huohson, E., Battenburg. 

ibb, II. II., Drawer 256, Red Deer. 
Hunt, A. J., Water Glen, P.O. 
Huston, W. L, Maycroft. 
Ince-Perceval, G. D., Priddis. 
Ingram. G., Brougkton Farm, Parkland P.O. 
Ings, G. A., Calgary. 
Irvine, T. H., Sergt., Royal North-West 

:nted Police, Calgary. 
Irwin, V. I., Pincher Creek, Alberta. 
Jack, Mrs. M. A., Musterat Sy., Banff. 
Jackson. H. E., Viking. 
James, A. R., Box 563, Bankhead. 
James. F. H., Doering, P.O. 
■ I UfBS, J. E., Gleiohen. 
James, \V. H., (ileichen. 
Jeff, ttler. 

Jeffery, Mr., Duagh. 
Jenkins, C. H., Irvine. 
Jerrold, Rev. P. C, Irvine. 
Jerrold, D. S. L., Irvine. 
Johnson, Mrs. O, Banff. 
Jones, R , Fort Vermilion, Peace River. 
Johns, E. G., Box 466, Red Deer. 
Kay, \V. II., P.O. Box 636, Bankhead. 
Keeti.ey, W. J., Walsh. 
Kekfer. W. M., Irvine. 
Kent, E. S., Green Court. 
Kenwood, J. C, c/o Rolfe Kenwood, 

Kerr, W., Box 596, Bankhead. 
Kilbubn, N'. A., Box 681, Red Deer. 
Kino, A. B., H.C.S., Union Bank of Canada, 

Kino, H. E., R.N.W.M. Police. Irvine. 
Kinnaird, G. J., 10427-lOOth Avenue, 

Kinnkkr. <;. W., 183802, "D" Coy., 89th 

. C.E.F., Calgary 
Kipplewhite, Mr?. G., New Lunnon. 
Kirk, J. A., 827-1 3th Avenue, Calgarv. 
Kmohts, J., 183671, "D" Gov., 89th 

Batt,. C.E.F., Calgary. 
Koen-io, W. C; H.C.S., lU. Bk. of Canada, 

M igrath. 
La Belle, P., Battenburg. 
Li. ID LOW, W., Pincher Station. 
LaNTZ, Miss X. G., Didsbury. 
Lacey, B. H., Edgerton. 
Laubanob, F. '.. Wisdom P.O. 
Lawrence, G. \V., 501, Sherlock Building, 

Lei h bridge. 
Leacock, Mrs. R. K., Box 84, Banff. 
Lees, Miss V., General Hospital, Calgary. 
Lees, Mrs. W. A. D., Box 258. Red Deer. 
Lees, Judge-, W-. A. D., Box 258, Red Deer. 
Lee- Warner, J., Innisfail. 
Leqoe, G. S., Sandwcll, Box 1355, Calgary. 
Lehman. A. J., Murgeonville P.O. 
Lemon, W..N., Red Deer. 
Leslie, Miss I., Box 688, Red Deer. 
Leslie, Miss J. S., Box 688, Red D 
Leslie, Mrs. M. S., Erskine. 
Lorimeb, A. S., Box 7, Carstairs. 

Low, L. D., Castor. 

Low, W. H. Bond, Sedgewick. 

Lowe, N. G., P.O. Box 6, Hanna. 

Lowick, II. E., 211, 27th Avenue, North 

West, Calgary. 
Mabbatt. C, New Lunnon. 
Mabbatt, J., New Lunnon. 
Mackie, G., Irvine. 

McAlpin, A., 308,7th Avenue, S. Lethbridgo. 
McCallum, Miss J., 901, 4th Avenue West, 

McFarlane, D., 231— 11J Street, N.W., 

Mi Tlwraith, W. A., 183709, " B " Coy., 

80th Batt., C.E.F, Calgary. 
M.'Ki.e, A. M., Sedgewick. 
MoKib, W. R., Gleichen. 
McKenna, W. J., 183649, " D " Cov., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
McLaughlin, F. G., H.C.S., Irvine. 
McLean, J., H.C.S., Battenburg. 
Mi K w. .1. A., Botha. 
McKenny, M., Sedgewick. 
McMillan, J. B., c/o Herald Publishing 

Co., Ltd.. Calgary. 
McMullen, E. W., Merchants' Bank of 

Canada. Calgary. 
M mXutt. S., Irvine. 
McRae, P. A., Red Deer, Alta, 
Manley, A. V., Cluny. 
Manning, M. J., D 
Mahaffy, Miss J., 1315, 1st Street, N.W. 

Mabsden, Rev. T., The Edmonton Mission, 

Matthew, C, Bank of Hamilton, Nanton. 
Masshead, C, Bank of Hamilton, Nanton. 
Maybebby, C. R., Irvine. 
Meachand, F. Battenburg. 
Milchener, E., " Hillcrest," Red Deer. 
Miles, G. D., Edgerton. 
Mlllab, A. I., Sedgewick. 
Miller, C. A., Gleichen. 
Milleb, Walter, Box 222, Red Deer. 
Mills, R. II., Sedgewick. 
Milne, P., c!o The Calgary Daily Herald, 

Mitchell, A. P., Millet. 

k. 211—13, Avenue, N.W., 

Crescent Heights, Calgary. 
MOOBB, I., 1432, 14th Street, East Calgary. 
Moore, \Y. A., Western General Electric 

Co., Red Deer. 
Mobrison, J. J., 181165, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Mobt, A., Irvine. 
Moss, J. W., "A" Companv, 82nd Bat- 

talion, C.O.E.F., Calgary. 
Mossop, F., Crossfield. 
Muir, 8.E., Bankhead. 
Mi r.riiY, It. ('., Box 127, Castor. 
Murray, J. C, Rcl I 
Music, Miss M. A., c/o T. Fleet, Esq., t:'<i 

Neediiam, J., P.O. Box 627, Bankhead. 
Nelson. E., H.C.S., Union Bk. of Canada, 

\'i:l on, Miss E., Box 494, Red Deer. 



ALBERTA— continued. 

Newby, Lieutenant H. S., 175th 6th Batt. 

C.E.F. Medicine Hat. 
Xielson, W. P., Sunnyside Ranch, Pincher 

Noerie, G., P.O. Box 626, Bankhead. 
Noton, Mrs. G. H., Law Library, Court 

House, Calgary. 
O'Coffey, F. L., H.C.S., Fort Murray. 
O'Daly, C, Battenburg. 
O'Dean, H. Battenburg. 
Ogilvie, J. S., Bassaus. 
Oliver, J., New Lunnon. 
Oliver, Mrs J., New Lunnon. 
Oliver, F. M., C.A., H.C.S., 23, Becker 

Block Medicine Hat. 
Oliver, Mrs. F. M., 23, Becker Block, 

Medicine Hat. 
Oliver, W., New Lunnon. 
Outram, Sir James, F.R.C.I., Vermilion. 
Parcells, W. S., 5, Mortlake Block, 

Palmer, G. P., P.O. Sounding Lake, By 

Parish, W., R.N.W.M. Police. 
Patterson, T. C, H.C.S., Union Bank of 

Canada, Cochrane. 
Paul, John, Fort Saskatchewan. 
Percevai, Geo. D. I., Priddis, Alberta. 
Perkins, Harvey, S., 400, Longhold 

Buildings, Calgary. 
Phillips, A. M., 183641, " D " Cov., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Pierce, Miss A., Lacombe. 
Playfair, W. S., Bassano. 
Pope, F. W., Calgary, 
Popple, A. E., Attorney-General's Dept., 

Porter, R. D., Irvine. 
Portway, P., 183630, "D" Coj., 89th 

Batt.. C.E.F., Calgary. 
Powell, .VI. E., Lake Saskatoon P.O. 
Tower, G. E., Wainwrigkt P.O. 
Proud, M.. H.C.S., Macleod. 
Pulteney, R. F., 305, 4th Avenue West, 

Quigq, Mrs. J.. Red Deer. 
Quigg, Roy, Red Deer. 
Bab, M. R. A., Rod Deer. 
Ramsey, Miss J. E., Box 706, Red Deer. 
PvAPSEY, Mrs. W. J., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

Red Deer. 
Rapsey, W. J., c/o Bank of Montreal, Red 

RrrcLiFF, Private W. E., 211th Battalion, 

C.E.F., Cal^arv 
Reid, J., 183590, " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Rhodes, F. L., Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Pincher Creek. 
Richardson, V. J., c/o Accounts Dept., 

Alberta Government Telephones Ed- 
Rippon, T., Eastgate. 
• Roberts, A. C, Battenburg. 
Roberts, Miss C, Battenburg. 
Roberts, F. N. J., Battenburg. 
Roberts, Mrs. O J., Battenburg. 
Roberts, O. M., Battenburg. 

Grizzlv Bear 


Roberts, R. O. J. 
Roberts, W. S. : 

Robinson, E. M., H.C. S., Carstairs. 
Robinson, F. R., Carstairs. 
Rossell, C. W., Stony Plain. 
Rushworth, H., c/oR. B. Rush worth, Esq., 

The Calgary Herald, Calgary. 
Rushworth, Miss P., c/o R. B. Rushworth, 

Esq., c/o Herald Publishing Co., Ltd., 

Rushworth, Miss Rita, 1902-19th Avenue 

N.W., Capital Hill, Calgary. 
Rushworth, Mrs. R. B., 1902-19th Avenue 

N.W., Capital Hill, Calgary. 
Rushworth, R. B..H.C.S., c/o Herald Pub- 
lishing Co., Ltd., Calgary. 
Russell, A. H., Box 507, Red Doer. 
Russell, J., Cluny. 
Rutherford, N., 184056, " B " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Salisbury, W. R., 924, 18th Avenue West, 

Sample, W. C, Irvine. 
Scajir, J., H.C.S., Bankhead. 
Searle, Mrs. W., Bankhead. 
Seatton, The Rev. H. E., St. Paul's 

Mission House, Hartshorn. 
Selvage, Mrs. W. M., 117—29, 83rd Street, 

Edmonton City. 
Semmens, W. G., 429, Thirteenth Street, 

Hillhurst. Calgary. 
Shanks, W. R., H.C.S., Claresholm. 
Sharpe, W. W., Stettler. 
Shaver, E. B. H., 184103, " D " Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Shaw, R. S., Irvine. 
Shaw, R. W., Millarville P.O. 
Shrives, Miss R., Banff. 
Sigurdson, Miss S., Wcstholm S.D. 1207, 

Simpson, Douglas, Red Deer. 
Simpson, F. S., Red Deer. 
Skinner, G., Stettler. 
Sleap, E., New Lunnon. 
Smith, Miss B. E., Box 197, Red Deer. 
•Smith, Joseph, Bonteyre Ranch, Innisfail. 
Smith, Wm. C, J.P., Lafond. 
Smith*, W., 183670, "B" Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Smith, Miss A. M., Lafond. 
Snow, Mrs. J. F., Battenburg. 
Sommers, J. A., Newbury P.O. 
Stanford, F., c/o The Herald Publishing 

Co., Calgary. 
Stanford, G., c/o The Herald Publishing 

Co., Calgary. 
Stapleton, H., 183564, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Lynch-Staunton, Miss V., Pincher Creek. 
Stevens, H., 183631, "D" Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Stewart, F. G., 6, Ann Street, St. Catha- 
rines. * 
Stewart, O. F., Elkwater. 
Stiles, Mrs. C, Banff. 
Street, B., Etzikom. 
Street, Mrs. E., Etzikom. 


ALBERTA— continued. 

Strinoer, A. II., c/o R. B. Rushworth, The 

Herald Publishing Co., Calgary. 
Stringer, Mrs. A. H., c/o R. B. Rushworth, 

The Herald Publishing Co.. Calgary. 
Strutoers, R. A., H.C.S., P.O. Box 111, 

Stcbbs, S. M., Sedgewick. 
Summerby, Miss F., Alberta Ladies College, 

Assiniboia Hall, Strathcona, Edmonton. 
Swan, Rev. W. M., Onoway. 
Sykes, Miss M. F., o/o The Herald Publish- 
ing Co., Calgary. 
Sykes, R. 0., Cluny. 
Tabor, H. P., Cluny. 
Tabplbb, II. R., Dunstable. 
Taylor, Miss R., New Lunnon. 
Taylor, Lieutenant J., 187th Battalion, 

T LYLOB, Mrs. James, Red Deer. 
Taylor, R., New Lunnon. 
Thompson, R. W., Box 103, Okotoks. 
Thorne, H., 183510, "D" Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Thornton, E., Box 192, Red Deer. 
Todd, Mrs. A., Sturgconville. 
Tompkins, H. A., C.P.R. Agent, Irvine. 
Tooley, P. J., Grande Prairie. 
Townse.vd, H., Merchants' Bankof Canada, 

Travis, G. H., Bassano. 
Trenholm, W. D., 183" : " D " Coy., 

89th Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Turnbull, J. 184002, " B '* Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Vioab, F. C, Gleichen. 
Waddle, F. S., 183798, "B" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgarv. 
Walker, T., Box 328, Red Deer. 

Walters, J. L., Clive. 

Warke, Dr. C. L., Pine, Lake. 

Warren, H.. c/o Herald Publishing Co., Ltd., 

W.\ terman, F. W., P.O. Box 1263, Calgary. 
Wvtki.vson, F. W., In 
Watson. W. J., The Herald, Calgary. 
Wills, W., Battenburg. 
0OTT, A., Hnlkirk. 
Wu \lley, A. S., Kinsclla. 
Wheeler, A. O., Alpine Club, Banff. 
Wheeler, S., Battenburg. 
White, N., Rod Deer. 
\\ iiitehouse, Mrs. F., Red Deer. 
Wild, R. S., Griffin Creek. 
Wilkinson, E. E., Lundbreck. 
Wiikinson, W. H., Edgerton. 
Williamson, Mrs. C. S., 613, Oth Street, 

Medicine Mat. 
Williamson, H. D., Retlaw. 
Wilson, Miss A. L., Box 682, Red Deer. 
Wilson, M., Bankhead. 
Wilson, W., 184122, "B" Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Witherby, R. B., Coronation P.O. 
Woledqe, A. H., Crossfield. 
Woodruff, H., Edgerton. 
Woods, J. H., The Herald, Calgary. 
Woodward, C. J., Eastgate. 
Woodward, F., Eastgate. 
Woof, Mrs. W., Evarts. 
Woof, W., Evarts. 
Wvlie, G. E., 183663, "D" Coy., 89th 

Batt., C.E.F., Calgary. 
Yates, A. R., Gleichen. 
Yeo, A. H., 184141, " D " Coy., 89th Batt., 

C.E.F., Calgary. 
Youno, J., Gleichen. 


Agassiz.-JoiutH.C.S., Mrs. S. E. Tybeb, Box U.S., and H. L. Calvert. 

Atliu. H.C.S.. a Adams. 

Bamfield. -H.CS., T. Byboh. 

Barkerville.-H.C.S., 0. W. Gbain. 

Bella Coola.— H.C.S., Tucker. 

Canford. H.C.S., T. P. I! wmman. Nicola Vail 

Cloverdalc— H.CS , I!. Kendall, Bank of Mom 

Courtenay.— H.CS., H. Scott Porteois, Box 245, Courtenay B.C., Canada. 

Craigellacbie. -H.CS., -Mis. C. B. Larder, Widdicombo Ranch. 

Cranbrook. — H.C.S., -N. A. Wallis ok. 

Duncan, V. I.— H.CS., W. A. McAdahs, P.O. Box 342. 

Fernie. -H.C.S., Mrs. M. Could. 

Prince George. — H C.S., W. E ik of British North Amerii 

Golden. -H.CS. . C. 11. Parson. !' ti i kster. 

Grand Forks.— H.CS., J. 0. Campbell. 

Hazelton. — H.CS., Stbbhbh H. Ho 

Kamloops.— H.CS., A. J. Dove, Office of Inspector of Schools. 

Kelowna.-H.CS Old, Bos 576. 

Kingsgate— H.CS., G. H. Hales, C.P.R. 

Lillooet.-H.CS., F. H. Kinl 

Masset.— H.CS., C. Harrison. 

Nanaimo.-H.C.S., Noel McFablahe, Box r>89. 

New Westminster.- H.CS., W. B. Blabe, W jtminstei Trnal Budding. 

Penticton.— H.CS., Hebbbbt Keddbll, P.O. Box 200. 

Phoenix.— H.CS., J. S. Mullen, The Canadian Bank of Cnmmcr 

Revelstoke.— H.CS., A. E. Miller, Office of Inspector of Scl.' 

Rossland. -H.CS., D. J. Brown, c/o Le Rio No. 2, Ltd. 




South Salt Springs.— H.C.S., W. J. Hamilton, J.P., Dromore. 

Sydney, V.I. — H.C.S., Arthur G. Wheeler.. Director, The Alpine Club. 

Sandon, — H.C.S., Dr. Arthur C. Nash. 

Strandby — H.C.S., S. M. Macfie. 

Trail. — H.C.S., Frederick C. Towssend, Box 555. 

Vancouver. — H.C.S., JosEPn W. McFarland, 411, Winch Building. 

Victoria. — H.C.S., Mrs. Lamboues, Bohemia Garden City. 

Walhachin.— H.C.S., F. M. Ivatt. 

West Summerland — H.C.S., T. A. Miller, Creekside. 

Ablewhite, E. C, Namu. 

Abrey, A. E., Lowe Inlet. 

Adams, Mrs. G., Atlin. 

Adams, G., H.C.S., Athn. 

Adams, J. F., Houston, Bulkley Valley. 

♦Adamson, Capt. L., "Sea Point," Sydney, 

Vancouver Is. 
Adie, F., Waneta. 

Ainsworth, A., Taylor, Box 1, Kamloops. 
Anderson, G. Z., Kitimat. 
Anderson, H. G., Bella Coola. 
Anderson, Mrs., Bella Coola. 
Anderson, Miss M. B. (M.A.), Sandspit, 

Queen Charlotte Islands. 
Armour, E. L., Surrey Centre. 
Armstrong, D. E., Cloverdale. 
Astill, R. W., c/o L. H. Brown, Box 134, 

Kcrresdale, B.C., Vancouver. 
Astill, Mrs., c/o L. H. Brown, Box 134, 

Kerresdale, B.C., Vancouver. 
Aston, J. E., Box 192, Courtenay. 
Atkins, A., Dominion Cannery, Skeena 

Auoustsen, A.. Cloverdale. 
Auty, R. A., The Garelock, 1193, Pender 

Street, West Vancouver. 
Aylmer, Hon. Mrs. F. W., Chase. 
Bailey, C. E., South Fort George. 
*Baillon, H. J., 150 Mile House, Ashcroft. 
Baker, C. I. S., Barkerville, Cariboo. 
Baker, Mis. E. A. M., The Shanty, Box 684, 

Ball, Mrs. N. E. C, Atlin. 
Ball, W., West Bank. 
Barker, A. G., s/s Princess Charlotte, 

Barker, A. H., Box 66, Kilgard, Abbotsford. 
Barker, J. R., 6th Cabin, Kispion, via 

Barker, Mrs. L., Salmon Arm. 
Barlow, Mrs. C, Salmon Arm. 
Barnett, L. de B., Tyonhalem Hotel, 

Duncans, Vancouver. 
Barron, Miss E. A. F., 906, Cook Street, 

Barron, Miss I. M. F., 906, Cook Street, 

Battison, F. E., Namu. 
Bayliff, G. T., Chilancoh Ranch, Alexis 

Creek, Chilcotin. 
Beadnell, Captain H. H. M., Courtenay. 
Beaton, A., Coughlan. 
Bell, J. S., Lillooet. 

Bell, W.,7706, Windsor Street, Vancouver. 
Bellamy, W. R., Seaton Lake, Lillooet. 
Bennett, C. P., Maywood, P.O. 
Berry, J. J., Government Wireless Station, 

Alert Bay. 

Bixger, Geo. R., Kdowna. 
Bird, F. C, Box 435, Penticton. 
Blackburne, I. I., Salmon Arm. 
Blackman, Dr. S. S. Farwell, R.M.D., 

Sidney, V.I. 
Blakemore, A., Kimsquit. 
Blane. W. B., H.C.S., Westminster Trust 

Bldg., New Westminster. 
Blantern, J. W., Saturna Island, Victoria. 
Blince, J., Buckingham Ranch, Creston. 
Blyth, M., 504, Linden Avenue, Victoria. 
Body, Miss, 313, 27th Street, E., North 

Body, Mrs. M. E., 124, 11th Street, East, 

N. Vancouver. 
Booth, G. F., Maple Bay, P.O., Duncan, 

Vancouver Island. 
Bowering, J. H., West Summerland. 
Bowyer, Geo. R., Kellyhaki Ranch, Clinton. 
Boyd, J., Bella Bella. 
Bradford, D. A., Cloverdale. 
Bradley, Ashton, H.C.S., Golden. 
Breeze, J. F., Atlin. 

Brethour, E. E., Sidney, Vancouver Island. 
Brethour, H., Sidney, Vancouver Island. 
Brethour, J., Sidney, V.I. 
Brewster, B. B., Salmon Arm, R.M.D., 

No. 2. 
Briggs, A. E., Marine Heights, Vancouver. 
Briggs, C. M., Marine Heights, Vancouver. 
Briggs, D. W., Marine Heights, Vancouver. 
Briggs, Miss H., Marine Heights, Van- 
Briggs, Miss M., Marine Heights, Van- 
Brindle, H., " Westbank," Okanagan. 
Brock, P. W., 2450, Second Avenue, West 

Brodrick, Chas. A., P.O. Drawer " G," 

Broughton, F., Bella Coola. 
Brown, Miss F. A., 12, October Mansions, 

Cook Street, Victoria. 
Brown, J. J., Surrey Centre. 
Browne, D. J., H.C.S., c/o Le Roi No. 2, 

Ltd., Rossland. 
Browne, J. W. B., Box 294, Kelowna. 
Bryant, C. M., Beaver Point, R.M.D. No. 1. 
Brydges, S. M., 924, Nicola Street, 

Brynildren, B., P.O., Box 90. Bella Coola. 
Buckell, Miss E. R., H.C.S., Salmon Arm. 
Buckell, Miss J. L., Salmon Arm. 
Buckell, W. R., Salmon Arm. 
Burgess, Mrs. H. L., Box 106, Somenos, 

Vancouver Island. 
Burgess, J. S., 977, 11th Avenue, E. 





Burns, J. L., R.R. Xo. 2, Cloverdalc. 

Burrows, A. J., Cloverdale. 

Burt, G. II., Bella Coola. 

Burton, Mrs. B. A., 937, X. Charles Street, 

Butcher, .Miss E. M., Kitamaat. 
Byron, T., H.C.S., Bamfield P.O. 
Oaloott, Mis. A. B., Duncans,, Vancouver 

Calcott, F. B., Wooclhall, Duncans, Van- 
couver Island. 
Calvert, H. L., H.C.S., Agassiz. 
Campbell, G., Clovcrdale. 
i'ampbell, J. D., H.C. S., Grand Forks. 
Carmichael, J., 1923, First Avenue, Wist, 

Carncross, C. A., P.O. Box 11, Cloverdalc. 
Cabb, G. \V., H.C.S., Glacier House, 

Carter, A. W., 1150, Monterey Ave., 

Charley, W., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., 

Beaver Point. 
Chambers, Miss O. L., Sidney, Vancouver 

Chandler, P., Bridge Ranch, Cameron 

Lake, Vancouver Island. 
Chapman, Miss F. A., 1052, Melville Street, 

Charlton, L. H. ft, P.O., Box 76, Bella 

Cherrett, K. B., Wireless Telegraphist, 

H.M.C.S. Rainbow, Esquimalt. 
Chetwynd, R., Walhachin. 
Christensen, A. C, Bella Coola. 
Christie, H. L., Ashcroft. 
Christmas, Mrs. F. G., Box 67, Duncan. 
Chubb, Second Lieutenant A. T., 864, 

Burnard Street, Vancouver. 
Clark, J., R.R. Xo. 2, Cloverdalc. 
Clarke, Miss I., Kitamaat. 
Clayton, Mrs. J., Bella Coola. 
Clayton, J. D., Bella Coola. 
Clayton, Miss M., P.O. Box 94, Bella 

Clayton, V., Bella Coola. 
Cleland, Rev. J. A., Penticton. 
Clews, W., West Bank. 
Coates, 8. W., Sidney. 
Cock, C. A., Cranbrook. 
Cole, A., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., Beaver 

Cole, Miss D. M., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., 

Beaver Point. 
Cole, \V., Solsqua. 

Collis, W. R. F., R.R. Xo. 2, Armstrong. 
Collyer, W. B., Langford P.O., Vancouver 

Connery, J. \V., River Inlet. 
Cooke, A. W., P.O. Box 663, Kelowna. 
Copeland A., Xamu. 
Coque, L. de, Walhachin. 
Corker, Mrs. E., Industrial School, Alert 

Corker, Rev. A. W. ; Alert Bay. 
Cobtenbade, Rev. Father W., R.M.D. Xo. 1 

Turgoose P.O., Vancouver Island. 
Cram, J., Duncans, Vancouver Island. 

I., "South Canoe," 
2204, Victoria Drive, 

Crawford, II. ft, Babinc Lake Hatchery, 

Crawfobd, J. W., Fairmont Hot Springs. 

Crebbin, Mis. W. ('.. c/o Mrs. T. W. B 
Colquitz P.O., Victoria. 

♦Crebbin, W. ft, Government Office, Cran- 

Croft, Mrs. II., Box 6, Cloverdalc. 

Cummino, Dr. G., Sidney, Vancouver 

Curtis, W. E., 2406, 5th Avenue, W., 
S, J. F., Aivansh. 

Dawe, E. B., Bella Coola. 

Dennis, R. J., West Demare, Arrow Lakes. 

Des Barres, Rev. T. ft, Sidney, Van- 
couver Island. 

Des Barres, Mrs. B., Sidney, Vancouver 

Devane, M. L., Post Office, Inspector's 
Office, Vancouver. 

Dickinson, J. W., Box 366, Duncan. 

Dockebill, F, E., Trail. 

Doio, J. B., P.O. Box 787, Prince Rupert. 

Dooley, Miss K. G., "South CaDoe,' 
Salmon Arm. 

Dooley, Mrs. M. 
Salmon Arm. 

Dorman, J. W., 

Douglas, A. E., Bella Coola. 

*Dove, A. J., H.C. S., Karnloops. 

Draney, Mrs. C. R., Kimsquit. 

Dkaney, C. R., Kimsquit. 

Driscoll, L., U.S.S. Co., Vancouver. 

Drummond, H. ft, 1960, Robson Street,. 
Vancouvi r. 

Du-Chatelet, B., October Mansions. Vic- 

Dunlop, John, Lillooet. 

Dunn, J. J., Box 293, Penticton. 

Edmonds, H. J., Sidney Island, Sidney. 

Edmonds, J. W. G., Penticton. 

Edwards, T., Walhachin. 

Elderton, ft R..P.O. Box 371, Vancouver. 

Ellis, J. F., B.C. Packers' Association, 

Ellis, S. E. A., 54, Sturdee Street, Esqui- 

Kva.ns, \V., H.C.S.,o/o Bank of British N. 
America, Prince George. 

EviTT, C. V., Big Bav. 

Exshaw, F. G., Golden. 

Falding, W. H., Rossland. 

Farmer, A., Box 71, Quatsino, Vanoouver 

Fauldeb, Mrs. D. M., Mincola. 

Fa i lder, E. R., Mincola. 

Ferris, A. E., Upper Xaas. 

Ferryman, Miss E. W., Indian Mission 
School, Albert Bay. 

Field, Mrs. ft, 415, Victoria Street, Xew 
\Y< stminster. 

Finlayson, W., Union S.S. Co., Vancouver. 

Fisher, J. H., 402, Pender Street, Van- 

Fitzgerald, G. B., R.M.D., Xo. 1, Duncan 



Fleming, W., 1323, Howe Street, Vancouver. 
Flemyng, G. J. M., c/o Newcastle L. Mills, 
Ltd., Nanoose Bay, P.O., Vancouver. 
Ford, B. T., 1715, Cotton Drive, Vancouver. 
Forsyth, H., Box 70, Phoenix. 
Fosbery, W. C. W., West Summerland. 
Foulkes, N. M., Golden. 
Free, T. R., Aivansh. 

Free, W. I., 2386, 2nd Avenue, W. Van- 
Freymuth, J. M., P.O. Box 135, Vernon. 
Gadsden, P., Bella Coola. 
Gahan, H. N., P.O. Box 261, Penticton. 
Gairns, C, Discovery P.O. 
Gallienne, W. J., Bella Coola. 
Gallwey, T. P., Salmon Arm. 
Gibson, Miss M., The Mission, Bella Coola. 
Gibson, Miss M. A., The Mission, Bella Coola. 
Gibson, W. H., Bella Coola. 
Gillam, J. D., Agassiz. 
*Gillatt, Captain J. B., Hotel Prince 

Rupert, Prince Rupert. 
Goddard, E., Atlin. 
Gordon Lambert, Mrs. S. W., Hillside 

Ranch, Granite Siding, Nelson. 
Gorse, P. A., Salmon Arm. 
Gould, Mrs. M., H.C.S., Fernie. 
Grain, C. W., H.C.S., Barkerville. 
Grainger, H. G., Bella Coola. 
Grant, S. Le C, R.M.D. Route No. 1, 

Bella Coola. 
Groves, F., Rivers Inlet. 
Groves, J. D., Casthorpe, Westholme, 

Vancouver Island. 
Gubbins, J. L.,Somenos, Vancouver Island. 
Gurd, R. H., c/o Kildala Packing Co., 

Guthrje, H. W.. Granite Creek, Otter 

H\dden, D., Cloverdale. 
Haggen, Mis. Annie, Revelstoke. 
II ales, G. H., H.C. S., Kingsgate. 
Hall, Mrs. M., Qualicum Beach, Vancouver 

Halliday, J. W., Endako. 
Halliday, T., P.O., Box 282, Grand Forks. 
II u.lowes, Miss K. B., Hagensborg. 
Hamer, Captain J. N., Dominion Govern- 
ment Fu., Hatchery, Rivers Inlet. 
\\\: milton, Sergeant A. S., c/o J. Reid, 

Esq. s New Westminster. 
Hamilton, C. H., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., 

Beaver Point. 
Hamilton, Mrs. C. L., c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
Hamilton, G. B., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., 

Beaver Point. 
Hamilton, Miss G. C, c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
* Hamilton, J. S., Parksville. 
Hamilton, Miss M. E., c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
Hamilton, W. J. E., c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
Hamilton, W. J. L., South Salt Spring. 
Hammett, T. M., c/o A. C. Murray, Esq., 

The Hudson's Bay Co., Fort St. James. 

Hankin, A., Luxton P.O., Vancouver 

Hardie, J., H.C.S., Box 737, Revelstoke. 

Hardiman, T. R., Nicola Valley, Canford. 

Harington, Lieutenant-Colonel V., I.M.S., 
Edgewood, Arrow Lakes. 

Harris, C.L., Bank of Montreal, Chilliwack. 

Harris, H. L., Kimsquit.- 

Harrison, J., Sidney Island, Sidney. 

Harrison, Mrs. M., The Bungalow, Kaleden, 
S. Okanagan. 

Haverfield, B. T., Box 325, Kamloops. 

Hawes, A. W., Box 919, Nanaimo. 

Hawker, G. C, Revelstoke Club, Revel- 

Haylmore, W., Lillooet. 

Hazlehurst, R., Monte Creek, Ducks. 

Hebron, T. Y. 

Henderson, Miss M. B., Union Bay, Van- 
couver Island. 

Hendy, E. M., 129, Beach Drive, Victoria. 

Herring, E. R., Windermere. 

*Henstock, C. W. F. (Master), 1280, New- 
port Avenue, Oak Bay, Victoria. 

*Henstock, Mrs. E. F.," 1280, Newport 
Avenue, Oak Bav, Victoria. 

♦Henstock, F. W. F. (Master), 1280, New- 
port Avenue, Oak Bay, Victoria. 

Hewlett, W. H., Westbank P.O. 

Heywood, E. P., Kamloopf>. 

Hill. Mrs. L. S., 1818, Barclay Street, 

Hine, G. E., R.R. No. 3, Cloverdale. 

Hoare, Mrs. J. H., 382, Fourth Street, 
East, North Vancouver. 

Hodgins, Mrs. A. E., 1373, Monterey 
Avenue, Victoria. 

Holmes, S., Revelstoke. 

Hooper, L., Namu. 

Hooper, T., Namu. 

Horton, P. H., Nicola Valley, Canford. 

Hoskins, Mrs. M. H., Government Agent's 
Office, Hazelton. 

Hoskins, ,S. H., H.C.S., Government Agent's 
Office Hazelton. 

♦Houghton, A. C, Crawford Bay, Kootenay 

♦Houghton, Mrs. A. C, Crawfdrd Bay, 
Kootenay Lake. 

Houghton, Miss B. F., " Small Dole," Sid- 
ney, R.M. D., No. 1, Vancouver Island. 

Houghton, Miss P., Crawford Bay, Koote- 
nay Lake. 

Howard, Anthony, R.R. No. 3, Armstrong. 

Howard, Mrs. A., R.R. No. 3, Armstrong. 

Hoy, F., Namu. 

Hoy, G., Namu. 

Hoyle, Rev. C. C, M.A., J.P., St. Mark's 
Hall, 1249, Davie Street, Vancouver. 

Hoyle, D., Surrey Centre. 

Hull, Arthur J., Fruitvale. 

Irving, Miss G. T., Sidney Island, Sidney. 

Ivatt, F. M., H.C.S., Walhachin. 

Ivatt, Mrs. F. M., Walhachin. 

Jago, Henry, Copper Mountain, Princeton. 

Jay, D. A., c/o Bank of British North 
America, Rossland. 


1 39 

W. P., U8, Gorgi . \V.. 

Van com 

Jenkins, T., Ladner. 

Job, E., Government Office, Rossland. 

-sroN, Miss A. L., 1162, Yates Street, 

Johnston, R. C, 1148, Pacific Avenue, 

Jones, H. K., Massett. Graham Island. 
Jones H. W.. Smelter Hill. TraiL 
Jones, Rev. W. s., c|o Stanley Bcrrj B 

A i _ 
Jones, W. S., o/o Grandby Bay Hotel, 

Any ox. 
s, Walter 1>.. Rexmoot. 
Keddell, H., H.C.S., P.O. Box 200, Pentic- 


\ w. .Mi<s M. M.. Box inl. Ka 
Keknk. Geo. H., Carter House, 154, Water 

Street, Vancouver. -a v. P. • !.. R.B. No. I, Cloverdale. 
Kkli.imk, .Miss J, M.. Atlin". 
Kendall, X. F., H.C.S., Bank of Montreal, 

Kennedy, I!., 524, Now Westminster. 
Kennedy, R. E., P.O. Sidney, Vancouver 

Kennington, G. A., Salmo. 
Kepner, C. L., Quesnel. 
Kiddle. D. C, Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Kihdbb , P. II.. H.C.S., Lillo 

Kino, Miss G. L., H.C.S., P.O. Box 1407, 

Kinnear, A. R., Monte Creek, P.O. Ducks. 
Knaf-ton. P. 1!.. Box 3, Kelowna. 
Kbono, Fred, Atlin. 
Lafferty, S. A., Rossland. 
Laking, W. E., Murray ville. 
Lvmboukn, Mr:-. H.C. S., Bohemia Ga 

City, Victoria. 
LAHDBT, 0. S., Bella Coola. 
l.i-.E, O., Surrey Centre. 
Lang, A. G., Waneta, West Kastenay. 
I,ani;i.hv, A. ke. 

Lannandale, A., Cloverdale. 
Labder, Mrs. C. B., H.C.S., Widdicombe 

Ranch, Craigellachie. 
•Larder, Rev. G., Widdicombe Ranch, 

i raigellachie. 
Larder, Lieutenant G. S. M., Widdicombe 

Ranch, Craigellachie. 
Lawson. Mrs. M. K.. Reve-Moke. 
Lb CorjTErr.. Nicholas J., Inverness. 
LBMAX, lie. 

Lewis, J. «.. P.O. Box 64, Vanconter. 
LiTrr.r. F. F... Atlin. 
Llewelly, W. L., 346, Berwick Street, 

Logan, Captain J. J., Agt 
Loney, J. B., Cloverd 
Lord, C. Bella Coola. 
Lobino, R., I f ■ -lton. 
Lowndes, L. Y., R.M.I ». X". 1 Sidney, 

Vancouver Island. 
LoY'D, A. K., Walhachin. 
I. yell. Mr<. •!., Hal; Moon Bay I'.O. 
LyoH, I: -136. Turner Street, Vancouver. 

MacCallum, A., Bank of British X. 
America, Aga 

Macdonald, J. W., Bella Coola. 

MacFie. S. M. H.C.S., Strandby. 

Mackenzie, P. J., White Rock. 

Macoun, Professor J., Sidney, Vancouver 

MaoPhbbson, Mrs. A., Edmonds. 

M\pherson, I., Cloverdale. 

M( Adams, W. A.. H.C.S., P.O. Box 342, 
Duncan, V.L 

McAllan, W. J., Fort Fraser. 

McAllister, G., Columbia Hotel, Van- 

McAolay, W., Earnbrae Farm, Notch Hill. 

McCabb, J. T., Aiyansh. 

McDonald, J. P., Calgary Avenue, Pen- 

McFarland, J. W., H.C.S., 411, Winch 
Building, Vancouver. 

klane, X., H.C.S., P.O. Box 589, 

McGregor, Alex., Bank of British Xorth 
America, Lillooet. 

McKeeyer, Mrs. E. M., P.O. Box 210, 

M< Keever. F. L., P.O., Box 210, Pentic- 

McNeill, J., 1129, Georgia Street, Van- 

McPhee, D., River's Inlet. 
e, Rev. D. A., Clover' 
;ostie, T., Aiyansh. 

Mair, I., Hill Island, Sidney P.O., Van- 
couver Island. 

Marshall, Alex., 114, Water Street, Van- 

Marshall, C. A., P.O. Box 17, West Sum- 

Marshall, K. M., P.O. Box 40, Nanain 

M uin.v, 11. W., 1706, Ban: 

Martin, W., Xarnu. 

Marvin, M. W., Constantia Ranch, Atnarko. 

Mason, G. W., Xamu. 

Matier, II. A., 2537, Xanaimo Street, Van- 

Matthew-. Mi-. J. II., c/o 1'. H. Gn 
R.R. No. -'. Cloverdale. 

Matthew-. I' .. .1. II., c/o 1'. H. <:reen, 
R.R. X... 2. Cloverdale. 

Mattndbbll, P. M., l'rince Georpe. 

Maxwell, C. L. D., Second Cabin, Yukon 
Telegraphs, via Hazelton. 

Maw, P. J., Blubber Bay. 

Mea< ham, C, Aiyansh. 

Millard, C, Hollyburn P.O., W. Van- 

Miller, A. E., H.C.S., Office of Inspi 
of E I elstoke. 

Miller, < !ha rles, ] \i lin. 

Miller, F. A., H.C. S., Creekside, Summer- 
Miller, Mrs. H. <:.. 212S, Birch Street, 

Miller, Mrs. M. L., H.C.S., Creekside, 

Millington, Miss A., 1010, Georgia St 




Millken, H., 211, Armstrong Street, New 

Mitchell, L. H., Twin Creeks Ranch, 

Mitchell, R., Kitimat. 

Molyneux, D. E., Cloverdale. 

Mooee, H. G., Bella Bella. 

Morehouse, H. V., Namu. 

Morley, Dr. H. W., Cloverdale. 

Morris, D., " Cambria," O'Kanagan. 

Morris, H. H., c/o The Canadian Bank of 
Commerce, Vancouver. 

Morrison, G., Cloverdale. 

♦Morrison, W.. Discovery. 

Moss, W., P.O. Box 254, Victoria. 

Mullen, J. S., H.C.S., Canadian Bank of 
Commerce, Phoenix. 

Munroe, W. G. f Ashcroft. 

Murray, A. C, Fort St. James P.O. 

Musgrave, Lieut. -Commander, R.N., Hy- 
drographic Survey, H.M.C. Dockyard, 

Xash, Dr. A. C, H.C.S., Sandon. 

Neal, Geo.. Discovery P.O., Atlin. 

Neale, A. R., Box 1693, Prince Rupert. 

Neale, Mrs. A. R., Box 1693, Prince Rupert. 

Nello, F., Box 444, Cumberland. 

Nevill, Miss A. E., Alert Bay. 

Neville, G., H.C.S., Cable Station, Bam- 

Newiiarch, H. T., Canadian Bank of 
Commerce, Parksville, Vancouver 

Nicoll, B., Atlin. 

Nixon, Miss M. E., Indian Mission School, 
Albert Bay. 

Noon, C. H. W., Salt Spring Island. 

Nordschow, Miss A. E., Hagensborg. 

Nordschow, Miss R., Hagensborg. 

O'Brien, Miss J. E., Ashcroft. 

O'Connor, J., Namu. 

Offin, E. B., P.O. Box 594, Cranbrook. 

Offin, Mrs. E. B., P.O. Box 594, Cran- 

Old, S. O., H.C.S., P.O. Box 576, Kelowna. 

Oliver, R. S., Luxton P.O., Van. 

Orjiston, C. M., Government Office, Cran- 

Orpen, Mrs. G., Box 137, Salmon Arm. 

Osborne, H. C, Y.M.C.A., Victoria. 

Owen, H., Cloverdale. 

Owen, \V. A. (City Engineer), Nanaimo. 

Oxenham, J., Surrey Centre. 

L'ain'ter, E. R., 1524, 2nd Avenue West, 

Painter, P.., 1524, 2nd Avenue Wot, Van- 

Pangman, H. G., The Canadian Bank of 
Commerce, N. Vancouver. 

Parker, H. J., Dominion Lands Agency 

Parker, Miss T. E., Revelstoke. 
Parker, S. C, Cloverdale. 

Parson, C. H., H.C.S. (Postmaster), Golden. 

Parson, H. G., Golden. 

Partington, H. P., 525, Seymour Street, 

Partridge, Mrs. F. K., " Ben-My-Chree " 

Mines, via Atlin. 
Partridge, 0. H., " Ben-My-Chree," via 

Paterson, L. T., Dept. of Distribution, 

B.C.E. Rly., Vancouver. 
Paton, R. W., R.R. 2, Vernon. 
Patterson, J. K„ c/o C. F. Williams, Esq., 

White Valley, Vernou. 
Pauline, J. A., Bella Bella. 
Paxton, W. G., Atlin. 
Pearse, Mrs. S., Monte Creek. 
Pearson, G., Bella Coola. 
Pease, R. A., Kelowna. 
Pease, Miss D. A S., Kelowna. 
*Pelly, Miss C. D., 1040 16th Ave., W.. 

Pelton, R. L., Atlin. 
Pensox, Mis* M., Proctor. 
Pentecost, P., Rock Creek. 
Pett, H. J., c/o Mr. Burr, Burnside Road, 

Phillips, Miss C. C, 1115, Burnaby Street, 

Philps, P., Bella Bella. 
♦Pickersgill-Cunliffe, E. E., 150, Mile 

House, Ashcroft. 
Pickles, C. H., Cartey Island. 
Pilling, J., Kahlin Telegraph, Creek. 
Piper, A. W. J., Lowe Inlet. 
Pollard F,., P.O. Box 368, Vancouver. 
Porteous, Lieut.-Commander H. Scott- 

H.C.S., Hawkshaw, Courtenay. 
Pratt, J. R. Hexland, 32, Nelson Street, 

Price, H., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., Beaver 

Price, J., Hosmer Hotel. ' 
Price, R., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., Beaver 

Priestley, A. F., Upper Naas. 
Proby, D. G., P.O. Box 1153, Victoria. 
Pugin, H. W., South Salt Spring Island. 
Purser, G. M., 18, Hampton Court, 

Purvis, W., Coughlan. 
Quinlan, W. J., Ocean Falls. 
Rand, E. E., c/o Rand Bros., 543, Granville 

Street, Vancouver. 
Ranns, Miss R., 121, Oswego Street, Vic- 
Raynes, A., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., Beaver 

Rayson, H. G., Golden. 

Reid, J., 425, Agnes Street, New West- 
Rennie, Mrs. A. E. H., P.O. Box 597, 

Rennie, W. H., Box 597, Kelowna. 
Rennison, G., 102nd Regiment, R.M.R., 

Richardson, A., Lawn Hill, Graham Island, 

Richardson, E., 1012, Nelson Street, Van- 
Richardson, F., Drawer 218, Penticton. 
Richardson, Mrs. A., Surrey Centre. 
Richardson, Arthur, Surrey Centre. 



Ritciiik. ' Box 78, West Snmmerland. 

Roach, R. G., Box I, Agassiz. 

Roberts, W. T., Port Hammond. 
Robertson, Mi." P., l'os 119 Penticton. 
Robertson, W. G., Courtcnay, Vancouver 

Robinson, Miss S. A., 2425, Cranmore 

Road, Oak Bldgs., Victoria. 
Robitaille, C. E., Salmon Arm. 
Robson, B. G., Kimsquit. 
Burke-Roche, Mrs. the Hon. E„ 834, 

Pemberton Road, Victoria. 
Rolston, D. R., Golden. 
Rorie, G., 1520, 11 no Street, Vancouver. 
Rose, E.. II. R. No. 2, Cloverdale. 
Rosenqard, Miss L., 1G30, Robson Street, 

Ross, J., Shuswap. 
Rowland, Miss E. M., c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
Rowland, Mrs. H. A., c/o C. M. Bryant, 

Esq., Beaver Point. 
Roy, J., 222, Pacific Buildings, 744, Hast- 
ings St. W., Vancouver. 
Ruckle, A., Beaver Point. 
Ruckle, Mrs. M. II., Beaver Point. 
Rudd, J. M., P.O. Box 147, Nanairno. 
Russel, Mrs. C. F., P.O. Box 324, Kam- 

Russell, E. N., Field. 
Russell, J. L., Russell Landing, Nelson. 
Ryan, F., Glencoe Lodge, Vancouver. 
Ryley, Miss K. V., Patricia Ranch, Vernon. 
Saffery, E. R., Pacific Cable Board, 

Safford, A., Court Croft, Burgoyne Bay, 

Salt Spring Island. 
Sampson, E. II. 8., P.O. Box 532, Rossland. 

dilands, E. M., Wilmer. 
♦Sands, C, Discovery. 
Sands, C. E., 37, Agnes Street, New 

Sanostad, G., Hagensburg. 

Sanostad, T., R.R. No. 1, Bella Coola. 

S vi'n'Deks, S. X., Government Offices, 
South, Fort George. 

Savile, E. C, Box 125, Salmon Arm. 

Savile, Mrs. E. C, Box 125, Salmon Arm. 
■., T. »;.. Bos 30, Nicola. 

Shanks, \V., 766, Homer Street, Vancouver. 

Shannon, S. H., Cloverdale. 

Shefhard, Miss Ethel, Crawford Bay, 
Kootcnay Lake. 

Shotbolt, H. T., River's Inlet. 

Shotton, Miss A. G., 971, Xichola Street, 

Sibbald, Miss K., Rcvelstoke. 

Simms, C, Courtenay. 

♦Sinclair, G. D., Atlin. 

Sinclair, J., o/o B. C. Electrio Rly. Co., 
Ltd., Vancouver. 

Sinoleton, T. E., Agassiz. 

Sissino, Miss B. L., General Delivery, Van- 

Slade, Mrs. J. A., West Demars, Arrow 

Slough, S. J., Salmon Arm. 

Small, E. L., Cloverdale. 

Small, G., 619, Third Avenue, New West- 
Smith, C. Hornsby, Telegraph Creek, P.O., 

Smith, F., Bella Coola. 
Smith, F., C.N.R., Bridge Camp, Lucerne. 
Smith, J. H. M., River's Inlet, P.O. 
Smith, R. M., Union S.S. Co., Vancouver. 
Smith, J. F., Port Clements, Graham 

Smith, J. H., Cloverdale. 
Smithers, W. J., c/o Bank of British North 

America, Prince Rupert. 
Spalding, D. A., c/o B.C. Electric Rly. Co., 

Ltd., Vancouver. 
Sparrow, J., c/o C. M. Bryant, Esq., Beaver 

Spencer, G., Flathead Hotel, Corbin, Koote- 

Spencer, J. M. E., R.R. 2, Cloverdale. 
Stephenson, E. F., Kaslo. 
Steven, A. H., West Summerland. 
Sisvens, D. G., Bank of British North 

America, Rossland. 
Stobart, L. F., Harper Ranch, Kamloops. 
Stone, A. W., c/o Pro v. Police Office, 

Strand, J., Quesnel. 
Sullivan, D., Atlin 
Sutherland, E. N., Westminster Club, New 

Sutherland, W., Bella Coola. 
Swann, Rev. P., Kitimaat. 
Sweet, Walter, Discovery. 
Symons, Mrs. E., St. Michael's School, Oak 

Bay, Victoria. 
Symons, K., St Michael's School, Oak Bay, 

Tarves, A., Cloverdale. 
Taylor, A. B., Atlin. 

Taylor, Private E., Orderly Room, 72nd 
Regt., S. H. of C, 901 Hastings Street, 
W. Vancouver. 
Teebay, R. A., Lorctto, Bella Coola. 
Telfer, T. G., Nicola. 
Terry, W. S., 705, Fort Street, Victoria. 
Tester, P. N., Sidney, Vancouver Island. 
Thatcher, Miss M. A., Spillimachene, 

Columbia Valley. 
Thomson, Miss C. E., Kennacoil, Balfour, 

Thomson, Miss M. G., Bannockburn, Tur- 

goose P.O., Saanichton. 
Tikkas, C, Namu. 
Toombs, J. M., Salmon Arm. 
Tonks, W. C, 530 Helmoken Street, Van- 

Tooth, H. B., P.O. Box 248, Cranbrook. 
Townshend, F. C, H.C.S., Box 555, Trail. 
Trebeck, A O., Three Valley. 
Tucker, C, H.C.S., P.O. Drawer 93, Bella 

Tucker, Mrs. C, P.O. Drawer 93, Bella 

Tunbridge, N. F., Penticton. 
Turnbull, J, 819, Walker Street, Victoria 

West, Victoria. 
Tcrnbull, W. H., Sullivan. 




Turner, Miss M. E., 830, 39th Aveune, E. 

TrREB, Miss S. E., H C.S., Agassiz. 

Vey, Mrs. F., 713, Vancouver Street, 

Vincent, S., Pacific Cable Station, Bamfield 

Waddell, R. G., River's Inlet. 

Waddell, W., Hazeldean Ranch Craigel- 

Wade, A. H., Penticton. 

Wade, Miss M. L„ Ashcroft. 

Wailes, Mrs. M., Forest House, via Van- 

Walker, H. E., Cloverdale. 

Wallace .Mrs. H. E., Revelstoke. 

Wallace, W. H., Revelstoke. 

Wallinger, N. A., H.C.S., Cranbrook. 

Ware, W.. Telegraph Creek. 

Warne, W. H., Sidney, Vancouver Island. 

Watkins, F. M., Sandon. 

Watson, John, 1031, Harwood Street, Van- 

♦Wayne, R. H., Kelowna. 

Weaver. A. E., River's Inlet. 

Webster, A. C, Agassiz. 

Weld, Miss M., 1058, Robson Street, Van- 

Westland, A. K., R.R. No. 2, Cloverdale. 

Whalen, J., Upper Naas. 

Wheeler, A. G., H.C.S., Sidney, Vancouver 

Wheeler, E., Bella Coola. 
Whitaker, H., Sechelt Hotel, Sechelfc. 
White, Miss E., Chemainus, Vancouver 

White, J. J., Sidney, Vancouver Islan I. 
White, S. G., Cloverdale. 
White, S. F., R R, No. 1, Aldergrovc. 
White, T. W., Atlin. 
Whiteley, B. R., Cloverdale. 
Wickham, W. T., Robson. 
Wiley, W., Golden. 
Wilson, H., Nanaimo. 
Wilson, H. G„ 464, St. Charles Street, 

Wilson, J. J., Cloverdale. 
* Wilson, Miss M., Agassiz. 
Wilton, G., P.O. Box 838, Nanaimo. 
Wood, J. T., Golden. 
Weight, E. G., c/o Marine Ironworks, 

Prince Rupert. 
Wyllie, R. A., 1547, Monterey Avenue, Oak 

Bay, B.C. 
Yeld, R. A., Edgewood, Lower Arrow Lake. 
♦Young, T. R., Hillside, Clrilcotin. 


Birtie.— H.C S., Robert S. Cartwright, Bos 171. 

Carberry.~H.CS., E. G. Childe, Union Bank of Canada. 

Crystal City. — H.C.S., W. G. McNamee, Manager, Union Bank of Canada. 

Gilbert Plains.— H.C.S., G. Hudson, Box 128. 

Grandview.— H.C.S., T. E. Hedderly. 

Manitou.— H.C.S., Chas. C. Parker, The Pharmacy. 

McConnell.— H.C.S., J. G. Simmie. 

Millwood.— H.C.S., P.H. Spencer. 

Minnedosa.~H.CS., H. F. Mai.-t.-90n, KrC, P.O. Box 48ti. 

Morden. — H.C.S., His Honour Corbet Locke, County shtdge, Mocden. 

Oak Lake. — H.C.S., R. Hickens Hockin. 

Plumas. H.C. S., E. G. Sampson, Royal Bank of Canada. 

Portage la Prairie. — H.C.S., G. A. Marshall, Police Magistrate. 

Roblin.— H.C.S., L. J. R. Whittam, P.O. Box 111. 

Rosebank.— H.C.S., A. H. Baker. 

Shellmouth.— H.C.S., Godfrey H. H. Jackson. 

Sidney.~H.CS., A. C. Sharpley. 

Swan Lake. — H.C.S., T. C. Lusted, Swan Lake. 

The Pas.— H.C.S., G. if. Watson. 

Treesbank.— H.C.S., N. Criddle. 

Underbill.— H.C.S., J. E. Walker Reid. 

Wawanesa.— H.C.S., A. Eason. 

Winnipeg. — H.C.S., J. C. Macnab, c/o Macnab and Roberts. 

Acheson, J. T., Morden. 

Alleyn, R., Morden. 

Alloway, C. V., 61, Osborn Street, Winni- 

Anderson, T. N., Swan Lake. 

Armstrong, M. G., c/o Canadian Fire In- 
surance Co., Winnipeg. 

Arnold, W. S., c/o J. C. MacNab, Esq., 
120, Lombard Street, Winnipeg. 

Ashcroft, D., Harlington. 

Ashton, W. E., Cameron. 

Badlev, W., Sidney. 

Bagnell, C, 311, Colony Street, Winnipeg. 

Baillie, Miss S., Manitou. 

JSaker, A. H., H.C.S., Rosebank. 

Baker, W. V., Myrtle. 

Barker, F., Box 30, Pas. 

Bedford, G- V., Morden. 

Beilby, W. T., Clan william. 

Bellhouse, D. W., 210, Chestnut Street, 

Berry, E. G., 392, Kennedy Street, Winni- 

Bonnar, R. A. (K.C.), Court House, 

Bowen, A. W., Morden. 


1 13 

\1 ANITOBA— continue d. 

Boyd, N. K., 960, Dorchester Ave., Winni- 

BbaOK, J. D., 134, Smith Street, Hinm; 
Bbamwkll, F., 305, Kenmore Block, Win- 
Brough, J., Grandview. 
Bui ki.e, .Miss (_'., 869, Grain Exchange, 

Busubv, A., The Canadain Bank of Com- 
merce, Winnipeg. 
Campbell, R. J., Boissevain. 
Campbell, S. W., 199, Elm Street, Winni- 
Card all, C. W\, 15G, Jefferson Avenue, 

Carpenter, G. E., 2-0, Aynsley Street, 

Carter, G., c/o Carlton Club, Winnipeg. 
Cartwriqht, R. S., H.C.S., Box 171, 

Channino, H. G., c/o A. H Dickie, Esq., 

Channing. J. R., c/o A. H. Dickie, Esq., 

Chapman, F. C, Morden. 
Chase, J. D., Purves. 
Cuilde, E. G., H.C.S., Carberry. 
Clark, H. N., Treesbank. 
Clawson, 2nd Lieutenant D. C, 350, Spence 

Street, Winnipeg. 
Clemson, Private W., C.A.S.< . Exped. 

Force, Fort Osborne Barracks, Winni- 
Cochrane, J., 310, Inkster, Boulevard, 

Cochran, S. N., Carman. 
Colquhoun, A. H., c/o J. Lang, 559 Pacific 

Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Corballis, H. J., Emerson. 
Cowley, C, Box 112, Carberry. 
♦Crawford, F. G., 1 !.">, Spence Street, 

Criddle, N., H.C.S., Treesbank. 
Cbuiceshank, J. D., Canadian Bank of 

Commerce', Winnipeg. 
Cottle, H. A., Grandview. 
Daislev, J., c/o J. C. MaoNab, Esq., 120, 

Lombard Street, Winnipeg. 
Darcy, W. 11., 75, Edmonton Street. 

Davi3, W. J., c/o Dominion Bridge Co., 

Day, E., Suite A., Cornwall Apts., River 

Avenue, Winnipeg. 
De Roo, Paul, Bwan Luke. 
Detchon, Henry, 1183 Grosvenor Avenue, 

Dickinson, R. D., Bank Farm, Solsgirth. 
Donaghy, Rev. J. A., McConnell. 
Dbauglet, J. H., Millwood P.O. 
Duckworth, P., 350, Boyd Avenue, 

Durdenv Mrs. E. B., 132, Pacific Avenue, 

Box 361, West Selkirk. 
Eason, A., H.C.S., Wawanesa. 
Elye, Norris-, C. L. S., H.C.S., Militia and 

Defence, c/o Paymaster Military Dist. 

No. 10, Winnipeg. 

Fanshaw, A. J., 16, W'olseley Apts., 

Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Farquuarson, A. G., 122-24, Lombard 

.Street, Winnipeg. 
Ferouson, A. K., 87, Princess St: 

Fewings, W., 98, Sherbrooke Street, 

Gardner, W. E., Swan Lake. 
Ginnklly, T., 424, Rosedale, Winnipeg. 
Gordon, Miss E. G., 120, Lombard Street, 

Gkay, R. S., Russell P.O. 
Gunne, Miss M. G., Dauphin. 
Hack, Mrs. E. M., Box 24, Grandvital. 
Hack, W. H., Box 24, Grandvital. 
Hainsworth, C. J., Mountainside. 
Hampshire, W., Cromer Station. 
Harrison, R., H.C.S., 226th Batt., C.E.F., 

Camp Hughes. 
Hartwell, W. F., Swan Lake. 
Hedderley, T. E., H.C. S., Grandview. 
Hewitt, R. T., Morden. 
Hilliard, H. W., Minnedosa. 
Hockin, E. H., H.C.S., Oak Lake. 
Hole, A. E., Myrtle. 
Holland, W. H., Swan Lake. 
Hoskin, A. E., Farmer Building, 333, Main 

Street, Winnipeg. 
Hudson, G., H.C.S., P.O. Box 128, Gilbert 

Humphries, F. J., Dauphin. 
Hurluurt, H. S., c/o Suite G., Hugo Apts., 

Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg. 
Hutchinson, J. R., Box 60, Boissevain. 
Isherwood, T., 078, Kylemore Avenue, 

Jackson, G. H. H., H.C.S., Shellmouth. 
Joyce, C., 475, Robert Street, Sturgeon 

Keed, A., Waskada. 
Keene. II., P.O. Box 1003, Winnipeg. 
Kendall, A. F., Virden. 
Knight, L. L., c/o O. B. Knight & Co., 301, 

Portage Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Larking, T. L., Fisherton. 
Lay, 11. W., 1008, Jessie Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Lloyd, H., Box 1093, Winnipeg. 
Locke, His Honour Corbet. H.C.S., Morden. 
Lofthouse, Mrs. A. Mc.L., Suite No. 4, 

Minnewaska Court, Spence Street, 

Lofthouse, D. S., Suite No. 4, Minnewaska 

Court, Spence Street, Winnipeg. 
Lusted, T. C, H.C.S., Swan Lake. 
M \<;Ciiarles, Dr. R. W., Manitou. 
MacDonald, Judge J. A., Court House, 

Maodonald, Sir Hugh J., K.C., 61, Carlton 

Street, Winnipeg. 
Macfarlane, J. M., 861, Lipton Street, 

Macnab, J. C, H.C.S., Winnipeg. 
McAree, R. G., Minnedosa. 
McCartney, Rev. H. M., The Rectory, 

McDiaf.mid, J., 210, Kokomis Building, 




MANITOBA— continued. 

MoIntyre, H. C, c/o J. C. MacNab, Esq., 

120, Lombard Street, Winnipeg. 
McNamee, W. G., H.C.S., c/o Union Bank of 

Canada, Crystal City. 
Mandle, T. B., 17, Yale Avenue, Tran- 

Marshall, G. A..H.C.S., Portage la Prairie. 
Martin, H., Grandview. 
Mason, E. J., Manitou. 

Mathieson, G. S., 804, Union Trust Build- 
ing, Winnipeg. 
Mauison, H. P., K.C., H.C.S., Box 486, 

Miller, L. F. L., Oak River. 
Moody, A., Manitou. 
Moore, A. E., 668, Toronto Street, 

Moore, A. J., Swan Lake. 
Moore, Mrs. Daisy, 277, Spencer Street, 

Morley, W., Suite A., Cornwall Apts., 

River Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Morton, 'C. E., Suite 5, Hazelton Block, 

Maryland Street, Winnipeg. 
Muir, P., 371, Furby Street, Winnipeg. 
Muir, W., Swan Lake. 
Murray, A., 210, Good Street, Winnipeg. 
Myers, J., 910, Paris Building, Winnipeg. 
Neill, Miss S., c/o J. Lang, Esq., 559, 

Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg. 
O'Brien, J., 67, 2nd Street, S.W. Portage 

la Prairie. 
Onhauser, V. F., Box 361, Minnedosa. 
Orde, F. W., 302, Mclntyre Block, 

Orde, W. L., 42, Balmoral Place, Winnipeg. 
Owens, M., Manitou. 
Parker, C. C, H.C.S., Manitou. 
Parker, R., 152, Sutherland Street, St. 

James, Winnipeg. 
Parton, J., 610, McArthur Building, 

Peacey, R., Silverdale Farm, Minnedosa. 
Peacey, Mrs. R., Silverdale Farm, Minne- 
Pearson, C.W. R., Leepawn. 
Philipps, E. J., Boissevain. 
Phipps, R. C. W., Box 222, Manitou. 
Phipps, Miss E. E., Manitou. 
Price, G. H., 610, McArthur Building, 

Pt/GH, H. J., Brandon. 
Ralston, J. O., Manitou. 
Reed, A., 568, River Avenue, Fort Rouge, 

Reid, J. E. W., H.C.S., Underhill. 
Richardson, F., H.C.S., c/o Union Bank, 

Richardson, D., 627, Grain Exchange, 

Roberts, W., 950, Dorchester Avenue, 

Rocan, J. (M.D.), Somerset. 
Roslino, H., Glasgow Avenue, Winnipeg. 
Roslinq, Mrs. R., Glasgow Avenue, 

Ross, H. C, c/o J. C. MacNab, Esq., 120, 

Lombard Street, Winnipeg. 

Saddleton, E. W., Home Bank of Canada, 

Sampson, E. G., H.C.S., The Royal Bank of 
Canada, Plumas. 

Saunders, J., 124, Pacific Avenue, 

Saunders, Mrs. M., 124, Pacific Avenue, 

Saunders, W. J., 610, McArthur Building, 

Scholifield, F. W. B., c/o J. McDiamid, 
Co., Ltd., Canada Bldg., Contractor, 

Sharpley, A. C, H.C.S., Sidney. 

♦Simmie, J. G., H.C.S., McConnell. 

Sinclair, G. B., 490, Young Street, 

Slator, E., Douglas P.O. 

Smith, A. W. H., 706, Lome Avenue, 

Smith, F. G., Baldur. 

Smith, Mrs. F. T., Carnegie Post Office. 

Smith, T. B., " D " Company, 183rd Batt., 
Camp Hughes. 

Somerset, C. E., Oak Lake. 

Spencer, P. H., H.C.S., Millwood P.O. 

Stackpoole, Mrs. D., 1002, Jessie Avenue, 
Fort Rouge, Winnipeg. 

Stark, G., Box 203, Deloraine. 

Starkey, F., Portage la Prairie. 

Steer, W. J., 108, Lisgar Avenue, Nor- 

Stewart, J. W., c/o National Trust Com- 
pany, Winnipeg. 

Stuart, G. L., 277, Macuton Avenue, 

Taylor, D. G., Baldur. 

Taylor, H. A., Bank of Commerce, Winni- 

Taylor, R. O., Northern Assurance Co. of 
England, Winnipeg. 

Thornton, R., Manitou. 

Tilley, E. E., Box 10, Minnedosa. 

Timmins, F. M., 588, Kylemare Avenue, 
Fort Rouge, Winnipeg. 

Tinniswood, J. H., Cameron. 

Tisdat.e, F. W., 49, Stradbrook Place, 

Trueman, W. H. (K.C.), Court House, 

Truesdale, A., 156, Lombard Street, 

Vane, E., Treesbank. 

Waitt, Miss I. H., 405, Cumberland 
Avenue, Winnipeg. 

Wainwright, Mrs. M. K., 120, Granville 
Street, Winnipeg. 

Wainwright, R., 120, Granville Street, 

Walker, J. M., 316, Went worth Street, 

Wallace, Miss J. B., P.O. Box 486, Minne- 

Wallis, G. S., 159, Lisgar Avenue, Nor- 

Wanlass, R. D., c/o Todhunter and Mit- 
chell, .Smith and York Streets, Winni- 

P e g- 



MANITOBA- continued. 

Watson, G. H., H.C.S., The Canadian Bank 
of Commerce, The Pas. 

Watson, S., 156, Lombard Street, 

Webber, I. F., Homestead Dept., Dominion 
Office, Winnipeg. 

Webber, W. A., Riding Mountain, Grand- 

Whih-ley, G. A., 170, Lenore Street, 


Canso.— H.C.S., Frank G. Burstall, Hazel Hill. 

Halifax.— Branch Sec, Major J. P. Edwards, The Over-Seas Club. Halifax. 

New Glasgow. HCS-, CL M. Crockett. 

Sydney, Cape Breton.— H.C S-, W. Cornish -Bowden, 24, Leonard Street, Sydney. 

Whittam, L. J. P.. 

Wit.dman, J. E. 1 

Willson, R. A. S., Swan Lake. 
Withers, Roy A., Box 173, Rivcro. 
Wood, J. S., OakvilK 
Wright, F. J., 188th Batt. CE.F 

Wright, W. A., Minnedosa. 

H.C.S., P.O. Box 111, 
, 117, Donald Street, 


Adams, Captain J., c/o C. S. " Minia," 

Akehurst, H. J., Fertilizer Experimental 

Farm, Box 210, Sydney, C.B. 
Allsop, John, 20, Victoria Road, Halifax. 
Austen, B. M., c/o Austen Bros., Ltd., 

Austen, P. G., Church Street, Dartmouth. 
Bancroft, J. J., Canso. 
Barkhoose, Captain, cjo C. S. "Minia," 

Halifa x. 
Bates, J. J., 47, Henry Street, Halifax. 
Bates, P. D., 113b Morris Street, Halifax. 
Bellamy, C, Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Belliveau, J. T., Joggins Mines, Cumb Co. 
Bezanson, H. P., 50, South Park Street, 

Biles, Miss N., 238, Lockman Street, 

Black, Captain R. R., Dennis Building, 

Blenkhorn, M. A., Canso. 
Booker, G. B., 72. South Street, Halifax. 
Booth, P., Hazel Hill. 
Bowden, Wm. Cornish, H.C.S., 24, Leonard 

Street, Sydney, Cape Breton. 
Bowers, E. C., West port. 
Bradford, H., Metropole Building, Halifax. 
Brailsford, J. A., 15*, Hunter Street, 

Brooker, G. W., 238, Lockman Street, 

Brooker, Mrs. K. A., 238, Lockman Street, 

Brookfield, S., Young Avenue, Halifax. 
Brows, W. J., 139, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
Bryant, C. E., 259, Tower Road, Halifax. 
Bryant, Lieutenant C, P.O. Box 314, 

Bdrqoyne, J., 71, Victoria Road, Halifax. 
Burns, C. H. McL., JogjrinM Mines. 
Burstall, F. G., H.C.S., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Burton, 11. F., Bedford Chambers, Halifax. 
Bushell, S., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Carter, F., Canso. 
*Carterat, Mrs. A. E. S., 99, South Park, 

Chambers, A. R., New Glasgow. 
Chittick, W. P., Canso. 
Clark, A. C, Hazel Hill. 


Clarke, A. J., Joggins Mines, Cumb Cov 

Comrie, A., New Glasgow. 

Chisholm, Dr. S., 353, Brunswick Street, 

Chisholm, Hod. J. A., Metropole Building, 

Corbitt, G. E., Annapolis Royal. 
Cossaboom, E., Hazel Hill. 
Courteen, A., North Sydney, C.B. 
Crease, A., 105, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
Crockett, C M., H.C.S., New Glasgow. 
Croucher, L. R., Hazel Hill. 
Crowell, M. S., 15, Lorno Terrace, 

Cunningham, Mrs. II. W., St. George's 

Rectory, Halifax. 
Conningham, Rev. H. W., St. George's 

Rectory, Halifa x. 
Curry, Rev. J. D., Joggins Mines. 
Curry, T. M., 185, South Park Street, 

Dalton, H., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Davis, A. M., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Davis, R., Hazel Hill. 
Davis, Rev. S., Seaforth. 
Davis, W. R., Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Dawe, H., Hazel Hill. 
*de Carteret, Mrs. A. E. S., 99, South 

Pa>rk, Halifax. 
*de Carteret, W. G. S., H.C.S., 99, South 

Park, Halifax. 
Demont, F. J., Hazel Hill. 
Dewar, P., Ha7el Hill, Canso. 
Doman, Miss A. E., Edgehill, Windsor. 
Donovan-, W. E., 106, Queen Street, 

1 1 ilifax. 
Doull, Dr. A. E., 158, Dutch Village 

Road, Halifax. 
Duffield, H., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Duouid, J., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Dunnino, J. C, Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Dyer, A. !•'., 20, Munis Street, Halifax. 
Dyke, F. R., c/o C. S. " Lonl Kelvin," 

Dymond, Dr. W. A., c/o C. S. "Minia," 

Eagar, Frank, McCurd Building, Halifax. 
* Edwards, Major J. P., 95, Edward Street, 



i it; 


NOVA SCOTIA— continued. 

Elliot, R., Dartmouth. 

Evans, C. A., 239, Tower Road, Halifax. 

Fareish, Dr. G. W., Yarmouth. 

Farror, W. E., c/o 0. S. "Lord Kelivn," 

Flick, H. E., 35, Lucknow Street, Halifax. 
Foden, A., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Fraser, J. MoL., Marine and Fisheries, 

Fraser, Dr. L. H., 325, South Street, 

Phaser, Sir F., School for Blind, Halifax. 
!'r \ser, G. R., Paymaster, Naval Depot, 

Syndney, N.S. 
♦Fraser-Harris, D. (Prof.), 80, South 

Park, Halifax. 
Freeman, P. A., 8, Fawson Street, Halifax. 
Freeman, R. W., Ambeish. 
Gibson, R. H., Bank of Nova Scotia, 

Graham, J. G., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Graham, L. A., Hazel Hill. 
Grant, J. R., 26, Lucknow Street, Hali- 
* Grant, M. C. (His Honour), Province of 

Nova Scotia, Halifax. 
Grant, W., 3, Parker Street, Halifax. 
Greigh, J. E., 2, Wright Avenue, Halifax. 
Cue, T. B., 83, Oxford Street, Halifax. 
Harlow, L. C., Truro. 

Harpee, W. C., 17, Spring Street, Amherst. 
Harris, Captain R. V., Headquarters M.D., 

No. 6, Halifax. 
Harrison, Captain, 254, Jubilee Road, 

Hartley, P. M., Canso, Guysboro Co. 
Hassall, Private H., Box 393, Sydney 

Mines, Cape Breton. 
Hassall, H. H., Box 393, Sydney Mines, 

Cape Breton. 
Hastie, C, Hazel Hill. 
Hattie, R. M., 27, Coburg Road, Halifax. 
II will, E. E., C7, Henry Street, Halifax. 
Haywabd, A. J., 164, Saddleworth Road, 

Greetland, near Halifax. 
Haywabd, R., c/o C. S. " Minia," Halifax. 
Helsby, E. G., 7.">, Inglis Street, Halifax. 
II BLSBY, R., J I, Seymour Street, Halifax. 
Hemming, J. B., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Hennesst, 11., Gumbo Go. 
Hicks, Captain .1., "The Oaks," Bowery, 

Road, Halifax. 
Hicks, Mrs. J., " The Oaks," Bowery Road, 

Hill, J. E., 106th Batt., C.E.F., Truro. 
Holland, C, P.O. Box 677, Sydney. 
Holloway, Commander E. C. S., H.M.C. 

Dockyard, Halifax. 
Howard, G. B., Bank of Montreal, Halifax. 
Isner, R. A., 440, Robio Street, Halifax. 
Jack, G. D., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Jamieson, A. E., 30* Seymour Street, 

Jamieson, J. T., North Sydney. 
Johnson, R. A., 56, Barrington Street, 

♦Jones, J. C, 142, Morris Street, Halifax. 
Jlbien, C. F., Brenton Street, Halifax. 

Keabsley, R., P.O. Box 176, Sydney 

Mines, Cape Breton. 
Keator, J. Gillis, 109, Morris Street, 

Kimber, F. C, Royal Cape Breton Yacht 

Club, Sydney, C.B. 
Laggin, C. E., New Glasgow. 
Lantz, F. C, South Barracks, Halifax. 
Legate, Lieutenant R. D., 77, Morris Street, 

Halifa x. 
Lindsay, Mrs., 62, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
*Llwyd, J. P. D., Very Rev., Dean, 44, 

Inglis Street, Halifax, 
Llwyd, Mrs. 44, Inglis Street, Halifax. 
Lomas, Major A. P., Dennis Building, 

Macdonald, A., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
MaoIntyre, A., Hazel Hill. 
MacMillan, L., New Glasgow. 
McAllister, A. C, Hazel Hill, Canso. 
McAllister, F., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
McDougall, J. C, 24, South Street, 
Halifax. . 

McInnes, H., 62, Inglis Street, Halifax. 
McKay, Dr. A. H., 163, Queen Street, 

McKay, G., Hazel Hill. 
McKay, Prof. E., 24, Harvey Street, 

McKechnie, F. H., Davidson Building, 

McKenzie, J. J., Canso, Guysboro Co. 
McNeil, W., New Glasgow. 
McQuarrie, J. A., Joggins Mines. 
Mahon, A. S., 177, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
Mahon, VV. F., 177, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
Major, W. A., 140, South Park Street, 

Marshall, H. H., Granville Street, Hali- 
Martin, Captain (R.N.), H.M.C. Dockyard, 

Mathers, I., 89, Victoria Road, Halifax. 
Mathers, Dr. R. E., 2U, Morris Street, 

Matheson, P. H. C, Hazel Hill. 
Melling, W., P.O. Box 136, Sydney Mines, 

Cape Breton. 
Melling, W., Box 136, Sydney Mines, 

C. Brenton; 
Metzler, R. H., 314, Pleasant Street, 

Halifa x. 
Midgley, E. H., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Miller, P., Hazel Hill. 
Miller, T., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Minshull, A. H., Eastern Trust Company, 

Mitchell, C. H., 242, Tower Road ; Halifax. 
Mitchell, G. McG., Lucknow Street, 

Mitchell, G. W., 42, Queen Street, Halifax. 
Mitchell, W. J., Como Hotel, Joggins 

Moffatt, H. P., Canso. 
Moffatt, T. I. D., 93, Hollis Street, Halifax. 
Morris, C .ptain W. E., Canso. 
Morris, J., New Glasgow. 
Morrison, D. A., Amherst. 


1 i; 


Morrison, E. It., Marine and Fisheries, 

Morrison. J. A., Hazel Hill. 
Mobeow, E. V., Box 661, Halifax. 
Mourant, A. E., Eastern Harbour, Cape 

M i i. ii vu. I>. i '.. Livei pool. 
Mimuv, Hon. G. H., Provincial Building, 


ri. F. J., Bank of Monl i hurst. 

Nash, A. E., Bank of Montreal, Halifax. 
Nicholson, R., 182, George Street, Sydney. 
O'Donoghue, C, Canso. 
O'Leary, A. T., M ssrs. S. Cunar 1 

Oxxey, Colonel F. II.. Pos( Office, Halifax. 
Oxs be, I... I Eelvin," Halifax. 

PATCH, F. O..L., Liverpool. 

:IN. V., Box 576, Halifax. 
Perry, L. J., The Canadian Bank of I 

meroe, Sydney, N.S. 
Peters, D., Hazel Hill. 
Peters, J., Hazel Hill. 
Phillips, T. H., Marine and Fisheries, 

Pooi.k. 1". 11., Asst. Transport Officer, 

Popplestone, J. M., Hazel Hill. 
Prenderoast, W. J., Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Pubves, J. R.. Hazel Hill, Canso. 
Rattray, D. H., Hazel Hill. 
Rattray, H., Hazel Hill. 
Repton, Mrs. B. F.. Sydney Hotel, Sydney. 
Ridges, Lieutenant R. V., it.M.C. Dock- 
yard, Halifax. 
Rice, H. A.. Canso. 
Rockwell, W., River Herbert. 
Rood, W. E., An tde Building, Halifax. 
Ross, J.F., Dnl. eg fax. 

Richard, A. D., La Have. 
Robinson, Miss H., Annapolis Royal. 
Ross, W'., Hazel Hill. 
*Kussell, Hon. Mr. Justice, The Berkley, 

fnglis Street, Halifax. 
Sand all, John. 37, Fenwick Street, 

oh, W. E., c/o Ungar's Laundry 

Scott, J. B., 4, Carleton Street, Halifax. 
SheRWELL, G. E. I'.. C.S. ■' Miuia," Halifax. 
Simmonds, F. K. . Dartmouth. 
Smith, L., c/o J. E. Morse & Co., Halifax. 

H, Miss G., Edgehill, Windsor. 
Smith, R. C, Bos 643, Halifax. 
Smith, S., Hazel Hill. 

Smith, S. T. A.. Hazel Hill, Canso. 

Smith, Mrs. \V., 267, Pleasant Street, 

STErnENSON, G., Hazel Hill, Canso. 

Stevens, Mrs. B. M., Joggins Mines, Cuinb 

Stevens, F. G., Joggins Mines. 

. W. M., P.O. Box 475, Truro. 
■ art. Prof. H. L., Dalhousie Univer- 
sity, Halifax. 

Strong, P. T., c/o Arcadia Sugar Refinery 
. Halifax. 

Summers, Miss M. L., Edgehill, Windsor. 

Sutherland, D. H., Hazel Hill. 

Sutherland, W. A., Hazel Hill. 

. R. M., 85, Morri Halifax. 

Tamplin, II. L., Hopewell, Picton County. 

Tamplin, M., Hopewell, Picton Co. 

Tamplin, M. J. (Junr. ), Hopewell. 

:ell, Jas., 132, Shirley Street, Halifax. 
ikston, R. P., Henry Street, Halifax. 

Thrush, R., Hazel Hill, Canso. 

TlBRNEY, F. M., Windmill Road, Dart- 

Trask, L. M., Dartmouth. 

Truvte-Bullock, H., Wolfvillc, King's 

Tyrer, C. A., Halifax. 

Tvrrer. D. W., 24, £aye Street, Halifax. 

Vidito, Colonel l. w.. 128, Granville Sti 

Voss ptain E. A., G3rd Regt. 11. F, 


Watson, Mis. M. L.. Liverpool. 

Webb, Mrs. A. P., Edgehill, Windsor. 

Webster, J. J., 28 South Park Sfa 

Webster, W. M. P., 88, Spring 
Road, Halifax. 

Wetmore, H. E., Canso. 

White, W. D., New Glasgow. 

White, W. T., Canso. 

Whitman, C. H., Canso. 

Whitman, E. ('.. Hazel Hill. < 'anso. 

Wilson, J., Pleasanl Street, Dartmouth. 
so, K. C, Merchants Hank of Canada, 

Windelbr, W. H„ Ha/. I Hill. 

Winters, W. I'., 81, Ba 

. A. B., c/o L M. 1 '. . 1 ' & 

1 ! 

. P., 113 Load, 

1 1 ah 
Wright, F. W., N ow. 


Enniskiilen.— H.C.S., W. K. Kirkpatrick. 

Fredericton. — H.C.S.. F. B. Bj ■ F. B. Ed 

Moncton. — H.C.S , E. G. Evans, Manager, Moncton and Buctouchc Railway. 

Rothesay. — H.C.S., Rev. W. R. Hibbabd, M.A., Rothesay Coll ool. 

St. John.— H.C.S. . Thi Pugsley Buildings, Princess Stn 

Woodstock. H.C.S. , Edgab W. Mair, The I ore. 

Allan, C. B., 152, Sydney Street, St. John. Allison, H. A., 23, Garden Street, St. Jofen. 
Allison, Miss A. H., Rothesay. Allison, Miss H. R., Rothesay. 

Allingham, H. P., Fairville, St. John. | *Allison, J., Rothesay. 



NEW BRUNSWICK— continued. 

Allison, J. R., Rothesay. 

Allison, J. R., Rothesay. 

Allison, W. C, Rothesay. 

Allison, Mrs. W. S., Rothesay. 

Allison, W. S., Rothesay. 

Ambrose, W. J., Bank of Montreal, St. 

Anderson, W. E., 203, King Street, E. 

St. John. 
Anderson, W. E., 86, Prince William 

Street, St. John. 
Anoevine, J. E., Hampton. 
Anqlin, Mrs. J. V., St. John. 
Anglin, Dr. J. V., St. John. 
Armstrong, Colonel H. J., 12, Wellington 

Row, St. John. 
Armstrong, Rev. R. A., 62, Charlotte 

Street, St. John. 
Armstrong, R. E., Board of Trade, St. 

Armstrong, R. J., Charlotte Street, St. 

Armstrong, T. E. G., 47, Queen Square, 

St. John. 
Armstrong, W. W., 59, Mecklenburg Street, 

St. John. 
Barbour, F. G., North Wharf, St. John. 
Barbour, G. E., 99, Hazen Street, St. John. 
Barnes, Fred., H.C.S.,c/o F.B.Edgecombe 

& Co., Ltd., Fredericton. 
Barnhill, A. P., St. John. 
Barnhill, C. R., Fairville. 
Barraclough, J. R., 202, Princess Street, 

St. John. 
Barton, J. H., 13, Germain Street, St. 

Bateman, William S., Bathurst. 
Beatteat, L. H., 342, Charlotte Street, St. 

Beck, H. E., St. Stephen. 
Belding, A. F., 164, Princess Street, St. 

Bell, Miss K. M., P.O. Box 39, St.John. 
Bell, Mrs. T., P.O. Box 39, St. John. 
Bell, T., H.C.S., P.O. Box 39, St. John. 
Bell, T. M., P.O. Box 39, St. John. 
Belyea, A. S., Spring Street, St. John. 
Belyea, J. D., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Belyea, W. G., St. Stephen. 
Bent, F. G.. St. John. 
Uerry, H. V., c/o M.R.A., Ltd., St. John. 
Bishop, W. B., 85, Germain Street, St. John. 
Blackall, Rev. D. W., Oak Bay. 
Blanchett, P. F., Rothesay. 
Bowman, W. E., Box 40. St. John. 
Broad H. W., St. Stephen. 
Broadbent, W. C, 149, King Street East, 

St. John. 
Brown, C. F., 501, Main Street, St. John. 
Brown, J. B., St. Stephen. 
Brown, W. D., 113, Adelaide Street, St. 

Bruce, W. W., c/o Bank of Montreal, St. 

Bryden, W'„ 104, Prince William Street, 

St. John. ' 
Budd, A.,S*. Stephen. 

Budd, G. H., St. Stephen. 
Budd, H. O., St. Stephen. 
Burnham, A. G., Jun., 9, Harding Street, 

St. John. 
Caldow, W. L., Bank of British North 

America, St. John. 
Cameron, N. C, 124, Prince William Street, 

St. John. 
Campbell, A. H., 26, Germain Street, St. 

Cannell, H., 105, Wright Street, St. John. 
Carleton, J. C, West St. John. 
Carltn, J. R., Royal Bank of Canada, St. 

Carlin, R., 41, Garden Street, St. John. 
Carlten, O. G., Sussex. 

Carter, E. P., Bathurst Glow Co., Bathurst. 
Casey, T., St. Stephen. 
Cawley, R. I., 197, Paradise Row, St. John. 
Chose, W. W., 79, Paradise Row, St. 

Church, R. P., 103, Prince William Street, 

St.. John. 
Clark, D. C. St. Johns City, West. 
Clark, J. F., St. Stephen. 
Clark, Wm. E., St. Stephen. 
Clarke, Hon. George J., St. Stephen. 
Clements, H., Bank of British North 

America, St. Stephen. 
Clowes, G. J. S., Oromocto. 
Cockburn, M. N., St. Andrews. 
Cole, C, St. Stephen. 
Cole, H. W., 30, Water Street, St. John. 
Coleman, R. E., 5, Metcalfe Street, St. 

Coli'itts, F. W. S., Moncton. 
Commins, W. J., St. Stephen. 
Cooper, R., Rothesay. 
Cowgill, F. B., 56, Prince William Street, 

St. John. 
Cumming, R., c/o Missis. R. McAirty & Co., 

St. John. 
Cunningham, F. A., 68, City Road, St. 

Darling* H. E., 15, Stanley Street, St. 

Darrock, D., St. Stephen. 
Davidson, G. D., 124, Germain Street, St. 

Davies, C. T., Newcastle. 
Dawson, D. C, 5, King Street, St. John. 
Daye, P. M., 24, Peter Street, St. John. 
Deacon, O. F., St. Stephen. 
Deinstadt, W. M., St. Stephen. 
De Wolfe, E. L., St. Stephen. 
De Wolfe, W. G., St. Stephen. 
Dickson, G. A., City Market, St. John. 
Dickson, T. C, c/o S. Jones, Ltd., Tho 

Brewery, St. John. 
Dickson-Otty, G. O., Box 237, Hampton, 

King's Co. 
Dixsmore. G. W., St. Stephen. 
Dinsmore, R. W., St. SteDhen. 
Doherty, F. P.. 24. Clarendon Street, St. 

Doherty, W. L., St. John West. 
Donavan, J. J., 235, City Road, St. John. 
Douglas, J. W., St. Stephen. 



NEW BRUNSWICK— continu* J. 

Drake, W. 0., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Dbikan, 11. S., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Dunlop, J. R., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Dunlop, W. R., 104, Prince William Street, 

St. John. 
I) inn-, H. R., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Duston, F. A., St. Stephen. 
Dwyer, D. T., St. Stephen. 
Edqett, J. F., 24, Custon Street, Moncton. 
Edwards, A. B., St. Stephen. 
Edwards, Lieut.-Colonel M. B., Prince 

William Street, St. John. 
Ellis, F. B., Kins William Street, St. John. 
Ellis. H. G. D., P.O, Drawer 1060, St. 

Ellis, Mm. M, A., 20, Queen Square, St. 

Ellis, S. B.. 20, Queen Square, St. John. 
Emerson-, W. E., Union Street, West St. 

Emery, A. F., 48, King's Square, West St. 

Evans, E. G., H.C.S., M. & B. Railway, 

Fair weather, E. H., Prince William Apart- 
ments, St. John. 
Fairweather, J. II. A. L., Rothesay. 
Fairweather, Mrs. P. R. L. ( Rothesay. 
Keswick, A. J., City Market, St. John. 
Kenwick, J. S., 272, Germain Street, St. 

Ferguson, C. II., 120, Prince William 

Street, St. John. 
Flewellinq, F. E., 187, Douglas Avenue, 

St. John. 
Forbes, K. N., Rothesay. 
Fox, S., 109, Rodney Street West, St. John. 
Frink, Mrs. II. W., Rothesay. 
Frink, J. H., 17, Elliott Row, St. John. 
Frink, R. W. W., St. John. 
Gage, Wm. A., St. Stephen. 
Ganong, A. D., St. Stephen. 
Ganong, G. W., St. Stephen. 

BY, J., Moncton. 
Gesner, B. C, Moncton. 
Gibson, II. A., Kredericton. 
Gilbert, Miss S. F., Burton, Oromocto. 
Gilcurist, J., East St. John. 
Gillham, A. R., P.O. Box 182, St. John. 
Gilmour, A., 08, Kinc; Street, St. John. 
Girvan, F. W., 101, Elliott Row, St. John. 
Goodwin, E. A., 38, Germain Street. St. 

Gordon, A. W., 41, Margaret Street, 

Goucher, Rev. W. C., St. Stephen. 
Graham, F. D. J., St. Stephen. 
Grant, W. Howe. St. Stephen. 
Grant W. L., St. Stephen. 
Green, H. G., 92, Germain Street, St. John. 
Gregory, C. A., St. Stephen. 
Gregory, S. L., 61, Dock Street, St. John. 
Gregory, J. H., West St. John. 
Greig, J. P., 129, Broad Street, St. John. 

Gregg, A. M., Y.M.C.A., St. John. 

Grimmer, F. P., St. Stephen. 

Grimmer, H. M., St. Stephen. 

Grimmer, R. Watson, M.L.A., St. Stephen. 

Grimmer, W. L., St. Stephen. 

Guy, J., 120, Wright Street, St. John. 

Haines, H., Rothesay. 

Huns, J. M., 154, Svdney Road. 

Haley, H. E., St. Stephen. 

Haley, J. L., St. Stephen. 

Hamilton, D. J., thy Market, St. John. 

Han-ley, C., St. Stephen. 

Hanson, P., St. Stephen. 

Harding, J. S., 214, Germain Street, St. 

II ibbis, J. H., Moncton. 
Harrison, J. G., c/o W. H. Thome & Co., 

Ltd., St. John. 
Hartt, T. A., M.P., St. Stephen. 
Hawker, W., Prince William Street, St 

Hawthorne, W. B., St. Stephen. 
Hayman, S. H., St. Stephen. 
Hegan, G. B., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. Jolin. 
Healy, R. E., Box 1312, St. John. 
Henderson, W. A., c/o Manchester, 

Robertson Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Hibbard, Rev. W. R., H.C.S., Rothesay. 
Hibbard, Mrs. W. R., Rothesay. 
Higgins, G. J., 41, Victoria Street, St. John. 
HiaoiNS, W. P., St. Stephen. 
Hood, A. S., 110, Wright Street, St. John. 
Hooper, R. J., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Howard, W., Passenger Agent, C. P. R., 

St. John. 
Hoyt, J. W., McAdam. 
Hubbard, Miss A. C., R.F.D. No. 1, 

Hubbard, W. W., Frcdericton. 
Huestis, C. E., St. Stephen. 
Humphrey, R. B., Coldbrook, St. John 

Humphrey, W. F., Moncton. 
Hunter, F. P., St. Stephen. 
Hunter, S. C, c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Hvslop, R. E., St. Stephen. 
Hyslop, W. A., St. Stephen. 
Ingraiiam, W. T., 30, Autumn Street, St. 

Jenkins, W. T., c/o M.R.A., Ltd., St. John. 
Johnson, D., St. Stephen. • 
Johnson, J. F., St. Stephen. 
Johnstone, J. C, 191, Charlotte Street, St. 

Jones, E. B., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Jones, Major F. Caveriiill, 180, Germain 

Street, St. John 
Jones. K. It., St. John. 

Jordan, W. C, The St. John Globe Pub- 
lishing Co., Ltd., St. John. 
Jordan, C. G., 5, Paradise Row, St. John. 
Jordan. J. X., .5, Paradise Row, St. John. 
Jouett, W. FitzRandolph, St. Stephen. 
Keith, L. A., 16, Paddock Street, St. John. 



NEW BRUNSWICK— con tinuet 1. 
Kennedy, A. J., Rothesay, Kings & Co. 
Kennedy, J., Rothesay, Kings & Co. 
Keyes, W. H., St. Stephen. 
Kimball, G. A., St. John. 
King, H. W., 177, Union Street, St. John. 
Kinneab, R. ]''.. Moneton. 
Kirkpatrick, W. K., H.C.S., Enniskillen. 
Knowlton, P. J. G., 55, Canterbury SI 

St. John. 
Laflin, A. A., St. Stcplien. 
Lamb, W. J., 107, St. James Street, St. 

Langley, I. C, c/o C.P.R., Aroostook Jet. 
Laubman, C. A., St. Stephen. 
Laughlin, T. A., St. Stephen. 
Lawson, J. D., M.D., St. Stephen. 
Ledingham, D. W., c/o W. Thomson & Co., 

Ltd., St. John. 
Lee, H. M., 203, St. George, St. West. 

St. John." 
Le Lachenr, A. J., c/o W. H. Thorne & Co., 

St. John. 
Lester, Miss M., Wellington Row, St. John. 
Levi, W., 31, Goodrich Street, St. John. 
Levy, A., St. Stephen. 
Lilley, W. T., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd. ,St. John. 
Lingley, H. M. L., 143, Adelaide Street, 

St. John. 
Linton, T. A., 292, Rockland Road. St, 

Logan, G. E., c/o Baxton and Logan, 50, 

Princess Street, St. John. 
Longhurst, F., 276, Douglas Avenue, St. 

Lord, J. S., St. Stephen. 
Lovesay, R. D., c/o Bank British North 

America. St. John. 
Lowe, C. E., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Lynch, D. E., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Lynott, C. H., St. George. 
MacDonald, R. A., Sussex, Kings & Co. 
MacFarlane, H., City Market, St. John. 
MaoKendrick, R. N., 41, Paddock Street, 

St. John. 
M u Lellan, C. O., 7, Pine Street, St. John. 
MacLellan, II. H.,7, Pine Street, St. John. 
Macneill, F. C, 204, Germain Street, St. 

Macraichael, H. H., 15, Orange Street, St. 

MoAdoo, J., *GS, Hay market Square, St. 

MoAleenan, H., St. Stephen. 
McAndrews, G. H., St. Stephen. 
McAviTY, Mrs. J. L., Ha/.en Street, St. 

McBride, S., St. Stephen. 
McClintock, Mrs. G. E. A., The Rectory, 

Springfield, R.D. 1, Norton, Kings 

McConkey, S., St. Stephen. 
McCoemick, M. W., St. Stephen. 
McCready, M., St. Stephen. 
McGarth, J. L., 42, Germain Street, St. 


McGibbon, J., St. Stephen. 

McGriggar, E. L., 124, St. James Street, 

St. John. 
McGuire, J., 241, Waterloo Street. St. 

McInnis, A. W., 143, Adelaide Street, St. 

McKenna, P. F., St. Stephen. 
McKenzie, A. R., St. Stephen. 
McKinney, D., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St John. 
McLean, A., Bathurst. 
McLellan, H. R., St. John. 
McLeod, W. H., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
McManus, J., 30, Canon Street, St. John. 
McMitllin, Captain J., St. Stephen. 
McMurray, J., 7, Spruce Street, St. John. 
McMurray, J. A. L., Sussex. 
McSweeney, A. E., Moneton. 
McVay, W. A., St. Stephen. 
McWha, E., St. Stephen. 
Magee, D.,, 144, Elliott Row, St. John. 
Magee, R. M., Box 7, St. John. 
Mair, E. W., H.C.S., Woodstock. 
Malcolm, D. C.„ 182, Waterloo Street St. 

Mallory, A., St. Stephen. 
Marks, W. J., 63, Gilbert Lane, St. John. 
M vstees, Captain J. E., Moneton. 
Maxwell. C. H., St. Stephen. 
Maxwell, D. F., St. Stephen. 
Maxwell, G. M., St. Stephen. 
Mayes, H., West Street, St. John. 
Merritt, G. W., 150, Sydney Street, St. 

Millidge, L. D., c/o R. W. W. Frink, Esq., 

St. John. 
Mirey, B., 18, Meadow Street, St. John. 
Mitchell, J. C, 118, Prince William Street, 

St. John.' 
Moore, B., Moore's Mills. 
Moore, E. R.. 198, Queen Street, St. John. 
Moore, J. W., D.D.S., St. Stephen. 
Morgan, T. J., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Morrisey. A., St. John. 
Morrison, A., c/o M. R. A., Ltd., St. John. 
Morrison, F. W., 61, Mecklenburg Street. 

St. John. 
Morrison, H. A., 163. Germain Street, 

St. John. 
Morrow, B. F., Quispamsis. 
Mullin, Miss E. M. P., St. Mary's Ferry. 
Murchie, F. M., St. Stephen. 
Murray, W. W., Rothesay, Kings & Co. 
Murray, G., 311, Germain Street, St. John. 
Nagle, T., St. John. 
Neiil, J. S., 364, Main Street, St. John. 
Newnham, Ven. Archdeacon, Christ Church 

Rectory, St. Stephen. 
Nesbitt, D. A., St. Stephen. 
Nicholson, W. F., St. Stephen. 
Nixon, H. R., c/o Canadian Consolidated 

Rubber Co., St. Jol u. 
Noble, F. W., 25, King's Square, St. John. 
Odell, H. G.. 18, Brindley Strect.St. John. 
O'Donneil, M. J., St. Stephen. 



NEW BRUNSWICK— co«//««. d. 
O'Lbaby, K., Riohibooto. 
Neil. 0. P., City Market, St. John. 
Orchard, R. S., 209, Douglas Avenue, St. 

Osma .. 0. J., Il.'llsbdro Albert Co. 
Owens, W. A., 7, Elliott Row, St. John. 
Paqb, H. C, 155, Wright Street, St. John. 
Page, Mrs. H. C, 155, Wright Street, St. 

Palfrey, F. T., Royal Bank of Canada, St. 

Patch, F. 0. L., Liverpool, Cape Breton. 
Paterson, A. P., 92, Leinstei Street, St. 

Peters, C. H., 91, Leinster Street, St. John, 
Peters, F. A., 200, Germain Street, St. 


Sohofield, R. G., P.O. Box 1092, St. John. 

Scott, K. A., Fredericton. 

Scovell, J. W.. St. Stephen. 

Sealy, J., 102, Leinster Street, St. John. 

Sears, E., Rothesay. 

Sederquest, J. Roswell, St. Stephen. 

Seeds, J. A., c/o Vassie & Co., LM., St. 

Seely, J. S. R., 319, Princess Street, St. 

Sharpe, F. A., St. Stephen. 
Short, P. J., St. Stephen. 
Simpson, T. E., 73. Dorchester Street, St. 

Sinclair, W. C, Bank of Nova Scotia, St. 

Skflton, A. ('., Mtrr. of B.N. A., St. John. 

Peters, Mrs. F. A., 200, Germain Street. Skinner, R. II. L., 58, King Street, St. 

St. John. 
Peters, Dr. O. R., Rothesay. 
1'iui.i'ui . P.O. Box 142, Fairville, 

St. John. 
Priest, F., f'.J High Street, St. John. 
Priest, W. H.. 10 II it, St. John. 

Puddinqton, H. F.. Rothesay. 
Puddington, Mrs. H. F. # Rothesay, 

Smith, E. A., St. John. 
Smith, F. L., Y.M.C.A., St. John. 
Smith, H. W., 37, Garden Street, St. John. 
Smith, S. K., 165, Leinster Street. 
Smitfi, William, 231, Princess Street, Si. 

Smythe, E. W., St. Stephen. 
Queen, R. \Y.. 107, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Smythe, H. II., St. Stephen. 

St. John. ! Steen, W. J., 47, Hazew Street, St. 

♦Rankine, A. Dodge, 45, Horsfield Street, John. 

St. John. Steele, R. M., Rothesay, Kings & Co. 

Rankine, \V., Messrs. T. Rankine & Sons, Stephenson, J. H., Hampton. 

St. John Stevens, A. G., 50, Wright Street, St. John. 

Reid, A., St. Stephen. Stevens, B., 56, Wricht Street, St. John. 

Reid, E. l:., 102, Prince William Street, Stewart. W. A.. P.O. Box 396, St. John. 

,n. Stewart, W. L., 14, Clarence Street, St. 

Reii.i.y, E. A.. Moncton. John. 

Richardson, J. W., St. Stephen. Stilwell, A. F., Hampton Village. 

Ring, E. D., No. 1, Delhi Street, St. John. Sturdee, Colonel E. T., Hox 1108, St. John. 
Rippey, W. X.. Mindon. Sullivan, V. E., M.D., St. Stephen. 

Rising, E. L., St. John. Sutton, Miss D. L., Fairville. 

Rising, H. W., Box 1328, St. John. Tapley, W. G., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Robertson. Miss M., Rothesay. Allison, Ltd., St. John. 

Robertson, G. A., Moncton. Taylor, W. F., Moncton. 

Robinson, J., Millerton, P.O.Derby. Ti.nnant, W. B., 70, Orange Street, St. 

Robinson, F. P. Fredericton. John. 

Robinson. II. B., 12'J, Prince William Tennant, F. M., Moncton. 

Street, St. John. Thomas, S. A., 58, Prince William Street, 

Robinson, J. M., Rothesay. St. John. 

Robinson, Mrs. J. M., Rothesay. Tilley, L. P. D., Pugsley Buildings, St. 

Robinson, M. (Light Keeper), Point du John. 

CheDe, West Co. Ttlton, J., 300, Prince Street 

Robson, W. L., 138, Waterloo Street, St. 

Roby, G., 41, King Street, St. John. 
Rogers. H. G., St. John. 
Rolls, W. J., St. Stephen. 
Ross, G. J., Shediac. 
Rothwell, G. W., McAdam. 

Tilton, J. F., c/o Messrs. W. H. Thome & 

Co., St. John. 
Toal, T., St. Stephen. 
Tompkins, M. F., Moncton. 
Topping, G. S., St. Stephen 
Tothill, J. D., Fredericton. 
Rowley, Dr. W. E., 184, Princess Street, Tiutes, G., Rothesay. 

St. John. Turnbull, W. R., M.E., A.E., Ae.S., 

Runciman, W., 14, St. Andrew Street, St. Rothesay. 

John. Unkauf, W. C, 85, Marsh Road, St. John. 

Ryan, D. H., C. P. R. Building, St. John. Upham, J. A., St. Stephen. 
Ryder, Capt. G. P., St. Stephen. Upham, H. H., 11, De Mont Street, St. John 

Sancton. .Miss M., 165, Princess Street, : West. 

St. John. Vanstone, C. J., St. Stephen. 

Soammell, J. D., 337, Aberdeen Street, Vanstone, V. Vox, St. Stephen. 
Fredericton. Van Wart, F. W., Fredericton. 



NEW BRUNSWICK— continued. 
Van Wart, R. C, 255, Brunswick Street, 

Vaughan, J. R., c/o Francis and Vaughan, 

St. John. 
Walker, Miss A. K., 156, Princess Street, 

St. John. 
Walker, J. H., 147, King Street, East, St. 

Walker, Dr. T., 156, Princess Street, St. 

Walker, T. D., 156, Princess Street, St. 

Wall, J. N., St. Stephen. 
Walsh, J., 29, Ellioll Row, St. John. 
Walters, G. G., 205, Duke Street, St. John. 
Ward, A. H., c/o Manchester. Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
Ward, E. W., St. Stephen. 
Ward, G. H., 7, Golding Street, St. John. 
Ward, R. L., c/o M.R.A., St. John. 
Waterton, Rev. H., Kingston Rectory, 

King's County. 

Watson, Ed. P., 59, King Square, St. John. 

Wedderburn, F. W., St. John. 

West, F. S., Rothesay. 

Wetmore, K. W., 94, Waterloo Street, St. 

Wetmore, L. T., Oak Hall, St. John. 
Wetmore, W. J., 61, Dick Street. 
Whelpley, F. E., c/o Manchester, Robertson 

Allison, Ltd., St. John. 
White, F. S., P.O. Box 406, St. John. 
Whitlock, J. T., H.C.S., St. Stephen. 
Whitlock, O. S., St. Stephen. 
Whitlock, R. W.. St. Stephen. 
Whitlock, W. H., St. Stephen. 
Willet, F. A., 187, Dnke Street, St. John. 
Wilson, D. R., St. Stephen. 
Wolf, J. L. D. E., 27, St. Paul Street, St. 

Woodcock. E. W., Upper Mills. 
Wright, W., Lancaster Heights West, 

St. John. 
Wyllie, Rev. E. B., M.A., St. Stephen. 


Fort Smith.— H.C.S., J. F. Cunningham, c/o The Hudson Bay Co. 

Cunningham, Mrs. J. F„ Fort Smith. 
Firth, J., Fort Macpherson, Peel River, 

Mackenzie River. 
King, G. A., Fort Smith. 
King, Mrs. G. A., Fort Smith. 

Patton, Captain G. A., Fort Smith. 
Patton, Mrs. G. A., Fort Smith. 
Powers, G, F., R.N.W.M.P. Fort Fitz- 


Blenheim.— H.C.S., J. M. Den holm. 

Brantford.— H.C.S., D. T. Williamson, 97, Dufferin Avenue. 

Cambray.— H.C.S., The Rev C. G. Williams, The Parsonage. 

Cochrane.— H.C.S., W. Sall. 

Dunchurch.— H.C.S., F. N. Macfie, Dunchurch P.O., Parry Sound Distrii t. 

Dundalk.— H.C.S., G. M. Lucas, Union Bank of Canada. 

Exeter. — H.C.S., Rev. A. A. Trumfer, The Rectory. 

Fergus.— H.C.S., F. A. Black, Imperial Bank of Canada. 

Guelph.— H.C.S., T. L. Torrance, The Royal Bank of Canada. 

Hamilton.— H.C.S., C. S. Scott, Spectator Building. 

Hawkesbury.— H.C.S., 0. B. Thorne, Manager, The Riordon Pulp and Paper Co. 

HuntsviUe.— H.C.S., Arthur Paget. 

Kingston.— H.C.S., Professor W. T. McClement, Queen's University. 

London.— H.C.S., and Branch Sec, E. W. B. Eardley, 188, Oxford Street. 

Marmora.— H.C.S., F. S. Pearce, The Pearce Co., Ltd. 

Merrickville. — H.C.S., C. B. Taylor, Union Bank of Canada. 

Mitchell,— H.C.S., Gladstone Perry, c/o Bank of Hamilton. 

Ottawa. — H.C.S., Leonard S. McLaine, Entomologist, Entomological Branch, Birk 

Parry Sound.— H.C.S. If. C. Strange, The Canadian Bank of Commerce. 
Penetanguishene. — H.C.S., C. Newton, Ontario Provincial Government Hospital for 

the Insane. 
Peterborough.— H.C.S. , 11. Dearle, 324, Rubidgc Street, Peterborough. 

Branch Sec, H. A. Cranfield, 232, Perry Street. 
Porquis Junction.— H.C.S., E. F. Pullen, Alexo Mine. 

Port Arthur.— H.C.S., Captain Oscar Troostwyk, P.O. Box 350 and 5, Ruttan Building. 
Port Sydney, Muskoka.— H.C.S., A. Sydney Smith, Port Sydney. 
Renfrew. — H.C.S., H. A. Tofield, Merchants' Bank of Canada. 
Sault St. Marie.— H.C.S., W. E. Morley. 
Schumacher.— H.C.S., Walter F. J. Cosser, c/o Box 12, The Mclntyre Porcupine 

Mines, Ltd. 
Stratford.— H.C.S., E. S. Smith, Court House. 


<>\ VABIO— continued. 

Strathroy. — H.C.S., J. L. Walton, The Canadian Bank of Con 
Toronto.- H.C.S., FTSTTStl w bbb, i/u Till! Canadian' tor!. Of i tfl , 8p 

College Streets. 
Branch Sec, Edward Wodson, Over-Seas Club, 2, St. 

Walkervillc— H.C.S., R. H. Revell, 75, Kildare Road. 
Warkworth.— H.C.S., A. A. Hoffiiax, Manager, Union Bank of Canada. 
Waterloo.— H.C.S., P. J. Weight. 
Wheatley. H.C.S., H. S. Small, Whcatley. 
WoodstOck.~H.CS., 1". Crosley, 53, Vansittart Avenue. 

♦Abbott, Dr. A. H., Toronto University, Bapty, H., 149, St. James Street, London 

'221, Queen's Avenue, London. 
382, Burwell Street, London. 

K., Picton. 
Augusta Street, 

Abbott, II. 1! 
Adams, G. M. 
A i. vms, J. M., St 
Adams. .T. M . St. Mary's 
Adams, Lieut.-Colonel M 
Aldous, J. E. P., 13, 

Alexander, Dr. W. B., 475, Park Avenue. 

Allan, W. J., 256, Aberdeen Avenue, 

Allen, Major A. P., Belleville. 
Allen, Miss M. E., 15, Cumberland Street, 

Allen, T. P., 514, Waterloo Street, London. 
Alwabd, Miss L., 162, Osgoode Street, 

♦Ambrose, H. S., Hamilton. 
Anderson, A., Cameron. 
Anderson, A. L. M., 567, Dufferin Avenue, 

Anderson, R. A., 349, Piccadilly Street, 

Andbrson, Lieut.-Colonel P.. H., Lindsay. 
Andrews, W. H., 247, Brant Ave., Brant- 
♦Armovr, E. D. (K.C.), 103, Avenue Road, 

Armstrong, H., Box 34, Port Dalhousie. 
Armstrong, Dr. H. W., Fergus. 
Greex-Armytage, J. W., Fergus. 
♦Artucrs, A., 78, Admiral Road, Toronto. 
Ashby, W., The Carrying Place. 
Asuplant, I. S., 4, Victoria Apartments, 

Queen's Avenue, London. 
Asiiwf.ll, Miss W. I., 506, Piccadilly Sin • t, 

West. Loudon. 
♦Ashworth, J. P., H.C.S., Bank of Mon- 
treal, Deseronto. 
Atkin, S., Rainy River. 
♦Auld, A. R., 31, Wellington Street, W. 

♦Austin, E. II., 509, C. P. R. Bldg., Toronto. 
Backus, G. H., 474, Adelaide Street, 

Bain, F. W., Royal Bank of Canada, 

Baird, W. J., Blenheim. 
Baker, J. J., 56, Union Street, Kingston. 
Baker, Miss K., The Parsonage, Cambray. 
Baldwin, P. R., The City Home, 362, 

Montreal Street, Kingston. 
Ball, Mrs. F., 7, Xanton Avenue, Toronto. 
Bancuop, Miss M., 50, St. George Street, 

Bapty, F. A., Deloro. 

., 355, Piccadilly SI 
Dr., 709, Colbornc Street. 

Barbour, A 
Barbouk, Rev 

Barley, W. B., Mitchell. 
Barlow, H. C, Marmora. 
Barrixgton, W. A., 16, Ferndale Avenue, 

Barron, His Honour Judge, Stratford. 
Barrow, N., 186, Oxford .Street, London. 
Bartleman, J. P., Box 7, Timmins. 
Bartlett, Rev. S. T., 519, Wesley Build- 
ings, Toronto. 
Bartram, W. B., 916, Echo Drive, Ottawa. 
Barwick, F. A., 644, Spadina Avenue, 

Baxter, Miss M. H., 516, Ridout Street, 

Beadon, Miss E., Head Office, Imperial 

Bank, Wellington Street, Toronto. 
Beard, C. H., 853, Hellmuth Avenue, 

•.rdmore, A. 0., 75, Gcorg' 
•Beck, Sir A. (K.B.), 190, University 

Ave'nue, Toronto. 
♦Beer, G. P., 54, Glen Road, Toronto. 
Bell, D. E., Marmora. 
Bellinger, Mrs. L., 153, Greuadi 

Bending, H. C, 26 Oxford Street West, 

♦Benedict, C. L., 20, Hayter Street, 

r, E. Jami I .P.R. I 

Bentham, W., 20, Richmond Sti 

Bertrand, M., Marmora. 
Bickle, D. G., 78, East Avenue, Hamilton. 
Bigg ib, 0, H Montreal. 

Bigwood, Mrs. W. E., 145, S. Di 

♦Bigwood, W. E., Byng Inlet. 
BiLLiNonuRST, H., 286, College Street, 

Bingham, T., Deloro. 

Bishop, F., 145, St. Paul Avenue, Brantford. 
Black, P. A., H.C.S., Imperial Bank of 

Canada, Fergus. 
Blackie, W. J., 205, Cheapside Strict, 

Blackwall, H. E., Box 89, Haileybury. 
Blanchap.d, G., R.R. 2, Wilt< . 
Bleecker, Captain C. A., c/oC.P.R. Agent, 

Blewett, F. R.j Stratford. 

1 .-. J 


ONTARIO— continued. 

Blowes, A. J., Mitchell. Burwell, A. E., " Bishopstowe," London 

♦Boeckh, E., 158, Adelaide Street, W. Buskard, C. H., Marmora 

♦Bogert, C, Dominion Bank, Toronto. 
Bohme, Mrs. E. M., 2-13, London Street, 

West, Windsor. 
Bohme, W. F. R., 243, London Street, 
W 7 est, Windsor. 

sy, Mrs. S. A., Prince George Hotel, 
Booth, G. E. H., Box 12, Cobalt. 
Boother, G., Canoe Lake Station, Mowat 

Boother. Mrs. G., Canoe Lake Station, 

Mowat P.O. 
Boston, W., 2nd Line, Korah, Sault Ste. 

Boswell, H. G., 25, Roxboro Street, West, 

Bothwell, F. S., Deloro. 
Boulden, R. M., 58, Sherwood Avenue, 
I'mvitox. Miss C. 1511. Bank of Hamilton 
Bldg., Toronto. 
Boulton, P., 54, Bermont Avenue, Toronto. 
Bowdridgb, Miss M. T., 38, W 7 ellsboro Apts. 

Ill, Jarvis Street. Toronto. 
Bowen, Rev. R. J., 218, St. George Street, 

Bowee, J. C, c/o E. Adams & Son, London. 
Bowes, J. L., Front Street W., Toronto. 
Bowen, W. F., Marmora. 
Bowers, Miss L., Berlin. 
Bowker, E. C, Dominion Bank, London. 
Bowles, J. R., R.R. No. 4, London. 
Bowness, F., 299, Boswell -Avenue, 

Bowron, N. W., c/o H. J. Butler, Esq., 

R.R. No. 1, Salford. 
Boycott, W., Deloro. 

Bradley, F. H„ Ass. Insp. of Shells, King- 
ston, sub-Kingston. 
Bradley, W., 348, Waterloo Street, 

Bradsiiaw, J. L., Stratford. 
Braendle, C. C, R.R. 1, Lancaster. 
Bredin, Lieutenant W. T., 109th Overseas 

Batt., C.E.F., Lindsay. 
Briscoe, F. A., 14, Simpson Avenue, 

[TTATN, Dr. II. L., 16, Pinebill Rd. 3 
Brown, A. J., Mitchell. 
Brown, J. A., 55, Ridout Street, London. 
Brown, J. Haiu.ey. London. 
Brown, W. E. G., 2, Front Street, W. 

♦Bruce, A. (K.C.), Bedford Road, Toronto. 

Byshe, F. H., Forestry Branch, Ottawa. 
Butler, J. C, 338, St. James Street, 

Cadger, Miss V., Mitchell. 
Callan, J. F., Rainy Biver. 
( Mrncross, A. R., Richmond Street, 

Cameron, Miss J., 380, Richmond Street, 

Cameron, W. A., Mitchell. 
♦Campbell, A. H., 87, Bedford Road, 

^Campbell, G. C, Barrister, Toronto. 
Campbell, Miss B., 132, St. George Street, 

Campbell, J. C, Blenheim. 
Cardixgley, J. S., Grant P.O. 
Carew, Major T. J., 109th Battalion, The 

Armouries, Lindsay. 
Carling, T. H., 677, Talbot Street, London. 
Carswell, D. B., Deloro, Ontario. 
Carter, F. A., 228th Batt. Northern 

Fusiliers, Englehart. 
♦Case, A., 496, Queen Street East, Toronto. 
Casselmax, H. A., 30, Hayman Apts., 

Casselman, W. A., 498, Duffering Avenue, 

Cassells, D., Standard Bank Bldg. 

♦Cassels, H., 85, Bay Street, Toronto. 
*Cassels, R. S., 93, Bedford Road, Toronto. 
Casson, A. J., Signal Section, Canadian 
Expeditionary Force, 71st Battalion, 
Caulfield, H. E., Avlmer. 
Chadwick, E. M., Excelsior Life Building, 

Chamberlain. W. C. Dept. of Works, 

Chapman, Mrs. A., Box 174, Port Hope. 
Chipman, Colonel J. P., 32, Church Street, 

Chiverton, H., 353, Oakwood Avenue, 

Christensen, A., Deloro. 
♦Christie, Captain R. J., Merchant, 

'( i vpperton, H. G., 61, Albert Road, 

Clark, J., Royal Brit. Flying Corjs, 

Clarke, Mrs. L. H., 6, Clarendon Crescent, 

♦Clarke, L., Canadian Malting Co., 

Bdck, D. F., c/o G. Perry, Esq., Mitchell. I Clark, W. G.. Bowmanville 
Buckle, Mrs. A. E., 66, Beach Avenue, Clark, W. H., Marmora, 

• Btjxtin', A., Toronto. 
Bunting, J. B., Wycliffe College, Toronto. 
♦Burgess, C. H., Bond Dealer, Toronto. 
Burgess, T. G, Wallaceburg. 
Burroughs, S. R„ Belleville. 
♦Burtox, G. L., c/o J. J. Walsh. Esq., 318, 

.^tair Bldgs., Toronto. 

Clarke, F. W., Signal Section, C.E.F., 71st 

Battalion, Woodstock. 
Clarke, W., Consecon. 

Clark, W. T., 565, William Street, London. 
♦Clarksox, E. R. G, 71, Avenue, Road, 

Goates, D., 35, Evergreen Avenue, London. 
Coates, R., 35, Evergreen Avenue, London. 




< Ioa.1 i.s. K. A. 35, Evi 

i, P. A.. Hail 
•Cody, II. J., Rev. Archdeacon, 603, Jarvis 

i to. 
Coleman, II. K., c/o Bank of Toronto, 

sriok, Jas., 212, B St., London. 

Collyeb, C. 1!., Armj Posl Office, London. 
Connor, K. W., Box 235, Madoc. 
Coocii, H. C, 205, Carlton Street, Toronto. 
Cofpin, II. It., c/o G. Perry, Esq., Mitchell. 
Cox, E. P., Consecon. 

, H., 94, £ to. 

Coxall, T., 329, Wilson Street, Hamilton. 

■ i:i:. A. E., 109, Sh ra I St., Ottawa. 

M. B., 5, Deer Park • rescent, 

W. 1. J..H.C.S., Box 12. Mclntyre, 
Porcupine Times, Ltd., Schumach 

Mrs. M. W., P.O. Box 12, Schu- 

E. !... O Engini ■ t Toronto 
Ha t Toronto. 

v\n, II. N.. :... 

♦Craig, II. G. I.. 367, St. Jan 

< !b u>;. Thi is. EUdgi \vn. 
Crasfield, II., 48, Avlmer St., Peterboro'. 

A., 232, St., Peter- 


A. II. , Marmora. 
A., 323, Wortley 



Cbawfobd. Dr 

Cfi VWI I IB E>, S. 


:d, T. (The Hon. I, 104, Pal 

Huron and Eric Mom 
p., The i Co., London. 

by, F., H.C.S., 53, Vansittart Avenue, 

Cbuess, Miss Z. A., Lindsay. 

Cbumb, G. B.,255, St. Clarens Ave., Toronto. 

Cbump, C. J. C, Rouville, Lake of Bays, 

Cuthbertson, J. L., 232, Jarvia Street, 

I > \i.v, J. M., 300, Princess Avenue, London. 
Daniel, J. W., 53, Cowan Avenue, London. 
♦Darlino, P., 2, Leader Lane, Toronto. 
Davidson, J. A. G., 576, Jarvis Street, 

♦Davidson, X. 1". (K.C.), Barrister, Toronto. 
Davy, Lieutenant J. II., Marmora. 
Davy, \V. 11., 259, Grace Street, Toronto. 
Dawes, H. B., St. Williams, Norfolk. 
Dawson, A. E., Bank of Toronto Building, 

Dawson, J., Collingwood. 

. H. H.C.S., 324, Rnbidge S. 
Db I 98, Walmer Rd., Toronto. 

Dr. Bruno, A. (R.N.), 98, Walmer Road, 

Dencee, T., Band R.L. H.A., Kingston. 
Denholm, J. M., H.C.S., Blenheim. 
•Desisos, Colonel G. T., Haydcn Villa, 

Dbvtns, G. R., o Bank of British North 

America, Branch, London. 

Dewab, R. J. S„ Deseronto. 

Dibblee, Le Bauon, Spanish River l'uli> 

and Paper Mill, Ltd., Espanola. 
Dickson, J. R., Forestry Branch, Journal 

Buildings, Ottawa. 
Dillon-. J, M., c/o A. M. Smitl 

•Dinnick, Lieut.-Coloncl W. S., Finan. 


. T. <:.. '.i, Baki i Avenne, Toronto. 
Diploi k Mrs. T. G., 9 Baker Avenu . 

♦Dixon-. J. J.. 52, Clony Avnne, Toronto. 
Dobbin, M. t Lindsay. 
Dokk, A. J., 12, Margaret Street, St. 

DonaCHY. R. J., 202, Dominion Savings 

Building, London. 
Doss ely, W. D., Marmora. 
Doolev, James, London Club, London. 
Douglas, S. . s -- Mail Building, Toronto. 
•Douglas, W. J.. Mail Building, Toronto. 
Douglas, W. T., Molsons Bank, London. 
Dowlisq, Lieut, V. C, Marmora. 
Downey, Lieut. G. J.. Lindsay. 
•DuHLAP, D. A., Mine Owner, Toronto. 
Dowler, R. H., 564, Colborne Sti 

Duff, Mrs., 85. Woodlawn Avenue, Toronto. 
Duff, D., 85, Woodlawn A\ i lc, I 
Dunn, H. M., Room 76, Woods Buildings, 

Militia Department. Ottawa 
Di-xn, J. P., 188, Oxford Street, London. 
Dubance, J. J., 122, Glen Road, Toronto. 
Eabdley, E. W. B., H.C.S., 188, Oxford 

Street, London. 
Eabdley, Mies S. R. : 188, Oxford Street, 

Eabdley, Mrs. E. W. B., L88, Oxford 

Street, London. 
•Eby, H. 1'.. 35, Cluny Ave., Toronto. 
♦Eckdabdt, H. P., Church and Esplanade, 


ii.i:. W. 

Edwabds, J. F. 

Beach, Toronto. 
Edwards C. I'., Hay man Court Apts., 

r. R., 

Ellett, G. J., Kaministikwia. 

Elliot, Lieutenant W. R., 109th Batt. 
C.E.F., Lindsay. 

Elliott, Lieut. H., Lindsay. 

Elliott, Captain L. C, Lindsay. 

Elliott, R. A., Deloro. 

Elliott, A. T., 1" 

•Ellis, P. W. 

♦Englehabt, J. L., Chairman T. & N. O. 
Ely. Company, Toronto. 

Eng rges Apt., Wel- 


English, W. P., Beamsville. 

Enmas, Miss L., c/o Miss Alward, 102, 
Osgoode Street, Ottawa. 

II., 7 

768, HtJJmuth Avenue, 

34, i I 

76, Lake Front, Kew 



ONTARIO— continued. 

Ensor, H., Mount Forest. 

Eppes, W. I. R., Deseronto. 

Espanola Patriotic Aid Society, Eapa- 

Evans, F. J., 886, Lorn Avenue, London. 
Everitt, E. S., 97, Burlington Street, 

Faill, Alexander, Stratford. 
♦Fairweather, R. H., G7, Queen's Park, 

Faithful, Lieut. G. C, 109th Batt. 
Canadian Expeditionary Force, The 
Armouries, Lindsay. 
♦Falconbridge, J. D., 22, Chestnut Park, 

Fallon, Bishop M. F., London. 
Farmer, E., Mitchell. 
Farncombe, F. W., 402 J, Richmond Street, 

Farr, A., 712, Crawford Street, Toronto. 
Farr, Mrs. A. S., 712, Crawford Street, 

Fee, Lieut.-Col. J. J. H., Lindsay. 
Feetham, W., Blenheim. 
Feir, H. B., Haliburton. 
♦Ferguson, Hon. W. N. (K.C.), Osgoode 

Hall, Toronto. 
Feteerstonhaugh, F. B., Royal Bank 

Bldg., Toronto. 
Fetherstonhaugh, Mrs. F. B., Royal Bank 

Bldg., Toronto. 
Fillingham, T., R.R., 1, Wellington. 
*Firstbrook, J., 1, St. Edmund Drive, 

Firth, J. W., 877, Helmuth Avenue, 

Fisher, Colonel F. S., 74, Dundas Street, 

Fisher, R. G., 74, Dundas Street, London. 
Fisken, J. B. K., 60, Madison Avenue, 

Fitz-Gibbon, J., P.O. Box 111, Bridgebury. 
Fitz-Gibbon, Mrs. J. B., P.O. Box 111, 

♦Flavelle, J. \V., Queen's Park, Toronto. 
Fleming, E. G., 65, Main Street, W. Hamil- 
Fleming, H. M., Blenheim. 
Fletcher, G., Royal Bank Building, 

Forbes, W., 646, Piccadilly Street, London. 
Ford, T. S., Mitchell. 
Forrest, A., R.R. 1, Woodville. 
Forrestal, F. M., 389, Queens Avenue, 

Forristal, R., 804, Talbot, Street, London., 
Frankish, W. R., 14, Douglas Drive, 

Fraser, J. S., Mowat P.O. Algonquin. 
Eraser, R., Trenton. 
Eraser, M. D. (Barrister), London. 
Frezell, J. A., 179, John Street, London. 
Friendship, S., 448, Piccadilly Street, 

Frind, H., Ontario Club, Toronto. 
Frith, G. H., Grand Trunk Rly., Belleville. 
♦Fudger, F. B., Toronto. 
Gahan, Miss L., 644, Talbot Street, London. 

Gall, Private C. R., Huntsvillc. 

Gall, H. J. D., Cochrane. 

Gall, W., Cochrane. 

Ganong, J. E., 633, Front Street East, 

Garbutt, J., Cobourg. 
Garvey, L., 141, Maple Street, London. 
Gates, Mrs. H. E., 114, St. James Street, 

Gearin, Miss M. A., 197, Beverley Street, 

Gehan, J., Marmora. 
♦George, W. K., Financier, Toronto. 
Gibbs, J., Deloro. 

Gibbons, G. S., 536, Ridout Street, London. 
Gibson, C. W. G., Government House, 

Gibson, Miss J. R., Hospital for Insane, 

Gibson, J. H.. 30, Hotel Avenue, Hamilton. 
Gilbert, W., Cambray. 
Gilbert, Mrs. W., Cambray. 
Gillespie, G. H.. 164, Albert St.. London. 
♦Gillespie, W., Mgr. Toro. Mtge. Co., 

Gillies, W., 20, Beulah Avenue, Hamilton. 
Gilmore, Captain S. J., Picton. 
Gisborne, L. L., 251, St. Clement's Ave., 

Gisborne, Mrs. L. L., 251, St. Clements 

Ave., Tornoto. 
Glass, Miss E. A., 16, Hayman Court, 

Godard, \V. W., 612, King Street, E., 

Godard, H. D., 47, Mountain Avenue, 

Goldman, Leopold, 324, Russell Hill Road, 

Goodall, A. J., 296, Wolfe Street, London. 
♦Gooderham, A. E., 49, Wellington Street, 

E. Toronto. 
Gooderham, Miss K., 190, St. George Street, 

♦Gooderham, Mrs. A. E., 49, Wellington 

Street, E. Toronto. 
♦Goldman, C. E. A., Royal Bank Building, 

Gordon, C. C.,24, Elmwood Avenue, London. 
Gossman, Dr. W. A., 167, Downie Street, 

Gotby, T. J., Mitchell. 

Graham, John, 159, Dundas Road, London. 
GRiNT, F. J., 222, St. George St., London. 
Grant, W. R., 544, Dundas Street, London. 
♦Grasett, Colonel H. J., 71, Clarendon 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Gray, E. R., 27, Beulah Ave., Hamilton. 
♦Gray, F. M., Confederation Life Building, 

Gray, R. C, R.M.D. No. 1, Bcamsville. 
Green, J. T., 20, Grosvenor Street, London. 
Green, Miss M. H., Anglo-American Tea 
Co., 27, Wellington Street, E. Toronto. 
Gregory, R. E., 41, Askin Street, London. 
♦Greig, E. R., The Grange, Toronto. 
♦Grier, E. Wyly, R.C.A., Imperial Bank 
Chambers, Toronto. 



ONTARIO- continued. 

♦Grif.r, A. M. (K.C), Toronto. 

♦Grier, E. \V. (B.C.A.), Imperial Bank 
Chambers, Toronto. 

Griffith, F. If., London. 

Gult.en, Dr. J. B., 461, Spadina Avenue, 

♦Gundy, J. F., Toronto. 

•Gdkdy, J. H., Stockbroker, Toronto. 

♦Gundy, L. P., CI, Albert Street, Toronto. 

H u:s, .Mis- J.. Lady Grey Hospital, Ottawa. 

♦Haes, Miss J. K., Lady Grey Bospital, 

♦IIaldenby, 0. X., 6, Balsam Ave., 

Hall, M. E. t Spencer Street, Cobourg. 

Hall, W. E., Blenheim. 

♦Haroourt, F. W., Dominion Bank Build- 
ing, Toronto. 

Harding. W. H.. London. 

Harlow, P., Mitchell. 

Harris, H., Deloro. 

Harris. R., Junr.. Deloro. 

Harris, Mrs. A. G., 387, Kingswood Road, 

II wtRis. R. C., 50, Balsam Avenue, Toronto. 

Harris, Mrs. R. C., 50, Balsam Avenue, 

Harvey, R. R. F., Bank of British North 
America, Kingston. 

♦Harvey. R.. 202, King E, Toronto. 

Harvey, R. H., Mgr. Royal Bank, London. 

Harvy, R. R., Bank of British North 
America, Kingston. 

Hatch, A. E., 401, Logan Avenue, Toronto. 

Hay, T. A. S., 192, McDor.ncl Street, Peter- 

Kayden, F. W., 216, Robert Street, 

Haynes, F. G.,Grnfral Accident Assurance 
Co. of Canada, Continental Life Build- 
ing, Toronto. 

Hazard, I. C, London Asylum for Insane, 

Head, Miss F. C. 221, Elizabeth Si 

Hi: vn, Misa Jvnet ('., Nurses' Home, 
Elizabeth Street, Toronto. 

Heard, W. B., R.R. 6, St. Thomas. 

♦Hearst, The Hon. Sir W. H. (K.C), Bar- 
rister, Toronto. 

♦Hees, H. L., 52, Bay Street, Toronto. 

II i:\iery, F. G., Mitchell. 

Henderson, A. G., Box 40, Rainy Ri . 
Henderson, Mrs. T. B., 88, Spadira Koad, 

♦Hendrie, Colonel Sir John, K.C.M.G., 

C.V.O., Toronto. 
Hertzbfro, A. L., 151, Evelyn 

Hertzbero, Mrs. A. L., 151, Evcljn 

Crescent, Toronto. 
Hickman, C, 220, Booth Street, Ottawa. 
Hockin. Dr. J. H., Box 65, East London. 
Hodge, J., 130, East Avenue, Brantford. 
Hodgins, E. E., The Standard Bank. Blen- 
Hoffman, A. A., H.C. S., Union Bk. of 
Canada, Warkworth. 

Hogarth, J. W., Exeter Ont. R.R. No. 1. 
Bo garth, F., 13, Ritchie AvoDue, Toronto. 

a, l>r. H.. 116, York Street, Ontario. 
Hoidge, J. J., 5, Whitney Ave., Toronto. 
♦Horsburgh, V. D., 31, St. George's Ap.ts., 

St. George's Street, Toronto. 
Horton, E. H., Marmora. 
Horwitz, B., Deloro. 
Houser, W. II., 703, Maitland Street, 

Houston, S., 644, Talbot Street, London. 
Howard, Edward S., Box 16, Ottawa, W. 
Howard, Dr. G. S., Lock Box 47, Carleton 

Howard, H., Deseronto. 
Howard, Mrs. L. A., Lock Box 47, Carleton 

Howden, D. II., Ardagh Apartments, 

Howitt, R. J., 93, Queen's Street W., 

Howland, Mrs. M. ft, 538, Spadina 

Avenue, Toronto. 
♦Howland, P., 138, Front Street, W. 

Hubbell, W. H., Marmora. 
♦Hudson, R. S., Canada Permanent Mort- 
gage Corporation, Toronto. 
♦Huf.stip, Mrs. A. M., I0 ; Honuv.ood Pl-.ce, 

Hi ngerford, M. F., 3.">5, Princes* Avenue, 

♦Hunt, Dr. H., 20, Brunswick Avenue, 


P, F. ft, 504, Grosvenor Street, London. 
Hunter, R. H., 418, Gilmour Street, 

♦Hit-ton, M. (Prof. M. A., I.. I. .D.), Toronto, 

University, Toronto. 
♦Ince, \V., 96, Prince Arthur Avenue, 

Inch, .Miss M., 20, Monteith Avi 

Ireland, G. L., 71, Bloor Street, E. 


. w nr, Major \V. W.. c/o < 

Military Institute, University Avenue, 

I\ i tfs, R., 61, Yonge Street, Toronto. 

. ' ii is. E., 356, ( '-hi iii'-, 

London, Ontario. 
Jackson, E. A., Tweed. 
James, Rev. E. El., The Rectory, Omemec. 
♦Jamieson, H. T. (C.A.i, Accountant, 

♦Jarvis, A. E., 34, Prince Arthur Avenue, 

Jarvis, Mrs. J. E., 1007, Yonge Street, 

Jeffkey, A. O., 316, Ridout Street, London. 

. \V. H., Haileybury. 
♦Jei.lett, J. M., Banking Inspector, 

Jewell, B. W., R.R.I., YVoodville. 
Jewell, F. G., 525, Waterloo Street, 

Jewell, G. S., 552, Waterloo Street, 




ONTARIO— continued. 

Johnson, J. L., 371, Princess Avenue, *Law, F. C, 4, Wellesley Place, Toronto. 

London. Law, R., 521, Albert Street, Kingston. 

Johnson, W. A., P.O. Box 631, Toronto. Laxton, A. G., Band R.L.H.A., Kings- 
*Johnston, A., 120, Front Street, W. ton. 

Toronto. Leach, J. O., 4, South Drive, Toronto. 

♦Johnston, D. J., 148, Madison Avenue, Leach, R. J., 4, South Drive, Toronto. 

Toronto. Leddell, J. G., 32, Arthur Street, Brant- 

Johnston, L. AY., 30, Prospect Avenue, 

♦Johnston, W. R., Merchant, Toronto. 
Johnstone, J., Magpie Mine. 
♦Jones, S. H., Trinity College, Toronto. 
Jordan, H., 67, Lakeview Mansions, 

Jowett, Miss A. M., 190, George Street, 


Lee, Miss A., 5, Wilcox Street, Toronto. 
Lee, Mrs. E;ba, A., Rural Route 4, St. 

Lee, Mrs. E. S. G., 5, Wilcox Street, 

Lee, G. W., Leeholm Farm, R. R. No. 4, 

St. Catherines. 

Toronto. Lee, Lieutenant J. G., R.A.M.C. 5. 
Judge, J., Deloro. Wilcox Street, Toronto («ee Active 

Kavanagh, Mrs. W. A., Xo. 181, Lowther t Service). 

Avenue, Toronto. Lee, J. W., 5, Wilcox Street, Toronto. 

Keeling, W., 484, Clcndeuuan Ave., W . Leigh, W. R., 60, Elniwood Avenue, 

Toronto. London. 

Keene, C. E., 553, Duffering Avenue, Lewis, J. G., 421, Stewart St., Peter- 

London. borough. 

Kehoe, M., Deseronto. Lindsey, G. G. S., 145, Tyndall Ave., 
Kelso, Miss A. C, 238, Queens Avenue. Toronto. 

London. Lindsey, Mrs. G. G. S., 145, Tyndall Ave., 

♦Kelly, H. G., Manager, R. G. Dun's, ; Toronto. 

Mercantile Agency, Toronto. Little, E., 121, Amelia Street West, Fort 
Kelson, A. A., Rural Route 2, Niagara on William. 

the Lake. I Little, E. S., Wellington Street, London, 

♦Kemp, Hon. A. E., M. P., 72, Castle Frank Little, J. H., 121, Amelia Street West, 

Road, Toronto. Fort William. 

♦Kemp, W. A., Sheet Metal Works, Toronto. Little, Lieut.-Colonel J. A., 31a, Cumber- 

Kennedy, F. J., 405, Palmerston Road, i land Street, Port Arthur. 

Toronto. Locke, Lieutenant C. H., 59th Battery, 
Kingsland, H., 86, Second Avenue, C.F.A., 15th Brigade, Petawawa. 

Ottawa. Long. E. A., Excelsior Life Bldg., Toronto. 

Kingsford, R. E., 18, St. Joseph Street. Lough, J. M., Laurentian Club, Ottawa. 

Knight, G., Deloro. 
J.\dbrooke, E. P., Box 1, Tunmins, New 

Lung, Mrs. A. R., 545, King Stieet, 


Loveless, Geo., 230, St. George Street, 

Loveless, T. A., 721, Waterloo Street, 

Lowe, Dr. J. H., P.O. Box 91, Hailey- 


La Motte, Roscoe, No. 1, Ingleside Street, Lowther, J., 1, Fenwick Avenue, Toronto. 

London. Lucas, F. A., Crown Lands Dept., Toronto. 

♦Laidlaw, J. B., 12, Wellington Street, E. Lucas, G. M., H.C.S.. Union Bank of 

Toronto. Canada, Dundalk. 

Laidler, G., 16, Greenway Avenue, Hamil- Ludford, E. J., 185?., Beverley Street, 

ton. Toronto. 

Lambart, F., Vine Lynne, New Edinburgh, Lumbers, E. V., 246, Bloor Street, W., 

Ottawa. Toronto. 

Lampay, W. G., 416, Bay Street, Ottawa. Lyons, J. E., Box 173, Rainey River. 
Lancaster, Captain, The Armouries, ! Lyster, A. W., 293, Wolfe Street, London. 

Lindsay. ♦Lytle. F. H., 128, Sterling Road, Toronto. 

Landon, II. E., 96, Gorton Street, London. 
♦Langmuir, A. D., Toronto General Trusts 

Corporation, Toronto. 
Larsen, Mrs. C. F., Katrine Station P.O. 
♦Lash, G. A., Barrister, Toronto. 
♦Lash, M., 60, Lowther Avenue, Toronto. 
Lash, Miss M., 84, Wellesley Street, 

Latohford, S. B., Deloro. 

MacClement, W. T., H.C.S., Queen's 

University, Kingston. 
* Macdonald, Dr. A. A., 12, Bedford Road, 

MacDonald, J., Consecon. 
♦Macdonald, J. K., Press Confederation 

Life Association, Toronto. 
Macdonald, Dr. P., London. 
MacDonald, V. C, Deseronto. 

Latour, J. O. B., 171, Collier Street, ♦Macdonald, J., Confederation Life Bldg., 

Toronto. Toronto. 

La cghlin, J. 295, Centra! Avenue, London. ♦Macdonald, J. B., ~>~5, Jarvis Street, 
Laugiiton, J. H., 168, John Street, London. Toronto. 


ONTARIO— contin tied. 

HaoDonald, 2nd Lieutenant J. r.. c/o 

Mrs. Montgomery Lewis, c/o Messrs. J. 

MaoDonald & Co., Wellington Si 
-r. Toronto. 
Macfie. Dr., Dunchurch P.O. 
•MacInnes, I?. 8., 238, Popular Plains 

Road, Toronto. 
•MaOdONELL, A C. (K.C.), 2, Toronto 

Street, Toronto. 
Maoivbb, K. A., 10, College Street, Toronto. 
*MaoKblbak, F. 1'., 575, Buron Sti 

•MaoKbllar, J. A., 17, Madison Avenue, 

* Mackenzie, J. X., Insurance Broker, 

Mackenzie, II., 439, Confederation Life 

Chambers, Toronto. 
MacLaurin, E. A., Parliament Buildings, 

MacMttrohy, .Miss Hi i in, Parliament 

Bldgs., Tor on t i. 
MacMtjrbay, .Miss M. A., 79, Willow 

Avenue, Toronto. 
♦Macoomb, A., Bryant Press, Toronto. 
•.McCarthy, L., 45, Walmer Road, Toronto. 
McCausland, A., 6, Henrietta Street, 

McCleary, S. A. B., Oakville. 
McClbmbnt, Prof. W. T., H.C.S., Qu 

Universal . K 
*M< ■< 'iinki v. T. <;.. Canadian Life Assur- 
ance Co., Toron 
McCoy, -T. M., 51, Beaconsfield Avenue, 

McCrea, Private J. McN., Omemee. 
McCulloch, Dr. J., 109th Batt., Lind- 

McCi u.MCGif, H. A., 625, Indian I 

McCurdy, F. P., 95, Front Street West, 

M> Donald, A., Stratford. 
McDonald, J. C, c/o Bank of Toronto, 

Dundas and Talbot St., London. 
McDonald, J. J., 496, Ontario St., London. 
McDonald, R. D., 171. Waterloo Sti 

MoDouoall, J. S., London Loan Build 


KN, Mrs. IL. If QSall. 

MoFalls, X. 1!., Alexandra Apartmi 

M< Fabland, T. W., 132, John St., London. 
•McGbe, EL, 61, Forest Hill Road, 

McGillivray, C. R., Knox College, 

*M( In dob, R. S., 608, Jan 

•MaoInnbs, C. S. (K.C.), l. Admi 

Mi Intyre, R. M., 367, Central Avenue, 

McKinnon, S. J., Cambray. 
McLaobxan, ii. A.. 45, Ridout Street, 

McLaine, L. S., H.C.S., c/o Entomological 

Branch, Birk's Buildings, Ottawa. 

venor St 
('.. 238, Qui 
G„ R.R. No. I, 

MoLauciilin, Miss S. V., 518 Ontario 

Street, Toronto. 
M< l.i \n, A. 1)., Canadian Bank of Com- 

roe, Sarnia. 
Mi Lean, A. M., 151, Carib adon. 

Mi Lean, D. J., 401, Princess Avenue, 

*Mi 1. 1:\\, W. A., Dept. Minister of High- 
ways. P. of Ontario, Toronto. 
McLeod, A., 76, Wellesley Street, Toronto. 
MtLeod, M., 76, Wellesley Street, Toronto. 
McMastbb, F. A., Mi-. 151, Evelyn 

A\ enne, Toronto. 
McMillan, R., Mitchell., H. A., Deloro. 
*Mi \ itTGHT, I '. B., 85, Baj St reet, Toronto. 
*Mi \ \y<: U v, W. I\., 61 t. ii i St 

MoNattghton, 1>. i'.. 110, Rectorj Street, 

Mi I'! pbib, .l"HN i;.. Till, Wellington St 

London, Ontario. 
McP . A., 32, Grosvenor St 

MoP . A , 32. 


Miss M. 

Avenue, London. 
McPherson, Lieut. P. 

McQueen, G., Marmora. 
McVittib, W., Blenheim. 
McWilliamson, R. S., 97, Duflnin Avenue, 

Magee, J. I-'.., c/o Merchants Bank of 

Canada, London. 
Ma gee, R., Strong's Drug Store, London. 
Maqrath. M.P., O. A., Ottawa. 
*M\quire, T. J., Financier, 'I'oronto. 
Maidens, Miss L., The Post Office, Conse- 

Main, T. II., Box 275, London. 
Maim; v. Miss \., 382, Elgin Sti iwa. 

Malcolm, D. E., tit, Blake Street, 

Mallev, \V. J., Deseronto. 
Mallory, F., 31, Grosvenor Si 

•Mm . I'. T. (K.C.), Barrister, 'I'm onto. 
Mwn, .i. c.. Signal Section, C.E.E., "7 1 ~ t 

Battalion, Woodstock. 
i.e., Lieut G. I'., Woodville. 
Manning, Lieut. J. C. R., R.R., Xo. 3, 


*M INNING, P. A., i 

M INT] a, ' ■.. I leloro. 
M i S n.K. W., D'loro. 
Mvrk, Lieutenant \\". A. R. 
Marker, B.. Xth. Cobalt. 
Markiiam, Miss A., 190, St. George Sti 

*M I KB S, E., 8 

Makmhu, E. H.. 844, Wellington Si 

Martin, W. A., 304, Wolfe Lon- 


Marvin, C. EL, Rural Route 1, Carrying 




ONTARIO— continued. 

Marvin, J. W., Rural Route 1, Carrying 

Mason, A., 320, Cooper Street, Ottawa. 
Mason, Mrs. F. W., 828, Keele Street, 

♦Mason, Brig-. Gen. J., The Hon., Toronto. 
♦Massey, C. D., 519, Jarvis Street, Toronto. 
'Massey, Lt.-Col. V., Victoria College, 

Mateer. T. J., Deloro. 
♦Mathews, A. E., Grain and Commission, 

Board of Trade Building, Toronto. 
Matthews, C. A., Parliament Buildings, 

Melhuish, E. J., c/o Steel Dept., Imperial 

Munitions, Ottawa. 
Melvaar, F., Deloro. 
Melvaar, J. L., Deloro. 
Meredith, J. S., 565, Talbot Street, Londoa. 
Messer, W. M., 331, St. James Street, 

Metcalfe, R.,623, Princes Street,Kingston. 
*Meyers, C. E., 49, Richardson Street, 

Meyrick, J. F., 346, Somerset Street, 

Mickle, A. E., 48, Heath Street East, 

♦Millard, Dr. F. P., Toronto. 
Miller, A. R., 141, Markland Street, 

Miller, G., Blenheim. 
Milligan, C. W., 19, Maryboro Place, 

Mills, H., Rainy River. 
Mills, W. G., 401, Logan Avenue, Toronto. 
Mitchell, T., 106, Riverdalo Avenue, 

Moffatt, E. D., 56, Market Street, Brant- 
Montgomery, D., 28, Grosvenor Street, 

Moore, G. L., 24 Chicora Avenue, Toronto. 
Moore, J. P., 195, Elmwood Avenue, 

Mobley, W. E., H.C.S., Sault Stc. Marie. 
Morris, Dr. G. E., Cathcart Street, London. 
Morris, T. P., 15, Bellveue Avenue, London. 
Morrison, D.. Picton. 

Moxley, E. J., 172, Cartier Street, Ottawa. 
.le, G. W., Blenheim. 

*Muldrew, J., 79, Wellington Street, W. 
♦Mulock, C., 538, Jarvis Street, Toronto. 
♦Mulock, Hon. Sir W. (K.C.M.G. ), Barrister, 

MuRruY, G. P., The Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, Paris. 
Mi liRAY, B. S., 250, Oxford Street, London. 
*Murray, B. W., Supreme Court, Osgoode 

Hall, Toronto. 
Narrie, J. D., Marmora. 
Nash, T., 208, Adelaide Street, W., Toronto. 
Neal, J., Deloro. 
Nesham, E. W., c/o Dominion Observatory, 

Nesham, G. W., c/o Dominion Observatory, 


NfjWCOme, Mrs. L. M., Cottage Hospital, 84, 

Wellesley Street, Toronto. 
Newnham, A. S., Sig. Section, 71st Bait. 

C.E.F., Woodstock. 
Newton, C, H.C.S., Ontario Prov. Govt. 

Hospital for the Insane, Penetan- 

Nichol, G. W., Blenheim. 
Nicholls, C. W., St. George's Apartments, 

Wellington Street, London. 
Nolley, D. B.. The Molsons Bank, London. 
Niven, Mrs. Mary, 423, Colborne Street, 

London, Ontario. 
Norfolk, S., c/o Norfolk and Rochester 

Hardware, Haileybury. 
Norris, F. H., 1050, College Street, Toronto. 
Norwich, Miss J. H., 74, Sorauren Avenue, 

Nutting, Sergt. C. F., Cottage IV., Military 

Hospital, Whitby. 
*Oakley, J., 8, Mackenzie Ave., Toronto. 
Oakley, Mrs. J. P., 8, Mackenzie Avenue, 

O'Brien, Miss K., Dromolahd, Toronto. 
O'Flynn, A. J., Wallaceburg. 
O'Flynn, F. E., B.A., 149, Bridge St. East, 

♦O'Gorman, J., Contractor, Toronto. 
Ollerhead, G. E., 583, Colborne St., London. 
O'Neill, R. R., 202, Richmond St., London. 
Ord, R. J., Mitchell. 
O'Regan, Adjt. A. R., 109th Battalion, 

O'Reilly, J. R., Cornwall. 
O'Reilly, Mrs. R. M., Cornwall. 
Orme, T. D., Lucan. 
Osbourne, E. C, Marmora. 
♦Osler, B., 68, Yonge Street, Toronto. 
♦Osler, Sir E. B., M.P.P., 21, Jordan 

Street, Toronto. 
Osler, Hon. F. (K.C.), Toronto. 
♦Osler, Hon. F. (K.C.), Toronto. 
Owen, J., R.R. Oakwood. 
Owens, H., R.R. Oakwood. 
Paget, A., H.C.S., Huntsville. 
Panter, F., 125, Lowther Avenue, Toronto. 
Patler, Mrs. A., Armitage. 
Parker, V. L., Kaministikwia. 
Parkin, A., Cameron. 
Parkin, G., R.R.I., Cameron. 
♦Paterson, J. A., Barrister, Toronto. 
♦Patrick, W. G., 75. Crescent Road, Toronto. 
Patterson, C. H., Imperial Life Assurance 

Co., Peterborough. 
Patteson, G. B., The Molsons Bank, 

Payne, A. G., London South P.O., London. 
Payne, S. G., Box 191, Fort Erie. 
Peake, A. J., Oakville. 
Pearce, Miss A. H., 14, Prince Arthur 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Pearce, F. S., H.C.S.. Marmora. 
Pearce, H. R., Marmora. 
Pearce, Miss M., 14, Prince Arthur Avenue, 

Pearce, Mrs. M. A., 14, Prince Arthur 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Pearce, R. P., 201, Cheapside St., London. 



ONTARIO— continued. 
Pearson, Miss A.. 34, North Sherborne, 

Pearson. \V. E„ 32, Evergreen Avenue, 

♦Pepler, A., 54, Bernard Avenue, Toronto. 

bqnat, Captain A. J.. Stratford. 
Perry, G.. H.C.S., Bank of Hamilton, 

♦Perry, G. D., Great Northern Western 

Telegraph Co., Toronto. 
Perry, 0. G., 23, Munro Park Avenue, 

Peterson, W. H., Cochrane. 
Pettit, M. E. S., 71G, King Street, London. 
Phillipo. E., 838, Wellington Street, 

Phillips. A.. 169, High Street, London. 
Phillips, (J., 711, Grey Street, London. 
Pickles, Sugdbn, 214, Wortley Road, 

Pioot, Miss B., 370, Duffering Avenue, 

Pocock, J., 318, Wolfe Street, London. 
poi-ocK, Phillip, 300, Queens Avenue, 

Pontifex, !'»., 79, Woodland Avenue East, 

Poole, E. G., Cochrane. 
Port. J. K. II., 259, Sydenham Street, 

Pope, W. B.. 17 17, Ridont Street, London. 
Porter, Lieutenant R. N., 155th Batt. 

C.E.F., Belleville. 
Potts, T. E., Deloro. 
Pousette, A. C, Sainia. 
Powis, C. A. S., 64, King Street, Hamilton. 
Pratt, Miss R., 90, Elm Avenue, Rosedale, 

Preston, Miss A., c/o S.H. Preston, Esq., 

Price, J. T., Signal Sect., 61st Batt. C.E.F., 

Pritchabd.T., 229, ParkStreet, Port Arthur. 
Prueter, C. Mitchell. 
I' llen-. K. V., H.C.S., Alexo Mine, Porquis 

♦Pyne, H. A., Hon. Dr., 107, Homewood 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Rainie, T. A.,c/o Bank of Brit. N. America, 

Market Branch, London. 
Ray, J. W., Cambray. 
Ray, Mrs. J. W., Cambray. 

1 1). S., L6, Briscoe SI re< I , London. 
Reason-. II. T. (M.D.), 518, Waterloo 

Street, London. 
Redsell, A. E., Lome Park. 
Reed, G. B., Queen's University, Kingston. 
Reed, T. A., University of Toronto. 
Reeve, Sr. V'., 790," Wellington Street, 

Reeve, V. C. (Jr.), Wellington Street, 

*Reid. A.T.,270, King Street West, Toronto. 
Reid, Mist 1'.. 577, Jarvis Street, Toronto. 
Reid, R. F., 400, Rihcmond Street West, 

Rennie, A. W., 453, Dufferin Avenue, 

Rennie, G., Stratford. 

Ren-nit. 11. EL, 167, Maitland Street, 

Renouf, L., Deloro. 
Revell, R. H., H.C.S., 75, Kildare Road, 

Walkers ville. 
Reynolds, W. J., Deloro. 
REYNOLDS, \V. P., 370, Princess Avenue, 

1, million. 
Rice, J. A., Deloro. 
Richardson, H. A., 27, Walmer Road, 

Richardson, Miss K., St. Marys. 
Riohaedson, W. B., Grand Avenue, 

Riches, W. F., R.R.I., Lindsay. 
Rickaud. R. H., Bowmanville. 
RlDDB] , F. P., 335, King Street, London. 
*Riddell, Hon. Justice, Osgoode Hall, 

Toronto., Rev. H. B., 40, Harvard Avenue, 

♦Ridout, D. K., Insurance Broker, Toronto. 
Ridout, G., 77, York Street, Toronto. 
Rico, W. L., Delora Smelting and Refining 

Co., Delora. 
Ritchie, Miss K., 141, Avenue Road, 

♦Roadhouse, W. P.., Dept. of Minister of 

Agriculture P. of Ontario, Toronto. 
Roberts, D. R., 19, Nanton Court, Nanton 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Robertson, A., L04, Farnham Avenue, 

Robertson. Mrs. A., 104, Farnham Avenue, 

Robertson, D. K., The Evening Telegram, 

!'. ij St reet, Toronto, 
Robertson, J. N., 474, Wilbrod Street, 

♦Robertson, W., 103, Queen E., Toronto. 
Robins, F. B., 86, Glen Road, Toronto. 
Robinson, Captain M., Algonquin Park. 
Roche, M. J., Cochrane. 
Rogers, A. E. W., Rural Route No. 2, 

Manotick Station. 
♦Rogers, A. S., Merchant, Toronto. 
Rogers, Miss E., 238, Hallam Street, 

Rogers, Rev. F., c/o Rev. C. G. Williams, 

♦Rolph, F. A., Carlow Avenue, Toronto. 
♦Rose, ll. E., Hon. Justice, Roxboro 

breet, East, Toronto. 
Ross, W. A. W., Vine Mount. Hamilton. 
Rous, R. C, 30, Laurel Street, Ottawa. 
Rowat, T. A., 31, Cartwrighl Street, London. 
♦Rowell, Hon. N. W. (K.C.), Barrister, 

Rowell, J. D., 27, Summerhill Gardens, 

Ruddy, J., 40 Dufferin Avenue, Brantford. 
Ruper, Sergeant C, 155th Batt., C.E.F., 

Rossell, Dr. D. E., 201 J, Calborn Street. 

Russell, H. S., Standard Bank, Blenheim, 
Russel, Mrs. J. A., Fort Francis. 




ONTARIO— continued. 

Rutherford, G. ft, Blenheim. 

Rutherford, S. T., M.D., Stratford. 

Ryrie, H., 1 Highland Avenue, Toronto. 

Sabine, H. W., Marmora. 

Sall, W., H.C.S., Cochrane. 

Sanderson, L., Stratford. 

Savell, W. L., Deloro. 

Sawyer, W., R.M. College. 

Scandrett, J. B., 175, Dundas Street, 

Scandrett, J. W., 835, Richmond Street, 

Scandrett, L. H., 20, Craig Street, London. 
Scarth, A. H., Mrs., 58, Maple Avenue, 

Rosedide, Toronto. 
Schultz, A. F., 94, Walker Ave., Toronto. 
Scott, Dr. A., 403, Richmond Street, 

*Scott, C. S., H.C.S., 161, Hughson Street 

South, Hamilton. 
*Scott, J., 4, Dale Avenue, Toronto. 
♦Scott, R. F., Manchester Building, Toronto. 
Scott, Mrs. I. M., 161, Hughson Street, 

South, Hamilton. 
Scott, Mrs. J., 4, Dale Avenue, Toronto. 
♦Scott, J. F.(K.C), 10, May Street, Toronto. 
Scott, Miss M. L, Hughson Street, South, 

Scott, Miss M. J., c/o Montreal Bank, 

Yonge and Queen Street, Toronto. 
Screaton, S., 26, Craig Street, London. 
Screaton, W. B., 683, Maitland Street, 

Scully, H. D., 40, Parkway Avenue, 

Seavell, W. M., Railroad Hotel, Emedale. 
Serton, Vincent, 20, George Street, St. 

Servage, C. ft, 239, Cambridge St., Ottawa. 
Sewell Fane, H.C.S., 20, Prince Arthur 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Sewell, Mrs. F„ 20, Prince Arthur Avenue, 

Shannon, Colonel, Wulseley Barracks, 

Shannon, D., Marmora. 
SHArLAND, A. E., R.R. 1, Wilton Grove, 

Shaw, W. H., 185, Crescent Road, Toronto. 
Shaw, Mrs. W. H., 185, Crescent Road, 

Shepard, G. J., 865, Queen's Avenue, 

Shillington, J. W., Blenheim. 
Shillington, W. L., Blenheim. 
Sibley, A,, 476*, Barton Street, E. Hamil- 
Simpson, Dr. J. S., 137, Avenue Road, 

Shoebottom, Dr. W. M., 225, Hyman 

Street, London. 
Skerrett, Private W. J., No. 1027342, 

235th Batt., C.E.F., 2nd Co., Belle- 
ville, Ontario. 
'.ll. H.S., H.C.S., Wheatley. 
Smallman, C. S., 787, Hcllmuth Avenue, 

Smart, A. M., 142, Kent Street, London. 

Smeaton, H. W., 36, Yarmouth Gardens, 

Smith, Mrs. A., Box 16, Ottawa West. 
Smith, A. D., Mitchell. 
Smith, A. J., 774. King Street, London. 
Smith, Miss E., 330, Kent Street, Ottawa. 
Smith, E. S., H.C.S., Court House, Strat- 
Smith, H., Deloro. 

Smith, H., Band R.C.H.A., Kingston. 
Smith, P. M., 262, Main Street West, 

Smith, A. Sydney, Port Sydney, Muskoka. 
Smith, Edwin, 582, Dufferin Avenue, 

Smith, E. P., 402*. Dundas Street, London. 
Smith, E. V., 318, Grosvenor Street, London. 
"Smith, J. F. (K.C.), 10, May Street, 

Smith, Captain W., A. M. Smith & Co., 

Smith, W. H., 138, Nairn Avenue, Earls- 
court, Toronto. 
*Smythe, W. E., 670. College Street, Toronto. 
Snape, B. H., e/o Hudson Bay Co., Moose 

Factory, via Cochrane. 
Snelgrove, Miss G., 175, Mary Street, 

Soden, R. J., 369, George Street, Peterboro. 
Soden-Ikwix, Major W. W., c/o Canadian 
Military Institute, University Avenue, 
Solomon, L., 180, King Street W., Toronto. 
♦Southam, R., Printer, Toronto. 
Spence, J. ft, 14, Wellington St., Brantford. 
Spreckley, Miss M., 546, Church Street, 

♦Sproat, H., 5, Prince Arthur Avenue, 

Squire, Wm., E. 639, Dundas Street, 

Stark, E. J., 44, Superior Street,Brantford 
*Staunton, E. G., Toronto. 
Steele, G. G., 430, Waterloo Street, 

Sterling, A. E., c/o J. A. Laythen & Co., 

50, Bismark Avenue, Toronto. 
Stevenson, Major H. A., 391, Dundas 

Street. London. 
Stevenson, S. F., 15, Marley Place, London. 
Stevenson, W. J., 391, Dundas Street, 

Stevenson, W., 52nd F. Battery, Kingston. 
Stewart, E., 492, Spadina Avenue, Toronto. 
Stewart, F. G., 6, Ann Street, St. Cailm- 

Stewart, H. B., 39, Summerhill Gardens, 

*Stewart, M. A., 218, Poplar Plains Road, 

Stoddart, J., Woodville. 
Stone, H. W., Signal Section, C.E.F., 71st 

Batt., Woodstock. 
*Stone, W., 461, King Street W., Toronto. 
Strange, H. ft, Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Parry Sound. 
♦Strathy, S., Royal Bank Building, Toronto. 
Stretfield, W. E., Welbank, EmsdaleP.O. 



ONTARIO continued. 

•Stbiokj >\ n. W. D. EL, Insu; i ci Broker, 

Stbi i n ills, K. I .. 331, Rii hmond Strei b, 

I-* mdon. 
Stubbs, Miss F. M.. 136, Queen Street, 

•SULLIVAN, A.. Wychwood Park, Toronto. 
Sommerfield, R., P.O. Box 430, Preston. 
Scmmerville, J., 62, Sun Life Building, 


.i:k. C. I!., 380, Richmond Si 

Sutherland, C, 200, Park Avenue, Brant- 
Swaddling, Major C. J., Cobourg. 
•Swan, W. II.. 84, Wbodlawn Avenue, 

I -onto. 

•Swbny, Colonel G. A., " Eohalion," St. 

George Street, Toronto. A. E., Cambray. 
TaYLOB, C. B., H.C.S., Union Bank of 

■da. Merrick vilic. 
T v vi. or, G., Blenheim. 
Txnnant, J. 1'., 126, Quebec Street, London. 
Terry, R., Consecon. 
Thomas, Mrs E.. Mowat P.O., Algonquin. 
Thomas, E., Mowat P.O., Algonquin. 
Thomas, Miss P.M., Mowat P.O., Algonquin. 
Thompson, Dr. D., Marmora. 
Thompson, E. G., Blenheim. 
Thompson, Mrs. S. S., c/o A. W. Austin, 

Esq., 629, Confederation Life Building, 

Thomson, Miss I., The Cottage Hospital, 84, 

Welleslev Street, Toronto. 
Thobb i , l . B., H.C.S.. Hawki sbury. 
Thornton, F. B., Consecon. 
Thoenton, H., Deloro. 
Thould, Miss K. R., General Delivery, 

Tii. lev, J.. ITU, Victoria Avenue, N. 

I I amilton. 

Tillman, W. 1.. '112, Richmond Street, 

I Ion. 

Tobias, Feed, 831, Colborne Street, London. 

i\s.i:. L., 831, Colborne Street, London. 
Tofield, II. A.. H.C.S., Merchants' Bank of 

Canada, Renfrew. 
Tomtin. H. C, 312, Russill Hill R 

Toothe, R. M. C, 74, Dundas Street. 

Torrance, T. L., H.C.S., c/o Royal Bank of 

Canada, Guelph. 
Th k.\ bbs, B. W., Bank of Monl real, London. 
Treleaven, A., 859, Dundau 

Lond< n. 
♦Troostwvk, 0., H.C.S., Accountant, Port 

Truesdell, R. W., Deloro. 
Trumper, Rev. A. A., H.C.S., The Rectory, 

Tucker, Canon, L. X.. The Rectory, St. 

Paul'- iral, London. 

Turn bull, Wm„ 562, Waterloo Street, 

Turner, A. E., 62.",. Talbot Street, London. 
Underhill, E., 106, Askin Street, LoDdon. 

*\'\n Koughnet, Mrs. A., 238, Colli 

Street, Toronto. 
Vanstone, R. S., 89, Nelson Street, Brant- 
VlNlNG, J., :5l'. Ma i Icy Place, London. 
Waddell, Mrs. E., 34, Dunbar Street, 

•WaddingtON, H., 81. King E., Toronto. 
Wadsworth, Mrs. L., 124, Tvndall Avenue, 

Wadswoeth, Mrs. E. I., " Balgores," Port 

Sandfleld, Muskoka. 
•WADSWOETH, W. R., Bank of Toronto, 

Wagner, E. J., 91, Wallace Terrace. 
Wake, Lieut. C, 190, Jones Avenue, 

Walker, Miss D., 12, Edgar Avenue, 

Walker, D. R. A., 166, Roxborough Stri i fc, 

lv, Toronto. 
♦Walker, Sir E., C.V.O., D.C.L., President, 

Canadian Bank of Commerce. 

* Walsh, J. J., 55, KingswoodRoad.Toronto. 
Walton, J. L., H.C.S., Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, Strathroy. 
Wanless, It. B.,877, DundasStreet.London. 
Wabd, E. C, Cochrane. 
Wardlair, T. D., 23, Scott Street, Toronto. 
•Wabben, Mrs. II. I'., 95, Wellesley Street, 

Wabben, W. M., Nth. Cobalt. 

* Warwick, G. R., Toronto. 
♦Watkins, H. T., Depot Harbour. 
W ltson, M., Leamington. 

*Watson, J. W., 1514, Bank of Hamilton 

Bldg., Toronto. 
"Watson, W. G., Financier, Toronto. 
Watt. !•'., "Sunny Acres," Guelph. 
Watt, H., 37, Dnfferin Ave., Brantford. 
Watt, P. J., 356, Richmond Street, London. 
WeBLING, \\ . H., 211, Brant Ave., Brant- 
Wbbsteb, K. A., 560, Piccadilly Street, 

i be, W., Cameron R.B I. 
Webb, Lieutenant E. S., L224, Blow Sti 

West, Toronto. 
♦Weib, < '■.. [nsurance Kick, i. Toroi 
\\ i i. ii, E. ( Bani-t' i ), London. 
Weld, John, 60, Ridout Street, London. 
Weldon, T. II., 310, Clarenci 

Wells, E. A., Bank of Hamilton, Montreal, 
Wi.i.stv, <;. E., Director of Inspection, 

Transportation Building, Ottawa. 

WD, Dr. W. S., 2S7, i ml . n'.- A\eniic, 

Wethermoss, W. R., c/o Merchants' Bank 

of Canada, London. 
Whbatley, R. H. B., Deloro. 
Wheeler, J., 73, East Avenue X., Hamilton, 
Wit vie, J., Stratford. 
Wiluee, M., 61, King St., Brantford. 
Wilgress, R. T., Parliament Buildings, 

Wii.kins, W. B., 87, Browning Avenue, 




ONTARIO— continued. 

Wilkinson, R. G., 31, Sumruerhill Gardens, 

Willgoose, F. L., Dundas Street, Lon- 

Williams, B. J., Cambray. 

Williams, Bishop, Bishop of Huron, 
Bisbopstowe, London. 

Williams, Rev. C. G., H.C.S., 3rd Divn., 
Lindsay, Ont. 

Williams, E. T., Stirling. 

Williams, Mrs. H., The Parsonage, Cambray. 

♦Williams, H. H., 555, Avenue Road, 

Williamson, D. T., H.C.S., 97, Dufferin 
Avenue, Brantford. 

♦Williamson, R., 86, East Adelaide Street, 

Willits, G. N., 235, Braiit Avenue, Brant- 

Willits, J. B., 136, Chestnut Avenue, 

Willitts, L. D., 23, Palmerston Avenue, 

Wilson, A., 164, First Avenue, Ottawa. 

Wilson, G., Union Bank of Canada, Toronto. 

Wilson, J., R.F.D., Consecon. 

Wilson, J. G., 195 Bruce Street, Lon- 

Wilson, Miss M., 31, Winchester Street, 

Wilson, Colonel R. S., 208, Bloor Street W., 

| *Wilson, S. F., Publisher, Toronto. 
I Windsor, C, 402J, Richmond Street, 

Witton, W. P., Hamilton. 

Wolf, A., London. 

Wodson, E., 2, College Street, Toronto. 

Wood, F., Cambray. 

Wood, Miss H., 441, Elgin Street, Ottawa. 

*Wood. S. C, Toronto. 

Wood, L. M., Standard Chemical Iron and 
Lumber Co. of Canada, Ltd., Toronto. 

Woodside, H. J., P.O. Box 492, Ottawa. 

Worsley, R., Kearney, P.O. 

Wreford, Rev. G. (F.R.G.S.), 56, St. 
Claire Ave., West, Toronto. 

Wright, David, The Hudson's Bay Com- 
pany, Lake Savant Bucke, via Superior 

Wright, Mrs. E., Deloro, 

*Wright, G., The Walker House, Toronto. 

Wright, G., Rockciiffe Park, Ottawa. 

Wright, P. J., H.C.S., Waterloo. 

Wright, S. B., Deloro. 

Yack, W. L., Sig. Sect., 71st Batt., C.E.F., 

Yates, A., Deloro. 

- Young, J., Can. Nth. Ely. Station, W. Fort 

Young, Miss M., 246, Albert Street, Belle- 
ville., C. H., 192, Dundas Street, 


Charlotte town.— H.C.S., A. S. McLean, K.C., M.P., Royal Bank Buildings. 
Souris East. — H.C.S., John McLean, Messrs. Matthew and McLean, Ltd. 
Summerside. — H.C.S., Hon. A. E. Arsenault, Summersidf. 

Allen, L. R., Summerside. 

Arsenault, Hon. A.E., H.C.S., Summerside. 

Arsenault, A. F., Summerside. 

Clark, P. G., Summerside. 

Coombes, E. G., Charlotte town. 

Dennis, C. C, Victoria Hotel, Charlotte- 

Gallant, J. E., Summerside. 

Holman, Le Roy J., Summerside. 

Jenkins, l.ieut.-Col. S. R. (M.D.), Char- 

McClean, J., Souris East. 
McClean, J. C, Summerside. 
MacDonald, Rev. J. J., Kinkora. 
McEwen, Hon. H. D., Morell. 
McIntyre, Rev. A. J., Kinkora. 
McLean, A. 8., K.C.M.P., H.C.S., Royal 

Bank Bldgs., Charlottetown. 
McLean, J , H.C.S., Souris, East. 
Owen, W. W., Charlottetown. 
Rogers, B. G., Summerside. 


Buckingham. — H.C.S., P. Winchurst, P.O. Box 148. 

Cookshire.— H.C.S., F. E. Halls. 

Eustis. H.C.S., F. M. Passow. 

Lime Ridge.— H.C.S., John Mann. 

Montreal. — H.C.S., George R. Lighthall, Messrs. Lighthall and Lighthall, 303. Quebec 

Bank B'dlding. 
Sherbrook. — H.C.S., H. Irwin, Merchants' Bank of Canada. 

Allan, Tom A., c/o The Signal Engineer, j Beardmore, George J., 605, Pine Avenue 

Grand Trunk Railway System, Mon- ' W., Montreal. 

treal. , Belanger, A. P., Riviere-du-Loup, Temis- 

Austin, Miss M., 177, Drummond Street, couata County. 

Montreal. Biddick, Reginald, East Angus, Compton 

Baker, E. S., Cookshire. County. 

Barton, Miss D. S., Head Oflice, Bank of Biggar, W. H., 738, Pine Avenue, Mon- 

Montreal, Montreal. treal. 



QUEBEC: PROVINI I ■„!,,.„,, I. 

Blaokaoib, Miss I'. M.. 506, Sherbrooke 

. i . w. Montreal. 
BaiiLANT, F. H., Riviere-du-Loup, Temis- 

couata County. 
Bromilkv, A., Room 21, St. Sacrament 

Street, Montreal. 
Bullock, Miss E. P., 3.'?, Crescent Street, 

Mont real. 

a, •'.. 69, Victoria Street, Montreal. 
CamxbOH, Miss !•'.. B., c/o Hank of Montreal, 

Cambboh, Miss ff. D., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

Mont real, 
Cabbibb, Miss E., 34, Grande Alle Apts., 

Grand Allee. 
I', Miss I',.. Buokingham, Quebec. 
•CHBSTBBTON, Miss 1.. S., 225, Sherbrooke 

- -.t West, Montreal. 
Chtpman, Mrs. R., H. 117, Crescent Street. 

Ci niT, Mi-s Mabel, 89, Esplanade, Montreal, 
i'i'i;.a\\ E. G., 61, Ontario Avenue, 

Mont real. 
CoLOLOtlOH, J., Riviere-du-Loup Station. 
Cotter, Mrs. A. M., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

St. Jaim-s Street, Montreal. 
Craig, H. T. G., c/o Bank of B.X.A.. 

Cutler, T. 6., 15. Hope Avenue, Montreal. 
Derbyshire, Miss E., 61, Ontario Avenue, 

Davii.i.e. R. Brien J., 323, Selby Street 

Dawf.s, Mrs. J. P., 21, Laudentian A|)ts., 

:.".», Cote des Nieges Montreal. 
Dionne, J., P..<>. Box 60, Riviere-du-Loup, 

Temiscouata County. 
"Duble, A. R., Royal Trust Building, 

Dow, Miss J., 20, Ontario Avenue. Montreal. 
Iinni, A. Wellesley, Inspector Employers' 

Liability Co., Montreal. 
•Dwioht, Mrs. K., Stanstead. 

hie, Mrs. C. B., Ste Agathe des Monts. 
Evens, II. I'., Windsor Street Station, 

P.R., Montreal. 
EVAHS, Miss N"., 750, Sherbrooke Street. YV. 

Evabs, Mrs. \V. N., 756. sherbrooke Stn et, 

\V. Montreal. 
Field, Sergt. F. J., 79, Levis Street, Notre 

Dame, \V. Montreal. 
Ebasbb, J. A., Cookshire. 
Gale, \V. H., c/o Maine Central R. R. Co., 

Lime Ridge. 
>rd, J. A., Scotstown. 
Gilman, Miss B.. 660, Sherbrooke Street, 

\V., Montreal. 
Oilmen, Miss M., 660, Sherbrooke Street, 

\Y., Montreal. 
Cuss, F., 302, Grande All' e. 
Gosling, E. D., Lachine, Montreal. 
Creenwood, E., 303, Quebec Bank Bldgs., 

GrOSART, J. Mel)., Chieoutinii West, 
irtv. Miss A. E., 61, Ontario Avenue, 

Gtdb, A., 20, Xavier Street, Montreal. 

Balls, F. K., H.C.S., Bank e>f Montreal, 

Ingram, John, 200, Ontario Street, Wesl 

Irwin, H., H.C.S., Merchants' Bank of 

Canada. Sherbrook. 
Jean, E. A., P.O. Box 17!», Riviere-du- 
Loup, Temiscouata Countv. 
Judge, F. O., P.O. Box 339. 
Ki ine, J. T. F., 216, Prince Albert. West- 

mount. Montreal. 
Lacboix, E. F., 425, Rue St. Jean. 
Lapointe, J. A., P.O. Box 199, Riviere-du- 
Loup, Temiscouata County. 
Le Brocq., W., 113, Birch Avenue, St. 

Lambert, Nr. Montreal. 
Leonard, W. H.. Cookshire. 
Letheren, Miss E., Trafalgar Institute, 83, 

Simpson Street, Montreal. 
Lewis, Mrs. W. A., The Manor House, 

Beaurivage, Co. Lottriniere. 
Lighthall, G. R., H.C.S., c/o Canadian 

Bank of Commerce, 303, Quebec Bank 

Building, Montreal. 
Livingstone, Miss J., 115, Crescent Street, 

Lotbiniere, A. J. de, Pointe Platon. 
M \ i donald, H., 8, Lincoln Avenue, Mont real. 
MacLaren, Miss E., I. Buckingham. 
Mann, J., H.C.S., Lime Ridge. 
Marquis, N., Blaisville. 
McKiel, Mrs. M. O., Buckingham. 
Moberley, W. E., The North Assurance 

Co., Ltd., Montreal. 
MON8ABBAT, Mrs. M., 4189, Sherbrooke 

Street. W. Montreal. 
MoBTN, J. V., Riviere-du-Loup, Temis- 
couata County. 
Mi kray, J. A., Harbour Master. 
Mubbay, Mrs. Emily, 4, Monckton Avenue. 
Nadeau, A., Junr., Riviere-du-Loup 

Temiscouata Rly. 
Neil, Miss M. L, 110, Sherbrooke St. West, 

X k 1 1 son, ,W, Corsock, Neilsonville. 
• ion. vie, Mrs. G. K., 85, Redpatb Street, 

Parker, E., 4191, Sherbrooke Street West, 

Passow, F. M..H.C.S., Er.stis. 
Pelletier, G., Riviere-du-Loup, Temis- 
couata County. 

■• i:v, E., Faculty App., S, Corr., Mi Gill 

University. Montreal. 
Rhodes, Miss P. M., Bergerville. 
Robertson, J., Box 81, St. Lamber, 

Rose, J. T., East Angus, Crompton County. 
Ross, Mrs. A. I)., The Manor House, 

Beaurivage, Co. Lottriniere. 
Ross, G. W., 439, Lansdowne Avenue, 

Ross, Miss H. A. M., 355, Peel Street, 

RuEL, J. R., Montreal Amateur Athletic 

Ass., Montreal. 
SaMTTKL, Miss L., 78. St. Matthew St.. 





QUEBEC PROVINCE— continued. 
Samuel, Miss R., 33, The Maxwelton, 386. 

Sherbrooke Street, W. Montreal. 
Sentin, Miss F., 728, Pine Avenue, W. 

Suearwood, F. P., 120, Aberdeen Ave., 

Westmount, Montreal. 
Shear/wood, Mrs. F. P., 120, Aberdeen 

Ave., Westmount, Montreal. 
Siieppard, G. W. J., 379, Craig Street, 

West Montreal. 
*Skaife, F. W., M.D., 3, Trafalgar Avenue, 


Room 301, Unity Building, 

M., 61, Ontario Avenue, 
c/o 216. Drummond Street, 
439, Mackay Street, 
W., 439, Mackay Street, 
Prince Arthur 

Taylor,.!. 1!. K.. Ayers Cliff . 
Theriault, L. N., P.O. Box 96, Riviere- 

du-Loup Station. 
Thomas, C. 0., 106, Regent Avenue, Mon- 
Tinling, Mrs. M. S., 177, Edgehill Road, 

Westmount, Montreal. 
Trower, W. K., Transportation Buildings, 

*Wainwright, Miss G., Hampton Court 

Apts., Mountain Street, Montreal. 
Wallis, H., 239, Drummond Street, Mon- 
Wanklyn, F. L., Room 241, Windsor Street 

Station, C.P.R., Montreal. 
Warren, E. D., Windsor Hotel, Mon- 
Watson, E. L., P.O. Box 46, Dunham. 
Webster, Miss N. S., 435, Metcalfe Ave., 

Westmount, Montreal. 
Webster, Miss S. R., 435, Metcalfe Ave, 

Westmount, Montreal. 
Williams, Mrs. J., 24, The Marlborough. 

Milton Street, Montreal. 
Wood, N. R., Bulwer. 


Smith, J. H., 

Stoker, Miss 

Strikeman, H 

Stroud, Miss H. H 

Stroud, Mrs. 

Tate, Mrs. E. M., 271, 

Street, W. Montreal. 
Taylor, G. D., Box 162, Aylmer, East 


Aneroid.— H.C.S., J. P. Phillips, Box 142. 
Assiniboia.— H.C.S., W. Leggett, Acting Post master. 
Brookside. — H.C.S., W. C. Reynolds, Brookside. 
Carlyle.— H.C.S., H. A. Keown. 
Craik. — H.C.S., Allan C. Wilson. 
Cupar. H.CS., C. P. Old. 
Elford.— H.C.S., Thruda Jackson. 

Flaxscomb. -H.C.S., Percy H. Howlett. Beaver Lumbei Co., Ltd. 
Govan.-H.C.S., A. Bibb, P.O. Box 129. 
Gull Lake. -H.C.S., C. D. Sand: 
Halcyonia.— Branch Sec., E. L. Mubton. 
Herschell.— H.C.S., L. Caldecott, The Quebec Bank. 
Indian Head.— H.C.S., R. H. Mason, P.O. Bo x 391. 
Lloydminster. — Branch Sec, J. Turnbull. 
Lydden.-H.C.S., F. W. Hall. 
Maconn.— H.C.S., P. Hulbebt, c/o Post Office. 
Maple desk.— H.C.S., F. G. Wheat. 
Marquis.- H.C.S., G, Be Gallais, P.O. Box 83. 
Melville. — H.C.S., F. H. Clarkson. 
Melfort.— H.CS., A. T. Caruardine. 
North Battleford. -H.C.S., O. Keith. 

Omega. H.CS., J. M. Mr Lean, Manager. I'liion Bank of Canada. 
Outlook -H.C.S., C, C. King. 

Perdue. H.CS., Robert Adam, c/o Union Bank oi Canada. 
Piapot. H.C.S., W. E. Bowen, Manager, Union Bank of Canada. 
Prince Albert.— H.CS. , John Eagle, 450. Rovert Street, East. 
Regina.— H.C.S., J. T. Cabb, c/o Mason & Risch, 1929, St. John St 
Rocanville.— H.C.S., 0. C. Caeteb. 
Semans.-H.C.S, Robebt S. Phillips. 
Storuoway. - H.CS., J. E. Maokie, Stornoway Station P.O. 
Swiit Current. H.C.S., John Law. 
Togo.— H.CS. , Geobge K. Stone. 

Vonda. — H.C.S., W. E. G. Nioholls, Canadian Bank of Commerce. 
Webb.-H.CS., Ivan Austin. 
Wokeley. H.CS.. J. R. Gaeden. 

Wilcox.-H.CS., T. L. Kerb, 'Flu- Canadian Bank of Commerce. 
Yellow Grass.— H.CS., H. C. Dupont, Town Clerk. 
Yorkton.-H.CS., C. II. Holmes, Town Hall. 
Abbott, A., Herschel. *Adam, R., H.CS 

Abercrombie, J. H., Togo. 
Ackles, J. H., Pelly. 

Union Bank of Canada 



10 7 

SASKATCHEWAN— con tin m <l. 

Adui, W. B., Grey court, 212 25th, Street, Conolly, H., Flaxcorube. 

West, Saskm n 
Addison, A., R.N.W.M. Police, Pelly. 
Akehurst, J., Post Office, Le Rosa. 
Armstroxo, J. A., Regina. 
Austin, E. T. B., Rural Municipality of 

Webb, No. l.JS. Webb. 
Austin, I., H.C.S., Webb. 
Avant, W. II. (!., Bughton. 
Badqkr, W. H., Sutherland. 
Barber, A. E., Lydden. 
Barker, O. F„ Lydden. 
Beaoarie, Herbert J., 321, 3id Avenue, 

North, Saskatoon. 
Beck, Mrs. G., Alida. 
Beck, J. J., Glen Ewen. 
Bellinger, J. C, Swift Current. 
Bibb, A.. H.C.S., P.O. Box 129, Govan. 
Bin.:, i:. \ . L421, Retallack Street, Regina. 
Blackwell, Mrs. P., C.P.R. Baggage 

Room, Saskatoon. 
Blackwell, II. L., Canadian Bank of Corn- 
merer, Wilcox. 
I'-i mi;. II. \l.. Aneroid. 
Bi i kt'i', A. i '.. Postage Office Swift Current. 
Bonsev, T., 842, John Street, Nth. Battle- 
Bourk, 1!. E., l.\ ddi q, 
Bowan, \\ . E., H.C.S., Onion Bank of 

Bowen, R. C, R.N.W.M. Police, Maple 

Brooks, A. S., Victoria Plains P.O.,Regina. 
Brown, C. P.. P.O. Box 021. H< L -ina. 
Buchanan, Private A. M., C. Squad, 9th 

C.M.B., Cyprus Hills. 
Bull, H. M., Robsart. 
Burkitt, R., Box 62, Dundurn. 
Burtley, II., Lydden P.O. 
Butterfield, W., Green Lake. 
Byrne, Mrs. J. P., Greenmount, Nokomis. 
Caldecott, L., H.C.S., The Quebec Bank, 

Callard, R., c/o Union Bank of Canada, 

Cameron, J. J., Last Mountain. , 
Campbell, I.. B., P.O. Box 177, Govan. 
i ' \ I'l'iu, Austin, Maple < !r< ek, 
i'm:,:..!,, us T., H.C.S., L929, St. John Street, 

Carter, CO., H.C.S.. Rocanville. 
Carwardine, A. T., H.C.S., Melfort, P.O. 

DWIOK, ( . S., Wilcox. 

Chalk, G. S., Allan. 

Challis, W. <:., Flaxcombe. 

Chandler, T. M., Tugaske. 

Ch \sk, l'. Hi iw ibd, Plnnkett. 

Clarke, C. S., Box 1, Dilke. 

Clakkb, J. Ukmii k, P.O. Boa -"(>, Govan. 

Clabkson, C II., Swanson. 

Clarkso .. P. H.. H.C.S.. Melville. 

Clbphkn, Rev. A. B„ Box 26, St. Anne's 

\ i.i rage, Ej ebrow, 
Cole, G. M., Brookridi 
Cole. Rev. W. A.. Craik. 
Connell, A. 1)., Hudson Bay Junction. 
Corbett, H. C, Box 243, Rosthern. 
Connor, J., Wilcox. 

A. H.. RossduM. P.O. 
i Cowie, J. E.. ( lovau. 
I Cox, H., Wilcox. 
1 R \i;r,s, E. I.., Yellow Crass. 
Crawford, A., Herschel. 
Crom lrty, J. R., Melfort. 
Cross, Reginald H., 315, 25th Street West, 

Cuff, T., Govan. 
Currier, G. W., Maple Creek. 
Cutting, P., Malpe (reck. 
Dacroix, E, F. 151 J, Avenue Carker, 

Dale, A. A. M., \\ Cvburn. 
Dawson, H. G.. Melfort. 
Day, F., P.O. Glentworth. 
I >i: akin, G., Govan. 
Devlin, M., Avonlea, Sask. 
Dewhirst, H., H.C.S., R.N.W.M. Police, 

Dick, J. P., Northern Crown Bank, Regina. 
Di< key, K.. Govan. 
Dixon, A., Indian Head. 
Dixon. F. W., Boro' Green, Canwood P.O. 
I >.)\vntos. II. A., Wilcox. 
ItrroNT, H. C, H.C.S., Yellow;. 
Dutton, J., P.O. Box 144, Govan. 
Eason, A. S., The Quebec Bank, Herschel. 
Eagle, J., H.C.S., 450, Rovert Si. East. 

I'rinc Albert. 
Edbrook, E. H., Dundurn. 
Einarson, Lieutenant J., Logberg. 
Ellis, J. H., Rheip. 
Engi.\nd, W. 11., Wilcox. 
Eyre, Mrs. F. R., Paswegin. 
Fawcett, W., King's Hotel, Duck Lake. 
Fell, P. N., Herschel. 
Field, Miss A. M., 1010, Elliott Street, 

Forrest, P., Herschel. 
Forrester, W. E., Rhein. 
Iimvrton, R., The Bank of B.N. A., 

♦Gallais, G. Le. H.C.S., P.O. Box 83, 

Gallais, \\. Box 65, Manquis. 
Galloway, E. B . BeauchampP.O.,\\ .t >n. 
Gamble, J., Yorkton. 
Garden, J. R., H.C.S.. v7olaeley. 

GARDNER, .Mi-. V., Hillside I'.irni, Box 04, 

Cull Lake. 
Gibson, C, Dundurn. 
Cillis, J. I)., Retina. 
( IrLROY, JOHN, Govan. 
Godfrey, F. G., Indian Head. 

i s, W. B., I'. (i. Bos 76, Eyebrow. 

;dy, J. L., 313, Home Street, South 

Hill, Moose Jaw. 
Guxiand, P. W., 2234, Elphinstone Street, 

B I L' i I I • 

Hall, F. W., H.C.S., Box 20, Lydden. 

II kMMANS, W., Mil' -I "ic. 

ELanooOK, John, Govan. 

11 wiper. Rev. David. Mncoun. 

Hastings, C, Webb. 

11 wvthorne, E. E., Dundurn. 

Hayman, P., Flaxcomb' . 



SASKATCHEWAN— conl inw d. 

Heeeiq, E. W., Dundurn. 

Herringer, G. S., H.C.S., Merchants' Bank 
of Canada, Maple Creek. 

Hetherington, F., Dundurn. 

Holland, J., Dundurn. 

Holmes, C. H., H.C.S., Town Hall, Yorkton. 

Holmes, J. G., Lydden. 

Howard, H. p Forest Farm, P.O. White- 

Howard, J., St. Luke P.O. 

Howard, T. W., Forest Farm P.O., White- 

♦Howlett. P. H., H.C.S., Flaxoombe. 

Hoyte, J. H., Dundurn. 

Huitson, G., Dundurn. 

Hulbebt, F., H.C.S., c/o Post Office, 

Hunter, J. H., Swift Current. 

Ingram, H. H., P.O. Box 107, Govan. 

Jackson, T., H.C.S., Elford. 

Jacobs, E., P.O. Box 152, Saltcoats. 

James, R., Dundurn. 

Jeanes, F„ 1033, Cameron Street, Regina. 

Jeffoed, C. H., Box 45, Griffin. 

Jefford, Miss E., Box 45, Griffin. 

Jeffoed, F., Box 45, Griffin. 

Jefford, Mrs. F., Box 45, Griffin. 

JotneRjW. L., 16, Main Street, Meoose Jane. 

Keie, T., c/o J. H. Phillips, Esq., Box 142 

Keith, D., LL.B., H.C.S., Keith Block, 
North Battleford. 

Kemp, F. P., Humbolt. 

Kennie, R., Swift Current. 

Keown, H. A., H.C.S., Carlyle. 

Kerr, J. L., Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Kerr, T. L., H.C.S., Canadian Bank of 
Commerce, Wilcox. 

King, C. (.'., H.C.S., Outlook. 

King, C. A., Maple Creek. 

Knete, T., " Esperanza," Marengo. 

Knott, E. C. M., c/o C. Bank of Commerce, 

Lacey, F., " Hill Crest" Farm, Xr. Viscount. 

Lamphere, H. L., Swift Current. 

Langrish, G. E., Flaxcombe. 

Latta, S. J., P.O. Box 210, Govan. 

Launder, W. D., Herschel. 

Law, J., H.C.S., Swift Current. 

Laweenson, L., Dundurn. 

Lea, C. W., Pelly. 

Leggett, W., H.C.S., Assiniboia. 

Lister, R., Post Office, Pelly. 

Lobb, D. G., Empress Hills P.O. 

MacIver, M., Stornoway Station. 

Mackay, W., Swift Current. 

Mackenzie, C. J., Box 277, Rosetown. 

Mackie, J. E., H.C.S., Stornoway Station. 

Maguire, F. A., Box 173, Govan. 

Maesh, H., Herschel. 

Martin, E. S., Bank of Montreal, Saskatoon. 

Maetin, S. M., Landis. 

Mason, R. H., H.C.S., P.O. Box 391, Indian 

Matlock, H., Leash. 

Maynard, Chas. F., P.O. Box 58, Govan. 

MoDermott, C. W., Pelly. 

McDonald, D. H., Fort Qu'Appelle. 

McGreevy, R. J., Lydden. 

McIntyre, A. M., Union Bank of Canada, 

McJannett, Robert, Y.M.C.A., Saskatoon. 
McKenzie, D. Dundurn. 
McKenzie, E. R., Pelly. 
McLean, J. M., H.C.S., Union Bank of 

Canada, Omega. 
McPhee, J. W., c/o Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, Wilcox. 
Meints, E. G., Herschel. 
Midmoee, R., Wilcox. 
Mitchell, A., Meadow Lake. 
Mitchellmore, V., Dundurn. 
Moffat, J., Herschel. 
Murton, E. L., Halcyonia. 
Neish, J. G., Duval. 
*Xewnham, Miss E. L., Prince Albert. 
Xicholi.s, W. E. G., H.C.S., Canadian 

Bank of Commerce, Vonda. 
Oats, H. S., Blain Lake. 
Old, C. P., H.C.S., Cupar. 
Oliver, S. H., Milestone. 
Palmer, R. t Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Partridge, H. M., The Quebec Bank, 

Phillips, Mrs. C. A., Box 142, Aneroid. 
Phillips, J. P., H.C.S., Aneroid P.O. 
Phillips, R. S., H.C.S., Semans. 
Pope, J. J., Govan. 
Porter, E. P., Strongfield. 
Potter, W., Swift Current. 
Raison, A. L., Cymric. 
Rawles, R., Dundurn. 
Rawson, J. C, Kingsland. 
Read, J. H., Box 122, Govan. 
Redding, F. A., Craik. 
Rehill, Miss L. J., Rocanville. 
Reynolds, F. H., Fairlight P.O. 
Reynolds, W. C, H.C.S.. Brookside P.O. 
Rheaume, H. C, Stornoway Station. 
Rhodes, J., 314, Ave. B. South, Saska- 
Richards, W. S., Swift Current. 
Rideout, Miss G., 2130 Robinson Street.. 

Riley, Rev. Oliver, Milestone. 
Ruete, Theo., "Esperanza," Marengo. 
Rutherford, E., Craik. 
Sanders, C. D., H.C.S., Gull Lake. 
Saunders, R., c/o Well? Deekey, Ltd., 

Sawyer. J. F., 2115, Cornwall Street, 

Scoffin, T. F., Fiske. 
Scott, M., Rhein. 
Shaw, Miss W., 2130, Robinson Street, 

Sherwood, Geo. G., Marcelin. 
Shields, J. T., Dundurn. 
Silvestee, W., P.O. Box 49, Hague. 
Soby, E. W., Herschel. 
Spaeling, L. D., Wilcox. 
Spencer, J. B., Wroxton. 
Spicer, S. E., Alask. 
Stempel, Wilfrid, J.P., Lydden P.O. 



S ^SKATCHEWAN— continued. 

Sn.i'iiKNs, T. II., 862, Connaught Avenue, 

Moose Jaw. 

G. K . H.C.S., Togo. 
Stone, L. P., Qirvin. 
STYI.B8, W. G., c/o National Trust Co., 


.1 in.; II. A. G., 3124, Victoria Avenue, 

W., Regina. 
Swwwi.ll Rev. J. H., St. Minims, 

Tait, E. A., Rhein. 
T m bot, II.. Wilcox. 
Taylor, P. A., Webb. 
Temple, J. C. B., Ravenscrag. 
Thomson, F., Swift Current. 
Thurlby, T., Avonhurst. 
Toone. W. H., Carson, Inglebury Farm, 

Mary field. 
Townsend, Robert J., 304 Avenue A. 

South, Saskatoon. 
Treqea, J. H.. Herschel. 
Trotter, 2nd Lieut. A. S., o/o Messrs. 

Brown, Thomson and MacLean, Regina. 

hah, H. II.. Wilcox. 
Topholme, V., Gull Lake. 

■- buxl, J., Liloydmineter. 
T\ / iok, Oscar, WaJlard. 
Viner, C. C, Govan. 
\\ \n im;. I'.. Wilcox. 
Walker, Miss B. M., Aldon Block, 12th 

Avenue, Regina. 

W m.kek. Miss .1. P., 1745, Soarth Street, 


\v m ki:h. \\'.. Govan. 
Wallis, C, Post Office, Trossachs. 
Wallis, Miss K., Post Office, Trossachs. 
WALTON, Captain J., Corps 11, Vet. Brigade, 

Green Lake. 
Watson, X., Postmaster, Palmer. 
Waym \kk, II. S., Wawota. 
♦Wayne, R. H., Abbey. 
West, J. B., 314, 5th Avenue N., Saska- 

•Whbat, F. G.. H.C.S., Maple Creek. 
*\\iii:m, J. B., 314, 5th Avenue, X. 

White, Mrs. F. T., Klintonel P.O. 
Whitehouse, Mrs. K. S., Maymont. 
Whitehouse, W. J., Maymont. 
Wioley, G., Herschel. 
Wilkins, F. H., Box 166, Swift Current. 
Wilkins, W. H., P.O. Box 166, Swift 

Wilson, \. C, H.C.S., Craik. 
Wilson, W. A., Dundurn. 
U'lNi-iEt.D, Rbqinald \\'., Wilcox. 
WlNTON, H. J., Govan. 
Wood, G., Assiniboia. 
Wright, A., Lydden. 
Wright, F. G., Lydden. 
Wylie, W. A., Theodore. 
Young, A. D., Govan. 


Dawson.— H.C.S., George Brimston, Sheriff's Office. 
Stewart River. H.C.S., J. C. La-h 

Whitehorse. -H.C.S., Mrs. <'. K. Wehstki:, Box 70. 

Ardern, L., General Delivery, Dawson. 

KSTON, G., H.C.S., Dawson (Sheriffs 

Brook, R., Engineer Mine, via Carcross. 

Coldrick, A., British Empire Club, Daw- 

Cunningham, J. P., Fort Resolution. X.W.T. 

Davidson, A. L., Stewart City. 

Dempster, W. J. D., Rampart House. 

*Db Witt, B. D., Stewart City. 

Doner, A., Stewart City. 

Elliot, W. J., Dawson City. 

Kyerett, C, Stewart River. 

•Fekuuso , J. G., Dawson. 

Fernie, C. <!., 3 Sulphur Below. 

Gideon, Mrs. E. \Y., ' 

GOWBN, E. K., Fort Resolution, X.W.T. 

*HAWXBa-COT, \V'., Carmacks. 

Kroyss, A. P., Stewart City. 

Lawrence, J. C, H.C.S., Stewart River. 

Martin, P. J., Stewart City. 

Maskell, John, Dawson City. 

\ln li \loff, W., Stewart River. 

McLeod, J., Stewart River. 

Middleton, W., Stewart City. 

Miller, J. C, Stewart City. 

Mohun, M. E., Dawson. 

Morris J., Child's Gulch, Black Hills, 

Nik \\v, L., Thistle Creek. 
Phelps, Mrs. II. L., Whitehoi 
l!\ \\. Mi<s K.. W'hit'liorse. 
Smith, H. D., Stewart City. 
*Smythe, Mrs. B, M., Stewart City. 
Tabor. C. \\ . C, Dawson. 
'I \ \ LOR, Mrs. S.j Wliii 
Tv> lob, Wm., Barker Creek. 
Townsend, N. T., Dawson. 
Verhelst, J., Stewart City. 
Walker, A., Dawson City. 
WinsThit. m,s. C K.. H.C S., I ■■■••■ 76 
Whit ehorse. 


Bay Roberts. K.C.S., A. II. How/ 

Burgeo. — H.C.S.. Joseph Small, J.I'.. 

Burin. H.C.S., C l. Bishop. 

Carbonear. H.C.S., C. B. Simhons, Hank of \'.. 

Citahna. Branch Spc. A. Snblobovb. 

Channel. H.C.S.. P. T. Clement, J. P. 




NEWFOUNDLAND— continued. 

Curling. - H.C.S., Dr. Francis Fishes. 

Grand Bank. — H.C.S., Miss Mabel Fof.sey. 

Grand Falls.— H.C.S., W. Little. 

Lark Harbor.- H.C.S., W. C. Gear. 

St. John's.— H.C.S., C P.. Steer, 379-383, Wafer Street, 

White Bay.— H.C.S., Rev. C. Wood. Westport. 


Abbott, G. 0., Grey River. 

Adet, C. A., Burgeo. 

Angel, F. W., P.O. Box 57, St. John's. 

Assa, Mrs., Labrador. 

Ayers, Miss S., Point Crew, Lamaline. 

Baqg, Miss L., Curling, Bay ofTslands. 

Bago, Miss M.. Curling, Bay of Islands. 

Bagg, U. N., Curling, Bay of Islands. 

Bagg, Mrs. U. N„ Curling, Bay of Islands. 

Baggs, J. H., Curling, Bay of Islands. 

Barbour, Capt. G., Port Rexton, Trinity 

Barrett, A. L., Curling, Bay of Islands. 
Bartlett, Miss V. F., Burin. 
Bishop, Mrs. C. F., Burin. 
Bishop, C. F., H.C.S., Burin. 
Blundon, John, Catalina. 
Bolt, W., Synod House, Queen's Road, St. 

Boyes, Rev. W., Lawrencetown, Notre 

Dame Bay. 
Brazie, F. A., c/o P. B. Wood & Co., Ltd., 

St. John's. 
Brehm, R. A., St. John's. 
Bright, J., Catalina. 
Bryan, P. J„ Tilting, Fogo. 
Buffett, Miss M., Grand Bank. 
Bugden, Rev. W. B., Catalina. 
Caines, T., Point Crew, Lamaline. 
Caldwell, F., Brigus, Conception Bay. 
Cartwright, T. T., c/o T. and M. Winter, 

St. John's. 
Chisholm, Mrs. E. H., 113, Freshwater 

Road, St. John's. 
Clement, J. H., J.P., Burgeo. 
Clement, Miss D., Channel. 
♦Clement, P. T., J.P., H.C.S., Channel. 
Clift, T. B., Commercial Chambers, St. 

Clouter, A., Catalina. 
Clouter, H., Catalina. 
Clouter, J. W., Catalina. 

'UTKR, R., Catalina. 
Colbeck, J., Burgeo. 
Coleridge, P., Catalina. 
Coleridge, W. C, Catalina, Trinity Bay. 
Collins, I. J., Catalina. 

1 iOLLDTS, J. W., BotwOOd. 

rage, Abel, Catalina. 
Courage, Miss E., Catalina. 
Courage, J. S., Catalina. 
Courage, R., Catalina. 
irage, S., Catalina. 
Curlow, J. C, Point Limington. 
Davis, F., Burgeo. 

Deay, J., 16, York Street, St. John's. 
Diamond, Frank, Catalina. 
Dodd, C. E., Log Cabin, Spruce Brook. 
* Dover, W. J., Grand Falls. 
Dwxer, Rev. M. P., Catalina. 
Edgecombe, T., Green Island, Catalina. 

Elliott, S., Catalina. 

Fishee, Dr. F., H.C.S., Curling, Bay of 

Fitzgerald, J., Catalina. 
Forbes, C. A., Catalina. 
Forsey, Miss Mabel, H.C.S., Grand Bank. 
Gabriel, W. A., Lark Harbour. 
Gardner, Miss A. E., Curling. 
' Gardner, Miss L., Curling. 
Gear, W. C, H.C.S., Lark Harbour. 
Goodridge, Miss M., 4, Pasb. Place, St. 

Goodwin, W. S., Harbor Grace. 
Gray, J. J., c/o W. N. Snelgrove 5 Esq.. 

Green, W. C, c/o St. Mary s Vicarage, 

Curling. Bay of Islands. 
♦Grieve, W. B., St. John's. 
Guy, V. J., Catalina. 
Guy, R., Catalina. 

Halanen, G. F., Botwood Harbour. 
Halley, J. H., Petty Harbour, St. John's 

Hancock, V., Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay. 

Hans, H. L., North Side, Lamaline. 

Harris, Mrs. C, Grand Bank, Future 

Harris, H, G., c/o Fuller's Store, Grand 

Hart, J. C. King's Cove, Bonavista Bay. 

Hartery, F., Catalina. 

Harvey, J., St. John's. 

Haynes, A., Catalina. 

Haynes, Miss S. T., Burgeo. 

Haynes, W., Catalina. 

Henderson, Miss M., Catalina. 

Hicks, Boy'd, Catalina. 

Hicks, John, Catalina. 

Hiscock, J. T., Catalina. 

Hiscock ,P., Catalina. 

Hoddinott, L. D., Grand Falls. 

Hoftle, J. W., Burgeo. 

Hogan, M. F., Catalina. 

House, Edward, Catalina. 

House, J., Catalina. 

House, Capt. R., Catalina. 

Howard, A. H., H.C.S., Bay Roberts. 

Hussy, S. C, Burin. 

Inkpen, Miss A., Burin. 

Ireland, F. E., Grand Falls. 

Ivney, A., Charles Town, Suthern Bay, 
Dist. Bonavista. 

Jackson, Capt. J. C, c/o Messrs. C. F. 
Bennett & Co., St. John's. 

Janes, S., Catalina. 

Jeffers, G W., Catalina. 

Johnson, Capt. Joseph, Catalina. 

Johnson, Miss 0., Catalina. 

Joy, J., Catalina. 

Keough, <;. .1., P.O. Box 52, St. 







''//■■/. (/. 
I >■ p. Minif iir of 

Ubssttrixb, II. w.. 
Customs, Si. John's. 

: Seelleur, T.. Lapoilo. 
\ isoortes, C. G., King's Cove, Bonavista 
evity, S., Belle Island, Conception 

my, B. D., Curling, Bay of Islands. 
tlh, W.. H.C.S.. Grand Falls, 
is, ( I boro e, Catalina. 
IE, R. A., Catalina. 

.. -1VITT. -M. S., I 

MacLeavy. J., Okak, Labrador, via St. 

McEvoy, J. F., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

McKay, Dr. A. P.. Catalina. 
M \ s i ii. \Y \i. i it ali 
M irks, .1. II., Curling, Bav of Islands. 
\l ibs, l'. <:. Board of Trade Build 

Si. John's. 
M \ IM'IN". \'. I'.. Catal D 
Matthews, N. J.. Burgeo. 
Miffin, S. W., Catalina. 
Misson, Captain P. F., Schooner Lady St. 

John 8 of Salcombc, Grand Bank. 
Mitchell, T., Burgeo. 
Moore, L.. Grand Falls. 
Morris, J. W., P.O. Box 823. St. 

Mi ri v. i: 7. S. I.. Bui geo. 
Mup.i'irv. .1., c/o Messrs. Steer Bros., 379 — 

383, Water Street, St. John's. 
Murphy, J. P., Catalina. 
Mil hols, K- \ . I'.. .1. R. 

Brooklyn, Bonavista 
i \ \. !•'.. .1.. Catalina. 

m- v. R. C. Grand Falls. 
U'Xiel, J., Burin. 
O'REILL f.y.J. (J.P., I.S.O.). Customs D 

Pars. i>s. X. s.. Bank of Nova S 

< IhanneL 
PATTBN, Miss S., Grand Bank. 
1'vynt. E. A., Nfld. Board of Trade. Bos 

195, St. John's; 
Perry, B., Catalina. 
Perry, Miss I., Catalina. 
Perry, J., Catalina. 
Petley. If.. 8t. Mary's Vicarage, Curling. 

Bay of Islan 
Pitman, Miss B. P., Lamaline. 
Pomeroy, W. .T., Wadham Island, Fogo 
I Mi rict. 

■ .. K.. i lharles Tow n, Soul hern Bay, 
hist. Bona \ 
i; \ Nin:i,i . U. J., Catalina. 
11 \ 2KOKD, J., Catalina. 




i ' i . \ i > . !•'., Ireland Island, Light Souse, La 

Reid. A. E., Catalina. 

v. I'i: LNCTS, I 
Roberts, 11. E., 25, Prescotl Street. St. 

Roper, J., Bonavista. 
Rousell. A. S., Brooklyn B.B. 
Ruel. Miss E. T. H., Curling, Bay of 

Ruel, F. H. J., H.C.S., Bank of Montreal, 

Curling, Bay of Islands. 
Russell, C. E., J.P., Bay Roberts. 
; ell, 11. A.. ( latalina. 
B lmson, s.. Cal ihn i. 

Simmons, •'. I'... H.C.S., Bank of Xova 
s.<>t ia. Carbonear. 
.ii:, G. J., Bosey Fortune Bay. 
Sm\ll, J.. J.P., H.C.S., Burgeo. 
Small, Mrs. J., Burgeo. 
Snelgrove, A. H. M., Catalina. 
Snelgrove, C. F., Catalina. 
Snelgrove, F. C, Catalina. 
Snelgrove, Miss I., Catalina. 
Snelgrove, J. J., Catalina. 
Snelgrove, Miss M. J., Catalina. 
Snelgrove, W. N.. H.C.S-. Cataliua. 
Snelgrove, Mies G., Catalina. 
Somerton, F., Trinity, Trinity Bay. 
Squibb, J. R., Channel. 
Stares, A. B., Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay. 
Stares, H. G., Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay. 
♦Steer, C. R., H.C.S., 379-383, Water 

Street, St. John's. 
♦Steer, F. H., 379-383, Water Street, St. 

Steer, J. E., P.O. Box 332, St. Johns. 
Stbwabt, Rev. .S. M., Synod 01 

i,. .1. i ;.. < latalina. 
Templeman, P., Bonavista. 
Tipple, F. J., Burin. 
Tuff, Miss L., Lamaline. 
Walsh, J. T„ Catalina. 

ii, W., c/o J. Small, Esq., Bill 
White, B. N.. c/o Bank of Nova Scotia, St. 

White, D., Catalina. 
White, J. J., Catalina. 
Wills, F. F., 326, Duckworth Street, St. 

Wood, Rev. C, H.C.S., The Parsonage, 

Western Cove. White Bay. 
Wood, Mrs. H., The Parsonage, Western 

Cove, White Bay. 
Woolgar, W. E., Catalina T.B. 
Young, J. A., Bank of Nova Seotia, St. 


Abel, W., Bopedale Harbour. 
Asboe, 11.. Ilopedale Harbour. 

Bboo II.. Hopedale. 

Budgell, G.. Hmlsons Bay Co., Rigo- 

DaNTBL, Mrs. H., Hopedale. 
Daniel, J., Hopedale. 
Evans, Mrs. H., Turnavick Island. 
EVANS, 'I'.. Turnavick Island. 
Jacqi i . i.. A.. Mokkovik Bay. 
JOSUA. !•'., Mnkknvik Bay. 



Saunders, F., Davis Inlet. 

Swaffield, William E., The Hudson Bay 

Co., Rigolet. 
Tutter, F., Hopedale. 
Tutter, P., Hopedale. 

LABRADOR— contin ued. 

I. \ N E, • ;., Hopedale. 

Lane, J. S., Jack Lane's Bay. 

Lane, Mrs. L. M., Jack Lane's Bay. 

Lucy, J. T., Aikik. 

Lyall, E., Island Harbour. 


St. Pierre.— H.C.S., F. H. White. 

Branch Sec, A. Gardner, c/o British Consulate. 
Barti.ett, A., c/o F. H. "White, Esq.. Ha gen, H„ St. Pierre Miquelon. 

Anglo-American Telegraph Co., Ltd. Riggs, W., c/o F. H. White, Esq., Anglo- 
Gardner, A., St. Pierre and Miquelon, via American Telegraph Co., Ltd. 

Halifax. | White, F. H., H.C.S., St. Pierre Miquelon. 



Mobile.— H.C.S., S. K. Taylor, 6, North Mounteroy Street. 

Cale, J. 0., 1221, Third Avenue, West End, ALABAMA, U.S.A. Section. 

Birmingham. Butterfield, G. J., 13, Hannan Avenue, 

Enterkine J. E., 410, Nth. 41st Street, Butterfield, Mrs. W., 13 Hannan Avenue, 

Birmingham. Mobile. 

Greaves, W. G., 1618. American Trust Gbimley, H. G., 71, St. Michael Street. 
Building, Birmingham. ., Mobile. 

Mackenzie, R. D., 200£, Dauphin Street, 
Grey, G. P.O. Box 141. Selma. Mobile. 

Powell, W. A., Mobile. 
Grey, R. L., Selma. Powell, Mrs. W. A., 1070, Dauphin Way, 

Lemont, W. G, Sth. Orchards, via 1 heor- | x A yfer H. Mobile. 

Taylor, S.' K., H.C.S., 6, X. Mounteroy 

dore, R.F.D, Xo. 3, 
Munics, J. H., Grand Bay. 

♦Ryding Miss M„ L330, Whitak-r Street, 

Street, Mobile. 
Taylor, Mrs. S. K., 6, N. Mounteroy Street, 

Taylor, S. Mc. A., Mobile. 
Wheeler, M., Mobile. 

Taylor, S. K., H.C.S., Michigan Avenue, Woodend, Miss L. L., 1070, Dauphin Way, 
Mobile. Mobile. 


Ketchikan.— H.C.S., J. C. Ellis. 

ALASKA, U.S.A. Section. 
Hopson, A. H., Barrow. 
Springbett, G., Jack Wade Creek. 
Williams, Edward J., Tofty P.O., Sullivan 

Burdett, Arthur P., Eagle, Flat Creek. 
Ellis, J., c/o Oranby Co., Hadley. 
Emsley, Harry, Nenaua. 
Eyre, J., Tofty P.O., Sullivan Creek. 


State o£ Sonora.— H.C.S., Chantry G. Duncan, Box V., Douglas r>0 
Superior. H.C.S., H. J). M< Phail. 

Coates. C, Fortune Mine, Superior. ' MacCullum, A. W., Superior. 

Dallon, J., Hotel Adams, Phoenix. McGregor, H., 446, E. Washington Street, 

Duncan, C. G., H.C.S., P.O. Box V., Phoenix. 

Douglas P.O., Douglas. McPhail, H. D., H.C.S., Superion Trust Co., 

Fawell, E. A., 41, East Washington Street, Superion. 

Phcenix. *Paxton, A. L., Douglas. 

Goodfellow, C. S., Jerome. Paxton, J. T. Tighe, British Vice-Consul, 

Ip.ving, J., P.O. Box 1645, Bisbee. Douglas. 

JKvrNO, Mrs. Joseph, P.O. Box 1645, Bis- Pilkington, J., Box 3102, Lowell, Cochise 

bee. Co. 

Johns, A. A., Commercial Hotel, Phcenix. Rosendale, C, Johnson. 




*Kbhnbdy, \V. H„ o/o Meeara. Crump, Saunders, Mrs. F. II., c/o Mrs. F. 

BritUiri and West, Pino Bluff. Saunders, South Bend Farm, Knox- 
Rodin, C. J.. P.O. Box 2C6, Fort Smith. I ville. 


Armstrong, Mrs., c/o Mrs. 1>. Spencer, Daly, Mrs. M. S., Cobble Hil!, Vancouver 

Vancouver. Islands. 


. Bakersfield. H.C.S., Cvsn. C. Gabbay, P.O. Bo* 191. 
"f-Berkeley - H.C.S., J. J. Malvbny, 2131, Haste Street, Berkeley. 
\V. Cbbyk, Hotel Shuit nek, Shattuck Avenue. 
Branch Sec, Mrs. II. Lsgab, 1170, Colusa Avenue. 
I Burlingame. H.C.S., T. S. Bakkb. 

f Charlottesville.- Branch Sec. (Albemarle Branch), J. Corbett, Redland Club. 
El Monte. H.C.S., J. S, Bbattib, El Monte, Los-Angeles Co. 
Los Angeles. H.C.S., Archibald C. Way, First .National Bank of Los Angeles. 
Redland.- H.C.S., G. Lawsom. 

Riverside. H.C.S.. H. S. Patteb, e/o Pattee, Lett & Co. 
San Bernardino.— H.C.S., A. Jbffrey, 672, Union Avenue, San Bernardino. 
San Francisco. —H.C.S., 0. S. M ibbjsoh, 1750, Sacramento Street. 

H. G. 1)\m E, 62-5, Sutter Street. 
Santa Barbara. H.C.S. and Branch Sec. F. H. Ltngham, 1227, Bath Street. 
Santa Cruz. H.C.S., W, H., 82, Rineon Terrace. 
Wright. H.C.S., Richard S. Bullock. 

Abbott, E. P., Box 414, Bay Point. 
Abecassis, F. E., Woodside, San Mateo 

Adamson, Miss A., 21, E. Valerio Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Addinoton, A., Fair Oaks, Sacramento 

Albxandbb, Mrs. Wm., 1020, Garden 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Allen, Miss O. R., 1008, State Street, Santa 

Aii'i.eton, A. M., 231, Chesnut Avenue, 


A., Hueneme, Ventura 

V.M.C.A. Building, Santa 

Baoust, Miss 

Barker, A. M., 
Barbara., \V., R. D., 1, Santa Barbara. 

Babnes, A. C, Riverside. 

Barnicott, D., Somerset Orchard, New- 
castle, Placer County. 

15 AKRON, E., Campbell, Santa Clara Co. 

Bbattib, J. S., H.C.S., El Monte. 

Bbazlby, Miss A. I'.. 978, Bllic San 

Francis. ... 

i5 Kiio. Miss M., 2321, Sacrament" Street, 
San Francisco. 

Bellis. F. O., 941, 14th Street. San Fran- 

Bermino ii am, C, 485, W. 14th Street, 

Besant, H. J., Standard, Tuolumne Co. 

Birch, Miss EL, Keystone Hotel. San Fran- 

Black, H. S., 275, Vernon Street, Oakland. 
Blackburn, A. 15., Box 90, Escondido. 
Blower, T., Ryan, Inyo County. 

1049, D. Georgia Si 
1049, O. Georgia Street, 

Boddington, C. II. , 1051, Taylor Street, 

San Francisco. 
Bond, J. T., 306, De La Vina Street, Santa 

Br.ackenbury, R., 1008, 32nd Street, San 

I 'iego. 

Bridger, Mrs. F. 
Los Angelos. 

I'.i.i dobb, Miss G. : 
Los Angel..-. 

Brook, A. E., 540, Aloorado Street, Red- 

Brooke, G. C, Alamo. 

Brooke, Mrs. H. L., Alamo. 

Brown, D., 1024, Grand Street, Alameda, 

Browne, H. E., Grizzly Island, Suisun. 

Bruce, J. W., 835, E. Gutierrez Street, 
Santa Barbara. 

Brydon, A. E., Campbell, Santa Clara Co. 

Bucknai.l, W. C, R.I. Box 66, Saratoga, 
Santa Clara County. 

I'.i iiii. Miss !•'.. c/o Mrs. G. Pope, Bur- 

Burnett, A., Santa Barbara. 

Burnett, L., Montecito, Santa Barbara. 

Burston, P. J., 940, Jackson Street, San 

Cable. F. B., c/o Mrs. J. J. Henry, Soquel, 
St. Cruz Co. 

Cadman, H. W., 690-24th Street, Oakland. 

Calder, R., 721, Gutierrez Street, Santa 

Cabnbboss, E. M., Long B< 

CaWKWELL, Mi-- A. M., King George Hotel, 
San Francisco. 

Chambers, A. F., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & 
Co., San Francisco. 



CALIFORNIA— continued. 
Cheek, H. J., R.F.D., Colton. 
Clagne, MissK. C, Orchard Farm, Saticoy, 

Ventura County. 
Clarke, H. A., El Monte, Los Angeles Co. 
Clarke, Miss M. B., c/o Mrs. Marchant, The 

Old School House, Alfreston. 
Claeke, Mrs. R., El Monte, Los Angeles Co. 
Coleeeook, Mrs. A. M., Kenwood. 
Collett, Miss A. C, 605, Mendociue 

Avenue, Santa Rosa. 
Colling, Miss G. J., 1560, Killandale Drive, 

Highland .fark, Los Angeles. 
Colling, Mrs. J., 1560, Killandale Drive, 

Highland Park, Los Angeles. 
Colson, H. T. R., 2263, Harrison Avenue, 

San Diego. 
Connaughton, E. P. A., Box 151, San 

( .'< 'nnaughton, E. P. A., Mrs., Box 151, 

San Anselmo. 
Copley, W. R., Campbell, Santa Clara Co. 
Coebett, A. E., 1233, Anacapa Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Corbett, Mrs. K. A., 1233 Anacapa Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Corbett, W., 1233 Anacapa Street, Santa 

Cory, J., Thatcher School, Ojai. 
Cowie, W. H. R., Box 82, BakersOeld. 
Cowley, Mrs. A., 1415, Laguna Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Cowley, G. E., 1415, Laguna Street, Santa 

Cox, E. J., Bulwinkle, Humboldt County. 
Crook, W., Eureka, Humboldt County. 
Crotty, H.. 314, Anacapa Street, Santa 

Cbotty, W., 1114, San Pasqua, Santa 

Crow, R., 2325, Castillo Street, Santa 

Culver, W. S., 370 East, 57th Street, Los 

Cuthbeet, Miss J., 118, Santa Inez Ave, 

San Mateo. 
Dance, H. G., 671, Hayes Street, San 

Daniell, E. A., Pasadena, R.F.D.I. 
Daeney, J., 175, 3rd Street, Occidental 

Hotel, San Francisco. 
Davidson, W., R.F.D. No. 2. Box 46. Santa 

Davis, R., 208J, Orange Street, Redlands, 
Dixey, Miss L., c/o S. P. Calef, Esq., Santa 

Dobbs, H. J., 120, California Street, San 

Ii..\oghue, Miss ('. M., 1709, Broderick 

Street, San Francisco. 
•Dowse, A. B., Falling Leaf Avenue, 

Duarte, Los Angeles City. 
Draper, R., Figg Avenue, Santa Barbara. 
Deapee, W., Figg Avenue, Santa Barbara. 
East, C, " Staplehurst," Larkspur, Marin 

Emmens, Mrs. R. D., No. 3, Santa Barbara. 
England, Miss C, 133, East Haley Street, 

Santa Barbara. 

Faemee. G. A. H., Porterville. 

Faeeee, C, 330, W. Carrillo Street, Santa 

Fikth, J., Summerland, Santa Barbaia. 
Fleming, A., Post Office, Ocean Beach. 
Fleming, Mrs. R., Post Office, Ocean Beach, 

San Diego. 
Flewelling, C. C, Apt. No. 17,944, West 

6th Street, Los Angeles. 
Lane-Fox, J., 1135, Chino Street, Santa 

Francis, Mrs. H., 1456, Jones Street, San 

Feeeboen, F. M., 120, North Valencia 

Street, Alhambra. 
Fryeb, Mrs. O. R., Santa Barbara. 
Gaestin, H. H., Bear Valley Mutual Water 

Co.. Redlands. 
Geerakd. Miss C. E. 1080, Post Street, 

San Francisco. 
Gillespie, H. M. 46 Kearney Street, San 

Gilmoue, T. A., Ncuchatel Avenue, Bur- 

Gleve, A., 910, State Street, Santa Bar- 
Godwin, E. M., 314, San Marcos Building, 

Santa Barbara. 
Graham. J.. Box 2, Santa Barbara, Goleta. 
Grant, D. C. C, 315, Melville Avenue, Palo 

Grant, D. C. C,, Mrs,, 315, Melville 

Avenue, Palo Alto. 
Grant, Miss I., Bo nit a Avenue, Berkeley. 
Geay, A., 1515, Fernside Boulevard, 

Green. F. H., Santa Barbara. 
Green, H. W., 2631, Clay Street, San 

Geepe, John Stanley, Devon Ranch, East 

Hall, Mrs. L. S., The Den, Ocean Park. 
Hall, Miss M., 1334. Var Ness Avenue, 

San Francisco. 
Hamilton, J., 914, E. Mason Street, Santa 

Hanna, Mrs. F. L., 3659, Mississippi Street, 

San Diego. 
Hanna, J., 3659, Mississippi Street, San 

♦Hardill, W., Hotel Upas, San Diego 
Haekis, A., c/o C. K. G. Billings, Santa 

Haeeis, A. B., 1st National Bank, Ltd., 

Haeeis, Dr. C, Miramar, Santa Barbara. 
Harrison, E., c/o Standard Oil Co., Drawer 

H., Bakersfield. 
Hatcher, R., R.F.D., Box 276, San 

Hateley, J. J. C, 201, Sansome Sli 

San Francisco. 
Hears, Mrs. : E. W., 2823, Pine St i 

San Francisco, 
Hearn, E. W., 2823, Pine Street. San 

Henry, A. A., Rumsey, Yolo Co. 
Hetherington, J., Santa Cruz. 



CALIFORNIA— cmUin iu d. 

Hbwbtt, Miss I... 14.~>G. Chapin Avenue, 

Hildyard.Miss R. A., c/o Y. VV.C.Assn., 

Broadway and Sixth Si rei ;, San Diego. 
Hodge, A. T., Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co. 
J 1 . ■ i >.. i s. W. C, 5S0, Summer Street, 

♦Holmes, Miss E. J., 2231, Haste Street, 

Holmes, Miss M. L., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Holmes, R., c/o 2231, Haste Street, Berke- 
Hopkins, P., Box 1-14, Westwood, 1 

Hobwitz, Mrs. E., 1401, Jones Street, San 

Hobwitz, L., 1401, Jones Street, San 

Howard, J. H., Montecito, Santa Barbara. 
Howitt, Rev. H. t The Parsonage, Mill 

Valley, Marin County. 
Huddy. G. R., El Toro, Orange County. 
Hudson, F. D., Riverside. 
Hulmi:, Sirs. G., 744, 12th Avenue, Sun 

Hume, Mrs. M. A., 9G0, Chestnut Street, 

San Francisco. 
Hunt, Mrs. H. H., 2107, Bancroft Way, 

Hutchixqs, Mrs. M., 774, Kensington Road, 

Los Angeles. 
Hyde, 11., 2820, Cherry Street, Berkeley. 
HYSLOP, Mi-< M. If.. 13444. Van Ness 

Avenue, San l'i 
Hyslop, .Miss S. (.'. , 13444, Van s 

Avenue, San Francisco. 
Inqlis, W., Hon?: Kong Bank, Montgom 

Street. Sun Francisco. 
Irving, Mrs., Riverside. 
Jvckson, J., 1006 State Street, Santa 

Jeakins, G. T., 307."., 7th Street, San I < 
Johnson, Miss C, 2122, Castillo Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Johnson, W. C, Hammonton Yuba Co. 
Kearne, H., Magnolia Avenue, Riverside. 
Kelley, Miss A. C, 2008, Ladera Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Kbndall, Mis.-, .M. K., 2360, Stainer Street, 

San Francisco. 
Kidd, Mrs. L. A. E., 501, Orena Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Kidd, R. B., 501. Orena Street, Santa 

Kilshaw, Mrs. B. A., 2, Owen Street, Santa 

King, Kibe A, 217, Fronl Street, 

Kilshaw, V. \V., 2, Owen Street, Santa 

Kirby, Miss V. M., Live Oak Canon. 

Lancaster. Mrs. '.. 560 Street, 

San Francisco. 
Lvnoford. T., Eureka. Humboldt County. 
Lawson, Mrs. G., 244, Eureka Str 


Lawson, S., 244. Eureka Street, Redlands. 
Leai.i:. Capt W. 6., 241 l Dwight W 

Berki ley. 
Lee. Mi-- II. \V., 1738, Pine Street, San 

Lesi.i: . A. II., 218, All. ilon Street, R 

n ood City. 
Leslie, A. V., 218, Allcrton Street, Red- 
wood ( it v. 
Leslie, It. ('.'. Visalia. 
Lewis, C. J., Gordon, Gray, Riverside 

Lewis, Mrs. E. J., 1800, Santa Barbara 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Linguam, P. H., 1227, Bath Street, Santa 

Linqham, Mrs. F. H., 1227, Bath Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Loved ay, Mrs. E. B., 207, E. Victoria 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Mackenzie, Miss M., 949, Fifth Avenue, 

■San Itatacl. 
Makery, 6. P., Central Drug Stores, San 

M \i .i oi.MsuN, K. G., 4066, Melroso Avenue, 

Los Angeles. 
Malden, Miss A., Hucncme, Ventura 

Malleby,"G. F., N.E. Cor., 4th and E. 

Streets, San Bernardino. 
Mali.ett, Miss J. , 336, Clementina Sti 

San Francisco. 
Manley, J. B., Edgewater. near Denver. 
Mansel, W. R., 397, Lincoln Avenue, 

Mabbon, W. A., 310, E. Street, San Ber- 
Marks, I. Wm., 1357, Constance Street, Los 

.Marrison, 0. S., 175" i Stn et, 

San Francisco. 
Marrison. Mrs. (>. S.. I7o!.). Sacramento 

Strei t . San Francisi ... 
Maynard, B. E.. 593, South 6th Street, 

San Jose, Santa Clara County. 
McBbide, R., Citrus Experiment Station, 

McDermott, J. J., R.D. 1, Santa Barbara. 
McDouoall, G.. Miramar, Santa Barbara. 
McDouqall, Dr. W.. Miramar, Santa 

McGbBQOB, Mr-. M., 1615, Bath Sti 

ita Barbara. 
McGullivbay, A., Montecito, Santa Bar. 

MoKellar, 1230, Garden Street, Santa 

MoLbay, .Miss E. , .Mount. Zion Hospital, 

n Francisco. 
MoNaomaba, J. B., 337, Willard Street, 

San Francisco. 
McMillan, Mrs. I. C, 1234, Jones Stn 

San Francisco. 
Mackinnon, Miss D., 1142. S. Grand 

Avenue, Los Angeles. 
Medland, S. J., Redlands, 
Miller, Mrs. H., 1187, Ellis Street, Oak- 
land, San Francisco. 



CALIFORNIA— continued. 

Mills, Miss L. D. M., Box 122a, Route 2, 

Milne, Miss J. D., 330, W. Carrillo Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Moece, Mrs. J. E., 1408, Gramercy Place, 

Los Angeles. 
Morley, F., 212, E. Anapa mu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Mori.ey, F., Mrs. 212, E. Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Morton, Mrs. E. F., Richardson Street, 

Sausalito, San Francisco. 
Morton, G. E. H., Richardson Street, 

Sausalito, San Francisco. 
Munkhouse, A. O. G., LosGatos. 
Munro, R. R. J., Santa Barbara. 
Murch. Mrs. J. H., 1456, Chapin Avenue, 

Xwaro, Miss I. B. , 1301, Leavenworth 

Street, San Francisco. 
Newman, W. C., 420, Merchants' Exchange 

Building, San Francisco. 
Nicholson, Miss M., c/o W. F. Cobb, Santa 

NieoL. J. M. , Mill Valley, Marin County. 
Nye, R., Montecito, Santa Barbara. 
O'Connor, Miss A., 241, Laurel Place, San 

Ogilvy, A. T., Santa Barbara. 
Oliphant, A. R., 916, E. Mason Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Oliphant, G., 916, E. Mason Street, Santa 

Olifhant, Mrs. M., 916, E. Mason Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Overall, Miss A., 2232, Santa Barbara 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Palacios, J. 1636, Webster Street, Santa 

Parker, E., 915, Quinientos Street, Santa 

Parker, Miss M. H., The Rainey, Santa 

Parkin, Mrs. H. M., 22, J erradill Avenue, 

San Rafael. 
PatersON, Miss E. , 1040, Bush Street. San 

Pattke, H. S., H.C.S., Riverside. 
Patterson, C. E., 1446, South San Pedro 

Street, Los Angeles. 
Pearson, I., 267, 21st Street, San Diego. 
Pearson, Mrs. I., 267, 21st Street, San 

*Pepys, C. H., Box 15, Hanford King's 

Peyton, A. W. H., The Den, Ocean Park. 
Phillippe, Mrs. M., 1931, Ladera Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Pinnioee, F. W., R.R.A., Box 241, 

Plenderleith. Miss H. E., The Rainey, 

Santa Barbara. 
Pools, J. W., 728, Anacapa Street, Santa 

Poole, P. W., 727, Garfield, S. Pasadena. 
Pounder, S., Montecito, Santa Barbara Co. 
Priestley, E. A. W„ Campbell, Santa 

Clara Co. 

Rattt. Misa E., Fairmont Hotel, San 

Rankin, Miss E. C, 2230, North Atherton 

Street, Berkeley. 
Rankin, Miss J., 2230, North Atherton 

• Street, Berkeley. 
Reader, S. J., 3041, Hillegass Avenue, 

Revill, A. A., P.O. Box 2, Tustin, Orange 

Richards, J. P., 1840, Monterey Road, 

Richards, P., 518. Bush Street, Santa Ana. 
Rickard, J. B., 230, W. Victoria Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Riddick. Mrs. M. E., " Staplehurst," Lark- 
spur, Marin Co. 
Rievelsy, C, H.C.S., 615, Alameda, Coro- 

Roberts, J., Harrison Avenue, Eureka, 

Humboldt County. 
Robertson, A. J., 4080, Foothill Boule- 
vard, Oakland. 
Roden, C. J., 728, State Street, Santa Bar- 
Rounthwaite, F. C. , Hotel St, James, 

Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco. 
Rodgers, Miss E. , San Anselmo. 
Rowe, Miss B., R.D., No. 3, .Santa 

Rowe. E. Deny, 1725, State Street, Santa 

Rutherfobd, Miss D. , 120, Day Street, 

San Francisco. 
Saunders, L. Campbell, Santa Clara 

Saunders, Miss R., Live Oak Canon, 

Savage, Mrs. E., 309, W. Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Sawyer, Miss I., 150, Chestnut Street, 

Saxton, A. N., R.W.. 1, Orange, Orange 

♦Sclater, A., c/o Union Oil Co.. Los 

Scott, Miss V., 642, Jones Street, San 

Sexton, Dr. H. C, San Marcos Building, 

Santa Barbara. 
Sharp, W., 725, Crescent Avenue, Redlands. 
Shedden, G. S., 411, Second Street, 

Shepherd, Mrs. E., 1304, Filbert Street, 

Shepherd. G. H., 1304, Filbert Street, 

Shipstone, Mrs. E.. Laguna Beach, Orange 

Sibley, H. C, c/o Wills & Sons, 456, Cali- 
fornia Street. San Francisco. 
Sieyes. Miss A. T., Box 151, San Anselmo. 
Skivner, Charles, 115. W. Islay Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Slaughter, Dr. K. C. (M.D.), 133, Geary 

Street, San Francisco. 
Sm it hi; ram, R , R.F.D., 1, Santo Bar- 



CALIFORNIA— continued. 

Sombra tLLB, E. >.. o o .Mi-- Enid B. Somer- 

villc, Moore town !'.<».. Enterprise 

Hut t.- I 

a let, .Mis.-- E . Box 607, San Rafael. 
Stowblj , i:.. Santa Barbara. 
Strafpord, E. H.. P.O. Box 536, Santa 

Swinburne. .Miss C, c/o Mrs. Chester 

Arthur, Nirvana, Carpinteria, Santa 

Tapson, C. 0., Santa Barbara. 
Fa.YI.ob, Mrs. M. E. B., Laguna Beach, 

Orange Co. 
Taylob, W. D., 2336, Hollister Avenue, 

Tbdmabsh, W. J., 2034, Hollister Avenue, 

Santa Bai bara. 
Thomatis, Mies B. F. V., 830 Filbert 

Street . San Francis* 
Thomlinson, I., Vernalis, San .Toaquin Co. 
•Todd, Miss S. A., Long Beach. 
*Tuomlinson, Mrs. I., Vernalis, San 

Joaquin fount v. 
♦Tomkinson, E. P.,2127, Hobart Boulevard, 

Los Ani>' 
Topham J. R., 1000 Wilde Street, Los 

Tbavbbs, G. II.. Samoa, Humboldt County. 
Trevelyan, E., Riverside. 
Tweedie, D.. Santa Barbara. 
Walbeck. Miss P., 212. E. A napaniu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Walters, C, 3126, Claye Avenue, San 

I >ii 
Ward, Captain F. M., Kenwood. 
Waterman, Mrs. .1., 21, E. Valerio Street, 

ita Barbara. 
Watkins, Mrs. S. J., 415, Batn Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
W lldon, Dick, Riverside. 
Welsh, Mrs. E., 118, E. Street, Oxnard, 

Ventura Co. 
West, H. E., Santa Barbara. 
White, Mrs. J., Box 66, Otay, San Diego. 
White, John, Box 66, Otay, San Diego 

< 'onnty. 
U 'hiti.hi. id, Mi-, S. B., Fail mont Hotel, 

San I 1 . iaco. 
Wiuttaker, Mis. S., 3815, Marion Street, 

K. Oakland. 
Wilde, Miss L., 1026 Bath Street., G. C, 525, Chapman Street, San 

Williams, E. A., 1159, Main Street, Santa 

Wilson, Miss A. M., 1220, State 81 

Santa Barbara. 
Wilson, Mrs. F,., li'20, State Street, Santa 

Wilson, II.. 423. Merchant Trust Building, 

Los Angeles. 
Wilson, Rev. H., Avalon. 
Wilson, J. W., 916, Quieuienutos Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Winter, Miss C. J'.. Fairmonl Hotel, San 

Wood, Mrs. J. E., Tin S.. 30th Street, 



Wood by, A. II.. c/o Dr. II. W. Mills, S.N . 

Cor. : Fourth & F. Street, San Bi 1 

Woolley, J. E., 425, Monteeito Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Young, H. W., 415, W. Anapann Sti 

Santa Barbara. 
Young, J. H., Oceanside, San Diego 

\ 1 • <■. I'. I-.. Orleans, Bumboldt Co. 

CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. Section. 

Abbott, F. J. (Junr.), 304, Central Building, 

Los Angeles. 
Adams, R.. 132, ( lay Street, Redlands. 
Ainsley, J. C, Campbell, Santa Clare Co. 
Alderman, Mrs. T. M.. c/o 2231, Haste 

Streel Bet keley. 
Allen, W. H., Santa Cruz. 
Appleby, Miss E., 27, E. Victoria Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Bain, H. A., Riverside. 
Baibd, Dr. J. G., Riverside. 
Ballentine, A. II., c/o J. K. Fithian. Esq., 

■ 1 pinteria, Santa Bai bara. 
Barendt, A. Jl.. 6385, Mills Building, San 

Fran 1 isi o. 
•Bablow, Mrs. J. ('., 5:52, 2ml Avenue, 

San 1 1 Barbai a, 
Bablow, Miss L., 532, 2nd Avenue, Santa 

Bai bara. 
Barnes, Mrs. E. M., 1510, Josephine Street, 

Barton, Sir John, The Gregson, Santa 

Batty, A. W., 418, E. Islay Street, Santa 

Batty, Mrs. A. W., 418 E. Isaly Street, 

Santa Barbara. 

11. H. H., GOT, E. Orangi Avenue, 

Bell, J. S., Santa Barbara. 
Berry, p., Campbell, Santa Clara County. 
Beverley, A., 2039, Oak Avenue, Santa 

Birss, J., 316, W. Carrillo Strut, Santa 

I'.i.\kku w, J. II., 3561 20th Stn 1 t, San 

Blythi . Mrs. M., I 130J, Bath Street, Santa 

I'.m rbara. 
I'.o.H 11. John, 1 Mis. II. Isgai I 170, 

t lolnsa Avenue, Berkt 
Bottekell, William E., Bemet, Rivet 

( 'omit v. 
Bowden, G., Fob. mian I lub, Si n Fi incisco. 
Boyd, John, Santa Barbara. 
Bradburne, H. F., Ontario, 5tli Street and 

Benson Avenue. 
Briscoe, Mrs. L. R., Santa Barbara. 
Bboad, Mrs. A., 1512, De la Vina Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
d, A. I... 151 2, De La \ ina St 

Santa B 
Broad, F. W.. 1612, De L - recr, 

ta Barbara. 




CALIFORNIA- continued. 

Brunskill, Miss A., Miramor, Santa 

Bryant, C. F., 28, E. Mason Street, Santa 

Bull, Horace, 436, State Street, Santa 

Bullock, R. S., Wright. 
Burchell, S. H., 504, W. Fern Avenue, 

Burchell, Mrs. S. H., 504, W. Fern Avenue, 

Burke, F. G., 1947, Atlantic Street, San 

Cameron, Dr. A., Riverside. 
Cameron, Mrs. A., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Cameron, Miss E., c b Mrs. H. Tsgar, 1170. 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Campbell, Mrs. Maiy, S.B., Mission Canon, 

Santa Barbara,. 
Caton, Joseph, c ; o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berekeley. 
Catterson, Miss F., c/o Mis. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Caudey, Miss J., c/o Mrs. Knott, Box 224, 

Santa Barbara. 
Chambers, A. F., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & 

Co., San Francisco. 
Chambers, Miss S., Box 308, E.R. 2, Ken- 
sington Park, San Diego. 
Clark, Miss A., R.F.D., No. 2. Santa 

Colson, Miss Mary F., 2263, Harrison 

Avenue, San Diego. 
Cornwall, A. T., c/o F. H. Lingham, Esq. 

1227, Bath Street, Santa Barbara. 
Coryn, Mrs. A., 1697, Oak Street, San 

Coryn, Sidney, 1697, Oak Street, San 

Coupland, VV. R., Campbell, Santa Clara 

Cowley, Mrs. A., 1415, Laguna Street. 

Santa Barbara. 
Cowley, G. E., 1415, Laguna Street, Santa 

Cox, Edward J., Bulwinkle, Humboldt 

Coyen, Miss A., e/o Mrs. H. Isgar 1170, 

I lolu ■ i A ( i Kiie, Berkeley. 
Creyr, Robeit, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue. Berkeley. 
Crotty, Mrs. H., 1114, San Pasqua. Santa 

Crotty, W., 1114, San Pasqua, Santa 

Crow, Wm, R., 2325, Castille Street, Santa 

Daniel, A. E., Pasadeno, R.F.D. 1. 
Davis, W. J., 211, VV. Micheltoren Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
.Dbwolf, Miss M., Santa Barbara. 
Dixey, Miss L., c/o S. P. Calef, Santa 

Dowlinq, J. P., 160, California Street, San 

Dowson, Mrs. Montecito. 
Edwards, W. R., Montecito. 

Elliot, William P., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Emmens, Miss M., Pedregosa and Laguna 

Streets, Santa Barbara. 
Evans, A. Grant, c/o F. H. Lingham, Esq., 

1227, Bath Street, Santa Barbara. 
Kwing, F. J., 900, State Street, Santa 

Fairbank, Mrs. C. 0., 127, E. Mission Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Faulkner, E. O., 206, Kerckhoff Building, 

Los Angeles. 
Fitch, T. (Junr.), 429, Davis Street, San 

Fletcher, J. W., 636, Chestnut Avenue, 

Fortune, E. F., 1320, North Hunter Street, 

Fredericks, Miss C. P., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Freeley, Miss M. D., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Frost, S., 1324, De la Vina Street, Santa 

Fryer, Mrs. O. R., c/o H. S. Fiver, San 

Mareos Buildings, Santa Barbara. 
Gardner, Miss A., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Garman, G. G., 2121, Garden Street, Santa 

Garston, Herbert H., Bear Valley, Mutual 

Water Co., Redlands. 
Gerrard, Major H. D., British Vice Con- 
sulate, San Diego. 
Gooden, Mrs. H. B., 334, East Valerio 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Graham, R. M., c/o Mrs. II. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Grant, L. H., 520, D. Street, San Ber- 
Green, F. H., Santa Barbara. 
♦Grepe, J. S., Devon Ranch, East High- 
Hamilton, Jas., 914, East Mason Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Hammett, T. J., 20, East Olive Avenue, 

Hanna, Mrs. F. L., 3659, Mississippi Street, 

San Diego. 
Hanna, John, 3659, Mississippi Street, San 

Hancock, E., c/o E. Barron, Campbell, 

Santa Clara County. 
Harris, A., c/o C. H. G. Billings, Box 675, 

Santa Barbara. 
Harrison, A. D., 601, Alaska Commercial 

Building, San Francisco. 
Hayward, Mrs. F. L., 609, Chapala Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Hayward, W. R., 607, Chapala Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Hayward, H. T., Campbell, Santa Clara 

Henderson, C, Riverside. 
Henry, A. A., Rumsey Yolo Co. 
Herbert, J. E., Riverside. 
Hewetson, A. S., Riverside. 
Hinde, W. B., Maryland Hotel, Pasadena, 



( AL1FORNIA -continued. 

lliKii.K. Mrs. Tamar, Sola and Garden 

St teetB, Santa Ba rbora. 
Hodge, A. T., Fair Oaks, Sacramento 

1 1, .does, T. E., 1811, Bath Street, Santa 

Holdbn, A., Riverside. 
H0LMB8, Miss M. L., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Holhbs, R., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

r.i rkeley, 
HoopeR. B., 334, D. Street, Oxnard. 
HoopxB, Mrs. J. 334, I>. Street, Oxnard. 
Hovey, C. LeRoy, 2002, Broadway, San 

Hopkins, Frank, Osborne Camp, Riverside. 
Howard, J. 11., Montecito. 
HowiTT, Rev. H., Tho Parsonage, .Mill 

Valley. .Marin County. 
Hi DDT, 6. U., El Toro, Orange Count >. 
Hi st, E. II., Santa Barbara. 
Hunt, W. F., Costabella, Lemon Grove, 

San Diego. 
Hi, W'm., 2G70, Nth. Workman Street, 

Los Ang<-1, b. 
Hussey, Mrs. S. \V, c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Hutchinson Capt. A. J., Palo Alto. 
Hyde, Henry, e/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

t lolasa A venae, Berkeley. 
Ibvinq, N., Riverside. 
Irvino, R., Riverside. 
Ibvinq, W. ti., 322, Jurupa Avenue, River. 

Isgar, Mrs. H J., 1818a, Lyon Street, San 

Francis 00. 
[soak, Heur\ J., 1818a, Lyon Street, San 

[SAAO, I. R., 710, Whipple Avenue, Red- 

\\ ood City. 
Jackson, J., 1006, State Street, Santa 

Jabdink, E. W. R., 744, Spruce Street, San 

JbbitERIES, A., 0/0 Dr. H. W. Mills, S.W. 

Cor., Fourth and E. Streets, San 

Jo<, W., 0/0 Mrs. Frazier, Santa 

Johnson, Miss ft, 2422, Castillo Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Johnson, W. •'., Hammonton Yuba Co. 
Jones, M - Ethel, 0/0 Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berk 
Jones, Miss Jennie- K., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Jones, Miss J. B., Box 69, Santa Barbara. 
Jones, W., 1059, Haight Street, San Fran- 
Jones, Mrs. W., 1059, Haight Street, San 

JutbE, H., 520, D. Street, San Bernardino. 
K KiTir, Mis A. M. E., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berk' ley. 
KiDi>, Mrs. U A. !•:., 501, Orena Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Kidd, R. B., 501, Orena Street, Santa 


Kiflin, Miss E., R. D. I., Santa Barbara. 
KING, Mrs., 021, Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, 

Sena ma Co. 
ElIBBY, Miss V. M., Live Oak (.'anon, Red- 

Kirkpatrick, D. M., 236, Cajon Street, 

LaYOOOke, 11., c/o Messrs. C. Butters & Co., 

908, .Merchants' Exohange Bank Build. 

ings, San Francisoo. 
Leslie, T., 16, S. Nopal Street, Santa 

Lett, W.-P., Magnolia Avenue, Riverside. 
LlNGHAM, Mrs. I'. 11., 1227, Bath Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Lloyd, E. H. D., 403, East Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Lord, Miss B. M., 328, E. Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Lord, Miss N. K., 328, E. Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Luton, G. R., Los Olivas. 
Mai vv, Mrs. M. C, Montecito, Santa 

Maher, Mrs. J., 1018, Chapala Street, Santa 

MwiDKY, (i. P., Central Drug Stores, San 

Maloney, H. W., 176, Waverley Street, 

Palo Alto. 
Manchester, S., 1814, Cleveland Avenue, 

Santa Barbara. 
Mabsden, R., 519, Bath Street, Santa 

Barti'i ra. 
MAK.SitAi.t., Miss B., Earl Clive Hotel, 1201, 

Gough, A.O. Tarrcll, San Francisco. 
Mabtyn, Miss A., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

MABTYN, Miss Ethel, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue. Berkeley. 
Mabtyn, Miss R., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Mascart, M. C, Redlands. 
Mason, S. C, 1220, Salsipucdes Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
MaTTINNOB, .Miss A., R.D., I, Santa 

McAlister, A., Cupertino, Sta- Clara I 
McDbbhott, Francis U .. Santa Barbara 

County, Montecito, 
MacKinnon, Daomvk, 2606, West Eighth 

Street, Los Angeles. 
Mi Dbbhott, Mrs. F. W., Santa Barbara 

County. Montecito. 
McGreqob, Major, 1215, State Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
MoKenzie, G., 131, E. Anapamu Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
McKenzie, R., Arlington Station, River- 

MoKbOWN, J., 381, Fulton Street, San 

MoKniqbt, Miss M., Box 419, Santa Bar- 

Mendel, T. L., Central Avenue, Camp- 
M1DHLKH0FF, Miss H., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 

u 1 



CALIFORNIA— continued. 

.Mills, Frank R., Palo Alto Nursery, Palo 

Mills, Dr. H. C, c /o 2231, Haste Street, 

Mills, Dr. H. \V., S.W. Cor. Fourth and F., 

San Bernardino. 
Minnix, Miss E., 2749, 20th Street, San 

Di ego. 
Mitchell, W. J., 1434, Sutter Street, San 

Mitchell, Mrs. W. J., 1434, Sutter Street, 

San Francisco. 
Morce, Mrs. J. E., 1408, Gramery Place, 

Los Angelos. 
Moore, G. W., Bulwinkle,' Humboldt Co. 
Morgan, Mrs. E., Box 308, E.R.D., 2, Ken- 

sing ton Park, San Diego. 
Morley, Mrs. E. D., R.D., No. 1, Santa 

Moores, Mrs. C, 421, West Adams Street, 

Los Angeles. 
MoRRES, Miss R. ft, 421, West Adams 

Street, Los Angeles. 
Morse, W. H., 1937, Laguna Street, Santa 

Mhlvany, John, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Mclvany, Miss Eleanor, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Munro, R. R. J., Santa Barbara. 
Xeale. V., 3167, California Street, San 


Pepper, Mrs. M. F:, c/o 2231, Haste Str< 

Petre, H. P., Hinkley. 
Peyton, A. W. H., The Den. Ocean Park. 
Poole, P., 400, W. Figueroa Street, Santa 

Pope^ Miss TheRza A., 516, E. Arrellaga 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Pounder, S., Monticeito Santa Barbara Co. 
Priestley, E. A. W., Campbell Santa 

Clara Co. 
Pueblow, W. A., Riverside. 
Rattray, Miss E., Santa Barbara County, 

Richardson, A., 327, East Valerio Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Richardson, Mrs. A., 327, East Valerio 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Rickard, Miss M., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

/ Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Rimell, P. G., Riverside. 
*Roberts, J., Harrison Avenue, Eureka. 
Robson, G. S., Campbell, Santa Clara 

Rock, H., Santa Barbara. 
Roden, C. J., 728, State Street, Santa 

Rodgers, G., Box 89, R. 12, Cuperlino, 

Santa Clara County. 
Rogers, W., 1740, Vine Street, Los Angeles. 
Rowe, E. D., 1725, State Street. Santa 


Xeale. Mrs. V., 3167, California Street, Savage, A. W., 326, E. Sola Street, Santa 

San Francisco. 


Xewland, Mrs. M., 670, Lake Shore Avenue, Sawyer, Miss J., 1105, Chestnut Stint, 



Newman, W. ft, 420, Merchants' Exchange Scott, John, 409, Ruth Avenue, Santa 

Buildings, San Francisco. 


Nicol, Miss J., 103, E. Arrellaga Street, Scott, Miss M., 1221, De La Vina Street, 

Santa Barbara. 

Santa Barbara. 

O Connor, Miss X., Miramar, Santa Sedgwick, C, B., Box 517, Oakland. 


Self, Mrs. I., Santa Barbara. 

Odie, c/o M r s. J. Anduson, 779, East 8th Sexton, H. ft, San Marcos Buildin 

Street, Riverside. 
Ogilvy, A. E., Santa Barbara. 
Overall, Miss A., 2232, Santa Barbara 

Street, Santa Barbara. 
Owen, G. R., Cor. 5th and R. Streets, San 

Paine, H. M., 151, R.F.D.,No. 2, Redlands. 
Parkin, Mrs. H. M., 22, Jerradill Avenue, 

San Rafael. 
Parsons, E. R., Cupertino. 
Pash, Herbert, Box 166, Cupertino. 
Partsch, Miss ft, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Peake, F. F., Hotel Lankershim, 55th 5th 

Street. San Francisco. 

Santa Barbara. 
Shanks, D. K., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Shanks, Mrs. D. K., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 

Shea, Mrs. J.. 2415, Octavia Street. San 

Shepard, H. H., Summerland, Santa 

Sherriffs. Miss J., San Jose. 
Sidebotham, H., 1936, Laguna Street. 
Simpson, Miss ft, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Simpson, Mrs. J. P., c/o 2231, Haste Street, 


Pedley, F. Z., Arlington Station, River- Simpson, Miss Mary, c /o 2231, Haste Street , 

Pennington, H. B., 1022, Bath Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Pepper, E. H., 1421, Henry Street, Berke. 

Pepper, Edward H., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 

1170, Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Pepper, Frank, c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1 170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 

Skelley, E." R., Riverside. 

Slater, H. B., Riverside. 

Smith, Miss E. G., c/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. 
Smith, J. P., 322, West Carrillo Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Spence, Mrs. H. F., Santa Barbara. 

1 ISI (II Ml MIU US Mil) I II \MI IU< V 


< iLIFORNIA— continued. 

Spbhoe, Miss M., W. Mission Street, Santa Walbei k. Mrs. P., 212, E. Anapamu Street, 

Barbara. Santa I la i bara, 

Storie, R. C, 74, Soutb 15th Street, San Wale, Wm., U2, Anacapa Street, Santa 


i i.i . S. W.. o, " Mi wre. American ' 
Co., Santa Barbara, 

Wallace, T. 1L, R.F.D, No. 3, John Street, 

Riversi d 

Strafford, E, II., P.O. Box 536, Santa Ward, - F. M., Kenwood. 

Barbara. Ward, .Mrs. I'.. BLenward. 

Strother, W. X., Ill, E. Baley Street, Warren, W. T., R.I). 3, Santa Barbara. 

ita Barbara. Watres, Mrs. H. A., 1624, Garden Street, 

Surr, H., 520 "D" Street, San Bernar- S ; ,iita Barbara. 


. briah d, Miss M., 16, E. Sola SI reet, 

row, A. M., 179, North Sixth Street, San 

Swinburb b, .Miss •'.. c/o Mrs. CI 

Arthur, " Muvana," Carpenteria, Santa 

Tragus, Mrs. L., 1306, Laguna Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Thomas, T., Fair Oaks, Sacramento County. 

-.. I , 0., Santa Barbara. 
Thoj*UNSON, Mrs. J., \"i inalis, San Joaquin 

Thomlinson, J., Vernalis, San Joaquin 

Thorps, R. W.. Campbell. 
Thcrston, W. P., P.O. Box 522, Santa 

Thwaites, L., 2421, Bath Street, Santa 

Trevelyan, Dr. H., Arlington, Riverside. 
Turnbull, J., Santa Barbara. 
Turner, J. E., Prospect Road, Cupertino. 

Wauoh, C. R., "Arcady," R. D. No. 2, 

Santa Barbara. 
Wauou, Mrs. I., "Arcady," R.D. No. 2, 

Santa Barbara. 

>n. Dick, Riverside. 
Wells, Miss L. B., Hotel Grant, Bush 

i . San Franc 
Welsh, Mrs. J., 118, East Street, Oxnard, 

Ventura County. 
West, II. E., Santa Barbara. 
White .John, Box 66, <»ta\, San I 1 

White, Mrs. John, Bos 66, Otay, San 

Diego l, Mrs. S., 3816, Marion Street E., 

i lakland. 
Willis, Miss N., c/o Mr. Bingham, Santa 

Wilson, A. J., 72:!, Anacapa Street, Santa 

Wilson, J., 410, Quarantine Street, Santa 

Wilson, Miss J. C, o/o Mrs. H. Isgar, 1170, 

Colusa Avenue, Berki 

Ti bhkr, Miss .1. MoK., 103, E. Anapamu Wilson, W. Z., HollisterSan Benito Co. 


Tweedy, David, Santa Barbara. 
Twist, C. G., 1520, X. Main Street, Santa 

Tynbr, Mrs.. 1672, Third Street, San Dii go. 
Vinck, Mrs., 122, W. Figueroa Street, Santa 

Vince, Miss E. M., 122, W. Figueroa Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Vinck, J. E., 122; W. Figueroa Street, 

Santa Barbara. 
Waostaff, A.. 5620, Broadway, Oakland. 
Waits, Mis. R, a, s., 12, Alameda Court, 

Santa Bai bara. 
Wasshan, Miss H.. «• o A. EL Hayes, Esq., 

R.D., No. I, Santa Barbara. 

Wood, H., 326, Anacape Street, Santa 

Woolley, A. H., 550, 3rd Street, San 

WREFORD, Miss H., c/o 2331, Haste Street, 

Young, Horacb \\ . . 1 1 5, W. Anapauu 

Strei i. Santa Barbara. 
Yoono, Miss S. C, 1005, 5th Street, Santa 

Monica, Los Angeles 
Y"i m;, Stanley, Dean School, Santa 

Baa ; 
Youngiiusband, Mrs. M. S. If., 339, Eureka 

Street, Redlands. 
Younohusband, T., 339, Eureka Street, 



Colorado Springs. H.C.S.. Miss B. R. C -er, 1824, North I 

Denver -■ H.C.S., Harri Crebbin, 921 3, Equitabh Building. 
Tell'iride. H.C.S., Matthew Ali 

Budden, G. J., 4G8, Milwaukee Street, *Uarvey, L., 1801, Culebra Avenue, 

Denver. Colorado Springs. 

Coopi E. R., H.C.S.. 1824, North Holms, Wm. L., 1956, <! rant Street, Denver. 

Tejon St I Colorado Springs. Boloran, G. H. (Rev. Canon), Wolfe Ball, 
Crebbin, H., H.C.S., 921..!, Equitable 14th and Clarkf -.Denver. 

Building, Denver. Hukins, P., 1627, HuunboldtStreet, Denver. 

Crowe, P., 10i reet, Denver. Livbsbx Miss P., Box 124. Pueblo. 

Gowbb, J. H., 2:*, East 18th Avenue, Nosworthy, E., 1272, Pennsylvania Street, 

Denver. Denver. 



COLORADO— continued. 
Patchell, Miss P., 1527, Nth. Royer Street, 
Colorado Springs. 

Powers, A., Elks Club, Colorado Springs. 

Scoones, F. B., c/o Mrs. J. F. Fraser, 745, 
Pearl Street, Denver. 

Soeiveneb, John F., P.O. Box 1205, 

Tarleton, D., 1012, Larimer Street, 

Watson, E. G., Cedaredge. 
Yeomans, Mrs. F. E., 1601, N. Royer 
Street, Colorado Springs. 

COLORADO, U.S.A. Section. 

Allan, M., H.C.S., Telluride. 

Bromfield, A. J., 1630, Emerson Street, 

Crawl, P., Denver (Ady. and Crome Mer- 
cantile Co.). 

Cook, J. W., 2225, Vine Street, Den- 

Dean, S., Delagua. 

Hudson, A., Goldfield. 

Johnstone, W., Box 81, Pueblo County. 

Quinn, Sergeant F. J., 2054, Clarkson 
Street, Denver. 

Reeves, H., Sweet Water. 


Bridgeport. — H.C.S., J. W. Ambler, 202, Connecticut Avenue. 
Hartford. — H.C. S., L. Andrews, 22, Summer Street, Asylum Avenue. 
West Haven.— E.C.S., Cecil F. Boswell, 48 ; Main Street. 

Ambler, J. W., H.C.S., 202, Connecticut Mitchell, G., 1026, E. Main Street, Bridge- 
Avenue, Bridgeport. port. 

Bassett, Chas. E., B.A., 1676, Wethers- ' Munro, Joshua, 56, Foote Street, New 
field. Haven. 

Beard, G. W., c/o W. F. Decker, Esq., ! Nixon, Mrs. L. A., c/o J. S. Hoyt, Esq., 

Rock Ridge, Greenwich 
Boswell, C. F., H.C.S., 48, Main Street, 

West Haven. 
Bradford, Chas. W., 176, South Main 

Street, Putnam. 
Briskham, L., c/o E. Shearson, Esq., 

Brown, J. A., The Central Trust Company, 

Burton, A. E., " Shennamere," Rowayton. 
Callis, H., 1057, Maplewood Avenue, 

Clark, Alfred H., 381, Campbell Avenue, 

West Haven. 
Craig, Robert, 108, Franklin Street, New 

Evans, W. Muir, 52, Kenyon Street, 

Gardner, A. T., Madison. 
Gardner, Mrs. A. T., Madison. 
Goldstone, G. C, Warehouse Point. 
Goldstone, H. T., Warehouse Point. 
Hamilton, Miss F. S., c/o Mrs. R. Hunter, 

Highland Farm, Norton Heights. 
Hardy, W. J., c/o H.L. Camp, Middletown. 
Hill, R., Meriden Avenue, Southington. 
Hitchens, Harold, 169, Wheeler Avenue, 

Hope, R., 703, Whitney Avenue, New 

Johnston, T., 44, Success Avenue, Bridge- 
Junes, Frank, 226, Willow Street, Water- 


Pigott, R. S., Bridgeport Arms Works, 

Platt, Walter, Box 171, Plain field. 

Reece, Llewellyn, Rockledge, Stamford. 

Rigby, A. G. Paget, 226, Bishop Street, 
New Haven. 

Scholes, G., Warehouse Point. 

Seekings, J. W., 48, Ford Place, Bridge- 

Stevenson, R. L., 9, Griswold Street, South 

Williams, Miss A., c/o W. F. Decken, 


Armstrong, Mrs. L., 227, Everit Street, 
New Haven. 

Bennett, C, Noroton. 

Eastwood, H., 477, West Main Street. 

Hawley, Mies, 147, Sigourney Street, 

Hawley, Mrs. E. A., 147, Sigourney Street, 

Herbert, W., Glenbrook. 

Meason, E. Allan, Farfield. 

Orchard, W. H., P.O. Box 55, Noroton. 

Rhodes, F., 1815, Noble Avenue, Bridge- 

Richardson, Miss M., West Cedar Street, 
S. Norwalk. 

Scholes, G. , Warehouse Point. 

Scrivener, R., 453, Fairfield Avenue, 

Mitchell, Mrs. A., 790, Prospect Street, Zurck, Mrs. L. M., No. 20, South High 
New Haven. Street, New Britain. 


*Bacohus, T. W., 1117, Franklin Street, Higgins, C. A., c/o Hercules Powder C( ., 
Wilmington. Wilmington. 


I - I 


Washington.— R. L. M v.n , r jident of Branch. The Wyoming. 

Adie, Miss A. H., c/o Mr. Sawers, 1709. Poole, Miss J., 1925, N. Street, Washington. 

X. Street, Wellington 
Anderson, Miss C. B., 1740, Mass Avenue, 

AxsEi.r,, Miss M., Apt. 74, Parkwood Street, 

Washington, NLW. 
Beowv, Miss Catherine, 1707, Rhode 

Island Avenue, Washington. 
Burton, Misa F. P., 4y<J, Blair Road, 

Tacoma Park, Washington. 
Dalbt, Mi<s A.. 3145/16 Street, Washing- 
Martin, Miss M., 1809, R. Street, \\ 

McLachlan, A. M., Washington. 

[8AT, Miss A., 1746, Massachusetts 
Que, Washington. 

Trow, Miss J., 1717, Eye Street, X.W. 

Watsoh, Miss K., 1611, H. Street, Wash- 

Welch, .Miss E., 1717, Eye Street, Wash- 

Wili.krt, P., 2334, Massachusetts Avenue, 



Eutroppe, A. T., c/o Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington. 


Crescent City. R.C.S., J. P. Cowbi en. 

Fruitland Park.— H.C.S., V. mi. Fruitland Park, Lake County. 

Miami.— H.C.S., Archdeacon P. S. Ik\\i\, 106, Avenue II. 

Narcossec— H.C.S., R. K ldmah. 

Ackrill, C. J., P.O. Box 143, West Tampa. 
BoRi'i -. , O. A., o/o Mrs. Sand; Kirkconnell, 

310, W. Frances Avenue, Tampa. 
♦Bosanquet, L. P., Fruitland Park. 
♦Cadman, R. R., H.C.S., Xarcoossee, 

Oscedlo County. 
Cabthew, G. L., 333, 2nd Avenue, West 

Palm Beach. 

, A. I"., Fruitland Park, Lake 

Clovbb, P./ Fruitland i'ark, Lake County. 
•Cooke, R. F. E., L> esburg. 

. BUBN, J. 1'., H.C.S., Crescent City. 
Diooett. 11. L., Oavtona. 
Elwes, W. C, Box 1 13, Orlando. 
Qbabt, E., Leesburg. 
1 ! baby, Mrs.. Iff. E . < irtegs. 
* rUB II., P.i i. Box ")G5, Day- 

ton a. 
Hart, Mrs. H., Hallandale. 
Hat, B.S., 1741, Laura Street, Jacksonville. 
Kino, Rev. J. O., 419, S. Oregon Avenue, 

BLibkconnell, Mrs. Sandy, Xo. 302, W. 

aue, Ta mpa. 
Lambakt, R. L., Leesburg. 
Laholby, II. C., Mango P.O., Hillsboro' 


Leach, H. D., Oakhurst. 

Leach, Mrs. K. O., Oakhurst. 

LemHON, A. B., Orlando. 

Lowburn, J. P., Crescent City. 

Lunn, Mrs. M., Lake Worth. 

Macdonald, J. W., 321, Flagler Blvd., 

West Palm Beach. 
McLaughlin, Copt. A. O., c/o P. F. Carary, 

Esq., 314, W. Francis Avenue, Tampa. 
Owen, W. H., Satsuma il> ights. 
Rawlihs, H., 610, Nth. Spring Street, 

Sale, F., 17-19, Julia Street, Jacksonville. 
Scorah, G. W., Leesburg, Lake Countv. 
♦Smith, V. C, H.C.S., Fruitland Park, Lake 

Squire, W. M., Jupiter. 
Walters, Miss H., 1658, Herschell Street, 

Yates, R. L., c/o B. H. Smith, Tampa. 

FLORIDA, U.S.A. Section. 

Banner, T. Xewton, Hobe Sound. 
Douglas, T. P., Leesbury, Lake County. 
Hore, H. C, 404, Roselle Street, Jackson- 
Howe, W. D., Pensaeola. 


Atlanta. -H.C.S., Dr. A. W mo, Empire Buildings. 

Bi i .W I... o/o Strachan Shipping Manson, A. H., P.O. Box 299, Darien. 

iah. Mansoh, Mrs. A. H., Darien. 

Francis, Jambs, Idle Hour County Club, »Perrin, R., 1216, E. Henry Street, 
Macon. Savannah. 

J. M.. 124, . Savan- Ritch, A. J., c/o S. M. Bulley & Son, 

nah. Savannah. 

Macdonald, T. J., c/o Southern Adjustment Stirling, Dr. A. W., H.C.S., Empire Build- 
Bureau, P.O. Box 1536, Atlanta. ing, Atlanta. 

I- ! 



Brown, C, Jun., R.R. 2, Payette. 

IDAHO, U.S.A. Section. 
S\\ i no f.wood, A. Hawkins, Idaho. 

Townsley, G. H. L., Box 1542, Boise City, 
Ada County. 


Chicago. — H.C.S., J. Roland Kay, Conway Buildings, Madison Street. 
Waukegan.— H.C.S., T. B. Gleave, 130, .Stewart Avenue. 

Allen, H. E., Bank of Montreal, Chicago. MacCallum, H. M.,224, South Clark Street, 

Baker, H. H., 5429, Hyde Park Boulevard, 

Benington, W., 708, Marquette Building, 

Bennett, N., Lawrenceville. 
Bernays, L. E., British Vice-Consul, 

Britannio Consulate General, Chi- 
Boa, R. G. C, c/o Wahl Co., 1800, Roscoe 

Street, Chicago. 
I '."•II \i e, W. J., 63, East Marquette Road, 

Bridges, H. J., 610, Belden Avenue, 

Briggs, A. E., 852, Diversey Parkway, 

Bryant, H., Lake Forrest. 
*Bullock, H. E., 1801, Diversey Parkway, 

Cameron, Mrs. E., 4016, Sheridan Road, 

Cary, A. E. F., Bank of Montreal, Chicago. 
Clayton, W. H., Box 266, Chicago. 
Cochran, Miss M. R., 2819, Michigan 

Avenue, Chicago. 
Cook, Mrs. P. Q., 5203, Kenmore Avenue, 

Cook, P. Q., 5203, Kenmore Avenue. 

( 'liicago. 
Deans, J. R., 2406, Elim Avenue, Zion City. 
Dodd, J. M., 5625, Calumet Avenue, 

Dodd. Miss C, 5625, Calumet Avenue, 

Duke, C. T., 1840, South Albany Avenue, 

Edmonds, B. E., 1400, East 53rd Street, 

Ep ik.ix, Mrs. I. M., 904, Lafayette Pack- 
way, Chicago. 
Fletcher, C. W., Bank of Montreal, 

Fletcher, R. A., Bank of Montreal, 

Gaedhbe, Miss E., 137, East Chicago 

Avenue, Chicago. 
Halford, J. A., 1223, Michigan Avenue, 

Hughes, R. V., 220, E. Huron Street, 

Jarvis, E. ('.. The Northern Trust Co., 

Kkne, J. F., R., 801, Pullman Building. 

Kay, J. R., H.C. S., Conway Buildings, 

Madison Street, Chicago. 

Macpherson, A. R., Bank of Montreal, 

Nicholls, A. T., 5613, Emerald Avenue, 

Nugent, H. D., British Consul General, 

Page, C. J., 1411, E. 54th Place, Chicago. 
Pape, C, 220, East 49th Street, Chicago. 
Patterson, H. C, Real Estate and Loans, 

39, S. la Salle Street, New York Life 

Building, Chicago. 
Rothwell. W, 451, Villa Street, Elgin. 
Smith, W. R., 6601 Minerva Avenue, 

Talbot, N., 5730, South Park Avenue, 

Taylor, James M., 4102, Ellis Avenue, 

Thorn, S. W., Grand Hotel, Dearborn and 

Madison Street, Chicago. 
Tucker, Walter, 605, Pullman Building, 

Warriner, F. M., British Pro-Consul, 

Wells, H. J. R., Box 336, Riverside. 
White, J., 527. Oakdale Avenue, Chicago. 
Whitworth, C. R., 725, Otis Building, 

AVilliamson, Mrs. J.. 3030, Sheridan Road, 

Williamson, Miss M. M., 3030, Sheridan 

Road, Chicago. 
Withers, W. A., 5327, Dorchester Avenue, 

Young, A. N., Marwick, Mitchell Peat, 


ILLINOIS, U.S.A. Section. 

Andrews, F. A., 439, Hazel Avenue, 

♦Brunt, H. H., 662, Insurance Exchange 

Building, Chicago. 
Clarke, T. E., The Pines, Hinsdale. 
De Wind Norman, 1320, East 50th Street, 

Gallagher, W. T., 7150, Lafayette Avenue, 

Gleave, T. B., H.C. S., 130, Stewart 

Avenue, Waukegan. 
Gleave, Mrs. M. E., 130, Stewart Avenue, 

Hamilton, Pte. J., No. 842275, 4406, Grand 

Boulevard, Chicago. 
Hartt, P. J., 4642, Woodlawn Avenue. 




ILLINOIS— continued. 

Insih, M\kiin.i., 1500, Edison Building, 

Kin,;. Mih*W. E., »7 1 I , ken more. Avenue, 
Apt. 2, Chicago. 

Riddell, Mi.-.- S. 'I.. 5208, Harper Am run-, 

Scott, H. H., 44:<:s, [ndiana Avenue, 


Lucas, A. J., 4203, Sheridan Road, Chicago. *Seelio, W. B., 1010, Fisher Building, 

M v ni.E, H. O., 65, Pine Strict, Hinsdale. Chicago. 

Mokbo, G., 4868, North Ashland Avenue, 

Mobtoh, A. M.. 2504, Elisha Avenue, Zion 
City. po», Abtbub \\., First National Bank. 

Page, S. II.. 214, First Street, Waukegan. 

Phillips, T. If., 5728, State Street, Clii- 

Tomsett, E. A., 2508, Burling Sti 

( ihioago., W. A., 19, So La Salle Street, 

W'ini.i.i i . 1'. S., 4736, Beacon St] 

Wilkixs, W. E., 110, North 16th Street, 

East St. Louis. 


Indianapolis. -H.C.S., b\ W. Blanchabd, 2968, Belfontaine Street, 

Barclay, II. IF., Wood Mosaic Co., N,w 

I i tcbabd, F. \W, H.C. S.. 2968, Bellefon- 

i ane st reel . [ndiana polis. 
Daniels, W., 4th and Albany Sti 

Beechgrove, India aa poli -. 
Dickens. J. W., 136, Montgomery Street, 

Fort Wayne. 
Griggs, H. J., 2521, North New Jersey 

Avenue, Indianapolis. 
Harrison, Miss A., Columbus. 

II, iii by, II., 4th Albany SI reet, Bi 

grove, Indianapolis. 
Rogers, F. E., 208, North 6th Street, Terre 


INDIANA, U.S.A. Section. 

Partlow, G. O., 3424, Broadway, Indiana- 

Russell, A., 303, Bancroft Avenue, 


Siou* City. — H.C.S., Timm \^ Dealtry, Manage) Messrs. Wood Bros. & Co. 

ild, Mrs. E., 1116, Peny Street Daven- V.\i;u , Thomas, 1520, Avenue B, Co. 

port. Bluff 8. 
Bartlett. K. V., 509, West Eighth Street, 

Waterlog _..„_.„„,„, . IOWA, U.S.A. Section. 
Bock, Mrs. E. B. 1431, East 22nd street, 

D - Haines. Aynsley, J. P. M., Morley, Jones County. 

Himmel, Miss M., Masseuse, G.P.O., Daven- Brown, F. EL, Sibley. 

port. * Dealtry, T., H.C.S., c/o Wood Bros. & 

Wbioht, J. T. Box 122, Griswold Cass. Co., Sioux City. 


Cox, Misa M., Greeuell, Gove Co. 
Edwards, Miss M. . State Hospital, Parsons. 
Ockey, C. T., Coldwater. 
Weber, H. W., Wilson. 

KANSAS, U.S.A. Section. 

■ wk.i.i,, A., 1811, Kennedy Avenue, 

Cox, Mrs. G. M., Hays, Ellis County. 
Davis, M., 1617, Grand Avenue, Parsons. 

( rB w, A. D., Topeka. 

Hobson, H.,629, Buchanan Street, Topeka. 

Hughes, H. R., 136, North Main Street, 

Massey, G. R., 1731, Morgan Avenue, 

Siiakeshaft, E. J., Topeka. 

SHAKE3HAFT, R., 1621, MlllvaiR- Street, 

W'iijii, (.. II.. 1519, Applcton Avenue, 


Louisville. - H.C.S., P. A. C. Tocque, 2022, , Ave. 

Breary, F. N\, The Vendome, Newport. Vokins, Mrs. O. V., Woodland Av> 

Morgan, Geoffrey', Richmond, Madison Richmond. 

TocqueTf.' A. C, H.C.S., 2022, Bassinger KENTUCKY, U.S.A. Section. 

Ave., Louisville. Telford, J. J., Louisville. 




New Orleans. — H.C.S., J. Allen Swanson, 512, Hibernia Bank and Trust Co. Building. 

Alexander, D. B., 702, London and Liver- 
pool and Globe Insurance Buildings, 

New Orleans. 
Baines, H. W. , Avery Island. 
Bateman, R. C., 826, Gravier Street, New 

Begbie, J. W., 620, Market Street, Shreve- 

Belfield, 0. C, P.O. Box 770, New 

•BentleT, W. J., Bentley Joyson & Co., 

821, Union Street, New Orleans. 
♦Bentley, Mrs. W. J., c/o J. A. Swanson. 

512, Hibernia Bank and Trust Co. 

Building, New Orleans. 
Beenchley, F., 4731, Prytania Street, New 

Brown, B. C, 1320. Pine Street. 
Callon, W. J., 1014, Hennen Building, 

New Orleans. 
Callon, Mrs. W. J., 1014, Hennen Building, 

New Orleans. 
Campbell, H. J., 1212, Hibernia Bank 

Building, New Orleans. 
Campbell, Mrs. H. J., 6041, Perrier Street, 

New Orleans. 
Campbell, W. T., 619, Hennen Building, 

New Orleans. 
Cardno, W. W., 708, Perdido Street, New 

♦Cowley, W. H., c/o Caribbean & Southern 

S.S. Co., New Orleans. 
Davidson, Miss M., c/o E. P. Brady, 

Octavia Apts., St. Charles Avenue, 

Xew Orleans. 
Davies, D. W., 1217, Peters Avenue, New 

Douglas, R., 620, Julai Street, New 

Drewry, W. J., 927, Peters Avenue, New 

Drummond, W., 302, Weiss Building, New 

Eskrigge, R. B., 1333, Webster Street, 

New Orleans. 
Fairlie, J. W., 6319, Laurel Street, New 

Fairlie, Mrs. J. W., 6319, Laurel Street, 

New Orleans. 
Fox, C. B., 1112, Hibernia Bank Building, 

New Orleans. 
Foxley, F J., Foxley Stave and Lumber 

Co., 914, Hibernia Bank Building, 

Xew Orleans. 
Fey, F. H. G., 628, Gravier Street, New 

Gemmell, J. W., 2102, St. Charles Street, 

New Orleans. 
GiBBS^ S., 324, Hennen Building, New 

Giddings, F., 1104, Kirkman Street, Lake 

Gross, E. H., 442, Lowerline Street, New 


Harris, J., 2035, Magazine Street, New 

Hay, C. J., 516, Hennen Building, New 

Hayes, T., 1525, Calliope Street, New 

Heyn, J., Perrin Building, New Orleans. 
Hunt, H. W., Anglo-Mexican Pet. Product 

Co., 1111, Hibernia Bank and Trust 

Buildings, New Orleans. 
Hunt, J. A., 1512, Audubon Street, New 

Jacobson, Miss S., c/o Mrs. J. A. Swanson, 

1529, Fourth Street, New Orleans. 
Jones, J. G., 608, Magazine Street, New 

Lamb, Captain W., s.s. Berwind, New York 

and Porto Rico S.S. Co., Interstate 

Building, Camp Street, New Orleans. 
Lamb, Mrs. W., Short Street, New 

Leblanc, A., 814, Gravier Street, New 

Le Jeune, H., 1444, Jackson Avenue, New 

Le Jeune, Mrs. H., 1444, Jackson Avenue, 

New Orleans. 
Lewin, A. W., 401, Audubon Building, New 

Lewis, F. H., Hibernia Building, New 

Lilley, S. H., 6031, Chestnut Street, New 

Liversedge, J. C, 305, Title Guarantee 

Building, New Orleans. 
Lucy, E. V., c/o J. A. Swanson, 512, 

Hibernia Bank and Trust Co. Buildings, 

New Orleans. 
Lucy, H. P., c/o J. A. Swanson, 512, 

Hibernia Bank and Trust Co. Buildings, 

New Orleans. 
McHardy, G. G., 831, Pine Street, New 

McNaughton, D., 920, Ursuline Street, New 

Mayne, A., Messrs. Marshal Bulley & Sons, 

New Orleans. 
Medus, G. W., 327, Hillary Street, New 

Moore, R., 1407, First Street, New Or- 
Murray, A., 410, Board Trade Building, 

New Orleans. 
Murray, A. F., Times Picayune Office, New 

Murray, G. V., 502, Audubon Building, 

New Orleans. 
Mussenden, G. W., New York and Porto 

Rico S.S. Co., Interstate Building, 

Camp Street, New Orleans. 
Xkwsham, J. A., Canal and Metarie Road, 

New Orleans. 
Nurse, W. P., c/o Liverpool and London 

and Globe Insurance Co., New Orleans. 

Ci'f.ydan, E. M., 2203, Pine Street, New Osborne, R, J. B., 1033, Fern Street, New 
Orleans. Orleans. 



LOUISIANA continued. 

Ovbetoh, W., Cotton Exchange, New 

Pabkhottsb, W. P., Auto Co., 752, St. 

Charl?s Street. New Orleans. 
Patrick, Miss E. G., 1362, Magazine Strei t. 

New Orleans. 
I'ettit, J., c/o J. A. Swanson, Esq., 205, 

Mason Building, Gravier Street, New 

1'hii.ip, R., 1217, Peters Avenue. New 

Rahman S. P., 1719, Orleans Street, New 

< Orleans. 
Rxxa, D. T., 911, Hibernia Bank Building, 

New Orleans. 
Reer, Mrs. D. T., 911, Hibernia Bank 

Building, New Orleans. 
Rl( hardson, T. R., 200, Weis Building, New 

Robinson, C. G., 622, Whitney Bank Build- 
ing, New Orleans. 
Scott, W. A., 911, Hibernia Bank Building, 

New Orloa as. 
Scott, Mrs. W. A., 6024, Prytania St 

New Orleans. 
is, II. C, 609, Hibernia Bank Bldg., 

New Orleans. 
Sheldon, O, 423, Carondelet Street, Neil 

Sheldon, J. \\'., 423, Carondelet Street, 

New Orleans. 
Sherrard, H. O., c/o A. Mayne, Esq., 922, 

Gravier Street, New Orleans. 
Staiiel, Miss P., 922, Gravier Street, New 

Staiiel E. S., 1524, Euterpe Street, New 

St \n el. Mrs. K.. 922, Gravier Street, New 

Steeps, A. 11., c/o Y.M.C.A., New Oilcans. 
Stevens, K. I-:.. P.O. Box 963, New Orleans. 
•Swanson, .1. A., H.C.S., 512, Hibernia 

Bank and Trust Co. Building, New 

♦Swanson, Mrs. J. Allen, 1529, Fourth 

t. New Orleans. 
Taylor, E. J., 824, Gravier Street, New 

Tench, .r., 12:::5, Magazine Street, New 


Tipping, A. B., 1509, Robert Street, New 

TiPriNG, Mrs. A. B., 1509, Robert Street, 

New Orleans. 
Tipping, E., Mente & Co., South Peter 

Street, New Orleans. 
Treleaven, H. H., 625, Lowerline Street, 

New Orleans. 
Van Santen, W. J., 922, Gravier Street, 

New Orleans. 
Vick, H., 18, Granier Street, New Orleans. 
Wallace, H. D., 714, Perdido Street, New 

Wallace, J., c/o Messrs. Babeoek and 

Wilcox, Co., 533, Baronne Sired, 

New Orleans. 
Wakriner, It. A., c/o J. A. Swanson, Esq., 

205, Mason Building, New Orleans. 
Weller, A. E., 6312, Laurel Street, New 

Wenham, H. W., 344, Camp Street, New 

Wishart, W., 5508, Camp Street, New 

\V<mid, L. A. S., c/o J. A. Swanson, Esq., 

205, Mason Building, New Orleans. 

LOUISIANA, U.S.A. Section. 

Anderson, G. W., 553, Broadway, New 

Baxter, Capt. Edward, 317, South Pierce 

Street, New Orleans. 
Campbell. P., 329, Hennen Building, New 

Jacob, M. D. S., Kinder. 
Pearce, Mrs. J., 814, Canal Street, New 

Pearce, J., 814, 'Canal Street, New 

Waddell, A. J., United Fruit Co., s.s. Cop- 

pename, New Orleans. 
Waldo, B. P., 1320, Second Street, New 

New Orleans. 
\V, R. M., P.O. Box 112, Shreve- 

Warriner, M., 1016, Valmont Street, New 

Warriner, M., Jun., 1616, Valmont Street, 

New Orleans. 


NorthJay.-H.CS.. D. Lloye Maine and New Hampshire Granit 

Portland. H.C.S., Licutcnant-Oolonol J. B. Keating, C.A.S.C., British Vii late 

Kbatj Lieut. • CoL •'. I'.., H.C.S., Roga'n, Miss J., 22, Pine Street, Portland, 

C.A.S.C., British asnlate, Port- Swasey, R., 327, Spring Street, Portland. 

land. Switzer, F. M., Machias. 

Lxhbai \. A. 1'.. Greenville Junction. Wbotlock, ('. 0., Calais. 

Lloyd-Jones, D., H.C.S., Maine and New 

Hampshire Granite Corporation, North 

Hobbis, Mrs. P.., Greenville Junction. 

MAINE, U.S.A. Section. 
RusuwoRTn, S., 255, Main Street, Sanford. 




Baltimore.— H.C.S., F. R. Smails, 303 ; E. Noj 

Atkinson, Miss A. M., 105, West Monument 
Street, Baltimore. 

Blain, R. H., Easton. 

Cross, Miss E. G., Lake Roland P.O. 

Fredericks, F. J., Hotel Baldwin, Hagere- 

Hacket, Miss E., Annapolis Junet, National 
Junior Rep. 

Moss, J. J.,. 118, Farfar Street, Balto. 

Murrell, H., 1419, Eutaw Place, Balti- 

■ li A i I'i'uo. 

Neame, A., Carvel Hall, Annapolis. 

Phillips, Mrs. H., 2724, Maryland Avenue. 

Raban, G. C, Westovcr Farm, Westover. 
Robinson, Mrs. L., 4915, Albion Avenue, 

Shrimpton, G. E., 4514, Park Heights 

Avenue, Baltimore. 

Smails, F. R., H.C.S., 303, E. North 
Avenue, Baltimore. 


Boston. H.C.S., T. P. P. Gibb, Room 501; 6, Beacon Street. 

Conway.- H.C.S., W. L. Mathews, Braesidi . 

Lynn. - H.C.S., J. C. Tim dinger, 20, Salem Street. 

New Bedford. - H.C.S., W. S. Bowman, 31, McGnrk Street. 

North Adams. -H.C.S., J. Bennett, 302, Church Street. 

Springfield. H.C.S., Dr. C. <). S. Mawson, 51, Larkspur Street. 

Woilaston. -H.C.S., R. Vernon Leigh, 772, Hancock Street. Wollaston. 

Andrews, R. H. L., H.C.S., Groton School, I Clarke, Captain O. W., 28, Lindsej' Street, 


Asfden, J., 150, David Street, New Bed- 
Barbour, F. A., 1120, Tremont Building, 

Marker, Thomas, 45, Windsor Street, New 

Barratt, Ernest, 667, Brock Avenue, New 

Barrett, Mrs. Colin, Jun., 1085, South 

Water Street, New Bedford. 
Barton, G., 19, Lovefield Street, East- 

Bates, A., 15, Mosher Street, Bedford. 
Bee, John S., 441, Orchard Street, New 

Bennett, J., H.C.S., 362, Church Street, 

North Adams. 
Bennett, Samuel, 248, Bowditch Street, 

New Bedford. 
Bentley, T., 384, Elm Street, Elmwood, 

Bentley, Joseph, 436, Orchard Street, New 

Bolton, John, 79, Rodney Street, New 

Bowles, Edward, 55, Pock Avenue, Lynn. 
Bowman, W. S., H.C.S., 31, McGurk 

Street, New Bedford. 
Braithwaite, J. A., 205, Camden Street, 

Buck, J. K., 19, George Street, New 

I '.i dford. 
Bust, F. H., 16, Atlantic Street, Lynn. 
Butler, Miss A. E., 208, Commonwealth 

Avenue, Boston. 
Butler, Miss S. H., 208, Commonwealth 

Avenue, Boston. 
I;-, stg, Mrs. H. )•:.. Medfield. 

ier, Peter, 409, Bolton Street, New 


Clegg, J., 105, Swift Street, New Bedford. 
Cliff, J., 867, Beacon Street, Boston. 
Clover, P. J., 104, Crawford Street, Rox- 

bury District, Boston. 
Cocking, L., 14 McGurk Street, New 

Crossley, A., 30, Viall Street, New Bed- 
Cunliffe, Miss A., 51, Gilmore Street, 

Dawson, William, 156, David Street, New 

Devenport, S. G., 20, Kane Street, New 

Dickson, W. J., 96, Muzzy Street, Chicopee 

DuNSFORD, R., Lowell. 

Elliott, J. R., 12, Greenwich Street, 

England, Miss D., 15, Medford Street, 

Feldon, R., 1081. South Water Street, New 

Firth, Joe, 25, High Street, Globe Village, 

South bridge. 
Fisher, John, 1, Walter Street, Dartmouth, 

New Bedford. 
Fittus, W. H., Mt. Hermon. 
Forde, Miss E., Cherry Hill. Stockbridge. 
Forty, Miss G. M., Meadowside, Hamilton. 
Fox, T., 18, Belcher Street, Chicopee Falls. 
Fox, W., 148, Sargeant Street, Holyoke. 
Fox, W., 18, Belcher Street, Chicopee Falls. 
Fraser, J., 26, Howard Street, Franklin. 
Fuller, Mrs. A. S., 61, Collins Road. 

Gallagher, B., 186, County Street, New 

Garsidge, A., 3115, Earle Street, New 


C vtterall, JonN, 81, Butler Street, New J Gee, J. R., 717, Brock Avenue, New Bed. 
Bedford. I ford. 



\I \SS.\Clll SK ITS continued. 

deb, Edward, sis, i-'i,->t Street, New 


Gibh. T. R. P., H.C.S.. Room E 

Street, BostoD. 
Gill, H., 12, Cove Stri Bedford. 

Oilman, Miss D. P., Hotel Hemersnay, 

GlTTBNS, J., 58, Ruggle Street, Boston. 
Goknkb, .1. s.. 534, Mill Street, N< >w 


bnwood, Robert, 21 I, Whitman 
t. New Bedfo 
11 u'nn.i.i , C. II.. in Bampden Si 

II vi i. A. 'I'.. 35, Chun I. Street, Greenfield. 
II irrop, J. i:.. 190, Bolton Str et, New 

Hartwell, Mrs. H. F., 393, Beacon Street, 

11 1. worth, Wm., 66, Roosevi Mi Street, New 

Hkadley, C. O., 686, Mass Avenue, Boston. 
Hilton, Mrs. M. R. F. !>.. ], Box 133, East 

Hodoek, I., Jun., 38, Abbott Street, Green- 
Holt, John, 827, Brock Avenue, New 

Horsfall, A., 64, Katherine Street, New 

Hotlb, John, 176, Cove Street, New 

II' ■• 'i ■'■;■ ■, A. C, L9, Ashley Street, New 

[llslby, E., 649, Brock Avenue, New 

Irving, Miss A., 203, Foster Street. Melrose. 
Jackson, If., 674, I Avenue, New 

Jahson, Mrs. M. \., 66, Rockland Street, 

New Bedford. 
Johnson, M ' rove Avenue, 

Chicop ■ Falls. 
Jordon, 8. C, 7, Segal Street, Roxbury. 
Kelly, A., 54, Dorchester Avenue, Sth. 

Kelly, A. G., 54, Dorchester Avenue, Sth. 

Ki wo, Waltbb I''... 686, Brook Avenue, New 

Knightlby, C. V., Box 78, Station Avenue, 

1 'in. 
Lamb, Mrs. -iwit.s. 130, Cabot Street, 

Lame. A. J., 26, Mason Street, Beverley. 
Levy. P. P.. British Consulate-General, 

Lediard, E. L., 224, Newbury Street, 

Leioh, Mrs. E., 772, Hancock Street, 

Wollaston, Quinoy. 
Leioh, R. Vernon, H.C.S., 772, Hancock 

Street, Wollaston, Quim 
Lindsay, Col. I'.. 2, Park Square, Boston. 
Litbsey, J., 81, Dunbar Street, New 

Lorraine, F., 772. Pun hasi Street, Ni w 
If ord. 

Macdonald, Allah J., ss7, Shirley Street, 

\\ ml 1 1 1 1 > 1 <. 
Mai W'ii 1 iim, A. A., 11, Wyoming Am a 

Maluno, Walter, 467, Brock Avenue, 

New Bedford. 
Marginson, William, 30, Viall Street, New 

Bed I. 

Mabsdbn, J. T., 17, George Street, New 

Mathews, Mrs. W. L., " Braeside," Con- 
Mathews, W. L., H.C.S., " Braeside," 

Mawsoh, D*r. C. 0. S., H.C.S., 51, Larkspur 

Street, Springfield. 
♦McConnbll '!'., 61, Crescent Street, 

McDougal, G. A., 70, Hammond Street, 

MoEachran, D. M., 4, Commonwealth 

Avenue, Concord Jeb. 
MoKenzib, !>., 22, Pleasanl Street, East- 

MoWhinnib, Mrs. C, c/o G.P.O., Boston. 
MoWhinnib, J., c/o G.P.O., Boston. 
Mellob, .1. E., 430, Rivet Street, New 

I '.1 dford. 
Minto, J., Winthrop. 
Morrison, Miss D., 12, Warren Square, 

Jamaica Plain. 
Mtjllins, 1!., Meadowside, Hamilton. 
Mdnbo, A. A., 19, Eastman Road, Somer- 

Murch, T. B., 142, Berkeley Street, Room 

311, Boston. 
Mi aoATROYD, A., 444, Brock Avenue, New 

Murray. Mrs. R. A., 450, Centre Street, 

Naylor, Mrs. M., li»-">. Broadway, 

Mel beusen, 
Neill, Miss M. E., 271, Adams Street, 

Nobsb, Wm., 8H), First Street. New Bed- 
Northi r. Mrs. E. C, 'Jf>, Cedar Street, 


Obmebod, J., 26 Valentine Street, New 

Obmebod, J., H.C.S., P.O. Box, 237, 
L 1 « 1 ence. 

Osborne, Miss F. R., Eliot Hall, Cam- 

Parker, R., 28, Josephine Avenue, Somer- 


Patebson, G. H., 44, Colliers Street, E. 

Peabson, Wm., 16, Valentine Street, New 

I'll. 1 1 29, ' leveland, New 

1 1 . Madam Helen, Vineyard Hoi 
Richabd30N, T.. 18, Greenleaf Street, 

Richardson, John, Brock Avenue, Ne'w 




Robertson, Thomas J., 29, Mountain 

Avenue, Melrose. 
Robertson, L. J., 102, Chamber of Com- 
merce Building, Boston. 
Ross, Captain A., 7, Leonard Avenue, Cam- 
Rushworth, Miss E. M., 32, Union Street, 

Salmon, R. E.,c/o F. Sawyer, Esq., Sterling. 
Savage, Miss A., c/o Dr. Lancashire, 

Graftonwood, Manchester. 
Scott. W. H., Holmes Road, Pittsfield. 
Skagen, B., 65, Spear Street, Quincy. 
Smith, Miss D., Swiftmoor, Prides Crossing. 
Smithers, Miss C. M., 820, Bencon Street, 

Smithers, T. W., 29, Lincoln Street, Maiden. 
Spence, Miss A. E., 2121, N. College Avenue, 

Baldwin ville. 
Spentilbery, C, 111, Devonshire Street, 

Stanislaus, H. H. (A.R.A.M.), 1862, 

Beacon Street, Boston. 
Stubbs, F., 449, Orchard Street, New 

Sykes, Joseph, 64, Harmond Street, New 

Taylor, Miss G. M., 867, Beacon Street, 

Taylor, F., 73, Wellesley Road, Holyoke. 
Thomson, E., 58, Bullard Street, New 

Thorpe, W. W., 201, South Street, 

Tierney, N. J.', 100, Dorchester Avenue, 

Sth. Boston. 
Trant, J. P., British Vice-Consul. 
Traquair, J., Holme's House, Ayer. 
Trevvett, T., Box 211, Gilbertville. 
Trudinger, J. C, H.C. S., 20, Salem 

Street, Lynn. 
Turner, J., 1229, Pleasant Street, New 

Varga, Mrs. C, 14, Irving Street, Brookline. 
Vickers, Miss M., 297, Commonwealth 

Avenue, Boston. 
Wall, Miss A. F., 88, Hancock Street. 

Walmsley, Richard, 38, Cove Street, New 

Warbuuton, W., Box 148, Franklin. 
Waterfield, Miss R., 208, Broadway, 

Watson, J. C, 45, Porter Street, North 

White, W. K., 120, Boylston Street, 

Wuittaker, J., 41, Ellen Street, New 

\\ jlcox, J., 482, Bolton Road, New 

Williams, Miss M., Radcliffe College, Cam- 
Willing, J., 389, Woodward Street, Wabon. 
Wolstenhume, J., 17, Social Street, New 

Wood, Robert, 827, Brock Avenue, New 

Worthington, J. G., l'G, Viall Street, New 

Wright, R., 32, Ashley Street, New 

Yates, Lawrence, 850, South First Street, 

New Bedford. 

Barrett, E., 189, Broadway, Chic. Falls. 
Bastow, J., 21, Park Street, Wakefield. 
Bennett, S., 348, Chestnut Street, Holyoke. 
Bentley, F., 107, Jackson Street, Holyoke. 
Bickerstaffe, Thomas, 21, Grove Avenne, 

Chicopee Falls. 
Bottomely, A., 125, Waldo Street, Holyoke. 
Bower, A., 178, Prospect Street, Williamsett. 
Brear, G. H., 1, Gamble Place, Lawrence. 
Briggs, S. T., 66, Corlton Street, Holyoke. 
Cassie, A. L., 254, Walnut Street, Holyoke 
Cockerill, J., 218, East Street, East- 

Collingwood, J., 603, Beech Street, 

Coupe, W., 75, Hamsphire Street, Holyoke. 
Creed, H. E., 189, So. Main Street, Gardner. 
Cunliffe, Mrs. A., 51, Gilmore Street, 

Cunliffe, Miss E., 51, Gilmore Street, 

Cunliffe, T.,51, Gilmore Street, Chicopee. 
Curtis, Mrs. Allen, Sunlicld, Beverley 

Deveria, Miss M., Southboro. 
Earle, A., 244, East Main Street, Chicopee 

Eastwood, S., 302, Chestnut Street, 

Ellison, T., 52, Kilby Street, Boston. 
Fearns, J. C, 66, Davies Street, Holyoke. 
Fielden J., 178, South Main Street, Fall 

Forknall, W., 7, Laundale Street, East- 

Gibb, P., 48, Franklin Street, Holj-oke. 
Goy, G. R., 80, Shawmut Avenue, Holyoke. 
Green, J., 30, Essex Street, Holyoke. 
Hammond, R., 821, High Street, Holyoke. 
Hastings, A. C, Holyoke. 
Hill, N., 178, Chestnut Street, Holyoke. 
Hinton, J., 370, Maple Street, Holyoke. 
Hirst, F., R.F.D.N.E., Box 123. Holyoke. 
Holgate, Colonel, 109, Hillside Avenue, 

House, F., 8, Yale Street, Chicopee Falls. 
Hughes, L., 136, Cabot Street, Holyoke. 
Hurst, T., 11, Prospect Street, East- 

Howard, Miss J., 109, Newton Street, 

Howard, W., 768, East Fifth Street, Boston. 
Jackson, T., 110, Chapin Street, Holyoke. 
Johnson, J. W., Ann Street, R.F.D., Fair- 
view, Holyoke. 
Jowett, F., 76, Hampshire Street, Holyoke. 
Kershaw, S., 1388, D wight Street, Holyoke. 
Labbon, W., 301, Elam Street, Holyoke. 
Law, J. R., 450, Maple Street, Holyoke. 
Lewis, O. E., 146, Mass. Avenue, Boston. 



Lister, (".., 1"', Mosher Street, Holyoke. 

LONQBOTTOM, A., 22, Roosevelt Avenue, 

Losobottkm, M., 22, Roosevelt Avenue, 

I,, np, J., 29, Vernon Springdale. 

MaoDonald, A. J., 10, Arlington Street, 

t on. 
MacKinnon, J. K., 35, Prince Si 

Jamaica Plain, Boston. 
Mason, T. II., 36, Lynwood Avenue, 

Hi [ntosh, J. S., 5 & 7, Quebec Street, 

Indian Orchard. 
Mubby, A., 206, East Street, Chicopee Falls. 
Nichols, a. a., 317, Montcalm Si 

R.F.D., -'. Fairview, Holyoke. 
Nichols, H., 908, Main Street, Holyoke. 
Owen, J. \\\, 5.3, Chatham Road, Everett. 
Parfitt, J., 104, Lincoln Street, Holyoke. 
Pearce, L., St. James' Avenue, Holyoke. 
Philip, J., 156, Sargent Street, Holyoke, 

Smith, A. E., 7, Lawndale Street, E 

Sutton, W., 176, Broadwa;, Mi ihu 
Symonds, H., 317, Appleton Street 

Taylor, R., 916, Chicopee Stn Dt, Willi 


Thomson, James, 2\\ Mountain Avenue 

M ell 

Tiffany, \V. A., 58, Franklin St. 

Tregoming, T. A., 136, Cabot Street, 

Trotman, W. K.. Holyoke. 

BRMAH Miss A., 89, Mount Tei 

Street. Boston. 
Waites, MissM. C, Mount Holyoke College, 

South Hadley. 
Walker, D., 31, James Street, Springdale, 

Wall, S. F., 88, Hancock Street, Cam- 

Pickles, G., 1, Harrison Avenue, Elmwood, Watters, J., 81, Jackson Street, Holyoke 

Pickup, A., 1465, Dwight Street, Holyoke 

White, A. C, 38, Crescent Road, Long- 

Price, T., 35, Commercial Street, Holyoke. Wilkinson, D., 140, Harpden Street, Indian 

Pugslev, 11.. 242, Bast Main, Chic Falls. 
Rae, W. .1., 206, East Street, Chicopee Falls. 
Rae, W. W.. 206, East Street, 

Riley, J. W., 17, Monroe Street, Holyoke. 
Ripley, E. E., Box 385, South Barre". 
Roberts, T., 1227, Dwight Street, Holyoke. 

Wood, C. C, 7, Arlington Street, Fast 

i. Mrs. C. I . 7, Arlington Street 

Worth, Ernest, 12, Myrtle Avenue, 



Detroit.- H.C.S., J. < unningeam, 381, ' lark Avenue. 

Grand Rapids. H.C.S., Walter W. Fox. 338, Pleas int Street. 

Wyandotte. - H.C.S., <■. C. Brown, 9, Van Alstune Boul 

Anderson, J., 61, Carlton Avenue, S.E., 

Grand Rapids. 
Baxter, A., 264, Paris Avenue, Grand 


her, L. II.. 208, i et, Flint. 

Bennett, C. A., Commonwealth Power 

Building, Jackson. 
Birse, W., 1607, Robinson Road, Grand 

Bo\ hi , J., 22, Lindi a I Detroit. 

Brown, G. •'.. H.C.S., 9, Van Alstune 

Bonleva rd, Wyandol 
Calhecott, B., 521, W. Grand Boulevard, 

1 >■ troit. 

,_rolil Lodge, Holland, 


Coleman, C. A., 732, Caso Avenue, Grand 

Crosby, J. J., 231, Eastern Avenue, S.E., 

Grand Rapids. 
Davi R., 466, Piper Boulevard, 

D'Eathb, E. J., 621, W. Grand Boulevard, 


bant, E. W., 732, Cass Avenue, S.E., 

Grand Rapids 

Fox, W. W.. H.C.S., 338, Pleasant Street, 

Grand Rapi'l-. 
Fulford, E. C, 346, Quimby Street, Grand 

Garnham, C, 1607, Robinson Road, Grand 

Grigor, W., 615, E. Fulton Sti et, Grand 

Healey, G. 658, PennBylvajnia, Detroit. 
House, Miss ML, 561, Jefferson Avenue, 

Crand Rapids. 
House, Miss W. M., 561, Jefferson Avenue, 

Grand Rapids 
Lee, E. R., 230, Lyon Street, Grand 

Lee, R. G., 721, Lafayette Avenue, S.E., 

Grand Rapids. 
McCleary, J., 10, Van Dine Court, S.E., 

Grand Rapids. 
McCleary, R., 10, Van Dine Court, S.E., 

ind Rapids. 
McCollum, C, 56, Bennett Street, Battle 

MoKernan, J., 971, Sixteenth Street, 


Evans, G., 415, Eleventh Street, X.W.. Messtebb, W, B., 156, Piper Boulevard, 

Grand Rapids. 




MICHIGAN continued. 

Myring, H. J., 225, Maidstone Avenue, 

Napier, F., Idaho Avenue, Box Isadore 

Kanada, Highland Park, Detroit. 
Pullinger, B. W., 604, Delaware Avenue, 

♦Ramage, Dr. A. S., 435, Guion Street, 

Reynolds, F., 266, High Street, Detroit. 
Rickard, H. J., 343, Hart Avenue, De- 
Scott, J., 236, Hodgson Court, Grand 

Shaw, J. E., 88, Chandler Avenue, Highland 

Park, Detroit. 
Smith. J. W., 138, Meachen Avenue, Battle 

Stirrup, Miss V. A., 15, Rochester Court, 

Grand Rapids„ 
Stroud, R. E., Mentha. 
Tabberner, W. H., General Delivery, 

Battle Creek. 
Traill, J., 742, Neland Avenue, Grand 

Tucker, Miss R., 526, Church Street, Ann 

West, O., 335, Cass Avenue, S.E., Grand 

Wilson, J. C, Kent County Club, Grand 


MICHIGAN, U.S.A. Section. 

Bean, R. R., 147, Benjamin Avenue, Grand 

Beattie, R., 1229-39, David Whitney 

Building, Detroit. 
Brown, A. J., 521, Paris Avenue, S.E., 

Grand Rapids. 
Burnett, F. R., 32, Shelby Street, S.W., 

Grand Rapids. 

Cunningham, J., H.C. S., 381, Clark 

Avenue, Detroit. 
Cunningham, W., 454, Norwood Avenue, 

S.E., Grand Rapids. 
Dayrell, E. H., 315, Prospect Avenue, 

Grand Rapids. 
Fox, W. W., 349, Paris Avenue, S.E., Grand 

Gale, Dr. H. M., 401, Center Avenue, Bay 

Gurd, W. S., 808, Hammond Building, 

Macdonald, A., 1111, Wealthy Avenue, 

Grand Rapids. 
MacDonald, M., 1111, Wealthy Avenue, 

Grand Rapids. 
Mackenzie, G. F., 455, Crescent Street, 

N.E., Grand Rapids. 
Mercer, Dr. R. E., 1229-39, David Whit- 
ney Building, Detroit 
Newell, T. W., 1628, Mill Street, Alpena. 
Oakman, Dr. C. H., 1241-47, David Whit- 
ney Building, Detroit. 
Pearce, F. W., 1490, Jefferson Avenue, 

East Detroit. 
Robertson, Dr. D., 7th Floor, Ashton 

Buildings, Grand Rapids. 
Stace, F. A., 262, Henry Avenue, Grand 

Steketee, Mrs. G. E., 112, La Belle Street, 

S.E., Grand Rapids. 
Stirrup, S. H., 15, Rochester Place, Grand 

Sullivan, H. C, Alpena. 
Townsend, J. S., 3, Division Avenue, S., 

Grand Rapids. 
Watson, A., 803, Hammond Building, 

Widdioomb, W., 404, Widdicomb Building, 

Grand Rapids. 


Duluth. - H.C.S., Colin Thomson, American Exchange, National Bank. 
Minneapolis.- H.C.S., Lkwis E. Doudiet, 2046, Commercial Buildings. 

Arundel, A. D., 3426, Pillsbury Avenue, McInnes, A., 3736, Portland Avenue, 

Minneapolis. Minneapolis. 

Bennett, C. P. H., P.O. Box 128, Pipe- Morrison, K. M., First and Security 

stone. _. , _ ._ . National Bank, Minneapolis. 

National pEEECE> T ^ 2Q2> Commercial Buildings, 

Bank, Minneapolis. 

Caplin, Miss G., 3130, Girard Avenue, 

Carmichael, G. H., 2617, 4th Avenue 
South, Minneapolis. 

Dot/diet, Mrs. E. A.. 714. Plymouth Build- 
ings, Minneapolis. 

Doudiet. L. E., H.C.S., 2046, Commercial 
Buildings, Minneapolis. 

Forstek, W. V., 714, Plymouth Buildings, 

Foster, W. H. S., Marshall 

Rumble, W. E., 891, St. Clair Street, St. 

Smythie, C. E., 728, 14th Avenue, S.E., 

Spedding, J. F., Box 290, Ely. 
Tew, A. O., 714, Plymouth Buildings, 

Tisdale, E., c/o Roach Tisdale & Co., 


Hunter, .T. A., 202, Andrews Buildings, ; Walker, W. G., 1518, 3rd Avenue, South 
Minneapolis. Flat K, Minneapolis. 

Mansel, Miss E. A., c/o State Bank, Willoughby, H. A., First and Security 
Adria. National Bank, Minneapolis. 



M 1 NNESOTA -eaatinw d. 

MINNESOTA. U.S.A. Section. 
Fuller, P., 322, Kenilworth Avenue, 

Jenninos, \V. J., c/o Sixth Street Store, St. 

L'Estkange, \Y. H., 1017, Jefferson Street, 

Maodonald, A., Curtis Court Hotel, 

Suite 42, Minneapolis. 

Mans el, W. R., Adrian. 
Sherwin- F. L., 2201, Dunedin Avenue, 

Teaqle, H., 4820, Emersor. Avenue South, 

Thomson, C, H.C. S., c/o American Ex- 
change, National F>k., Duhith. 

Vigren, Jean Cecil, Detroit. 


Hannay, C. P., Clarksdale. 
Hannay, Mrs. C. P., Clarksdale. 

Head, C. L., Tougaloo. 


Gulfport. H.C.S., M. Rowland, State Bank Buildings. 

St. Joseph.— H.C.S., Walter H. Richards, 308, Schneider Buildings. 

St. Louis. — H.C. S., H. C. Brown, 1320, Third National Bank Buildings, Saint Louis. 

Scott. H.C. S., B. J. 3 pi Delta Planting Co. 

Brown, R. C, H.C.S., 1320, Third 

National Bank Buildings, St. Louis. 
Donald, J„ 6109, Waterman Avenue, St. 

Drake. 1). I., 929, Maple Place, St. Louis., J. C, 708, N. Broadway, St. Louis. 
Firth, W. H., 1320, 3rd National Bank 

Building, St. Louis. 
•Foote, D.. 251, Center Street, Clifton 

Street, Slater Island. 
Green, Miss M. J., 4504, Harris Avenue, 

St. Louis. 
Harte, M. C, 17 6, Linwood Boulevard, 

Kansas City. 
Johnson, Mi>s" E. E., Box 32, Wright 

Mackenzie, J., 517, R.A., Long Building, 

Kansas City. 


Isrnay. -H.C.S., R. L. Anderson, 

Miles City. H.C.S., A. G. Baker, Box 173. 

Brown, B. W., H.C.S., 3221, 3rd Avenue N. 

Brown, Miss Fannie, 322, 4th Avenue 

North, (Great Falls. 
Campbell, X. D., Rosebud. 
•Comfort^ W., c/o New Mine Sapphire Ste., 

Connell, J. B., Grand Hotel, Billings. 
Doull, J., Baker. 
Fraer, V. R., c/o P. S. Hervin, Esq., Great 

Irvine, A. L. C„ Knowlton. 
Johnson, Miss P. M., c/o L. C. Johnson, 

Esq., 551 l, Clements Avenue, St. Louis. 
Lodder, H. H. B., Forsyth. 
Mi Cob '-: i.i .11.. Baker. 
McCutcheon, C. M., 1817, 3rd Avenue, 

Nth., Great Falls. 
McKeand, W. A., Ismay. 
Mdsro, R. (Junr.), Ekalal 
Peter, D. B., 1320, 3rd National Bank 

Building, St. Louis. 
o.l. • 

MaoMillan, N. H., 415, North Taylor 

Avenue, Kirkwood. 
Mayors, W., 1320, Third National Bank 

Building, St. Louis. 
Morrison, J. (Junr.). 1320. Third National 

Bank Building, St. Louis. 
Richards, W. H., H.C.S., 308, Schneider 

Bldgs., St. Joseph. 
Richardson, A., 1320, Third National 

Bank Building, St. Louis. 
Rowland. M., H.C.S., State Bank Build- 
ings. Gulfport. 
Scott, D. A., 1320, Third National Bank 

Building, St. Louis. 
Spoerl, Mrs. L., 4437, Berlin Avenue, St. 

Young, B. J., H.C.S., Mississipi Delta 

Planting Co., Scott. 

Price, J. H., H.C.S., Knowlton. 
Ravenhill, C. A., 308, Schneider Building, 

St. Joseph. 
Richards, Walter H., 307, Sohneider 

Building, St. Joseph. 
Thompson, G. W., Tee Dee. 

MONTANA. U.S.A. Section. 
Ainsley, J. F„ Baker. 
Anderson, D., Ismay. 
Anderson, J., Marmarth, North Dakota. 
Anderson, Mrs. M., Ismay. 
Anderson, R. L., H.C.S., Ismay. 
Anderson, W., Ekalaka. 
Anderson, Mrs. Walter, Ekalaka CarterCo. 
Andrews, H. H., Miles City. 
Baker, A. O., H.C.S., Box 173, Miles 

Bradshaw, W. J., Knowlton. 
''ahmichael, J., Chausse. 
Casey, W. J., c/o State National Bank, 

Miles City. 



MONTANA— continued. 

Colquhoun, W. H., Box 601, Miles City. 

Colter, R. T., Muskogee, Oklaliama. 

Coward, S., Miles City. 

Dawson, B., Beebe, Custer County. 

De Carle, J. E., Miles City. 

Dickson, Miss J. C, Ismay. 

Douglas, H. B., Lee, Rosebud County. 

Fearnall, H. E., Miles City. 

Findlater, R. P., Miles City. 

Fulton, W., Ismay. 

Gadsden. C. T., c/o The New Mine Sapphire 

Syndicate, Utica, Fergus Countv. 
Grey, Dr. F. S., Miles City. 
Hamilton, A., Ismay, Custer Co. 
Hamilton, H„ Ismay. 
Hazzard, J. H., 231, Avenue D., Billings. 
Hunter, Mrs. G. G., Miles City. 
Hunter, H. H., Miles City. 
Hunter, J., Miles City. 
Inglis, A., Box 493, Miles City. 
Jones, G. E., 1622 South, 22nd Street, St. 

Kenny, J., Miles City. 
Kirwan, G. M., Contact. 
Lang, W. G., Baker. 
Levalley, D., Miles City. 
Lodder, J. M. L., Forsyth. 

McConkey, S., Box 501, Forsyth, Rosebud 

McDonald, J., Lee, Rosebud County. 
McLean, K., Miles City. 
McMillan, J., Box 503, Miles City. 
Monro, C, Mackenzie. 
Morrison, D. J., Baker. 
Munro, Colin (Junr.), Ekalaka. 
Neal, Walter I., Box 293, Miles City. 
Newnes, G., Sanders P.O., Rosebud Co. 
Newnes, H., Howard, Rosebud County. 
Newnes, J. J., Hysham, Rosebud Co. 
Newnes, S., Howard, Rosebud County. 
Price, N. G., Mackenzie, Fallon County. 
Price, W. G., Mackenzie, Fallon CouDty. 
Renwick, John, c/o James Kenney, Esq., 

Miles City. 
Shore, T., Miles City. 
Smith, G. R., Ismay. 
Snell, Mrs. E. M., 402, Lake Avenue, 

S. Miles City. 
Snell, W. S., Miles City. 
Spencer, F. W., Baker. 
Symes, H., Big Timber, Montana. 
Whitfield, A. H., Ismay. 
Williamson, P., Miles City. 
Woods, Harry, Tee Dee, Montana. 


Fremont.— H.C.S., D. G. Haslam, 215, East Fifth Street; 

Ferdon, W., Brownlee. 

Fotheringham, A. K., c/o Van Home 

Cluett & Co., "Brandies Building, 

Harrison, C. G., c/o R. Taylor, Eloie\ 
Macartney, A. G., Ill, South 26th 

Avenue, Omaha. 
Macaskill, J., Fairbury. 

North, J. H., 1118, M. Street, Lincoln. 
Twamley, E. C, c/o J. F. Twamley, Sons 
& Co., Omaha. . 

NEBRASKA, U.S.A. Section. 

Haslam, D. Ga H.C.S.,215, E. Fifth Street, 


♦Collins, W. F., Battle Mountain. 
Etchart, J., Goleonda. 
Kidd, E. L., Mason, Nevada. 

Playter, H. J., Crown Mines, Goleonda. 
Playter, Mrs. K. A., Goleonda. 
Weight, A. D., Box 301, McGill. 


Bullock, R., Soo Nipi Park, New London. 
Fradd, J. R., H.C.S., Manchester. 
Hill, F. H., 97J, Warren Street, Concord. 


Newbury.— H.C.S., D. H. Andrew. 
Manchester.— H.C.S., J. R. Fradd. 

Beesley, C, Newbury. 

Hawes, C. H., 36, College Street, Hanover. 

Peck, J. A., Newbury. 

Plumeridge, P., Newbury. 


Boonton.— H.C.S., W. P. Morgan, 402, Morris Ave. 

Bloomfield.— H.C.S., Harry W. Pendry, 6, Baylis Street. 

Jersey City Heights.— H.C.S., A. W. Goudie, 111, Hancock Ave. 

Madison.— H.C.S., J. Stewart Gibbertson, 153, Park Ave. 

Newark. — H.C.S., Ernest Wynne, P.O., Newark. 

Ocean Grove.— H.C.S., Joseph Foskett, 139, Broadway, Ocean Grove. 

Orange. — H.C.S., F. V. Lauder, 414, Lincoln Avenue. 

Banks, G. W., Hercules Powder Corpn., Baumann, Mrs. F. W., Ridge Road, Mount 

Parlin. Pleasant Avenue, West Orange, 

Baumann, C. F., " East Clive," W. Orange. Bean, Mrs. J, N„ Princeton. 



NEW JERSEY— continued. 
Bell, Miss A. M., " Threeaores," Ramsey. 
Boyle, Joseph, 230, Hudson Street, 
Gloucester CSty. 

Brookelbank, G. H., 416, Roseville Avenue, 

Brown, H. H., 9th Company, 3rd Training 

Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade, Camp 

Burke. S. G. R., 878, Chinton Avenue, 

Butcher, C. B., 61, Arlington Avenue, 

Butterfield, A., 173, Albany Street, New 

Brunswick, N.J. 
Chichester, Mrs. E., c/o Rev. E. L. 

Chichester, Stockton. 
Clabk, A., 43, Ramge Terrace, Bloom- 

Coots, W. H., 64, Eighth Avenue, Newark. 
Dixon, L. M., 46, Ramge Terraoe, Bloom- 
Dixon, Mrs. L. M., 46, Ramge Terrace, 

Dower, A., 396, West Side Avenue, Jersey 

Duncan-Clark, H. B., 79, Williamson 

Avenue, Bloomfield. 
Dunn, A. C, 21, Irving Street, Newark. 
Ellenbey, Mrs. F. E., 180, Christopher 

Street. Montclair. 
Elliott, T., Camden Avenue, Moorestown 

Lauder, A. W., 414, Lincoln Avenue, 

Lauder, Mrs. E., 414, Lincoln Avenue, 

Lauder, F. V., H.C.S., 414, Lincoln Avenue, 

Limerick, Countess, o/o James Bradf, Esq., 

Hamilton Farm, Gladstone. 
Lord, R., 64. De Witt Place, Hackensack. 
Lowe, John Kay, R.F.D., No. 3, Freehold. 
Macnab, Miss A. M., Phillips Cottage, 

Oceans Avenue, West End. 
Matiiieson, A. M., 95, Summit Avenue, 

Matiiieson, D., 95, Summit Avenue, Hac- 
Matthew, P. E., 63, Summer Avenue, 

Metcalfe, F. C, 226- 7th Avenue, Bradley 

Park, Asbury Park. 
Morgan, W. P., H.C.S., 402, Morris 

Avenue, Boonton. 
Morgan, Miss R., Tillon Road, South 

Mosher, T., 48, Pennington Street, Newark. 
Naden, E. A., 129, Elizabeth Avenue, 

Parrott, D'Arcy, 107, Mercer Street, 

Parrott, Mrs. M., 104, Mercer Street, 


Farnsworth, Miss M., 15, Valley Street, j Pellissier, M. R., Maplewood. 

South Orange. Pendry, fi. E., H.C.S., 6, Baylis Street, 

Faulder, Miss A^ 417, Centre Street 

S. Orange. 
Feltham, J., c/o O. H. Hammond, Esq., 

Foskett, J., H.C.S., 139, Broadway, Ocean 

Fowler. H. K., Summit. 


Pitilpot, Miss A., Thorwald, Lakewood. 

Poole, E. D., c/o Osborne Co., 753, Summer 
Avenue, Newark. 

Pyne, Taylor M., Drumthwacket, Prince- 

*Rathborne, R. C, Bernardsville. 

Gibbertson, J. S., H.C.S., 153, Park Ave., *RichardS, J. T., South River. 


Gibson, Mrs. J., P.O. Box 327, Morris- 

Gilbert, H. G., Box 148, Cresskill. 

Gillard, J., 550, Modow Street, Elizabeth. 

Goldstein, H., 116, Langford Street, 
Asbury Park. 

Goudie, A. W., H.C.S., 111, Hancock 
Avenue, Jersey Heights. 

Green, A. P., Mrs., 72, Gaston Street, West 

Gutteridge, W., 1027, 1st Avenue, Asbury 

Halls, Miss M. S., Kilbarehan, Paterson. 

Kvmilton, (J. A., 34, West Blackwrll 
Street, Dpv>r. 

Hartnup, Alfred T., 121, Norwood 
Avenue, Long Branch. 

Hoffman, C. W., 706, Summer Avenue, 

JI ii'Wood, W., 7, Washington Avenue, 

Hoskin, Mrs. G. M. V., c/o James Brady, 
Esq., Hamilton Farm, Gladstone. 

Jennings, A. E., " Brookwood," Farming- 
Jones, Mas H.,427, Boulevard, Westfield.; 

Richardson, P. S. A., 155, Humphrey 

Avenue, Bayonne. 
Ritchie, A., 23. Rowland Street, Newark. 
Roberts, Mrs. E. C, 38, Vanderbeck Place, 

Roberts, T. Cullen, 1203, Garden Street, 

Rogers, Arthur, 508, Hoboken Street, 

West Hoboken. 
Sousa. M. D., 689, North 6th Street, 

Scott, S. E., 100, Bayard Street, N.B. 
Selwvx, Miss M. E., 543, Bramhall Avenue 

Jersey City. 
Stanley, J. G., 59, Wheeler Street, West 

Stephensen, J. E., 120, West 5th Street, 

Tea, Miss A., 5, Morris A venue, Morristown. 

. A. M., Harrison. 
Tod, T. D., 57, De Forest Avenue, 

Walter, E. E., 405, Clinton Street, Syra- 
Week 1 ', Mrs. T., 321. Broadway. Jersey 

Welsh, E, L., Bergen field. 

v 2 



NEW JERSEY— continued. 

Will] ims, H. S., 5, North Sacraments 

Avenue, Atlantic City. 
WlLSOK, Miss C, 509, Asbury Avenue, 

Asbury Park. 
Wright, Mrs. E., c/o Rev. E. L. Chichester, 

* Wynne, E., H.C.S., Post Office, Newark. 

NEW JERSEY, U.S.A. Section. 
Beardsley, Mrs. F. A., 73, Prospect Street, 

East Orange. 
Burgess, G., R.R. No. 2, Vineland. 

♦Burnley, Sergeant E. T., Coast Artillery 

Corps, Fort Bayard. 
Chittick, Miss A. G., 176 North 6th Street 

Cook, W., Middlebush. 
Dodd, A. S., 234, Main Street. Pater son. 
Moxon, C, 459, North Grove Street, East 

Pope, E. A., Miss, 192, Prospect Street, 

East Orange. 
I Taylor, Mrs. A. M., 1012, 5th Avenue, 

Ashbury Park. 


Albuquerque. — H.C.S., Geo. Roslington, Accidental Life Insurance Co. 

Clay, C, East Las Degas. I Manley, A., Rochford Taos. 

Hesselden, W., 506, South First Street, \ Roslington, G., H.C.S., Albuquerque. 

Albuquerque. ■ Stephens, Miss E. G., c/o Mrs. A. A. Howell, 

Hinde, E. G., Taos. Anthony. 

Hinde, W., Taos. I 


New York.— O.S. Branch Sec, E. Wallis R. Beal, 27. William Street, New York City. 

H.C.S., H. A. Goode, Messrs. Wonham, Bates & Goode, 17, Battery Tlace, 
New York City. 

P.L. Branch Sec, John C. Sparks, 30, Church Street. 
Rochester. — H.C.S., W. L. Dunnett, 359, Pareells Avenue. 
Troy. — H.C.S., A. K. Mosley, Architect, Union Bank Building. 
Jamaica, NY.— H.C.S., Cashel Pomeroy. 

Acklom, G. M., 15, Colonial Place, New 

Adams, C. S., 60, Wall Street, New York 
ff City. 
Adams, Lindsay, 59, East 65th Street, 

♦Airey, W. C, c/o R. E. Saunders, Esq., 6 

Wall Street. 
Aitchison, A. G., 83, Union Avenue, New 

♦Allen, A. W., 309, Broadwav, New York 

Alles,T. M., 266, 5th Avenue. 
Anderson, C, 23, Wall Street, New York. 
Anderson, E. H. B., 97, Cedar Street. 
♦Axdet.son, F. W., 11, Broadway, New 

York City. 
Andrew, D. H., Little Valley. 
Ansii.i., Miss M., c/o Mrs. L. Clarke, Roslyn, 

Ashcroft G. F., 310, East 32 Street, New 

York City. 
Ashcroft, R. W., 1790, Broadway, New 

Austin, Miss M. C, c/o J. Sherman Hoyt, 

900, Park Avenue, New York. 
Axten, J., 23, Wall Street, New York. 
Bairstow, Miss W. J., 7, Exchange Street, 

Bales, Miss M., 49, Church Street, White 

Ball, Miss A. L., c/o T. M. Carnegie, Esq., 

/3E, 85th Street. 
Ball, G. H., 50, State Street, Albany. 
Ballard, H. A., Box 391, Westbury, Long 


Bartlett, J. W.. c/o United Verde and 

Pacific Riy. Co., 20, Exchange Place, 

New York City. 
Battye, J. A., 11, Thayer Street, James- 
Battye, W. T., 11, Thayer Street, James- 
♦Baurle, Miss A., 1590, Amsterdam 

Avenue, New York. , 
♦Baurle, Miss M., 1590, Amsterdam 

Avenue, New York. 
Beal, E. W. R., 27, William Street, 
Beckford, T., Box 507, Glen Cove, Long 

Beckford, Mrs. W., Box 507, Glen Cove, 

Long Island. 
♦Bell, D. M., 683, Esplanade, Pelham 

Bell, J. N. J., 317, West 27th Street, New 

York City. 
Beuttell, H. D., 114, 5th Avenue, New 

York City. 
Bilanger, P. J., c/o River Sidedun, 

Blades. J. A,. 124, West 134th Street, 

Now York City. 
Bloomfield, C, Roslyn, Long Island. 
Blunder, J. W.. 222], Emmons Avenue, 

Sheepshead Bay, L.T., New York. 
Bone, C. C, s.s. Parima, Pier 47, N. River, 

New York City. 
Bourne, Miss A., c/o Low's Exchange, 1123, 

Broadway, New York City. 
Bo wen, H., 1696, Fulton Street, Brooklyn. 
Bowmar, S., 122, East 37th Street. 
Boyce, Sam, Syosett, Long Island. 




Bbathwartii, S., 000, Warren Street, 

Bbbthkbton, A., Walden Cottage, Glen- 

1 1 - 1 iii. 
Breunig, A. W., 391, Baltic Street, 

Brioqs, R., 104, Barrows Street, James- 
«, W. .T., i', \\. si 52nd Street. 
Brisk hem, L., c/o Richard Howe, Esq., 

Jericho, Long Island. 
Broadbent, II., 20, Peach Street, James- 

>WN, J. Aham, 41, West 34th Street. 
Bryant, C. " Who Torok House," King 

i. Poi i Chester. 
•Bbyson, .Miss M, P., M.B., c/o Miss 

Osborne, 020, W. 122nd Street. 
Buckley, G. T., 313. North 13th Sti 

Orleans. New York. 

LOCK, W. 1'., 17. Kress Park, and 

Roohelle, Now York. 
Burke, Miss K., Room 21, 20, Nassau 

Burrows, \V„ Box 105, Westbury, Long 

Bl BR, .1 IMES K.. 219, West 02nJ Si 

irk City. 
♦Cairns, R. C, 16, Exchange Place. 
Callender, G. R., c/o Wheat Export Co., 

27, Beaver Street, Xew York. 
Camp bell, H. G., 30, East 37th Street, 

New York City. 
Carden, R. A., 225, West 71 Street, New 

York Ci. 
Cardozo, 28,East 75th Street, New York. 
Carey - Mis. »'., Box 507, Glen Cove, Long 

Carey, P., Box 507, Glen Cove. Long Island. 
Carpenter, H. I Mrs. W. A. Wood, 

II- Us, New York. 

Carroll. L. E. G., 235, West 45th Street, 

New York. 

TEE, E. K., 2231, Broadway New York 

Cartwuight, William, No. 2, Ingcrsol 

Avenue, Schenectady. 
CAWTHOA, E. 11., SO, Bedford Avenue, 

Cazis, A., 100, B et. 

CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN, 22, Livingstone Si 

Chapman, F„ c/o Mrs. Masury, Centre 

Moriches, Long Island. 
Churchill, 'i. A., 191, Gartield Place, 

Coa : I'. M., ::2'.t, Ain.-t. rdamAvenne. 

Cokek, (.. J., 2, West 53nd Stn 
Cole, W. 11. T., 34, Lancaster Avenue, 

Cone, J., 00, Wall Street, New York City. 
Cook, Wm., c/o Hudson Oil Co., 109, Broad 

Street, New York City. 
Cooke, Miss E., 254, Culber Road, Roches- 
•Cooper, H. L„ 101, Park Avenue, New 

York City. 
Cooper, S. D., 24, State Street, New York. 

♦CokmaCK, G., New York Yacht Club, Weal 

h Street. 
Cotton, F. J., H.C.S., Astoria Lt. Ht. & Pr. 
Co., Astoria. 
- \-, B. P., 17, Washington Avenue, 
♦Courtney, Right Rev. Bishop F., 157, 

East 81st Street, New York City. 
Cousens, C. S., Green Haven, Dutchess 

Cox, Miss Emma, 14, Irving Place, New 

rk City. 
Cbaig, E. T., 59, Wall Street, N.w York 

Crookk, C, 465, Argylc Road, Brooklyn. 
Crowhubst, F., c/o" Mr. Marks, 107 West 

101st Street, New York City. 
Cbud . A.drew, Box 015, Chatham, 

Xew York. 
Curkii:, James, 517, Delaware Street, 

. s v racuse. 
Dale." G. A., 169, St. Nicholas Avenue, New 

Davidson, John, Rausan Avenue, Massena, 

New York. 
Davis, W. R., Bates Cottage, East Hamp- 
ton, Long Island. 
Dawkin, W. Mansell, 60, Wall Street, 

New York City. 
Day, Miss C, 2350, Webster Avenue, 

Deft. Thomas, 37, West 48th Street, New 

i s City. 
Dench, Miss M. E., St. Luke's Hospital, 

Amsterdam Avenue, New York, 
*Dey, J. G. S., Syracuse. 
Dobson, H. H„ 71, West 23rd Street. New 

Dockreix, W. P., Box 144, Huntington. 

Long Island. 
Dodwell. F., c/o Messrs. Dodwell & Co., 

Dodwell, G. M., 135, Front Street, New 

Y r ork City. 
Donnelly, H., 210, West 102 Street, New 

York City. 
♦Douglas, W., 99, John Street. 
Dowdi.m, Mrs. W., 912, Blanehine St i 

Drake, E. J., 402, Convent Avenue, New 

N k City. 
Drink water, J., 388, 11th Avenue, Astoria, 

Long Island. 
Drummond, J. R., 630. !.• pingtcn Avenue. 
DaDGi.'N, Ross, 03, Letlerts Place, 

Dunnett, Wm. L.,H.C.S.(Gennesseo Valley 

Club), 359, Parsells Avenue. Rochester. 
. T. 1'.. 1, West 07th Street, New 

\ i k City. 
♦Eaton, Miss M. E., Botanical Gardens. 

. K., 117 119. Leon. ml St i 
Edmondson, Miss M. L., 205, West 106 

Street, New York City. 
Ijiw \;::>s, J. W., 21."., Eighth Avenue, New 

York City., P. B., 123, New Jersey Avenue, 




NEW YORK— continued. 

Elder, A., 43, Walker Street, New York 

Elliott, F., 2, West 62nd Street, Now York 

Ellis, Miss C. E., Lawrence, Long Island. 
Ellson G., 413, East 80th Street, New 

York City. 
Elmy, R., 1307, South Avenue, Niagara 

Emerson, Chas., 1184, Kossuth Avenue, 

Evans, H., St. Bernard's School, Westbury. 
Evans, Miss M. L., The Lincoln 52, 139, 

Claremont Avenue, New York City. 
Evans, P. A., The Lincoln 52, 139, Clare- 
mont Avenue, New York City. 
Evans, Captain T., s.s. Juan, New York 

and Porto Eico S.S. Co., Pier 35, Atlantic 

Basin, Brooklyn. 
Evans, Mrs. G., St. Bernard's School, 

Fawdry, Miss B., " Russell Sage College," 

Ferguson, A. A., 56, West 159th Street, 

New York City. 
Ferguson, G. A., Lake Pland Club, New 

Finlay, F., 80, Wall Street. 
Finlay, G. H., 80, Wall Street. 
Fisher, E. A., 2, New York Avenue. 

Fisher, E. A., c/o The Dorland Agency 

Glorney, Miss E. M., 204, West 55th 

Street, New York. 
Goode, H. A., H.C.S., c/o Messrs. Wonham, 

Bates & Goode, 17, Battery Place. 
Goodwill, T. H., 473, Neptune Avenue, 

Coney Island. 
Gordon, H., Bay Shore, Long Island. 
Graham, T. H., 112, 23rd Street. 
Graham, Mrs. T. H., 112, 23rd Street. 
Grant, F. H., 18, Park Street, Buffalo. 
Gray, S., 217, West 62nd Street, New York 

Gregory, Charles, Box 163, Victor. 
Gregory, F., 677, Fifth Avenue, New 

Grieve, K. H., 57, Remsen Street, Brooklyn. 
Guiterman, P. L., 55, South William Street. 
Hadwin, E., 336, Hopkins Avenue, Astoria, 

Long Island. 
Haines, H. J., 27, William Street, New 

York City. 
Hall, T. W., Hotel Endecott, Columbus 

Avenue and 81st Street. 
Halle, A., 17, Battery Place. Room 1032. 
Hallowell, Mrs. J., c/o Messrs. Wessel 

Duval & Co.. No. 25, Broad Street, 

New York City. 
Halsall, Miss J., c/o Mrs. Werling, 1559, 

Lexington Avenue, New York City. 
Hamilton, Miss E. S., 491, Lexington 

Avenue, New York Avenue, New York. 

Hamilton, Miss K., 13, Elk Street, Albany. 
266th, Fifth Street Avenue, New York ; Hamilton, W. A., 84, William Street, New 
City. York City. 

Folker Captain F. W., s.s. Ponce, c/o New i Harding, Mrs. D., 60, Wall Street. 
York and Porto Rico S.S. Co., 11, I Harding, F. C, 60, Wall Street 

Ford, A. E., Smithtown, Long Island. 
Ford, E. H., 169, Columbia Height, 

Foster, Miss W., 541, West 156th Street, 

New York City. 
Fox, T. W., 113— 4th Street, Troy. 
Fraser, Alexander, 322, West 17th Street, 

New Yprk City. 
Fraser, E. M., 26, St. Andrews Place, 

Fraser, W. H., 556, 52 Street, Brooklyn. 
Fretwell, W. V., 12, Shaw Avenue, 

Fry, F. B., 320, Central Park West, New 

Fry, Miss M. A. B., 320, Central Park West, 

£\©w York 
Fuller, W., 44G, West 51 Street, New York 

Fuller, W. J., 54, Ley Street, New York 

Gaut, H., 695, Glen Cove, Long Island. 
Gerdes, Miss M., c/o Mrs. P. Martin. 

Marvin, Hooker & Roosevelt, 52, Wall 

Gibson, D., Strathglass Farm, Port Chester. 
Gildea, H. N., 320, Broadway. 
Gillies, W. B., 425, East 134th Street, New 

York City. 
Gillingham, V. G., 2635, Sedgwick Avenue. 
Gilllngham, Mrs. 2635, Sedgwick Avenue. 

Harris, H. E., 142, West 126th Street, 

New York City. 
Harvey, Mrs. E. B., 60, Wall Street New 

Hatchman, A. H., 3, East 48th Street, New 

Hayes, O., 475, Charlton Avenue, Brooklyn. 
Hebden, R. G., c/o Bank of Montreal, Wall 

Street, New York. 
Henley, J. W., c/o Durlands, West 66 

Street, New York. 
Henry, J., 466, West 23rd Street, New York 

Herbison, A S., 353, Van Brunt Street 

Hewish, R. P., 23, West 55th Street, New 

York City. 
Hewitt, R. C, Box 141, White Plains. 
Hine, R. A., 39, Henderson Avenue, New 

Hinnigan, T., 228, East 22nd Street, c/o 

Farley, New York City. 
Hodgson, A. W., 123, Parkside Avenue, 

Holden, E., 176, Church Street, New 

Holding, Mrs. E. S., 48, St. Nicholas Place. 
Holding, G. E., 48, St. Nicholas Place. 
Holland, C. H., 84, William Street, New 

York City. 
Holloway, W., I60J, Hudson Avenue, 




NEW YORK— continued. 

Holstead, J., 129, Lafayette Avenue, Lennstrand, G. S., 238, West 22nd Street, 

Brooklyn. New York. 

Hood, Mrs. A. J., o/o Messrs. Weasel Duval Lefpington, VV.. 34, East 34th Street, 
& Co., No. 25, Broad Street, New York nine. 

City. Lewis, A. H., 762, Delaware Avenue, 

Hood, B. E., c/o Messrs. Weasel Duval & Buffalo. 

Co., No. 26, Broad Street, New York ♦Linton, R. H., 225, Fifth Avenue, New 
City. York City. 

Hood, F. A., o/o Messrs. Wcssel Duval & Littlejohn, J.. Westbury, Long Island. 
Co., No. 25, Broad Street, New York Logue, W., 252— 18th Street, Brooklyn. 
City. Louch, Miss B., Table Rock, Sterlington. 

Hoooan, W. A., s.s. Ponce, c/o New York Lovejoy, Mrs. F. S., 69, W. 88th Street, 

and Porto Rico S.S. Co., 11, Broadway. I New York City. 

Hoi-ton, C. (!., 2, Stone Street, New York Lucy. Miss M. W., 15, E. 84th Street, New 

City. York City. 

Howland, Mrs. H., 150, Elm Street, New i MacGuegor, A. B., c/o J. P. Morgan, Esq, 

Rochelle. " Glen Cove, Long Island. 

Huard, J., 464, Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn. MacInnis, J. W., 137, E. 20th Street, New 
Hubbell, Miss E. S., 327, East 60th Street. York. 

♦Hudson, J., 404, 61st Street, Brooklyn, Mackenzie, T. A., 32, Liberty Street, New 

New York. York. 

Hulley, E., 214, Swan Street, Buffalo. MacLkish, L. E.. 18, West 99th Street, 

•Hyde, F. C, 117, Leonard Street, New New York City. 

York. p.tuy, Miss A., The Pepperday Hotel, 

Jack, A., 19, Governors Lane, Schenectady. '; w Rochelle. 

Jackman, A. C, 177, Water Street, New 1 McCluskie, E. G., 607, West 110th Street, 

York. New York City. 

James. Miss P., 162, Hughes Avenue, ! McCluskie, O. C, 601, W. 110th Street., 

But"; McCormick, J. H., c/o Manning Saud Paper 

James, William, 571, Gates Avenue, r Co., Troy. 

Brooklyn. McDonald, D., 101, Bay view Avenue, Port 

Jameson, P. R., Sunnybrae, Highland j Washington, Long Island. 

Avenue, Rochester. McGeorge, Misa A., Table Rock, Sterling- 

Jefferson, C. \\'., Rosendale Road, ton. 

Schenectady. McKnight, C. E., 172, CUnton Street, 

Jeffreys, Miss A. E., 37, Charlton Street, I Buffalo. 

c/o Mrs. P. Smart. j Mann, C, First Officer s.s. Ponce, o/o New 

Johnson, A., 251, Whilsboro Street, Rome. ' York and Porto Rico S.S. Co., 11, 

Johnson, J., 251, Whilsboro Street, Rome. Broadway. 

Johnston, Miss A., 615, St. Marks Avenue, , Marshall, Mrs. A. F., 1204, Beverley 

Brooklyn. Road, Flatbush, Brooklyn. 

Johnstone, J. T., 130, Pearl Street, New "Marshall, A. F., c/o Union Castle S.S. 

York City. Co., 26, Broadway. 

♦Kemsly, R. E., Calumet Club, 12, West Martin, A. J., 202, W. 80th Street, New 
50th Street, New York. York City. 

Kennedy, D. A., 80, Wall Street. 

Martin, Clifford B., Flat Iron Building, 

Kenny, W. !•"., 20, Post Avenue, Now York New York City 

City. ; Martin, E. T., 56, West 68th Street, New 

Kenway, G. P., American Express Co., 65, York. 

Broadway. Mason, R. G., 212 — 5th Avenue, Exchange 

King, M. G., c/o W. P. Thompson, Esq., Building, New York City. 

Westbury, Long Island. Mathews, H. A., c/o Anglo S. American 

Kingston, M., Hotel Majestic, West 72nd Bank, Ltd., 60, Wall Street, New York 

Street, Now York City. City. 

Kinnaibd, Hugh, Groton Farm, Westbury. Mathews, H. M., o/o W. Jesaop & Sons, 91, 

La Ban, H. L., 5, East 47th Street. John Street, New York City. 

Lacey, W. H., 431, Park Avenue, New Medford, N. B., 146, Fulton Street, 

York City. Brooklyn. 

Lageman, C, Hotel Ansonia, West 73rd . Mereweather, W., 141, Maplewood 

Street, New York City. Avenue, Syracuse. 

Laino, J. C, 266, Purdy Street, Buffalo. Miller, Miss M., Box 40, Mamaroneck. 

Leach, C. L. C, c/o F. G. Bourne, Esq., Mills, G. A. S., 50a Street, Niagara Falls. 

Oakdale, Long Island. MoGIOED, Miss E., 112, W. 78th Street, 

♦Leakey, 11. L., New York School of New York City. 

Oratorv, 222, W. 58th . New Moore, H. E., 1, East 57th Street, New 

York. " Xork City. 

•Le Blanc, G. L., Eastchester Road, New Moore, Wai.ti.k, Lnnham and Moore 

Rochelle. Produce Exchange, Now York. 



NEW YORK— continued. 
Moran, P., 151, Newtown Avenue, Astoria, 

Morgan, Miss L., 28, Union Avenue, 

Morris, Mrs. R., 18G6, Cornelia Street, 

Ridgewood, Brooklyn. 
Mosley, A. K., H.C.S., Union Bank Build- 
ing, Troy. 
Moutrie, J., The Royal Bank of Canada, 

35, Cedar Street, New Yoric. 
Muirhead, J. R. H., America Sq., Civil 

Engineer, 220, West 57th Street. 
Murphy, T., 96, Jefferson Street, Yonkers. 
Murray, D. M. I., Schuylerville, New York. 
Myers, .T., Wharfdale House, Bridge 

Station, Niagara Falls. 
Negus, J., Table Rock, Sterlington. 
Nelles, R. A., 105, Chambers Street, New 

York City. 
Ness, Dr. C. E. K., 55, Huntington Park, 

Newber, H., 1842, 79th Street, Bath 

Newhall, Samuel, 593, 9th Avenue, 

Newman, G. E., Herman, R.F.D., 1, New 

Newton, D., MacArthur Bros. Co., 120, 

Broadway, New York City. 
Nias, A. E., 172, West 133 Street, New 

York City. 
Niblett, T. D., 305, 5th Avenue. 
Nicholson, C. H., 359, Rutland Road, 

Niles, Percy, 37, Felix Street, Brooklyn. 
*Niven, T., 261, 83rd Street, Brooklyn." 
Norman, Captain F., 307, Stratford Road. 

Norman, R., 892, Broadway, New York. 
O'Brien, W., 151, Newtown Avenue, 

Astoria, L.I. 
Ohly, Mrs. J., c/o Messrs. Wessel Duval & 

Co., No. 25, Broad Street, New York 

Palmer, Samuel, 235, West 63rd Street, 

New York City. 
Pearon, Albert, 336, West 29th Street, 

New York City. 
Perry, Miss F. W., 207, West 98th Street, 

New York City. 
Phillips, J. S. A., Nevada, 2025, Broad- 
way, New York City. 
Pillans, H. A., 1265, University Avenue, 

New York City. 
Fillans, J. F., 12, West 37th Street, New 

York City. 
Pipe, E. F., 138, Front Street. 
Plowrioht, J., 23, West 57th Street. 
1'o.MEROY, Cashei.s, H.C.S., Jamaica, N.Y. 
Postles, R., Bloomingdale Hospital, White 

Quealey, J. V., 318, West 57th Street. 
Radcliffe, MissS. M., c/o Mrs. D. Mariarty, 

215, East 57th Street, New York City. 
Redding, Mrs. M. U'.. 434, West 120th 

Street, New York C ity. 
Redding, Thomas, 434, West 120th Street, 

New York City. 

Rees, W. E., 249, Normal Avenue, Buf- 
Reid, R., 301, Foote Avenue, Jamestown. 
Reid, S., 157, West 95th Street, New York 

Rhodes, S. R., 60, Highland Avenue, Ilion. 
Rice, R. J., 387, Murray Street, Rochester. 
Richardson, R. F. R., 126, Ryerson Street, 

*Ridgeway, E. J., 43, West 4th Street, 

New York. 
Riley, H. J., 136, West 127th Street. 
Roberts, H., c/o Bank of Montreal, 64, 

Wall Street, New York City. 
Roberts, J. H., Father Baker's Farm, 

Roberts, Mrs. M., c/o Bank of Montreal, 

64, Wall Street, New York City. 
Roberts, Mrs. W. H., 222, Union S'treet, 

Robertson, Miss S., c/o T. Cook & Sons, 

245, Broadway. 
Roger, Miss J. R., 29, Cedar Street, 

Ross, Mr., New York and Porto Rico S.S. 
Co., Pier 35, Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn. 
Ross, A., 2, West 52nd Street, New York 

Ross, H., c/o Messrs. Pratt and Lambert 
Inc., 75 to 97, Tonawanda Street, 
Rowley, Mrs. H, 1204, Beverley Road, 

Flatbush, Brooklyn. 
Roy, James, 200, Edward Street, Schenec- 
Russell, H. M., S.S. Coamo, c/o New York 
and Porto Rico S.S. Co., 11, Broad- 
St. George, G., 258, Madison Avenue, New 

Sale, J., 23, West 55th Street, New York 

Salvage, S. A., 171, Madison Avenue, New 

Saul, G. E., Queen's Avenue, Jamaica 

Oakes, Long Island. 
Saunders, Miss M., The Pepperday Hotel, 

New RochelJe. 
♦Saunders, R. E., 6, Wall Street., E. H., 27, Washington Terrace, 

Schotchn, Mis. L. M., 571, 8th Street, 

Scott, E. K., British American Nitrate Co., 

299, Broadway. 
Seagram, W., 227, West 45th Street, New 

York City. 
♦Sealy, T., 136, Front Street. 
Searle, J., 987, Ninth Avenue, Astoria, 

Long Island. 
Seaton, Mrs. C, 1129, Blake Avenue, 

Seel, A., 41, Carver Street, Astoria, Long 

*Sellar, N., 38, Wall Street, New York. 
Shaw, Arthur, Pinsbrook Avenue, Rock- 

ville Center. 
Sheppard, A. H., 2, West 52nd Street. 




Sm ui i: v, Mi<s 1»., 175, Wesl 58th E 

New Sfork. 
Shobt, P. T., Union Bank of Canada, 49, 

\\ ^11 Bti i '. N t S Sty. 

Sxdxbottou, 6. M., "Siltoa" 1 

\\ aooal 
•Slabbhobb, F. T., 12 E. 13 N.. New York 
Smart, W. J. (D.C.M.), 62, 9tu Avenue 

Yoi k City. 
Smith, Captain A., Glen < 
<. M> ■ ( ;. K., i Hen ' 
Smith, E. F., 186, East 79th Street, New 

York City. 
Smith, Miss 0. A., Eampton, Mount Mi 
Smith, Powell, 2 West 32nd Street New 

\ ork City. 
Sparks. J. I btnrch St., P. L. Br. 

KB, H.. 103, East Main Street, Falcone. 
Stainton, W. J., 01, Woodward Avenue, 

Stapleton-Boyne, G. H., 24, Bank Street, 

Greenwich Avenue, New York. 
Stappard, Miss M., 25, Richmond Avenue, 

Stainton, W. J., 64, Woodward Avenue, 

Stake, W. G., 30 East 37th Street, New 

York City. 
Stat han, Noel, 104, South Maju Si 

Steeds, A. Howard, 3064, Albany Crescent, 

New York. 
Stephen, GeoboeT., 11, West River Stj 

Illion, New York. 
Stewart, l>. M., 688, Tonckiking Avenue, 

Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island. 
♦STkwabt, T. K. 56, Pine Street. 
Stiffle, D. II., 91, West 103 Street, New 

V..rk City. 
•Stoddart, L. B., 17, Battery Place, New 

Stone, J. B. C, 61, Willoughby Sireet, 

Stringer, H. B., 84, Avondale Park, 

Rochester, New York. 
Stride, H. E., 2, West 52nd Street, New 

York City. 

.. Sabbv, 230. l:. : Drive, New 

York City. 
Sver, 8. J., 6830, Ridge Boulevard, 

Tais, C. T., 2*)7, East Main Amsterdam, 

New York. 
Taylor, F. C, 1045. Delaware Avenue, 

•Taylor, A. H., 14, Ripley Place, Buffalo. 
Taylor, W., Little 1 
Thompson, 1'., 963, Madison Avenu 
Thobnley, F. J., 563a, Lafayette Avenue, 

Thornton, Miss Grace, Mamaroneck. 
Tippetts, John, 970, Sixth Avenue, New 

Y'ork City. 
Tomlinson, B., Loomia Avenue, Peekskill, 

. York. 
Tozer, Mr., Roseville, Staten Island, X( \\ 


Tbevvett, T. P., 1056, Marbridge Building, 
Broadway, and 34th Street Now York. 
[BLE, W. L.. c/o National Bank of S. 

Africa, 6, Wall Street, New York. 

enue, \\ I 
. New York. 

• Hospital, Middletown. 
Twig. . I., Box 507, Glen Cove, Long 

Unswobth, J. W., 1, Shaw Avenue, James- 
Usher, Q >'., 90, V New 

Van Raalte, R., 49, Linden Street, 

Vuu i . Miss ; . M., 609, Wesf 127th Street, 

New York City. 
\"ai. A., 492, Tompkins Avenue, 


. D. N., • i •-'••II Street, 

Bi ooklyn. 
Venn, A. R. P., 862, Union Street, Schenac- 

t;idy, Xew Yoi k. 
ViJFnns, Miss R., 15, East 67th Street, New 

Vinton, J. B., 581, Maddison Avenue, N< W 

York City. 
i.i:, Horace Tb o Mrs. Seth 

Low, Bedford Hills, Xew York. 
Wall. A. J., c/o Samuel Lewis, 5, Front 

Street, near South Ferry, New York. 
Ward, C. W., Woodbury House, Syosset, 

Long Island. 
Ward, G. R., Sanatorium, Gabriels, New 

Ward, W., 2, East 69th Street, New York. 
Warren, A. E., 39, Greenfield Street, 

Warren, Mrs. M. L., Alger Court, Bronx- 

Washington, Frederick, 271, Sheridan 

Avenue, Albany, New Y'ork. 
Watti.ey, R. B., 151, fifth Avenue. 
Watson, A. C.,25, Broad Street, Xew York 


i:, Miss EMILY, 27, Washington 
race, Newburgh, New York. 
•Weabne, H., 103, ] Avenne, New York 

•Webb, F. B., c/o W. R. Graoe & Co., Han- 
over Square, New York. 
Wedgwood, K. L.. 521, \\ > I 112th Street, 

Xew York City. 
Wells, F. W., 48," West 38th Street, New 

York City. 
West, A. M. S., 15, F. Ki .. Ilion. 

West. 'i. EL, Hiilboui aonah. 

•Whigham. G. H.. .02, William Strei t. 
Whitfield. Miss J., Spring Hill, Roslyn, 

Long Island. 
Wild, Iohb, ICG, West 79th Sti 
Wilder. Eric, 234, Fast 1 1 1 
Willi lms, M. E., 91, Cotton Exchange, Xew 

York City. 
Wii.i u it, A.. Iley. 

Willi tghby, M., Lou 
Wilson, J. G., Larchmont Manor. 
Windle, J. J., 60, Wall Street, New York. 



NEW YORK— continued. 

Windle, Mrs. J. J., 60, Wall Street, New 

Windle, Miss J. F., 60, Wall Street. New 

York City. 
Windle, Miss L. F., 60, Wall Street, New 

York City. 
Wombrell, C. H., Huntingdon, Long 


Goddard, E., 88, Eagle Street, Greenpoint, 

Hames, Rev. H. P., 507, W. 179th Street, 

New York City. 
Hamilton, Paul E., Douglas Manor, Long 

Heyworth, J. P., 199, Lenox Avenue, New 

York City. 

Woodhead, Miss M., 302, Central Park Hickman, Alfred, 105, West 55th Street, 

West, New York City. New York City. 

Wrench, J., 18, Murray Street, Flushing, Hunton, H., 1022, Michigan Avenue, 

L.I. Evanston. 

Weight, J., 20, S. Washington Street, James, M. H., 162, Hughes Avenue, Buffalo. 

Herkimer. • ! Kettle, E. E., 76, Tracy Street, Buffalo. 

Wyatt, J., c/o F. Evans, Esq., Palace Laycock, G. H., 16, West 102nd Street, 

Theatre Building, Broadway, New York New York. 

City. McIlroy, W., 160, West"231st Street. 

Wyllie, H. S., Naples. 
Young, R., 210, West 44th Street, New 
York City. 

NEW YORK STATE, U.S.A. Section. 

Acker, J. W., 641, Handcock Street, 

Adams, J. G., 49, Fort Greene Place, 

Adamson, Geo., 644, Classon Avenue, 

Aldcom, T., 52, Vanderbilt Avenue. 
Bradley, G. F., 345, New York Avenue, 

Curtis, H. J., 170, Broadway. 
Dennis, J. F., 109, Owases Street, Auburn. 
Farrington, F., 9, Division Street, New 

Fitzgibbon, Charles, The New Jersey 

Asbestos Co., 1, Water Street. 
FitzGibbon, H. S., 1, Water Street, New 

York City. 
Flower, Herbert B., 123, Fulton Avenue, 

Forrest, R., 702, Insurance Building, 

Foster, J., 60, Amity Street, Patchogue. 
Gladstone, J., Box 736, Glen Cove, Long 

Glover, Claude B., 227, Riverside Drive, 

New York City. 

Miles, S. A., 7, East 42nd Street, New York. 
Morecroft, Miss E. M., 557, Allen Street, 

Morgan, Miss L., 28, Union Avenue, 

Mosedale, F. Qj, Buffalo. 
Mott, H. C, 1117 Wall Street. 
Newman, Henry, 688, Third Avenue, New 

York City. 
Pepper, I., 858, Hewitt Place, Bronx. 
Pope, W. M., 36, Milton Street, Geneva, 

New York. 
Price, E. J., 80, Water Street, Ossining, 

New York. 
Rafter, A., 1, Broadway, New York City. 
, Ralph, Miss K., Woodlawn Avenue, 

Saratoga Springs. 
Ralph, Miss M. J., Saratoga, Springs. 
Scott, J., Honolulu Iron Works Co.. 233 

♦Sharp, J. J., c/o Kerr Steamship Co., c/o 

17, Batteiy Place, Room, 1942, New 

York City. 
♦Slazenger, F. T., 12, East, 43 North. 
Sleefe, Charles, 234, West 14th Street, 

New York City. 
Soper, Wm. J., Board of Supervisors, 

Tyner, C. L., 56, Cedar Street, New York. 
Underwood, Henry, P.O. Box 67, Palatine 

Bridge, New York. 
Wrench, J., 441, Broadway, Flushing, L.I. 


Brown, Mrs. R. M., Box 145, West Raleigh. 

Coates, Miss A., 22, Bearden Avenue, Ashe- 

Devenish, D. G., Asheville. 

Dunn, Mrs. E. C, The London Shop, 

♦Gerrans, A. T., c/o J. L. Roper Lumber 
Co., New Berne. 

Gibbs, Miss M„ Swannanoa Hill, Bittmore. 

Grimshawe, T., Five Oaks, Flat Rock. 

Hilton, Rev. G., Morganton. 

Honess, C. H., 54, Patton Avenue, Ashe- 

Kelly, M. H., 12, Market Street, Asheville. 

Mallorie, Mrs. T. P., Flat Rock. 

MoKellae, Mrs. J. K., Dunoon, Flat Rock. 
McKellar, Miss M. M., Dunoon, Flat 

Scott, A. L., Badin. 
Spence, R. M., Hendersonville. 
Thomas, F. W., Rooms 33-34, American 

Natl. Bank Buildings, Asheville. 

NORTH CAROLINA (American Sec- 

Harmer, E. .S, 15, Blake Street, Asheville. 
Holder, W., The Country Club, Wilson. 
♦Holmes, A. L., 64, Merriman Avenue, 




Jamestown.— H.C.S., Rev. J. SsoWMS Bra*field, Grace Church Rectory. 

Akdbbsoh, Johh, North Dakota. NORTH DAKOTA, U.S.A. Section. 

Brayii.i.i', Rev. J. S» H.C.S., Cheneny, 0. St. C., Jamestown. 

ico Chin iry, Jamestown. 

Loughland, W. E., 1!. B., 1. Kay. 


Cincinnati.— H.C.S., E. S. Bird, Box 255, G.P.O., Cincinnati. 

Barnes.Mts. M., Xr. 1581, E. 71 Street, Routledge, A. B., c/o The Morgan Litho- 

X.E. Cleveland. graph Co., Cleveland. 

Biles, George P., 46, The Alexandra, Wal- Anderson-Smith, B., c/o Portage Rubber 

nut Hills, Cincinnati. Co., Akron. 

Bird, E. S., H.C.S., Box 255, G.P.O., Cin- Smith, W. W., 239, Helen Street, Cincinnati, 

cinnati. Thompson, H. (Blymyer Iron Works Co.), 

Brown, Miss M. G., c/o Cleveland Trust Co., Hotel Rand, Cincinnati. 

.eland. i Thompson, Miss, c/o H. Thompson, Esq., 

Clift, G. T., 4028, Clifton Avenue, Cin- 

Copland, G. M., 215, Kenwood Avenue, 

Cottle] Miss I. M., 1873, East 90th Street, 

Cleveland. * Watson, Miss A. L. B., 2088, West 100th 

Dale, C. S., 219, North 4th Street, Coshocton. Street, Cleveland. 

Dawson, D. \V. ( 71>l\ Walnut Street, Watson, W. R., 2133, Alpine Place, Wal- 
Coshocton. nut Hills, Cincinnati. 

Hotel Rand, Cincinnati. 
Trousdell, H., 624, East 99th Street, 

W.voee, C. r., 248, Engineer Building 


Miss E. H., 1980, East 105th Street, 

Wensley, R. S., 13712, Euclid Avenue, 
East Cleveland. 

Whysall, S., Maynard. 

Wrioht, Miss, The Hiram House, Cleve- 

OHIO, U.S.A. Section. 

Adams, W. M., 8119, Melrose Avenue, 

Burrows, Mrs. J. A., 8116, Danbury 

Avenue, Cleveland. 
Ellison, A. D., 1508, East 82nd Street, 

Foot, H. J., Denman Avenue, Coshocton. 
Jones, R. P., 862, Rockefeller Building, Hainsworth, R. B., 4534, Innes Avenue, 

Cleveland. Cincinnati. 

Joplin, W. II., Citizens' Building, Cleve- Hart, F. W., 614, Mercantile Building, 

land. Cincinnati. 

Lintott, E. M., Mansfield Horal Co., Mans- Hart, Mrs. R. B., 614, Mercantile Building, 
field. Cincinnati. 

Francklyn, Miss B., Fern Hale Hotel, 

3250, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. 
Galer, C, 617, East 125 Street, Cleveland. 
Gell, G. F.. 2 -2 15, East 103rd Street, 

Gosling, J. G., Cleveland Trust Co., 

Greaves, G., 7252, Lower River Road, Fern 

Bank, Cincinnati. 
Grose, Mrs. M. G., 38, 12th Avenue, 

Gwyther, L., Houstonia Poultry Farm, 

South Charleston. 
Hopkins, D. B., 509 E. 123rd Street, 

Cli ( ■ 1 tnd. 
Hurst, W. H., 239, East Main Street, New 


Mackay, W., P.O. Box 172, Cincinnati. 

Marshall, C. S., 1623, East 82nd Street. 
Cleveland., E., Duttenhufer Building, Cin- 

Morrison, il. M., Forest City Bank Build- 
ings, Cluvi-land. 

Pike, 1>. O., Xr. 1581, E. 71 Street, N.E., 
Clevi la 

•Pointon, G., Box 568. East Liverpool. 

Ramage, D., 7907, Clarke Avenue, West 
80th Street, Cleveland. 

*Mutton, J., 8116, Danbury Avenue, 

Pearce, Joshia, 1330, Ansel Road, Cleve- 

Thomson, J. H., 8119, Melrose Avenue, 

Thomson, Miss D., 8119 Melrose Avenue, 

Walker, R. I., 11806, Ashbury Avenue, 

Wan-gen, Theo, Coshocton. 

Wise, S. D., 6408, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. 




Shawnee.— H.C.S., A. M. Postlethwaite, 621, N. Beard St, 
Cripe, A. J., 1629, South Baltimore, Tulso. 
Davies, Miss M. F„ 525, Nth, Beard Street, 

Hume, W. D., c/o Dundee Petroleum Co., 

Postlethwaite, A. M., H.C.S., 521, N. 

Beard Street, Shawnee. 
Thomas, G. P., Box 424, Tulso. 

Million, E. C, McAlester. 


Portland.— H.C.S., J. Gillison. 

Baxter, K. K., c/o Oregon Mortgage Co. 

Baxter, Mrs. K. K., 1168, Mallory Avenue, 

Becker, 0. H., Canadian Pacific Railway, 

3rd and Pine Streets, Portland. 
Borthwick, Mrs., 728, Lovejoy Street, 

Casey, Mrs. M. J. K., 381 E. 11th Street, 

N. Portland. 
Constantine, J. H., 810, Board of Trade 

Buildings, Portland. 
Cormack, J., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

Park and Oak Stations, Portland. 
Creasey, Miss G. G„ Multnonial Hospital, 

Dakyns, Miss C. A., R.F.D. 1, Box 88, 

Dakyns, C. S., R.F.D., 1, Box 88, Oswego. 
Dick, J. A., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

Dick, Mrs. J. A., 562, East Ash Street, 

Dickson, J., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

Driver, Mrs. A., 978, Savier Street, Port- 
Eaton, Miss L. G., 706, Flanders Street, 

Enwright, W. J., North Bend, Coos Bay. 
Fichtner, Mrs. G., 688, East 30th Street, 

North, Portland. 
Geddes, G. M., c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

Gibson, Mrs. J. O., Williams Avenue, 

Gillison, J., c/o Messrs. Balfour Guthrie 

& Co., Portland. 
Gray, C. J., 253, M. 22nd Street, Portland. 
Gray, F. S., Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Port- 
t land. 
Gillison, J., Jun., c/o J. Gillison, Esq., 

c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Portland. 
Greaves, C. S., H.C.S., c/o A. Berridge & 

Co., 324, Worcester Building, Portland. 
Hynd, Mrs. R. F., 183, Williams Avenue, 



Lancaster.— H.C.S., Fredk. J. Fredericks, 141, E. King Street. 
Philadelphia.— H.C.S. and O.S. Branch Sec, T. Harold Fox, 3901, Walnut Sti 
Pittsburg.— H.C.S., Organ, Miss I., Box 1756, c/o Hope Natural Gas Co. 

Airston, A. J., 924, South Avenue, Wilkins- Aitkixs, J. W., 141, Ruby Street, Lan- 
burg. ' caster. 

OKLAHOMA, U.S.A. Section. 
Holding, C, Emmanuel Rectory, Shawnee. 

Kenyon, J. C, 310, Marguerita Avenue, 

♦Kerr, A. (Grain Exporter), Portland. 
Kerr, P., Lewis Building, Portland. 
♦Kerr, T., Lewis Building, Portland. 
Lang, Walter, 513, Oregon Building, 

Latta, John, c/o Messrs. Balfour Guthrie 

& Co., Portland. 
Lawrence, G., 80, 86, First Street, Port- 
Leadbetter, Mrs. C. H., 636, East 46th 

Street, North, Portland. 
Lixton, Miss N., Box 685, Portland. 
MacGregor, Master Dtjgald, 613, Kearney 

Street, Portland. 
McIntosh, Mrs. R., 980, Savier Street, 

Marsden, Mrs. P., 986, Savier Street, 

Mills, A. G., c/o Balfour Guthrie & Co., 

Muirden, A. L., Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

Nattullo, D. A., 78, Ravensview Drive, 

Page, Mrs. A. H.,. R.F.D. No. 1, Box 88, 

Reid, Mrs. W„, 1208, East Hoyt Street, 

Selway, F., 27, E. 28th Street, Port- 

Skiff, Mrs. F. W., 503, East 27th Street, 

'North Portland. 
Trant, J. P. (Vice-Consul), Portland. 
Webb, C. E. B., Central Point. 

OREGON, U.S.A. Section. 

Fixdlay, Mrs. A. G., 858, Alameda Drive. 

Hamilton, M. N, Gold Beach. 

Harbolt, Mrs. E., Highland Home, Ash- 

Hughes, Mrs. E. A. H., Gladstone. 

♦Livingstone, R., Oregon Mortgage Co., 
Ltd., Piatt Building, Portland. 


PENNSY1 VANIA tinned. 

Andbew, W'. E., liSIS, Lauriston Street, 

Wissahiokon, Philadelphia. 
Asbwobth, W.. British Inspector Dept., 

Bethlehem Steel I Iton. 

Baker, F. (.Turn-.), 600, Weal Bortter Street, 

i, Philadelphia. 
Bell. 1). \\ 20, Smith Front Street, 

Bellas, .Miss R. A., 1337, South 52nd 

Street. Phila lelphla. 
Benade, Mis. W. H., Bryn Asthyn. 
Boyd, R. E., N.E. Corner, 61st, and Rein- 
hart Sts., Philadelphia. 
Brissitt, T., 1138, South 15th Street, 

Brownlee, T. B.. 1217, Fourth Avenue, 

New Brighton. 
Bcttery, P., junr., 232, Fairview Street, 

E. Allentown. 
Buttery, F. W., 232, Fairview Street, E. 

BR, C. V., 118, S. Fourth Avenue, West 

Ci. vkk b, A., 248, Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, 
Clements, V. M., 208, Greenfield Terrace, 

Coleman, A. C, 813, Magee Building, 

Conway, Jack, 1234, S. Peach Street, 

Crawshaw, H., Villa Stocker, Luzern. 
Crowhurst, H. A., 7, Leader Apartments, 

336, South Main U'ilkesbarre. 

Cruikshank, J. W\, 1206, Hartje Building, 


(bert, F., "Box 4." P.O. Bethlehem. 
De Rose, C. W., 43, South 14th Street, 

Dixon, W. J. A., 8036, Orispind Street, 

I I'll hi 'sburg, Philadelphia. 
Donnelly, A. X., 305 Holland, Street, 

Dransfield, A., 100, Mansion Place, Forty 

*I)vkk. T. A. Stewart, 1310, Pine Street, 

Philadel | 
Etiieridoe, H., 738, North 2nd Street, 

R ling. 
Farthing, H. G.. 248, 4th Avenue, Pitts- 
Fox, T. A., 3901, Walnut Street, Phila- 
Fox, T. H., H.C.S., 3001, Walnut Street, 


I'. •!.. H.C.S.. 141, E. King 

Freemvntlk, <;. J., 1219, Sth. 58th Street, 

Gibson, W., 1517, Farmers Bank Building, 

GorjtMK. J., 516, Berger Building, Pitts- 

Grt:i:v, G. J., 146, North Michael Street, St. 

Hall, AbuaH, Cherry Cottage, R.F.D., No. 1. 

Hand, W. B.. 2829, Maple Avenue, Altoona. 

Hannan. C "I"... 812a, Magee Building, 4th 
Avenue, Pittsburgh, 

Harris, Miss ML, c/o Mrs. Scalon, 3101, 
Jane Street, S.S., Piti burgh. 

Hawks, E., 2417, North 8th Street, Phila- 
II i.f.rson. Miss R.. 22.'i, North 31th 
Street, Philadelp 

Henry, D. T., 929, f'hestnut Street, Phila- 

Hebbon, F. W., 546 North 12th Street, 

HuTcniNGS, Mrs. E. M., 243, Queen Lane, 
Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Hutchinson, Miss B. M., The Misses Sip- 
ley's School, Bryn Mawr. 

Irvim:. E.,15, Spruce Street, Bethlehem. 

John, W. M., P.O. Box 6, Bethlehem. 

Jones, Miss F. W., Box 4312, Chestnut 
Hill, Philadelphia. 

Jordon, J. W., c/o Dr. Lewis, Paoli. 

Kilby. Miss F., 2003, De Lancey Place, 

KlNBOCH, HENRY E., Parnassus. 

Kitson, Miss M., Chestnut Hill. 

Lander, T. C, 1015, Duncannon Avenue, 
Logan, Philadelphia. 

Lawson-Roland, R., 327, Hyler Street, 

Losada, Miss C. A., M.D., 4035, Parrish 
Street, Philadelphia. 

Love. W., 13, X. Main Street, Bethlehem. 

LuPT" . Mrs. E., Broadway, East Mc- 

Lupton, H., Easl McKeesport. 

Mackenzie, Miss Mac (.'., Doylestown. 

oll, Robert Boyd. Eddystone Muni- 
tions Co., Eddystone. 

MoDonogh, M. F., c/o Arts Club, Phila- 

M< Kili.op, W., 238, Baldwin Street, Hays. 

M< Lellah, P. C, Lawrence Club, Erie. 

Maxwell, Mrs. I. E., Jenkintown. 

Miller, R. G., 239, South Highland 
Avenue, Pittsburgh. 

I kry, L. L., 4108, Parkside Avenue, 

Moore, Miss E., 4848, 5th Avenue, East 
End, Pittsburgh. 

Notlet, R. H.. 9361, Chew Street, Allen- 

Organ. Miss I., H.C.S.. Box 1756, c/o Hope 
in ,1 Ga a Co., Pit tsburg. 

Poole, B. W. H., c/o Franklin'Stamp Co., 
1075, Real Estate Trust Building, 

a, A. H., Moylan, Rose Valley, Penn- 

Porter, E. A. G., Dalconisk. Rose Valley, 

Powell, W., H.B.M.'a Consul-General, 
British Consulate, Philadelphi 

. Kdgar, 6070, Reinhart Streel 

Proctor, J. E.. c n J. A. McCarthy, Esq., 
Lafayette Buildings, Philadelphia. 

♦Raog, H. H., 18, Letitia Street, Phila- 

Raxston, J. M„ 721, X. Maple 



PENNSYLVANIA— continued. 

Roger, Miss J. R., Poplar House, St. | Watkins, Miss S., 2209, North 29th Street, 

Davids. Philadelphia. 

Rowland, R. L., 228, Park Road, Etna. i Websteb, Miss S., 267, South Franklin 
Ryan, Sir J. J., c/o M. F. McDonogh, Arts \ Street, Wilkesbarre. 

Club, Philadelphia. Wheeler, Miss L. D., 1414, Pine Street, 

Severs, Mrs. M. A., Pine Tree Road, Philadelphia. 

Rodney. Whitehead, W., The Academy.Brvn Athyn. 

Shank, C. E., 800, Magee Building, 4th Yeabsley, R. W., 6070, \Ridge" Avenue, 

Avenue, Pittsburgh. 

Shaw, S. J., 122 North 1st Avenue, Beth- 

Smith, Miss J. T„ Greenwood Avenue, 
Wyncote, Box 51. 

Snow, Miss D. M., 1307, Union Bank Build- 
ings, Pittsburgh, i Johnston, G. R. C, 371, Drexel Building, 

Stavell, T. D., 821, Cherry Street, Penn- , Philadelphia. 

eylvania. Kull, Mrs. C. L., Pitcairn. 

Stewart, R. G., 202, 3rd Street, Jeaunette. j McMahon, A. J., The Penn. Mutual Life 

Yeadon, Miss C, 223 North 34th Street, 
West Philadelphia. 


Sturge, Edgar, 1200, Providence Road, 

- Serauton. 
Swimmings, E. A., 12, South Centre Street, 

Toy, A., 424, East North Street, Bethlehem. 
Watkins, Miss E., Chestnut Avenue, 

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

Insurance Co., Philadelphia. 

Nisbet, W., 506, Stanton Street, Greens- 

Owsley, J. C, Sharon. 

Tibbetts, L., 1699, North 56th Street, 


Greystone.— H.C.S., H. A. Barker, Box 162, 
Newport.— H.C.S., Andrew B. Meiexe, Ruggles Avenue. 
Pawtucket.— H.C.S., Mrs. T. W. Howard, 103, Prospect Street. 

Adams, Miss A. A., 55, High Street, Bristol. I Phinney, Mrs. R., 18, Summit Street, East 
Adams, Mrs. M. A., 55, High Street, Bristol. Providence. 

Balchin, Wm., c/o C. B. Judge, Esq., 
Webster Street, Newport. 

Barraclough, H., P.O., Greystone. 

Betts, Miss B. F., c/o H. W. Sharpe, 
Esq., Overton House, 87, Prospect 
Street, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Biggs, E., 201, Sterling Avenue, Providence. 

Biggs, T., 201, Sterling Avenue, Providence. 

Cliff, Mrs. E., 275, Morris Avenue, Pro- 

Counsel, Samuel, 207, Meshanie Street, 
Westerly, R.I. 

Duckworth, Riley, 111, Prospect Strpet, 

Eagan, G., James Street, E. Prov. 

Fudge, Mrs. S., 12, Benevolent Street, 
Providence, Rhode Island. 

Halls, Miss E., Fairlawn, Newport. 

Hardcastle, E., 9, St. Mary Road, Grey- 

HrNDLE, S., 58, Yale Avenue, Providence. 

Howard, Mrs. T. W., H.C.S., 103, Prospect 
Street, Pawtucket. 

Knott, J., R.F.D., 152, Olneyville. 

Knott, Miss M. C. 6, East Street, Provi- Briggs, J., 18, Pine Hill Avenue, Johnston . 

Ritter, G., c/o Mrs. M. C. Knott, 17, Mary 
Avenue, E. Prov. 

Robinson, Miss N., 9, Blackstone Court, 

Sladen, A. L., 8, Beckside Road, Grey- 

Taylor, Alfred, 794, Smithfield Avenue, 

Thompson, F., Ocean View, Bellevue, E. 

Trow, Miss Jane, Narra Avenue, Newport. 

Turner, William, 9, Pond Avenue, Sayles- 

♦Ward, A., P.O. Box 45, Greystone. 

Williams, Miss M. H., Box 31, 19, Scott 
Road, Ashton. 

RHODE ISLAND, U.S.A. Section. 

Ackroyd, L„ 11, St. Mary's Road, Grey- 

Andrews, Mrs. G., 19, Catherine Street, 

Barker, H. A., H.C.S., Box 162, Greystone. 


Lockhead, Miss A., Narragausett Pier. 
Meikle, A. B., H.C.S., Ruggles Avenue, 

Naker, R. J., 75, Westminster Street, 


Cooper, J. T., 1157, Smithfield Avenue, 

Denby, W., High Service Avenue, N. 

Evans, T., 12, Humboldt Avenue, Provi- 


Ormerod, Jonathan, 80, Camp Street, Fothergill, J., Box 277, Greystone. 
Providence. I Kerslake, G. H., Greystone. , 

Parker, J., P.O. Box 343, Greystone. ! Lewis, J., 305, Charles Street, Providence 



Taylor, J. S., Box 212, Greystone. 

Thornton, W., 14, Becksido Road, Grey- 

Wilkinson, Robert, Warren Street, Sayles- 


D, W., 10, Langberrioa Wenue, Grcy- 

Rowley, T. X., Box 127, Centredale. 

Smith, H., Box 43, Greystone. 

Starr, A. E., Box 93, Greystone. 

Taylor. Herbert, Warren Street, Sayles- 


Brown, E. A., 134, East Bay Street, I Clark, R., Hartsville. 

Charleston. I Roach, J. C, 133. Coming Street, Charleston, 


Jones, Bertram, 506, S. Spring Avenue, SOUTH DAKOTA, U.S.A. Section. 

Sioux Falls. Bennett, Miss G., Pierre. 

Mearns, W. Y., Forestbury. > Gabrett, E. J., Okobojo. 

Garrett, Mrs. E. J., Okobojo. 


Memphis.— H.C.S., J. S. Bollard, 601, Falls Buildings. 
Nashville.— H.C.S., Gilbert Little, Atlas Paint Company. 
Rutherford. — H.C.S-, Richard Nethercott. 

•Beck, A. R., 71, Madison Avenue, Memphis. 

•Beley, J. M., 11, North Front Street, 

♦Bollard, J., 601, Falls Building, Memphis. 

•Bollard, J. S., H.C.S., 601, Falls Build- 
ings, Memphis. 

•Bollard, Mrs. J. S., 601, Falls Buildings, 

Clarke, G. H., University of Tennessee 

•Coate, R. S., Coate Bros., Memphis. 

Collorbon, Rev. C. W., University of the 
South. Sewanee. 

Duncan, T. S. (Ph.D.), University of the 
South, Sewanee. 

Embury, C, 75, Union Avenue, Memphis 

Embury, J. H., 75, Union Avenue, Mem- 

Fost, G. S., P.O. Box 1081, c/o Coate Bros., 

•Gardner, F. D., 1540, Union Avenue, 

Harrison, J., 250, North Waldran Building, 

Harvey, J. A., 29, S. Bellevue Building, 

Hunt, J. F., Rural Route 10, Nashville. 

Jones, C, The National Home, Johnson 

Little, G., H.C.S., Atlas Paint Co., Nash- 

Nethercott, R., H.C.S., Rutherford. 

Newton, S., Oolotewah. 

Papworth, W. L., American Car and 
Foundry Co., Memphis. 

Reynell, C. H., 1015, Falls Building, 

•Richardson, W., P.O.Box 1041, Memphis. 

Rochester, Rev. A. A., 154, 5th Avenue 
North, Nashville. 

Smith, A. V., Raleigh. 

Thomas, A. W., M.D., P.O. Box 191, 

Turner, T. J., 212, North McLean Boule- 
vard, Memphis. 

•Wathen, G. W., 29, South Bellevue Build- 
ing, Memphis. 

Whitney, W. A., 1083, James Street, 

Williams, The Rev. W. W., 1374, College 
Street, Memphis. 

TENNESSEE, U.S.A. Section. 
Bensted, B. T., Rugby. 
Lynes. R., Apartment C, 76. N. Watkins, 

Lynes, Mrs. R., Apartment C, 76, N. 

Watkins, Memphis. 


Fort Worth.— H.C.S., W '. J. Mabsh, Box 1004. 

Galveston.— Branch Sec, D. U'arrineb, o/o Elder, Dempster & Co. 

Hillsboro'. -H.C.S., R. B. Kay. 

Meridan.— H.C.S.. P. M. Higoins. 

Paris.— H.C.S., W. E. Ajtlkck, Corner Clarksville and Magnolia Streets. 

Port Arthur. H.C.S., Sydney C. Collin, P.O. Box 356. 

San Antonio.— H.C.S., P.obert Reid Russei.l. 335, Woodlawn Avenue. 

•Affleck, W. E., H.C. S., Corner Clarkes- 
ville and Magnolia Streets, Paris. 

Aitchison, S. F., Olmos Ranche, Eagle 

Anderson T. J., Galveston. 

Anderson, T. R., 311, Jessamine Street, 

Fort Worth. 
Barnes, S. W., British Vioe Consul, 

Bishop, J. C, Saratoga. 



TEXAS— continued. 

Burton, G. A., 2909, Richardson Street, 5th 

Ward, Houston. 
Byrne, J., 6th Avenue, Port Arthur. 
Cairns, G. D., 408, Texas Street. El Paso. 
♦Chambers, J. P., c/o Messrs. Bushby Bros., 

Cleatoe, X., 2915. Avenue 0J, Galveston. 
♦Cleaver, A. A., Dallas. 
♦Collie, A. D., Dallas. 
Collin, S. C, H.C.S., P.O. Box 356, Port 

Cordon, P. H., Galveston. 
Currie, J. G., 2103J Strand, Galveston. 
Dunn, T., El Paso, P.O. Box 37. 
Fraser, C, 612, N. Oregon Street, El Paso. 
Ferris, A. P., P.O. Box" 867. Port Arthur. 
Flaxagen, C. S., Port Arthur. 
Ftson, G., 312, De Queen Bvd., Port 

Gallsworthy, B., P.O. Box- 791, Port 

Gill, M., 212, Cotton Exchange, Dallas. 
Gordon, G. H., Junction, Kimble Co. 
Gordon, Mrs. L., Junction, Kimble Co. 
Germaine-Griffith, A. L., Galveston. 
Germaine-Griffith, Mrs. E., Galveston. 
Green, E. F., 1204, Travis Avenue, Fort 

Gymer, G. H., Galveston. 
Halliday, J. H., Waxahachie. 
Head, Pte. Kenneth, Battery " B.," 120, 

Field Artillerv, Camp McArthur, Waco. 
HeriveL, H. N.," 1024, East Missouri, El 

Higgixs. Dr. G. H., 1015, N. Florence St., 

El Paso. 
Hirsch, R., Paris. 
Hodson, J. D., Galveston. 
Higgins, F. M., H.C.S., P.O. Meridan. 
Hunt, P. W., 1420, Jennings Avenue, Fort 

Hunt, Mrs. P. W., 1420, Jennings Avenue, 

Fort Worth. 
Jackson, S. J., Cotton Exchange, Galveston. 
Kay, Fv. H., H.C.S., Hillsboro, Hill County. 
Kelly, H., Box 330, Beaumont. 
*Kenneby, J., c/o Bushby Bros., Travis 

Street, Houston. 
Levy ; H. L., Box 1120, El Paso. 
Ludlow, A.. Box 976. Austin. 
Mackay, D., Box 1113, Fort Worth. 
Mackay, Mrs. J., Box 1113, Forth Worth. 
Macluckie, J. W., 601, North Oregon 

Street, El Paso. 
MacmahOn', A. G.. 1307, South- Western Life- 
Building, 1506. Main Street, Dallas. 
McEwan, F. G., Port Arthur. 
McVitie, Norman, Galveston. 
McVitie, Wm. A., Galveston. 
Marsh, J. E., 122, Galveston Avenue, Fort 

Marsh, W. J., H.C.S., Box 1004, Fort Worth. 
Marshall, C, c/o A. E. Rowlands, Esq., 

r.O. Box 702, E\ Paso. 
Maktyn, T. W., Butler Flats, Flannin 

Street, Houston. 
Matton. JI. E., Room 407, Santa Fe 

Building, Galveston. 

tgomery, R. E., P.O. Box 356, Fort 
Moore, Miss M., c/o Mrs. P. E. Harding, 

Sunset Avenue. Fort Worth. r~ 
Munro, A., 1108, Mills Building, El Paso. 
♦Newing, E. F., Galveston. 
Nickson, G. J., Cotton Exchange, Galveston. 
Ogston, A. J., British Consulate, Galveston. 
Ogston, Mrs. L. V., British Consulate,. 

Phillips, W. D., P.O. Box 892, Beaumont. 
Pcrcell. Mrs. James, c/o Groos Bank, San 

Purcei.l, James W., c/o Groos Bank, San 

Rawlins, P. L., P.O. Box 505, Beaumont. ' 
Ray, Augustus, Route 2, 4, Victoria 

Roberts, S. R., 1409, Leeland Avenue, 

Rose, F. W., c/o Southern Products Co., 

Rowlands, A. E., H.C.S., P.O. Box 702, El 

Rule. F. G., British Vice-Consulate. Port 

Russell, R. R., H.C.S., 335, Woodlawn 

Ave., San Antonio. 
Schofield. G. W., P.O. Box 548, Beaumont. 
Seddox, F. W. (Lieut. R.N.R.), British 

Consulate, Galveston. 
Smith, L. H., Hotel Alamo, 314i S. El Paso 

Street. .El Paso. 
Spence, Mrs. J. R., P.O. Box 102, Palestine. 
Stephens, L. A., P.O. Box 126, Albany, 

Shackleford Co 
Stephens, W. H., Box 128, Albany. 
Stone, E. E., Dickinson, Galveston County. / 
Stott, J. E., Box 133, Beaumont. 
Sutherland, W., 5316, Harrisburg Road, 

♦Taylor, Eustace, Galveston. 
Timmis, R., Gainesville. 
Vincent, H. B., Gen. Dely. Post Office, 

Wa'rren, J., Port Arthur. 
Warriner, D,, H.C S., Moody Building, 

Williams, F. N., 1066, Sabine Pass 

Airum, Beaumont. 
Williams, J. K., No. 900, Sabine Pass 

Airum. Beaumont. 
Williams P., P.O. Box 892, Beaumont, 
Wilson, C. W., 2100, Sanger Avenue, 

Young. C. E., Box 621, Port Arthur. 

TEXAS, U.S.A. Section. 

Baker, F., 303, 14th Street, Port Arthur. 
Bkyeeiuge, J. L., Galveston. 
BuCBXEE, C. P., Pampa, Gray County. 
Calloott, Frank, c/o G. H. Callcott, Esq., 

1210, S. 2nd Street, Corpus Christi. 
Cohen, R. I., Galveston. 
Christian, W. S., Galveston. 
Dunstan, C. E., 703, Lake Shere Drive, 
Port Arthur. 



TEXAS continued. 

Elwell, L. .S., Oakville. 
Fox, <;. \\ .. II".. 

next. W.. R.F.D. 5, Box 100, Austin. 
Goudgi . E., I ton. 

: n ii. A. .1. <;., Galveston. 
lloiT, Ai.rKF.i), Galveston. 
Kelley, C, P.O. Box 330, Beaumont. 
Km;, II. II.. Galveston. 
Kirsovp, \\\, Houston. 
Lamb, T. J., 239, Bov. t, Beaumont. 

i. VNGBEN. J. Jl. on. 

.Montgomery, I). S., Galveston. 

1'aierson, Andrew, Junction. 
I'ii 1 1. 1. irs, Ben, Galvi 
Rice, T., Port Arthur. 

\., o/o Messrs. Newton, 
Weller and \. inner S1 

a Antonio. 
Timmis, R. T., Gainsville. 

. Wu.n k, Gainst ill.-. 
iiixer, G. E., Moodj Building, Galve- 
Watson, P., Telegraph. 
Webster, A. T., Galveston. 
Wilson, H. E., Gainesville. 


Garfield.— H.C.S., R. M. Robertson, Utah Copper Co. (Arthur Plant), Garfield Salt Lake 

Salt Lake City.— H.C.S., Herbert J. Mahon, University Club. 

Davies, A., c/o National Copper Bank, Salt 

Lake City. 
Dayer, P. W., 7, Miller Apts., 48, W. X. 

Temple, Salt Lake City. 
Halladay, S. C, Box 240," Magna, Garfield. 
Mahon, H. J., H.C.S., University Club, 

Salt -Lake City. 
Morris, J. J., c/o McCorniek & Co., Salt 

Lake City. 
♦Northey, T. J., Mohrland. 
Poole, S. S., Woods Cross, Salt Lake City. 
Roberts, W. M., Alta Club, Bingham 



Woodstock. — H.C.S., Rev. Lawrence Amor, St. James's Rectory. 

Amor, Rev. L., H.C.S., St. James' Rectory. I Morris, Dr. F. W., St. Albans. 

Cole, R., Shelburne House, Shelburne. Turner, Miss Josephine, Shelburne House, 

Lowe, J. H., Fair View, Wells River. Shelburne. 

Robertson, R. M., H.C.S.. Utah' Copper 

Co., Garfield Salt Lake Co. 
Tyler, Mrs. I., 134, U. Street, Salt Lake 

1 ity. 
Tyler, W., 134, U. Street, Salt Lake City. 

UTAH, U.S.A. Section. 

Cranfield, G. A., 1481, S. 10, E. Street, 

Salt Lake City. 
Hammond, W. R., 55, West Broadway, Salt 
Lake City. 


Charlottesville (Albemarle Branch). — I. Corbet, Redland Club. 

Norfolk.— H.C.S., W. B. Trbdwell, 200, Citizens Bank Building. 

Parkersburg.— H.C.S., W. M. Smith, First National Bank. 

Richmond. — Branch Sec, Ivan Maltby, P.O. Box 1414. 

•Baker, A. S., Hotel Fairfax, Norfolk. Crowoey, R. H., Tremougk, Wythcville. 

Bardoett. E., Harpersville, Warwick Co. 

BaBKSB, E. R., Warnnton. 

Barrett, E. R., Green hier Hotel, White 

Sulphur .Springs. 
Beqg, Mrs. J. E., Tucker House, Williams- 

Buroess, Miss Joan, Oatlands House, Oat- 
Capertox, Mrs. C. 1:., 1510, W. Avenue, 

Caulfield, H. P.,316, 35th Street, Norfolk. 

Day, W. H., 913, West Franklin Street, 

Drake, W. J. E., Station Master. 
Eaoleton, 11. A., British Naval Consulate, 

Else, Miss M. F., 913, West Franklin Street, 

, K. E., c/o W. du Pont, Montpelicr 

Station, Orange Co. 
Hiu.. Miss II. E., G15, North 8th Street, 


Chambers, Mrs. W. E., Great Falls Street, IIili.ier, Miss E. I., " Rocklands," Gordons- 

Falls Church. 
Cheape, J. A., Charlottesville. 

isnv. James, 2615, ireet, 


bett, W. Julian, Charlottesville. 
Craven, A. S. W., " Roekluud.s," Gordons- 




Hr/DSON, 1. M., The Chesterfield, Rich- 

Hutchinson, G. M., c/o M. I. Hessberg & 
Son, 1100, E. Gary .St., Richmond. 

Jardine, Mrs. A., Rokeby, Upperville. 

Jardine, W., Rokeby, Upperville. 




VIRGINIA— continued. 
Johnson, S., Box 682, Parkersburg. 
Kennedy, J. L., S.E. Corner, Boulevard 

and Floyd Avenue, Richmond. 
Kenwobthy, C. E., British Vice-Consulate, 

Newport News. 
Lea, R., c/o Montrose Fruit Co., Lyn'ch- 

Lefeoy, Mrs. J. Arthur, 916, Park Avenue, 

Love, A., Norfolk. 
Lowry, W. H., 1101, West Main Street, 

Maclachlan, Rev. H. D. C, 7th Street, 

Christian Church, Richmond. 
♦Maltby, I., Imperial Tobacco Co., Rich- 
*Maltby, Mrs. L, The Chesterfield, Rich- 

Marshall, Dr. H., R.F.D. 2, Ivy Depot. 
Marshall, Lieut. F. H. (R.X.R.), British 

Naval Intelligence Office, Norfolk. 
Marshall, G., Morrison, Warwick County. 
Mittell, R. W., British Vice Consulate, 

Powell, F. C, General Delivery, Newport 

Reads, Willoughby, c/o Episcopal High 

School, Alexandria. 

Reid. A. E. r 3106, Floyd Avenue, Rich- 
Richards, J. T., Byrdton, Northumberland 

Ripley, A. P., Atlantic Varnish Works, 

Rogers, S., c/o Life Insurance Co. of 

Virginia, Richmond. 
Scrutton, E. T., 600, 3rd Avenue, Highland 

Park, Richmond. 
Smith, W. M., H.C.S., First National Bank, 

Tredwell, W. B., H.C.S., 200, Citizens' 

Bank Bldg., Norfolk. 
Trevvett, G. E., R.J.D. No. 2, Alexandra. 
Tbevvett, Miss M. M., Glen Allen. 
Tyson, J., Montpelier Station, Orange Co. 
Walton, A. D. W„ Roanoke. 
Williams, G. T., Rockhill, Casanova, 

Fauquier County. 
Wolstenholmb, Miss M. E., Ellerson. 


Kent. G. E., P.O. Box 169, Parkersburg. 
Smith, W. M., 1727, Spring Street, Parkers- 

Whately, Walter, Crozel. 


Aberdeen.— H.C.S., T. M. Watt Copland, 212, First Avenue (British Vice-Consul). 

Port Blakeley.— H.C.S., J. Herbert Preston, Port Blakeley Mill Co. 

Everett.— H.C.S., R. P. Wood, 3116, Norton Avenue. 

Seattle.— Branch Sec, Mrs. Westaway, Over-Seas Club, c/o Moose Building, Seneca Street. 

Tacoma.— H.C.S., H. J. Bremner, Box 1627, or c/o Balfour, Guthrie & Co. 

E. J., 624, Tacoma Building, 

Ackers, W., 5624, North 61st Street, 

Adams, E. J., Box 1137, Tacoma. 
Agassiz, C. E. L., 825, National Realty 

Building, Tacoma. 
Allison, J., P.O. Box 1053, Penton. 
Andrsw, F. A., B. 12, Smith Building, 

Andrews, Capt. W. F., c/o International 

Stevedoring Co., Tacoma. 
Angus,. Miss E. G., 3420, Cascadia Avenue, 

Antill, C. W., 4406, Greenwood Avenue, 

Archib, H., 1008, Main Street. 
Arkley, G. Mc. D., 815, No. C. St., Tacoma. 
•Abkley, J. R., 602, North " E." Street, 

Arklry, R., c/o St. Paul and Tacoma. 

Lumber Co., Tacoma. 
Arnold, W. J., 210, Crockett Street.Seattle. 
Arnold, Mrs. W. J., 210, Crockett Street, 

Arrowsmith, F., Sunnyside. 
Austin, Mrs. J. N., 1117, W. Blain Street, 

Bain, Peter, Hotel May, Westlake Avenue 

Barnes, Dan, 706J, East Pine Street, 



Barton, Mrs. M., Dixie House Boat, Foot of 

Superior Street, Seattle. 
Beaton, Mrs. 0., 107, 1st Avenue, Seattle. 
Bigelow, A., 2210, E. Pike Street, 

Blake, R. C, 1123-3rd Avenue, Seattle. 
Booker, J. J., 4616, North Mullen Street, 

Borm, H. A., 905, Olympic Way, Seattle. 
Bowden, E. A., 626, Federal Avenue, 

Bowers, Mrs. J., 5817, 18th Avenue South, 

Bowsher, G. E., 604, So. Jay Street, 

Boyle, C, c/o 0. S. Restorer, Charleston, 

Brabrook, Miss Carolina, 617-22nd 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Bbamley, S., c/o S.S. " Restorer," Charles- 
Bbemneb, H. J..H.C.S., Box 1627, Tacoma. 
Broom, G., Pier 8, Seattle. 
Burton, J. R., Lake Bay. 
Buckton, H., c/o " Over-Seas " Club, 

Buckton, W. C, c/o " Over-Seas " Club, 




WASHINGTON— continued. 
Bushell, E., 3901, Ferdinand Street, 

Bctress, C. L., 509, E. Olivo Street, Seattle. 
Byron. G. L., 001, Central Building, Seattle. 
Campbell, L. N. B., P.O. Box 467, Taooma. 
Cameron. J. A.. Fairfield Eotel, Beattle, 
Canlv, Wm., c/o The I is Club, 2010, 

Westlake Avenue, Seattle. 
Carkeek, Mrs. M. J., 918, Boren Avenue, 

Carrer, Mrs. L., 109, 21st Avenue, Seattle. 
Chapman, Mrs. Maeqabbt, 1572, Boylston 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Chapman, W. H., 1572, Boylston Avenue, 

Chesworth, F., Providence Hospital, 

Chovil, F. W., c/o Coast Trading Co., 

Christian, C. K., 509, E. Olive Street, 

Churchill, E. G., Hoquiam. 
Clarke, W., o/o Park Drug Store, Tacoma. 
Clements, Miss P. M„ 1626, 13th Avenue, 

Coddlngton, A., 2510, X. 40th Street, 

Coddington, Mrs. A., 2510, N. 40th Street, 

Coddlngton, Rupert D., H.M.S. " Rain- 
bow," Esquimalt, B.C., Canada. 
Coffin, X. H., 1910, Pike Street, Seattle. 
Cole, James, 2910, Dearborn Street. 
Colley, Miss M., 2716, E. Roy Street, 

Seat t If. 
Combe, Basil D., c/o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston, Washington. 
Copland, Watt, T. M., H.C.S., 212, First 

Costello, M. J., c/o Great Xorthern Rail- 
way Co., Seattle. 
Cowell, F. C, c/o A. H. Sinclair, Esq., 

R.D. 1 Xaches. 
Cromwell, Mrs. A., 509, E. Olive Street, 

Cubbon, J., 1203, Yesler Way, Seattle. 
Dale, Mrs. A. M., 2308, East Cherry Street, 

Dalton, S. E., Hotel Loring, Seattle. 
Dawson, A. J., Tacoma Smelting Co., 

De Ulrich, B. T. G., 204, Harvard Avenue 

N., Seat 
Dewitt, Miss, 905, 12th Avenue N., Seattle. 
Dick, Miss A. M., c/o Mrs. A. Hall, 519, 18, 

Avenue X., Seattle. 
Diemert, J. F., 1520, 2nd Avenue, Seattle. 
Douglas, Mrs. H., 939, N. 82nd Street, 

Dow, D., 324, Minor X., Seattle. 
Dbage, R. H., R.F.D., 5, Seattle. 
Dudley, 8. V., 1632, 4th Avenue, Seattle. 
English, G., 2408, Western Avenue, 

Everett, William E., 712, Belmont Place, 

Ewino, George, Lansdale Hotel, Seattle. 
Faibes, D. H., Port Angeles. 

Faurell, Thomas, 1515, Boren Avenue, 

Fin ley, Miss Marion M. H., 400, W. High- 
land Drive, Seattle. 

Fisher, Mrs. M. A., 608, South Ainsworth, 

Fitz-Mathew, Dr. J., East Sound, San Juan 

Fletcher, Mrs. Ellen, 208, 15th Avenue 
N., Seattl.. 

Frazer, A. E., 708, Leary Building, Seattle. 

Fry, A. E., c/o C. S. Restorer, Charleston, 

Gibbons, A. H., 948, 29th Avenue, Seattle. 

Gibson, G., 533, Xorth Broadway, Seattle. 

Glendenning, A. F., Box 523, Georgetown 


Goodier, J. A., 433, Bellevue Xorth, 

Goodln, H., 812, East 67th Street, Seattle. 

Graham, F. W., c/o Great Xorthern Rly. 
Co., Seattle. 

Grant, G. A., 1321, 3rd Avenue, Seattle. 

Grant, Miss L. G., 204, Harvard Avenue 
X., Seattle. 

Gray, J., Xorthern Pacific Hospital, 

Gregson, Mrs. L. V., 922, Davis Place, 

Gulliford, X. L., 737, Summit Avenue, 
North Seattle. 

Hall, H. H„ Waldorf Hotel, Seattle. 

Harnew, W. Wales, Renton Mine. Ren- 

Harris, J. D., 2001, 2nd Avenue, Seattle. 

Harris, Mrs. J. D., 2001, 2nd Avenue, 

Hart, F. E„ 4314, Xorth Mullen Street, 

Hartze, Lawrence, 3 CHS Terrace, Alki, 

Hatton, L. G , 909, James Street, Seattle. 

Hawker, Miss A., 524, Xorth 87th Street, 

Heathcote, R. L., Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Seattle. 

Heluwell, Mrs. A. J., 125, Boren Avenue, 
X., Seattle. 

Herbbst, Robert, c/o Fraser Paterson, 

Heywood, Mrs. J. M., 1821 i, Federal 
Avenue, Seattle. 

Hiciiens, K. X., South Bellingham. , 

Higgins, Miss C, 217, 23rd X„ Seattle. 

Hills, Miss L. B., 1603, Everett Avenue, 

Hittman, Mrs. Clarice, 509, E. Olivo 
Street, Seattle. 

Hittman, Horace E., 509, E. Olive Street, 

Hodgson, Mrs. M., 1466, Logan Avenue, 
Knd of Garfield Bridge, Seattle. 

Hogg, Miss B. Thallon, Box 621, Belling- 

Hougbson, E. W., 414, Collins Building, 

:U!< . 

Hoult, W. H., East Sound, San Juan 

o 2 



WASHINGTON— continued. 
Hughes, L., 2301, Easy Denny Way, 

Hutchison, E. H., Mutual Life Building, 

Hyxand, Ivan L., Lowman Building, 

Irish, Frank, 1825, 9th Avenue, Seattle. 
Irving, Miss Jessie A., 1410, Seneca Street, 

Jackson, S. M., Tacoma. 
James, Dr. C, Fidelity Building, Tacoma. 
James, Miss E., 8316, 14th North West, 

James, J. C, Port Gamble. 
James, W. L., 829, N. 60th Street, Seattle. 
Jeremy, C, Port Gamble. 
Jones, David, c/o J. D. Trehearne, 1301, 

Lucille Street, Seattle. 
Jones, Edward V., 1640, 20th Avenue, 

Jones, L. J. .W, R.F.D., No. 1, So. Tacoma. 
Jupp, Francis M., c/o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston, Washington. 
Keith, W;. S.,7470, Corliss Avenue, Seattle. 
Kennedy, W., 4410, North Vischer Street, 

Kerr, W., 416, 6th Street, North West, 

Kimball, W. A., c/o Great Northern Ely. 

Co., Seattle. 
Kirk, W. H., 1727, Summit Avenue, 

Kutcher, A. C, 1727, Summit Avenue, 

Lafferty, Thomas, 1134, 15th Avenue, N., 

Lampman, Mrs. L., 2716, East Roy, Seattle. 
Large, E. W. H., P.O. Box, 1248, Yakima. 
Larne, Charles H., 229, Union Street, 

Layers, Mrs. H. E., 1925, Queen Anne 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Law, A. E., Bonneville Hotel, Tacoma. 
Le Marquand, Capt. G. J., Bay City. 
Lewin, Walter, 4526, 52 Avenue, S.W., 

West Seattle. 
Lewis, G., 105, Corner Market, Seattle. 
Loper, G. W., Spokane. 
Lowe, A., Box 74, A. Route 1, South 

Lyon, J. F., National Realty Building, 

MacBean, Miss M., 907, Terry Avenue, 

MacDonald, K. s c/o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston. Washington. 
MacDonald, R. S., 2112, 7th Avenue, 

MacGregor, Hugh, 609, Cherry Street, 

MacLean, Miss Jessie, 522, Union Street, 

MacLean, P. B., 301, North L. Street, 

Macneil, R. L., The Wyoming, Washing- 

McCormick, C. P., 330, Burke Building, 

McDonald, Alex., r./o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston, Washington. 
McEwan, John, Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Seattle. 
Macgillivray, Mies S. E., Hotel Fairfield, 

McKay, Dr. A., c/o Over-Seas Club, 2010, 

Westlake Avenue, Seattle. 
McKay, Mrs. M., c/o Over-Seas. Club, 2010, 

Westlake Avenue, Seattle. 
McKee, John, 108, Jackson Street, Seattle. 
McKenzie, Mrs. F., 117, Roy Street, Seattle. 
McKinnon, J., Sunnyside. 
Mading, W. C, 1932, Queen Anne, Seattle. 
Mearns, T. W., 2118, Arch Avenue, Seattle. 
Mercer, E. L., Box 3, Denison. 
Metcalf, Mrs. D. J. W , 1402, Marion 

Street, Seattle. 
Metcalf, H., 1402, Marion Street, Seattle. 
Metcalf, Francis C, 4th Pitt Hospital, 

C.E.F., Chatham, England. 
Molineux, W. S., Seattle P.O. Dept., 

Monday, Mrs. L., 555, E. 81st Street, 

Moore, E. J., Sunnyside. 
Morgan, Rev. S. H., 1012, Queen Anne 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Morris, J. E., Fidelity Building, Tacoma. 
Morrison, I. Z., 414, 17th Avenue, North, 

Morrison, R. S., 5443, 39th Avenue, S.W., 

Morse, Welch, 912, E. Thomas Street, 

Moulton, F. W., 119, Blaine Street, 

Murch, A. E., c/o C. S. Restorer, Charleston, 

Murray, G. H. L., 2024, North Boylston 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Mushon, F. J., 219, Union Street, Seattle. 
Neill, Miss H. E., 201, Caroline Court, 

Nicoll, Mrs. M., 2712, 3rd Avenue, S.W., 

Norman, B., Spokane Hotel, Spokane. 
Nutt, Harry J., Bank of California, Seattle. 
Ollard, H. D., 630, South Trafton Street, 

O'Neill, T., 4631, North Vischer Street, 

Patching, W. O, 717, Virginia Street, 

Pattison, Mrs. Agnes M., 129, 34th Avenue, 

N., Seattle. 
Pattison, O. A., 263, Empire Building, 

Pearce, Alfred, R.R.I., Creston, Wash- 
Pearce, Sidney S., c/o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston, Washington. 
Pelly, Bernard, British Consul, Lowman 

Building, Seattle. 
Penketh, A. S., National Realty Building, 

Pennycook, H., Box 1, Tukwila. 
Pierce, P. E., 1640, 20th Avenue, Seattle. 


21 3 

WASHINGTON— continv 

Pranoall, W. II., e/o C. S. Restorer, 
Charleston! Washington. 

Preston, J. H., Port Blakely Mill Co., 
Priest, William, Eagles Hall, 7th Avenue, 

Pbitica, B. M., Pantagea Building, Seattle. 
Ranoia, Miss M., 3446, Alki Avenue, 

Randall, Ralph B., 604, Maiden Avenue, 

Reelet, Geo., 1746, Mass. Avenue. 
Reid, J., 2620, Xo. 39th Street. Tacoma. 
Richards, Mrs. M. E., 608, South Ain.3- 

worth, Tacoma. 
RiDDrcK, J. R., c/o Cheasty's, Seattle. 
Riqdon, Mrs. B., 811, 8th Avenue, Seattle. 
Robb, J. A., c/o C. S. Restorer, Charleston, 

\V shington. 
Robertson, J., SunnvsiJe. 
Robinson, J. \V., 5624, North 51st Street, 

Rossa, David, 6535, 6th Avenue, N.W., 

Ivuvf.i.i., Charles, c/o C. S. Restorer, 

Charleston, Washington. 
Rowley, Mrs. Gertrude, Hotel Frederick, 

Ruddock. R. E., 1711 J, Harvard Avenue, 

Ruddock, Mrs. R. E., 1711J, Harvard 

Avenue, Seattle. 
RuTiERMAN. V. A. G., "Apt. D," 709, 

Marion Street, Seattle. 
SALMON, M.. 218, Columbia Street, Seattle. 
Sanders. Mrs. M. A.. 1217, 4th Avenue, 

Sayler, Mrs. M., 119, 18th Avenue. 
Score, G. H., 4536, Lucille Street, Seattle'. 
Scott, Thomas. 717, 8th Avenue, Seattle. 
Shipman. Mrs. 8., 170 1. Boylston Avenue, 

Simpson, E., c/o Tacoma Dredging Co., 

Sims, H. 8., 41", 18th Avenue S., Seattle. 
Sinton, J., 1101, 6th Avenue North, 

Si. \Ti:n. •!., 124. East 34th Street, Tacoma. 
Smith, C. Jl., 3067, Arcade Building, 

i tie. 
Smith, Lieut. Jos., 1st Royal Scots Depot, 

c/o Army P.O., London. 
Smith, W. B., Canadian Pay Office, Army 

P.O., 2. B.E.K., France. 
Snider, W. A., 423, Harvards Avenue, 

North, Seattle. 
Spanqler, J. W., c/o Seattle National Bank, 

Sparks, Sergt. Wit., I.W. Trans. R.E., 

British Recruiting Office, 115, James 

Street. Seattle. 
Strath, Dr. Ronald, Arcade Building, 

Street, V. H., P.O. ] n. 

Stringer, Alfred, 414, 10th Avenue, 

Stjttos, W. EL, 937, Henry Building, 

Telfer, J. M., 1408, Lake Avenue, Seattle. 

Theraroe, Mrs. J., 217. 23rd N., Seattle. 
Thompson, Mrs, J., 6730, X. Terrace Street, 
•t tie. 

ison, A., c/o Thomson and Stacy, 

Thurlby, Thomas, The Times, Seattle. 

■ send, James. Pantagea Theatre. 


ik, J. D., 805, 3rd Avenue, Seattle. 
Trayer, V. J., Walla Walla. 
Trehearnb, J. D., 1301, Lucillo Street, 

Trew, Archie M., 201."., Terry Avenue, 

TuRNBB, Miss A., 532. l.'.th Avenue, Seattle. 
Van I > i : n Wyer, Jean, 923, 27th Avenue, 

Van Deb U'veh. M. Madame, 923, 27th 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Wagnbr, E. C, c/o The Bank of California, 

\V\le, J.. Edgewick. 
Wale, Mrs. M., Edgewick. 
Walker. H. T., Manager, Tacoma Smelting 

Co., Tacoma, 
Wvlker. Mrs. W., 1919, 8th Avenue West, 

Walker, William, 1919, 8th Avenue, W., 

Walsh, M., 2712, 3rd Avenue, Seattle. 
Ward, EL, 1722. Summit Avenue, Seattle. 
WvrERnousE, John, 306, Alaska Building, 

Wvterhouse, Norman, 306, Alaksa Build- 
in l'. Seattle. 
Wvtson, C. J., 2714, South Cushman, 

Watts, J., 4717, North Ferdinand Street, 

Wells, John F., 580, 1st Avenue X"., 

Wr.sTAWAY, Mrs., Branch Sec, 1626, 13th 

Avenne, Seattle. 
Westaway, Miss, 162G, 13th Avenue, 

Wiiitehouse, Horace, 1113, 18 Avenuo 

W., Seattle. 
Williams, John S., 2301, E. Denny Way, 

Wit lis, .Miss !'. M.. 1733, Boylston Avenue, 

Wilson, R. W., Sunnyside. 
WOOD, B., c/o " Over-Seas " Club, Seattle. 
Wright, H. J., Hotel Abbott, Seattle. 
Wylie, Thomas, 5138, Holly Street, 

Wynn, H. W., 2108, 1st Avenue W., 

1 1 tie. 
Wynn, Mrs. H. W., 2108, 1st Avenue W., 



At.i.txoN, John, Worminstei Hotel, Seattle. 

Anderson. Mrs. W. 0., Ill",, Host Sprinc 

Street, Seattle. 
Appleby, S., Steilacoom, Tacoma. 
Ball, Arthur, Woodenville. 



WASHINGTON— Continued. 

Ball, Mrs. F., 1621, Terry Avenue, Seattle. ' Hall, H., 47, Post Building, Washington. 

Ball, Mrs. M. C, Woodenville 

Bateman, The Rev. F. R., 161, 24th 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Beam, N., Burnside, Seattle. 
Beeg, Charles E., 1419, First Avenue, 

Berg, Edward, c/o Whiten Hardware Co., 

Blogg, H. F., 708, Belmont Place, Seattle. 
Bonnelle, Frank, 2601, E. .Galer Street, 

Boyd, C. F., St. Paul's Apartments, Seattle. 
Brassington, Jas., 5050, 4th Avenue, 

Brazzelle, Wm., 2208, Marion Street, 

Bridgeman, W. B., " Sunnyside." 
Bruce, J. H., 1633, 14th Avenue, Nr. E. 

Bryer, D., 817, 32nd Avenue, Seattle. 
Burns, J. J., 1820, N. 48th Street, Seattle. 
Butler, George, 614, First Avenue, 

Seattle. ' 
Cameron, Dr. M., 1020, Seneca Street, 

Carlyon, E. F. G., Box 621, Bellingham. 
Craig, A. G., 2, Dury Apts., Division, 

Crosby, F. H., 2009, Westlake Avenue, 

Cunliffe, H. L., 1118, White Building, 

Cunningham, E., 3116, Cascadia, Seattle. 
Cunningham, T. J., 221, Railway Exchange 

Building, Seattle. 
Daniels, Mrs. M., Seattle Hotel, Seattle. 
Doeg, J. A., Kirkland. 
Douglas, Mrs. W. J., 935, Nth. 82nd,Seattle. 
Drury, R. A., c/o Campbell Lumber Co., 

Eklund, Pauline, 1808, Court Place, 

Elmendorp, W. J., 114, James Street, 

Ellis, C. W., 1810, East Fir Street, Seattle. 
Ellis, G. A., 1610, 10th Avenue, W., 

Ellis, J. R., U.S.A., Transport " Burnside," 

Eves, E. S., Seattle Savings and Loan Bank, 

Eyres, G. F., 1323, Pennington Ct., Seattle. 
Foster, J. E., 406, Lowman Building, 

Gaines, W. A., Chief Registrar, City Regis- 
tration Office, Seattle. ^_ 
Gillette, E. W., 8th and Virginia Street, 

Grant, Miss Laura R., 204, Harvard 

Avenue North, Seattle. 
Gray, David L„ Avon Apartmenta 6th 

Marion Street, Seattle. 
Green, Mrs. J., 4816, Chicago Street, 

Green, Tom, 4818, Chicago Street, Seattle. 
Haliburton, A. A. Furgeson Hotel, 


Halstead, Ernest, 1317, Danson Street, 

Hamilton, Jack, 172, Broadway, Seattle. 
Haslam, E. S., 6215, La Feme Place, 

Heath, George E., 2015, Fifth Avenue, 

Hertogo, J., Belgian Consul, Seattle. 
Hotham, C. E., Bunker P.O. 
Hubbard, A. E., c/o C. E. Berg, 1419, 

1st Avenue, Seattle. 
Huteson, Trafford, The Highlands, 

Jaokman, G. H., 2215, 4th Avenue, Seattle. 
Johnson, Mrs. Lillie, 423, East 60th Street, 

Keeney, M., c/o Jack Smith, Esq., Sunny- 
Kelly, Edward, 4530, Kenny Street, 

Kino, J., Sunnyside. 
Kingsbury, C. W., 1512, Boylston Avenue, 

Lathrop, J. M., 405, Lowman Building, 

Lawrence, H. A., 917, 2nd Avenue, 

Lepper, Miss L. K., 1604, 4th Avenue, 

Lind, E., 818, North 43rd Street, Seattle. 
Luedeker, A. C., Hydah Hotel, Seattle. 
Macdonald, Ross, 263, Empire Building, 

MacIntire, E. T., The Waldorf, Seattle. 
MacLean, T. B., c/o Balfour Guthrie & Co., 

McCullock, W. R., Y.M.C.A., North 

McLaughton, Alex., Sunnyside. 
Major, J. S., 1005, W. Garfield, Seattle. 
Means, H., c/o Over-Seas Club, Seattle. 
Melhuish, C. J. B., Kent. 
Melvin, D. R., 4830, Lucille Avenue, 

Metcalf, D. J., 1018, Post Street, Seattle. 
Mewett, J., U.S.A. Transport " Burnside," 

Cable Ship, Med. Dept., Seattle. 
Milburn, E. W., 98, Columbia Street, 

Moffat, John, 3915, Brandon Street, 

Monohan, Jas., Box 875, Seattle. 
Nicholson, L. J., 1210, Harrison Street, 

Nicoll, C. B., 2418, Harvard, N., Seattle. 
Orr, L. J., c/o H. W. Wynn., Esq., 2108, 

1st Avenue, West. Seattle. 
Perry, J. A., 2061, Laurelshade Avenue, 

Pilchard, H. D., Mgr. Mulford & Co., 

Hotel Seattle. 
Pollard, W. H., 1220, Boylston Avenue, 

Pollard, Mrs. W. H., 1220, Boylston 

Avenue, Seattle. 
Powell, Miss M„ 1801, 19th Avenue, 



2 I 5 

WASHINGTON- continual. 

. J. EL, H.C.S., L'ort Blakoloy Mill 
. Port Blaki I 
U.un. n, Qbobob, '3110, Alki Avenue, 

RanOU, Mrs. M., 3346, Alki Avenue, 

Randall, Mrs. J. H., 1810, 15th Avenue, 

Robertson, W. E.. c/o I. S. Watson, Esq., 

406, Lowman Building, Seattle. 
Rooebs, James Newton, 2015, West 3rd, 

Avenue, Spokane. 
Sands, Miss Lucie, 306, West Galor Street, 

Sinton, Mrs. J., 1101, 6th Avenue, North 

Skalahen, S., 2205, l9t Avenue, Seattle. 
SMiTn, R. C, 1410, Seneca Street, Seattle. 
Stefanovich, T., 819, Wellcr Street, 

Swick, Miss H., 1626, 13th Avenue, Seattle. 
Sylvester, Mrs. G. R., 2431, 1st Avenue, 

West, Seattle. 

ipson, A. D., 911, 18th Avenue, 

Thompson, J., 57;}0. X. Terrace Street, 

S it tie. 
Tomlin, Mrs. E.. 1929, 11th N., Seattle. 
Tomlin, T. R., Hotel Virginia, 106, Belmont 

View, Seattle. 
Turner, John E., 1515, Borcn Avenue, 

Tyrrell, E. E., 2050, Wisconsin Avenue, 

Vallon, Madame, 911, Madison Street, 

Vallon, Raymond, 911, Madison Street, 

Walsh, J. B., 616, 6th Avenue, Seattle. 
Weber, C. J., 1107}, 5th Avenue, 

Wiestlino, Miss D., 818, 17th Avenue, 

Wood, R, P., H.C.S., 3116, Norton Ave., 

Woods, W. A., Burnside, Seattle. 


Milwaukee.— H.C.S., Mr. F. J. Ray, 629, Frederick Avenue, Milwaukee. 
Weyauwega.— H.C.S., A. Watterston. 

Barton, M. R., Nashotah House, Nashotah. Ray, F. J., H.C.S., 629, Frederick Ave., 

Bull, W. F., 736, Park Avenue, Racine. Milwaukee. 

Butler, E. P., 268, St. Charles Street, Story, G. C, Nashotah House, Nashotah. 

Head, E. O. G., H.C.S., 430, Kane Avenue, 

Head, Mrs. H. J., 636, Farwell Avenue, 

Head, Miss K., 636, Farwell Avenue, 

Head, Miss P., 636, Farwell Avenue, 

Jaffi, W. L., 333, Riverside Place, Mil- 
Kisslino, Mrs. C. L., 626, Galena Street, 


Terrell, A., Kenosha. 
Vincent, W. J., Beaver Dam. 
Wattebston, A., H.C.S., Weyauwega. 

WISCONSIN, U.S.A. Section. 

Keatin, W. H., Ill, Emery Street, St. 

Eau Claire. 
Milne, G. H., 459, Durkeo Avenue, Kenosha. 
Weeks, C. D., 318, Knapp Street, Mil- 



Beck. S. G. T., Cody. 

Cole, T. S., Sheridan. 

Eaton, W. L., Eaton's Ranch, Wolf. 

Gouoh, Mrs. E. M., Buffalo. 

Gouqh, P. J., Buffalo. 

Hamilton, O. de Saumarez, Big Horn, 

Sheridan County. 
Monobieffb, M., ' Big Horn, Sheridan 

Monobiiffb, W., Big Horn, Sheridan. 

Moncribffe, Mrs. W., Big Horn, Sheridan. 

Robebt80N, H. B., Cody. 

Rudston, G. C, Horseshoe Ranche, Dayton. 

Stuart, N. M., Sheridan. 

Wallop, Hon. 0. H., Big Horn, Sheridan. 

WYOMING, U.S.A. Section. 
Black-, J., Diokie. 

•Dickie, David, Dickio Post Office. 
Mann, W., Sheridan. 


Hakalau.— H.C.S., John M. Ross, Hakalau, Hawaii, T.H. 
Hilo, Hawaii.— H.C.S., P. Phillips. 

Honolulu. — H.C.S., Geo. Bustard, c/o Messrs. Tlcnry Bray & Co., Fort Street. 
J. N. S. Williams, P.O. Box 532, Honolulu. 




Kohala.— H.C.S., Mrs. H. R. 'Bryant. 

Mahukona.— H.C.S., E. Madden, Hawaii Railway Co. 

Alexander, G. J., P.O. Box 1114, Hono- 

Atkins, Miss E. Y., Kohala. 

Barbour, J. S., Hawi Mill and Plantation, 

Beattie, Miss J., 728, Kinan Street, 

Benny, F. J., P.O. Box 297, Hilo. 

Boswell, Mrs. H. G., Waialua, Oahu. 

Brobant, Mrs. H., Greenbank, Kohala. 

Brolan, F., Papaikou. 

Brown, J. W. f Papaikou. 

Brown, S. R., Hilo. 

♦Bryant, G. E., Kailua, N, Kana. 

Bryant, H. R., Kohala. 

Bryant, Mrs. H. R., H.C.S., Kohala. 

Bustard, G., H.C.S., c/o H. Bray & Co., 
Fort Street, Honolulu. 

Cameron, F. B., Paia, Maui. 

Clark, Mrs. A. F., Box 212, Honolulu-Oahu. 

Clark, R., Hakalau. 

*Cockburn, James L., P.O. Box 327, 
Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Cook, J. C, Manoa Valley, Honolulu. 

Coulter. A. C, Papaikou. 

Co well, F. C, Puunene/Maui. 

Cran, John S., Hilo Sugar Co., Hilo. 

Criohton, Miss E., c/o J. Lind, Esq., Mau- 
naloa Deary, Honolulu. 

Curtis, G. B., Honolulu. 

Dale, Mrs. B., Kakului, Maui. 

Dease, W., Box 263, Honolulu. 

Douglas, J. M., c/o Benson Smith, Hono- 

Dunbar, J. A., 1265, Matlock Avenue, 

Duncan, F. M., Hawi Plantation, Kohala. 

Edwards, E. Heath, Xaalohu, Post Office, | Mist, H. W, 
Kau. Mist, Miss 

Evans, Miss R. S., Pahala P.O. 

•Ewart, A. F., 2370, Nuuanu Avenue, 

♦Ewart, Mrs. E., Waimea, Kanai. 

♦Ewart, G. R., Jun., Waimea, Kanai. 

♦Ewaet, G. R., Sen., 2370, Nuuanu Avenue, 

♦Ewaet, Mrs. L., 2370, Nuuanu Avenue, 

Farr, N. S., P.O. Box 488, Hilo. 

Fexteman, Miss D. E., Paauhau. 

Ford, Miss M. A., Leahi Home, Honolulu. 

♦Forsyth, A. A., Naalehw, Kau. 

Glen, A. S., General P.O., Honolulu. 

Gordon, A. D., Kahului Railroad Co., 

Greenwell, W. H., Kealakekua. 

♦Greive, J., Wainaku, Hilo. 

Hacker, Miss E. E., Kohala. 

Hadfield, H. F., Hilo Sugar Co., Hawaii. 

Hall, Miss E., Niuui, Kohala. 

Hall, J., H.C.S., Paia, Maui. 

Hall, R., Niulii, Kohala. 

•Halstead, F., P.O. Box 463, Honolulu. 

Harrison, H. McK., P.O. Box 443, Hono- 


H., P.O. Box 188, Hono- 

*Hind, Mrs. A., Hawi Plantation, Kohala. 
Jacobs, A., Koloa, Lauai. 
•Jamieson, D., Pahala, Kau. 
Jordan, R. A., P.O., Box 672, Honolulu. 
Keay, P. R., Kohala Plantation, Kohala. 
Kennedy, H., Union Mill, Kohala. 
Lamb, Frederick, Hilo, Hawaii. 
Lamb, R. F., c/o F. R. Waldron, Ltd., 

P.O. Box 489, Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Lamont, E., Box 1392, Honolulu. 
♦Leith, William, Olaa. 
Lillico, R., Kahulin, Maui. 
Logan, J. L., c/o I.I.N.S. Co., P.O., Box 

408, Honolulu. 
♦Lougher, J. R., Niulii, Kohala. 
Lougher, R., Papaikou. 
♦Macalister, D. S., Kukaiau Ranch, 

MacLean, J. R. M., P.O. Box 487, Hono- 
•Marnie David, Naalehu Kau, Hawaii. 
Marshall, W. G., 1627, Anapuni ; Street, 

May, F., Hawi. 

McBride, Miss E., Leahi Home, CTonolulu. 
McDonald, J., Kohala. 
McKaig, Philip, c/o Bishop Insurance Co., 

McLean, P., Honohina, Hakalau. 
McLennan, J. A., Kukaiau. 
McMillan, Dr. Thos., Young Street, 

Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Medcalf, F., P.O. Box 358, Hilo. 
*Mist, Miss E. F., P.O. Box 1384, Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii. 

M., Mahukona. 
M. I., 2522, Manoa' Road, 

Mitchell, A., Honomu. 
Mitchell, M., c/o Inter-Island S.N. Co., 

Moir, J. T., Papaikou, 
Morrison, W. B., Box 408, Honolulu. 
Mutch, J. G., Papaikou. 
Newman, R. N., Huelo, Maui. 
Vis-Norton, L. W. de, Honolulu. 
Osmond, Mrs. P. F., c/o A. F. Clark, Esq., 

Box 212, Honolulu, Oahu. 
Phillips, J. N., Kohalu. 
*Phillips, P. T., c/o I. I. S. N. Co., Hilo, 

Phillips, W., Paia, Maui. 
Rae, Miss J. J., Pacific Sanatorium, 1451, 

Kewalo Street, Honolulu. 
Rattray, D.. Puunene, Maui. 
*Renton, Miss H., Union Mill Plantation, 

Richmond, Mrs. J., Hawi Plantation, Hawi, 

Richmond, R. J., Hawi Mill and Plantation, 

Robertson, J. M., Hakalau, Plantation. 
•Robinson, T. R., P.O. Box 347, Honolulu. 






Ross, G., 1st Bank of Hilo, Ltd 
Ross, J. M., H.C. S.. Haka 
Russell, J., c/o Kohala Co., Kohala. 
Russell, Mrs. N. A., c/o Kohala 

•Scholefield, Mrs. E. M., Kohala. 
Scholefield, H. K., Kohala. 
Shanks, F. H., c/o P.O. Box 16, Honokoa. 
Shields. W. C, P.O. Box 188, Honolulu. 
Short, 0. A., Olaa. 
Sinclair, Mrs. A. J., 1814, Nunanu Avenue, 

Sinclair, H. B., Honolulu. 
Singlehurst, W. G.. 55, Bates Street, 

Smale, H., Onomea Sugar Co., Papaikou. 
Smith, T., Honohina, Hakalau. 
•Squire, Miss A. B., P.O. Box 21, Honolulu. 
Strathairn, T., c/o Inter Island Steam. 

Navigation Co., Honolulu. 
Tierman, Grove Ranch, Paia, Isle of Maui. 
Tbkw, C, Inter-Islands Steam Navigation 

Co., Hilo. 
Troup, J. C. T., Kohala. 
Waldron, H. C, Honolulu. 
•Wai.i.uon, Mrs. J. W., P.O. Box 187, 

Walker, W. C, Hakalau. 
Wallace, J., 325, Pick Avenue, Honolulu. 
Wallace, R., Kealakekua. 
Ward, G. R., P.O. Box 1392, Honolulu. 
White, W. A., Kamuela. 
Willi vms, T. P., Papaikou. 
♦Wight, Miss C. S., Kohala. 
Wilson, Alexander, Olaa. 
Wilson, J. H., Papaaloa. 
Wilson, L., Paauilo. 
Woods, R. V., o/o W. H. Greenwell, Esq., 

Wyllie, G., 1054, King Street, Honolulu. 
Youno, Douglas H., P.O. Bos 1223, 

Honolulu, Hawaii. 



Campbell Blook, 

♦Atkins, R. H., Kohala 
Atkinson, A. L. C, 

•Austin, E. H., Hilo. 
Bains, J. W., Hilo, Hawaii. 
•Beveridge, N. R., Hilo Iron Works, Hilo. 
.0. Box 1205, Honolulu. 
1'., North Kohala. 
P.O. Box 489, Honolulu, 

H., P.O. Box 695, Hilo, 
W. P., M rchant Street, 

Blake, R. J 
•Bluett, P. W. 
Booth, R. B., 




Buchanan', W. W., Honolulu. 
Buckley, Priv r ' >. J., Sch field Barracks, 

•Burningham, T. A., 2843, Nuuanu Avenue, 

•Butchart, D. G., Honomu. 
Callister. W. H.. 91st Co., C.A. Corps, 

Fort Kamehameha, Honolulu. 

•Campsib, J., Pali 

('\kmichael, J. K. W., Cotton and Mills & 

Co., Honolulu. 
Chalmers, William, Pahala, Kaw. 
Collins, T. D., Paanilo. 
Cowan, Rev. J. J., Kohala. 
Cumming-Smith,' Miss M., 627, Prospect 

Street, Honolulu. 
Dale, W. F. J., P.O. Box 16, Kahului 

Main, Hawaii. 
Davies, H. C, Hilo. 
Dods, R. G., Mahukona. 
Duncan, G. A., Olaa. 
Edwards, E. H.. Kealakekua. 
Elliot, H. B., Hilo. 
Fenwick, J. F., Hawaiian Eleotric Co., 

Ltd., Honolulu. 
Field, H. G., 2476, Lower Manoa Road, 

Fitzgerald, J. C, Sflrecheleville, Maui. 
Fleming, D.F., Honokahau Ranch, Lahaina, 

•Fleming, J. L., Merchant Street, Honolulu. 
•Forbes, D. Mc. H., Waiakee, Hilo. 
Forbes, Robert, Hilo, Hawaii. 
•Forrest, L., Naalehu, Kau. 
Feaser, A., Hakalau. 
Frvser, F. R. H., Honokaa. 
Fraser, G., Hilo. 
Fraser, J., P.O. Box 331, Hilo. 
Freeland, G., Lahaice, Maui. 
•Gibb, F., Aiea. 
•Gibb, G., Naalehu, Kau. 
•Giffard, W. M., P.O. Box 308, Honolulu. 
•Gillespie, R., Honakaa, Hamakua. 
Glass, H., 1148, Wilder Avenue, Honolulu. 
Graham, M. M., 2646, Oaku Avenue, Manoa, 

Gray, T. W. P., c/o First Trust Co.. Hilo, 

Greig, J. J. B., c/o Bishops & Co., Sohofield 

Barracks, Oahu. 
Greig, W. T., Union Mill, Kohala. 
Grindlay, Q.M. -Sergeant W. C, Schofield 

Barracks, Leilihua. 
Guard, R. T., Hilo. 
•Guild, A. S., Box 148, Honolulu. 
Harris, '.'apt. S. J., 1. I. S. N. Co., Hilo, 

Harrison, F., Harrison Block, Fort Street, 

Hayselden, A. F., Lahaina, Maui. 
Henderson, A., Honokaa. 
HENDERSON, A. R., Pahoa. 
•Henderson, J., Hilo. 
•Irwin, Fred, Aloa, Hawaii. 
Hobson, A. A., c/o T. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., 

•Hind, J., Hawi. 
Hook, G. R., Papaaloa. 
He rst, D., Hilo. 
Hutchings, J. H., c/o T. H. Davies & Co., 

Ltd., Honolulu. 
Hutchison, R. A., Papaaloa. 
Irvine, J., General Delivery, Honolulu. 
Irvine, W. C, Pepeeleo. 
■ f wiieson, G., Hilo. 
•Johnston, J., Ookala. 




Kane, Sergeant W. F., Schofield Barracks, ♦Pullar, W., Honomu. 

♦Kennedy, A'. B., 1307, Fort Street, 

Kennedy, J. K., Hilo Iron Works, Hilo. 
Kydd, D. H., Honomu Sugar Plantation, 

♦Lillie, T. H., Kohala. 
LiND3AY, D. C, Kahului. 
Lowe, H. W., Hilo. 
Lowson, G., c/o 1st Bank of Hilo, Ltd., 

Macfaklane, L., Kealekekua. 
MacIntyre, L\, Honolulu. 
♦Mackenzie, Mrs. E., 1488, King Street, 

MaoLaeen, J., Paia, Maui. 
♦Madden, E., H.C.S., Mahukona. 
Marshall, G. B., 1586, Nunanu Avenue, 

Honolulu, Oahu. 
♦Mason, A., Puakea Ranch, Mahukona. 
*Mason, Miss 0., Puakea Ranch, Mahukona. 

♦Mason, Mrs. M. D., Puakea Ranch, 

Matthias, G., Pahoa. 

McCall, W. W., Papaikou. 

MoDougall, W. P., Kohala, Hawaii. 

McKay, W., Hilo. 

Mist, H. W., P.O. Box 1384, Honolulu. 

Mist, Mrs. H. W. M., P.O. Box 1384, 

♦Mitchell, T. 0., Hilo, Hawaii. 

Moir, J. T., Papaikou. 

Muir, J. M., Hakalau. 

Munro, G. C., Keomuku, Lanai. 

Murdoch, D. B., Paia, Maui. 

Napier, J., 1425, Emma Street, Honolulu. 

Napier, W., Niulii, Kohala. 

Naylor, C, Box 665, Hilo. 

Nayloe, F., Hilo. 

Nicoll, M. A., c/o T. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., 

O'Brien, F. K., Kohala. 

Ogilvie, R. L., University Club, Honolulu, 

*Paet jw, F. C, Niulii, Kohala. 

Parker, J. A., Paanilo. 

Patten, H. V., Hilo. 

Payne, J., Honokau, Hamakua. 

♦Potter, Dr. Gourdon, Pepeekco. 

Pritchard, J., Honokaa. 

RaDway, J. M., Sohofield Barracks, 

Rattray, A. C, Kahului, Maui. 
♦Renton, H. H., Union Mill, Kohala. 
Rickard, H. S., Laupahoehoe, Hilo. 
Roberson, W., Eonokohan, Maui. 
♦Ross, J. M., H.C.S., Hakalau. 
♦Ross, Mrs. J. M., Hakalou Plantation, 

Ross, W., Hakalau. 
♦Rothwell, J. G., Honolulu. 
Ruddle, A., Hilo. 
Sohutte, V. D., Hilo, Hawaii. 
Searle, J. C, Hawi. 
Simpson, W., P.O. Box 471, Honolulu. 
♦Sloggett, H. D., Hamakuapoko, Maui. 
Smith, R., Kukuihaele. 
Stevenson, V. L., Hilo. 
Stow, Dr. C. L., Hilo. 
Tempsky, L. Von, Makawao, Maui. 
Trew, C, Inter-Islands Steam Navigation 
Co., Hilo. 

Tullock, G. P., Kohala. 

Turner, Campbell, P.O. Box 403, Hilo, 

Turner, M. F. J., Hawi. 

Veitch, J. C, Honolulu. 

Vicars, G. H., Hilo. 

Waldron, F. L., P.O. Box 553, Hono- 

♦Waldron, J. W., " Clent Heath," Nunanu 
Valley, Honolulu. 

Walker, J. S., Honolulu. 

Walker. P. C, P.O. Box 646, Honolulu. 

♦Watt, G. C, Kohala Sugar Co., Kohala. 

♦Watt, J., 1536, Thurston Avenue, Hono- 

♦Webster, J., Pepeekeo. 

Weller, H. B., P.O. Box 1333, Honolulu. 

♦West, W. L., c/o Wailuku Sugar Co., 
Wailuku, Maui. 

•White, T. C, Keauhou. 

Whitman, W. D., Hakalau. 

Wilson, W. F., Kukaiau. 

♦Williams, J. N. S., H.C.S., P.O. Box 532, 

Woods, S. P., Mahukona, Hawaii. 

Wright, J. A., Kohala. 

Wyllie, J., Moakea Mill Co., Waiakea. 

Yeaman, J. F., Hilo. 




Antigua, W.I.— H.C.S., Venerable Archdeacon, S.E. Branch, The Grammar School. 
Bahamas. — H.C.S., J. H. Peet, The Lodge, Nassau, Bahamas. 

Abbott, G. C, o/o Board of Agriculture, 

Masonic Buildings, Nassap, N.P. 
Albury, Dr. J. B., The Lodge Nassau. 
Albury, J. J., Rum Cay. 
Allardyce, Lady, Government Hou9e, 

Allardyce, Miss, The Lodge, Nassau. 
Allardyce, Miss K., The Lodge, Nassau. 
Allardyce, W. L., His Excellency 

Governor, C.M.G., etc., Government 

House. Nassau, N.P. 
♦Bethel, C. E. (M.L.A.), Tho Lodge, 

Brace, G. K. K., Nassau, New Providence. 
Brace, Miss P.., Miramar, New Providence. 
Brace, T. E. D., Nassau, New Providence. 
Bcrnside, F. A., B.G. Hospital, Nassau, 

Campbell, J. T., Arthurs Town, Cal Island. 
Campbell, Mrs. M. J., Arthurs Town, Ca. 

Clarke, G. H., Mangrove Cay, Andros 

George, E., Nassau, N.P. 


Moseley, Miss M„ Nassau. 
O'Brien, A. S. M., Commissioner, 
Residency, Clarence Town, 

Pashby, Mrs. A,. The Lodge, Nassau. 
Pa3Hby, E. R.. The Lodge, Nassau. 
Peet, J. H., H.C.S:, The Lodge, Nassau. 
Pritchard, O. F., Nassau, N.P. 
Pyfrom, G. B., Nassau, N.P. 
| Pyfrom, G. 0„ Nassau, N.P. 
I Russell, H. J., c/o J. H. Peet, Esq., The 

Lodge, Nassau. 
Sands, C. T., Nassau, New Providence. 
! Sands, E. G., P.O. Box 422, Nassau, N.P. 
, Se\rle, Rev. Percy W., Nassau, N.P. 
Sueiiwood, Smith, A. D., The Lodge, 

| Sims, R. S., Mangrove Cay, Andros Island. 
♦Smith, A. E., Golding Cay, Andros Island. 
Smith, E. S. D., Stanyard Creek, Andros 

Smith, Miss M. R. L., Golding Co., Andros 

Smith, P. £, Nassau, N.P. 

George, Mrs. J. L., c/o J. H. Peet, Esq., Stuart, Miss D. F., Nassau, N.P 

The Lodge, Nassau, 
Higgs, C. R., Nassau, N.P. 
Inonam, Miss H. M., P.O. Box 132, Nassau. 
Johnson-, Miss E. L., Tho Lodge, Nassau, 

Lobb, Miss E., The Lodge, Nassau. 
Matthews, T. V., c/o J. H. Peet, Esq., The 

Lodge, Nassau. 
McDonald, Miss F., 17, Nassau Court. 
McDonald, Miss M., 19, Market Street, 

Nassau, N.P. 
McDonald, 0. J., Mangrove Co., Andros 


Stubbs, 0. A., Arthurs Town, Cal Island. 
Sutton, T. C. S., 17, Union Street, Nassau, 

Sweeting, A. G., c/o J. H. Peet, Tho 

Lodge, Nassau. 
Sweeting, C. C, New Providence. 
Sweeting, Mrs. C. C, New Providenoe. 
Sweeting, W. H., New Providence. 
Taylor, Miss A. M., 26, George Street 

Nassau, New Providence. 
Twynam, Miss H., P.O. Box 132, Nassau, 

New Providence. 
Webb, Miss C, Government House, Nassau. 


Barbados. — H.C.S., Captain R. Radcliffi Hall, 
Anstey, The Rev. A. H. (M.A.), Codrington 

Bailey, W. H., Hastings. 
Baird, H. H., Stratholyde. 
Batson, C. L., R.M.S.P. Co., Bridgetown. 
Beckles, Mrs. E. R., Woodville, Country 

Road, St. Michael. 

B.A., Government Laboratory. 

Bishop o» Barbados, The Lord, Bishop's 

Blvhes, Miss A. M., The Garrison. 

Bowks, Mrs. E., M.B.E., o/o Surgeon- 
Captain F. C. li. Bowen, Paraisas, 
Bar Carees Hill, St. Michael's. 

Bowring, W., Bridgetown. 



BARBADOS— continued. 

Bradshaw, J. W., Royal Bank of Canada, 
Bridgetown. . 

Bridger, Dr. J. F. E. (M.D., D.P.H.), Iron 
Barracks, Garrison. 

Burton, Miss A. E., Union Lodge, Pinfold 
Street, Bridgetown. 

Burton, G. B. R. (M.A.), The Combermere 

Briscoe, P. J., Bridgetown. 

Bbowne, A., Bideford, Hastings, Christ 

Bynoe, E. D., Veronda, Hastings. 

Bynoe, E. H., Lynnville, Fontabelle. 

Challenor, Mrs. The Garden, Country 

Cocks, A. Somers (M.A.), Harrison Col- 

Cocks, Mrs. A. Somers, Askton, Strath- 

Collins, J. C, Holborn. Fontabelle. 

Collymore, H. W., Colonial Secretary's 

Collymore, Mrs. C. H., Harrison College. 

D'Allnquerque, Professor J. P. (M.A., 
F.T.C.). Government Laboratory. 

Dalton, The Rev. Dr. H. A. (M.A.), 
Harrison College. 

Drayton, F. W., Colonial Bank, Bridge- 

Edwards, H. L., Seacombe, St. James. 

Ejiiage, Mrs. C. R., c/o 0. de C. Emtage, 
M.A., Lodge School, St. John's. 

Fell, T: E., Colonial Secretary's Office. 

Giles, Master Wilfred, Harrison College. 

Gillmoee, G., General Post Office, Bridge- 

Grannen, Hon. E. T., Bridgetown. 

Grant, L. K., General Post Office, Bridge- 

Grant, Mrs. E. H., Carlton, St. Michaels. 

Hall, Mrs. F. M. Radcliffe, Government 

Hall, R. Radcliffe, H.C.S., Government 

♦Hauschelly, V. C, Rudkip. 

Hendy, Miss G. M., c/o Royal Mail Office, 

Hoad, E. L. J., c/o The R.M.S.P. Co., 

Hoad, J. C, R.M.S.P. Co., Bridgetown. 

Howell, C. G., Savings Bank. 

Hutson, Dr. J., D.P.H. Camb., Harmonv 
Hall, St. Michaels. 

Ince, Miss E. W., Grassfield School, St. 

Inniss, H. L., Alma Villa, Fontabelle, St. 

Jones, Mrs. J., Wildey House. 
Knight, W. J., 33, Broad Street, Bridge- 

Kysh, Mrs. C. R., Woodford, Strathclyde. 
Laborde, Miss M., Vallambrosa, St. Michael. 
Lea cock, Mrs. D., Aberdare, Christchurcb. 
Leacock, H. N., Woodville, Fontabelle. 
Lee, E. T. (Rev., M.A., B.D.), Codrington 

Lofty, H. W., Parade View Garrison, 

Lynch, The Hon. Challenor J. (M.A., 

M.L.S.), The Navy, Hastings. 
Mahon, J. A., Lion Castle, St. Thomas. 
Massiah, Dr. C. H., Eruston, Hastings. 
Matthews, C. H., Culloden View, St. 

Mayers, J. A.. P.O. Box 81, G.P.O. 
Monyfenny, C. J. B., Ferndale, Hastings. 
Moore, Mrs. A. G., c/o Colonial Bank. 
Mooee, P.. L., Colonial Bank, Bridgetown. 
Niblock, James, Strathclyde. 
Nurse, Mrs. M., Invermarle, Hastings. 
Percival, Mrs. E., Mardenborough, Sava- 

Phillips, F. M., Upper Nelson Street, 

Pitcher, C. S., Strathclyde. 
Price, C, Hastings. 

Redman, W. R., Birwych Hall, Hastings. 
Reed, G. C, Waterford, Hastings. 
Reed, Miss S. H., Waterford, Hastings. 
Kiddick, A. E., c/o C. J. B. Monypenny, 

Ferndale, Hastings. 
Robinson, Mrs. S. S., Constant, St. 

Russell, P. H., Bridgetown. 
Sanderson, Miss E. M. B., Palm Villa, 

Sandeeson, Miss, P.O. Box 36. 
Sanderson, Miss M. C. P., Palm Villa 

Sevly. E. G. (B.A., M.C.P.), Woodlands, 

St. Georgea. 
Sinckler, E. G., Speights Town, St. Peters. 
Sisnett, W. H. , Lucas Street, Bridgetown. 
Skinner, MisB B. M., Glenborg, Strathclyde. 
Stanford, P., c/o Johnson and Redman, 

Roebuck Street. 
Taggart, L. C. G., Public Works Office. 
Weatherhead, C. P. C, c/o The Royal Mail 

S.P. Co. 
West, E. G., " Park Villa," Fontabelle. 


Ainge, Sergeant R. T., 3rd Coy., R.G.A., 
St. George's. 

Clatworthy, F. C, Armt. Staff Sergt. A.O. 
Corps, Ordnance Office, St. George's. 

Cox, H. C. (M.A.), "Mayflower," Devon- 

Darrell, Miss E., Laffan Street, Hamilton. 

Darrell, R., Hamilton. 

Dawson, F. G., Hamilton. 

Dunkley, E., York Street, St. George's. 
Fiset, Captain M. A., Prospect. 
Galway, Miss F., Box 285, Hamilton. 
Higgs, H. R., St. David's. 
Jones, W. M. L.; Rural Hill, Pagets. 
Lightbourn, P. L., Bermuda Militia 

Artillery, St. David's Battery. 
McCallan, C. M., St. George's. 
Onions, Mrs. H. G. L., Somerset. 



BERMUDA —continw 

Scott, Miss E. E., Felicity Hall. 
Scott, Miss G., Felicity Hall. 
Shepherd, J. G., Colonnade, Hamilton. 
Smith, H. E. D., Sandy Hill, Hamilton. 
Smith, T. Astwood, Gricr Cottage, Cedar 

Avenue, Hamilton. 
Spurlino, C. R., P.O. Box 324, Hamilton. 

Spurlino, F. B., St. George's. 

Spurlino, H. G. W., P.O. Box 324, Hamil- 

Spurlino, W. E., P.O. Box :ti;4, Hamilton. 

Storehouse, E. F., Q.M. Sergt., R.G.A., St. 

Wright, J., St. George's. 


Aiakaka.— V. Roth. Arakaka X.W, District 
Alstrom, J., Christianburg, Demerara River. 
Allicock, Miss C, Morowhanna. 
Ault, W., 22, .Main Street, Georgetown. 
Babb, E. B., Malalli, Upper Demerara River. 
Barclay, Miss J., Royal Bank of Canada. 
Belmonte, Miss B. C, 203, Middle Street, 

Booth, Sirs. F. M., Police Quarters, Suddie. 
Booth, J. R., Police Quarters, Suddie. 
Brandt, A. T., 14, Broad Street, George- 
town, Demerara. 
Bridgwater. W. H., Morowhanna. 
Browne, C. R., Croal Street, Georgetown. 
Bunbuby, Miss 0. M., 30, Main Street, 

Georgetown, Demerara. 
Campion, W. O., Wisniar, Demerara River. 
Chisholm, J., St. Mary's, Konarvarup. 
Cochrane, T., Plantation "Cove and John," 
Belfield, E. Coast, Demerara. 
_Cox, E. W., 217, Lamalia Street, George- 
town, Demerara. 
CrItchl'iw, Ci:o., Lot 93, Regent Street, 

George Town, Demerara. 
Ccnha, C. ft, Mallah, Demerara River. 
Curtis, R. C, Pin. "Vreeden Hoop," 

Douglass, W. J., B.A., LL.B., Berbice. 
Duffus, D., Plaisanee. 
Ferrier, E. M., Christianburg, Demerara 

Fraser, W. J., St. Mary's, Konarvarup. 
Frere, H. A., Inspector of H.M. Prison, 

H.M. Penal Settlement. 
Gibbs, J. N., Victoria Village E.E., 

Gilkes, G. A. E.. Town Council Office, 

Georgetown, Demerara. 
Gonsalve.s, J., Solicitor, 3, High Street, 

Gray, Mrs. W. B., c/o W. B. Gray. Esq., 
Manager, " Electrio Company," George- 
town, Demerara. 
Gbonign, D. 0., Kuruabaroo, Demerara 

Hall, J. C, 3, Charles Street, Georgetown, 

Hamer, F., St. Mary's, Konarvarup. 
Henderson, J., St. Mary's, Konarvarup. 
Hodgson, Wm., Place Viewe Styn, Demerara 

Johnson, G. N. H., Mallali, Demerara River. 
Kennard, ft, Brick Dam, Georgetown, 

♦Kruger, R., Guiana Gold Co., St. Mary's, 

Lange, F. T. V., Hope, Upper Demerara 

Brit. Guiana, S. America. 
Lord, 0., 3, Upper Hadfield Street, George- 
town, Demerara. 
McKenzie, G., St. Mary's, Konawaruk. 
McXie, Rev. J., Demerara. 
MoPherson, G. F., H.M. Penal Settlement, 

Marsack, W. A., St. Mary's, Konarvarup. 
Mason, J., Plantation " Nonpareil," East 

Coast, Demerara. 
Millar, J. ft, c/o Booker's, Demerara. 
Minors, Mrs., Pin. Ogle, Versailles, 

Mitchell, C. E. S., Colonial Medical Service, 

Mortimer, S. 0., Three Friends, Demerara 

Mortley, A. E., Bartica, Essiquebo River. 
Mutch, G. G., Plantation Hope, East Coast, 

Neal, Mrs. M. G., Leonora, West Coast, 

Nials. C. B., 189, Almond Street, George- 
town, Demerara. ' 
Parris, *A., 311, .East Street. Georgetown, 

Pollard, Miss C. A„ Stewartville, W.C., 

Puddicombe, J. L., Plantation Nonpareil, 

Reid, G., Ponderayen Village, W.B., 

Ridgeway, W„ St. Mary's, Konawaruk. 
Kuril. Dr. W. E., Christianburg, Demerara 

Roth, V., H.C.S., Arakaka, North Western 

Sconce, Herbert W., Education Dept., 

Georgetown, Demerara. 
Silva, C. M. da, Lot 34, Robb Street, Lacy- 

town, Georgetown, Demerara. 
Small, W., Hope Street, Lot 12, George- 
town, Demerara. 
Spencer, J. N., Tibikurikuyaha, via Malalli, 

Upper Demerara River. 
Stephen, ft, Mahaica. 
Stoute, Miss, Pin. Ogle, Demerara. 
Striker, W. F., Christianburg, Demerara 

Townsend, Mrs. E., c/o S. S. Peroival, Esq., 

18, Water Street, Georgetown. 
I Townshnd, Rev. C. W„ c/o S. S. Percival, 

Esq., 18, Water Street, Georgetown. 

'Tyson, G., Victoria Village, E.C., Demerara. 

Whyte, A. G., Plantation "Hope," East 

Coast, Demerara. 
Wilson, J., Plantation "Hope," East Coast, 
Demerara. , 




Belize.— H.C.S , A. Barrow Dillon. 

Ruatan.— H.C.S., Victor A. WocfDS, Oak Ridge, Ruatan. Regs, of Honduras. 

Republic of Honduras.— H.C.S., S. P. Smith, c/o Banco Atlantida, La Ceiba. 

Abbott, Dr. John, Oak Ridge, Ruatan 

Abbott, Paul, Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Baily, 0. L.,4, Barraok 91 Road, Belize. 

Balderamos, P. E., c/o Meyer, Usher & Co., 
924-925, Nth. Front St., Belize. 

Banner, J., Commerce Bright. 

Bethran, J., St. James Boom, Belize. 

Blockley, Miss A. B., District Commis- 
sioner's Quarters, El Cayo. 

Bodden, Charles, Bonacca. 

Bodden, G. R., Coxen Hole, Ruatan. 

Bodden, J. B., Bonacca, Bay Island. 

Bodden, M., Calabash Bay, Ruataii. 

Burn, W. G., Spanish Lookout, Belize 

Coates Miss E: M.. P.O. Box 54. Belize. 

Coe, G. S., Bonacca, Bay Island. 

Cooper, H., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Cooper, Spurqeon, Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Cooper, T., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Cooper, Rev. W. S. f Belize. 

Cooper, Z., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Dillon, A. B., H.C.S., Belize. 

Earrington, C G., Bonacca. 

Ebanks, John E., Bonacca, Bay Island. 

Francis, D. E., c/o Rev. H. M. Field, Carozal. 

Francis, G. W. E., Stann Creek Rly. 

Galleqo, R. C, Punta Gorda, Toledo Dis- 

Grant, A., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Grant Lancelot, Calabash Bight, Ruatan. 

Greenwood, H., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Griffith, L., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

Griffith, S., Oak Ridge. Ruatan. 

Hart Bennett, H. E. W. (C.M.G.), 
Government House, Belize. 

Haylock, W. S., Daily Street, Belize. 

Howell, Cashman, Utilla, Bay Island. 

Howell, Edison, Utilla, Bay Island. 

Howell, James, Utilla, Bay Island. 

Howell, Urwick, Utilla, Bay Island. 

Hudson, Mrs. D., District Commissioner's 
Quarters, El Cayo. 


Beaurisseau, P. V., Hillsborough Street, 

Charles, A. P., Portsmouth. 
Currie, J. W., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

Santo Domingo. 
Dontfraid, Wm., Roseau. 
Edwards, W., Santiago de los Calalleras. 
Eldon, J., Santiago. 


St. George.— H.C.S., J. C. McQueen. 
♦Alexander, D. G., Baillies Bacolet, St. 

Alexander, F., Montreuil, St. Patrick's. 
Alexander, H., Corinth, St. David's. 
Auton, L. M. F., Maram Estate, St. John's. 
Berkeley, H., " Mount Home." 
Branch, J. A., Good Hope, St. George. 

Hudson, J. L. f District Commissioner's 

Quarters, El Cayo. 
Hunter, Miss E. E., Bonacca. 
^Jackson, Dewey, Utilla, Bay Island. 
Jackson, H., Bonacca. 
Jannett, L., Utilla. 
Jefferies, A., Calabash Bight, Ruatan. 
Jones, E. E., French Harbour, Ruatan Sp. 
Jones, G. A., Ruatan. 
Jones, I. G., Jones Ville, Ruatan. 
Jones, J. S., Ruatan. 
Jones, 0., Jones Ville, Ruatan. 
Kirkconnell, Mrs. A., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, Mrs. E. S. F., Bonacca. 
McCoy, J. S., Bonacca. 
McLaughton, D., Bonacca. 
McNah, C. R., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 
Owen, H., Tela Railroad Co., Tela, Honduras. 
Parkinson, C. H., Punta Gorda, Toledo 

Parson, H. S., Bonacca. 
Pouchie, James, Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 
Ridley, C. L., Belize. 

Rivers, Spurgeon, Calabash Bight, Ruata. 
Roberts, J. J., Southern Stann Creek, All 

Pines P.O. 
Ross, F., P.O. Box 90, Belize. 
Rush, R., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 
Saguire, H. Y., Mechanical Dept., Stann 

Creek Rly. 
Selgado, J. R., c/o Cuthbert Bros., Belize. 
Smith, D.' R., The Cayo, Syrett, W.D., 

Commissionary Dept., United Fruit 

Co., Tela, S. H. 
Smith, S. P., H.CS., c/o Banco Atlantida^ 

La Ceiba. 
Spooner, G. J., El Cayo. 
Usher, C. C, Belize. 
Woods, E., French Harbour, Ruatan. 
Woods, Dr. J., French Harbour, Ruatan. 
Woods, Victor A., H.C.S., .Oak Ridge, 

Yates, A. M., Bonacca. 

Harrison, Peter W., Portsmouth. 
Lookhart, Miss D., Braeside, Roseau. 
McCarthy, L. J., c/o The Royal Bank of 

Canada, Sanchez, Santo Domingo. 
MacIntyre, Miss A., Mountjoy. 
Paterson, W., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

Santo Domingo. 
Warren, Miss C, Mountjoy. 

Burgess, J. H. L„ The Brothers Estate, St. 

Copland, J. A., Snell Hall, St. Patrick's. 

Copland, J. D., Springbank, St. Patrick's. 

Oi-ddeford, W., St. George. 

Dunstan-Sargent, Rev. F., The Presby- 
tery, Gongave. 


GRENADA continued. 

Gale, Hon. K. 0. de, Montrose, St. 

Gkntle, G., Trevellan, St. Patrick's. 

Giles, Rev. E. E., The Rectory, St. An- 

Gill, D., Madeys, St. Patrick's. 

Gurrin, Rev. Father F. N., The Presbytery, 
St. Andrews. 

Kent, L. A., St. Leonard's, St. Patrick's. 

Lang, D., St. John's. 

Lang, W. G., Tuileries. 

Lawrence, W. J. 

Loqie, P. G., St. Patrick's. 

McQueen, J. C, H.C.S., St. George. 

Patterson, Dr. J., Samteurs, St. Patrick's. 

Phillips, C. A. 0., B<>nair, St. Mark's. 

S8TEB, H. A., (iovcrnment House. 
Roden, J. H., Brothers Estate, St. John's. 
Ross, A., St. John's. 
Seton-Browne, G. S., " Dunfermline." 
Slinoer, E., Grenvill,-. 
Webb, Mrs. C., Government House. 


Kingston. — H.C.S, J. H. Carqill, Hon. Sec. 

Alexander, Mrs. J., c/o Mrs. H. M. 
Brandon, Halfway Tree P.O., St 

Alexander, H. V., 6, Duke Street, King- 

Alexander, T., Inspector of Police, Mande- 
ville P.O. 

♦Allwood, J. H., St. Ann's Bay. 

Anderson, Lewis, Hazeldean, May Pen. 

Anderson, Mies A., Donhead Lodge, Hope 
Road, Halfway Tree P.O. 

Andrews, C. A., Spanish Town. 

Andrews, Mrs. F. M., Burke Road, Spanish 

Astwood; E. W., The Treasury, Kingston. 

Baquie, R. C, Mandeville P.O. 

Barclay, Mrs. C. J., Carlton, Mandeville. 

Bertram, N. A ., Colonial Bank, St. Ann's 

Bonitto, C. A., 70, Water Lane, Kingston. 

Bonitto, G. A., Mandeville P.O. 

Boyd, B. \\'., 75, Barry Street, Kingston. 

Buckley, H. A., Grange Hill, Manchioneal. 

Burke, P. I., United Fruit Co., Port 

Bryant, R. W.. No. 8. Duke Street, King- 

Campbell, A. C, 76, King Street, Kingston. 

Cardozo, 0. R., c/o Nathan & Co., Kingston. 

Carqill, J. H., H.C.S., 4, Duke Street, 

Charley, E., 64, King Street, Kingston. 

Clark, W. P., Mandeville P.O. 

Clerk, H. C. F., Falmouth. 

Clerk, Miss V., Wales, Falmcuth P.O. 

Clodd, A. E., Woodground, Green Island. 

Clot/oh, Miss I. L., 1, John Street, Rae 
Town, Kingston. 

Cocung, H., 70a, Church Street, Kingston. 

Coke, W. H., Mandeville P.O. 

Connaoheb, J., Black River. 

Constantine, H. G., Clermont, Belfield P.O. 

Cooke, F. H., Lucia. 

•Cooper, H. A., Mandeville P.O. 

Cooper, W. Stuart, P.O. Box 247, King- 

Da Costa, Altamont, 27, King Street, 

Da Costa, Hoffman E., 29, Port Royal 
Street, Kingston. • 

Jamaica Aeroplane Fund, Comm. 4, Duke 

Dalrymple, A. J., Jackson Town, P.O., 

Dalrymple, H. S., Richmond Estate, Lang- 
lands P.O., St. Ann's. 
Daly, J. E., Malvern P.O. 
Daly, R. B., Black River. 
Davidson, A. K., c/o Allandalo Munton & 

Co., Kingston. 
Delgado, D. A., Falmouth P.O. 
Delgado, R. L., 83, King Street, Kingston. 
Demercado, H., c/o Lascelles Demercado 

& Co., Kingston. 
De Pass, Fred L., Waterworks, Peters- 
DePass.-JL.eslie C, c/o The Colonial Bank, 

Morant Bay, Kingston. 
Dh Pass, T. M., Cam Planter, Petcrsfield. 
DlGNUM, Miss K., Bnmpton, Mandeville. 
Dixon, A. N., New Ground, Lime Hall 

Dolphy, A., Harbour Street, Kingston. 
Douoall, Mrs. James A. Richmond Estats, 

Eggins, W. G., c/o Nathan & Co., Kingston. 
Evelyn, H. N., Southkemp Road Hotel, 

Evelyn, T. P., 52, King Street, Kingston. 
Excell, Edward S., "Father." 
Farrington, W., W< it Bav, Grand Cayman. 
Farquharson, A. W., 112, East Street, 

Farquharson, Dr. W. G., Christiana P.O. 
Farquharson, Miss M., 112, East Street, 

Farquharson, W. N. C, Black River P.O. 
Finlay, Miss V. M., 3, Penrith Road, Cross 

Roads, P.O. 
Fisher, F. C, King Street, Kingston. 
Forbes, Mrs. \\\, A r morel, Hope Road, 

Halfway Tree P.O. 
Foreman, J. S., Christianna. 
Fbaser, R. W., c/o Sandford & Co., Port 

Royal Street, Kington. 
Gamble, Mrs., Holywood, Halfwav Tree. 
Garrina, W. J., c"/o C. Sadler, Esq., 87, 

King Street, Kingston. 
Gear, A. F., Clifton Ville, Monk Street, 

Spanish Town. 
Girling, S. W., o/o Wcstlndia and Panama 

Cable Co., Kingston. 



JAMAICA — continued. 

Glanvill, S. T., Green Yale Pen, Mile Gully 

Gordon, A., Grand Cayman. 

Gough, N. A., P.O. Box 79, Kingston. 

Gough, R. L., P.O. Box 79, Kingston. 

Geeaves, W. H., Mandeville P.O. 

Green, G. A., Leyland Line, Kingston. 

Grinan, A. J., Coronation Building, 

Gruchy, C. L., Colonial Bank, Montego 

Gruchy, S. G., Bank of Nova Scotia, 

Gruchy, Lieutenant-Colonel L. G., 1, 
Anderson Road, Kingston. 

Gunter, G. G., Mandeville P.O. 

Halliburton, J. A., 3, Rosemary Lane, 

Halliday, Dr. E. V., Christiana. 

Hamilton, L. A., 41, Orange Street, King- 

Harrel, M. D., Constabulary Office, Sutton 
Street, Kingston. 

Hart, A., c/o Manton and Hart, Kingston. 

Hart, D., St. Ann's Bay P.O. 

Helwig, C. J., Christiana. 

Heming, C. N. (J. P.), Holmeide, Claremont 

Hendriks, W. G., Black River P.O. 

Henriquez, C. S., P.W.D., St. Ann's 

Heron, H. Hugh, Shooters' Hill. 

Heron, W. V., Chudleigh, Christiana P.O. 

Hill, J. W., P.O. Box 33, Kingston. 

Hudson, J. M., c/o Nathan & Co., Ltd., 

Ilanville, S., Greenvale, Mile Gully P.O. 

Isaacs, C. R., Shooters' Hill. 

Iver, C. H. A., Black River P.O. 

Jackson, H., West Bay, Grand Cayman. 

Jacobs, D. V., Mandeville P.O. 

Johnston, Dr. C. D., Black River. 

Josephs, H., Assistant Attorney-General, 

Kilburx, J. B., Coronation Building, King- 

Kilburn, Mrs. J. B., " Comrie," Liguanea. 

Laing, P. C, London Store, Kingston. 

Laing, V. St. J., c/o E. R. Mordicai, 

Levy, C. H., Morant Bay. 

Levy, I. S., 3, Parade, Montego Bay. 

Lewis, H. E., Enfield Pen, Newport. 

Lewis, R., Mandeville P.O. 

Lewis, W. E., Mandeville P.O. 

Linden, G. H., Orange Bay. 

Lindo, Mrs. P., Cecelio Lodge, Halfway 
Tree P.O. 

Livingston, N. B., 6, Duke Street, King- 

Lloyd, T. J., Rusea School, Lucea. 

Lopez, E. S., c/o C. M. Da Costa, Kingston. 

Loppz, L. F„ 44, Port Royal Street, 

Lopez, R. F., c/o P. Lopez & Bro., Kingston. 

MacCormack, R. C, Salt River P.O. 

MaoGregor, J. M., Mandeville. 

MoCaulay, W. H. f J.P., Spaldings. 

McDonald, H. L., Windsor Castle P.O., 
The Viney. 

McKay, F. A., 71, Barry Street, Kingston. 

McLean, M. A., Laughlands, St. Ann. 

McTaggart, Dr. R., George Town, Grand 
Cayman, via Kingston. 

Malabre, A. L., c/o A. L. Malabre & Co., 

Marsh, Miss C, c/o Hon. H. Cook, " Park- 
mouth, ?ort Antonio. 

Martin, C. S., c/o Messrs. Butterworth & 
Co., Samarang. 

Maxwell, S., Elphinstowe, Malvern. 

Meikle, M. M., Mandeville. 

Melhada, E., Fair View, Halfway Tree. 

Meyer, W. C., c/o Nathan & Co., Ltd., 

Micke, K. 0., 116, Harbour Street, King- 

Miller, J. A., c/o Sasso and Miller, King- 

Miller, R. J., Christiana. 

Miller, R. J., Jun., Christiana. 

Monkman, T., Mandeville P.O. 

Morison, Mrs. M., Greenwood, Falmouth. 

♦Morris, E., Petersfield P.O. 

Morton, G., P.O. Box 106, Kingston. 

Morton, Mrs. G., P.O. Box 106, Kingston. 

Morton, R. W., P.O. Box 106, Kingston. 

Moses, W. P., Spaldings P.O. 

Motta, A. E., 17a, Duke Street, Kingston. 

Motta, E. C, 89, King Street, Kingston. 

Mullings, C. J., Mandeville P.O. 

Myers, Miss E., " Mayville," North Street, 

Nash, C. T., Black River P.O. 

Nash, S., Black River. 

Neish, J., Southfield, Falmouth. 

Nethebsolb, J. M., Administrator General, 

Nunes, F. V., " Wynnswood," 41, South 
Camp Road, Kingston. 

Nunes, L„ 68, King Street, Kingston. 

Parks, B. 0., 8-12, King Street, Kingston. 

Pass, F. M. de, Petersfield P.O. 

Pike, Rev. E. B., Mandeville P.O. 

Pinnock, T. R., 21, King Street, Kingston. 

Pocock, A. I., Direct West India Cable Co., 

Prendergast, W. A., United Fruit Co., 
Port Antonio. 

Reuben, S. R., 87, Barry Street, Kingston. 

Reuben, Mrs. S. R., 87, Barry Street, King- 

Richards, R. W. P., Biston Estate, Priest- 
man's River. 

Rock, G. H., G.P.O. Kingston. 

Rowe, V. D., 98, Tower Street, Kingston. 

Sale, E. L., 6, North Ave., Kingston Gardens, 

Sampson, A. E., Mandeville P.O. 

Samuel, A., c/o E. R. Mordecai, Kingston. 

Sherlock, A. M., c/o Sherlock and Smith, 

Smith, H. W., Sherlock and Smith, Kings- 

Snaith, K. 0., Silver Gleam, Osborne Road, 
Kencot, Half- Way-Tree. 



.1 W1AICA — continued. 

SOL LAS, 1'. M., c/o Hureomb and Sollas, 

Harbour Street, Kingston. 
Speck, A. W.. c/o P. 0. Fisher, Esq., King 

Street, Kingston. 
Stewart, S. J. A., Newport P.O. 

ichak, i'. <'. S., Glen more Road, 

Rei deigh, Kingston. 
Taplky, J., 31, Duke Street, Kingston. 
Thomson, Mrs. W., c/o The British Dyewood 

Co., Entield, Lacoria P.O. 
Thomson, W. G., c/o The British Dyewood 

Co., Lacoria P.O. 
Watt, E. S., Richmond Estate, Laughlands 

P.O., St. Ann. 

Webb, G. L., Bee Hive Stores, Kings- 

Westmorland, A. G., The Castle, Annotto 
Bay P.O. 

Wilson, W., 83, King Street, Kings- 

\V\ m w. It., c/o Nathan A: Co., Ltd., Kings- 

Wynne, C. T.. Mrs., Brokenhurst, Mande- 
ville P.O. 

Yates, Captain I;. I'., o W. Partington, 
West Bay, Grand Cayman. 

Yeoman, L. C. B., Ocho Rios. 

Yoale, Stanley, Boa 254, Kingston. 


Athill, S. Q., Mill House, Antigua. JOHNSTONE, Miss 11. C, Cadis Bay Est, 

•Best, T. A. \*., Government lion- . Ann. 

Branch. Archdeacon S. E., The Grammar McDonald, Donald, Antigua. 

School, Antigua. Smith, Mrs. S. B., Cassada Garden E6t, 

Camacho, J., Millar's House, Antigua. Antigua. 

Essex, Wm. John, Central Lpnatic Asylum, Thompson, W. H., Parsons Estate, Mont- 
Antigua, eerrat. 



Boon, Mrs. 
Boon, Miss 
Delisle, G. 
Evelyn, A. 
Farara, J., 
French, J. 
McCoy, J. 

t -i re. 
Malone, C, 
Malone, W 

H.C.S.. J. K. FRENcn, 

A., Basseterre. 
P., Basseterre. 


O, Basseterre. 


K., H.C.S., Basseterre. 
< '. M.. Ba 
A., Central Street, 

, Basseterre. 
. F., Basseterre. 

The Treasury. 


i Manchester, T. 

Pkueira, E., The Treasury, Basseterre. 

Pogson, Miss E. R. W., 

Pogson, Miss M., Bouches. 
| Ryan, P. E. 

Sklrritt, A. V., Basseterre. 

Smith, R. H., Fountain Estate. 

Todd, C. C, Basseterre. 
! Todd, R. B., Basseterre. 

Viera, W. E. 

Yearwood, W. A., Basseterre. 


Bennett, Miss c. The M 
Lestrade, J. A., Vieuxfort. 

Lewis, M.C., Beausejour Plantation, Vienx 

MacPhail, Dr. D. M., Castries. 


St. Vincent 

H.C.S., J. K. Axeman. 

11. EOBBTON ElXIS, ('oioniul Hank, P.O. B 

Aikmas, J. H., H.C.S., Colonial Bank. 
BowiB, P. E. J., i o Colonial Bank. 
Cricuton, D. J., Kingstown. 
Cropper, B. D. P., Kingstown. 
Colpan, Rev. ''.. Lay on Rectory. 
De Mo rTBEDN, J. I I olonial Hank. 

Ellis, IL E., H.C.S., P.O. Box 80. 
Pb isbr, C BL, ' 'oloni il Bank. 
•Gray, J. M., J. P., Georgetown. 

Hugqins, P. F., Bellewood-Layon. 
Hughes, R. M., Kingstown. 
Hutchinson, W. C, "Fernaide." 
Is vacs, S. B., Government Cotton Fac- 
McLbod, F.. i d i. I:. M Leod, Esq., W. I. 

and 1'ana ma T( leg] i el' I ". 
McLeod, J. R., W.I. and Panama Telegraph 

Gresham, Rev. Canon H. E., Rectory, Nanton, Wm. A., Kingstown. 

Calliaqua. ulch, J. J. (B.S.), Crichton Hot. 1. 

C. <>.. " Montrose House." Richards, C. E. F., Kingstown. 

HrjooiNS, Miss A. L., Calliaqua P.O. Waith, J. R., Rathe Mill 

O.I. . .F 




Thomas, E. J. H., Merchiston Estate. 

I Thomson, W. \V., Dornoch. 


Port of Spain.— H-C.S.. F. E. Scott, 12, St, V 

Armstrong, Miss I., 36, Edward Street, 

Port of Spain. 
Arnott, D. T., Port of Spain. 
Austin, D., Beaulieu Village, Cedros. 
Austin, H., Beaulieu Village, Cedros. 
Austin, J., Beaulieu Village, Cedros. 
Blenman, J., Beaulieu Valley, Cedros. 
Charles, J. R., Arima. 
Collingwood, V. J., 20, Queen Park West, 

Port of Spain. 
De Verteuil, Dr. E., Liparie. 
Duruty, G. A., 43, Erthig Road, Belmont. 
Encinas, E. M., Beaulieu Valley, Cedros. 
Fitzgerald, G., Sa"n Fernando. 
Fricker, Miss A., Colonial Hospital, Port of 

Gamble, W. H.. Port of Spain. 
Greig, A. Turnbull, 4, St. Vincent Street, 

Port of Spain. 
*Greig, W., 4, St. Vincent Street, Port of 

Guilbert, E. A., La Gloria Estate, Couva. 
Harragin, T., Santa Isabella Estate, Erin. 
Hart, L., Constance Estate, Icacos. 
Hoyte, G. A., Toco. 
Hume, W. B., 15, Abercromby Street, Port 

of Spain. 
Inniss, K. U. A., Beaulieu Valley, Cedros. 
Inniss, L. B., Edward Street, Port of Spain. 
Johnston, C. L., Exchange Estate, Couva. 
Knox, S. P., San Fernando. 
Langford, G. W., Port of Spain. 

incent Street. 

Lewis, J. C, I.S.O., Leversville, San Fer- 
Liddelow. G., '"Craignish." Savana Grande. 
Longley, K. S., c /o -Millers Stores, Port of 

McLelland, H.. San Fernando. 
Middleton, R., Jamden Estate, Couva. 
Montano, A. E., San Fernando. 
Palmer, Mrs. M. A., Sun Life of Canada, 

Port of Spain. * 

Phelps, C, La Brea. 
Power, Miss M., Tunapuna. 
Rogers, C. S., Alexandra Street. Port of 

Rowbottom, R. S., The Bungalow, Cedros. 
Russell, J. D., Camden Estate, Couva. 
Scott, F. E., H.C.S., 12, St. Vincent Street, 

Port of Spain. 
Sousa, R. de, San Fernando. 
Stewart, S. D., Colonial Hospital, San 

Taitt, G. A., Rev., The Vicarage, Indian 

Urich, J. 0., St. Quintin Estate, Icacos. 
Waith, J. B., Adventure House, Point 

Walker, M., Williamsville. 
Warner, H. C, Waterloo, Carapichamia. 
Waterman. A. A., 15, Frederick Street, 

Port of Spain. 
Wharton, L. C, Naparima Dispensary, San 



Grand Turk.— H.C.S., Geo. Goodwin, The Direct West India Cable Co. 

Auden, F. T., The Residency, Caicos Island, 

via Turks Island. 
Durham, C. H., Cockburn Harbour, Turks 

Ewing, E. G., Cockburn Harbour, Turks 

Goodwin, J. G., Direct West India Cable 

Co., Ltd., Grand Turk, Turks Island. 

Malcolm, D. T., Cockburn Harbour, Turks 

Malcolm, J., Cockburn Harbour, Turks 

Powell, C. D., Cockburn Harbour, Turks 

Stubbs, C. A., East Harbour, Turks Island. 
Tatem, W. R., Turks Island. 


Bahia Blanca.— H.C.S., F. B. Tregarthen, Ferro Carril del Sud, Ingenicro White. 

Buenos Aires.— H.C.S., Mrs. C. K. Morris, 2458. Darragueira, Palermo. 

Chubut. — H.C.S., J. Botwood. 16, Octobre, via Neuquen. 

Cordoba. — H.C.S., R. M. Copnall, 1342, Calle Catamarca, General Paz. 

Coronel Pringles and E. Divisorio.— H.C.S., Douglas C. Kirk, Estancia Oje de Agua, 

El Divisorio. F.G.R.P.B. 
Entre Rios.— H.C.S., J. S. Weeks, Santa Elena. 

La Plata. — H.C.S.. A. H. Quirk, c/o La Plata Electric Tramway Co., Calle 4, No. 474. 
Las Flores. — H.C.S., H. Hopson, Traffic Manager, Southern Railway, Las Flores. 
Port Madryn.— H.C.S., W. A. Daniel. 
Rio Gallegos.— H.C.S., H. J. Elbourne. 


ARGENTINE— continu, d. 

Rosario de Santa Fe.-H.C.S., T. S. 1>. Wauev. Casilla Correo 208, Sainniento 623. 

Venado Tuerto. -H.C.S.. Si phbs VV. Milman, Estancia La 76, Venado Tuerto, F.< 

•Adams, G., Lea Corralcs, Felicia Station, 

Adams. II. D., Monte Coman, Prov., Men- 

doza. F.C.B.A.P., J. W., 132, Piedrae, Buenos 

•Agar, W. A., 519, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

•Aqisoouqh, P. !•:.. 92 Calle Maipi, Bnenos 

Al« oqk, V. P. II.. Monte (', F.C.B.A.P. 
Aldkidue. A. C, c/o Garage Patagonia, 

Rio < lallegos. 
•Alexander, C. C, 402, B. Mitre, Buenos 

•Anderson, Mrs. A., 4670, Charcas Palermo, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Anderson, D. C, 47, Maipu, Buenos Aires. 
Anderson, J., B. .Mitre 4u0, Buenos Aires. 
•Anderson, S. S., Calle Maipi 92, Buenos 

•Axous, Mrs. J., 112u, Montes de Oco, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Angus, William, 1120, Montes de Oco, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Aschheim, G., P.O. Box 112, Bahia Blanca. 

. ; •• . G . Eatacion, Monte Coman, F.C.I'. 
Ayling, E I)., 645, Av. de Mayo, Buenos 


DOCK, J. W., 3147, Calle Pino Belgrano, 

Buenos Aires. 
Back, Mrs. A. E., Chalet Moreno, Martinez, 

F.C.C.A., Buenos Aires. 
Baily, Miss E. M., 623, Avenida de Mayo, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Bunks. C. E., 299, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
•Barber, J. M. A., 345, Tucuman, Buenos 

Barnard, C, Patricios 738, Bahia BlaDca. 
Bap.naud. Mrs. M. E., Patricios 738, Bahia 

•Barraud, Miss M. M.. c/o Y.W.C.A., 

2 15, San Martin, Buenos Aires. 
•Barry, J. M., Estancia La Mimosa, Venado 

Tuerto F.C.C.A. 
Bates. R. M.. " La Beatriz." Moron F.C.O. 
Baugh, H. L., The British Bank of S.. 

America, Ltd., Buenos Aires. 
' Bayley, R. V., 934, Uspallata, Buenos 

Beaizlby, V.. [nspeccion de Trarico, Monte 

Coman, F.C.P. 
Be ace, \V. If., 1256, Calle Santiago, Tucu, 

in >ii. 
BiCKWTTH, B. L., Talteres del F.C.C.C. 

Ah i Cordoba. 
•Begg, J., 750, Calle .\! >reno, Buenos Aires, 
Bell, A. D., 645, Av. de Mayo, Buenos 

Eell, Hknky M.. Calle Lima 242, Buenos 

•Bell, J., Estancia La Barrancosa, Venado 

Tuerto F.C.C.A. 
♦ Bell. Mrs. W. i . Calle Belgrano, 

Quilmes, F.C.S., Bnenos Aires. 

Bell, Walter F. A.; Calle San Martin 333, 

Buenos Aires. 
Benbow, F. V., Buenos Aires. 
Benedict, Miss G., c/o Messrs. Moore and 

Tudor, 747, Calle Paraguay . 
•Benitz, Mrs. M. M., Los Algarrobos, Wood- 

gate, F.C.C.A. 
Berliner. W. L., Lovalle 341, Buenos 

Bernau, E. G., Mision Chaquena, Embar- 

cacion, F.C. C.N. 
•Berry, E., Compania Marcai, 132, San 

Martin, Buenos Aires. 
Berry, E. G. L., 672, Corrientes, Bnenos 

Berry, E. K., Ramon Falcon 336, Lomas 

de Zamora, F.C.S. 
Berry, J., Calle Chiclana 165, Bahia 

Bertram, J. M., Estacion, Monte Coman, 

F.C. P. * 

Bideleux, F. F., 2488, Jose Hernandez 

Belgrano, Buenos Aires. 
Bideleux, Mrs. F. I •'., 2488, Jose Her- 
nandez, Belgrano, Buenos Aires. 
Biet, A. E., 402 B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Biet, O. C, Rivadavia 666, Buenos Aires. 
* BlGGS, F. J., Estancia, Guer Aike, Rio 

Billson, G. H., 1627, Casella Correo, Buenos 

Bird, Miss E., Santa Klena, E. Rios. 
Blackburne, E. W., B. Mitre 400, Buenos 

Blackburne, J. D., Ramos Mejia, Province 

de Buenos Aires. 
Blair, J. B., c/o Western Telegraph Co., 333, 

San Martin, Buenos Aires. 
Blake. A. L., c/o Y.M.C.A., Box 144. Paseo 

1 olon, Buenos Aires. 
Blake, H., 1331, Calle Catamarea, Cordoba. 
•Blanch. J. G., 1 4C>. Uefensa 148, Buenos 

•Blanch, J. M., 140. Uefensa 148, Buenos 

Blunt, H. W., Estancia Sanquilco, Rocha, 

•Boadle, T. S.,478, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
►Boas, E. C. 335, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

Air* -. 
Bond, H., c/o de M. i'enan Cia, Estancia 

La Teheulche, Puerto Cotle, Patagonia. 
Botwood, J., Colonia 16 de Gctubre, vid 

Nenquen, Chubut. 
Bourne, \V. A., 2437. Calle San Martin, 

Rosario de Santa F6. 
Boctell, W. L., Banco de la Nacion Arg., 

Buenos Aires. 
Bowes, A., c/o Messrs. J. I. Case Co., Calle 

Peru esq., Venezui la, Buenos Aires. 
Bowk<. W., Santa Elei v, Entn Ivios. 
Boyd, P. R., 750, Calle Moreno, Buenos 

Brackenbuey, W. J., 3 1 5, Cangallo, Buenos 


r 2 


ARGENTINE— c&ntinued. 
♦Bradford, John, 571, Cangallo, Buenos 

*Brady, Rev. H. W., Paseo de Julio 693, 

Buenos Aires. 
Brand, D. H., Los Cisnes, Nueva Lubeca, 

Beeckon, J., c/o Banco Britanieo, Casilla 

722, Buenos Aires. 
Bbeingan, J., 174, Lavalle, Buenos Aires. 
Brewer. Mrs. E., Loma Paraguava, 

F.C.B.A.P., Bahia Blanca., 
Brewer, H., Loma Paraguava. FTC.B.A.P., 

Bahia Blanca. 
Briggs, Mrs. A. E., Sisto Fernandez, 158, 

Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires. 
Briggs, F., Sisto Fernandez, 158, Lomas de 

Zamora, Buenos Aires. 
Beow.v, A. W., 3147, Pino, Belgrano, Buenos 

Aires. I 

*Beowx, F. D'Arcy, Estancia La Ramada, 

Lehmann, F.C.C.A., Santa Fe. 
Beowx, H., 3147, Pino, Belgrano, Buenos 

Brown, H. 

♦Brows, J. 

Brown, .1. 

G., Nicaragua 4419, Buenos 

H., 888, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 
\V.. c o F.C.C.A., Bartolome 

Mitre -1)'.}, Buenos Aires. 
Brown, Mrs. L.,*c/o Mrs. V. Brown, 3157, 

Pino Belgrano, Buenos Aires. 
Beowx, Mis3 0. R., 3157, Pino, Belgrano, 

Buenos Aires. 
Brown, V. A., 3147, Pino, Belgrano, Buenos 

Browne, A. V., Ferro Carril del B. Aires 

Pacifico, Fella Dolores, Provincia de 

Browne, J. M., Anglo-South American 

Bank, Bahia Blanca. 
Browne, W. V., La Galense Germania 

F.C.P., Buenos Aires. 
Bruce, D. C, Colonia F.C.B.A. P., (ialvan, 

Bahia Blanca. 
Buchanan, J., Estancia "Anita," 

Julian, via Bueiios Aires. 
Buckley, F. D., Santa Elena, E. Rios. 
♦Buckley, J. F., Estancia, " La Virginia," 

Woodgate, F.C.C.A. 
Buddie, A., Calle Alsina 888, Buenos Aires. 
Buebush, G. H., Santa Elena, Entre Rios. 
Buechett, J. G., Los Cisnes, Nueva Lubeca, 

Buf.goyne, W., Puerto Madryn. 
Burnett, W. S., Calle 25 de Mayo 31, 

Buenos Aires. 
Burton, E., Calie Soler, 057, Bahia Blanca. 
Butcher. \V. G., Faibrica (,'olon, Entre Rios. 
BYRNE, WILLIAM, " (Unas de Trrigacion," 

Rio Ni e 
Cables, A. \V., Colonia B., No. 9, Dept. 

Maritimes, F.C. del Sud, Calle Guillermo 

Torres, Ingeniero White. 
Cables, Mrs. I., Colonia B., No. 9, Calle 

Gmo. Torres, Ingeniero White. 
Cairns, J., Tesore^ia, F.C.C.A., B. Mitre 

299, Buenos Apes. 
Caldecutt, H. E., Gaiman, Chubut. 
♦Cameeon, R., Florida 783, Buenos Aires. 

♦Campbell, A. C, 888, Alsina, Buenos 

♦Campbell, A. P., British Bank of S. 

America, Buenos Aires. 
Cambfell, T. R., Calle Italia 157, Bahia 

Cannon, Miss M., 1815, Rodriguez, Pena, 

Buenos Aires. 
Cablile, E. J. S., c/o The River Plate Coal 

Co., Ltd., ,25 de Mayo 179, per Piso, 

Buenos Aires. 
Carpenter, Mrs. L. M.. The Tower, Calle 

Rondeau bJO, Bahia "Blanca. 
Carpenter, R. L., The Tower, Calle Ron- 
deau 350, Bahia Blanca. 
Carr, H. W., Estancia Guer Aike, Rio Gal- 
Carstensen, O., Calle Cangallo 830, Buenos 

1 els, J. K., 353, Piedras, Buenos 

Cavendish, J. R., Hurlingham, F.C.P. 
Chalmers, J. H., c/o Frigorifico La Plata, 

Puerto La Plata. 
Chambees, P. B., 25 de Mayo 267, Buenos 

Chambers, S. S., Edifieo Britanica, 113. 

Sarmiento, Buenos Aires. 
Chandler, E. C. Casilla de Corep - 

Buenos Aires. 
Cheer. S. H., 164. Sixto Fernandez, 

♦Chevallier-Boutell, F. H., 25, Mayo 

158, Buenos Aires. 
Chiswell, A.. 900, Corrientes, Olivios, 

Chiswell, 1. W., Florida 444, Bnenos 

Chiswell. Mrs. R., E. 900. Corrientes, 

Olivins. F.C.C.A. 
Clarke. Mrs. A.. " Medhurst," 77, Calle 

Suarez. Ternperlev. F.C.S. 
ice. G. H., ■' Medhurst."' 77. Calle 

Suarez, Temperley. F.C.S. 
Clarke, Miss V., ' Medhurst,' 77. Calle 

Suarez. Temperley, F.C.>. 
Clayton, E., San Jose del Rincon, Prov. de 

Santa Fe. 
Clayton, G. I.. Florida 783. Buenos Aires. 
Clement, D. H. f Estancia Quien Sabe, Lago 

Argentino, Rio Gallegos. 
Clutteebuck, N. H., London and River 

Plate Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, 

Buenos Aires. 
Clydesdale. G. D., Calle Rondeau 478, 

Bahia Blanca. 
Cobb, R. A., Lavalle 341, Buenos Aires. 
Cobden, A. S., 427, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Cockcroft. Emily, E. Mrs., Italia 439, 

Lomas, F.C.S. 
Cockcroft, Margerison, 439. Italia, 

Lomas, F.C.S. 
Cohen, J. A., c/o Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths 

& Co., Bme. Mitre 430, Buenos Aires. 
Coldwell, Clarence W., Independencia 

445, Bernal F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 
♦Collingwood, J., 4670, Calle Charcas, 

Palermo, Buenos Aires. 



ARGEN 1 INK continued. 
•Colcuhoitn, J. W., Tin Forestal Land, 

Timber and Railways Co., Ltd., Cota- 

pania d< Tiei ras, M idei isj I 

i riles, " La F Ltda., Buenos 

Conn ELL, 1).. 771, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 

ian, E. A.. Calle 9, De Julio, I 

111.- 1 
Cook, J. 11. \V.. [ngl ria Evangelica, Las 

Flores, F.C.S. 


Davies, \V. M., ■ ' Colonia 

1 1; de < )ctobn , C'li ibul , uen. 

Davis, \. B„ ( ill v Markin 333, Buenoa 

►Davis, J. H. G., Estanoia " LaGermania," 

mania I .C.P. 
I'm. A. II.. Monte i man. I.' P. 

mn. W. •!., A 

Buenos Aires, 
Dean, A. G., Bagual F.G.O. 

Cook, Mrs. E., Inglesia Evangelica, Las Dean, Mi<. F., I 13, Belgrano, 

Flores, F.C.S. Buenos Ain 

Cook, Mrs. E., Mission Evangelical, Tres } Dean, II. E., Freyn 3, I no, Buenos 

Arroyos, Bahia Blanca. Ain 

Cook. J." 11. W., Mission Evangelioal, Tres *De Bell, Mrs. C. S„ 1062 Venezuela, 

Arroyos, Babia Blanca. Buenos Aires. 

♦Cooper, E., 819, Av. de Mayo, Buenos De Duvillard, Mrs. K. S., " El Coronillo," 


Cooper, S.. 162-170, Alsina, Bahia Blanca. 
Copnall, B. E., 1341, Calle Catamarca, 

Pueblo General Pax, Cordoba, 
ii i . Mrs. i .. A.. 1341, Calle Catamarca, 

( leneral Pa /. < 'orda : 
•Copnall. R. M.. H.C.S., 1311, Calle Cata- 

marca, Pueblo General Paz, Cordoba. 
Cork, 11. 11., Calle Lucio V.Lopez 91, Lomas, 

F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 
Cortes, M. I'.. 299, B. M Aires. 

Estacion Carbo Entre-Rios. 

i ii vrles, l-i i re Rio.s Bailv 

i '.mi.'.h dia , Pro ■ I I '■' 

. 1... Calle I orrienti s 951, Buenos 

* Denton, R. W., 544, B. Mitre, Buenos 

*Dey, J., London ami River Plate Bank, 

399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Dickie, Miss P., Estancia Bon Accord, Lago 

Argentino, Rio Gallegos. 

Coulton, I. B., Fabrica Colon, Entre Rios. Dickie, Mrs. M., Estancia Bon Accord, Lago 
Cowi Nono, San Argentino, Rio Gallegos. 

Cordoba, F.C.P. Dickie, \V., Estanica Bon Accord, Lago 

*Cowes, A. A., " Waterloo," Temperley, Argentino, Rio Gallegos. 

F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 'lip kinson, C. E., 186, San Martin, Buenos 

Cowes, I'. V.. li'.M, Laval) Aires. 

•Cowe8, M. M., Ezpeleta, F.C., Sud. Dickinson, G.N., 186, San Martin, Buenos 

Cowlishaw, \V., 78, Reconquista, Buenos Ail 

Aires. Diesch, H. J., 515, l'aseo Colon, Buenos 

Cox, E., Talleres, F.C.N.E.A.. Monte Aires. 

Caseros, Prov. Corrientes. Dixon, 1... 320, Satn ento, Buenos Aires. 

Crane, W., Hurlingham F. C. P., Buenos Docherty, R., Florida 783, Buenos 

Aires. Aires. 

•Crawford, M. A., Burzaco, F.C.S., Buenos *Dodd, F. W., Calle B. Mitre 519, Buenos 

Aii Aires. 

•Cromwell, Oliver, 1367, Pedro Mendozo, Dodds, J., Piedras 353, Buenos Aii 

Bni Donaldson, J. A., 268, Reconquista, 

Crossman, Miss K., c/o Madame Bullrick, Buenos Aires. 

Arenales, 1190, Buenos Aires. Doolan, M., Casilla 21, Rio Call 

Crowther, C, Aiigus Corrientes, Lomas d< I i. A Gftlli Chili *29, 

Zamora, Buenos Aires. Bu 

Cruickshanks, D., 1313, Catamarca, Cor- Drew, G., Estancia Bon Accord, Lago 
doba. Argentino, Rio Gallegos. 

ricKSHANKS, Miss J., 1313, Catamarca, •Drvsdale, A. T., 2:;:. San Martin, Buenos 
Cordoba. Aires. 

•Cullen, F. I... 1. "8, 25 de Mayo, Buenos •Drvsdale, Mrs. \. T., Independencia 

Aires. 201 I. Bui nos Ai 

Ccllerne. A. I;.. Western Telegraph Co., * le, J. M., 430, B. Mitre, Buenos 

333, San Martin, Buenos Ail Ai: 

•CtJMMixo, C, London and River Plate Dun-ford, H., Venado Tuerto, F.C.C.A. 
Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos Durnford, J. P. 0., Dolores. 
Aires. * 1 . hmunds, F. H., 3 If.. Cangallo, Buenos 

•irMMiNO, C. C. Casilla 22. Bahia Blanca. Aires. 

Cunat, L. C, Calle Lavalle, 341, Buenos Edwards, G., 46, Call' Keconquista, Buenos 

Aires. Aires. 

•Cdrtois, C, 46, Reconquista, Buenos Elboorne, H. J., H.C.S., Rio Gallegos. 

Aires. . ' Eldrid, A. A., Parravtcini, F. C. Sud., 

Dalton, F. P., 515, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

•Da vies; J. H., 478, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires 

Buenos Air' s. 
Ellis, C. I., Western Telegraph Co., 333, 
San Mai tin. Buenos Air' -. 



ml i naed. 

lcia La Cine, Villigas, 

G., London and River 
399, Bartolome Mitre, 


• Emerson, G., Lit™ 

•Exgelken, F. A. M., 440, Peru, Buenos, 

Erskineshaw, A 

Plate Bank, 

Buenos Aires. 
Evans, D. J., Swansea Cottage, Gaiman, 

Evans, Rev. E., Gaiman Colonia Calense, 

Chubut, via Buenos Aires. 
Evans, T. H., Lago Argentina, Rep. Argen- 
♦Every, E. P., Rt. Rev. Bishop, Paseo de 

Julio 692, Buenos Aires. 
•Fagg, H. C., " Las Cabezas," Buenos 

Fairhurst, W., B. Mitre 400, Buenos 

Fairweather, E. A., c/o E. G. Drabble 

& Co.. Florida 32, Buenos, Aires. 
Fairweather, Blrs. M. L. c/o E. G. Drable 

& Co.; Florida 32, Buenos Aires. 
•Falconer, A. A., London and River 

Plate Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, 

Buenos Aires. 
Falconer, G. A., London and River Plate 

Bank, Mendoya. 
*Farr, A.. 1516; Gral Horms, Buenos Aires. 
Farrell, Mrs. G. 1., Oficina Pagador- 

Estacion, Plaza Constitucion, F.C.S., 

Buenos Aires. 
Farrell, L. J. B., Oiicina Pagador, Esta- 

cion, Plaza Constitucion, F.C.S., Buenos 

Ferguson, T. G., English Club, Cordoba. 
•Field, W., Alsina 261, Buenos Aires. 
FitzHerbert, B. W., San Patricio, Cuenca, 

Fletcher, 17., Calle 17, No. 385, La Plata. 
Fleury, W., 331, Reconquista, Buenos 

•Forbes, S., Estancia Pepita, Nueva 

Lubeca, Territorio Chubut. 
Ford, F. G. G., 499, Congallo, Buenos 

Foreman, Mrs. E. E., Casa B. 57, Colonia 

Locomotoras F. C. fcj., Ingeniero White. 
Foreman J. H., Casa B. 57, Colonia Loco- 
motoras F. C. S., Ingeniero White. 
Forman, J. R., c/o Agar Cross & Co , Ltd., 

519, Paseo Colon, Buenos Aires. 
•Foster, Mrs. C. A. Mortloch, 2332, Calle 

Acevedo, Buehos Aires. 
•Foster. Frank, Estacion Cnce., F.C.O., 

Buenos Aires. 
Fowler, T. C. E., 441, Bartolome .Mitre, 

Buenos Aires. 
Francis, S. E., British Bank of South 

America, Buenos Aires. 
•Fraser, R., 551, Montes de Oco, Buenos 

Frost, T. B., Batten Cottages No. 7, 

Rosario de Santa Fe. 
Frostick, A. E., 819, Av. de Mzyo, Buenos 

•Gardener, A. C, Alsinia 261, Buenos 


Gardom, W. D., 185, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

Gaydon, Miss M. P., c/o British Society, 

536, Congallo, Buenos Aires. 
Gepp, E. A., c/o Messrs. Moore and Tudor, 

750, Moreno. Buenos Aires. 
•Gibbs, H. C. H., 402, B. Mitre, Buenos 

•Gibson, C, Piedras 353, Buenos Aires. 
•Gibson, E., ««8, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 
Gibson, J. A., u45, Av. de Mayo, Buenos 

Gilbert, W. L., 315, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
•Gilderdale, M. F., 199, Montes de Oca, 

Buenos Aires. 
Gill, Miss J. S., c/o Mrs. Cavanagh, Arias, 

•Gla£er, G., 568, Florida, Buenos Aires. 
Godfrey, C. M., 376, B. Mitre, Buenos 

- Aires. 
•Goldsmid, B., Hurlingham, F.C.P., Buenos 

Gooding, A. T., B. Mitre 402, Buenos Aires. 
Graham, E., San Rafael, Estacion Lopez 

Lecube, F.C.P. 
Graham, J., Frigorifico La Plata, Puerto La 

Grant, A. M., c/o Lock-wood & Co., 651, 

Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires. 
•Grant, J. R., Alsinia 1169 (Cia Primitive 

de Gas). Buenos Aires. 
Green, J. T., Bovril, Ltd., Santa Elena, 

Entre Rios. 
Green. Mrs. M. H., The Tower, Juan 

Molino 761, Bahia Blanca. 
Green, N. I., Estancia " Curupicay," 

Naranjits, Corrientes. 
Green, Robt. Wm., Santa Elena, Entre, 

Green, W. B. H., -Calle Chiclana, Bahia 

Greene, J. S., Estacion Vedia, F.C. Pacifico, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Gregory, G. J., Gallegos. 
•Griffen, G. E., 158, 25 de Mayo, Buenos 

Grimshaw, T. B., Curamalan, F.C.S. 
Groves, F., Oficina Trafico, Canada de 

Gomez, F.C.C.A. 
*Gwyn, B. L., Administracion, Estacion 

Cnce., F. C. Aeste., Buenos Aires. 
•Hale, H. .1., Calle Peru 440, Buenos Aires. 
•Hall, A. J., Suipacha 585, Buenos Aires. 
•Hall, C. A., Estacion Olavarria, Ferro 

Carrel del Sud. 
*Hall, G. M., 46, Reconquista, Buenos 

*Hall, Miss Gladys Ruby, Rose Villa, 

Temperley, F.C.S. , Buenos Aires. 
Hall, J., Rufino, F.C.P.. Republica 

•Hall, J. B., 874, Tucuman 878, Buenos 

Halstead, M. A., 31, Esmeralda, Buenos 

Aires. . 

Hamill, W., Bon Accord, Lago. 
Hamilton, B. C, Calle Peral 555, Alta Cor- 





RGENTINP:— continued. 
om.T'.N. Mrs, li. C, Calle Peral 555, Alta 

amilton, J., Punta Loyola, Patagonia. 
amilton, Mrs. 0., Punta Loyola, Pata- 
oii'tox, \\\, 10.")3, Patricios, Buenos Aires. 
irano, P. K.,315, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
*RE, P. J., Calle 2."> de .Mayo 195, Buenos 

Harrison. i>. l>., Monte Co man, I'. CI'. 
Barrison, G. !'•.. Monte Coman, F.C.P. 
Harvey, W. C, Czn Cenatia. 
Harvey, W. II., Primitiva Gas < o. ol Buenos 

Aires, Ltd., 1169, Calle Alsina, Buenos 

Hasbix, H., Calle San Martin 333, Huenos 

Hathway, J. T., 4458- 64, Costa Rica, 

Buenos Aires. 
JI \wi>. i'. .1.. futuyai o, F.C.P., Prov. de 

Buenos Ai- 
•Baxell, W. E. O., 645, Av. de Mayo, 

Buenos Aires. 
Hay, C. B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
Hay, Miss R., c/o Bridges and Reynolds, 

Estancia Viamonte, Tierra del Fuego. 
Bearne, A., Calle Defense 665, Buenos A 
Mi . E. A.. 299, B. Mitre, Buenos 

•Heatlie, B. H., 666, Kivadavia, Buenos 

Hktnboth, h.. Fabrica Colon, Entre Rioe. 
•, H. J., 46, Reconquista, Buenos 

•Henstock, C. P., Casilla 19, Rio Gallegos. 
•Heriot, P. de C. M., 46, Reconquista, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Heriot, P. M., British Bank of S. America, 

Buenos Aires. 
Hetley, H. E., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
•Hide, G. J., Calle Bartolome Mitre 682, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Higham, P., 3982, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires. 
Hill. A. Staslxt, English Club, Buenos 

Hilton, J., 360, Avenida Colon, Bahia 

Hilton, Mrs. M.. 360, Avenida Colon, Bahia 

•Hinds, J. A., 459, Sarmiento, Buenos 

Hipwell, H. H., London and River Plate 

Bank, Ltd., Buenos Aires. 
•Hirschbero, F. R., 786, Alsina, Buenos 

Hirst, 8., Monte Caservs, Prov. Corrientes. 
Hogg, J., Cerrito 176, Buenos Aires. 
Holman, H. A., Colonia B. 20 Ingeniero 

White, Bahia Blanca. 
Honeysett, M., Paseo Colon 185, Piso 11, 

Buenos Air 
•Hope, \V., Florida Xegra, San Julian, 

Hokf.. Frank J., Calle 2." de Mayo 195. 

Buenos Aii 
Bornsby, T. X.. "La Aurora," 3475, 

Eche^ i i lii, I'.' Igra Buenos 


Howson, H. T., Alsina 481, Quilmes. 
Bughbs, Geo. l»., 456, Cangallo, Bui 

•Hughes, H. G., 499, Cangallo, Buenos 

Bughes, Mis. M., 72. Calle Eduardo J'ulnes 

Barrio Ingles, Cordoba. 
Hughes, W. J., 122 33, La Plata. OnActive 

Hume, A. S., 564, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
•Humphries, R. E., 478, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Hunt, E. F., Casa Blanca, Trelew, Chubut 

IhNT, W. B., Diagonal 80, No. 729, La 

, Et, \. I.. c .. Sucesion Jorge, Estancia 

"Santa Elena," Estancion Corbett, 

lliN/iKii:, G. E., Kilb-k-Aike North, 

i o Banco Anglo. Rio Gallegos. 
Hurran, W., c/o W. Dickie, Esq., Estancia 

Bon Accord, Lago Argentino, Rio Gal- 
"IfrssEY, Henry, San Martin 295, Buenos 

Huzman, S. J. R., Estancia San Rufael, 

Lopez Lecube, F.C.P. 
•Ince, H., Mineral de Salado, Rodeo, Prov. 

de San Juan. 
Insley, J., Gaiman, Chubut Territory. 
James, E. E. W., London and River Plate 

Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

James, B. C. If.. Madryn, Chubut. 
Jeffryes. J. J., c/o Messrs. Dun & Co., 37, 

Reconquista, Buenos Aires. 
Johnston, T., Loco. Dept., Ferro Carril del 

Sud, Ingeniero \\* !i i t <• . 
•Jones, H. B., London and River Plate 

Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

•Jones, Rev. H. T., Terrero 243, Flores, 

Buenos Aires. 
Jones, R. E., c/o E. Cattle, c/o South 

American Bank, Lago Argentina, Rio 

Jordan, J. P., Chiclana 165, Bahia Blanca. 
Kay, P., 645, Av. de Mayo, Buenos Aires. 
•Kay. Samuel, 299, Chile, Buenos Aires. 
Keen, F. F., " Highfield," Belgrano, Buenos 

♦Keen an, Patrick Hayes, Bnrzaco, F.C.S., 

Buenos Aires. 

r, George Herbert, Santa Elena, 

Entre Rios. 
Ker, D. H., 185, Paseo Colon, Bueno3 Aires. 
•Kidd, J. H., 274, Reconquista, Buenos 

•Kidd, Mrs. M. A., 274, Reconquista, 

Buenos Aii ■ 
•Kidd, R. J., 274, Reconquista, Buenos 

♦Ku-i'i'M. I.. 299 !'•. Miin-, Buenos Aires. 
•Kirk, D. G., H.C.S., Est Ojo De Agua, C. 

Pringles, F.C.S. 
•Knight, H. E., 261, Alsina, Buenos 




ARGENTINE— continued. 

Knowles, H. H., Contaduria, F. C. C. A.. 

Bartolome Mitre, 299, Buenos Aires. 
Knowles, W., c/o W. Dickie, Esq., Estancia 

Bon Accord, Lago Argentino, Rio 

Kyle, L. N., Santa Elena, Prov. Entre Rios. 
Labega, A., 174, Lavalle, Buenos Aires. ' 
'Laidlek, War. C, Passo Colon 185, Buenos 

Lamb, W. J., 427, Bme. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Lambert, D.. 148. Peru, Buenos Aires. 
•Lambert, W. J., 299, Bart. Mitre, Buenos 

Lane, E., Calle Corrientes, 333, Bahia 

Langston, L. G., Western Telegraph Co., 

San Martin 333, Buenos Aires. 
Langton, A. W., London and River Plate 

Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

Langtry, W., 335, B. Mitre, B. Aires. 
Lascelles, E. G., Saladillo, F.C. Sud. 
•Lauder, W. K.. 888, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 

Lovett, A. G., 679, Garmiento Quilmes, 

Buenos Aires. 
Lucas, J., Boucs de Londresey, Rio de le 

Plata, Buenos Aires. 
*Lumb, C. P., sen., Bolsa 7, Buenos Aires. 
♦Lumb, C. P., jun., 334, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Lyons, R. E. R ..Fabrica Colon, Entre Rios. 
Macaulay, Mio. R., Anita Farm, Lago 

Macaulay, R., Anita Farm. 
MacBean, W. R., B. Mitre 400, Buenos 

♦MacCornodale, Mrs. J., 24 de Sep- 

tiembre 1097, Cordoba. 
♦MacCorquodale, D., 585, Calle 24 de 

Se |>tembre, Cordoba. 
MacDonald, C. D., British Vice-Consulate, 

Calle Brown, Bahia Blanca. 
♦xMacDonald, L., Estancia Pepita, Nueva 

Lubeca, Territorio Chubut. 
MacDonald, R., 188, Defensa, Buenos 

Laughton, A. G., Gerencia, F.C.S., Plaza *MacDonald, R.„ Estancia Pepita, Nueva 

Constitucion, Buenos Aires. Lubeca, Territorio Chubut. 

'Lawrence. H. P.. 25 de Mayo 158, Buenos Macdonald, R. A., The British Bank of 
Aires. South America, Buenos Aires. 

♦Mace, J. W., 132, San Martin, Buenos Aires. 
Mackay, E., Obras de Irrigation, Bio Negro, 

Macken, J., 315, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
Mackenzie, J., Cerra Buenos Aires Lago 

Argentine, Gallegos, Santa Cruz. 
♦Mackenzie, R. N., 299, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Mackenzie, W., c/o Messrs. Michel Rooze 

Y Cia, Rio Gallegos. 
•Mackintosh, A. S., 327, Sarmiento, Buenos 

Macleod, K. M., 2,733, Tronador Coghlan, 

"F.C.C.A., Buenos Aires. 
Macqueen, G. M. R., 252, Balcaree, Buenos 

McAllister, Samuel, Santa Elena, Entre 

♦McCarthy, A. C, 640, Caseros, Buenos 

♦McCarthy, E., 315, Cangallo, Buenos 

McCorqudale, W. (Hacendado), " Stor- 

munt," Cabildo, F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 
McCorquodalej J., Estancia Stormon*, 

Coronel Fakon, F.C.R., a P.B. 
McCrindle, J. 15., Calle Darragueira 150, 

Bahia Blanca. 
Mc( kindle, Mrs. L. F., Calle Darragueira 

15Q, Bahia Blanca. 
Mi I ri.Eocir, H., Rivera Indarte 155, 

McDougall. Mrs. E., Calle Pueyrredon 90, 

Bahia Blanca. 
McDougall, S. D., Calle Pueyrredon 90, 

Bahia Blanca. 
♦McIntosh, Miss E. D., Los Algarrobos, 

Woodgate, F.C.C.A. 
♦McKerrow, A., 78, Reconquista, Buenos 

MoKinnon, J. G., Rio Gallegos. 

♦Leach, Walter, Ingio La Esperanza, 

San Pedro-de-Injuny. 
Leahy, J. P.. 234, Felix Frias, General Paz, 

Leatherdale, C, Nueva Escocia, Guanaco, 

Lee, R., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
Leonard, S. U., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
Leslie, Arnot, 278, Balcaree, Buenos 


Leslie. G. E., 645, Avenida de Mayo, Buenos 

♦Leslie, N., 242, Calle Lima, Buenos Aires. 
Leslie. T. X., 426, Calle Sarmiento. Quilmas. 
Leslie, R., Central Arg. Rly., Buenos Aires. 
'Leslie, William, 1710, Lavalle, Buenos 

Levy, D. P., Contaduria, Cordoba Central 
Railway Co., Paseo Colon 185, Buenos 
♦Liddell, J., Calle Florida 783, Buenos 

Liddell, J., San Adolfs, Ascasubi, F.C. 

•LlNDOP, V., Villa .Mercedes, Temnerlev, 

Lindsay, J., 515, Paseo Colon, Buenos Aires. 
Lister, T. B.. .Moreno 750, Buenos Aires. 
Lloyd, \\, Edificio Britanico, Buenos 

Locke, F., 876, Moreno Quilmes, Buenos 

♦Lockwoqd, C, 654, Call. Rivadavia, 

Buenos Aii 
Loder, R. H., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
•Loewenthal, M., Rio Gallegos. 
Loewenthal, T., Contadurie, F. C. Sud, 

Buenos Aires. 
r,OGAN, G. J., 293, 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires. 
Longe, Mrs. A., Calle Lima, Pueblo General 
Paz, Cordoba. 



ARGENTINE— continued. 
MoKittrick, F. J. A., 185, Paseo Colon, 

Bueno3 Air 
•McLean, G. 11.. Cangallo 322, Bu 

•McLeod, M., Estancia Chymen Aike, Rio 

Mi .Mi mdy, .!.. [nspeccion de Trafico, Monte 

tan, F.C.P. 
MiXi;iLL. If., Casilla 1,130, Buenos Aires. 
McNeill. Mrs. M., Casilla 1,130, Buenos 

McRobert, \V., Calle B. Mitre 47G, Buenos 

M a doe, L. G.. Oficina Ingeniero Constructor, 

Calk- Gujiiy, 1,380, Rosario. 
Magrane, G. V., 158, 25, de Mayo, Buenos 

Main, U . S., 50, Calle O'Brien, Plaza Con- 

atituoion, Buenos Aires, 
•Malcolm, J. A., 1121, Serrano, Buenos 

Mallet, M., Calle Sarmiento, "Canipance," 

Buenos Ail 
•Malum, W., "Santa Mes," La Paz, Entre 

MiRORETT, Miss L., La Eloisita, Arenaza, 

P. CO. 
Martin. A., c/o Sociedad Anonima, Rio 

Martin, A. E., Calle Guemes 752. Babia 

111 n 
Martin, H. C, Fabrica Colon, Entre 

Map.tindale, B. K., B. Mitre 400, Buenos 

Mathews, T., 1169, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 
Mathubih, C. W., 174, Lavalle, Buenos 


". s, B., Calle Saavedra, 560, Bahia 

Matthew s, Mi s, M. A., Calle £ 

Bahia Blai 
MATKABD, G. \V., Ibicuy. 
•Mbexboom, J. A., Ferro Carril 

Argentine, 299, Burt. Mitre, Buenos 

Aii - 
Mekdi . !'. A.. Contadnria, Ferro t ';> ni t de 

Sud, Plaza Constitution, Buenos 

Miqootti, Mrs, M B 


-Mu i.kk. A.. Rio 


Miller. J. \V., Punta Loyola, Patagonia. 
•Millichamp, <J. 11., Calle San Martin 

Montgomery, R., Chief Accountant, Central 

Cordob* Railway. 
•Moody, H, C, 027 Corrientes, Buenos 

Moody, S. J„ 5G4, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
Morey, A. < ;.. i o Messrs. Evans, Thornton 

\ Co., Calle Defensa 165, Buenos Aires. 
Morgan, G. E., 261, Alsina, Buenos Aires. 
Morqan, R. H., 727, Talcahuano, Buenos 

Morley, A., Estancia Owen Sabe, Lago 

•Morris, Mrs. C. K., H.C.S., 2458, Darra- 

gniera, Palermo, Buenos Aires. 
♦Morris, Rev. W. C, 4,670, Calle Charcas, 

Palermo, Buenos Aires. 
Morrow, Rev. J. D., Iglesia Anglicana, 

Lomas do Zainora F. C. S., Buenos 

•Moss, J. L., 315, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 

lhbad, ■'• <: -. Anglo Sth., American 

Bank, Ltd., Rio r, ,11, 
•Mulhall, W. J., 158, 25 de Mayo, Buenos 

•Murchison, J., 3,341, Juramento, Bel- 

grano, Buenos Aires.' 
Murdoch, K. I)., Santa Elena, Entre Rios. 
Murphy, G. J., Varadero, F.C.C.A., Buenos 

Murray, A. E., 424, San Martin, Buenos 

Murray; Mrs. I., Calle 9 de Julio 539, Bahia 

Bla ' 
Murray, J., 424, San Martin, Buenos Aires. 
•Murray, J. A.. Sarmiento 623, Rosario, 

♦Murray, Joseph, Av. de Mayo No. 819, 

Buenos Aires. 
Murray, \V., Calle 9 de Julio 539, Bahia 

Murrie. J. G. S., Las Mostazas, R.P.B., 

Buenos Aires. 
Mubrie, Mrs. M., Las Mostazas, R.P.B., 

BuenoB Aires. 
•Newell, G.-P., B. Mitre 299, Buenos Aires. 
•Nicol, W. C, 515, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

Norman, G. ('.. Santa Eleria, E. Rios. 
•Numbs, G. J., 132, San Martin, Buenos 

Oakxey, Mrs. E., Calle Bedoya 361, Cor- 
i, R, .V.. c o W. A. St urge-fin. Esq., 
Beatriz,' Avenida Rivaderia, 

Moron, F.C.O., Buenos Ain 

Buenos Aires. O'Callaohan, P., c/o Messrs. Agar, Cross & 
Mills, Rev. J. Y., 693, Paseo de Julio, | Co., Ltd., Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires. •O'Connor, C. E., Belgrana 660, Buenos 
•Mitchell, A. D., 783, Calle Florida, Buenos m;s. 

Aires. O'Neill, J. F. B., 427, B. Mitre, Buenos 
•Mitchell, E. B., 580, Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 

Aires. *Orman, F. \V., Inm-niero White, I C.S. 

•Mitchell, M. C. River Plate Coal Corp., *Orr. W. H., 519, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

25, <ie Mayo 179, Buenos Aires. Aires. 

•MiTcnELL, \V., 459 B. Mitre, Buenos i Osborne, Mrs. M. E., 344, Calle Patricios, 

Aires. I'.ahia Blanca. 

Mongon, W. 0., Casilla de Correo No. 12, La OsbobSe, S. V.. 717, Patricios, Bahia 

Plata, F.C.S. Blanca. 



ARGENTINE— continued. 

Owen, H. B., Calle 25, de Mayo 158, Buenos I 

Owen, M. J.. Miss, 1071, Calle 6, La Plata. 
Owen, Mrs. S., c/o Messrs. F. H. Chevallier 

Boutell & Son, 158, Calle 25 de Mayo, 
Buenos Aires. 
Owen, W. H., Calle 4, No. 474, La Plata. 
Owens, Robert, 16 Octubre, via Nenquen, 

Page, P, P., 90, Calle 25 de Mayo, San 

Martin, Buenos Aires. 
Parsons, G. N., Tacuari 1314, Buenos 

Pateeson, G. C, 519, Paseo Colon, Buenos 

Paterson, W., c/o C. H. Walker & Co., Ltd., 

Casilla Correo 796, Buenos Aires. 
•Paterson, W. C, London and River Plate 

Bank, 399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

Payne, Mrs. C, c/o W. Dickie, Esq., 

Estancia Bon Accord, Lago Argentino, 

Rio Gallegos. 
Peacock, Mrs. F. E., Liberted, F.C.M.; 

Buenos Aires. 
•Pearson, C. H., Central Arg. Rly., Buenos 

Penny, A. R., 173, Calle Belgrano, Lomas, 

F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 
Penrose, F. S., Guanohani 322, Buenos 

Penrose, Mrs. T. S., Guanohani 322, 

Buenos Aires. 
Perkin, A., 542. Cangallo, Buenos Aires. 
Perkin, Mrs. B., 1,331, Catamarca, Cor- 
•Perkins, E. B., 1,950, Avenide Alvear, 

Buenos Aires. 
Perkins, L. B., 429, Calle Pedro Mendoza, 

Buenos Aires. 
Perry, F. W., 251, Calle Lamadrid, Lomas 

de Zamora, Buenos Aires. 
Peterson, C. T., 1,565, Thames, Buenos 

Phillips, Mrs. M., 3,147, Pino, Belgrano, 

Buenos Aires. 
Philpotts, W. H., c/o Nelson Line, Recon- 
quista 314, Buenos Aires. 
Piesker, F. W. A., 2,101 Cramer Belgrano, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Pilliner, R. G., Bolsa de Comercio, 

Buenos Aires. 
Pilling, Mrs. E. E., 430, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Pilling, J. A., c/o Deloitte, Plender, 

Griffiths & Co., B. Mitre, Reconquista, 

Buenos Aires. 
Pinsent, G. S., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
Pixton, E. M., 1990, Conesa, Belgrano, 

Buenos Aires. 
Pocock, C, Maria Antonia, Lago Argentina, 

Rio Gallegos. 
•Pollard, T. W., London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Buenos Aires. 
• Pootell, R., 46, Reconquista, Buenos 

Porteous, G. C, 250, Reconquista, Buenos 


PoRTEors. W. H., Contaduria, F.C.C.A., 

Bartolome Mitre 299, Buenos Aires. 
Powter, A. R., Fabrica Colon, Entre Rios. 
Prest, Coppinger-, T., c/o The Brit. Bank 

of S. America, Bartolome Mitre 400, 

Buenos -area. 
•Prichard, B. A.,CalleSarmiento7, Correo. 

Temperley. F.C.S. 
*Pritchard, W., 400, Bartolome Mitre, 

Buenos Aires. 
Pryce, G. R., Arroyo Piscardo, 16 de 

Oetobre, via Neuquen, Chubut. 
Pye, Mrs. A. L., Cass. 1 y 2, Colonia Loco- 

motoras 59, Ingeniero \yhite, F.C.S. 
Pye, T., Cass I y 2, Colonia Locomotoras 59, 

Ingeniero White, F.C.S. 
Quirk, A. H., H.C.S., c/o Cia Tramways 

Electricos De La Plata, Lda., Calle 4, 
No. 474, La Plata. 
Rae, Miss A., Calle Italia 40-46, Bahia 

Rae, Mrs. E. D., Calle Italia 40, Bahia 

Rae, W., Calle Italia 40-46, Bahia Blanca. 
Ramirez, Mrs., Rio Gallegos. 
Rankin, D., Estancia Anita, Lago Argen- 
Ransdale, H. A., Cordoba 847, Rosario 'de 

Sante Fe. 
*Reed, B. A. C, 25, de Mayo 158, Buenos 

Rees, D. G., Colonia 16 de Octubre. Chubut, 

via Neuqueii. 
•Regan, M., Cangallo 580, Buenos Aires. 
Reynard, H. W., Estancia Canadon de las 

Vacos, c/o Banco Anglo Sud Americano, 

Richards, C. H., Calle San Martin 88, 

Bahia Blanca. 
♦Richards, W. G., Espana 846, Ternperlev, 

F.C., Sud. 
Rivadavia, Miss M. L. O., Siebig's Tray 

Bentes, Buenos Aires. 
Rivadavia, A. O., Rivadavia 666, Buenos 

Robb, A., Bon Accord, Lago. 
•Roberts, H. A., 31, Esmeralda, Buenos 

Roberts, H. G., Calle Moreno 627, Buenos 

Roberts, H. J., B. Mitre 400, Buenos Aires. 
Roberts, M. C., Miss, 252. Calle Sucre, 

Roberts, O. P., Estancia " La Germania," 

Germania. F.C.P.. Buenos Aires. 
Robertson, J. A., Casa C. 18, Ingeniero 

White, F.C.F. 
Robertson. L. H.. Contaduria, Ferro Carril 

del Sud, Ingeniero White, F.C.S. 
Rogers, Miss D. M., 270, Belgrano, Buenos 

Rogers. Miss M. M., 270, Belgrano, Buenos 

Rogers, Mrs. R. E., 270, Belgrano, Buenos 

*Rogers, S. A., Messrs. Rogers & Co., 

Belgrano 270, Buenos Aires. 
*Rooney, S., 132, San Martin, Buenos Aires. 




Rosoow, A. W., Marmol F. C. S., Buenos 

Ross, J., Ria Yaonde, Cierra del Fuego. 
*RotJ8, W> S., Club Residentes Estrangeros, 

170, H. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Roww. X. ('.. Dsina Berissa, F.C.S. 
Rdoekosi, .Mrs. A., 3773, Eckeverria, Bel- 

urano, ]?uenos Aires. 
RuGiiKosi, A. J. J., Usina Luz Electrica, 

La Plata. 
Rdoeroni, C. R., 25, de Mayo 214, Buenos 

♦Ri'mmel, K - ;. Anonima, San Julian. 

Runciman, D. I., 315. Cangallo, Buenos 

Runoiman, I. H.. " La Mariposa," Sancti 

Spirita, F.'.i . \. 
Runnacles, Mrs. R. J.. Estancia Espar- 

tillar, Ranchos F.C.S. 
Runnacles, R. J., Estancia Espartillar, 

Ranchos. F.C.S. 
*Ri-shton. R. S., 4060, Corrients, Buenos 

jsbll, Mrs. I-'.. M., 252, Balcarce, Buenos 

Russell, \\\, 299, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 

dlikb, Mrs. A. M., Argandona esq 
vento Cabral, Pueblo San Vincente, 

Sandkbson, J., Viamonf 37'.'. Bahia Blanca. 
Sanderson, W. R., Puerto Madryn, Chubut. 
Schabenberq, F., 315, Cangailo, Buenos 


3, ' . M., \'illa \ i Cal marco. 

•Soott, C. D., 73, Chacabues, Buenos Aires. 

it. C. E., Calle Chacabuco 73, Buenos 

♦Scott, If., London and River Plate Bank, 

399, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Shadforth, E. H., La Plata Cold Storage, 

Dock Central. 
*Sharpk, E. V. G. H.,459, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Sharples, J. B., Casilla Correo 1.627. 

Buenos Aires. 
♦Sharples, J. \V.,c/o Anglo- Argentine Iron 

Co., Ltd., 1627, Casilla Correo, Buenos 

Sharples, Mrs. M. A., Casilla Correo 1,627, 

Buenos Aires. 
♦Sharples, Mrs. M. M., c/o Anglo-Argen- 
tine Iron Co., Ltd., 1627, Casilla 

Correo, Buenos Aires. 
Shaw, Geo. R., Oficina de via y Obras, San 

♦Shearer. R. G.,402, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
■bd, 11.. Rivadavia Avenue tils. 

Buenos Aii' 
♦Suepheabd. Mrs., Calle Sarmiento 4S6,Las 
- Flores. F.C.S. 
Shewabd, R. 0., c/o Anglo South American 

Bank, Ltd., Calle Reconquista, Buenos 

♦Shipton. Stew\rt, 666, Rivadavia, Buenos 

Shbimpton, H. W., c/o Banco de Londres 

Brazil, Casilla de Correo 1068. Buenos 


ii. If., i: i 'i l.i N'orie, S.M., Cabal 
Ql I P. , 
Sidebottom, J., Victorica, F.C.G., Pampa 

♦Simons, I''.. C, Reconquista 195, Buenos 

Simons, G. J., M. 1'izarra. F.C.P. 
♦Simons, O. A., 132, San Martin, Buenos 

Simpson, G., Club Ingles, Lomasde Zamora, 

Buenos Aires. 
SlMPSOK, V., Puefto .Madryn. 
Sinclair, D., F.S. Sud. P. Constitucion, 

Buenos Aires. 
Sinclair, H., Venado Tuerto, F.C.C.A. 
Skerritt, J., Estacion Alto Pelado, Prov. 

de San Luis, F.C.P. 
Slater, J., Casilla 21, Rio Gallegos. 
Smith, Miss A., 1,045, Calle Juncal, Buenos 

*Smith, E. A., Estancia Los Recuerdos, 

Volta, F.C.O. 
Smith, 1>. M.. Vex Lo Tuerto, F CCA. 
Smith. Miss H., 180, Santiago del Estero, 

Buenos Aires. 
Smith. M. C Sale, 941, ''all.' Marmol, 

Buenos Aires. 
Smith, Miss M. M., 1,045, Calle Juncal, 

Buenos Aires. 
Smith, W. H., " Santa Maria," Laguna 

Oscura, F.C.P 
Smyth, 11., 25 de Mayo 214, Buenos Aires. 

ham, U. V., Pampa 3500, Belgrano 

Buenos Aires. 
Sowter, C. P.\ Minas de Salado, San Juan. 
Spanton, G. W. H., 441, B. Mitre, Buenos 

Spanton, If. G., Parana 636. 3, Apisa 

Buenos Aires. 
Sparkes, G. B., Calle Congallo 499, Buenos 

Aires. Jj_ 

Spencer, P., Pases Colon 161, Buenos 

Stafford, P., Las Palmas, Chaco Austral, 

Buenos Aires. 
Stunmond. < '.. Ba "ii San Rafael, Prov. 

Stalvies, J. H., c/o Loco. Supt., F. C. del 

Sud, Plaza Constitucion, Bucno Aires. 
Steed, F. W., London and River Plate 

Bank. 399, Bartolome Mitre, B. Aires. 
Stephenson, I'., Tacuari 1314, Buenos 

Stewart, D. H., 46, Calle Reconquista, 

Buenos Aires. 
•Stewart, 'I'.. Loma Cam ado, Colonia 

Ensanchez de Sarmiento. Terr., Chubut. 

kton. Miss, Estancia Guer Aike, Rio 

i ; u."_>os. 
Stowell. J. A., Stores Dept., F.C.C.A., 17, 

Morrison Buildings, Rosario de Santa 

Straw, I'. II., Ediricio Britanico, Buenos 

A i ■ 
Stbaw, P. H., c/o The Royal Mail Steam 

Packet Co., R<. onquista 264, Buenos 

Stringer, W., Frigoiitico La Plata. 

•7 Q { • 


ARGENTINE— continued. 

Stuart, P., 2,074, Calle Superi, Belgrano, i 

Buenos Aires. 
Sturgeon. S. W. F., : ' La Beatriz," Moron, j 

Sturgeon, W. A., La Beatriz, Moron, j 

F.C.O., Buenos Aires. 
♦Sutherland, Chas., Estancia Nueva' 

Lubeca, Territoris, Chubert. 
Sutton, Q., Calle 41, No. 421, La Plata. 
Sutton. W. A., 140-148, Defensa, -Buenos I 

Symonds, R. \Y., Canada de Gomav, 

Taylor, J. H.. Calle Bartolome Mitre 299, 1 

Buenos Aires. 
Taylor, J. Me. I., 750, Moreno, Buenos Aires. 
Thomas. Chas. E.. Avenide Es-pora 232, 

Bernal, F.C., Sua. 
Thomas, C. R., Colonia, F.C.B.A.P., Calvan, 

Bahia Blanca. 
Thomas, H., c/o Mr. Withers, Sociedad 

Anonima, San Julian. 
Thomas. Mrs. M. J., Colonia, F.C.B.A.P.. 

1 ! 'Ivan, Bahia Blanca. 
Thompson, Miss F., 1223, Uruguay, Buenos 

♦Thompson, W., 651, Av. de Mayo, Buenos 

Thompson, VV. R., Saladillo, F.C.S. 
Thomsett, L. V., B. Mitre 400, Buenos 

Thomson, R. H., Espino 350, Adrouqe, 

Thorburn, G. F.. Londcin and River Plate 

Bank. Ltd., Buenos Aires. 
Thorburn, Mrs. G. F„ Quilmes, Buenos 

Tobitt, L. C, 336, Ramon Falcon, Lomas, 

Tolley, A. J., 400 Bartolome Mitre, Buenos 

Torre, H., 299, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
*Torre, W. C. K . Casilla 5, Buenos Aires, 
Traill, J. E., Chiru, Traill, F.C.C. y R. 
Traill, Mrs. Chiru. Traill, F.C.C. y R. 
Traill, R. W., Estanciero, Las Limpios, C. I 

Pellignni, F.C.C.A. 

Tranmar, L., 333, San Martin, Buenos 

Tregarthen, F. B., H.C.S., Oficina del 

Pagador, Ferro Carril del Sud, Ingeneiro i 

Tregarthen, Mrs. V. M., c/o Oficina del i 

Pagador, Ferro Carril del Sud. Ingeneiro 

Trench, E. C, Retiro Ferro Carril, Central 

Trench, II. A., 353, Buenos Aires. 
•Tribe, Noel I'.. Conesa 1840, Buenos 

Ai i es 22. 
Trukman, T. H., La Plata. Casilla Correo 

X.i. 12. 
Truzzi;?.. Mrs. K. E.. Lucio V. Lopez 155. 

Lomas de Zamora, F.C.S. 
♦Tbuzzell, Harry, Sun Insurance Oflice, 

Calle San Mint in 1-1. Buenos Ai 
Tui.lett. Edward, 1721. Calle San Martin, 
nz Pena, F.C.P 

•Turner, C. H., Western Tel. Co., 333 Calle 

San Martin. Buenos Aires. 
♦Turner, J. E.. c o G. J. Logan, 25 de 

Mayo 293, Buenos Aires. 
Tweedie, G. R., 25 de Mayo 158, Buenos 

♦Usher, H., 783, Florida, Buenos Aires. 
* Domselaar, B. B., 46, Reeonqui 

Buenos Aires. 
Vickers, M. B., Calle Moreno 356, Temper- 
ley, F.C.S., Buenos Aires. 
•Viedupf, I., 299. B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Wadman, C. H„ Santa Elena, Entre Rios. 
Wadman, Mrs. L., Santa Elena, Entre 

Walker, J. A., 761, Corrientes, (The Three 

Macs) Buenos Aires. 

* Walker, J. M., 345 Tucuman, Buenos Aires. 

* Walker, W. F., 25 de Mayo 158, Buenos 

Wall, B. R. F., Villa Kleen, Villa Ballester, 

Buenos Aires. 
Walley, T. S. D., H.C.S., Club Residentes 

Ex Calle Cordoba No. 888, Rosario de , 

Santa Fe. 
Wat. lis, G. F.. 1779. E. Rios. Buenos Aires. 
Walton, Geo. R., Roldan, F.C.C.A., Hotel, 

♦Warden, W., 519, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Warneuord-Thomson, H. R., Calle 351, 

Adroque, F.< '.S. 
Warp.. S. F., Casilla de Correo No. 15, San 

Watson, H., Estancia, '' La Virginia," 

Monte Buly. 
♦Watson. J. D., 315, Cangallo. Buenos 

♦Watt, Capt. A. L., Oficina Supte de 

Maritimo, Ferro Carril del Sud, Inge- 
neiro White. 
♦Watt, Mrs. A. L., Oficina Supte de Mari- 
timo, Ferro Carril del Sud Ingeneiro 

Watt, H. S., Casilla 26, Y.M.C.A., Paseo 

Colon 161, Buenos Aires. 
Webb, L. J. R.. Casilla 1,161, Santiago de 

Webster, H .G., Buenos Aires. 
Weetjon, A., No. 11, Batten Cottages, 

Talleres, F.C.C.A., Rosario, Prov. de 

Santa Fe. 
Weeks, J. S., H.C.S., Santa Elena, E. Rios. 
Wellington. R. A. S. 
♦Wells, A. E., 299, B. Mitre, Buenos Aires. 

* Wen dle, F. J., 26, F. 25 de Mayo, Buenos 

West, T. B., c/o Krabbe, King 760, Sar- 

miento, Buenos Aire3. 
Wheeler, W., Las Flores, Buenos Aires. 
Whitby, F. W., Casa B: 28, La Colonia, 

F.C.S., Ingeniero White. 
White. R. C. S., Ferro Carril Central Argen- 
tine, Bartolome Mitre 299, Buenos 
White. Mrs. P. S. C. S.. Marcos Paz 3590 

Villa Deroto, F.C.P., Buenos Aii 
White, W. E., 2044, Calle L. Alem, Falleres 
F.C. Sud, Buenos Aires. 

I IMOK Ml Mill RS CENTRA] HMD SOUTH \\|||<|<:\. 


WiiiiKiMii. C. i alio 15, No. 318, La Plats 

\\ hyte, < (., 26 1, i ill' Buenos 

VVickxkr, W. M., 1548, Avenida Veritz, 

' luenos A 
WlCO, I Kio Grande. 

Wilkinson, J., Las Cantaras, F.C.C.A., Alta 

Gracia, Cordoba. 
W'u itain A. S., S i Martin 66, 

Buenos Air 
Williams. A., 16, Octubre, Via Neuquen, 

Chub in. 
Willi \ms. 1). C, c/o La Sociedad Esplota- 

dora de Tierra del Fnego. 
Williams, •'., Abi th Hotel, Caiman 

Wn i [ams, V.. Ofioina I 13, B. Mitre 299, 

Beunoe Ail i 
Williams, W. J.. 255, Alsina, Quilmeo, 

Buenos Aires. 
Williamson, S., 515, Pasco Colon, Buenos 


Wilson, B. C, Riv> r Plate Electricity Co., 

i '45, La Plata. 
Wilson, 0. II., 3619, Pavon LanuB, Buenos 

Ai i 
in, Lt. CM M . 1 1. No, 

386, La Plal . 
■ ■«. i .. I:.. Western TeL rap 

Martin '.V.i'A. Buenos Ant-. 
•Wilson, Join. 1367, Pedro Mend 

Buenos Aires. 
"Wilson, M., London and River Plate Bank, 

I, Bartolome Mitre, Buenos Aires. 
Winchester, W. t 1 F.l !.( .A., 

B. Mitre 299. Buenos Ail 
Wood, G. H., Banco Anglo Sud Americano, 

Buenos Aires. 
Woodboose, A. W., 'A^'.'>. Picdras, Bui 

Woodruff, C. F., 261, Alsinn, Buenos Aires. 
Wright, C. T., Calle Edwards Bulnes 60, 

Wvatt. H. H.. B. Mitre 299, Buenos Aires 
Yates, E. J., 645, Mayo, Bnenos Aires . 


Chocayo. H.C.S., J. Fairfull-Smith, c/o Aramoyo Francke Mines, Ltd., Ch'c 

os Aires. 
Oruro. Branch Sec. T. •'. Hoi ilia 103. 

H.C.S.. Dr. J. Ramsay smith. 
Quechisla. H.C.S., Malcolm Roberts, c/o ^ram yo Francke Mines, Ltd. 
Ribcralta. H.C.S., G. Lyall, Vice-Consul. 
Uyuni. H.C.S., Thomas M\S"\, British Vice-Consul. 

Beowx, J. T., o/o Aramavo Francke Mines, 

* Davis, P., Santa Barbara del Chorolque, 

Fell, A. E., Santa Barbara, Quechisla. 
•Fernan. C, Quechisla. 
Fisher, Harry F., The Porco Tin Mines, 

Ltd., near Fotoii, Cassilla 52. 
Goloswortiiy, B.. c/o Aram.yo Francke 

Mines, Ltd. (via Buenos Aires and 

•Geat, W., Vice-Consul, Oruro. 
•Hawke, R., Santa Barbara, Quechisla. 
Hixson, Frank I.. I'. <■. Autofag 

l..i Paz. 
*Hooper, J. T., Casilla 103, Oruro. 
HOPE, JOHS 1'.. I lull 'I.- I. a Paz, I. P 

Lamberth. II.. La Mina Arimas, Chi 
♦Lewis, A. H., c/o Porco Tin Mines, Ltd., 

Casilla 52, Potosi. 
Lyall, <;.. British Vice-Consul, Riheralta, 
•Maodoxald, J. B., Quechisla. 
Maddock, F. J., c/o Aramavo Francke 

Mines, Tasno, Quechisla. 

•Mason, T., H.C.S., Uyuni. 

Moore, E. 1'.. (British Consul) Casilla 

No. 100, Sucre. 
Nicholls, S., c/o Aramayo Francke Mines, 

Ltd. {via Buenos Aires and Tupiza). 
Pollard, A. C, c/o Aramayo Francke 

Mines, Ltd., Chorolque, Tilpiza. 
•Qui.v, A. C, Casilla 46, Oruro. 
Roberts, F. A., c/o Aramayo Francke 

Mines, Ltd., Quechisla. 
•Roberts, M., H.C.S., c/o Aramayo Francke 

Mines, Ltd., Quechisla. 

E. 'I'.. Mine M Pa mi. 

Sheppard, T.C., c/o Simon l,Patino, Coi 

ilia 158, Oruro. 
Smith, J. F., H.C.S., Asllani, Chocaya. 
*Sn-ei.l-Mason-, G., Casilla No. 7," Uyuni, 


.' BELLA, R. il. ' ■.. I' 

Wilson-, J. D. C, c/o Bolivia Railwav Co., 

Casilla 428, La Paz. 
♦Howard- Wright, E. J., c/o Aramayo 
Francke Mines, Ltd., Quechisla. 


Bahia. Branch Sec, E. Di deb. 

Ceara.— Branch Sec, If. S. Pi London ami Brazilian Bank. 

Curityba.— Branch Sec. ui. I H.C.S., ' . K. Bbown, London and Brazilian Bank, 
Jaragua.— H.C.S., l:. W. Browning-Pater* Postal No. Mi, Maceio. 

Manaos. -P.L. Branch Sec, L. W. Turner, c o L mdon and Brazilian Bank. 
H.C.S.. W. Robilliabd, to Booth ft Co. (London), I.' I.. Caixa 




BRAZIL — oontinued . 

Maranhao. — H.C.S., R. Hodges, Caixa Postal 31. 

Morro Velho. — H.C.S., J. E. Da vies, Morro Velho, Villa Nova de Lima. 
Ouro Preto Gold Mines. — H.C.S., Mrs. A. J. Bensusan, Minas de Passagem, Ouro Preto, 

Minas Geii^s. 
Mrs. Sydney Hastings, pro tem. 
Para.— H.C.S., J. W. Collett, Caixa Postal 442. 
v Branch Sec, C. Nicholls, P.O. Box 283. 
Pernambuco. — H.C.S., F. P. Welch, c/o Western Telegraph Co.. Caixa 120. 

Branch Sec, Gilbert Linton, Caixa 245. 
Porto Alegre. — Branch Sec, T. Williamson, Dick, Kerr & Co., Ltd. 
Rio de Janeiro. — Branch Sec, D. D. Keay, c/o London and Brazilian Bank, Ltd. 
Rio Grande. — H.C.S., Cecil Wigg, Caixa do Correio, No. 52. 

Branch Sec, Edward J. Wigg, The British Consulate. . 
Santos. — H.C.S., A. C. Gordon, c/o Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 
Sao Paulo.— Branch Sec, H. E. Bott, Caixa Postal No. 1000. 

H.C.S., Alfred Speers, Caixa Postal No. 604. 
Uruguayana. — H.C.S., A. J. Lockwood-Thomfson, British Vice-Consulate. 
Victoria. — P.L. Branch Sec, W. S. Tate, Caixa 3922, Estado de Espirito Santo. 

Abbott, F. N., Praia do Icarahy 515 , Amps, Harold J., Western Telegraph Co. 

(Nicther), Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro. 

Abbott, Mrs. Mary, Praia do Icarahy 515, Anderson, A., Caixa 138, Pernambuco, 

(Xicther), Rio de Janeiro. 
Acris, D., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., c/o Lon- 
don and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
Acton, A. H., Avenida Rio Bianco 7, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Adams, B. H., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Adams, John N., Sao Paulo. 
Adams, Miss Rose, Sao Paulo. 
Addison, H. O'Neil, H.B.M.'s Consul, 

British Vice-Consulate, San Francisco 

do Sul. 
Aqnew, J., Mariano Procopio, Minas 

Agnew, Mrs., 374, Rua Taranjeiras, Rio de 

Ahearn, Mrs. W. V., Rua Dr. Benjamin 

Constant 528, Santa Anna, Nictheroy, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Ahearn, Captain W. V., s.s. Itapacy, Ca 

N. N. Costeira, Caixa 1032, Rio de 

Aldred, Thos., Rua Piratininga No. 22, 

S. Paulo. 
Aldridge, A. E., Caixa 533, Sao Paulo. 
Aldridge, A. R., Caizada Correio 1458, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Aldridge. G. R., Praia de Botafogo 374, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Aldridge, W. L., Praia de Botafogo 374, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Aldworthy, E. J., Rua Voluntaries da 

Patria 102a, Port Alegre. 
Allan, R., London and Brazilian Bank 

Ltd., Para. 
Allan, Stanley B., Caixa 46, Rio de 

Allan, Mrs. S. B., Caixa 46, Rio de Janeiro. 
Allen, A. E., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Minas 

Allen, F, A. Ria Visconde Inhauma 60, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Allwood, Chas J., Sao Paulo. 
Allinson, M., c/o Mrs. Allinson, Floriano- 

Ambrose, Miss May, Sao Paulo. 
Amfe, H. J., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 

Anderson, Mrs., Dorothy, Caixa 138, 

Anderson, E. D., Avenida Rio Branco 63, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Anderson, Mrs. Gladys, Caixa do Correio 

453, Rio de Janeiro. 
Anderson, G. P. G., Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Anderson, J. W. G., Western Telegraph 

Co., Rio de Janeiro. 
Anderson, Lindsay, Rua Marc. Floriana 

Peixoto 118, Rio de Janeiro. 
Anderson, S., Sao Paulo. 
Andrew, H., Morro Velho, Rio de 

Andrews, W. A., Sao Paulo. 
Angove, B. A. G., Passagem de Mari- 

anna, Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Minas 

Angove, Miss B. M., Passagem de Marianna, 

Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Minas Geraes. 
Angove, G., Passagem de Marianna, Ouro 

Preto Gold Mines, Minas Geraes. 
Angove, W., Passagem de Marianna, Ouro 

Preto Gold Mines, Minas Geraes. 
Angove, W. J., Passagem de Marianna, Ouro 

Preto Gold Mines, Minas Geraes. 
Archbold, P. G., c/o Rodriques Cordosa & 

Co., Maceio, Brazil. 
Armour, S., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 
Armstrong, C. H., Caixa do Correio 46 

((.; ymnasio), Rio de Janeiro. 
Armstrong, Mrs. Rose, Hotel Metropole, 

Rio dc Janeiro. 
♦Armstrong, Charles W., Caixa 46, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Arscott, F. W., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 
Ashley, G., Sao Paulo. 
Ashlin, W. R., Avenida Rio Branco 45, 

Rio dc Janeiro. 
Asn worth, A., Alto da Boa Vista 39, 

Tvuca, Rio de Janeiro. 
Aspen, J., Avenida F. de Setembro 32, 

Campos, Estado do Rio. 
Aspen, Mrs. M. A.. Avenida F. de Setem- 
bro 33", Campos, Estado do Rio. 



BRAZIL continued. 
Atlbe, i . .V. Rua da Quitanda 1 l">. Rio 
de Janeiro. 

I vi. . ..n i b, 5 'aulo. 
Aybe, C, N. 5T. Xati. .nil iu\ Bank, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
.\\ re, i 11 vki i s, Sao Paulo. 
A^ bb, C. H. B., National Cii\ Bank of New 

York. Sao Paulo. 
Ayres, J. W.. Caixa 197, Pernainbuoo. 
Aires. W. J., Caixa 197, Pernambuco. 

i \ s i:. Sao Paulo. 
Babrlein, Ferdinand, Una do Ouvidor 54, 

de Janeiro. 
BTagoott, G bobg i . Sao Paulo. 
Baggott, James C.j Sao Paulo. 
BagOOTT, Miss MaBT, Sao Paulo. 
Bailey, George, Rua dfe S. Bento 26, 

Rio ilt- Janeiro. 
Bailey, W., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Bazhb, E. A., c/o Pernambuco Tramways 

and Power Co., Caixa 235, Pernambuco. 
Baird, A., c o L. W. Turner, Esq., c/o Lon- 
don and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
Bairstow, 11.. Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Baker, F. N„ Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Baker, Robert, Sao Paulo. 
Ball. Bash. 1 i. < ... Sao Paulo. 
BaHBER, J., <ai\a 13*. Pernambuco. 
B \n k.s. J., Sao Paulo. 
Barker. Cbarlbs, Sao Paulo. 
B \i i ow, Pi B<n D., Sao Paulo. 
Barlow, P. I).. Fabrics Votorantum, Soro- 

caba, ."san Paulo. 
Barnard, H. E., London and Brazilian 

Bank. Perhambuco. 
Barret, J., Morro Velho, Kio de Janeiro. 
Barrett. Walter T.. Caixa do Corrc"io 

l'T2. Porto Alegre. 
Harry, Brian, H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, 

Barton, K.. Caixa 138. Pernambuco. 
Bateman. ('.. Port.) Alegre. 
Bateman. Joseph W., Sao Paulo. 
Baumann, W., o/o London and Brazilian 

Bank. M 
Baxter, James, Morro Velho, Villa Xova 

de Limo. E.F.C., Raposos. 
Baxter, P., Morro Velho, Villa nova de 

Lima. E.F.C. Raposos. 
Baxtxr, Tom H.. Rua da Jlisericordia 73, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Bayne, Walter, H.C.S., P.O. Box 743, 

Beak, W. E„ Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Preto, Minas Geraes. 
Beak, W. H., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Pas- 
sagem, Minas Geraes. 
Beck, C. H., Western Telegraph Co., Rio do 

Belfrage. J. C, SabJ'aulo. 
Bell, W. E., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Ltd., P.O. Box 348, Para. 
Bell mrs. A., Fazenda do Ilagacaba, 

Ben field. D. A. R., c/o Companhia Souza 

Cruz. Rua Gonzalvez Uiaz 26, Rio de 


Bennett, A. H., c/o London and Brazilian 
Bank, Ltd., Sao Paulo. 

. .Mrs. F. L., Stra i Hospital, 

188, Rua da Passagem, Bio de Janeiro. 
i . < ;. \\ \ i 0, Rua Sao 

Christovaa, Rio de Janeiro. 

i:tt. Miss M. K., Strang! i hospital, 
Kua da Passagem. Bio de Janeiro. 
Ban n 1:1 i, W. J., Sao Paulo. 
Bensley} S. S., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 
e o London and Brazilian Bank, 


Benson, Ed win, Sao Paulo. 
Bensusan, A. J., A.R.S., M.F.C.S., Ouro 
Preto Gold Mines, Passagem, Minas 

Bensusan, Mrs., H.C.S., Ouro Preto Gold 

Mines, Passagem, Minas Geraes. 
Bent, H., Santa Rosalie, Sorocaba, Sao 

Bent, R., Santa Rosalia, Sorocaba, Sao 

Bentley, H., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 
Bentley, J., Rua Ferrer 100 (Bangu), Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Bentley, J. A„ Rua Ferrer 101, Bengu, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Berry, C, 418, Rua Jardin Botanico, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Bebby, 0., 418, Rua Jardim Botanico, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Berry. Mrss Alice, Rua do Rosario 77, 

Bio do Janeiro. 
Berry, Clifford, Rua do Rosario 77, 

K io de Janeiro. 
Berry, Jack, Rua do Rosario 77, Bio de 

Berry, Orenza, Rua do Rosario 77, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Berry, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Rua do Rosario 

77, Bio de Janeiro. 
Best, Henry, Sao Paulo. 
Bicker dike, C. Sao Paulo. 
Biddell, Norman, Sao Paulo. 
BiLLETT, A. J., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Bu.LETT, Mrs., c/o L. W. Tumer, Esq., 
London and Brazilian Bank, 
Bilton, R., Williams & i'o., Pernambuco. 
Bilton, Mrs. R., Williams & Co., Pernam- 
Binnall, H. F. E., Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Binns William, Sao Paulo. 
Bird. K. S., Caixa ll'ii. Peruambu. 
Blair, J. B., Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

'T Janeiro. 
Blake, Dr. W. R., Rua da Misericordia 73, 

Rio do Janeiro. 
Blakeney, H., 854, Villa Britannica, Rua 

Barao de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Blikeney, J. F., Villa Britannica, Andarahy 

Grande, Rio de Janeiro. 
Blbgg, Rev. 0., o/o London and Brazilian 

Bank, rua Alfandega, Rio de Janeiro. 



BRAZIL — con tinned. 

♦Blower, H S., Rua Marize Barros 188, 

Icarahy Nictheroy, Rio de Janeiro. , 
Bloomfield, D., Rua do Escorrega 11 | 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Blunt, E., Avenida Rio Branco 257, Rio 

de Janeiro.' 
Boggies, George J.. .Sao Paulo. 
Bold, J., Caixa 138, Pernambuco. 
Booth, E., Rua das Flores 4, Porto Aiegre, 

Rio Grande do Sul. 
Booth, Mrs. E., Rua das Flores 4, Porto 

Aiegre, Rio Grande do Sul. 
Booth, Luke, Rua Moraes Silva 5 (Campo 

Aiegre), Rio de Janeiro. 
Booth, Miss M., Companhia Costeira, Porto, 

Booth, Wilfred S., Rua da Alfandoga 32 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Borland, J. H., Caixa 63, Fortaleza, 

Bott, H. E., Caixa Postal No. 1000, Sao 

Bott, Mrs. Olga, Sao Paulo. 
Bott, Miss Ruth, Sao Paulo. 
Bowen, A. L., Caixa 48, Florianopolis. 
Bowes, E. F., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Bowes, W. F., C. S. Norseman, Pernam- 
Bowers, James, Light and Power, Rio de 

Boxwell, W. E. G., Rua Guararapes 12, 

Boxwell, Mrs. Lucy, Rua Guararapes 12, 

Boyes, Alex., Sao Paulo. 
Boyes, Alfred S., Sao Paulo. 
Boyes, Herbert J. S., Sao Paulo. 
Boyes & Co., S., Sao Paulo. 
Boyle, Captain E. J. D., Legation, Rio de 

Brack, W., Rua Nova 16 and 18, Pernam- 
buco. I 
Bradfield, A. W., Sao Paulo. 
Bradfield, J. E., Sao Paulo. 
Bradford. R. H., Caixa 114, Pernambuco., 
Bradley, E., Villa Britannica, Rua Baraoo 

de Mesquita, Andaraby, Rio de Janeiro . 
Bradshaw, John J., Sao Paulo. 
Bradshaw, Thomas, Rio de Janeiro. 
Brake, .Miss Margaret, Sao Paulo. 
Bremner, J., H.M. Consulate, Para. 
Brenl, Gustavo <•.. Sao Paulo. 
Bbettabqh, W'. A., Rua da Saude 29, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Brew, P. H., Caixa 32, Rio Grande. 
Bbiant, R., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Brodie, Hugh, Sao Paulo. 
Bromley, II. S. I'.. Caixa 486, Rio de 

n.EV, 11. L. D., Rio Flour Mills, Rio de 

Ja aeiro. 
Bbokd Captain Frank R., Rua da Can- 

delaria 4. Bio de Janeiro. 
Brond Mr3., Rua Vieira Souto 98(Ipanema), 

Rio de Janeiro. 

Brooke, Martin E., Caixa Postal 868, Sao 

Brooking R. A. Rua 1° de Marco 119, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Brotherhood, E., Apipucos, Pernambuco. 
Brown, C. E., H.C.S., c/o The London and 

Brazilian Bank, Curityba. 
Brown, D., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. c/o Lon- 
don and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
Brown, H. S., Oruro. 
Brown, Mrs. H. S., Oruro. 
Browne E. F. T. Rua da Quilanda 143, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Brown, Essington, Sao Paulo. 
Browne, G. C, c/o L. W. Turner, Esq, 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank 

Browne, Wm. Butler, Acude de Acarape, 

State of Ceara. 
Bruce, G., c/o Western Telegraph Co., S.S. 

Norseman, Caixa 117, Pernambuco. 
Bruce, J., Oruro. 
Bruvere, L. de, Sao Paulo. 
Bullock, Miss Amy E., Sao Paulo. 
Bunn, Mrs. A. M., Rua Visconde Goyanna, 

Burgum Miss Dora Rua Sta. Lu?)a C9, 

c/o Rio de Janeiro. 
Burgum, Eduardo, Rua Costa Barros 31, 

Rio de Janeiro. ^ 

Burgum Frank, Rua Bella de S. Joao 222, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Burgum F. A.. Rua Costa Barros 31, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Burnett, A., Parotani, Oruro. 
Burnett, H .. c o Para E. R. and L. Co., 

Ltd., Caixa 29. Para. 
Burns, J. A., Wilsons, Sons & Co., Pernam- 
Burr, James R., Sao Paulo. 
Butler, John F., Sao Paulo. 
Butler, William, Sao Paulo. 
Butler, W. G., Sao Paulo. 
Butter, Harry, 409, Rua dos Andrados, 

Port Aiegre. 
Butter. W. G., Caixa Postal 867, Sao 

Caddy, F. P.. Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Minas 

Caddy, Mrs. L., Passagem, Ouro Preto, 

Minas Geraes. 
Caldwell, J., McLean, Villa Britannic 

Andarahy Grande, Rio de Janeiro. 
Calvebt, E. L., 418, Rua Jardim Botanico, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cameron, Jas, A., Sao Paulo. 
( ampbell, Daniel S., Sao Paulo. 
Campbell, George, Sao Paulo. 
Campbell, Ian Bruce, Light and Power, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
('ampbell, Wm. G.. Sao Paulo. 
Carrefal, G. M., P.O. Box 272, Rio de 

Cap.sbero, W. R., Leopoldina Railway, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cartwright, G. H., Caixa 120, Pernam- 
Castles, f - E., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 



BRAZIL continued. 

Castles, •'. i'.. Jan., Caixa 111. Pernam- 


s, Mrs. I'. M., Caixa 114. Pernam- 

Cattley, M. 0., 35, Avenida Rio Branoo, 

Hii> de Janeiro. 
•Causkr, C, Rua Municipal Ji!, Rio de 

Causer, Chablbs, Rua Mnnicipal 22, Rio 

de •' ! : 
Cats, C. V.. o/o Western Telegraph Co., 

■ aiKv, I.. R.. Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Chad wick, I'.. Run da Candelaria t. Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Chalk, II. E., Caixa Postal 1024, Rio de 

Chai.hkks. Geobge, Morro Velho, R 


: KBRS, J., Caixa 13s, : buco. 

Chandler, G. I-.. Caixa do Correio 

Hio de Janeiro., Mrs., I uxa do Correio 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Chapijn, Captain I-'. A.. Legation, Rio de 

<'haim.iv. G. P., Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio d ■ Janeiro. 
Chaplin. \V. B., c/o Western Telegraph Co.. 

1-: I.. Florianopolis. 
<'ii u in. 1'.. I.. L. W. 'I'n 

Esq. < ■■ London and Brazilian Bank. 

CHABNBY, G., Avenida Rio Brano ."iT. 

Hio de Janeiro. 
Chatbb, Mr-. F. Henley, Sao Paulo. 
Ch ITBB, If. 1!.. Sao Paulo. 
Chbssob, W., Oruro. 
Christie, Jambs, I ipinota Ornro. 
Church A. .1.. Appa No. i>. Sao Paulo. 
Church, Fred. C-, Caixa do Correia No. 84, 

Sao Paulo. 
Clark, Robert Sao Paolo. 
ClarK, W., Villa Britannica, Rua Barao de 

Mesquita, Andarahy Grandem, Rio de 

Clarkso^ , 1.. p... r o Trajauo de Medi 

& Co., Rua Jose dos Reis 394, Engenho 

de Dentro. 
Clarkson. Louis Bernard, Rua Jose dos 

R ngenho de Dentre), Rio de 

Clajucson, Miss I... e/o Mrs. Needham, 

Apipuces, Pernambuco. 
Clayton, J. Mc L.. Rua da Alfandega 110, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cle\ oboe !•:., Rua General Camara 

31, Rio da Janeiro. 
Clbmemi. T.. .\1 .rro Velho, Rio de 

Clemence. W. J., Caixa Postal 21, Rio de 


I LBM BNTSO I ' \a 1 I 4. I'd n.Uii !■•! . 
Clissold, E. C, Caixa 190, Para. 
Clissold, J., Parnahyba. 
Clissold, J. J., Caixa 190, Para. 
Co< ebll, i'm is. \'i .i Sao Paulo. 


I lOCKELI . W II.. San Paulo. 

i *Codlino, C. L., c/o Messrs. F. S. Hamp- 
shire & Co., Ltd., Caixa 10, Santos. 
Coqqin, Miss Amy, Rua Silva Telles 34, 
1 npaca bann ). Kin dc Janeiro. 
IN, E. H.. Rua de S. B< Qto 26, Rio de 
.1 aneiro. 

n. .Mi— M.. Rua Ipanema 28, Rio de 
Cole. Wilfred S. Caixa Postal 557, Sao 

Oolbbobne, T. A., Sa.. Paulo. 

COLESHILL, Miss F... Sac Paulo. 

Cni. lard. Herbert I'.. Sa P I". 

*('in .1.. Porto Alcaic 

Collett, J., Caixa 442, Para. 

< '"i ' i rr, A. W., Rua da Quil 45, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Collier, D. H., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Collier, E.W., c/o The Leopoldina Railway, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Collinqe, II. <;.. Rua Tenente Costa 183- 
185, Todos os Santos, Rio de Janeiro. 
Collins, C. W. <>.. Western I ■ . i '.,. . 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Collins, R., Jun., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Passagem, Minas Geracs. 
Co! i opy, Thomas, Sao Paulo. 
COLPOYS, F. A., London and Brazilian Bank, 


COLTHDBST, S. C Sao Paulo. 

Comber, T. A.. Caixa 302. Pernambm 
COMPTON, E., British Bank of Smith 

America, Rio de .Janeiro. 
CONKINQHAM, Captain W. R., Avenue Rio 

Brano 243, Rio de Janeiro. 
Conolly, G. A., Rua Bom Jesus, Pernam- 
Conolly, R. H., Boxwell & Co., Pernam- 
Cook, Harold H., Sao Paulo. 
Cook, S., Caixa KJ8. Pernambuco. 
Coomher, R. W., Companhia S iux, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cooper, A. C, Caixa II I. Pernam be 
Coopei Mis E. A. M.. Stranger's Hospital," 

Rio id- Janeiro. 
( nor i:i'.. Miss F. McD., Rua <1 i- l.aran- 

geiras 374, Rio de Janeiro. 
Cooper, II. Berbsford, Rua da- Laran- 

■iiiri'« 374, Rio id- Janeiro. 
Cooper, Herbert, Caixa Postal No. 71, 

Port Elegro. 
Coop ki . lint, Isabella Rua das Laran- 

i ias 374, Rili di Janeiro. 
Coopeb, Kenneth Findlay, Rua das 

Larangciraa 374, Rio <le Janeiro. 
Copb, C W.. Caixa 120 Pernambuco. 

kd, - J.. A\ ' aida Celso I ! rcia 455, 
Corder, C. J., Western Telegraph 

Rio de Jani iro. 
Cotton, .J. ('., Brazilian Warrant Co., 

Cottman, G. i\.. Caixa 120, Pernam- 

* ' ibdbb, I>. J., W.T.< '.. reio, 

P.O. Bo\ 121, Para. 



BRAZIL — continued. 

C'oxwEi.i.. C. L., Rua Visconde Itaborahy 

75, Rio de Janeiro. 
*C'ragg. A. R.. Capt., Campanhia Navegacao 

Costeira, Rua Candelaria No. 4. Rio de 

Cragg, Arthur. Run da Candelaria 4. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Crago, J., Mono Velho. Rio de Janeiro. 

Craig. G. H.. Rua de S. Bento 26, Rio de 

Craig, George Jor., Sao Paulo. 
Craig, Mrs. Hattie, Sao Paulo. 
Crashi.ey, Heney, Rua do Ouvidor 58, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Crashley, J. ¥., Rua Sta. Luzia 09, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Crawshaw, Arnold, Sao Paulo. 
CrawshaW; John, Sao Paulo. 
Crewe, Cecil, Sao Paulo. 
Crewe, Mrs. E. G., c/o Lidgerwood, Ltd., 

Caixa 84, Sao Paulo. 
Crewe, P. W., c/o Lidgerwood, Ltd., Caixa 

84, Sao Paulo. 
Croft. C. M., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Cromack, E., 28, Rua S. Peoro, Rio de 

Ceomack, .Mrs. E., 28, Rua S. Peoro, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Crompton, A. N., Alameda Jahu 39b, Sao 

Crompton, Mrs. A. N., Alameda Jahu 39b, 

Sao Paulo. 
Crosby, D., Morro Velho, Raposos, Minas. 
Cross. D. P., Rua Barao de Petropolis 78, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cross. G. H., Rua Barao de Petropolis 78, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cross, John Arthur. Rua General Ca- 

mara 1, Rio de Janeiro. 
Cross. J. G., Sao Paulo. 
Cross, T. G., Rua Barao de Petropolis 78, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
*Cross, T. G., P.O. Box 1330, Rio de 

Ceowgey, W. H.. Morro Velho, Rio de 

Janeii ". 
Crowgey, W., Villa Nova do Lima, Mono 

Ceuickshakk, A. J.. Rua da Alfandega 32, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Cbuickshank < '. F.. Rua da Saude 29, 

Rio de J 
Ceuoikshank,, Mrs., Rua da Alfandega 32, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Ceuz, F., Caixa 138, Pernambuco. 
Cudlipp, G., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Cudlipp, J. H., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Cudm 3., 110, 4° Avenue Bio 

Brano. Rio de Janeiro. 
Dainton, Aldred, Sao Paulo. 
Dainton, Axthonv, Sao Paulo. 
Dale, Harry M.,Sao Paulo. 
Dalziel. R. M., London and Brazilian 

Bank. Rio de Janeiro. 

Daniel. P., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 

DaVi./S, Miss R., Fazenda, Pelton, Pedreira, 

Sao Paulo. 
Davids. R, G. B., Sao Paulo. 
DaVies, G., Alameda Edwardo Prado 58, 

Sao Paulo. 
Davies, George, Sao Paulo. 
Davies, G. W., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Passagem, Minas Geraes. 
Davies, J. E., H.C.S., Morro. Velho, Villa 
Nova de Lima, Minas. 

Davies, Mrs. J. E., Morro Velho, Villa Nova 
de Lima, Minas. 

Davies, R. H., Caixa, Santos. 

Davies, W. L., c/o Cia Mifiao dos Trans- 
porter, Caixa -76, Santos. 

Davis, A. J., London and Brazilian Bank, 
Rio de Janeiro. 

Davis, E. R., C. S. Norseman, Pernam- 

Davis. H. C. c/o Western Telegraph Co., 
Caixa 453, Bio de Janeiro. 

Davis, Nelson, Caixa do Correio 134, Rio 
de Janeiro. 

Davis. \". ( .. Western Telegraph Co.. Rio 
de Janeiro. 

Davis. Miss R. H., Fazenda Pelton, Ped- 
reira Sao Paulo. 

Davis. R. J., London and River Plate Bank, 
Rio de Janeiro. 

Davison. M. ('.. Caixa 120. Pernambuco. 

Davy. John A., Sao Paulo. 

Dawson, Fred. Sao Paulo. 

Dawson, \V. R... Sao Paulo. 

Day, Mrs. Agnes C. Caixa 114, Pernam- 

Deane, L. E.. c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. 
c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Delany, A. J., C. S. Norseman, Pernam, 

Desborough, J. B., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 
Passagem, Minas Geraes. 

Desborough, Mrs., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 
Passagem, Minas Geraes. 

Devonshire, Miss, Caixa 83, Pernambuco. 

Dickie, F. T., Caixa 248, Pernambuco. 

Dickie. E. Elfoed, British Consulate. Per- 

Dickinson, H. S., Sao Paulo. 

*Dillon, T. C, H.B.M. Consul, Porto 

Dingle, A. H., Villa Nova de Lima, Estado 
de Minas Geraes, Rio de Janeiro. 

Dixon, Arthur E., Rio de Janeiro. 

Dixon, Miss Joan ('.. Sao Paulo. 

Dixon, W. C, Rua da Boa Vista 132. Rio 
de Janeiro. 

Dobbins, John Sao Paulo. 

Dobbins, William. Sao Paulo. 

Dobson, Richard, Bangu, Rio de Janeiro. 

Dodd, F., c/o British Bank of South 
America, Rio de Janeiro. 

Dominguez, Mrs., Diegonet 20, No. 732, La 



BRAZIL continued. 

Doric, \V. X.. Western Telegrpah Co., Rio 

ili' Janeiro. 
Drake, 0., Oficinas Companhio Paulista, 

Rio Claro, E9tado de San Paulo. 
D'Rane, B. J., c/o The Para Electric Rail- 
ways and Lighting Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 

29, Para. 
BW, E., Morro Velho, Rio de Janeiro, 
Debw, James, Monro Velho, Rio de Janeiro. 
Dbomoooi b, M. A.. Western Telegraph <'n.. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Dronsfisld, George il.. Sao Paulo. 

is d- II w. V. K.. Consul General, 

Rio de Janeii ■ >. 
Dock worth, Gkoboe, Rua 14 de Julhi 

( Petropolis), Rio de Janeiro. 
Duckwobth, J., 15, Rua General Gurjai 

Caju. Ki.> il - Janeii o. 
Duff, Mrs. Gertrude, Rua Pereira 

Nunes 95 (S, Domingos), Rio de 

Duff, H. II.. Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Dulken, Fred y\n. San Paulo. 
Duncan, R. X . Sao Can In. 
Dunk, J. II.. Monro Velho Rio eiro. 

Dunstan, W. G., Morro Velho, Ri<> de 

E lstwood, Thou \s. Sao Paulo. 
Edwards, Fbank, Rua Visconde Inhauma 

•'IT. Rio iro. 

Edwards, K. I-'. G., London and Brazilian 

Bank. Rio de Janeiro. K. G., Pernambuco Tramway Co., 

Ellen, Mr-. G. E., Pernambuco Tramway 

Co., Pernambuco. 
Ellen, Miss Molly, Pernambuco Tramway 

Co.. Pernambuco. 
Ellis, C. E., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
•Ellison, J. J., 1024, Caixa Postal, Rio de 

Emslie. Alex., i- u Messrs. Bard, Rand 

ft i '•'.. Victoria. 
I's \iik. .1. R. A.. Sao Paulo. 
Espinosa, I... Rua Visconde inhauma :<T. 

Rio ili- Janeiro. 
Esfeut. L. A. A.. Caixa 120; Pernam- 


Estill, .Mr-. Edith, Rua Canselheiro 

Saraiva 28, l!i" de Janeiro. 
Estill, H. G., Rua Canselheiro Sarai 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Estill, H. R.. Rua < anselheiro Sarai 

Rio ili- Janeiro, 
Evans, J. D., Rua Frei Caneca 234, Sao 

Evans, Mrs. L., Ladeiro da Gloria 123, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Evans, W.. Ladeiro de Gloria 123, Rio de 

K.av. f.. Western Telegraph Co., P.O. 

Box 121, Para. 
Fall, S., Caixa Postal 283, Para. 
FjitRWBATHBR, A. I>.. Oruro. 
Pairweathbr, J., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 
London and Brazilian Bank, 

Manaos. i 

Paibweatheb, Mrs., c o I.. W. Turni . Esq., 
London and Brazilian Bank, 

Fanshawe, I.. <;.. Caixa 120, P uco. 

Fabbikoton, M'-> E., Villa Britannica, 

Andarahy Grande, Rio de Janeiro. 
I-'arrinoton, J., Villa Britannica, Rua Barao 

de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, Rio de 

Farbinoton, Mi-- 1... Villa Britannica, 

Ami i ra hy ' Irande, III" di Ja neixo. 
Faulds, Robert, Rua Sta. Luzia 69, Rio 

ile Janeiro. 
Pawcett, <■.. London and Brazilian Bank, 

Perna mbuco. 
Fhnn. R i;v. t 'anon S ulo. 

Feldman, Georqe, Rua da Quitanda lo.s, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Fellows, G. P., Morro Velho, Rio de 

Fenton, J. B.. Villa Britannica, Rua Barao 

ile Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, Rio de 

Fenton, W., Villa Britannica, Rua Barao 

de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande. Rio de 

Fenwick, Habry, Morro Velho, Rio de 

Ferousson, II. ('., Oruro. 
Febnie, D. S., San Paulo. 
•Febnie, J., Oficina do cia Paulista, Rio 

Clara, Estado de Sao Paulo. 
I'iki ding, W., 80, 1° Andar Rua Vix. 

Inhauma, Rio de Janeiro. 
Fielding, \\ .. Rua 15 Novembre, 263, 

•Findlay, D., Rua 15 de Novcmbro 457, 

FlNi.vN Miss A. E., 112. Rua I c .1. Marco. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Finlay, Mrs. E. E., 112. Rua I d Marco, 

Rio de Janeiro. 

FlKLAY, 2nd Lieutenant G. L„ 112. Hut I s 

di Marco, Rio de Janeiro. 
Finlay, J. A., Paria de Icarahy 281, 

Nictheroy, Rio de Janeiro. 
FinneY, E. I'.. C. X Norseman, Pernambuco. 
Fisher, H. L., c/o Pernambuco Tramways 

and Power Co., Ltd., Caixa do Correio 

282, Pernambuco. 
Fisher, EL, Pernambuco Tramway Co., 

Perna mbuoo. 
Fisheb, Mrs. II.. Pernambuco Tramway Co., 

Fishes, Miss E. M.. Pernambuco Tramway 

i ii.. Perna mbuco. 

■ . J. !».. Caixa 'I" < larreio, " 

iino, Mi-. M.. Rua Ministro Godoy 

No, 34, Sao I olo. 
Fletcheb, II. I'.. Western Telegraph I 

Rio de -Janeiro. 
Fletcher, M mi him. Rua da Saudo 29, 

He. ile Janeiro. 
Fletcher, Mrs.. Rua da Saudo 29, Rio de 


. br, Cyi I i-ii Bank oi South 

Arm rira. Rio de Janeiro, 

<i '-' 



BRAZIL — continued. 
Foxte.vay, C, Sao Paulo. 
Foot, Alfred, Sao Paulo. 
Forbes, C. A.. Sao Paulo. 
Forbes, G. R., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 
c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 
Forbes, S. F. S., c/o L. W. Turner. Esq., 
c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 
Ford, Cecil VV., Sao Paulo. 
Ford. F. ('. S., Sao Paulo. 
Ford.'G. H., Sao Paulo 
Forrest, H. C, Caixa 120, Pernarubuco. 
/ Forster-, Miss M. J., Sao Paulo. 

Forsyth, J. A., c/o A. " Sud. America," 
80-82, Ruade Ouvidor, Rio de Janeiro. 
Forsyth, R. B. W., Val-de-Caes, Para. 
Fowles, Miss Beatrice, Sao Paulo. 
Fox, Douglas S., Rua Itaborahy, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Fox, Miss F. M., Caixa do Correio 1523, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Fox, George H., Caixa do Correio 1523, 
Rio de Janeiro. • 

Fox, J. F., Western Telegraph Co., Rio de 

Fraser, Frank Todd, Rua 1° de Marco 33, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Fraser, Gordon, Rua da Alfandega 5, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Freeland, A. B., Rua do Cosmo Velho 92, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Freelaxd, Mrs. A., Rua do Cosmo Velho 92, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Freelaxd, H. B., Rua da Quitanda 108, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Freelaxd, John B., Rua Visconde ln- 

hauma 60, Rio de Janeiro. 
* Freeman, S. W., Caixa 215, Port Alegro. 
French, Miss Helena, Strangers' Hospital. 
Fuller, F., Cia Paulista, Jundiahy, Estado 

de Sao Paulo. 
Furley, A. G., Ceara Gas Co., Fortaleza, 

Gailey, W. Whyte, Sao Paulo. 
♦Galbraith, W, I., Caixa 83, Sao Paulo. 
Gardner, John, Rio Flour Mills, Rio de 

Garland, Miss M., c/o D. Kraft, Esq., 
London and Brazilian Bank, Ltd., Rio 
Garrett, D. T., c/o Cia Fiacaae Tecidas, 

Garrood, Miss S., c/o A. E. Woltmann, 

Esq., Caixa K.K., Sao Paulo. 
Gatis, J., Caixa 100, Pernambuco. 
Gatis, R. G., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Gatis, W. H., London and River Plate 

Bank. Ltd.. Pernambuco. 
Gearing, Miss E. M. A., Caixa 46, Rio de 

Geddes, Mrs. Emily, 75, Rua Visconde 

Itaborahy, Rio de Janeiro. 
Geddes, T. G., 75. Rua Visconde Itaborahy, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Gee, C. B., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 

Gepp, G. A.. Rua Visconde Itaborahy 8, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Gepp, E. W., Rua 1° de Marco 118. Rio de 

Gilbertson, L. P.. Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Gill, John, Sao Paulo. 
Gill, J.. Fabrica Votorantun, Sorocaba, 

Sao Paulo. 
GiLi.MAN, Ernest P., Avenida 7 de Setem- 

bro 296 (Petropolis), Rio de Janeiro. 
GiLLMAN, Gustave, Avenida 7 de Setem. 

bro 296 (Petropolis), Rio de Janeiro. 

Gispert, S., London and River Plate Bank, 

Gispert, Mrs. Barbara, London and River 

Plate Bank, Pernambuco. 
Glass, E. L., Mappin Stores, Sao Paulo. 
Glass, F. L., Mappin Stores, Sao Paulo. 
Glanvill, H. W., Rua Pirapitinguy 26. 

Sao Paulo. 
Glen, J. M., Rua Theophilo Ottoni 26, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
*Glossop, J. F., H.C.S., Caixa Postal 265, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Glover, M. A., Rua da Candelaria 8 N. (8), 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Goddard, A. G., Caixa do Correio 403, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Goddard, Mrs., Villa Americana 3, Rio de 

Goddard. \V. E., Rua Sta. Luzia 69, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
*Gomm, H. H..H.B.M. Vice-Consul, Curityba. 
Goooh, E. L., Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

.de Janeiro. 
Good, Charles, P.O. Box 190, Para. 
Good, E. R., Caixa do Correio 160, Rio de 

Goodburn, Harold, Caiza 46, Rio de 

Goodburn, Mrs. Ada, Caixa 46, Rio de 

Goodman, F. S., National City Bank of New 

York, Sao Panlo. 
Goosman, J., Pairumani, Oruro. 
Gordon, A. C, The Royal Mail Steam 

Packet Co., Santos. 
Gore, J. H, c/o Messrs. Williams & Co., 

Maceio, Alagoas. 
Gore, Mrs. J. H., c/o .Missis. Williams & 

Co., Maceio, Alagoas. 
Gore-Little, P., Caixa 114, Pernam- 
Gotolce, W. E., London and Brazilian 

Bank, Rio de Janeiro. 
Gould, Alfred. Sao Paulo. 
Gove, M. S., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Grant, J. A., c/o British Vice-Consulate, 

Sao Francisco do Sul. 
Grantham, G. C, c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Craves, Lewis V. Bio de Janeiro. 
*Gray, A., Oficinas Cia Paulista, Rio Claro 

Est. S. Paulo. 
Gray. James W .. Sao Panlo. 


-.■ -i .". 

BRAZIL, continued 

Gray, Mrs. .T., 68a, Avenida Hygienbpolis, 

Sao Paulo. 
Gbay, S., Morro Vclho Mines, Raposos, 

Minas Ceraes. 
Gbay, \V.. Omro. 
Gray, lira. \\ '.. Oru 

I... c " MeBsi A bud le & Co., 
ixa 3864, Victoria. 
Green, Joseph, Avenida 7 de Septembro 

296, (Petropolis), Rio de Janeiro. 
Greenwood, G. A.. Rua da Saude 20, Rio 

de Janeiro. 

)OBY, A. I... Rua do Ouvidor 100, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Gregory, G. II., Caixa 138, Pernambuco. 

Iohn, Rio Flour .Mills, Rio de 

Gregory. Mm. Dobothy, « aixa L20, Per- 

Gregory, M. t Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Ltd., 

Minas Geraes. 

Gregory. William, Rio Flour Mills, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
*Griffin, R. L., c/o The City of Santos Im- 
provements Co., Ltd., Santos. 
GBIFFITH8, W. I... Rua da Ejaude 2!», Rio 

de Janeiro. 
i>. John E. B., Run Viseonde ! 

rahy 75, Rio de Janei 
Guild. .Mrs. Stella, Rua Viseonde [tabo- 

rahv 75, Rio de .Janeiro. 
Gulliver. J. G., o o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Gwyther, '•' . I... Leopoldina Railway, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
11 v DDON, A. M., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Hagan, J. II.. Rua Alan, Floriano Poixoto 

164, Rio de Janeiro. 
SAGBK, H. 1'. Una Buenoa Aires 124. Rio 

de Janeiro. 
II \, Mrs., Rua Buenoa Aires 124,' Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Balobow, E. J.. Rua da Quitanda 108, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Haldane, James Howie, <'aixa 41. Per- 
Hall, Alii,: Beman, Fabrics de Ferro 

(Porto das Nev), Rio de Janeiro. 
Edwin Beman, Fabrics de I 

(Porto das Nev), Rio de Janeiro. 
11 w.l, Mrs. N. M., (JticinasCia Paulista, Rio 

Claro, Estado de Sao Paulo. 
Hall, T. W., Oficinas Cia Paulista, Rio 

Claro, Estado de Sao Paulo. 
Hm.lktt. .Mrs.. Caixa <'.•< ''.him 971, Rio 

(le Jaie 

Hm.lktt. W. S., Caixa do Correio 971, Rio 

(le Janeiro. 

Hallwbll, '!'.. FabricaJBomfim, Ponta do 

Hvmes, Edwabd, 41, Ruu Tr Rioe, Luz, 

Soa Paulo. 
Hamilton, T. D., Sao Paulo,- Brazil. 

Hamlly, L. C, co Booth & Co. (London), 

Ltd., Fortaleza, Ceara. 
HAMMOND, A. II.. Williams a, Co., Per- 

Hampshire, Miss M. A., Strangi pital, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
*Hand, H. Ji, Leopoldina Railway I !o. f I. id. 

Caixa 291, Rio de Janeiro. 

M LNSABD, VlCTOB. SaO I'aulo. 

Hardman, A. J.. Rua do S. Pedro 66 Rio 

de Janeiro. 

Hardman, J. A.. 66, St. Reon, Rio de 

Ja neiro. 
Hargreaves, Mis. Alice, Hotel Metropole, 

Rio de Janeiro. 

II \'-<;::iw i>. ( '. I:., Rna da Altai, [oga 48, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Hargreaves, E. 1).. Rua de S. Bento 26, 

Rio de Janeiro. 

Hargreaves, Mis.. New Vork Rife Insur- 
ance Co., Rio de Janeiro. 

Mrs.. Rua da Alfandoga IS. 
Rio de Janeiro. 

Hargekavks, \Y. s.. N'rv. Xbrk Life Insur- 
ance Co., Rio de Janeiro. 

Harries, W., Caixa Postal No. 182, 

Harries, W., c/o British Bank of South 
America, Ltd., Bahia. 

Harries, W., Sao I'aulo. 

Harris. Valentin, A., Sao Paulo. 

II LRRISON, E. L.. Royal .Mail. Rio de 

Harrison, Fred ('.. Sao Paulo. 
Harbison, John G., Sao I'aulo. 

hson, Miss L., Rua da~ Magnolias 

(Gavea), Rio de Janei ri 
Harrison, .Miss Mildred H.. Rua das 

Magnolias (Gavea), Ri" de Janeiro. 
Harbison, Tom W., 73rd Rua Candelaria, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Harbhs-Rivett, Archdeacon A. fl.. Rio de 


BOP, R., Caixa L38, Pernambuco. 
Harvey, J., Caixa L38, Pernambuco. 
Hakyky, Stuabt, Marquez de s. Vincente 

1 76, Rio de Janeiro. 
Hastings, Mrs. 1'., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Hastings, S., Minas de Passagem, Ouio 

Hatfield, II. J., c/o London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
Hawks, A. L., Ouro Preto Gold Mi 
♦Hawke, W. J., Ouro Preto (odd Mines, 

Passagem. Minas Geraes. 
Hawkey, II.. <". s. Norseman, Pernambuoo. 
•Hawkins, Captain C. E., c/o The Rio Flour 

Mills Co., Ltd., Rio de Janeiro. 
Hays ... A. \ '.. Western T( legraph ( o„ 

Rio de Janeiro. 

. II.. Avenida Rio Branco 11, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hazel, A. I'... Western T< I ... Rj 

de Janeiro. 

Hazell, H. \V.. Hotel Henry, Catteti 190, 
Rio de Janeiro. 



Brazilian Bank, 

L. W. Turner, Esq., 
Brazilian Bank, 

W. Turner, Esq., 
Brazilian Bank, 

London and Ri i er 

BRAZIL — continued. 

Heam. W. T.. Hotel Tynca, Rua Conde 63 

Bomfim, Rio de Janeiro. 
Hefferman, Mrs. B., Gas Works, Para. 
Hefferman, J., Gas Works, Para. 
Heilbron, Edmund, Rua dos Ourives 103, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Heilbron, Rica, Rua dos Ourives 103, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Hellowell, Thomas, Bangu, Rio de 

Hellowell, Wm. Wallace, Bangu, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hesdeesox, C. 34, Rua Cons. Saraiiva, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Hexshaw. Chas. A., Sao Paulo. 
Herring, W. J., Sao Paulo. 
Heslop, J. W., Morro Velho, Rio de 

Hetherixgton, T. Y., Messrs. Bootl: & Co, 

(London), Ltd., Para. 
Hewetsox, L., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

c o London and 

Manaos. . 
Hewetson, Miss M., c/o 

c/o London and 

Hewetson, Mrs., c/o L. 

c/o London and 

Hewetson. Mrs. Lissie 

Plate Bank, Pernarnbuco. 
Hewetson, Miss Marjorie, London and 

River Plate Bank, Pernarnbuco. 
Hewetson, S., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank. Manaos. 
Higgins, J. G., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Ltd.. Para. 
Higsox, Frank, P.O. Box 13, Manaos. 
Hill, J. T., Morro Velho, Rio de Janeiro. 
Hill. S., Morro Velho Mine, Raposos, Minas 

Hillmax, C. R., Sao Paulo. 
Hillmax. John, Sao Paulo. 
Hime, Harold, Rua da Candelaria 26, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hixds, Thomas. London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Ceara. 
Hikes. E. A., Caixa Postal 442. Para. 
Hobbs, Thomas. London -and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
HoDGKISs. F. 11., SaO Paulo. 

Hodge, James, Morro Velho, Rio de 

♦Hodges, R. T., Caixa No. 31, Marahhao. 
Hogger, P., C. S. Norseman, Pernarnbuco. 
Holderxess. F. W., Caixa 12i>. Penambuco 
Holdship, Mrs. B., Oficinas Cia Par.lista. 

Estrada de Ferro, Rio Claro, Estado de 

Sao Pauio. 
Holdship, Mrs. L., Oficinas Cia Paulista. 

Estrada de Ferro Rio Claro, Estado de 

Sao Paulo. 
Holdship, W. D., Oficinas Cia Paulista, 

Estrada de Ferro, Rio Claro, Estado de 

Sao Paulo. 
Holdship, W. J., Oficinas Cia Paulista, 

Estrada de Ferro, Rio Claro, Estado de 

Sao Paulo. 

Holland, Albert E., Sao Paulo. 

Holland, A. H., Sao Paulo. 

*Hollaxd, Chas., 83, Rua 2 Lapa, Sao 

Holland. C. J., c/o H. E. Bott&Co., Caixa 

Postal No. 1000, Sao Paulo. 
Holland, George, Sao Paulo. 
Holland, G. E., Sao Paulo. 
Holland, G. H., Sao Paulo. 
Holland, Herbert, Sao Paulo. 
Holland. W. A.. Sao Paulo. 
Holliday. Mrs. Elizabeth, Rua de Sta. 

Luzia 69. Rio de Janeiro. 
Holliday, J.. Rua de Sta. Luzia 69, Pin 

de Janeiro. 
Holman, Miss A. A., Caixa 333, Sao Paulo. 
Holmes, G. H., Caixa do Correio 888, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hoon. Miss, Rua Buenos Aires 144/8, Rio 

(!<• Janeiro. 
Hood, Mrs., Rua Buenos Aires 144/8, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hood, T. M., Rua Buenos Aires 144/8, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Hooper. G. B. Sao Paulo. 
Hooper, T. J., Oruro. 
Hopkins, E., c/o Singer Sewing Machine 

Co., Florianopolis. 
Hopkins, W. F., Caixa K.K., Sao Paulo. 
Hore, A. T. S.. c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. 

i o London and Brazilian Plank. 

Howard. George, Rua da Alfandega 32. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Howell. Alfred D., Sao Paulo. 
Hough, J., 70, Rua Anastacio, Lapa, Sao 

Hr/GGINS, R. D., Sao Paulo. 
Hughes, R. L., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Minas Geraes. 
Hughes, S. L., c/o Western Telegraph Co., 

Ltd., Pernarnbuco. 
♦Huffell, O, Estacao de Umba, Rio Grande 

do Sul. 
Hull. F. R.. S. W. Ry. Co.. Ilheon, Baliia. 
Humphreys. ('., Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Hunt, J. M., Oruro. 
Hunter, George. Sao Paulo. 
Hunter, J. C, Caixa 138, Pernarnbuco. 
Hunter, -Miss M. L., Sao Paulo. 
Hutch;: ml. H. W., En Vera, Estado de 

Matto Grosso. 
Hutchinson, J. W., Rua Olinda 20. Sao 

Hutchinson, <>. W., Caixa 120, Pernarn- 
liii'.s, Reginald Leigh, Rua Sta. Luzia 69, 

Kin de Janeiro. 
Ingham, W. M. R., Standard Oil Co.. Per- 
Ingledew> C. Minas Dr. Paulo Fronlin, 

Cre8oinma Esttado de Santa Catharina, 

In man, H. E., Rua da Quitanda 187, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Isitt. H., c/o Western Telegraph Co., Ltd. 




BRAZIL continued 

Jackson, T. B.. A venida Celso Garcia 155 

San Paulo. 
.l\c.i. B. R., Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

de Janeiro. 

• 1 ICOBS, A. I... Sao Paulo. 

• I \> OB8, A. I:.. Parotani, < (ruro. 
Jacqi es, I'. S., Bangu, Bio de Janeiro. 
Jacques, Fred, Bangu, Rio de Janeiro. 
Jacqubs, P.", Rua Fonsei I, Bangu, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
James, R. C, Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Ltd., 

Minaa Qeraes. 
I \ m es, 1!. E., Minaa de in. ( >uro 

James, St. Cj iib G., London and Brazilian 

Hank. Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
Jardine, J., c/o Messrs. Davidson & Pullen. 

Rua Qnitanda. Rio do Janeiro. 
■ n> Chas., Sao Paulo. 
■ I i:i\<, II. W.. Rua Visconde Itaborahy 8, 

Kio de Janeiro. 

• I bffeey, II.. Morro Velho, Rio de Ja ai iro. 
Jexkyxs, W. J., c/o Caixa Postal 392, Sao 

•J0B8ON, Mi-- E., Caixa 220, Sao Paulo. 
Johnson, A., Villa Britannica, Rua Barao 

de Mcsquita, Andarahy Grande, Rio de 

Johnson. -I. I'.. Jahoatao, Caixa 114, Per- 

Johnson, T., c E. G. Paton, London and 

River Plate Bank. Pernambuco. 
Johnson. T., Qsina Santa Thereza, Goy- 

anna Pi 1 aa mbuco. 
.Johnston. Thomas, 52, 1°, Avenida Rio 

no. Bio de Janeiro. 
Jones, H., Villa Nova de Lima, Minas 

Jones, J. L., Cia Paulista, Jundiahy, Estado 

de Sao Paulo. 
-. 1 •. •.!!.- C, Sao Paulo. 
Jones, .1. W., L. W. Turner, Esq., c 

London and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
Jones, R., Western telegraph Co., Rio de 

Jo* i.s, Thom is ll.. Sao Paulo. 
Justice, Miss J. L., 19, Largo doa Guaya- 

9, Sao Paulo. 
Joseph, \ [< tor, Sao P mlo. 
J01 ex, M >. k 1 1 .. Sao Paulo. 
Kay, J, M., London and Brazilian Bank. 

Kbay, I). I>.. Ruji Visconde Itaborahy s. 

Rio de 
K k \ -> . Mrs. Irene, Bui Visconde Itabo- 

rah B, 1 1 ■ ' Jai iro. 
Kerch, K., Caixa 120. Pernambuco. .1. .1.. , ,, L. W. Turner, Esq., 

i- o Loudon ami Brazilian Bant 

K 1:1 rn, « ;.. Oruro. 

Kkmi. .1. K. 1 'ui.'iriini \. Sao Panlo. 
Kemp, B.. Morro Velho, Bio de Janeiro. 

ip, W. L., Morro Velho, Bio de Janeiro. 
Kknn ird, II.. 109, Bin I ' de Man o, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
KbNnard, Mrs Lily, I on, Rua l°de M 

Kio de Janeiro. 

Kennedy, G. E., c/o The Leopoldina Hail- 
way, Caixa 291, Rio de Janeiro. 
. A. \V.. National Citj Bank oi New 
fork, Rio de Ja neiro. 

Ki.NT. Mis> P. I... Hospital Estrangeiros, 
188, Rua da Passagem, Rio de Janeiro. 

[SH, T. I!., Lon, Ion and Bl • / ilia n 

Ba nk, Rio de Ja nei 
K 1 \ w obthi , Albert, Sao Paulo. 

wi sr, I a ! . Sao Paulo. 

K i.\ \\ 01: rHY, John, Sao Paulo. 
KENYON, C. ( >., Sao Paulo. 

Kerry, Hab Sao Pa ulo. 

Kerr, R., Paratyba Sub-branch, Pern am - 

K 1 DNOR, P. II.. Manaos. 
King, G. E., Miss, c/o Mappin's Sl 

( 'aixa do Coi reio 1 39 1 . Sao Paulo. 
King, Thom \s. Sao Paulo. 
Kirby, I-'.. <;. I'.. Western Telegraph Co. 

Kibton, F. du B., London and Brazilian 

Bank, Fortaleza, Ceara. 
Kitchinq, d.. Sap Paulo. 
Knight, F. W. A., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 

■ 1 1 bnry, Rua Visi onde [nl a a ma 18, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Knight, Mrs. Mary G., Caixa 120, I'er-. 

Knowles, G., Berenguela, Oruro. 
Knowles, G., jun., Berenguela, Oruro. 
Knowles, J. 0., Berenguela, Oruro. 
Knowi/ton, E. W., Caixa 21, Pernambuco, 

KNOWLTON, Mis. FLORENCE If., Caixa _' I , 


Knott, II. S., British Bank ol South 
America, Bio de Janeii 0. 

Knox, Jor. W., Sao Baulo. 

Knox, W., Oficinas Cia Paulista, Jundiahy, 
Esta de S. Paulo. 

Kratjshaar, P. E., Cabo Submarine, Forta- 
leza, Ceara. 

Kup, E. A., P.O. Box 200, Para. 

Kit, H. L., Rua Visconde Itaborahy 8, 
Bio .1. Jam 

.. John. Sao Paulo. 

Lamb, A. C, Caixa 4, Santos. 

Latham, II. R.. Caixa 291, Rio de Janeiro. 

I. \ in m. I. or 1- I''.. Sao Paulo. 

Latham, R. > •.. Sao Baulo. 

Launders, Mrs. May M., Caixa Postal 469, 

Launders, V. J., Caixa Postal Xo. 469, 

Lawson, II. J., c o London and Rivi 1 I'late 
Bank, Lid.. Sao Baulo. 

La WSON, II ' J., Sao Ba ulo. 

LEAKEY, J., 175, Rua de Ouvidor, Rio de 

Lee, A. F., Para Electric Rly. and Ltgi Co., 

Ltd., Box 29, Para. 
Lee, Robert B.. London and Brazilian 

Bank. Ltd.. Para. 
11. J.. Pernambuco Tramways Co.. 

I'. ma mbuco. 
Lee( 11. B.. Caixa l ■!*. P< 1 na mbuco. 
Lees, H. R. C, Caixa do Correira Xo. 348, 




BRAZIL — continued. 

Lefebvre. C. X.. Rua 7 de Setembro 59, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Le Mottee, Gi C, Manaos. 
Lett. Albert E., Sao Paulo. 
Levy, Dr. D. M., Morro Velho Mine, Raposos, 

Minas Geraes. 
Levy', J. C, Rua Sta. Rita, Pernambuco! 
Levy. J. C. jun.. Rua .Sta. Rita, .Pernam- 
Lewis, E. A., Pernambuco. 
Lewis, Edwin, Potosi, Oruro. 
Lind, R., C. S. Norseman, Pernambuco 
Lindsay. A., National City Bank of Kew 

York, Sao Paulo Branch. 
Lindsay, J., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Lindsey, A. V., Sao Paulo. 
Lindsey, Robert C, Sao Paulo. 
Linton, G., Williams & Co., Pernam- 
Little, G. A. D., Western Telegraph Co., 

Lloyd, C. X., Rua da Candelaria 4J, Rio 

• de Janeiro. 
Lloyd, E. L., Pernambuco Tramway- Co., 

Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Lloyd, Mrs., Rua da Candelaria 44, Rio 
dc Janeiro. / 

Lloyd, H. C, A v. Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio, 

Sao Paulo. 
Lloyd, Robert A., Sao Paulo. 
Locke, Robert Dr. F., Sao Paulo. 
Louthean. C, Villa Britannica, Andarahv. 

Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
Lovelace, H. E., Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro 
Low, L. H. Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Lowndes, J. J., Rua de S. Pedro 61, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Lowndes. V., Rua de S. Bento 26, Rio de 

Lowndes. W. R. J., Caixa 121, Para. 
Lowsby, A. M., Sao Paulo. 
Lumby, James, Sao Paulo. 
Lumley, G. H., Morro Velho, Minas. 
Lush, G. E.. c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., c/o 

London and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
Lush. Mrs., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. c o 

London and Brazilian Bank, Manaos, 
Lydk, W. W.. o/o L. W. Turner, Esq., c o 

London and Brazilian Bank, Mai, 
Lynch, Miss Annie, Sao Paulo. 
Ly*ch. Mis. A., Rua Vbluntarios da F'atria 

230, Rio de Janeiro. 
Lynch. E. L., Rua S. Clementc 388, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Lynch, If. J.. Rua da Quitanda 145, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
♦Lynch. J. P. J., Messrs. Davidson. Pullen 
& Co.. Rua 'la Quitanda 145, Rio de 
Ltnbx, Miss Avnie. B. Caixa do Correio 

1653, Rio 'le faneiro. 
Lyon. John B., Sao Paulo. ' 
MacBride, G.. Oruro. 
Macdonald, A., c'o London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd.. Sao Paulo. 
Macdonald, Alex., Sao Paulo. 
Macdonald, E. J., Sao Raulo. 

Macdonald, R.. Caixa Xo. 1266, Sao 

Mace, W. E., Sao Paulo. 
Macfarlane, A., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

' i London and Brazilian Bank, 

MACFARLANE, R. M., State of Bahia South- 
western Railway Co., Ilheos, Bahia. 
Machattie, W., Curityba. 
Mackay, J., Curityba. 
MaiKaY, Mrs. Sarah, Praia do Flamenco 

400, Rio de Janeiro. 
Mackenzie, Colin C, Sao Paulo. 
Mackenzie. D. A., c/o L. W. Turner. Esq.. 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Mackenzie, Mrs. Edith, Sao Paulo. 
Mackenzie, A., 594, Ave. Atlantica, Rio de 

Mackenzie, Mrs. M., 594, Ave. Atlantica, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Mackie, A. B., Curityba. 
Mackintosh, C. E., British Bank of South 

America, Rio de Janeiro. 
M \( .Millan, J., Oruro. 
MacMillan, Mrs. J., Oruro. 
MacNicol, Donald, Sao Paulo. 
*MacPherson, J. G., Avenida LauroMuller 

827, Rio de Janeiro. 
MacQueen, Colin. Oruro. 
Macrae, A., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq.. 

London and Brazilian Bank. Manaos. 
Macrae. A., Booth Line (Caixa Postal 190), 

♦Macray, M. C, Caixa Postal 5, Jarajua 

MacWilliam, S. B., Sao Paulo. 
McAuliffe, Davis, Bell & Co., Sao Paulo. 
McCardell, J. H., Sao Paulo. 
McCarthy, J. R., Sao Paulo. 
McClelland, W. J., Caixa 571, Rio de 

McEwen, C. G., Caixa 53, Corumba. 
McFar£AND, D. B. C, Caixa do Correio :!4. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
McGlLLIVEAY, Jas., Caixa do Correio 1556, 

Rio do Janeiro. 
McGregor, J. D., Rua Yisconde Itaborahy 

8, Rio de Janeiro. 
McGregor, J. D., Sao Paulo. 
MclNNES, A., Caixa 117, Pernambuco. 
MclNNES, Mrs. .V.. Caixa 117, Pernamhuco.. 
MclNTOSH, G., Sao Paulo. 
McIxtyre. ('.. Sao Paulo. 
MolNTYRK, J. A., Rua de S. Bento 26, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
MclNTYRE, J. C, Sao Paulo. 

McIntyre, William, Sao Paulo. 

McIvor, Jas. Stcakt, Rua Dr. March. 

Barreto 186. Rio de Janeiro. 
McKaig, J. W., Caixa 190, Para. 
McLaughlin,. S. L. F.. Rua de S. Pedro 67, 

Rio do Janeiro. 
M< Leldand, \V. J.. Rua da Assembles 93, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
McLeod, D. C, Sao Paulo. 
McLeod, D. G., Machine Cottons, Ltd.. 

Caixa 177. Pernambuco. 



BRAZIL continued. 

Mi Mi btbib, W. J., London and Brazilian 

I '■ ! ok, lii" de l ineiro. 
MoNaib, .Mrs. A., Rua Dr. Pinto Ferraz 34, 

Sao Paulo. 
McNaib, A, I. Rna S. Bento 26, Rio de 

M< N\n:. I>. 

MoNaib, J., 

y, \ ub, R. 

Mi Naik. \\'.. 
McNair, W. 

A.. Royal Mail Rio <le Janeiro. 
J., British Bank of South 
Rio d<- Janeii 
Bao Paulo. 

S., Rua Dr. Pinto, Ferraz 34, 
Sao Paulo. 
KcNbh Roland, Western Telegraph < ".. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
McNbill, I".. P.O. Box 1017, Rio de 

MoNhhx, David, Rua da Alfandega 48, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Mi Qi in, Colin, Oruro. 
Maib, J \ m , - M., Sao Paulo. 
Mallard, Th< im\s. Caixa '1" Correio 252, 

K ii > ile Janeiro. 
Mallinson, 1'.. W stern Telegraph Co., 

Rio tie Janeiro. 
Malpas, C, Caixa 138, IVmambuco. 
Malqdebn, Danlel, Sao Paulo. 
Makhibb, s . ii.. London and Brazilian 

Bank. Pernambuco. 
Manlbt, II. G., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Mann, B Paulo. 

*I v - Mass II. E., 322, Praic 

Hamengo, Rio de Janeiro. 

do Ouvidor 145, 
Rio 'I" Janeiro. 
Mansell, Gbobge P., Sao Paulo. 
Mansbll, John, Box 29, P 
Mansfield, A. R.. Rua da Quitanda I I", 

Rio in,. 

Manstox, G.. Morro Velho, I!i" de Janeiro, 
'Mants. Miss M., c/o National City Bank of 
X. York, Rua Alrari . Penteada 15, 
Mabdoce, G. P., Caixa 1274, <• o Wi 

Telegraph Co., Rio de Janeiro. 
Mardock, Miss S., 83, Rua Voluntaries da 

Patria, C. 7, Botofogo, Rio de Janeiro. 
Margetts, A. J., Morro Velho Mine. 

Raposos, .Minas Geraes. 
Mabib, Phtlohen J., Sao Paulo. 
Mabb, George, Legation, Ki<> de Janeiro. 
Mabrai • L. 

London and 

\V. Turner, Esq., 
Ria/ilian Bank, 

Mai- 3., Manaos. 

Marsh, A. R., Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

de ■' 
Marshall, A. W., c/o The Royal Mail 

Steam Pael , Sa ntos. 

Marshall, F. A.. Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Martin, G. T. Barnbs, Rua Sta. Luzia 69, 

Rio di Janeiro. 
Martin Richard G., Acude de Acarape, 

State of Ceara. 
Martin. Robbbt W., Sao Paulo. 
M irttn, W. H.. London and Brazilian Bank 

Rio di Ja ueiro. 

M ivi.\. L. S., Sao Paulo. 

Mason, P. C, Western Telegraph < <>.. Rio 

de Janeiro. 
\1\-"N. II. A.. 1'rrnambuco Tramways I o.« 

M isoN, T., I'vuni. Oruro 
.\1 1 1 ii bb, Ebs est •'.. 3ao P mlo. 
Mathbson, K. P., c/o P. B. Nicholson & Co,. 

P.O. Box iH. Rio de Janeiro. 
Matiieson, Mrs. J., Rua ' nhora de 

Copacobana 1078, Rio de Jam 
MathiesON, B. R., c/o The City of Santos 

ImpiMi i mi nts I '<■.. Ltd, E a ntos. 
Matthews, C. EL, l'ara. 
M ytthews, C. P., Salgado Rogers, Fortaleza, 

Matthews, Mrs. 1. c.. Caixa 29, P 
Matthews, J. W., c/o W. Bayne, Esq., 

P.O. Box 146, Para. 
Mavor, A. J., Caixa 63, Fortaleza, Ceara. 
M LWSON, R. <:.. Sao Paulo. 

Mat, A. y\'.. Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 

M yy. K.. 69, Rua Sta. Luzia, Rio de Janeiro. 

Mayo, Edwabd, Morro Velho, Rio de 

Mayo, 1!.. Morro Velho, Rio de Janeiro. 
MedaWab, Nicholas, Dental Manufac- 
turing Co., Rio de Janeiro. 
Medley, Frank, Rua Visconde Inhuama 85, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Meikle. E. V., London and River Plate 

Bank, Ltd., Pernambuco. 
Mellor, James, Sao Paulo. 
Middleton, W., Caixa 138. Pernambuco. 
MiLBOtTRNE, S., Caixa 291. Rio de Janeiro. 
Mill, W. N., Londo.i and River Plate Bank, 

Ltd., Pernambuco. 
Milleb, Andbew, Ru 3. Pedro 61, 

Kio de Janeiro. 
Milleb, C. \Y.. Estacaa dos Carros, Cia 

Forca • Luz, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande 
• do Sul. 
Miller. J. M., Morro Velho Mine, Raposos, 

Minas < 
Milton. Frank, Parotani, Oruro. 
Miranda, 1'. J. i>e, S.S. Xnrseman, Western 

Telegraph Co., Ltd.. Pernambuco. 
M itcb l.i. i.. I i Sao Pa ulo. 

.Mitchell, Miss M. J., Sao Paulo} 

Mitchell W., Avenida Rip Branco 109, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Mitohe] .'.. W. II.. Rua da Saude 29, Rio 

de Ja De ii". 
Mod in, L. I;., Sao Paulo. 
Molony, A. i '.. Caixa 120, ' buco. 

Moly.neux, W., Kabricade Tecidos, Mariano 

Procopio, E.F.C.B., Minas Geraes. 
Moor m . J. How w d, tnco 

1 09, Rio di Janeiro. 
Moobb, 1). !>.. Leopold in a Railway, Rio 

de Ja neiro. 
Moobb, GI II.. Sao Paulo. 

I I London and 

Brazilian Bank, Ltd., !!i" de Janeiro. 

BE, Sr \\ i i ■ I'. do. 

Moblby, E. I... Western Telegraph ' 

Rio de 
Mobbis, Miss Annib, Sao Paulo. 



BRAZIL — continued. 

Mortimer, A., British Bank of S. America, 

Ltd., Sao ^aulo. 
Moss. J. W., 47, Rua .Genera! Gurjao, 

Ponta do Caju, Bio de Janeiro. 
Moss, L. D., Santa Rosalia, Sorocaba, Sao 

Mottee, (<. S. L.e, g/o London and River 

Plate Bank. Ltd., Victoria. 
Muir, Mrs. J. <*., Sao Paulo. 
Muir, T. B.. Sao Paulo, 
Muxholland, 1\ . M-, Western Telegraph 

Go., Rio de Janeiro. 
Muller, W. 1L, Caixa 120. Pernambuco. 
Muller. Mrs. M., Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 
Munn, F. George, Sao Paulo. • 

Murchie, James, Sao Paulo. 
Murly, C, Wilson, Sons & Co., Ltd., Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Jlniv. C G., Rua de S. Bento 26, Rio de 

Naish, Rev. W., London and Brazilian 

Bank, Batna. 
Nares, G. G, Caixa 100, Pernambuco. 
Neale, E. F., Caixa Postal 146, Para. 
Neale, Thomas, Sao Paulo. 
Neai.on, G. R., Caixa 17, Para. 
Nelson, D. S., Sao Paulo. 
Newbery, S. E., c/o London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Porto Alegre. 
New by, W. EL, Rua Visconde Inhauma 48, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Xewkamp, H. H., Rua General Camara 92, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Nicholls C. L.,»Sao Paulo. 
Nicolls, C. E., London River Plate Bank, 

Ltd., Para. 
Nixon, A. Forbes. Sao Paulo. 
Forbes-Nixon, A., London and Brazilian 

Bank. Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
Norcross. E. J., Rua Dr. Alvaro Soare« 

No. 23, Sorocaba, Sao Paulo. 
Normanton. A., Rua Appa, 6. Sao Paulo. 
Normanton, J., Oficinas Companhia Paul- 

ista, Jundiahy, Estado de Sao Paulo. 
Norris, R. C, c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., c/o 

London and Brazilian Bank, Manaos. 
North, J. F., Para Electric Rlys., Para. 
Norton, Miss Carmen, Rua General Seve- 

riano 66a, Rio de Janeiro. 
Norton, ll. P.. Avenida Rio Branco L09, 

Rio di Janeiro. 
NOSWORTHY, W. EL, Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio de Janeiro, 
Nottingham, S., Salgado Rogers, Fortaleza, 

X\e, Geo. 39, Una Cawalho Montein, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Ogden, A. J. H., c/o British Bank of South 

America, Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
Oliver, F. J., Sao Paulo. 
Oi.sburoh, P.. Pun da Alfandega 110, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Orrock, Ian L„ Sao Paulo. 
QuXD, K., Mono Velho, Rio de Janeiro 
OuTRAM, W., Villa Nova de Lima. Morro 

Owen, Arthur J., Sao Paulo. 
Owens. Ben A., Sao Paulo. 

Packer, F., c/o Amazon River Steam Navi- 
gation Co., Caixa do Correio 17, Para. 
Paine, J). G., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Ltd.., Sao Paulo. 
Park, H., Para Gas Co., Ltd., Para. 
Parker, George G., Sao Paulo'. 
Parkes. A. H., Sao Paulo. 
Parry, Hubert, 61, Rua Saude, Pio de 

Parsons, A. II., Rua do Ouvidor 100, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Pascoe, J. T., c/o Standard Oil Co., of 

Brazil, P.O. Box 1163, Rio do Janeiro. 
Paterson, G., c/o E. Lundgren, Pernam- 
Paterson, R. R., P.O. Box No. 539, Para. 
Paton, E. G., London and River Plate 

Bank, Ltd., Pernambuco. 
Paton, Mrs. Isabel, London and River 

Plate Bank, Pernambuco. 
Paton. Miss Helen Mary, London and 

River Plate Bank, Pernambuco. 
Patrick. < '. W.-, Light and Power, Rio de 

Paul, Arthur James, Sao Pauio. 
Pearce, Thomas, Morro Velho, Rio de 

Peel, G. A., Rua Sta, Luzia 69. Rib de 

Pegler, Edward T. ; Sao Paulo. 
Pegler, Fred, Sao Paulo. 
Pegler, Robert J., Sao Paulo. 
Pen fold, W., c/o L. W. Turner, Esa., c/o 

London and Brazilian Bank. Manaos. 
Penhale. Hedlei-, Oruro. 
Penney, W. A., c/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

i n London and Brazilian Bank, 

Periiam., A., c/o Trajana de Medeiros & Co., 

Rua Jose dos Reis -Idi, Engenho de 

Perkins, F. W., Rua da Saude 2!). Rio de 

Perman, F. H., Banco ai Commercio e In- 

dustria, Sao Paulo. 
Philld's. A. M.. Rua Genera] Severianq 124 

(( lasa 111). Rio de Janeiro. 
Phillips, W. F., 152, Avenida Theresapolis, 

Porto Alegre. 
Pil KINGTON, F. A., c/o L. W. Turner. Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

M a naos. 
Pilkinqton, Mrs., c/o L- W. Turner, Esq., 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Pinkney, W., Morro Velho Mine, Raposos, 

Minas Geraea. 
Pitman, S. S., Western Telegraph Co., Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Player, H. S., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Fortaleza, Ceara. 
Poskitt J. H., Caixa Postal 557, Sao 


Powell, George A., Rua Sta. Luzia 69, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Pratt. C. R., Cie. des Cables Sudameri- 

cains, Pernambuco. 
Prescott, C, Sao Paulc. 




Edward, Fabric '. 

Price, C, Lacy, Berenguela, Oruro. 
Priek de Saone, E. W.. Caixa 45, Santos. 
*Prier de Saonb, II., Caiza 10, Santos. 
Pbitcuard, JI. W., London and Brazilian 
de Janeiro. „ 

PB0< ii-K. W. S., Una Silva Cardoso 10, 

LJ;t ■ i de Janeiro. 

Pri . London and Brazilian Bank 

Rio leiro. 

Mrs., London and Brazilian Bank, 
ilr Janeiro. 

Mi-- Eileen, London and Brazilian 
le Janeiro. 
Phi ?., London and Brazilian Hank, 

Ja neiro. 
l'i dh i./ . Thos. J., Sao Paulo. 
l'i i i b: . H. E„ da Quitanda 145 

! I". 

Puli en, Hugh < ... i 
de Janeiro. 

Ptri I I x. 1.. ]■:.. British Hank of Smith 

A trn :. Rio de Janeiro. 
Pullen, W. W.. Rui da Alfandcga 32, Rio 

d( •' i neiro. 
ell, II.. Caixa 252, Pernambuco. 
Sao Paulo. 
Qdih, A. Cameron, Oruro. 
Radclufi:. F. R., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

JI \i:. 1 1. Mi a i i.i . Sao Paulo. 
Rab, ■> L. W". Turner, EJsq., c/o Lou- 

don and Brazilian Bank. Manaos. 
Rae. R. F., c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Rio Grande. 
Rangel, S., Caisa 11, Sao Paulo. 
Ran 1 J. Bi.nm niN de, Sao Paulo. 

Kan.v.u, II. S., Caixa 120, Pernambuco, 
R \" Dr. R. I'.. Bui I ni]» i 

Perns mbuco. 

o, -l. ( ,.. i ochabamba, < Iruro. 
Rbade, i. Y.. Messrs. Booth a Co., (Lon- 

. Ltd., i i in. 

Reeves, W. A., c/o A. " Sud America," 

80-82 Rua de Ouvidor, Rio de 

Reid, A ftnida Rio Branco H, Rio 

d •' m iro. 
Reid, D. : I : . i l l" Bin 

di Jam iro. 
Bi.i'i. F. A.. Avenida Rio Branco 11, Rio 


I i i ■'.. 
Rlii>. W. D., Brazilian Coal < "., Rio de 

I: ilo. 

Rk>- man. Pernambui o. 

Reysolik. E. A., o o Westi rn Telegraph 

Co., Ltd.. Pernambuco. 
Beys i bs J. ■ Rio de 

roi Da, J. G. A., ( Lxa 120, Pernambuco. 

Rhodes, \\ . F., c/o London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd., Santos. 
Rice. Char] Paulo. 

♦Richards, A., Brazilian Warrant Co., Ltd., 

RlOHARDS,' B., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Richards, C, Minas de Passagem, Ouro 


irds, B. II.. Sao Paulo, 
Richards, W., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Richardson, J., Morro Velho, Rio de 

i: i iardson, \\ . Morro Velho, Rio de 

Rn kwood, W. F... Caixa 120, Pernambuco. 

*RlDGEWAY, A. E., Caixa do Currcio 1271, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Ridway, A. E., Rua da Candelaria 14, Rio 
di Janeiro. 

ROBBS, l''i:i D, Sao Paulo. 

Robbs, J'., London and Brazilain Bank, 


. I>.. Rua da Candelaria IL Rio 

de Janeiro. * 

Roberts J. D., Sao Paulo. 
Robebts, W., Morro Velho, Rio de 

Roberts, W. C, Villa Nova de Lima, Morro 

Velho, Minas Geraes. 
♦Robertson, W. S., Caixa 1212, Bio de 

Robinson, C. A., c/o London and River 

Plate Bank, Ltd., Para. 
Robinson, Ca"w Rua da Candelai ia 8, 

Bio de Janeiro, 
Robinson, Frank. Sao Paulo. 
Robinson, II. »>.. Rua da Candelarj 

Rio de Janeiro, 

srs< .. Isabel Taylor, Mrs., Crashley 

& I • >.. Bio de Janeiro. 

ROBJNSON, I... Sao Paulo. 

Robinson, Percy Ralph, Western Tele- 

gra i'ii Co. Rio di Ja ni iro. 
Robinson, S. II . Rua \ is< nude [nhauma 60, 

Rio <\f Janeiro. 
Robinson, W., Pernambuco Ti Co., 

Pernambui o. 
Robottom, A. A., Caixa do Correio 376, Sao 

Robottom, Mi.*. E. M., Caixa do Corrko 376, 

Sao Paulo. 
♦Robson, G., Caixa 149, Pernambuco. 
on, M . i. L. ■'.. A' • nida Rio l'i a 

di Jam 
on, Robert, .Mono Velho, Rio de 


3on, T.. Fund in bui o. 

•Roderk'i.. Mrs. M., Rua Marize Barros 

118, Icarahv Nictheroy, Rio de Jam iro. 
Rogers, A. I'.. Oi uro, 

A., Salgado Rogers, Fortaleza, 

Ceara. ■ 
Rogers, Mrs. A. P., Oj 
Rogers, < '. R., Sao Paulo. 
Rogers, E., c o L. W. Turner, Esq v c/o Lon- 

don and Brazilian Bank, .Manaos. 
Rogers, J., Pairumani, Oruro, 

I. S.,.London and Brazilian Bank, 

Ltd. Sao Paulo. 



BRAZIL — continued. 

Rolfe. E. L., Caixa Postal 565, Sao Paulo. 

♦Rolls, 0. W., The State of Bahia Sth. W. 

Rly. Co., Ltd., Ilheos, Bahia. 
Ross, J., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Rossi, Mark, .Mono Velho, Rio de Janeiro. 
Rossi, Mrs. C. Birtnell, Sao Paulo. 
Rothmaxn, W. R.. Rua Sta. Lu/ia 69, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Rowe, R., Minas de Passaged, Ouro 

Rowe. Mra., Rio Flour Mills, Rio de 

Rowe, W. Knight. Rio Flour Mills, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Rowland, Georoe Lewis, e/o Sar Paulo 

Rly. Co., Sao Paulo. 
Rowling, E. T., Totoral, Oruro. 
Rowsell. J., c/o British Consulate, Para. 
Rule, Mrs. Marion, Sao Paulo. 
Rushworth, Jas, H., Sao Paulo. 
Russell. Mrs. A., Pernambuco Tramways 

Co., Pernambuco. 
Russell, I. C, Parotani, Oruro. 
Russell, Mrs. I. C, Parotani. Oruro. 
Russell, J. H., Pernambuco Tramways Co., 

Russell, S. W. C, Caixa 728, Para. 
Ryan, Chas, X.. Light and Power Co., Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Ryan. Miss I. J. A., 188. Rue de Passagem 

(Strangers' Hospital), Sao Paulo. 
Sadler, Miss A. M.. Sao Paulo. 
Sadler, J. T. -Wilson, Sao Paulo. 
Saone, E. W. Prior de. Sao Paulo. 
Sanceau, Miss A., Avenida Rio Branco 41, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Sanceau, L. E., Avenida Rio Branco 41, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Sanceau. Miss M., Avenida Rio Branco 41, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
SiSeEAr, Mis.. Avenida Rio Branco 41, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Sanders. J. M., Morro Velho. Rio de 

Sanders, J. R., Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio dv- Janeiro. 
Sanders. \Y. J.. Morro Velho, Rio de 


Saunders, C. W. T., Caixa Postal 176, 

Saunders. Ernest E., Rua Sta. Lu/ia 69, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Savili:, II.. Una da Alfandcga 48, Rio de 

Savory, C. J.. Rua Turadentes 66 (Nicthe- 

roy). Rio de Janeiro. 
Savory, Mrs] < . M., Rua Turadentes 66 

( Xiet la ■ o . I, Rio de Janeiro. 
Scanlan, N. T., Western Telegraph Co., 

Ltd., Caixa 28, Maranhao. 
Scott, E. M. 0., Caixa 63, Fortaleza, 

Scott, John < '.. Sao Paulo. 
Searby, A. W., H.C.S., London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ceara. 
Seccombe, \V. J., Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio de Janeiro, 

SfiDCMAS. J., Morro Velho. Rio de Janeir*. 

Semple, John, Sao Paulo. 

Serjeant. M. II.. 26 ; Rua (ioncalves Dia», 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Shalders, J. F., Rua de s. Bento 26, Ri« 

de Janeiro. 
Shalders, Norman, London and River 

Plate Bank. Rio de Janeiro. 
Shalders, Thomas, Mono Velho. Rio de 

Shaw, S., Caixa 138, Pernambuco. 
Shillabeer, S. M., Cabo Submarine, Caixa 

120, Pernambuco. 
Shirlaw. W., Rua Visconde Itaborahy 8, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Sheldon, Wm. J., Sao Paulo. 
Sherrington. John. Sao Paulo. 
Sholl, C. A.. Caixa Postal 1556, Rio de 

Shorto, Henry R., Sao Paulo. | 
Sills, F. P., Caixa 114, Pernambuco. 
*Silveria, C. A., Meranhao, Caixa Postal S3. 
Sim, Robert G., Sao Paulo. 
Simmonds, Edward. Sao Paulo. 
*Simmonds, J. E., Florianopolis. 
SlMMONS, C. D., London and River Plate 

Bank, Rio de Janeiro. 
Simmons, F. J., Minas de Passaaem, Ouro 

Simpson, Mr., Sao Paulo. 
Skerman. Miss F. L.. Stranger's Hospital, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Skerry", A., Postal Box E Sao Paulo. 
Skerry, Mrs. P. M., Postal Box E, Sao 

Skey, A. C. E., Western Telegraph Co., 

Sladen. E. L., Caixa 114. Pernambuco. 
Slater, A. Cownley„ Sao Paulo. 
Sleeman, A. J., Minas de Passagem, Our» 

Slessoe, Francis B., Sao Paulo. 
*Sloper, H. W., 187, Rua do Ouvidor, Ri» 

de Janeiro. 
Small. H. P., Sao Paulo. 
Smallpeice, H. C, London and River Plate 

Bank, Ltd., Pernambuco. 
Smallpeice, Mrs. Ruth, London and River 

Plate Bank, Pernambuco. 
Smart, E. J., Rua Sete Setembro 59, 

1° andar, Rio de Janeiro. 
Smeaton, J. H., Sao Paulo. 
Smlthvjrst, W., t'aixa 100, Pernambuco. 
Smith, Mrs. A., Rua Grande Raiz da Serra, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Smith, A. J., London and Brazilian Bank, 

Smith, Benson, Pan < Rio de 

Smith, Colin F., Sao Paulc. 
♦Smith, C. H., Frigorifico, Barretos, Sao 

Smith, F., Frani i<. Para Electric Railways 

and Lighting Co.. Box 29. Para. 
Smith, J., Rua Jardim Botauieu -JI8, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Smith, Dr. J. Ramsay, Oruro. 
Smith, L. F., Caixa 78, Santos. 


BRAZIL ontinued. 

■H, Mn ri w:i. W.. I: ral Gurj 

de Janeiro. 

- Paul". 

:n EL, Sao Paulo. 

Ui A.. Bao Paulo. 
rn. John J., Rio Tl Light and 

I'ou i i '<>.. Rid do Janeiro. 
- rn. J. M., Pernambnco Tram 

•ii 1 ". 
8m » h. Mrs. .1. t:.. Rio I Janeiro. 
Smyth, S., Alto da Serras, Petropolis. 

\pe, J. H., Caixa b50, Sao Paulo. 
Socthoate, Thomas 13., P.O. Box 469, 

ik, J. \Y.. Western Telegrapl 
Rio de Janeiro. 

is, Mrs., Western 'I 
Rio de Janeiro. 
kmin'x, \Y. T.. Westi rn Telegraph 

lb, I>r. J., Morro Velho, Rio de Janeiro. 
6 peers. A., H.C.S., Caixa Postal 604, Sao 

Speers, Dr. W. G., 18, Largo dos Guayan- 

azes. Sao Paulo. 
Speers, F. J., Sorocajia, Sao Paulo. 
Speers. F. S., Caixa 83, Sao Paulo. 
♦Speers, H., Largo des Guayanazes 18, Sao 

♦Speers, Mrs. H., Largo dea Guayanazes 18, 

Sao Paulo. 

:rs, T. P., Caixa Postal C, Sao Paulo. 
•Speers, \Y., Largo des Guavanazes, Sao 


Squies, F. (., i: . < 15 de Novembro 190, 

cey, EL W., Sao Paulo. 
Mahlv. G. P.,' Caixa L20, I'f-inambuco. 
Standen, Bek F., Sao Paulo. 
Stanton, M ';t.. Sao Paulo. 

Stanton, Th o Paulo. 

B, W. P., 22, Rua Municipal. Rio de 

Steiieli \a I20XPernambuco. 

Stehelin. B. W. 1'., Caixa 120, Pernam- 


ien*. J., Mono Velho, Rio de Jam iro. 
Stephens. V., Villa Neva de Lima, Morro 


'.. B., Rua Buenos Aires 94, Rio 

de Janeiro. 

.VARD, I • ilo. 

Stewart, Mrs. K... < ii Fiacaoe Tecidos S. 

Jooa, Atibaia, Estado de S. Paulo. 
Stewart, Mrs. M., Cia Fiacaoe Tecidos S. 

Jooa, • ;. F.stado de S. Paulo, 

STEWART, W., <'ii Fiacaoe Teci loa 8. Jooa, 

Atibaia, Estado d>- S. Paulo. 
Stewart, W., Cnrityba. 
Still, G.. Morro Velho. Raposos, Minas 


Stock. F. D., B - 


I :'.KN E M llo. 

Stott, Joseph, 40, Rua'Rego Freitai, Sao 

\V Tumi r, Esq., 
lian Hank. 

St< >w i:i i . T. B., c/i L 
London and 

T.. Westei n T( legraph ' 
de Janeiro. 
Stuart, A N*.. Rio ' ly Light 

I Power l iro. 

ibs, J. EL, Villa Nova de Lima, Morro 
Velho, Es 
i.;. Dr. WrLLiAM, British Vice- 
Stutfteld, A. E.. Avcnida Rio Branco 32. 
Rio de Janeiro. 

.! LRSELL, F., : lo. 

Sl'T'l ON, E. S., Man 

Sutton, Mark, 1!u< da Capdelaria 07. Rio 

Sutton, S. M.. I ■ ■■ Posl 155, Rio de 

>w [qqb, ' ■. V.. Western i -legraph I 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Sydney, R., c/o T. B. Phillips, P.O. Box 

121, Para. 
Tabor, R. E. M., Curityba. 
Tapf, John P.. Rua Soares t'ahral 47, Rio 

■ laneiro. 
Tarver, F. H. «'.. West* rn '!'• legraph I 

de .laneiro. 
TATE, W. S., c/o London and River P] 

Bank, Ltd., Victoria. 
Tatteesall, George, Rna d ■•• Ouvidor 100, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Taylor C. W., c/o Industrial Valenca, 

Valenco-E. do Rio. 
Tivi.or. L.. Caixa do 919, Rio de 

Teaoue, W. H. <;.. Caixa 12". l'<rnambuco. 
Temi-leton Wm., Ru di 29, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Terry', Mrs. M. J ! ] los, Rua das 

Laranjeiras 471. Rio d< laneiro. 
Terry. P. J., Cia de Tecidos, Rua das 

Laranjeiras 471. Rio de Janeiro. 
Terry. Peter James, Fabrica Allianca, 

Rio de Janeiro. 

kUDiEB, L. C, Westenj Telegraph Co., 

Rio de • ' 
iudieb, L. C, c o We.*.- rn Telegraph 
Avcnida Rio Branco, Rio d< 

Thirl l'.vay, E. H., '1 >rr Velho Mine, 

Raposos, Minas Geraes. 
Tii" - 1 A., Caixa 40. PeEbambuco. 

nrs, Lai I lixa 4C, Pernambuco. 

Thou, Rudolph C, Caixa 4i ; . Pernambu 

3 Paulo. 
Thomas, H. W., c/o L. \V. Turner. 1 

c/o London and Brazilian Bank, 


* Thomas, S. D., The Amazon Telegraph Co., 

Ltd., Caixa Postal 523, 'Manaos. 
'Thomas, Vy\ D., Th raph 

Co., Ltd., Caixa I 70, Para. 

W, < f. I'.. ' '. S. I 

. Wm. J.. Jo. 

Thompson, Lockwood-, A. J., H.C.S., 
British Vice-Consul, Uruguayans. 

25 4 


BRAZIL— co nt i a a • d. 

Thompson, Lockwood-, Mrs. F., Uru- 

Thompson, Lockwood-, Miss L., Uru- 

Thompson, Lockwood-, Miss M., Uru- 

Thompson, Lockwood-, Miss R., Uru- 

Thompson, Lockwood-, Miss V., Uru- 

Thompson, Walter, Sao Paulo. 
Thomson, J. R.. Caixa 291, Para. 
Thomson. Matthew, Sao Paulo. 
Tin irn hill. Walter. Fabrica Votorantun, 

Sorocaba, Sao Paulo. 
Thornton. J. <>.. Western Telegraph Co., 

Bio de Janeiro. 
Todd, A. K. L.. Western Telegraph Co.. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Totton. George H. K., Rua do Cosmo 

Velho (i. Rio de Janeiro. 
Tottox, .Mrs., Rua do Cosmo 

Velho (I, Rio de Janeiro. 
Touzeau, F., Port of Para, Para. 
Touzeau, Mrs. F., Para. 
Town, S. M., Pernambueo Tramways Co., 

Treacher, R. M., c/o Messrs. A. H. Lund- 

gren, Rua Florencio de Abreu, Sao 

Trebifcock, J., Minas de Passagem, Ouro 

Treuoett. Fuller, Caixa do Correio 287., 

Rio <le Janeiro. 
Treoay. L., Minas de Passagem, Ouro Preto. 
Tregay, Mrs. M., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Passagem, Minas Geraes. 
Xrelease, S. G. 0., Morro Velho, Rio de 

Trewhella. R. H. G.. Pa/.na. Oruro. 
Trinqham, J. P., e/o Leopoldine Railway 

Co., Ltd., Caixa 201, Rio de Janeiro. 
TttOOl', W. M., Light and Power Co., Rio 

de Janeiro. 

-, I'., Sao Paulo. 
Tuck, P. E., Ceara Gas Co., Foctaleza, 

Tcckkiss, B. H.. Caixa 211. I'ernambuco. 
Turnbull, G. W., Villa Britannica, Rua 

Barao de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande. 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Turnbull, J., Rua 12 de Outulro Lapa, Sao 

'! '. ewer, ('■■ E., e/o L. W. Turner, Esq., 

i o London and Brazilian Bank, 

Mi naos. 

m:k, .J. $., Rua 1° de Marco 112, Rio 

de Janeiro* 
Turner, L. W.. Hon. Sec. of the Manao 

Branch, c/o London and Brazilian 

Bank, Ltd.. Mai 
Turner. Thomas. 69, Praca Domingos 

Radriques. Pelafcae-Rio Grande do Sul. 
Turton, •!.. Caixa i\. Pernambnco. 
Turton, W. T., Caixa (i. Pernambuco. 
Tweedie, E., Po ' '■ gre. 

Valentine, R., Santa Rosalia, Sorocaba, 

Sao Paulo. 

Van Dulken, F. T., British Bank of S. 

America, Ltd., Sao Paulo. 
Vaughan. P.. c/o L. W. Turner. Esq., c/o 

London and Brazilian Bank. Manaos. 
Vaughan, W. A., Sao Paulo. 
Veer, George M. de, c/o Seixas Irmaos, 

Vinden, F. H.. Sao Paulo. 
Vines, C., 79-81, Siaca Tiradentes, Rio de 

Vogwill, T. G., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Passagem, Minas Geraes. 
Waddell. Edgar P.. London and Brazilian 

Bank, Rio de Janeiro. 
Waddell, Miss H. 141, Rua Presidente 

Peorura ( Jeorchy). Rio de Janeiro, 
Wadsworth, I., Via Britannica, Rua Barao 

de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, Rio de 

Walker, R. J., Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Walker, W., Ouro Preto Gold Mines of 

Brazil, Ltd.. Passagem, Minas Geraes. 
Wallace, R., Sao Paulo. 
Warden, Wm. Bangu, Rio de Janeiro. 
Warnock, T., Oruro. 
Warnock, Mrs. T.. Oruro. 
Watchorn, 0. W., C. S. Norseman, Per- 
Watson, A., Machine Cottons. Ltd., Caixa 

177, Pernambuco. 
Watson, A. D., Curit3~ba. 
\\ \tson. John E., Rua Assembles s:;. Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Watson, Ursula M., Rua Assembles 83, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Watson, W. A. V., Ceara Gas Co., Fortaleza, 

Watt, A., Llallagua, Oruro. 
Watt. Mrs. A.. Llallagua. Oruro. 
Watterson, Captain J. W., Ouro Preto Gold 

Mines, Passagem, Minas Geraes., 
Watts, J.. Morro \ elho, Rio de Jar: 
W at mi, G. R.. Western Telegraph Co., 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Watjoh, N. F., c/o London River Plate 

Bank, Ltd., Rio de Janeiro. 
Weale, H. D.. Sao Paulo. . 

Webr, C. J., Sao Paulo. 
Webb, F.. Parotani. Oruro. 
Weigall, A. <■.. Rio Flour Mills, Rio de 

Weigall. Harry. London and River Plate 

P>an!;. Rio de Janeiro. 
Welch, F. P., H.C.S., c/o Western Tele- 
graph Co., Ltd., Caixa do Correio 120, 

Welfare, Harry, Ciaxa 46, Rio de Janeiro. 
Welling, s. p., Caixa do Correio 1185, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
Wells. X. Bare, Cia Souza Cruz, Pernam- 
Wells. Mrs. Barr, Cia Souza Cruz, Per- 
Wheatlky, H. L.. Rua da Al 48, 

Rio de Janeiro. 
West, F., Cia Paulista, Jundiahy. Estado 

de Sao Paulo. 



i Paolista, Jundiahy, Estadu 
<ie Sao Paulo. 
;.ti , II uiBi . Sao Paolo. 
W HEELER, WlLLOUGHBY, Rua LeberoBadaro 

Whits, <;. A.. I 155, Bio de 

White, H., Madeira Mamore Railway Co., 

Iho, Rio Madeira. 
Whitford, J. W., Ouro Preto Gold Mines, 

Minas ■ 
Whit-on.W. «... Villa Britannica, RuaBarao 

de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, Rio 

de Janeiro. 
Whittle, I'.. London and River Plate Hank, 

Whttton, P.. Sao Paolo. 
Whtttaker, R. M., Sao Paolo. 
•Whitworth, H., Caixa do Correio 287, 

Whytk, J. N., fi ' ulo. 

\\ i ! : de Marco 1 12, 

Rio de ' tneiro. 
Wicuelle, Walter, Rua 1° do Marco 112, 

Wigg, Cecil, H.C.S., Caixa do Correio 52, 

Rio Grande do Sul. . 
Wigg, CxDRIC, Caixa 52, Rio Grande. 
Wigg. C, Caixa do Correio 52, Rio Grande 

do Sul. 
Wigg, E. ■ »., Rio Grande. 
Wigg, V., Caixa 52, Rio Grande do Sul. 
Wiom u vx. K.. West- i u 'I • ' sp iph 

Wiled in II ; no 61, Rio de 

Wilemw. .1. I'., Rna Ca merino 61. Rio de 

W'ileman. J. P., Box 1521, Rio de Jai. 
Wn J., Mono Velh< Rio d<- 

Williams, A., Companhia Paulista, Jun- 
diahy, Estado de Sao Paulo. 

Williams, Miss C, Jundiahy, Estado S. 

Williams, Mis3 L., Jundiahy, Estado S. 

Williams, T.. Villa Britannic, Andarahy 

Wn . oi W M Rua d 

la ro. 

* Williamson, J., Caixa 35, Florianopolis, 

Santa Catherina. 
Willi w olo. 

Williamson. T.. H.C.S., L>. Kerr i: Co., 

Ltd., Porto Alegre. 

W I L i 

Wills, '•■ { 

Wllhot. tixa 291, Leopoldina 

Railway Co., Rio de Janeiro. 
Wi: • do. 

Wils< »? . Miss Ag ■ es, i. 

.. Rio .>■•. 

Wn.- » Alice, 1 lian 

Bank, Kk> de Janeii 
-.. Miss I Lian 

ik. Rio de I 
Wilson, J. J., London and 

Ri o de -i 
Wils ilian 

l, Rio d< 
Wilson, Job s, S 
Wilson. Mrs., London irazilian Bank. 

Rio de Jan 
Wilson, P., Minas de Passagem, Ouro Preto. 
Wilson, Mrs. P., Minas de Paasagem, Ouro 
Preto, Minas Geraes. 

WlNRAM, G. !L. S ulo. 

WINTER, H. J.. 41s. , 'life. 

Wishart, E., Rua Guayanazes 12, Sao 

♦Witcombe, J., British Bank of S. America, 

Ltd., Rio de Jan 
Withers, W. L., Curityba. 
Woltman, Mrs. Ethel, Sao Paulo. 
Wood George. :1o. 

Wood, H. B., c/o The Royal Mail Steam 

Packet Co., Caixa do Correio 366. 
Woodcock, E. Sao Paulo. 
Woodhead, J. Cranston, Caixa Postal 

No. 71, Port Al< 
Woodiss, E., Morro Velho, Villa Nova de 

Lima, Estado de Minas. 
Woodward, E. W.. Sao Paolo. 
Woobward. James IL. Sao I'.uilo. 
Wooluby, Fkink. Sao Paolo 
Wobthtngton, John, Ru 
Wri is, L. K., £ P nilo. 

Weight, J. H.. mboco. 

Wright, P. A., o L. W. Turner, I 

Ion and Brazilian Bank. 
Wvatt, B. C, London and Brazilian Bank, 

Ltd.. Port A 
Wvatt. Mi-s f i i>ital. 

J 88, Rua P.: Janeiro. 

Wynne, U. C, Avenid; i 41. 

Rio mi. 

Wir Avenida 41. 

. E. W., - ."o. 

• ' . o L. W. Turn-r. Esq., 
London and Brazilian Bank. Man 
L R. R., Western Telegraph I 

': ; : .. Sao] 

Yocng, A. F., Caixa do Correio 557. Sao 

EL - mtli 


Arica.— P.L. Branch Sec, 
Antofa?asta. -Branch Sec., J. H. 


E. ilENN. P 



CHILE — continued 

Autofagasta. — H.C.S., A. Madge, Joint Hon. Sec. 
Chuquicamata.— H.C.S., A. M. J. Anson, Chile Exploration Co. 
Conception. — Branch Sec., A. L. Murray. Esq.. Casilla 991. 
Coquimbo. — Branch Sec, S. L. Workman, c, o Brit. Consulate. 

H.C.S., J. J. -M.U'AULIFFE. 
Coronel. — H.C.S., Arthur W. Burrows, c/o British Vice-Consulate. 
Coronel, Lota and District Branch.— Branch Sec.,. H. Jolley, Buen Retire 
Iquique. — H.C.S., G. H. Skinner, e/o Lockett Bros. & Co., 
W. 0. Simon, c o Lockett Bros. & Co. 
Branch Sec, Edmund A. Smith. 
Lebu. — R. Howat, Cia Carbonifera, Los Rios de Curanila-hue, Minas de Lebu. 
Magellan. — Branch Sec, G. A. Fugellik. Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Rancagua. — H.C.S., T. H. Butler, Sewell Braden Copper Co. 
Santiago. — H.C.S., W. R, Bruce, c o La Equitativa, Casilla 170. 

Branch Sec, T. ('. Sargent, Pro-Consul, British Consulate. 
Tacna. — A. Phillips Roe. Casilla 373. 
Taica. — H.C.S., C. A. Stbingfellow. 
Taltal.— H.C.S.. W. Neal, Lautaro Nitrate Co., Ltd. 
Tocopilla.— P.L. Branch Sec, J. A. Rhind, c/o The Anglo-Chilian Nitrate and Railway 

Co., Ltd. 
Valdivia. — Branch Sec, S. H. Hibbjtt, e/o -Messrs. Williamson. Balfour & Co. 
Valparaiso. — H.C.S., William A. Birrill, Casilla 263, Cochrane. 

Aird William., Sewell Braden Copper Co., 

Aldridge, B. C, c/o Soc. Gan. de Laguna 

Blanca, Punta Arenas. 
All ex. A. J., c o Messrs. Braun & Blanchard 

Est Meri-aike, Punta Delgada, via 

Punta Arenas. 
•Anstbb, G. L., British Consulate, Coquim- 


II Braden Copper Co., Sewell. 

*Bain, W.. Puerto Deseado, Punta Arenas. 
Baker, C. J., Ferro Carril, Taltal. 
Ball, C, Sewell Braden Copper Co., Ran- 
Batt, F., c/o Casilla 97, Punta Arenas, 

B :\ttie. Fred, Casilla 97, Punta Arenas. 
Bbecher, H. G., Ferro-Carril de Taltal, 

Beecher, W. C, Casilla 184, Traiguen. 
Rego, W., Polremos, Punta Arenas. 
Bexnison, T. E., Quino. 
Benthom, T.. c/o A.C.X.R. Co., Tocopilla. 
Berntseh, W., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Beynon, H. C, 1004, Calle Sarwicuto, 

Punta Arenas. 
BEYNON, .Mrs. H. C. L004, Calk- Sarwicuto. 

Punta Arenas. 

is, C. E., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Birkett T. 0., Casilla 753, Valparaiso. 
Cirp.ell, \V. A., H.C.S.. Casilla 263, Calle 

Cochrane 585, Valparaiso. 
Blandford, S. C. ''.. Minas Schwager, 

i 'mi inel. 
Bond, T. E., Casilla 97, Estrecho de Magel- 

Bowdek, W., e/o Soc. Can. Laguna Blanca. 

Pun; a Arenas. 
Bower. S. M., Casilla ':>'>. Punta Arenas. 
Bracking, C, Gent'- Grande, Tierra del 

Fuego, Punta Arenas. 
Br iDLEY, W. P., H.C.S., c'o British Associa- 
tion of Magallanes, Punta Arenas, 
Straits of Magellan. 

Beeen, Miss E., co Maria Louisa. Edwards 

de Lyon, Catedial 1138, Santiago. 
Brett, W., e/o Soc. Gan. de Laguna Blanca, 

Punta Arenas. 
Bridges, Miss .M. P., Casilla 374, Punta 

Arenas, Straits of Magellan. 
Brindley', T. B., Antofagasta and Bolivia 

Railway, Mejillones. 
Brooks, E. J., Braden Copper Co.. Sewell, 

Brown, G.^ Casilla 593, Antofagasta. 
Brows, J., c/o Carlos Guzman F. Casilla 

190, San Felipe. 
Brown, J. W., Oficina Menendez Behety, 

Punta Arenas. 
Brown, S., Chile Exposition Co., Chuquica- 
mata, Antofagasta. 
Brown, W., Punta Arenas. 
Browne, R. H., Ferro Carril de Aranco, 

Bruce, W. R., H.C.S., c/o La Equitativa, 

Casilla 17d, Santiago. 
Bulman, J., Lota Alt i. Lota. 
Burgess, Captain W., c/o J. J. MacAuliffe, 

Burton. John B.. e o Braden Copper Co., 

Butler, T. H., Almacen, Sewell Braden 

Copper Co.. Rancagua. 
♦Cameron, A. D., Punta Arenas. 
Cameron. Mrs. A. !>., San Gregon*. Punta 

♦Campbell, W., Stevedore, P.O.B. 58, 

Cann, A., Punta Arenas. 
CAEGILL, W. S., Est. San Gregorio. 
Menendez Behety, Punta Arenas. 
I i.ii. Mrs. G., Casilla 244, Punta Arenas. 
Child, P. C, Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Chisholm, H., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Clark. D. V., Anglo Sth. American Bank, 

Ltd., San Julian, Santa Cruz. 
Cockett, H., Quino. 

Collins, G. F., c/o British Consulate, Pisa- 



CHILE -continued. 

nr, \V., P.O. Box 400, Antofagasta. 
•COMPTOK, J. I.. Valparaiso. 

loh, P., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Conroy, •!.. Estancia " Spring Hill, 

Soc. Explotadora, Pnnl i Arenas. 
Cos -v. C, Casilla 336, Punta 


I Arnaoo, Coronel. 

Ed., Vice-Consul, Coronel. 
bib, J., c o Soo. Explotadora, de Ti 
del Fuego-, Philip Bay, Punta Armas. 
Cowaed, J., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Cromhik. 1>., Casilla 1119. Valparaiso. 
Crosby. W. II., Ofioina " Pissis," Antofa- 

Crowhurst, W. 11.. F.C.A.B., Antofagasta. 
o, J., -Min oneL 

Curfhuv. A. 0., Casilla 530, Santiago. 
Curph by, J. A., i lasilla 530, Santi 
Curran, \V. II., 109, Calle Washington, 

Cutts, J., Fo Cerrarril, Taltal. 
Dallas, R., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Dalmeida, J. A., c/o Chik Exploration Co., 

Iunks. A. E., Casilla 749, Antofagasta. 
Davidson, W.. Casilla 97, Punta Arenas. 
D w uss, VV.. Braden Copper Co . Si 

i: rocagua. 
Davis. I'.., o o '■. A. Fugellie, Esq., Casilla 
95, I'h 

well, Braden Copper Co., 

Davis, J., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 

Davis, T., CS.A. de Vapores, Valparaiso. 

Davis, W., c/o M. Braun, Casilla 360, Punta 

Dawson, K., Oficina Carmele, Pampa 
Central, Antofagasta. 

Dennis, E. E., Anglo-Chilian Rlys., Ltd., 

Dettleff, J. G., Falkland Isles, Casilla 95, 
Punta Arenas. 

Dettleff, T., Falkland Isles, Casilla 95, 
Punta Arenas. 

Die cs, J., Mina Nneva, Tierra del Fuego. 

♦Dingwall, R., Estancia " Segunda Argen- 
tina," o nd< 7. Arenas. 

Dochektv, ' 97, Punta 


Doherty, J., Casilla 97, Punta Arenas. 

♦Donaldson, W. L., Casilla 1415, Val- 

Douglas, Miss M., c/o P.S.N. Co.'s Agency, 

DotTHiK. Albx., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 

Drummonh. Mrs. C. H., Chuquicamata, 

Drummond. H. M.. Chuquicamata. 

, Hotel Crown, Punta 

Arenas, Ma . 

Durrant, Miss M.. Casilla 63, Traiguen. 

Duus, J. Li - U i 922, 

.. ) kMES, <• o - idoro 

de Tierra de Fuego, Puerto B. 

Edmunds, P. H.. c/o Williamson and Balfour 
& Co., Valparaiso. 

Edwards, A., Gringos Dure s oc. 

Esplotadora de E. di 1 Fuego, I'unta 

Ehmott, W., Estancia Nueva, c/o . Soc. 

Explotadora de Ti > i i del ' Fu 

Punta Aren 
Fairhali., A. E., c/o Chile Exploration Co., 


car, c. i.., c/o Lautaro Nitrate Co., 

Ltd., Taltal. 
Ferridoe, Leonard, c/o Hotel Thistle, 

Punta Aren 
Fitzgi.rai.d, Miss L., c/o Sra A. Ivl wards 

do Salas, Citadel 1294, Santiago. 
Flenley, R. W., c/o Lagunas Syndicate, 

Ltd., Oficina North Lagunas. 
Fletcher, J. G., c/o W. A. Fletcher & Co., 

P.O. Box 200. 
Fletcher, W. A., P.O. Box 200, Anto- 
Foggib, J. H., c/o Pisano and Foggie, Punta 

v. k. T., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Ford. C. W., c/o W. R. Grace & Co., 

*Foss, C, Mount Aymond, Casilla 374, 

Punta Arenas. 
Klin, A. J., Coronel. 
Fraser, J. L., Pacific Steam Navigation 

Co., Pisagua. 
Fraser, T. II.. I • Lagurnitas, 

Bio Zurdo, Ma gallanes. 
IZER, W. T., Casilla 95, I'unta Arenas. 
Fugellie, A. E., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Fugellie, E., Casilla 95, I'unta Arenas. 
Fugellie, G. A., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
F"ueELLiE, O. K., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Fuqelue, P. W., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Fuller, J. W., c/o Chile Exploration Co., 


ico, Curanilahue. 

. hi, Walter, .Mina- Scuwager, Coronel. 

ORD, I".. Casilla 97. I'unta Arenas. 
( riLBEBT, II.. < !a ill i 95, Punta An 

drk K, \\ . i:., Casill i 109, Valparaiso. 
Goldring, H. J., c/o The Lautaro Nitrate 

Co., Ltd., Taltal. 
< \s, •). P., Coronel. 
Cnw I.;:. R. I-;.. Sewell Bradi n Coppei i 
Hi acagua. 
h, i .. S., M ii nel. 

• r. ('. C, c/o The Lautaro Nitrate Co., 


I.. Braden Copper well. 

Grant, R.,c/o The Union Oil Co., Taltal. 
■. i >.:i. Joseph, Sewell Braden 
Copper Co., ] 
Greenwood, A., Casilla 1265, Valparaiso. 
Gregory, A., c/o A.C.N'. R. Co., Tocopilla. 

ilia 95, Pi An nas. 
Hall, William M. nil Antofa- 

and Bolii ia, Mejillon 
Halloa btit, 11.. Casilla 1235, Valparaiso. 
Hajias, S.. o/o Banco, I'unta Annas. 
II l R BOTTLE, R., Ferro (arril, Taltal. 
Hardy, G., Casilla 95, I'unta Arenas. 
Hardy, H., Casilla 373, Punta Arenas. 




CHILE — continued. 

Hardy, M., Molino, Almendro-Linares. 

Hardy, W., P.O. Box 221. Punta Arenas. 

HarleYj Cecil, Sewell Braden Copper Co., 

Harper, G. H., c/o British Association of 
Magellan, Punta Arenas. 

Harris, E. E., Sewell, Rancagua.. 

Harris, G., Sewell, Rancagua. 

Harris, V. J. B., Braden Copper Co., 
Sewell, Rancagua. 

Harrison, W. E., c/o Braden Copper Co., 

Haymes, C. C, West Coast Cable Co., 

♦Heighton, E., Estancia " Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez-Behety, Punta 

Heinig, H. A., A.C.N.R. Co., Tocopilla. 

Hendrie, W. S., Casilla 1342, Valparaiso. 

Herring, J. M., Casilla 405 Valparaiso. 

Hewitt, C, c/o Williamson, Balfour & Co., 

Hibbs, C. H„ c/o Chile Exploration Co., 

Hicks, P. W., Braden Copper Co.. Sewell, 

Higgins, E., Ferro Carril, Taltal. 

Highet. P. S., Casilla 9, Concepcion. 

Hindle, R., e/o A.C.N.R. Co., Tocopilla. 

Hodges, H. J., c/o South American Syndi- 
cate. Punta Arenas. 

Hope, W., Estancia " Florida Negra," 
Canadon, San Julian, Patagonia, Punta 

Hughes, T. I., c/o Chile Exploration Co. 

♦Jackson, H., Estancia " Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez Arenas. . 

♦Jackson, T. G., Estancia ' Segunda 
Argentina,"- c/o Menendez Arenas. 

Jacobs, A. W., c/o Chile Exploration Co., 

Johns, Captain H. W., Coronel. 

Jolley, H., Buen Retiro, Coronel. 

Janson, A. M.. Chile Exploration Co., 

Jolley, H., Lota Alto. 

Jones, T. P., Rio Sieo, Punta Arenas, 
Straits of Magellan. 

Jones, W. P.. Magallanes Motor Garage, 
Punta Arenas. 

Jowett, W. H., 97, Casilla, Punta Arenas. 

♦Kearney, J., Estancia " Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez-Behety, Punta 

Keaveny, M., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 

Keith, J. J., Telwiche Zapiga, Iquique. 

Kelman, James, Casilla 95, Punta Arenas, 
M i^allanes. 

Kelway, H., Casilla 97, Punta Arenas. 

Kelway, W, Estancia " Rio Payne," 
c/o Brown & Blanchard, Punta Arenas. 

Kenny, Miss K., Calle Huerfanos 864. 

Kenrick, W, A., Casilla 495, Valparaiso. 

Kerr, D., Estancia Punta Alta, c/o C. and 
G. Krcglinger, Punta Arenas, Magal- 

Kerr, James T. M., Casilla 803, Valparaiso. 

Kerr, Robert, Braden Copper Co., Sewell, 

King, Miss A., Carrizal, Bajo. 

King, H., c/o Central Cable Co., Anto- 

King, J., H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Carrizal, 

King, W. H., Antofagasta. 

Kirk, W. E., West Coast Cable, Pisagua. 

Knight, A., Casilla 3447, Valparaiso. 

*Knight, Albert, Casilla 3447, Valparaiso. 

Knight, J. K, c/o British Association of 
Magellan, Punta Arenas. 

Knowles, H., c/o Soc. Gan. Gente Grande, 
Isla Dawson, via Punta Arenas. 

Kopeland, Geo., Iquique. 

Laokington, S., Secretairs Apostavero 
Naval de Mag Allaneo, Punta Arenas. 

Lambert, A., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 

Laxglois, H. X., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 

Latta, J. B., Cable West Coast, Casilla 73, 
Antofa- a " Panama." 

Lawrence, F. A., Calle Magallanes 749, 
Punta Arenas. 

Lee, W., Dept. de Smtne Molina, Casilla 12. 

♦Leeson, W. T., Casilla, 165, P.O.B., Val- 

Lehen. J., Casilla 221, Punta Arenas. 

Lehmann, Mrs. A. W.. El Nilhue, Chagress. 

Lehmann, A. W., El Nilhue, Chagress. 

Leslie, H. L., Jefe Maestranza, F.C.A.B., 
Calama, via Antofagasta. 

♦Lesslie, C. R., P.O. Box 320, Iquique. 

Levis, J. W., Sewell, Braden Copper Co., 

Lvnt, C. ¥.. Braden Copper Co., Sewell. 

Lynch, John, Casilla 239, Valparaiso. 

Lyons, J., Sewell, Rancagua. 

Macbray, E. V., Villa Carinen, Zapallar. 

MacDonald, D. S., Temuco, Casilla 191. 

MacDonald, R. D., Casilla 2,191, San- 

MacDonald, R. M., Hotel Imperial, Punta 

Macrae, A., Casilla 97, Punta Arenas. 

♦MacKay, D., Estancia '•' Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez-Behety, Punta 

♦Mackenzie, D., Estancia " Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez-Behety, Punta 

Mackenzie, G., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 

*MacLeed, D., Estancia "Segunda Argen- 
tina," e/o Menendez Arenas. 

♦MacLeed, J., Estancia "Segunda Argen- 
tina," c/o Menendez Arenas. 

M \cLeod, Murdo, c/o Crown Hotel, Punta 

Macphee, A., c/o Borax Consolidated, Ltd., 
Casilla 12-13. Antogafasta. 

Macrae, A., Hotel Imperial, Punta Arenas. 

Macrae, M., Hotel Imperial, Punta Arenas. 

Main, J. A., Lautaro Nitrate Co., Ltd., 

Malone, T., Lota Alto, Lota. 

♦Marshall, H., The Pacific Steam Naviga- 
tion Co., Valparaiso. 



CHILE — co 

Marshall, P. B., Punta Arenas, Callc 

Lantaro, Navvaro. 
M ibtih, W. A.. I .. Sew< II. 

1 1 
M \ Alto, Lo 

MoAndrew, W .. Estan Cameron," 

c/o 800. Explotadora, Punta Arena.-;. 
LUa 95, Punta Ari 
Hi Canh, W. L, 640, Call \ aldivia, Punta 

lbthy, J., Explotadora de 

Cierra del Fuego, Philip Bay. Punta 

A has, 
MoCulloch, Johk, Braden Copper <'".. 

veil, Ran 
McCullocx, H., Casilla 330, Valparaiso. 
Mi Doha: o, A.. Soc. Explotadora de 

Tierra del Fuego, Punta Arenas. 
McDonald, H., Hotel Imperial, Punta 

McDonald, R., c/o G. A. Fugellie, Esq., 

Casilla 95, Punta Arenaf 
McDonald, R. D., c/o Rous & Co., Punta 

McDonald, Roderick, Braden Copper Co., 

veil. Rancagua. 
McIvbb, J.. oil)," Calle Valdivia, Punta 

Mi Kay, J., c/o Soc. Gan. de Laguna Blanca, 

Punta A 
McKay, R., " Hotel Thistle, Punta Arenas 
McKbnzie, M.. Calle Valdivia No. tiiti, 

ita Aren 1-. Magallanes. 
McLbAH, A. S„ Royal Hotel, Punta Ar-nas. 
McLxhhah, 1>.. Estancia "Marina," Rio 

Grande, c/o Menendez-Behcty, Punta 

Mi Leod, A., c/o G. Biagg, Esq., Hotel 

Caledonian, Punta Aren 
Michell, A. E., F.C.A.B., Mejillones. 
* Mich ell. R. C, British Legation, Santiago 

de Chili. 
Millar, A., Punta Arenas. 
Millar, J., Punta Arenas. Casilla 95. 
Miller, W., Casilla 249, Punta Arenas. 
Mii.w -\ri>. C. A., Casilla D. Punta Arenas, 

Monks, J., Corom-1. 
Montgomery. A.. Casilla 95, Punta Arenas 

Montgomery, M.. o o South American 

Export Syndicate, 1'unia Arenas. 
Montgomery, R., Calle Valdivia No. 64C, 

Punta Aren 
Moore, A. D., c/o Chile Exploration Co., 

M 'ORE, S., c/o Duncan Fox & Co., Talca. 
Moore, T. A., c/o Messrs. Duncan Fox & 

Co., Antofagasta. 
Moran, J. A.. Sewell, Rancagua. 
Morgan K , C wills 68 lf igo. 

Morgan, R. P., Braden I oppi well, 

Morris, E., Casilla 95. Punta Arenas. 
Morton, P.,Oficina Santa Linsa, Lantaro 

Co., Ltd., Taltal. 
Moyle. G. S., Cia Frigorifico Punta Arenas, 
"•" Punta Arenas. 

Mollins, F„ c/o Syd Merrily Arenag 

Mxjbpot, 8 J.' J., Casilla 55, V 3 ' Duncan Fry 

Mubbat B., -orifi^ 97 punta 

ma Punta Am 

Murray, J., Daleta, Buena. 

♦Murrell, H. E., Quint a \ 

hwager, Coro- 

Neal, T. C, H.C.S.,c/o Wili , v - f „ fa 
tin h 1 .■ ■ autaro Nitrate 

& Co., V aldivia. 

. William, c ] -,. f ,, ■ • 

Co., Ltd., Taltal. Eimha, Ghuqui- 

Nklson, James, Braden Co. mil . Ch ui . 

Nicql, M., Casilla 249, Pun, 
Nicolson, Mrs. A., Ferro* a £ 

gasta. * L 

Nicolson, Miss A. G., Casi , n n - nr .^r n 
Nicolson, Captain J. R., M l,l " n ( oppei C °" 

A.B., Antofagasta. adenCopper , 

NlCOLSOH, Miss L. M., I 
O'Shea, A. E., c/o Barne 

Padgett, F. L.. Casilla 925 
Parsons, G. H., Santa Lin: 
Patterson, G.. Casilla 98 

Peck.'c'V, Casilla 95, P 35 ' P ° rt Lim0n " 

Pedar, R. V., Casilla 495, „ ... , , 7 _ . 

Peet, W., Casilla 243, Pun J " I a ln > ?* "^ 
r, ' ,-, ., .barm, /ent. 

Pennycock, G., Almacon D , . • „„ 

n n . r, Port Limon. 

Copper Cia, Rancagua 

Pentelaw, Miss M., c/ , nc e " T „ ■ 
/-1 -ii ion i7- \- s V.)b, *»n Jose. 
Casilla 18V. \ iya \ m«. p ; u 

Perkins, W. A., c/o Chile > B .,, t Port 

Petterson C, c/o Brau SmJ , 

runta Arenas. 

A. R., Oficii 

D., 0£ 

IK 11. 

San Jose. 


Phelps, S. 


Pickering, T. 

T . )0, Port Limon. 

PiG^Ti Casilla 84. A *** ^ ° f 
Pitaluga, Alec. Estancia ., q 
a/c Soc. Ganadera La' 

Punta Arenas .1 Bank of Canada, 

Plant, A., Hotel \\ indso 

No. 828, Punta Aren: . T;m „„ 

■n f » 11 . , rt 1.1 I 

Plant, r. A., Hotel -.,., Q „ T/ - 

, ,, ,, 1 22, ban Jose. 

Arenas, Magallanes. ,. tt„:*„.i 

■r, „„„ tt T r- 11 I' arm. e I nited 

Porteous, H. L., Casilla 

Porter, C, Punta Arenas „ ., c - • „„_ 
r /-1 m «-. Box .*, biguirres, 
Powditch, F. G. T., Ca 

raiso. ,. , -r, 

Price, D., Oficina Santa I tl,ana l ' Box 3 ' 
Pi'.in'k, .R., Sewell, Bra 

Prole, A. R., c/o The Lai 

Raby, F., Lota Alto 
Raby, R., Lota Alto. lartado 107. 

Raby, 8., Lota Alto. 

Raby, Miss V., Lota Alto. Building, Esquina 
- I: . P. R., Braden Co 

♦Rain, Allan D.M., c/o B Canada Land and 

Rancagua. i n dios, Isle of 

Rata, S., F.C.A.B., Antof. 



CHILE — continued. 

Rhind, J. A. R., c/o The Anglo-Chilian 

Xitrate and Railway Co., Ltd., Toco- 

pilla (via Panama). 
Rice-Oxley, C. E., Cia Aranco, Coronel. 
Rice. W., Puerto Xatales, via Punta 

Richards, R., Tree Puenter, Punta Arenas. 
Ritchie, W. J., c/o Messrs. Senorel£ Ossio 

and Ritcliie, Calle Esmeralda, Taltal. 
Robinson, H. W., Puerto Pjones, Ultuna 

Esperanza, Magallanes. 
Robinson, R J., La Junta. Sewell Bradec 

Copper Cia, Rancagua. 
Robson, P. J., P.O. Box 43, Punta Arenas. 
Ror.sox, W. A., Camilla 43, Punta Arenas. 
Roe, A. P., H.C.S., Tacna. 
Rosier, S., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas.. Magal- 
lanes. " 
Ross, W. J. M., c/o British Association of 

Magellan, Punta Arenas. 
Rowstron, R. J., Casilla. 263. Valparaiso. 
Russell, Captain R. S., Coronel. 
Rutherford, F. L., Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Ryne, W., Punta Arenas. 
St. George d'Rir, E. H., Oficina " Aurelia," 

Carmen Alts, Antofagasta. 
*Saunders, Thos., Otway Station, Punta 

Schofield, T. McVey, Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Schroder, C. E., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Scott, E. J., Sewell, Braden Copper Cia, 

Sheering, J. .)., Agua Amarga, Sewell 

Braden Copper Cia, Rancagua. 
Sheriff, James, Iquique. 
Sheriff, Wilfred, Iquique. 
Sheriff, William, Chanarel. 
Shipley, Alfred, Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Short, C, Casilla 95, Punta Arenas, Magal- 
Silk, G. B., c/q Messrs. Williamson Balfour 

Co., Taltal. 
Silk, Mrs. X. G., c/o Messrs. Williamson 

Balfour Co., Taltal. 
Sime, A. L)., Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Sinclair, D., c/o P.S.M.O., Casilla 934, 

Skinner, G. W., H.C.S., Iquique. 
Skinner, George, Sewell Braden Copper 

Co., Rancagua. 
Slater, Henry, Braden Copper Co., Sewell, 

Slater, William, Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Smart, P., Oficina Santa Linsa, Taltal. 
Smith, D. J., Fundo Maquegua, Ramadillas, 
Smith, G., Minas Schwager, Coronel. 
Smith, Joseph, Braden Copper Co., Sewell, 

Smith, William, Braden Copper Co., Sewell, 

Snow, G., c/o A.C.N.R. Co., Tocopilla. 
Snowden, A. S., Minas Schwager, Coronel. 
Squirrell. H., Sewell Braden Copper Co., 


Steele, J., Coronel. 

Steele, J. F., c/o Anglo S. American Bank, 

Ltd.. Valparaiso. 
Steers, J. H., c/o Taltal Rly., Taltal. 
Stevens, E. L., Lota Alto, Lota. 
Stetekso'n, Chas. J., Casilla 344, Punta 

Stewart. A. T., General Manager's Office, 

Bradtn Copper Cia. Rancagua. 
Stocker, E.,. Sewell Braden Copper Co., 

Stringfellow, C. A., H.C.S., Casilla IOC, 

Stuart. A., Testing Laboratory, Sewell, Cia 

Stuart, M., Calle Majicana, Punta Arenas, 
Sutherland, C, Hotel Imperial, Punta 

Sutherland, D., c o G. Bragg. Esq., Hotel 

Caledonian, Punta Arenas. 
Sutton, A. B., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Sutton. C. E.r Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Tait, R. L.. Royal Hotel, Puerto Xatales, 

Ult Esperanza, via Punta Arenas. 
Talbot, Frederick, Xorthampton. 
Taylor, A., Bahia Felipe, c/o Soc. Exple- 

todona de Tierra de Fuego, Punta 

Taylor, J. F. B., c/o Cia Frigorifico Punta 

Arenas, Punta Arenas. 
Taylor. T.. Casilla 988. Valparaiso. 
Taylor, T., Est. Phillip Bay, c/o Soc. Explo- 

tadora, Punta Arenas. 
Thody, J., Kelleke Aike, Casilla 19, Rio 

Gallegos, via Punta Arenas, Straits of 

Thomas, H., c/o Hotel Thistle, Punta 

Thomas, Louis, Lota Alto, Lota. 
Thornhill, R., c/o G. A Fugellie, Esq., 

Casilla 95, Punta Arenas. 
Turnbull, C, Calle Magallanes Xo. 74S, 

Punta Arenas. 
Turner, C. B., Coronel. 
i Turner, W. V., The Pacific Steam Xaviga- 

tion Co., Valparaiso. 
Tukpie, A., Carrizal. Bajo. 
Tustain, W., F.C.A.B., Antofagasta. 
Urquhart, G. R., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Walbaum, A. F.„ P.O. Box 922, Valpa- 
Walbauji, A. P., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Walbaum, C. K., Casilla 922. Valparaiso. 
* Walker, G. R., Casilla 421, Valparaiso. 
Walker, J. E., c/o Braden Copper Co., 

Walker, W. W.. Minas Schwager, Coronel. 
Walklate, J. R., Oficina Santa Linsa, 

Wall, C, P.O. Box 33, Quillota. 
Wallace, M., c/o A.C.X.R. Co., Tocopilla. 
Wallis, E., Springhill, Fferra del Fuezo 

c/o Sociedidad Esplotodos. 
Wallis, T. A., Casilla de Correo 674, Punta 

Walters, F. D., Casilla 922, Valparaiso. 
Walton. J.. Freeger, San Gregorio, Punta 




W ibbbn, .1.. Braden Coppi : well, 

Wasseb, II. \\ ., Caailla 950, Antofagasta. 
\Y.\ i\i\, Robeb - 1 .. Sev 'I ippei 

1 '<>.. li.inr.i gua. 
Watson, A., Letheby ami Gallie, Punta 

W itsos . Wm., Curanilahuo. 

Watt, John, Minus s hw ronel. 

Webbke, I'.. Est. El Salto •■■■ V, and A. 
K n Punta '. 

Went, B. C, Ivirkwood and Davidson, 
Casilla No. 077, Antofagasta. 
ITOK, P.. FedericO Weston, Talca. 

Weston, W. II., Talca. 

Wheeler] •'.. Braden • Co., Sewell, 

R .mi. 

WuiiwKtk Miss K.. o/o Detaille II 
■ '.. Punt i Arenas. 

Wiiytr. A. F., 112, Subida, Simpson, Val- 

Wii.i i vms, C, Casilla 97. Punta Arenas. 
• \\ i i.i.i vmsoKj S., . Duncan Fry 

& Co., Valp 
Wilson, Captain J., Casilla 97, Punta 

Wilson, It. <!., Lota Alto, Lota. 
Wilson, Wm., .Minus Schwager, f'oro- 

Winton, W. A., c/o Tho Lautaro Nitrate 

Co., Ltd"., Taltal. 
WrrooMB, Mrs. R. L., Mina Emilia, Chuqui- 

Witcomb, R. L., Mina Emilia, Chuqui- 

Wobman, Alfred, Sewell, Rancagu 
Worthtngton, Alfred, Bradi Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Worth raoTON, Tn i >M.\s, Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 
Wobthinoton,Walteb, Braden Copper Co., 

Sewell, Rancagua. 


Limon. H.C.S. W. Dalzell, e/o United Fruit Co. 
San Jose. H.C.S.. Fbane C. M. Iam b, P.O. Box 380. 

•Allan. William. P.O. Box ."> 3 4 . Port *Magei I 

Benjamin, X.. Punta Arenas. 
Bloomfield, O., P.O. Box 119, Port Limon. 
Cappellain, -Miss M. L., P.O. Box 5, San 

BOWDBN, O. J'.. P.O. I lose. 

Cooke, Canon H., The Rectory, San Jose. 
Cooke, Mrs. H., San Jose. 

K. Nutteb, San -I 
Dalzell, W., o/o United Fruit Co., Limon. 

vek. Vivian A., c/o The Royal Bank 
I inada, San Jose. 
Ewbank, E., Box 1, Siguirres, Port Limon. 
Ferris, R., Box 421, Port Limon. 
Findlav, X. A., Box 321, San Jose. 
Forster, E., San Jose. 

Gillott, Q. A!.. Apartado Xo. 385, San Jose. 
Gillott, G. M. A., Box 385, San Jose. 

lank, J. C. T., Bos 722, S 
Hill, Mrs. A., Box l.Siguirres, Port Limon. 
Johnston, l». A., San Jose. 
Johk 191, Port Lir 

JOHNBTO n Jose. 

Lin: in Jose. 

Long, i i. V., Royal Bank of Canada, San 

Lynch, F. G. M., H.C.S., P.O. Box 380, San 


II.. P.O. Box 235, Port Limon. 
.\l wi.kv, S., Port Limon. 
MoWhinkie, Mrs. 0., Boston Farm, Zent. 
McWhinnie, John, Boston Farm, Zent. 
Morrison, C. W., Box 19, Port Limon. 
Murray, A. San Jose. 

O'Donnell. C. J., P.O. Box 496, San Jose. 
Orane, E. A., P.O. Box 174, Port Limon. 
Paddyfoot, S. A., P.O. Box 234, Port 

Pass, K. de, P.O. Box 321, San Jo 
Pibie, C. X., San Jose. 
POOXTON, E. II.. Port Limon. 
Roe, B. H., Apartado 8I~>, San Jose. 
Ruddock, E., P.O. Box 150, Port Limon. 
Smith. E. J. Ml Royal Bunk of 

Canada, San J' 
Smith, Frank Peabody, P.O. Box 446, 

3i '1 
Smith, P. F, c/o The Royal Bank of Canada, 

■ ' 
Stobby, T.. Pox 137, Port Limon. 
Vincent, A. F., P.O. Pox 722, San J 
Walcott, B. M., Boston I o L T nited 

Fruit Co., Limon. 
Wood, •'.. sen., Indiana, Box 3, Siguirres, 

Port Limon. 
Wood, Jambs, jun., Indiana 1, Pox 3, 



Banas Oriente.— H.C.S.. Mrs. II. Habty, ted Fruit Co. 

Constancia. H.C.S., J. O. Mayj il Sugai 

Guautanann. H.C.S.. W. II. Ramsay, I I nantanama, Apartado 107. 

Habana.— H.C.S. , F. E. Edwa 19, Habana. 

Havana.— P.L. Branch Sec, 3L 1). P. Edwards, Bank of Nova Scotia Building, Esquina 

P illy. 
Santiago.— Ernest B. P. Bbi( > Bj. 18. 

Adams, E. L., CalleSan Ignacio 31, Habana. Andrews, T. Erle, c/o Canada Land and 
Andrews, Mrs. J. F., c/o Canada Land and lit Co., Los Indios, Isle cf 

Fruit Co., Los Indios, Isle of Pines. Pines. 



CUBA — continued. 

Armstrong, L., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

Armstrong, T., Calla Habana 188, Habana. 
*Beattie, T. W., Central Isabel, Media 

Lima, Oriente. 
Beit, W. R. 0., Bahia Honda. 
Binet, R. 0., c/o H. A. Witte, Esq., c/o The 

Royal Bank of Canada, Havana. 
Blair, J. K., P.O. Box 31, Santiago de Cuba. 
Bolton, J. C, San Justo, Guantanamo. 
Brice y Marquer, Miss E., Vista Alegre, 

Brice, E. P. V., H.C.S., Marina Bj 18, 

Brice, S., Marina B., 18, Santiago/de-Cuba. 
♦Brooks, C, Santa Rita 13, Santiago de 

Brown, F., Calle 13, No. 138, Havana. 
Brown, M. L., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

Brown, W., Villa Alegre, Sagua. 
Caldwell, I. W., Administrator, Central 

Tinguaro, Tinguaro. 
Clerk, A. W. L., United Fruit Company, 

Banes Division. 
*Clerk, J., United Fruit Company, Banes 

Coburn, D. M., c/o H. A. Witte, Esq., c/o 

Royal Bank of Canada, Havana. 
Connolly, A. M., c/o Royal Bank of 

Canada, Havana. 
Cover, E. R. D., United Fruit Company, 

Banes Division. ' 

Cox, Miss I. M., Hotel de Francia, Teniente 

Rey 15, Havana. 
*de Serrano, A. T., Juragua Iron Co., 

Douglas. W. E., Marti Noite 38. Guanta- 
Drew, W. H., Cuba Submarine Cable Co., 

Dunlop, G. A., Bos 947, Havana. 
Edwards, Francis E., H.C.S., c/o Cuba 

Submarine Telegraph Co., Ltd., Obispo 

4g, P.O. Box 451, Havana. 
Ensor, C. T., Bartle Oriente. 
Ensor, Mrs. L., Bartle Oriente 
Fremersdorf, E. J., Hotel de Francia, 

Teniente Rey 15, Havana. 
Furness, Cecil, Finca Nazareno, Bahia 

*Garnett, E., Santa Cecilia, Guantanamo. 
Gordon-. J. !).. Soli dad, c/o Guantanamo 

Sugar Co., Oieinte. 
Gre; E. A.. ' »il Company, 

Calle Oficios 52, Havana. 
Hall, A. R., Colonel "Dos Hermananas," 

Punta Alegre Sugar Co., Caibarien. 
Harris, M. H. R., Ungenio Soledad, P.O. 

Box 20, Cienfuegos. 
Harty, H. B., c/o United Fruit Co., Banes, 

Harty, Mrs. H. B., H.C.S., c/o United Fruit 

Co., Banes, Oriente. 
Hemingway, Mrs. G., Santa Barbara 

Heights, Isle of Pines. 
Hemingway, W. M. E., Santa Barbara 
Heights, Isle of Pines. 

Manager, Central Preston, 

Cable Station, Fisher- 
Guantanamo Bay. 
Central Soledad, Cien- 

Hogg. W. B. 

Hollands, W. E. 

man's Point, 
*Hughes, L. F., 

Hymers, W., c/o Colonial Sugars Co., Hor- 

quita, Constancia. 
James, A. T., Paso Estancia, Oriente 

Jenkins, G. E.,38, Habana Street, Antiguo, 

Jones, D. J., Paso Estancia, Oriente. 
Jones, G. E., Paso Estancia, Oriente 

Lang, G. A., English Cable Office, Santiago - 

Lewis, T. E., Paso Estancia, Oriente, Pro- 
Lynn, F. J., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

Maclachlan, M. W., Cuba Cane Sugar 

Corporation, P.O. Box 1270. Havana. 
Mason, C. J., Estate Isabel, Medial Lum, 

Mason, W., British Consul, Santiago-de- 
Mason, W. J., Estate Isabel, Media Lum 

Matthews, F., P.O. Box 944, Camaguey. 
Mayes, J. 0.,H.C.S.,c/o Colonial Sugar Co., 

Horquita, Cienfuegos, Constancia. 
MacDonald, J. B., c/o Royal Bank of 

Canada , Havana. . 

MacKendrick, H. B., c/o H. A. Witte, Esq., 

c/o Royal Bank of Canada, Havana. 
Mvllory, W. P., c/o RoJ-al Bank of Canada, 

Ciego de Avila. 
McCormack, L. K., English Cable Office, 

Moloney', A., Perseverancia, Malecon, 

Moloney. Mrs. M., Perseverancia . Malecon, 

Moss, E., Paso Estancia, Oriente. 
Murphy, W., English Cable Office, Santiago- 
O'Malley, W., Apartado 1668, Havana. 
O'Neill, J. E., c/o Royal Bank of Canada, 

*Orr, A. E„TacoTaco, Prov. Pinardel Rio. 
*Orr, F. M.,TacoTaco, Prov. Pinardel Rio. 
Paine, H., Apartado 8, Havana. 
Pantin. Leslie, Wertudes 74. Havana. 
Pearson, G., Calle Habana 188, Havana. 
Plumb, Wm., 08, Villegas Street, Havana. 
Poplar, A., Marina B 18, Santiago-de-Cuba. 
Praxgley. C. J., Royal Bank of Canada, 

i tua atana mo. 
♦Ramsey, W. H., Guantanamo Railway Co. 

Ratcliff, A. J., Santa Fe, Isle of Pines. 
Reddy, L. J., Jefe del Cable, Jucaro, Cama- 
Robertson. William, c/o Guantanamo 

Sugar Co.. Guantanamo. 
Robinson, A. L., Havana Central R.R. 
Luyano Shops, Havana. 


CUBA — conti a 

Saunders, A. T., Paso Estancia, Oriente, 
.StvMont, \V. A.. Apartad i 88 '. Havana. 
Stewart, 6. Q. 8., United Fruit Company, 

Banes Division. 
Stewart, T. B., Paso Estancia, Oriente. 

_-lish Cable Office, Santiago- 
Sunderland, J. M. J., IS, Mercadere8, 


Todqham, \V. E„ Paso Estancia, Oriente. 

inson, J., Paso Bstanoia, Oriente. 
Witts, H. A., c/o Cuban Central Rly., 

Sagua la Grande. 
WOO] S, J., I lilonico. The 

Cuba Company, Jatibon 
Yates, A. A., Los Tndii.s, Isle of Pine. 
Young, L. B., United Fruit Company, Banes 



Ambalema. -H.C.S., C. Molynbdx, "El Santuario," Ambalema. 
Barranquilla. — Branch Sec, G. Pycboft, Acting 

H.C.S., Mrf". ! ; . K. Gillies, c o Tracey Bros. 
Bogota.— Branch Sec, Fbank Tracey, Apartado 88i. 

H.C.S., C. I". Weston, Calle 22, No. 137, Bogota. 
Buonaventura. — H.C.S.. J. I'ylgarno, c/o Anglo-Columbian Development Co., Ltd. 

Honda. —E. J. Hui ular Agt. 

Medellin.— Branch Sec, M. R. Cabling, o/o W. Gordon, Esq., Hon. Chairman. 

Adamson, A. D. C, La Ma uelita, Palmira. 
♦Ashton, J. W., Apartado No. 101, Barran- 

it a Rail- 

Badian, It, British Vice-Consul, Medellin. 
Beat, A., Frias Mines, c/o Sr. J. M. 

Restrepo, Honda. 
Bbyant, J. H., Frias Mines, c/o Sr. J. M. 

Restrepo, Honda. 
Burnett, C., Santa Isabel. 
♦Carling. M. R., Commercial Bank of 

Spr. ■ rica, Ltd., Medellin. 

Cooke, W., Honda. 1 

Dalqarns, J., H.C.S., c/o Anglo-Colombian 

Development Co., Ltd., Buenaventura. 
Drew, M., c/o Messrs. Pineda Lopez & Co., 

Garraway, H. F., Gran Ferro Carril, 
tral del Norte de Colombia, La 

Polonia, Puerto Wilcbes. 
Gillies, Mrs. B. K., c/o Messrs. Tracey 

Bros., Barranquilla. 
Gomes-Cassei:ks. A., Apartado Gl, Barran- 

Gordon, W m H.C.S., Medellin. 
Grundy, J., Messrs. M. Badian & Co., 

ill .]. \Y. ]!.. c,,in. Bank of Sp 

irican, Mi dellin. 
James, I. G., Frias Mines, c/o Si. .T. M. 

Restrepo, Hond . 

■ IV". ' ilia. 

Leeder, R. L., H.C.S., Tumaco. 
Liohtowler, A. 0., c/o Messrs. Pineda 

Lopez & Co., Barranquilla. 
Liohtowlbe. M 

& ' mquilla. 


Meek; Mrs. A., Pension Inglesa, Barran- 
Meyerueim, H. B., Medellin. 
Miller, T., Hono 
Miller, Mrs. T., Honda. 
Molyneu , C, H.C.S., Ambalema. 
Molyneun, Mrs. C, Ambalema. 
Neal, S. E., c/o Pineda Lopez & Co., 

Norman, J., Frias Mines, c/o Sr. J. M. 

Restrepo, Honda. 
Reynolds, T.. Rio Cuespi, Tumaco. 
Bit.] ailla Railway 

and Pier Co., Barranquilla. 
Riley, F. X.. V! ■ Barranquilla Raih\ay 

and pier Co., Ltd., I I n mquilla. 
Riley, R., e/o Missis. Pineda Lopez & Co., 

Barranquilla, via Bristol and Jamaica. 
Rix, H. (J., Frias Minc-s. c/o Sr. J. M. 

Restrepo, Honda. 
Roberts, J. I 9 Mines, c/o Sr. Jose 

Manuel I . Honda. 

Rowlands, W. E., San Andres. 
Russell, J., c/o Senor J. M. Restrepo, 

Shorman, E. J., Medellin. 

IN, L. O., Apartad s 5, Paste 
Stevenson, C, British Vice-Consul and 
Lloyds Agent, Cartagena. 
ELWBLL, "A. S., Ci 
Thou vs, E. M., Honda. 
Tho Honda. 

Mrs. M., Honda. 
Thomas, W. H.. Frias Mines, c/o Sr. J. M. 

Restf ; ■ . Bo 
TliO" Minis, c/o Sr. Jose 

Manuel R( strepo, Honda. 
Walkbb, W. <'., Ayartado 67, Barranquilla, 

vid Bristol and Jamaica. 
Woodcock, S. V., Tumaco. 


St- Thomas. Branch Sec. C. B. Stswabi, B.B.M. Consul, British Consul 

H.C.S., T. Kettle, St. Thomas. 
Bobeham. Mrs. E. M. C, Britannia Lodge, i Burrowes, II., St. Thomas. 

Government Hill, St. Thomas. [OHO, •■.. Esq., St. Thomas. 




Creque, H. 0., St. Thomas. 

Daniel, C. E., St. Thomas. 

Daniel, Jos., St. Thomas. 

Faulkner, A., St. Thomas, 

Hemsley, F., Esq., St. Thomas. 

Kettle, T. B., St. Thomas. 

Lamb, G., St. Thomas. 

Levi, G., St. Thomas. 

♦Merwin, R. L., British Vice-Consul, 

Frederiksted, St. Croix. 
O'Neal, M. A., St. Thomas. 
Perkins, W. A. Roy, Esq., St. Thomas. 
Petit, H., Esq., St. Thomas. 
Pilgrim, Rev., St. Thomas. 

Preudhomme, L., St. Thomas. 
Recke, Geo. P., Esq., St. Thomas. 
Richardson, H., St. Thomas. 
Ridgway, L., Esq., St. Thomas. 
Robinson, G. F., St. Thomas. 
Sales, Rev., St. Thomas. 
Seale, Dalby, Esq., St. Thomas. 
Smith, C, St. Thomas. 
Stewart, C. B., H.C.S., St. Thomas. 
Thomas, E. V., St. Thomas. 
Watson. W., St. Thomas. 
Wilde, C. A., St. Eustatius. 
Williams, J., St. Thomas. 


Nickerie. — Branch Sec, C. H. Ly'nch, Plu Hazard. 

Headley, S. S., P.O. Box 76, Paramaribo, I Shields, A., Plu. Alliance, Surinam. 


Ecuadorian Branch. — Branch Sec, Messrs. G. B. Allison and S. J. M., 

Casilla K., Guayaquil. 
Esmeraldas. — H.C.S., H. Cornwall, British Vice-Consul. 
Quito (Sub-Branch). — Branch Sec, E. S. Brown, Hon. Sec, Quito, Ecuador. 

Alison, G. B., Casilla J., Guayaquil. Cornwall. G.. c/o H. Cornwall, Esq., 

Cartwright, A., H.C.S., c/o L. Guzman & Esmeraldas. 

Co., Guayaquil. Cornwall, H., H.C.S., British Vice-Con-, 

Coleman, S. J. W., Casilla J., Guaya- sulate, Esmeraldas. 

quil. | Cornwall, Miss M., c/o H. Cornwall, Esq. 

Cornwall, E., c/o H. Cornwall, Esq., ' Esmeraldas. 

Esmeraldas. Edwards, J., Casilla 94, Guayaquil. 


Port Stanley.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, G. R. L. Brown, O.S., Port Stanley. 
Roy Cove. — H.C.S., Howard Clement, Roy Cove, West Falkland Islands. 
West Falklands. — H.C.S. , W. Seccombe Williams, Weddell Island Station. 

Aldridge, J., Stanley. 

Aldridge, L., Stanley. 

Aitken, R., Stanley. 

Atkins, Mrs. W., Stanley. 

Atkins, W., Stanley. 

Barnes, Robert, Pebble Island, West 

Baseley, Mrs., Stanley. 

Baseley, R. B., Stanley. 
■rtts. Mrs. A., Pebble Island. 
\ GoTTS, A. J., Pebble Island. 
* BE1 b,.Mrs. J. G, Pebble Island, West 

•o IS wl ! ''N., Pebble Island. 
Betts, W. l>. > 

■Rtogs D., Stanh pv- 

Biggs, v., Stanley. 

Biggs, \. A. «■•» «s j 

-R-rnns W . Stanley^. 

I^tpacb F H., Wbuddell Island Station. 

Bkown G. R. ll H.CJ:.S Stanley. 

BncKWOKin. Mrs. M.,\ Fox Bay. 

CM Miss L., Pebble Island. 

c£Ssl H.,H.C.S.,RovyCove. 

Cobb A F, Bleaker Island. 

Coleman. F. A Keppel Island. 

Greece, E. G., Stanley. . 

Ferguson, J., Weddell Island Station. 
Fraia, Joe,. Hill Cove 
Greenshields, R., Douglas Station. 
Gresham, H. H. R.. c/o Over-Seas Club. 
Hansen, G., Weddell Island Station. 
Harris, A., Admiralty Cable Station, Port 

Henry, Dr. J. R., Fox Bay. 
Hubbard, J. W., Stanley. 
Hunter, T., Weddell Island Station. 
Irwin, Miss M., Charters. 
Johnson, E. B., Hill Cove. 
Johnson. Miss M. E., Pebble Island 

Kiddle, D. X., 

Lacy, T. S., H.M 

Port Stanley. 
Luxton, J., Stanley. 
Macphee, A., Pebble Island, Falkland. 
May, F., Pebble Island. 
McCallum, Alec, Hill Cove. 
McCallum, John. Hill Cove. 
McLennan, E., Weddell Island Station. 
McRae, D. A., Weddell Island Station. 


Pebble Island, West 
Naval Wireless Station, 


HoRab, 1>. W.. Weddc 11 [sland Station. 
McRae, F., Weddell Island 
McRai:. I!. I'.. Weddell Island Station. 
Miller, S.. Hill Cove. 
N'ewixo, W.. Teal Inlet. 
Osborne, G. H., Pebble Island. 
Osborne, J. C, Pebble Island. 

■ i:n-. Mr<. M., Pebble Island. 

PAICE, T., 11:11 CO 
Parslow, W. P., Stanley. 
Peck-Betts, J. W. C, 1'bble Island. 
Plank, L. S., A. Imiralty "Cable Station, Port 

Riches, S. H., Stanley. 

♦Robertson, J., J.P., Port Stephens, West 

Rowlands, G., Weddell Island Station. 
ds, J. W. C, Pebble [sland, \ 

roe, New Island, West Falk- 

Smith, A., Darwin Harbour. 

Smith, A. E., Stanley. 

Steel, W. G., San Carlos South. 

Sri i.v, A. W., Stanley. 

r, F. P., Fox Bay, West Falk- 

Towhsok, H. W., Stanley. 

Willi vms, W. S., H.C.S., Weddell Island 

Willis, A. J., Stanley. 

Wilson, J. I., Fox Bay. 


Guatemala.— H.C.S., Narx P. Macphatz, Qnirigua. Puerto Barrios. 

Chandler, C. R., 3a, Av. Sur, No. 1, Eli.erly, Miss M-, Puii 

Guatemala Cit\ Forsyth, W., Pantaleon, 1 

Close, F. C. B., San Felipe, Dep. de Icon. 

Rctalhuleu. Macphail, X. P., H.C.S., Quirigua Hospital. 

Estacion Panta- 


Da Costa, E. W.. Cape llayti. 

| Peters. E. H.. Port-au-Prince. 


Ruatan— H.C.S. \ . Woods, Oak Rid 

Abbott, Dr. J., Oat Ridge, Ruatan. 

Andrews, G., Bonacca. 

Bennett, D., Flowers Bay, Ruatan. 

Blake, S. A., San Pedro, Sula. 

Bodden, J. B., Bonacca Bay Island. 

Bodden, W. K., Bonacca. 

Boddon, Captain J. J., Bonac 

Borden, C, Bonacca. 

Borden, J., Bocicca. 

Bourne. W. T., t'eia. 

Brein, Miss E. de, c/o British Consulate, 

San Pedro, Sula. 
Coe, G. S., Bonacca Bay Island. 
Dadd, R. T., Tela. 
Ducker, H. W., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 
Ebanks, J. E., Bonacca Bay Island. 
Ebanks, ML, Bonacca. 
Fin-la n, J., Tela. 

Hydes, T. D., Bonacca Bay Island. 
Kirkconnell, A., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, A. D., Bonacca Bay Island. 
Kirkconnell. .Miss A. M., Bonaci 
KiRKt'ONNii nacca. 

Kirkconnell. 0. W„ Bonacca Bay Island. 
Kirkconnell, E. S. F., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, II. A., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, X. C, Bonacca Bay Island. 

ge, Ruatan* Rep. of Hondi. 

Kirkconnell, 0. A., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, R. H., Bonacca. 
Kirkconnell, S., Bon; 
Kirkconnell, Miss U. T., Bonacca Bay 

Kirkconnell, V. E. A., Bonacca Bay 

Kirkconnell, W., Bonacca. 
Lawrie, J. A. L, Tela. 
McClouqhlin, A. 0., Bonacca. 
Phillips, F. E., Bonacca. 
Phillips, J., Bonacca. 
Phillips, S. E., Bonacca. 
Poeveky, J., Bonacca. 
Sharp, H. F., Tela., X., Flowers Bay, Ruatan. 
Syrett. W. D., Commissary Department, 

United Fruit Co., Tela 
Tatum, C, Bonacca Bay Island. 
Terms, S., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

j. P., c/o United Fruit Co., Tela. 
Wood, II. A., Bonacca. 
Woods, V. A., Oak Ridge, Ruatan. 

3, L. R., Bonacca. 
Yates, ML R., Bonacca Bay Island. 
Satis, X. McC, Bona * 


Mexico City. H.C.S.. A. G. Bu'rohier, Apartado UTT. P. Brenchlev, 

British Society of Mexico. 
Chihuahua.— Branch Sec, Captain Scobel, President, British Vice-Consul. 

2 66 


MEXICO— continued. 

Salina Cruz. — Morley Hurst, Cable Submarine. 

Saltillo. — Branch Sec, E. W. Carbington, Apartado Xo. 10. 

Tampico. — H. Alwynxe Manning, Apartado 267. 

Tuxpam. — H.C.S., G. H. Hewett, c/o H. B. M. Consulate, Tampico, Tarns. 

Atherton, F. H., c/o J. C. Atherton, Esq., *Hurst, M., H.C.S., Cable Submarino, Salina 
Apartado 456, Mexico City, via Xew Cruz. 

Atherton, J. C, 3a, Calle de Cordoba 66, 

Mexico City. 
Barlow. W. A., Oficina Terminal, 'Salina 

Blake, F. W„ Apartado 560, Mexico, D.F. 
*Bourchier. H. E., H.C.S., Apartado 1477. 

Mexico City. 
Bryant. G.. S. P. " Mexico." Salina Cruz. 
Canning, C. H., Pierce Oil Corporation, 

Cacsen, T. W., c/o British Vice Consulate, 

Guaymas, Sonora. 
Chapman, L. G., Refineria de Petroleo, 

Minatitlan, Ver. 
Cheetham, J., Fabrica de Cerritos, Orizaba 

Courtney, Robert S.. Frontera, Tabasco. 
* Crawford, Mrs. R. M., Huesteca Petrol Co., 

Tanksville, Tampico. 
Dwelly, J., Apartado 88, Mexico City. 
Emmeeson, Mrs. E., Apartado 352, Avenida 

Indepencia 229, Chihuahua Chih. 
Emmerson, R., M.D., Apartado 352, Avenida 

Indepencia 229, .Chihuahua Chih. 
Emmerson, R., junr., Apartado 352, Avenida 

Indepencia 229 , Chihuahua Chih. 
Fischer, J. P., Apartado 150, Tampico, 

Mexico City. 
Gibbs, D. H., British Club, Mexico City 

James, R. W., Fabrica de Jute, Orizaba, 

Lee, R., Apartado Postal Xo. 58, Pachuca 

*Lees. G. H.. Fabrica de San Lorenzo, 

Nogales, V.C. 
*Lees. Mrs. G. II., Fabrica de San Lorenzo, 

Nogales, V.C. 
Letcher, R. G., Tapachula, Chih. 
Mackay. J. M-. L., c/o J. B. Sanford, Esq., 

British Vice-Consul, Monberry. 
Mersow. F. H. J., Apartado Xo." 11 3-Bis, 

Mexico, D.F. 
Moilliet, Dr. A. K., Medical Officer, La 

Refinerie, Minatitlan. 
Xennedy, W. A., Apartado 213, Torreon, 

Xewton, James R., Fabrica La Hormiga, 

Tirapan, Mexico, D.F. 
Xotta, S., Cia " Aguila," Apartados 153, 

Vera Cruz. 
Page. J. R.. Cia Mexicana De Petroleo 

"El Aguila," S.A.. Minatitlan. Ver. 
Taxton, A. L., British Vice-Consul, Haci- 
enda Mababi, Esqueda, Sonora. 
Pollard, H., Cia Mexicane de Petroa, 

Asfinla D.A., Tampico Refinery, Tam- 
Roxby, W. A. M., Xueva Casas, Grandes, 


Gilchrist, James, 4a, San Felipe Keri 104. Simpson, J. H., Cia Mexicana de Petroleo, 

Mexico City. 

El Aguila," S.A.. Mnatitlan, Ver. 

Graveling, W. J., Apartado Postal 863, Smith, S. P., Apartado 1026. Mexico City. 

Mexico City. 
Greenwood, J., Fabrica, Mirafuentes, 

Xogales, V.C. Mexico. 
Gilchrist, J., 4a San Felipe Xeri 104, 

Mexico City. 
Haigh, J., Fab. "La Hormiga," Tizipan, 

Mexico, D.F. 
Hall, H. M.. c/o Alvaro Perez y Cia Fron- 

tcra. Tabasco. 
♦Hewett, G. H., c/o H.B.M. Consulate, 

Tampico, Tarns. 
Hogg, F. R. H., Apartado 358, Chihuahua, 

Hope, A'., Santa Gertrudis Jute Mills, 

Orizaba. Ver. 
Howat, J., 4a, San Felipe Xeri 104, Mexico 

Hunter, J. W., 5a, Calle de Tabasco 154, 

Mexico City. 

Stevenson, R. O., British Vice-Consulate, 

Tack, H. K., Supt. Acid Dept., La Re- 
finerie, Minatitlan. 
Taylor, W. R., Mech. Engr., La Refinerias 

Trewick, J., Mapastepee, Chiapas. 
Ward, G. E., Apartado 7P, Mazatlan, Sinaloa. 
Whitmore, H. W.,Cia Mexicnna de Petroles 

" El Aquila," S.A., Apartado 14 Puerto 

Mexico. I 
Wisr.MAN, W., British Consulate, Salina 

Wood, F., Apartado Xo. 423. Mexico, D.F. 
Woodfin, H. J., c/o Cia de Luz Electrica, 
• Fuerza v Traccion, Ltd., Zamora 8 Vera 

Cruz, Ver. 
Wynne. A. H. P., Calabaci'-las, San Jose 

de Giacia, Sina'ca. 


Babilonia. — Branch Sec, A. Hopton Jones, Acting Hon. Sec. 

Blueneids. — Branch Sec, J. 0. Thomas, c/o British Vice-Consulate. 

Greyt own . -Branch Sec, G. H. Cunningham. 

La Libertad. — H.C.S., J. W. Hicklin, Babilonia. 

Leonesa (Sub- Branch of Managua). — Branch Sec, H. A. Xicol. 



Matagalpa. H.C.S., A. < . ul. 

Branch Sec. S i h of Managua), H. A. Cai British \ 

Managua. 3ranch Sec, W. Park Ii Ann n 

Point Middlesex and Point Maccar.— Branch Sec, Dr. 'J'. E. IV tf.O.S. for both) c o 

ulat ■, Blui Gelds. 

Co. Rio 
. Bluefielda P.O. 
Ezbkii i , < onstaneia Mines, 
lefie.lda P.O. 
And Constancia 

. Bluefield P.O. 
Awr bbaldine, Bluefi 

Bluefielda P.O. 

in, James, Bli efielde 


' uefields P.O. 

BURKE, Al.l n. 

i, Eitheb I: P.O. 

. Mrs. I i <:.. Blui Gelds, Blue- 

fields P.O. 

■. James Sahon, Bin Selds 


Bybd, Hedley, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 

Calev, H. A.. Ipa. 

Calvin, Isa \ ■ I .0. 

Anderson, Will Hardy, Blu . Bluefields 

Id P.O. 

Mrs. Will Hardy, Bluefields, 
Bluefields P. 

Bluefield Ids P.I K 

irqe, Blu Blue- 

fields P.O. ( 

Balfour, John A.. Is, Bluefields 



Bluefields P.O. 

A.. I'.lii' fields, I 
Campbell, Mrs. J. mes A.. Blui fi< Ids, Blue- 

fields P.O. 

!., Miss Lucille, Pin :;iue- 

fields P.O. 
Can. Bluefields 

Caeteb, Clement, Blu 



iwn. fields P. (I. 

3ALE, Eden Minos, Blui Bluefields, Blue! sldsl 

fields P.O. 


Bbkn, .1" own. 

i b \ir," Grej town. 
vki. H 

r, Bluefields. Bluefields 

Berry, Dulion, Blu Bluefields P.O. 

•m, Blu 
fields P.O. 

Bitto, Thomas, B P.O. 

Bi indi obd. Blue- 

fields P.O. 

Boddkn, T. Halford Ids, Bluefields 



Robert, Prinzapolea, Bluefielda 
. William, 1 

IBERS, 3d 

Blu ; '.0. 

. A BB \ .1 \ M, Blu 
' BXES ! 



Clark ild, Bluefields, Bluel 


: i lea, Blui 
Miss Electba, Bluefields, Blue- 1 P.O. 

fields P.O. William, Bin 

J. E., : ■<>. P.O. 

Boddes uefields Blui .0. 

0. !!.. i 

W. P.. P.O. I» 

Blue- Dau .0. 

fields P.o. ,i, William J., Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Bodi. P.i). 

Dawktns, Daniel, Bluefields, I 
Bonn P.O. 

P.''. Dickson, Louisa, ; . Blw 

Bowex, Daniel J., I Is, Bluefii P.O. 

P.O ! Do-. 

Brack i. , Blue- fields P.' '. 

Eb ink, M elvin, Prinzi 
Bboomhali, (.». A.. P. 'i. 

Brov. Edwards, 1. 

Br^ce, O. R., ... J. Blak Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 

Gracia a Di Evans, 'J'. A., P.. 



NICARAGUA— continued. 
Exell, A., Bluefields. 
Farquji Hubert, Greytown. 

Fisher, Rev. John Alfred, c/o Casa Com- 
mercial, Bluefields P.O. 
Flashy, Wallingford, Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Fletcher, Arthur George, Pd<fGrande, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Foster, D. E., Bluefields. Bluefields P.O. 
Frederick, Joseph A., Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Frederick. Elizabeth R., Bluefields, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Frederick, William, Cabo de Gracias, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Frederick. Mrs. William, Gabo de Gracias, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Fullerton, Emos J., Kuringwass, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Godfrey, James A., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Gonzalos, Paulino, Greytown. 
Gordon, Arnold, Rio Grande, Bluefields 

Graham, Charles, Greytown. 
Graham, James, Bluefields, Bluefields 

Gbaham, S., Bluefields. 
Grant, N., Bluefields. 
Green, David E., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Hall, Albert, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Hall, SAMUEL.Prinzapolea, Bluefields P.O. 
*Harding, C. F., Leon. 
Harris, Charles N., Bluefields, Blue- 

fielda P.O. 
Hendricks, Aaron, Prinzapolca, Bluefields 

*Henriques, John B., Bluefield Bluefields 

•Henry, Adam, Rio Grande, Bluefields P.O. 
Henry, Joseph, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Henry, Mathias, Bluefields, Bluefields 

Herran, Robert, Greytown. 
Hodgson, Henry, Greytown. 
Hinds, Stephen, Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Hodgson, Henry James, Bluefields, Blue- 

fields P.O. 
Holmes, James P., Cabo de Gracias, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Holmes, Robert C, Cabo de Gracias, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Hopton-Jones, A., La Leonesa Mines, 

Hunter, Richard A., Cabo de Gracias, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Hunter. Samuel, Kuringwass, Bluefields 

Hurlston, John L., Prinzapolea, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Ingr 01, William E., Constancia Min< s, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Jackson, William R., Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
James, P. de Less EPS, Cabo de Gracias, 
Bluefields P.O. 

JennjETT, R., Eden Mines, Bluefields P.O. 
Johnson, John, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Kelly, Coleman. Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Kelly, Madison, Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

King, Abraham, Cabo de Gracias Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Kittingdale, Mr. A., Cabo de Gracias, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Knight, Charles, Bluefields, Bluefields 

Lake, Edward, Greytown. 
Lamphere, Ephraim, Prinzapolea Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Lawrence, Obediah, Constancia Mines, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Le Franc, Clarence, El Bluff, Bluefields 

Lesleys Joseph, Greytown. 
Level, James. Greytown. 
Lewis, Isaac, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Lewis, James, Kuringwass, Bluefields P.O. 
Lewis, Rev. Jacob, Rio Grande, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Linon, G., Bluefields. 
Linoy, F. E., Bluefields. 
1 Lopey, Reymunds, Greytown. 
Lucas, Mrs. Joseph, Prinzapolea, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Matticks, Cornelius T., Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Malcolm, Henry", Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Mattis, John, Rio Grande, Bluefields P.O. 
McCoy, Alfred, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
McCoy, Joseph, Bluefields Bluefields P.O. 
McCoy, Shelling, Bluefields, Bluefields 

McDonald, Amos, Prinzapolea, Bluefield* 

McFields, William, Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

McKay, Samuel, Bluefields, Bluefields 

McKewzie. Shelbrook, Prinzapolea. Blue- 
fields P.O. 
1 McLean, Stafford, Kuringwass, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Milin, Richard, Greytown. 
' Miller, R«v. D. H. B., Greytown. 
Miller, Wilfred S., Prinzapolea, Blue- 
fields P.M. 
Moore, de Costa. Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Murray, Robert, Bluefields, Bluefields 

Morris, Mrs. Jane Isadore, Bluefields, 

Bluefields P.O. 
Morris, Richard B., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Mmrrison, Emanuel, Greytown. 
Neath, Rev. Sidney C, Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 
Newell, David 'I., Bluefields, Bluefields 

O'Brien, P. A., Constancia Mines, Blue- 
fields P.O. 



David, Greytown. 


Blw P.O. 

Ovbbehd, C. S., Leon. 

«■■• EDWA1 ' - Bluefields 

. V. A., Cabo d( I Blue&eiaf 

PmuI'o!: Mrs. V. A.. Cabo de Gracias, 
P V?oW Cabo de Graoias, 
Bluefielda P.O. 
p. TnN ii A.. Greytown. 
piS£ Edwaed, Zulu. Prinzapolea, Blue- 

p0 - 

|.,v Vlll k T F... Bluefielda 
K^MissLEA, Cabo de Gracias, Blue- 

fields P.O. , c t 

Potter, A. C, K.C.S., Matagalpa. 

ttimcs K., Prinzaeolea, Blue- 
field* P.O. 
Hfdwood, C. T.. Matagalpa. 



SrHCLAB, William kande Bluefielda 

h^Alfbed E., Bluefields, Bluefielda 

Smith, Geobg fieldB - Blue - 

fields P.O. 
Smith, E. T., Matagalpa. 
smith. Robebt, Prinzapolea, Blueneias 

Smith, ' Robeet, Prinzapolea, Bluefielda 

Sl J£ Alexandee, Cabo de Gracias, 

i 8 8EP H°A., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Spen^ee, Gboege, Cabo de Gracias, Blue- 

Steawn, Thomas. Greytown. 
Stewart, Ezeeiel, Bluefielda, Bluefields 

SuttonJ Bluefields, Bluefielda P.O. 

£bed, Bluefielda. Bluefielda P.O. 
USSb, John ' Daeling, Bluefields, I 

fields P.O. 
Taylob Samuel, Greytown. 
.■„;'■,■■' l.-iiN Rio Grande, Bluefields P.O. 
Thomas. S Rio Grande, Bluefields 


BwaSSs, William, Bluefields, Bluefields 
IUvkks!' JoHB E., Bluefields, Bluefield" 
UlVi ' ,ege L.„ Bluefields, Bluefielda 

Hiv / BbidqbtN.. Bluefields, Blue- 

ROB * el c s a., bu^us, Shu*** 

ur M., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Robebtsox, Alfred, Bluefields, Bluefielda 

I' < > 
Robinsos. ELIZABETH, Greytown 
Sopbb, BamiltON, Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Ba5 dbes", Zacaeiah, Bluefielda, Bluefielda 

'''':. James W., San Pedro Pis Pis, 

Bluefields P.O. ,„ fi „M q 

Saveet, Feancts, Kuringwasa, Bluefields 

W., Cabo de Gracias, 
Bluefields P.O 

'YJ; Dr . John Oliver, Bluefields. 
Bluefields P.O. , , 

Thomas Mrs. Julia Estevana, Bluefields, 

,,„„; 1 1 ;;;-Rio Grande. Bluefields 

Thompson", Hanfoed II.. Cabo de' 

Bluefields P.O. , , 

Thompson, Robert, Prinzapolea, Bluefields 

Thomson, Wm. Cecil, Bluefields, Blue- 

fields P.O. „, 

Thompson, Zbbcloh, Pnnzapolea. Blue- 

fields P.O. 

, in, H. J., Matagalpa. 
Tbowbbb, Wilpebd A., Bluefielda Blue- 

S^ADOLPHXrS, Bluefields, Blue- 

', 1 :!;. 1 ',; s., Bluefielda, Blue- 

Wa J ^R BEET.J.,Constancia Mines, 

wJSSS:££«, Bluefields, Bluefields 


Wallbe, G. B., Blui 

UBOBu- «., w-— — wallbe, G. K., Biueneuw. 

Bluefields P 0. BlnefieldB p W wm:u. JoHE GoBDON, Bluefields, Blue- 

Shabp, Evbbet, Bluefields, Bluefields r. fieldB P.O. 

S'.Nathahibl, Prinzapolea, Blue! 
P p-,°BioHABi,.iun., Bluefields, Bluefields 

= ' Richabd, sen.. Bluefields, Bluefields 

Shabp1°' William I ■■ 1;1 "' ; 

Bluefielda P.O. , 

jun., Bluefields, Blue 

fields P.O. 
Shields, C, B1u< 

fields P.O. 
Wai coh, D. L., Bluefi 
Wai/ton J A.. Bluefields. 

" L1 ■ ,, HrviMFTT\ Bluefii 

W ,SH — Bl-eiicld.. 

Watl^ J08BPB S.. Bluefields, Bluefields 




NICARAGUA— continu ed. 
Websteb, T. M.. Zyhlog Plantation, River 
eondide, Bluefields. 

Welch, J. W., Bluefields. 

West, William Gbant, Bluefields, Blue- 
fields P.O. 

White, Mary, Greytown. 

White, Patrick A., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Whitaker, Joseph Nelson, Prinzapolea, 
Bluefields P.O. 

Whitaker, Charles, Prinzapolea, Blue- 
fields P.O. ' 

Williams, Edward Ford, La Luz Mines, 
Bluefields P.O. 

Williams, Jestina, Greytown. 

Williams, Richard. Greytown. 

Winter, Prince. Greytown. 

Williams, Henry, Bluefields, Bluefields 

Wilson, C. Matagalpa. 
Wilson, Edward, Bluefields. Bluefields 

Wilson, Isaac, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Wilson, Henry. Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Wilson, Stephen L., Bluefields, Bluefields 

Wood, Teddy, Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Woods, E., Bluefields, Bluefields P.O. 
Wright, Aubrey" J., Bluefields, Bluefields 



Bocas-del-Toro.— H.C.S., W. H. Ponton, British Vice-Consul. 
Boquete. — H.C.S.. H. J. Watson, Boquete, Chiriqui. 
Panama City.— Branch Sec, S. H. Salmon, P.O. Box 112. 
H.C.S., Eric Barham, P.O. Box 39. 

Abboi-en, L. D., Box 460, Cristobal, 

Belgrave, H., Cristobal, Canal Zone. 
Cochran, R. R., David. 
Crosby, .C, P.O. Box 5029, Christobal, 

Canal Zone. 
Cruchley, H. X., P.O. Box 197, Colon. 
Evans, L. H, British Consulate, Colon. 
♦Heniquez, Dr. H. B., David. 
Hitchins, L. W., Hotel Washington, 

Christobal, Canal Zone. 
Kinkead, C, David, Prov. Cherique. 

Lawler, J., Boquete. Cherique. 

Lyon, F. E., Box 123, Anan. 

Murphy, J., c/o National N. Co. 

Xotman. E. C. Bocns del Toro. 

♦Ponton, W. H., H.C.S., British Vice- 

Consulate, Bocas del Toro 
Preitas, John de, c/o American Bazaar, 

Taylor, C, Dolega, Cherique. 
Turner, W., Boquete. 
Watson, H. J., HX.S., Boquete, Cherique. 
WilliamS; Alex., Bocas del Toro. 


Asuncion. -H.C.S., Walter R. Haywood, 178, Palrnas 182, Casilla Correo 363. 

Rep del Paraguay.— H.C.S., W. R. Caddow, Casilla 98, Mision Inglesa, Villa Concepcion, 

Rep. del Paraguav. 
Yuty.— H.C.S., Seymour H. C. Hawtrey-, Yuty Timber Co. 

♦Bevis, Rev. R. A., Mision Inglesa, Casilla Haywood, W. L., Casilla 363, Asuncion. 

98, Villa Concepcion 

Bradshaw, W., Estancia Fenciere, Puerto 

Brakenridge, W., Estancia Villa Mayor, 

Beakenridge. W., 290, Jegros, Asuncion. 

Bray. A., Camilla 631, Asuncion. 

Caddow W. H., Casilla 98, Mision Inglesa, 
Villa Concepcion 

Campbell, C. E., Paraguay Central Railway, 

Campbell, D., C.P. Bailway, Asuncion. 
it'BELi, Daniel, C. P. Ry., Asuncion. 

Cohn, R. Hay, c/o H.B.M.'s Charge 
d' Affaires, British Legation, Asuncion. 

Creskey, R., Banco Mercantil del Para- 
guay, Asuncion. 

Davey, A. J., Sapucay. 

Davey, Mrs. M., Sapucay. 

*Farrow, G. R., Casilla 98, Villa Con- 

♦Hawtrey, Mrs., Yuty Timber Co., Yuty. 

♦Hawtrey, S. H. C, H.C.S., Yuty Timber 
Co., Yuty. 

Haywood, W. R., H.C.S., Casilla Correo 

363, Asuncion. 
Hill, P., c/o W. R. Haywood, Esq., Casilla 

Correo 363, Asuncion. 
Oliver, F., British Legation, Asuncion. 
♦Renfrew, P. S., Industrial Paraguay, 

•Sanderson, W. L. S., Casilla 98, Mision 

Inglesa, Villa Concepcion. 
Shinton, A. R., Colonia Nueva Austra- 
Spence F., Pilar. 

Stanley, L., Colonia Nueva Australia. 
Taylor, L. St. G., Estacion Yuty. 
Thomas, E., Paraguay Central Railway 

Co., Asuncion. 
♦Thomas, E. ; Paraguay Central Railway 

Co., Asuncion. 
♦Thomas, J. W. Casilla 98, Mision Inglesa, 

Villa Concepcion. 
♦Walters, H. H., " Las Das Marias," 

Wood, W. A. J., Colonia Cosme, Caa- 





Arequipa. — H.C.S., W. B. Roberts, Hon. See. British Patriotic Fund. 

Iquitos.— H.C.S., • Alto A; Iquitos). 

Branch Sec, S. Harb P.O. Box 
Lobitos. -H.C.S., 

Mollendo.— H.C.S., Wm. J v. 

Negritos. H.C.S.. A. A. Neai Inb. 

Talara.— Branch Sec, lit;: . por Payta. 

Allen, H. E., o/o C. de P. Mercantile Co., 

La Fundicion. 
Allen, T. G., c/o C. de P. Mercantile Co., 

La Fundicion. 
Ashtoh, G., Apartado 229, Lima. 
Batty, G., Negritos, near Payta. 
Bell, Lieutenant R., B.N.R., Pacific Steam 

Navigation Co., Moll 
Beery, L. \V„ Lobitos Oilfields, Ltd., 

Bingham, Gerald, 1 riles del 

Brake, G. W., < o H. Davis, Esq., Bon. 

of dara Branch, P.L.B.O., 

Burgess, G., La Fundicion. 
Bukn^. A., c/o 11. D 

. P.L.B.O., Paita. 
'., La Fundicion. 
Castlem West Co. Coast 

Clarke, A. H., Negritos Club, Negritos, 



Clouoh, T., i o H . Davis, Esq., Hon. Sec. of 

L.B.O., Paita. 
M., Iquitos. 

i H. Davis, Esq., I 
Of tl i Branch. P.L.B.O., I 

Cotos G. N.. c o H. Davis, Esq., I 

of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., 

Couldrey, P. S., Cerro de Pasco. 

Crisp, . Davis, Esq., Hon. Sec. of 

Branch, P.L.B.O., Paita. 
Davie, ii., Talara, Pain. 
11. i-:.. ] 

nelly, H., Mendez and Donnelly, Mol- 
• .■jelly. Wm. J., H.C.S., Lloyd's Agent, 

Ducbay, R. gar Co., Trey. 

Duncan. William, Hacienda Cartavio, 

Dunlop, B., c/o !1. 1 Hon. Sec. 

of the Talara Branch. P.L.B.O., Paita 
Dunlop, Dr. H., La Fundicion. 
Evan*, Mrs. .'I. A., < o I. indon an 1 Pacific 

• . 
Evans, Dr. L'. I i and Pacific 

Petroleum Co., Talara, Nr. Payta. 
Falsiiaw, F. I)., in! 
Ferguson, J. A., La Fundicion. 
Field, A., o II. Davis, I Sec. of 

th. P.L.B.O., Paita. 

Fleming, A. Hon. 

. I I 

Fleming, W. R., 

Sec. of t'.. 

Davis, Esq., Hon, 
Branch, P.L.B.O.. 

*Fobbes, A. D., c/o Messrs. Cerro de Pasco 

Mining Co., Goyllarisqnisga. 
Foster, G. E., c/o C. de P. Mining Co., 

Cerro de Pasco. 
♦Foster, S. B., c/o Messrs. Cerro de Pasco 

.Mining Co., Goyllarisquisf 
♦Foster, W. K., Cerro de Pasco Mining Co., 

Gabay, B., Iquiti 
Gilbert,- L. M.,.o/o C. de P. Mining 

Cerro de Pasco. 
BNDENNING, C. L., La Fundicion. 
Gordon, A. L., Talara. Paita. 
Fleming, W. R., ] 
Hanna, J. H., c/o C. de P. Mining 

Cerro de Pasco. 

Commercial Bank 

Spanish An 
Harbison, H. B., Booth & I . 

(Lond.). Ltd., Iquitos. 
Harrison, Mrs., iquitos. 
Hayes, E. S., La Fundicion. 
Headley, Thomas, West Coast Cable Co., 

Hbndb i.. Talara, Paita. 

Ui'LBROOK, I [ta. 

Holliday, F. D., La Fundicion. 
Hooper, A. H., Camilla 14, Paita. 
Hughes, H. C, Hda Cartavio, Treyillo. 
Israel, Rapael, Iquitos. 
Israel, Victor, Iqui 
♦Jageb, U. E., H.C.S., La Fundicion. 
Johnson, H., La Fundicion. 
Johnson, J. P. A., Negritos Club, N 

Kelly - , J. J., Talara. Paita. 
Knudsf.n, s., La Fundicion. 
Laing, J. B., Talara, Paita. 
Leigh, W. A., Tullana. 
LETcni:i<. J. II., Cerro de Pasco. 
Light, W., London and Pacific Pet. 

Ltd., Negritos, Payt. 
MacCunn, A., c/o British Sugar Co., Ltd,. 


M kCGRKGOH, C. II., Iqllil' 

Machado, Maeianno, Companhia do 

minho de 1 

Mackay, T., Puira. 

Hani II. D i\ is, Esq., Hon. Bi c. of 

the Tal u i Bi inch, P.L.B.O., i' ita. 

■ I. II., c/o Mi -i -. Booth > 
(Lond.), Ltd., i 
i", J. W., I.(i 

Matthews. F., c/o C. de P. Mining Co., 
: ro de Pasco. 

P., c/o II. 
of the 


|., Hon. 
h, P.L.B.O., 



PERU — continued* 

McCarthy, E., c/o C. de P. Mercantile Co., 
La Fundicion. 

McElroy, L. J., c/o Pacific Steam Naviga- 
tion Co. Mollendo. 

McFarlane, J., Negritos. 

McKenzie, A., La Fundicion. 

McKenzie, C, Atocsaica, Junin. 

McLachlan, H. A., Xegritos Club, Negri- 

Ross, J., La Fundicion. 

Rowlands, J. F., British Vice-Consul, 

*Rowstrom, N. J., Apartado 392, Lima, 

*Royle. C. L., Hacienda Carta vio, Trujillo. 
Scott, F. L., H.C.S., c/o Lobitos Oilfields, 

Ltd., Lobitos. 

McLauchlan, R. S., c/o Duncan Fox & 

Co., Puira. 
McLean, E. J., La Fundicion. 
McLeod, A., La Fundicion. 
McLeoe, Mrs. L., c/o C. de P. Mercantile 

Co., La Fundicion. 
♦McMonies, I., c/o Duncan Fox & Co., 

McQueen, G., Cerro de Pasco Mining Co., 

Cerro de Pasco. 
Middleton, D., c/o Cerro de Pasco Mining 

Co., Cerro de Pasco. 
Middleton, J. Y.. c/o H. Davis. Esq., Hon. 

Sec. of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., 

Moffett, A. W., c/o Golding & Co., Mol- 
Murray, T., c/o H. Davis, Esq.. Hon. Sec. 

of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., Paita. 
*Xeale, A. A., H.C.S., c/o London Pacific 

Petroleum Co., Ltd., Negritos. 
Newall, E. A., c/o Golding & Co., Mollendo. 
Olphert, \\\. c/o Messrs. Connelly & Co., 

Orams, Thomas, F.R.C.I., West Coast Cable 

Co., Mollendo. 
♦Patterson', George, Talara. 
Power, C, Iquitos. 
Pratchett, F., Negritos, near Payta. 
Pkiyltte. F. N., c/o H. Davis, Esq., Hon, 

Sec. of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., 

Robb, Miss Margaret, Salaverry. 
Robb, Miss May. Salaverry. 
Robinson. A. II., c/o Barcia Hermanos, 

Robinson, A. W., Iquitos. 

, Scott, T. L., Talara, Paita. 
Seabrook, A. H., Talara, Paita. 
Seabrooks, A. H., c/o H. Davis, Esq., Hon. 

Sec. of the Talara Branch. P.L.B.O., 

Sharpe, C. R., c/o Commercial Bank of 

Spanish America, Ltd., Iquitos. 
Sharpe, Mrs., Iquitos. 
Smith, H. W., c/o H. Davis, Esq., Hon. Sec. 

of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., Paita. 
Shithson, A., c/o H. Davis, Esq.,- Hon. Sec. 

of the Talara Branch, P.L.B.O., Paita. 
Stone, H., Cerro de Pasco Mining Co., Cerro 

de Pasco. 
Stone, L. M.. c'o H. Davis, Esq., Hon. Sec. 

of the Talara Branch. P.L.B.O., Paita. 
Tilbert, L. M., c o C. de P. Mining Co., 

Tomlinson, C. 1\, Lobitos, via Paita. 
Turner, Robert, Southern Peruvian Rail- 
way Co., Mollendo. 
Tweedle, J. J., Cerro de Pasco. 
Wallace, G. K., Ferro Carriles del Sur del 

Peru, Arequipa. 
Ward, T. K., c/o C. de P. Mining Co., Cerro 

de Pasco. 
Watkins, C, c/o Sugars y Berrier, Arequipa. 
* Watson, John, Carta vio, Trujillo. 
Weddell, Mrs. A. E. C, La Fundicion. 
Weddell, C. C, La Fundicion. 
White, C. A.. Pacific Steam Navigation Co., 

Willis, R., c/o H. Davis, Esq., Hon. Sec. 
of the Taiara Branch, P.L.B.O., Paita. 
Wise, J. S., West Cable Co., Mollendo. 
Woodhouse, G., Paita. 
Wyllie. George, Hacienda Cartavio, 



San Juan. — H C.S., R. G. Allen, The Royal Bank of Canada. 

Allen, A. B., Central Aguirre. 

Allen, R. G., H.C.S., c/o Royal Bank 

Canada, San Juan 
Bishop. Mrs. E. L., Calk- San Francisco 64, 

San Juan. 
Boothby, T.,junr., H.B.M. Vice-Consulate, 

.Mayaguex. Julio. 
Boothby, I., .Mayaguez. 
Bourne, H., Ensenada. 
Brinscombe, W. H., P.O. Box 111, Ponce. 
Butler, .Montt, Apartado 156, Ponce. 
Bctler, Rev. R, S. T., Apartado 156, 

Finlay, D. J., Ponce. 

Hinds, C, Ensenada. 

Law, A., 8, Fernandez Avenue, Santurce. 

Mackay, F. du Bois, W. India and Panama 

Telegraph Co., Playa Ponce 
Mellowes, Miss S. E., Rincon. 
Merson, J. A., P.O. Box 386, San Juan. 
Murphy, E. C, Ensenada. 
Nickels, S. K., Central Aguirre. 
Qtmr, J. W.. Lajas. 
Royallminns, Mrs. A., Ensenada. 
Smith. J. W., Santa Rita. Ensenada. 
Todd, P., Central Guanica, Ensenada. 
Toro, F. M., British Vice-Consul, Ponce. 
Wood, E., Box 545, San Juan. 



San Salvador.— H.C.S., Jons Wrioht, British Consulate. 
Branch Sec.. A. Hastings Msdhttb: 
H.B.M. ral, British Consulate. 

Darey-It.x l'.r. W. ML, c/o Bu . blb, A.. Douglas Station. 

dero r& BY, Arthur. Santa Tocla. 

•Fieldin;. A. A, Ban < ilvador. | Thompson, E. P., Butters Divisadero. 

Hall. V. A die Ponient o Trayner, \\\. Banco Teclino. Santa 

Salvador. T. cla. 

Hall, 0. F.. Villa .T.> ; * Wright, .T.. H.C.S., British Consulate. 


Azua. — H.C.S., Chas. H. Astwood, c o Central An3onia Sugar Co., Azna, Santo Domingo. 
Calcino Cayacoa.- H.C.S, E. B. Olding, Estate San Osidio. 
Santo Domingo. — H.C.S.. W. Samsoh, c/o Royal Bankcf Canada. 
Branch Sec, J. Collette. Apartado, No. 50. 

Ashworth, Mr., Santiago de Los Caballeros. Xaylor, J., Santiago de los Caballeros. 
Astwood, C. H.. H.C.S., e/o Central Ansonia f Olding, E. B., H.CS., Bsl San Osidio. 

• ir Co., Azua 
Camsttu, A. P., P.O. B 22, San Pedro 

de Macoris. 
Law, A., c/o Royal Bank of Canada. 

Samps v. \V., H.C.S ., c/o Royal Bank of 

Vilaik, P. T. A., San Pedro de Nacoris. 


Montevideo.— H.C.S., 'has. W. Dreveb, The British Bank of South America, Ltd. 

Salto.— H.C.S., J. ' sr, London and River Plate Bank, Ltd. 

Aitken, D. 11.. • o S. Cormorant, Western I Cooper, G. H., Fabala 1523, Montevideo. 

Telegraph Co.. Montevideo, 

Almon. A. H., Harini 95, Routos, Monte- 

Alii i Sviift de Monte- 

video Piedras .357. Montevideo. 

Almond, H. C Piedras No. 441, Monte- 

Ashe. W T.. London and River Plate Bank, 

[ IV. 

•Bankjer, D. R., Calle Rincon 689, Monte- 

Bazell, A. II., Frigori6co Montevideo, 

Best, J., Canicuo Villaron, Penarol, Monte- 

Black, L. \\"., Western Telegraph Co., 
i te video. 

Bland, Juan Carlos Gomez 

X o 1.". ! ;. ' :deo. 

Bbiakt, E. L.. London and Brazilian Bank, 

Beows, A. Horace, London and Brazilian 
Bank, Mont 

Beows, R. G., 18 de Julio No. 1056, Monte- 

Calcagn". J. <:.. British Bank. Montevideo. 

Calcagno, X. •'.. -. L71 ■. Monte- 

video. ♦ 

Carter, G. F., o/o LondoD and River Plate 
Bank, Paysandu. 

Christie. J., junr.. Camino Larranaga 
Xo. 1 1. Montevideo. 

Coates, H. I Sarandi, Montevideo. 

Coatxs, X". P., Tarandi 169, Montevideo. 

Cobham. A. II., Libertad No. 123, Monte- 

•Cobham, F. A., Rampla No. 324, Monte- 


Coltlthurst, R. L., British Bank, Monte, 

Cozens, A., Calle Piedras 380, Montevideo. 

Cozens. Mrs. M., Lavalleja X"o. 2081, Monte- 

Croker, R. B., 1324, Calle Gaboto, Monte- 

Crossley, L.. Canelones 1375, Montevideo. 

Davies, T. D., Almacenes, Ferro Corril 
Central, Montevideo. 

•Davis. X. E., Casilla Do Correo 327, 
' Montevideo. 

de Ellis, H..jun., P.O. Box 242, Montevideo. 

DE Ellis, Mrs. I. A.. P.O. Box 242, Monte- 

de Geld- . Chucarro 49, Pocitos, 

Dick. A. McK., London and River Plate 

..;. Ltd., Montevideo. 
Dickinson, Miss B., Cortijo Ingles, San 

Dickinson, Mrs. L., Cortijo Ingles, San 

•Dickins'N. Miss L. G., Cortijo- Ingles, San 

Diaa raua, Western Telegraph Co , 

Ltd., Montevideo. 
Drayton, A. B., Calle 18 de Julio 1056, 

Drever. 0. \\\. H.C.S., British Bank, 

of S. America, Ltd., Montevideo. 
Durnforp. I. I', 'i.. Kstacion Drabble, 

Mm nt •■video. 
•Ellis. H., Casilla 242. Montevideo. 
Ferguson. J., H.C.S., London and Riv. r 

Plate Bank, Ltd. 
■a, C. H.. c'o The London and River 

Plate Bank, Ltd., Montevideo. 




URUGUAY— continued. 

Gallangher, T. E., Sarandi 669,Monte- 

Goble, J. G., c/o ». Cormorant, Western 

Telegraph Co., Montevideo. 
Grierson, N. V., c/o Messrs. Ed. Cooper 

& Son, Zabala 1523, Montevideo. 
Harris, L. S., Western Telegraph Co., 

*Harvey, G., Talleres F.C.N.O., Salto. 
Heelan, J. B., Casilla 221, Montevideo. 
Henderson, Miss E. M., British Hospital, 

Hore, W. H., Calle Misiones 1375, Monte- 
Hughes, Richard, c/o Supervielle & Co., 

♦Jackson, Lady Keith, c/o Western Tele 

graph Co., Ltd., Montevideo. 
James, Mrs. E., Calle de Octubre, Paysandu. 
Jones, J. E., Salto. 
Kay, J. W. Webster, Casa Coates, Frente 

al Correo, Montevideo. 
Keen, S. C, EstanciaCanta Fiero, Estacion 

Drabble, F.C.C. 
Kibbey, R. H., c/o Western Telegraph Co. 

Ltd., Montevideo. j 

Lakeman, M. C, c/o Western Telegraph 

Co., Montevideo. 
Lambert, A. G., 18 de Julio No. 1056, 

Le Bas, A., Defensa 1045, Montevideo. 
Lewis, T., Calle Cervito 440, Montevideo. 
Lichtenberger, H. C, Plaza Fabala 381, 

Linn, R., Rincon No. 689, Montevideo. 
•Little, Miss E., Cortijo Ingles, San 

Lyon, J. H., c/o S. Cormorant, Western 

Telegraph Co., Ltd., Montevideo. 
Lucas-Calcraft, G. H., British Bank, 

Macadam, A., c/o Messrs. Mann, George 

Depots, Ltd., Montevideo. 
MacfarIiANe, G. L., London and River 

Plate Bank Co., Salto. 
MacGillycuddy, D. R., Estancia Canta 

Fi< ro, Estacion Drabble, F.C.C, Monte- 
McReddie, Chas., English Club, Monte- 
Marshall, A. W., Calle Colonbia 1342, 

Marshall, J., Cerrito No. 301. Montevideo. 
McCubbin, W. D., British Bank of S. 

America, Ltd. Montevideo. 
Moor, E. M., 25, de Agosto 323, Montevideo. 
Moor, G. R., 25, de Agosto 323, Montevideo. 
Moor, J. D., Calle Rampla 324, Montevideo 

R. O., del. Uruguay. 

Morton, I. E., PiedrasNo. 380, Montevideo. 

Morton, J. G., London and River Plate 
Bank, Ltd., Montevideo. 

Morton, J. N., Piedras 380, Montevideo. 

Morton, S., Piedras 380, Montevideo. 

Morton, T., Piedras 380, Montevideo. 

O'Donoghue, D., Solis N. 1527, Monte- 

♦Pepper, W. L., c/o Wilson, Sons & Co., 
Ltd., Calle Misiones 1513, Montevideo. 

Perez, Miss M., Cerrito No. 440, Montevideo. 

Pineyrua, Mrs. D. E. de, Canilones 1235, 

Pratt, H. F., Central Uruguay Railway 
Co., Montevidep. 

*Rance, H. E., Fabrica Cooper, Monte- 

Reid, J. W., London and River Plate Bank, 
Ltd., Montevideo. 

Richardson, S., c/o S. Cormorant, Western 
Telegraph Co., Montevideo. 

*Ricketts, H., Estancia Nuevo Roman, 
Kilometro 65, F.C.M., Fray Bentos. 

Roebuck, A. R., Las Piedras, DptoV 
Canelones. R. O. del Uruguay. 

Russell, W. D., c/o Agency, London and 
River Plate Bank, Salto. 

Rutherford, E. T.. c/o S. Cormorant, c/o 
Western Telegraph Co., Montevideo. 

Rymer, C, English Club, Montevideo. 

Semaden, Julio, Plaza Fabala 1419, Monte- 

Shaw. A, J., Calle Rincon 402, Monte- 

Sipe, H., Rincon No. 401, Montevideo. 

Smith, A. H., Western Telegraph Co., Ltd., 

Strachan, J., Paysandu. 

Taylor, H. L. M., British Bank of S. 
America, Ltd. Montevideo. 

Teague, G. W., N. Western of Uruguay 
Rly. Co., Salto. 

The President of the St. Andrew's 
Society of Uruguay, c/o The English 
Club, Montevideo. 

Thomas, T. W., Usina del Ca3, Calle Florida, 

White, J., N. Western of Uruguay Rly. 
Co., Salto. 

Wilson, F. R., c/o Frijorifier Artigas 

Wilson, G., Avenida Rondeau 1,681, Monte- 

Woodward, E., Western Telegraph Co., 

Woodward, Mrs. G., Ramon Macini 95, 
Pocitos, Montevideo. 

Youn"g, D„ Jun., Uruguay 977, Montevideo. 

Young, W., Plaza Labala 381, Montevideo. 


Caracas.— H.C.S., Hayden, S. C. B., Hayden & Co., Apartado 289. 
Puerto Cabello. — H.C.S., E. Moroan, c/o Venezuela Meat and Product Co. 

Aikman, E. R., Ferrocarril Ingles, Valen- I Baguley, F. W., The Bolivar Railway Co. 
cia. Aroa. 


•>7 :> 


Baoi i kv, .Mrs. i.'.. The Bolivar Railway 
Co., Aroa. 

ClIURCHILL, .1. \V. ('.. c/o M' ssis. BoultOD 

& Co., Puerto Cabello. 
i i lhoy, A. M., o/o MessrB. Boulton & Co., 

Bolivar Aroa, Puerto Caballo 
Ki my, Mrs. C, c/o H. L. Boulton & Co., 

Ki my, c. .M., c/o H. L. Boulton & Co., 

Gave*, Mrs. M. M., c/o Gold Fields of 

Venezuela. By. Callas. 
Uw.yi.y. B. J., Corporation del Puerto, 

La Guaira. 
Hatdkn, S. C. B.. H.C.S.. ffayden & Co., 

Apartado 289. 
IIwjmin. B. S. c. Apartado 125, Caracas. 
Hendbieh, Rev. S., c/o British Legation, 

Hi.u ITT, I''.. VaL D 

Soekocks, J., Valencia. 

JAMES, E., c/o S. American Copper Synd. 
Ltd., Aroa. 

James, G. L. D., c/o Venezuela Meat and 
Product Co., Puerto Cabello. 

Keel, A. H., c/o La Guaira Harbour Cor- 
poration, La Guaira. 

Morgan, E., H.C. S., c/o Venezuela Meal (ud 
Product Co., Puerto Cabello. 

R E \kdon, T. J., c/o Royal Bank of • lanada 
Cai i 

Reid, R. J., Royal Bank of Canada, 

Wall, J. H., c/o La Guaira Harbour Cor- 
poration, La Guaira. 

Wor.K. M.. c/o Venezuela Meat and Product 
Co., Puerto Cabello. 

s 2 




Murphy, W. J. B., H.C.S., Thabaneng, via Mafeteng. 
Mohales Hoek.— H.C.S., W. F. Jarman. 
Quthing. — Branch Sec, Guy Hallifax. 

Band, W. B., Teyateyaneng, Basutoland. 

Beeching, H., Quachas Nek. 

Bird, Mrs., Maseru. 

Bird, C. W., Maseru. 

Bisset, H. W., Teyateyaneng. 

Boyes, C. E., Maseru. 

Boyes, Mrs. C. E., Maseru. 

Browning, F. M., Maghabren, P.O., 

Mohales Hoek. 
Byron, R., Sinxondo, Quthing. 
Chapman, Mrs. E. S., c/<> R. Bosworth 

Smith, Esq., Leribe. 
Cole-Hamilton, G., Mafeteng. 
Collier, R., Teyateyaneng. 
Compton, G. J., Mphotos, P.O. Maseru. 
Coryndon, Mrs. P., The Residency, Maseru. 
Costerton, C H., Leribe. 
Crisp, 0. E., Teyateyaneng. 
Critchley, Mrs. A., Mohlakhoanas, 

Derby, J. R., P.O., Thabaneng, Mafeteng. 
Dumaresq, H. N., Rafolestanes, Qacha's 

*Emslie, John, P.O. Box 14, Maseru. 
*Emslie, Mrs. E. M., P.O. Box 14, Maseru. 
Foord, Mrs. F., Maseru. 
Foord, F., Maseru. 
Forson, David, Mafeteng. 
Fry, C. A., Cutting Camp, Quthing. 
Griffith, L., Quthing. 
Griffith, Mrs., Quthing. 
•Hallifax, G., H.C.S., Qutiiing. 
Hallifax, Mrs., Quthing. 
Henham, F. W., Maseru. 
Henham, Mrs. K., Maseru. 
Hey, G., Alwyns Kop, Quthing. 
Hey, Mrs., Alwyns Kop, Quthing. 
Hickling, H., Box 7, Maseru. 
Hickling, Mrs. H., Box 7, Maseru. 
Hobson, G. R., Box 1, Maseru. 
Hobson, Mrs. G. R., Box 1, Maseru. 
Jauman, W. F., H.C.S., Mohales Hoek. 
Jarvis, F. T., Qaba. 

!Krauss, H. A., Butha Buthe. 
Lightfoot, G.L., c/o P. R. Midgeley, Esq., 

Imphotos, Maseru. 
Macfarlane, Dr. V. M., Leribe. 
Macfarlane, Mrs. A. B., Leribe. 
McCormick, Miss E. R., Mohales Hoek. 
Midgley, Mrs. J., Mphotos, P.O. Maseru. 
Midgley, P. R., Mphotos, P.O. Maseru. 
Moffatt, A. R. Maseru. 
Moffatt, Mrs. A. R., Maseru. 
Moseley, A. C, Maseru. 
Moss, J., Moyeni, Quthing. 
Murphy, W. J. B., H.C.S., Thabaneng, via 

Murray, John Pears, Malcnteng. 
Oolschig, H., Quthing. 
Oolschig, Mrs., Quthing. 
Phoznix, H., Phamong, Quthing. 
Piers, F. A., Quthing. 
Piers, Mrs. F. A., Quthing. 
Poole, A., Malibes, Quthing. 
Rix, H. S., Selapala, Quthing. 
Russell, W., Mohales Hoek. 
Scott, J., Kena, P.O., Thabaneng. 
Simeon, G. B., Maseru. 
Slesser, A., Mount Morosi, Quthing. 
Slesser, Mrs., Mount Morosi, Quthing. 
Smith, G. D., Makibinyane P.O., Mafeteng, 
Song, E. C, Maseru. 
Stephens, E. H., P.O. Box 10, Maseru. 
Stephens, Mrs. R.B., P.O. Box 10, Maseru. 
Townsend, H. M., Quthing. 
*Vaughan, D. J., Mount Morosi, P.O., 
Verney, Mrs. F. A., Maseru. [Quthing. 

Verney, F. A., Maseru. 
Watson, W., Raleg Lekas, P.O. Thabaneng. 
Weaver, J. C., Phamong, Quthing. 
Weber, J. W., Maghalein, P.O., Mohalse 

Wells, L. S. G., Leriba. 
Wenban, H. G., Quthing. 
Wenban, Mrs., Tosing, Quthing. 
Wright, J. H., Maseru. 


Francistown and District. — H.C.S., H. McCombie, Francistown, Tati, British Protectorate. 
Oliphantshoek. -H.C.S., Or. Frederick R. Junks, Oliphantshoek. 
Palapye.— H.C.S., R. A. Bailey, Palapye Road. 

Ancamp, P., " Mamatlen," Oliphants Hoek. ] Blassoples, Mrs. A., Oliphants Hoek. 
Angus, J., P.O. Kuruman. Blumenthal, B., Mamaghodi. 

Beer, Wilfred Ernest, Setlagoli. Cawdrey, S., P.O., Gaberones, Bechuana- 

Bellew, W. S., Palla, via Mochudi. land P. 



BECHUAN.M. \\D tinned. 

CHAPMAN, II. W., P.O. Kuriumiii. 
COOKUN, \V. J., Lobatsi. 

/.ek, W.. Oliphanta li 
Kiukr Dirk, C, P.O. Oliphante Hoek, 
Fkyi.inck, Miss A. C, P.O. Kuruman. 
Fudgb, Corporal John, 5th S.A.M.R., 

Kuruman Dist. 
< ; ii.ks, H. L., Mahalapye Station. 
Cloths, Mrs. E., Oliphanta Hoek. 
Q/LOVBB, J., Oliphanta Hoek. 
Uammerschlao, H., Kuruman. 
II vmmerschlao, L., Deben. 
Hardbottle, T.,Ghanzie, N. Gamiland, via 

Isaacs, S., Gaberoms. 
Jabvis, Miss M., Oliphants Hoek. 
Jones, Dr. P. R., H.C.S., Oliphants Hoett 
Kvmens, C., Upington. 
Kennedy, H. L., Setlagoli. 
Krcqeh, Mrs. II., Brooks, Oliphants Hock. 
Kruoer, H., Oliphants Hoek. 
Kruger, P. P., Gamayana, Oliphants Hoek. 
Kruoer, P. P., Brooks, Oliphants Hoek. 
Lvnqdon, J., Hopkins Farm, Oliphante 

Hoek, Kuruman. 
Lanham, Captain T. E., Mount Temple, 

Laxham, Mrs. T. E., Mount Temple, Mama- 
Lanhah, \V. R., "Compass," Mamaghodi. 
McCOHB, H., H.C.S., Francistown, Tati. 
McLeod, D. K., Smythe Kuruman Dist. 
MARKS AM, Miss E. D., Smythe Kuruman 

Melville, T. J. B., Kuruman. 
Mitchelson, Miss (.'.. Kraaipan. 
Mitchelson, Henry, Kraaipan. 
Pearce, Frank, Smythe Kuruman Dist. 
BOB, Mrs. F., Smythe Kuruman Dist. 
Pedlar, Mrs. F., Mamaghodi, Oliphants 

Pedlar, H., Lucknow Mamaghodi, Oliphants 

Perry, W., Credy Deben, via Kuruman. 
PlNB, J. M., P.O. Kuruman. 
1'retorius, G. H., Lake Ngami, via Serowe. 
Robin-son, a. L, Billiard P.O., Mamaghodi. 
Robinson, Mrs. A. M., Hilliard I'.o.. 

Rowsell. Thomas, Maritzani Siding. 
Rundle, F. \\'.. Palagaye Road. 

ird, A., 1 rancistbii a. 

Sohifpers, F., i o Si tor, Mafeldng. 

Sohoon, J., Deben. 

Smith, Edith l;., The Poplars, Vryl 

Smith, J. S., Lomoteng, I".". Mamaghodi. 

Smith. Mis. J., Lomoteng, P.O. Mamaghodi. 

Smith, S. I>., Kraaipan. 

Sfbhqlbb, J. J., Oliphants Hock. 

Stanton, C. I'.. Bisnop, Mamaghodi P.O. 

Stephbks, P. J., Bi Buildings. 

Taljaard, I. D., Lake Ngami, via Serowe. 
Taylor, G. A., Kanyc, British Bechuana- 
land, via Lobatse. 

Tounes, R. T. O., Glcndown Farm, P.O.. 

Truslove, G., S.A. Railways, Mahalapye. 

V. d. Merwe, Mrs. A. S.j! Reitkloaf, Oli- 
phants Hoek. 

V. d. Merwe, Miss IL, Reitkloaf, Oliphants 

V. d. Merwe, J. J., Reitkloaf, Oliphants 

V. d. Merwe, Miss M., Reitkloaf, Oliph 

Van Zyl, L. N., Oliphants Hoek. 

Van Zyl, P., Oliphants Hoek. 

Weatherilt, H. C, Palla, via Mochudi. 

Williams, C, Reitkloaf, Oliphants Hock. 

Williams, F., Murray, Oliphants Hoek. 

Willmore, C. S., P.O. Kuruman. 

Willmore, D., P.O. Kuruman. 

Willmore, W. G., P.O. Kuruman. 


Bailey, R. A., H.C.S., Palapye Road, Fran- 

Blackbeard, S., Serowe. 

Cuzen, A. L., Francistown, Tati. 

Dennison, H. J., Bobonon, P.O. Pais 

♦Fenton, J., Palapye Road. 

Friedman, E. J., Gaberones. 

♦Harris, H. L., Serowe. 

Jamieson, A., Serowe. 

*.Miiir, J. A., Gaberoncs. 

Moib, J. H., ( 

O'Connor, E. J. , Gabcroncs. 

Rundle, F. W., Palapye Road. 

Sandilands, V. J., l'.<>. Gaberones. 

Shaw, E., Mochudi Station. 

Smith, (,'., I'.i >. Gaberones. 


Adelaide. —Branch Sec, W. S. Hi. vckeh, Box 9. 
Bedford. —H.C.S., H. Baldwin, i'< 

A. W. 1'ringle, Eildon. 
Cape Town. II. C. S. P. Pitney-Martin, 40, St. George's Street, Cap. Town. 
Charlottesdal. - H.C.S., J. M. Bbownino, Police station. 
East London.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, P. H. Potter, 4, Kent Street. 
Gordonia.— H.C.S., Sthabx X. Smith, Upington. 
Graff Reinet.— H.C.S., H. Obquabt. 

Grahamstown. -H.C.S. , Major I". A. Saunders, 3rd West Yorks. 
Griquatown.— H.C.S. , T. I>. Hollis, Griquatown, District of Ji 
Groot Drakenstein.— H.C.S., 'J'. E. Micklem. Meerlnst Farm. P.O., 
Kimberley. — H.C.S. and Branch Sec, R. Peterson, 9. Gaul Street (Sec. of Local Branch) 
. Dr. H. Symonds. Kimberley Club. 

! I) rake 1 1 



GAPE COLONY— continued. 

King William's Town.— H.C.S., FitzJames, P.O. Box 128. 

Knysna.— H.C.S., W. Williams. 

Kokstad.— H.C.S., E. H. Goodwin. 

Kowie West.— H.C.S., Mrs. Amy Parker, The Dune. P.O., Kowie West, C.P. 

Krankuil Station.— H.C.S., J. Joelson, Krankuil Station, C.P. 

Lady Frere.— H.C. S., Mrs. G. G. L. Kelly, Lady Frere, West Queenstown, Cape Province. 

Lady Grey. — H.C.S., Gilbert Hill, Box 9, Lady Grey. 

Longlands. — H.C.S., C. Hamilton Hoskins, Longlands (Vaal River Diggings). 

Lower Cathcart. — H.C.S. and Branch Sec., A. E. Gower, Fort Cunyingham P.O., Toise 

River, C.P. 
Mafeking. — Branch Sec, H. Cooper, Station master. 
Matatele. — H.C.S., A. Rawlings, Native Recruiting Corporation, Ltd., Matatele, East 

Middleburg.-H.C.S., J. E. Ward. 
Molteno. — H.C.S., Allen H. Barry. 

New England. — H.C.S., C. E. Orpen, Avoca, New England, via Aliwal, N. 
Nieuwoudtville.— H.C.S., T. J. Birch, Post Comd., S.A. Police. 
Nkamakwe Transkei. — H.C.S., Captain L. S. Holmes. 
Mount Stewart.— H.C.S., E. W. Pinn. 

Peddie.— H.C.S., and Branch Sec, C. H. Byrne ; P. 0. Bell. 
Piquetberg.— H.C.S., E. H. Martin, Magistrate's Office. 
Port Elizabeth. — H.C.S.. Victor T. Jones, 4 and 6, Library Buildings. 
Postmasburg.— Acting H.C.S., J. Sariff, Postmasburg. 
Queenstown. — H.C.S. , A. K. McPherson, Daily Representative Office. 
Qumba. — H.C.S., Miss Eleanor C. Hobden, Shawbury, Qumba, East Griqualand. 
Stellenbosch. — H.C.S., J. Smart, Bird Street. 
Sydney-on-Vaal.— H.C.S., R. Craig, Droogveldt, No. 2. 
Tarkastad. — H.C.S., L. Moffat, Quagga's Kerk, Spring Valley. 
Warrenton.— H.C.S. and Branch Sec, J. Meagher. 
Waverly.— H.C.S., Miss Maude Frost, Thibet Park. 
Willeston.— H.C.S., J. A. Fotjlis, M.B. 

Worcester.— H.C.S., Miss A. M. B. Gdthrie, Girls' High School. 
Uitenhage. — H.C.S., H. Reed, Park Curator's Office, Magennis Park. 


*Abbott, A. P., P.O. Box 666, Cape Town. 
Abbott, Mrs. E. A., Weasels, Road, Kenil- 

worth, Cape Town. 
*Abel, A. H., c/o Mrs. M. Hitchin, Short- 
lands, Mossel Bay. 
Abell, F. H., Adelaide. 

Acton, E. W., P.O. Box 298, Port Elizabeth. 
Adam, Mrs. L. D., Waterloo, Kokstad P.O. 
Adami, G.. Market Square, Cradock. 
Adams, R., Hill Bungalow, Emjanyana, 

Adcock, W. R., Uitenhage. 
Adlam, Mrs. A. M., The Shell, Kokstad, 

Griqualand East. 
Ainsleigh, Miss M., Woodbine House, Hall 

Road, Claremont. 
Alberteyn, Miss K., Brinksdale Farm, 

Settskraal Station. 
Alcock, Mrs. S. W., 33, Frost Street, 

Aldred, S., P.O. Box 98, Mafeking. 
Alexander, Morris, M.L.A., House of 

Assembly, Cape Town. 

~ ,P.O. Box 989, Cape Town. 
Ugie, East Griqualand. 
Ugie, East Griqualand. 
Amos, H., Box 56, Mafeking. 
Anders, J., Cradock Street, Graaff Reinet. 
Andersen, N., Postmasburg. 
Anderson, H. J., Education Office, Cape 

Anderson, W. A., Adelaide. 
Antel, Mrs. B., Bizana, East Pondoland. 

Alexander, T. 
Allen, Miss J. 
Allen, Miss M. 
Allison, C. J. 

Antel, R. W., Bizana, East Pondoland. 
Anthony, W. C. O., 45, De Villiers Street, 

Cape Town. 
Archer, H., Graaff Reinet. 
Artds, Rev. L. H., Christ Church Rectory,- 

Atherstone, Mrs. W. H., Port Alfred. 
Aukett, A. E., P.O. Box 44, Cape Town. 
Ayton, E., Krankuil Station. 
Bacon, H., Leith House, Uitenhage. 
*Bacon, H., Leith House, Uitenhage. 
Badger, W., P.O. Box 18, Lady Grey. 
Bailey, D., Retreat Station. 
Bailey, H., " Labville," Hope Road, Rose- 
bank, Cape Town. 
Bain, A., Residency, Uitenhage. 
Bain, Miss, c/o J. Matare, Esq., Oudtshoorn. 
♦Baker, C., Main Road, Wynberg, Cape 

Baker, C. G., Calitzdofp. 
♦Baldwin, H., Bedford, S.A. 
Ballantine, Miss E. E., Keiskama Hoek